1! p i ( - 4. . -J t ' , a rJ A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE -UPBUILDING OF HERTFORD AND PERQUIMANS COUNTY Volume I. Number 6. Hertford, Perquimans County; North Carolina,, i Friday, December 21 1934. $1.25 Per Year 4) . M,u, VA AU.f 77 ji . i - w. wIL9J j93 QJD3 SFEAKEB Scores Practice of Cut ting . Down Christmas , EyergireensTf A red! Christmas serpion -was the i short address made hy Judge Walter H. Oakey, Jr,i at the meeting of the ; Woman's Club on Tuesday afternoon. " ; Judge Oakey, expressed pleasure at the; signs v of . the conservation of evergreen, trees , in Hertford, where the women have taken steps to pre- ' vent as far as possible the, waste of down; .beautiful young trees. ' "Ever since I was a child," he said, "I have hated to "sea these -beautiful trees cut. dpwn and - ean remember how the ' dead. Christmas tree looked a. week or two after Christmas." ' - Judge Oakey said, he had an im pression, anyhow, that the evergreens used at Christinas : were an emblem T" of -the ever " living spirit of Jesus , Christ, and - that it seemed , wrong, even sacrfligious; to 1 cut down and . kill these eVergreens, "which only stay 4-green so long as their roots remain V ia the soil -which nourishes them. .'The spirit ,of -Christmas .was the , theme on which Judge Oakey , spoke. He said .it seemed to him that this i has been terribly" abused, He paid Ms . respects, t those who give Christ - mas gifts tovthose from whom they receive gifts,,' often things which are not appreciated and which are use ;iess, when the money thus thrown , away might be used to help some one , , in need. "Wouldn't i be tetter," he ; asked, "to say to your friend, 'Merry Christmas. am not giving you any thing, but I have taken the money 1 .. tI ' would havftlaptr;lwgift: and T given it to. some one who needs' T" . Even tiioie; he said, who 'Kay they ';.,'. 'only give to the folks at home often give too much. He said there is dan- ill- ger in leading our children, by giving . them too lavishly, into the very idea which we are. trying to avoid. That I we might teach them, by not giving U iithem too much, .that it is bettes-ta ' .. give than to receive. ' ti'. In 1 closing,1 Mr . Oakey 2. told his .'" hearers that he thought it a good idea to get into' the habit, as Christmas - draws near; of reading certain Christ .": mas stories1 Tirhich help us to get the : . real spirit of Christmas, mentioning g'i Specifically .Dickens' " "Christmas 3 " Carol" and Van Dyke's "The Story of r." the Other Wise Man." ; ' , 4 Decorations Feature : iWomaWaub Meet v.c '-" : " There were a number .of m6st at- tractive, Chfistma doraonsj thv ? ' eluding centerpieces for 5the Christ? v mas dinner .tableV wreaths and other ' idecorationsj 'on displaykat the' nieet ing 'of the Hertford , WomattVaub is held oni33day;;arn6Q- iyiMr;C.vHc -unusually colorful - arrangement '.; ot 5 native ; evergreens, including pine, . ' cedar, ;d';4awe-n4'hy:;leaTOS;;. X interspersed with bright; red CHhat na .berries'iit ',v ::; . Mrs. ' ThpinasXNixon t Showed A a "sugar plum tree,". a most Cunningly contrived J!pet"? 'which waa' Ireallyva . branch from an orange tree, arranged n.'r. Jn'a flower 'pot, and on which ther jjrere stuck! tf'ifiiidoit'tuin 'i Tdrops of everycolor. f :.; .t:. 1 - : A similar arrangement with the ' sugar plum? consisting of bright ted , ' cranberries," wa shown by Miss Mae Wood Winslow," who also displayed a . beautiful wreath of cedar and holly about a bright red electric Tight. Mrs G.' E; Newby,r Jr. arranged a centerpiece. consisting' f:, an;artistic ' ally '; arranged a howl ;Of fndtswith ,' , JighUdcahdIe:?V2 " . The center piece arranged by Mrs.' ' Clyde McCallum, cf a silver bowl ot f-Christmas goodies, with , lighted can , - dles 'a'nd that -of Hi: 3' Yi ie Elanch- ' ird's. were also ve-y tr?;iJ7uL-'1;s; Miss.Blanchard !ja' displayed ; ' '1 lovely , . I wii ' 3 was nost unique - til' 7 c? scene by a'j ' '-Aesk ' 1 v . ; -V:.. . cf V ' !'",. '. Ui t7 