' ;"r Ut;, J-. 'r(1 muMMi1 t'.Vi r s i r- 1 :,T?TTo3Tr vTTiT.TA . ELY J. t n nu "lit IWJ A WEEIOLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE UPBUILDING OF HERTFpRD AND PERQUIMANS COUNTY Volume I. Number 7. Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, . Friday, December 28, 1934. $1.25 Per Year Chai Jdhnsdri ffeads Belief Organization Trees On Causeway Will Not Be Ruined i;W, 1 - , n ii zw - l ; i it- Practically; Same Per sonnel To Remain In Local Office - Charles E. Johnson has been plac ed at the head of. the local unit of the new emergency relief set-up, in which E. W. Lordley, the former ad ministrator of the Perquimans County Emergency Relief organiza tion, was given the position of dis trict administrator, with headquar- ters at Elizabeth City. Mr. Johnson, whose position is that j.head case worker, will be assisted by practically the same personnel which has heretofore worked in the local office." Mrs.' E. Leigh .Winslow and Miss Ursula - Bateman, both ol whom were formerly known as case workers, are now designated as senior visitors. Miss Edna Fields will re tain her position as stenographer clerk. B. G. Koonce, formerly book keeper in the local office, is now em ployed in the district office at Eliza beth City. . . Many View The new stream lined train of the Norfolk Southern Railroad made its initial stop in Hertford, one of the three stops made on this side of the Sound, on its second trip to Raleigh, on Thursday of this week. A Crowd -of interested spectators gathered at the station to watch, and throngs crowded through to get a .gopd, fc9.!fet: :.ttie interesting ant beautiful coach. The train remained at the statfcm for something like half an hour and gave everybody time to inspect it. Of the officials of the Norfolk Southern on the ear making the trip were ftjfc Dougan, general superin tendent of the stream line;' LPi, Wickersham general superintendent of the' electric division; Robert Bob bitt, road foreman of engineering; Mr. Rae, chief claim agent, and a number of engineers who are being broken in. (Mr. Peabody, of the American Car. & Coach Company, builders of the car, was also making the run. Mrs. J. S. Riggs, wife of the con ductor, and her three daughters, Misses Hattie, Evelyn and Lila, were passengers. ' Several Elizabeth City residents made the trip from Elizabeth City to Hertford, and two passengers from Hertford traveled on the new car to Edenton. i'" 7" '"v The ear ia; 67; feet- long and will seat 63 passengers. It is built of metal, consisting of Corten steel, a very light weight high strength steel, and aluminum alloy, It is powered with a 180-horse power Hall Scott motor built into a steel frame under the car. There is no machniery above the" car except the front con trol. "V-". ; ;' This car ia the first of its kind. - It made 74 miles an hour on the B. & 0. Kanroca on uie teiu. ii wui go up to a speed of 62 miles an hour from start in one minute according to an official of the car who was present when , these , tests were made. V The - car has one horse : power .for every 250 pounds of weight. ' . ; ;i The interior ' of the coach is most comfortable, and the new. type train is said W be-far more safe than -the ordinary steam train. " t The coach is to be air ( Conditioned Mn the early summer.'A;5i'fwVV"i',:i';-''''4 While neither of the two cars now in operation are to run on this branch of the Norfolk, Southern at presenX - it is believed; that they will eventu ally replace the steam trains now ; jn "operation.; -'m-:': :s3;PrtrIdngfi!lii? Town New Train .. t Motorists, don't pai'i -pare'y in , , Hertford after the fl. i tl J -uaryl y-''"tt you do you are liable to have to ' V pay fine of three dollars, according ' i ; tO iiayor lk:u Meeu, wuv una iubucu notice to that effect -s J.i-Jty ..virtue of a recent - ordinance ' . passed j t rEoard of Comi-;3Dion-era of i tl Ilctord, no 7 ingwil . , Church, Crtlb, Market, L C :i:a and E'. ,a ' , Road tr t in tl.e area ma.k- eJ off by t . a. - . Crop r f 3rd Coi. I -' f " g t"jun by Hert , 1 1 Vf) are still ; 3 1 ovIr.j pro- THE NEW YEAR By GEORGE COOPER In IndUnapoiii Newt III It I Hi I IH.HHM ASO.C for the O'.d Whili its kncli . tolled, And its parmzg moments fly! Uul a sor.q and u r,':iv For the glad !eu V car, U hile ws wjicIi iha Old Year diet Oh! its grief und pain Ne'er can come again. And its care lies buried deep; But what joy untold Doth the New Year Jiold, And what hopes within ii sleep! A song for the Old, While its knell it tolled, And the friends it gave so true! But, with hearts of glee. Let us merrily Welcome in the bright, bright New! For the height ute gained. For the good attained, We will not iha Old despite; But a joy more sweet. Making life complete, In the golden New Year lieu A song for the Old, While its knell is tolled, With a grander, broader neat. And a forward view. Let us greet the New, Heart and purpose ever leal! Let the ills ice met. And the sad regret. With the Old be buried deep; For what joy untold Doth the New Yaar hold. And what hopes within it sleep! HIT OR MISS ! 