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Barking Dogs Are Problem
lo the editor:
This is a response to a letter in the
March 12 issue. 1 read your paper
every week and enjoy it, but 1 must
say to Mr. Carl Cornelius that he is a
true person of North Carolina. He
did not stop to think. He just opened
his mouth and made someone mad
before he got all his facts right.
1 moved here one year ago from
Charlotte. I live closc to Betty
Bcnlicld. We have a problem with
barking dogs. They may bark for up
to 30 minutes sometimes, but the
dogs don't bother me. 1 like the
dogs, but it is nice without the bark
ing sometimes.
Mrs. Benficld did not say the
words "excessive use of chain
saws." The person who wrote the
proposed noise ordinance did. Mrs.
Benficld is a quiet person. She is
liked by a lot of people in Shallottc
Please remember it you don't like
your neighbors in North Carolina
you can move. I he only thing
America is overrun with is people
like you who do not see the other
side of things. Things in this slate
arc run by people who have two dif
ferent sides, and arc doing just fine.
So put your nose back in shape
and enjoy the people around you. 1
have not tried to changc anything
since living here and Mrs. Bcnficld
would not try to changc anything.
Mr. Cornelius sounds like a per
son who doesn't want anyone to live
near him but people bom and raised
in North Carolina.
Margaret Brewster
Rt. 6, Shallottc
A Friend In Need, Indeed
To ihc editor:
Let me tell you about my Friday
the- 1 3lh-guardian-angcl.
While spending the weekend at
Holdcn Beach, I drove my hus
band's pickup truck to Shallotte. My
first stop was the Southern National
"U1II4. ?? livn & ? U.) IVUUj I Kf IVUVV,
the battery in the truck refused to
turn over. A young man in the car
next to me offered to jump start the
truck for me and for the next 40
minutes he worked with it. Then he
removed the batter and carried it off
to be tested.
When he relumed he assured me
the trouble was not in the battery but
rather, he believed, it was in the
starter. Again, he tried jumping it
off. This time it caught and he
thought it would continue to run
long enough for me to pick up my
groceries at Food Lion.
Thanking him profusely, I left af
ter his wife assured me he would not
accept any money. At the grocery
story I left the motor running after I
carefully put on the emergency
When 1 attempted to back out of
the parking space, the motor choked
off and refused to start again. While
1 was frantically using the outside
telephone trying to reach a local re
pair shop, my guardian angel ap
peared. He said he had thought he
would run over to Food Lion and
see if 1 was still having trouble.
During tlic next three hours, he
removed my old starter, installed a
new one he bought, and corrccicd a
wheel "frozen" by the emergency
brake. All ihc while, his lovely wife
and daughter sat uncomplaining in
his car. He allowed me to pay only
the cost of the new starter.
My guardian angel's name?
James Steve Russ from Ash. I shall
always be grateful to him and his
Kay B. Daughtry
Holdcn Beach and Gamer
Some Faith in
System Restored
To the editor
This past year has been filled with
tragedy for me and my family. But it
is times like this through family uni
ty and keeping the faith we can find
and realize just how much strength
we really have.
I sal in the courtroom this past
Tuesday (March 10) and listened to
my Dad plead guilty to the charges
that had been brought against him
through a plea bargain agreement.
But as I walked out of the court
room 1 felt a sigh of relief, 1 felt
some of my faith in the judicial sys
tem had been restored.
It was greed that started the whole
mess, and it was the same greed that
resulted in the outcome. Thank God
it had become so evident.
Robbie Porter (daughter of
Julian Hcrshcl Allen)
Sunset Beach
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Cable Cut
Interrupts Phones
Telephone service in the Shalloltc
area was restricted for about six
hours Monday after a fiber optic ca
ble was accidentally cut near Sup
A crew installing utility poles for
Brunswick Electric Membership
Corp. cut the main feeder cable
along U.S. 17 eaily Monday morn
ing, said Russell Price, general mar.
ager will) AUantic Telephone Mem
bership Corp.
Telephone customers in the
Shalloltc, Holdcn Beach, Seaside
Calabash and Longwood exchanges
lost long-distance service from 8:30
a.m. until 2:45 p.m.
Price said residents and business
owners in those four exchanges also
couldn't make local calls to the
Bolivia or Boiling Spring Lakes ar
People in Bolivia and Boiling
Spring Lakes were still able to make
and receive toll calls, but couldn't
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?Ceramic Tile
? Window Treatments
Ruby Floyd
Hwy. 904. #3 Seaside North
e 9*6!"C a->wNSWC<% ACON
call local exchanges south of
"It's J ike a storm has blown
over," Price said Tuesday after ser
vice had been restored. "Folks were
very concerned yesterday, with good
Atlantic Telephone received 957
calls by early Monday afternoon
from people asking when service
would be restored, lie said.
Skecter Durham, who owns a
marketing business at Ocean Isle
Beach, said die interruption in phone
scrvicc affcclcd his business.
But he was more concerned about
the loss of contact with the Bruns
wick County Sheriff's Department
in Bolivia.
"I sec it being a dangerous situa
tion," Durham said. "I think we can
live with the inconvenience. But 1
can't call the sheriff s department."
Price said Adantic Telephone and
the crcw hired by Brunswick
Elcctric made every effort to avoid
the cut before it happened.
A phone company employee was
on site to help locale the cable be
fore the crew started digging a hole
for a new utility pole.
The crew usal eight-foot post
hole diggers to start the hole and
didn't come across the fiber, which
wa> about five feet underground
As it turned out. Price said the ca
ble was just a few inches out of
reach of the post-hole diggers. An
auger cut the cable when the crew
started digging deeper.
"It was just one of those unfortu
nate things that happened even after
everyone concerned made the effort
to avoid it," Price said.
Following a staff meeting Tue
sday morning. Price said Atlantic
Telephone will be taking even more
precautions in the future.
He said fencing and ditching
work related to the four-lamng of
U.S. 17 will put the cable in jeop
"They're going to have to be very
careful and we're going to be watch
ing very closely," Price said, we're
going in uu everything **c can to
prevent it from happening again."
Rose Name Clear
!n Bank Scandal
Congressman Charlie Rose says
he isn't among the 355 current and
former members of the U.S. House
of Representatives who have
bounccd chccks at the House Bank.
Rose, whose district includes
Brunswick County, has gone on
record as saying he hasn't written
any bad chccks at the bank, said
spokesman Robin Sterling.
Hie House voted last Friday to
make public the names of the mem
bers who took advantage of free
overdrafts at the bank without penal
fr J
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