4 . lo ;'a brit ;fat: i The f ' the "el ' cn : Our Qh would like to give as a Christmas gift to every person in this community that which he or she desires. But since that can not be done, we wish to offer you as our Christmas gift, not only for this happiest day in the year, but for all the days to come during the next year these things: TSlews ... All the news of the territory in which it circulates; clean news, con structive news, hopeful, wholesome news, news that is appealing to the young as well as to the old, news that will bring happiness to every household. Trinciples and Ideals . . . These intangibles, expressed in an editorial policy which has the courage of its convictions, which is fearless in the expression of righteousness and in the espousal of justice, and which seeks to offer intelligent and helpful comment on the items of news which have 'an important bearing on public opinion or public morals. tl . . . These quahtieis expressed in devotion to the good of the community, wcf mWil big brother of the neighborhood, who works unceasingly to make this community a better place in which to live, who helps to protect its people from imposition, -from fraud,-from'dangerr an ally of the-- strong, and -defender of the weak. All these, the principles upon which the best type of newspaper is founded, we offer to you as our Christmas gift and with it goes the hest holiday greetings torn JJATTIE LISTER WHITE, Editor. Copyright Twa Local Women Hurt In Automobile Accident ; v Mrs. T. S. White and Mrs. G. E. Newby are both confined to their beds, at thei ' respective homes In Hertford f suffering v from "Injuries sustained in .an automobile accident which occurred three miles' north of Sligo on the highway between Nor folk and Elizabeth City, on Tuesday night. ;ii?tjv'-; '..'Mrs.' White suffered a severe cut on her head, necessitating the taking of three stitches," and ;; Mrs.; . Newby, who suffered very severe and pain ful bruises, was reported as being very uncomfortable on Wednesday. i'V Mrs. Newby and Mrs. White were riding on the rear feat 'of a ear driv en by Mrs.' Newby' son4n-lawKW. C. Archie, "of .Wake Forest, Iwith Mrs. Archie on thet.front j seat.;!Nithe Mr. Archie nor;, his wife were . hurt. ; 'l-The accldent-bccurred"$ wheiiiu'Mr. Archie was obliged W ditch his car to avoid being struck by a car driven by a Mr. Garner, of Norfolk, Va., whose ear kidded.' t f J y J hA WILMINGTON MINISTER TO S fed PREACH IN LOCAL CHURCH n Rev Lv Rt O'Brian, of Wilming ton' has vaccepfc'd aii't invitation to prach;;;atTtte Hertford f Baptist Church, which'is at present without a pastor, on Sunday; tff v The public ; is ordially vihvited to hear BlrV. 0'iaois''A'aJia,to''ibe a splendid precher.i::;:'- DOTLER I IMPROVING '' i if IZi a.i A. A Butler," r -!sul iiijuries from a 7 fc!Lt of Jast eeki is f 1 3 on.' e,vIcy I'-s. L. l,Tor-- IV" ;;fA : 4 ) 1 ' J A ti tj cf a HBmas IT were possible, your Home About Hundred Men On Relief Payroll Approximately a hundred men are employed this week on Emergency Relief projects in Perquimans Coun ty, with a pay roll' of about seven hundred dollars. The new wage schedule, , reducing the pay of unskilled , labor from 30 cents to 20 cents per hour not having gone into effect as yet, the men are being paid SO cents an hour, making from 8 to SO hours per - week, ac cording to the relief requirement. ; . Projects on which men are work ing include the cutting down of tree3 to be used for fire wood on the county-owned property on the point just west of the Perquimans River Bridge. This entire strip of land is to' be cleared. fr i - Other projects include two drain age' projects, one. at New Hope, where the swamp In the rear of the .IBWops ;M.';iton).ta,.being drained, and a drainage project at Belvidere, and the rebuilding o'f - the jturnpike "road heading from Nicanor to the Acorn Hill Road. ,, A' work -; project for " women, ' in which seven or. eight women are to be employed, was begun on Tuesday mornmg.t This, project.: is. the.' mak ing of sheets, pillow cases and towels for emergency relief work, and is in charge of -lIfiHrP,5Ch' worlf , is" being y carried rt ..'; at ' the immunity. Housed Ip'v, gMaterial for this work "t furnish ed, by tSe'i FedeWlSuluBP Relfet Corporation,' and 1 enough material for r ndif!nr fifteen to two luwusand yards' of sheeting has b rtfad?. We'a et hereof the. ler(af mans;, relief .TTr ml t C" -s 11' h. School Glee ? t '.'