1 Dr. T. A. Cox, Hertford physician, may not look like Santa Claus to you or to nt,-but-it is highly probable that a number of Perquimans Coun ty children consider him a right good representation of the kind old gentle man. The doctor noticed that there were a lot of folks on the streets on Christmas Eve, particularly children. Some of the. youngsters looked like they might not have so much. The doctor got a five dollar bill changed into small silver and set out to have a good time. He moved about among the crowds, sauntering through some of the stores, and here and there dropping a coin into the small fist of a boy or girl. It didn't make any dif ference whether the child happened to be white or colored, wherever the doc tor thought he might bring a little Christmas cheer he did so. I wonder who was made happier, Dr. Cox or the children. What do you think? That Perquimans County has at least one prosperous farmer is evi denced by a recent real estate trans fer J. T. Lane, well known farmer who lives just outside the town lim its, has recently purchased "Spring City," a Hertford suburb containing a number of tenant houses, and lo cated west of Hertford. Not every body, can buy a city. Congratula tions, Mr. Lane. The woman wiped the tears from her eyes and looked up as her Sweed ish servant girl entered. "What for you crying?" asked the maid. "I have just said goodby to my boy," answer ed the mistress. You know he has been spending the Christmas holidays at home and he left this morning to return to : Yale.'? Tea, answered A.'gH'iynticaIlyMI' know yust how you .feeL My brudder he bane .in yale two times since' Christmas.",-; K, ' fl '' - ! "Did all of you gotThiSj ques tion was asked of. the head of a cer tain large' Perquimans . County fam ily. rWelL" was .the wplyVall; auoiit eignt.vi us .wwifcv-jv: '-f-JLi. m i i Chief Britt ' arrested hia eight-year-old eon for shooting . firecrack ers on' the street ' The little lad was ard Pitt, dark pt the Superior Com, s.d" ordered to pay the fine' of one dollar. TLat was the ioiuW;arre8t Chief Britt made of violators of the x t tyax drdinam;e'::proh1ibit!ifee oting -of firecracker. i on the ttreet. '' "gl 1 '' '"'l Ml I1'' ';. .. 1 f"Tn AKKmrsicp'iwr1 llr. zv.i T.!rs..W.; C.'. Hunterand their d.. J" r, Hiss" Lucy Hunter, of. Route C..e, were in Hertford on Sat urday. mm w- y E M 1 D. D. Dudley Injured In Automobile Wreck D. D. Dudley, manager of the Carolina Hardware Company of Hertford, who was injured in an automobile accident on the Hertford Elizabeth City highway, near Wood ville, on Wednesday night of last Week, is still in a semi-conscious condition at the Albemarle Hospital in Elizabeth City, where he was tak en immediately following the acci dent. Mr. Dudley is believed to have suffered a fractured skull, as a re sult of being thrown from hi3 car when the door was flung open by the impact of the truck with which the afrAlU5icb- J? driving jvajin collision. For several days following the ac cident the patient was totally uncon scious. Recently, however, he has had moments of consciousness, laps ing into unconsciousness within a short time. F. F. Garrett, member of the firm, of Elizabeth City, is temporarily in charge of the Carolina Hardware Company. HEATING PLANT AT LOCAL CHURCH NOW FUNCTIONING The boiler of the heating plant of the Hertford Methodist Church, which has been out of commission, has been repaired and services will be held as usual in the church on Sunday next Due to the fact that it was impossible to heat the audi torium on last Sunday no services were held. Through Capitol Keyholes By BESS HINTON SILVER CHERRY BLOSSOMS Raleigh politicians are inclined to take the newly-hatched boom in behalf of Representative R. Gregg Cherry, of Gaston, for speaker of the 1935 House of Representatives with a grain of salt. The opinion is ex pressed freely on Capitol Hill that Mr. Cherry's friends would like to see him get chairmanship of an im portant committee and it is known by one and all that a good way to assure that is to line up some votes in the speakership race. CONSOLIDATION Sentiment for county consolidations is growing in North Carolina but the prognostica tors will stake their reputation that The idea doesn't get beyond the dream stage during the ' coming session of the General : Assembly. Home-town courthouse politicians would howl to high heaven if their representatives begun talking about abolishing .their jobs and the natives ; would get into !fX!SS& seata? oi the newv districts. Capitol IliJl believes - that consolidation of counties will be among those things .BIG WAR The opinion ia growing oyer: the Statei that :North Carolina Is going" to witnesa another political 'Battle of the Century" in .the spring of "8(5 between the forces of Senator Josiah W. Bailey and those of Gov Jernor Ehringhaua. . There is no Superior Court Will Convene January 14 The following calendar for the January Term of Perquimans Su perior Court, which will convene in Hertford on January 14, for the trial of civil cases only, was arranged by members of the local bar on Wednes day: Monday Armour & Co. vs. Capt. T. S. White. J. C. Bianchard vs. I. C. Layden. Mrs. W. T. McMullan vs. Town oi Hertford. Norfolk Equipment Corporation vs. W. M. Divers & Co. Lydia G. Whedbee vs. J. F. Wins- li? low. TOsrA-Cltizens National Bank vs Trueblood. Sallie Kirby vs. Jessup, Adminis trator. Virginia