..n cf I"as : 1' : r i . "v": v 't . ; - . HP f Town Newspaper Tim Thach Released On Stealing Charge Somebody stole Linford White's chickens last Saturday night, but they didn't prove it on Tim Thach who was accused and tried in Re corder's Court on Tuesday morning. . Tim said, while on the stand, "I never have stole nothing yet," adding as an after-thought "I have took few things." Six chickens were missing from White's chicken house Sunday morn ing. A chicken which he recognized as one of the missing fowls was picked up later in somebody's yard near the House of Prayer, in the rear of which one Johnson testified he saw some chickens in a bag. Johnson said that he saw a chicken back there which he said was one that Tim had in the bag, but he couldn't explain how he knew it was one of the chickens . he hoard squawking when they were shut up in the bag. Tim was arrested on Monday and placed in jail, but there wasn't suf ficient evidence against him to con vict him at the trial, and he had witnesses to testify, that they carried him home and put him to bed when he was in a state of intoxication. ' . "They didn't get you this time, Tim; they didn't, quite prove it on ypu," .said Judge s Walter H. Oakey, Jr., in dismissing the, case. But the Judge is8ued , ,a timely warning to Tjmr who lias .spent 60 days on the roads.' "You had better let chickens alone," said his HonoK:J! V Hot Lunchea Served:: At Grammar School Hot' lunches ' are now being served by the Emerncy Relief organiMi tion to children' of the Hertford Grammar School, and to the children of the 'colored school, the Work hav ing begun this week. The Eelvldere' school is also being furnished this hot lunch, and the work w"I bein 1 Immediately at ; the New Hope schooL Iii fact, alt of the f choola in the county wliich have the i.'c... -3 1 or preparing and serving f ? rt I 1 to,te underprivileged It- f'j rater' '5. E. W. Lordley Named District FERA Head I HIT OR MISS :xk:-xx':xx:xxxX"X (A Misplaced Personal Item) Santa Claus, who is expected to visit the homes of a number of the citi zens of Perquimans County where there are little children on Christmas eve, will return to hs home at the North Pole early Wednesday morn ing. Congratulations to Mrs. T. C. Blanchard, who celebrated her 77th birthday on Tuesday, and who when called over the telephone that morn ing was beating biscuits to go in a Christmas box. May. she have many more happy and useful birthdays. Speaking of cutting down trees un necessarily, why cut down all of the beautiful young growth of trees, whether they are good for fire wood or not? The Perquimans County Emerg ency Relief organization has some men at work cutting down trees on the county-owned property just west of the Perquimans River bridge, to be used as fire wood in the relief work. If these trees are needed to furnish fuel for the poor, far be it from me to say don't cut them down. However, to cut down the young growth which certainly i3 not large enough to use for wood, just to "clean it up" seems to me to be t shame. E. W. Lordley, relief administra tor, when appealed to as to why these beautiful young trees were to be destroyed, said that the county commissioners had ordered the place "cleaned up," everything to be cut clown. If it is necessary to clean it up, -if -the cleaning- lip is done to any good purpose"," thtrfe is no criticism, but if these pretty your.g trees, which form such a glorious picturT as seen from the bridge and from Church street, especially in the fall when the black gums and maples are turning to scarlet and gold and brown, are being sacrificed to no pur pose, I say it is a shame and should not be clone. Much of the beauty of this spotf has already been destroyed, but soma of it can still be saved. Miss Hattie Weaver Kickhek wen to Norfolk one day last week and bought an evening dress at a certain shop. The dress was placed in a bo: and Miss Riddick's father took th package. When the Riddicks reach! ed home in the evening, lo arid bd hold, - the . package vas missing Where was that .party frock? couple of days later Hattie Weave! set out to look for the missing frocH but with little hope of being succesi ful, as she didn't even know th name of the shop at which the pu chase was made. However, found the right place with little di Acuity, and found the clerk who membered selling the frock and w told that her father had carried ti package from the shop. Then Hi tie Weaver remembered the pla they went.upon leaving. She call and made inquiries. Yes, there hi been a package left, and the lol dress was handed over to the delign ed young lady. Will Work On Peanut Redaction After Jan. The campaign ..for the reduction the peanut acreage will begin Perquimans County shortly after Jsl uary 1st, according to an announi ment made by L. W. Andersi County Agent, this week. ,; Farmers who agree to plant tj per cent less in peanuts in 1935 th they did in 1934 or which they phd ed in 1933, or to plant only the avd age pianea to peanuts on his zaft for the years 1933 and 1934, ar(d who sign a contract to that'effect, will he paid, by the government; eight dollars per ton on all the peanuts that they produced in 1934., W The . checks in y, payment for 'I the 1934 crop of peanuts will not he giv en, however, until after the 1935 crop of peanuts is vp and the jcreage has been measured by goverr ..r.t agents, according to Mr.' Anderson. , ;r HOLY COirMUNIQN OBSERVED - ,on gi:ctmas morning There will he the celebration Of the HolyCu-- -;on at Holy Trinity E-pia;! C. :h-on Christmas morn-i-J! it :) r" '-, tD vMch service t " ' "j i I Local Relief Force Will Continue In Some Capacity E. W. Lordley, former Adminis trator for the Perquimans County Emergency Relief Administration, ha& been appointed District Administra tor in charge of the recently formed six-county district of the relief or ganization. Mr. Lordley will still live in Hert ford, although the offices of the or ganization are located in Elizabeth City. Under the tentative plans, Mr. Lordley said, all of the force now employed in the local office will con tinue with the Emergency Relief In some capacity.. The organization of the new set-up has not yet been completed, and it has not yet been announced who will be in charge of the Hertford office of the Relief Organization, which will continue to use the same quarters heretofore occupied. Mr. Lordley is very busy at pres ent, arranging for the opening of the District office, which will be opened as soon as furniture can be secured. Womanless Wedding Repeated At School County superintendent F. T. John son became the blushing bride of Julian Thach in a colorful ceremony known as "The Womanless Wedding'' at the High School on Friday after noon. James Boyce and William E. While, wearing charming evening gov.-.is, which displayed their boney arms io great advantage, were soloists. The wedding music was played by Zack White. The bride was given in by her father, Rice Miller. marriage & The groom had as his best Robert Morris. man n re d 1st fed ne n- Jhe of the shock. CHRISTMAS CANTATA TO BE RENDERED BY JUNIOR CHOIR r A Christmas cantata, "The Festival of the Nativity," by Raines, will be 'rendered by the Junior Choir of the Hertford M. E. Church on next Sun day night, : under-, the direction of Miss Kate M. Blanchard, organist The public is cordially Invited. . . MR. ARCHIE TO SING HERE 'v'William C. Archie, of .Wake For est, will sing a solo at the Christmas-e-rJ-e of the Hertford M. t. C-urch 1 t t e -V

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