Fowler vs. Dare Filling Station. Growers Peanut Co. vs. E. J. Broughton. Tuesday United Gypson Co. v. J. E. Wins low, trading as Hertford Hardware & Supply Co. International Shoe Co. vs. J. H. Baker. Darden Bros. vs. Butler. Darden Bros. vs. Gaither and T. S. White, Trustee. Jessup Bros. vs. Stoke3. Jessup Bros. vs. G. P. Wood. Hertford Hardware & Supply Co. vs. Hunter. Wednesday L. W. Anderson vs. T. P. Brinn. M. R. Winslow vs. Thursday Lydia G. Whedbee vs. Chappell. doubt that the sparks will fly if these two political Hercules lock horns. Certainly Senator Bailey if going to seek re-election and if Gov ernor Ehringhaus resists the pres sure that is being brought to bear tc get him to make the race he'll be "t better man than you are, Hunka Tin.' DEADLY Death takes few holi days on North Carolina'3 highwaj system. The total highway fatalities reached the all-time high for one month during November when 115 persons were killed. The next Gen eral Assembly is almost sure to pass some sort of driver's license law but the more important thing is enforce ment It will take money to do the job and many, highway patrolmen will have to be employed, in the opinion of authorities on such mat ters. The money is in the highway fund to pay for the Job but a lot of folks want to use it for something lse.'- ''V.r:":'i , AT IT AGAIN Attorney General Dennis.'. G.' Bronunitt and State Treasurer .Chas. 'M. Johnson "are throwing bricks at one another again. Mr. Bronunitt started when he dug up :;hia:'petijrcv about who should audit bks ofthe School Commis sion. Mr. . Brununitt ruled tiiat the Commission didn't have a legal right to advance teachers' salaries before Christmas but added that since the 1 (Continued on Page Two) - ' NOTICE By order of the Commissioner. ol the lown of Hertford, after January 1, 1935, it will be unlaw ful to park any motor vehicle on the following streets in the lown of Hertford: Church. Grubb, M:.ri:et., Covent Garden, I-.denton Road, except in area marked off by the Town. The penalty for violating this ordinance is $3.00. Your cooperation will be appre ciated. E. L. REED, Mayor. Christmas Observed Quietly In Hertford Christmas Day was passed very quietly in Hertford, except for the noise of a few firecrackers exploding here and there. So far a3 could be learned, only two persons were treated by Hertford physicians for burns from fire works during the holidays, both of the acci dents occurring last week. A colored boy named George Moore, who lives in Old Neck, lost three fii gers on one hand when he touched a dynamite cap to the schoolroom stove. A white boy named Chappell, who lives near Belvidere, was also very painfully hurt in the back, when an other boy placed a toy pistol loaded with a firecracker against his back. New Hope Girl Dies After Brief Illness Miss Hazel Hoffler, seventeen, died on Wednesday night, December 12, at the home of her parents at New Hope, after a brief illness. Funeral services were held at New Hope M. E. Church, of which the de ceased was a member, on Thursday afternoon, with the Rev. J. W. Di mette, pastor of the church, officiat ing. Burial was made in the family burying ground at New Hope. Surviving are her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Hurdle, and the following sisters and brothers: Mrs. Irvii. Turner, Mrs. Sarah Baker, Join. Hurdle, Rudolph Hurdle, Theodor. Hurdle and Hazel Hurdle. The floral offerings were numer ous and beautiful. County Couple Married On Christmas Night Miss Addie Mae Williams and Wendell H. Mathews, both of this county, were quietly married on Christmas night at the home of the Rev. J. W. Dimette, pastor of thf Winfall M. E. Church, with Mr. Di mette officiating. The bride wore a brown dress with a green coat and brown accessories. The ceremony was witnessed by Miss Myrtle White and Mr. Claude Williams. Immediately after the ceremony the couple left for a motor trip to Washington City and other points. The bride is the attractive daugh ter of Mrs. E. D. Mathews, of Route Three, and is teaching at the Balla hack school. The bridegroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Mathews, of Burgess. Both young people are very popu lar with a large circle of friends. Recent Bride Honored At Bridge Party Miss Lucille White, whose wed ding to Mr. J. F. Jernigan, of Nor folk, took place on Thursday, De cember 27, was honoree at a delight ful bridge party given by Mrs. Her man Winslow on Friday night The house was gayly and attrac tively decorated with Christmas greens and red flowers, carrying out the color scheme oi red and green in all the appointments. Miss Mary Sumner received the prize for top score and Mrs. John Chappell won the consolation. The guest of honor was presented with a guest's prze. A dainty salad course was served. Those present included Mesdames Wayland Barbee, Howard Pitt, Tom my Sutton, J.V B. 1 Basnight, John Chappell and Misses Helen Morgan, Mary Sumner, Elizabeth Knowles, Blanche Everett and . Nellie Fields. The Caldwell County curb market at Lenoir has Bold $9,003.98 worth of produce for: farmers and farm wo- men. of the county this year. Hertford Residents Pro test To Emergency belief Officials No more trees will be cut lo.vn on j the Causeway or o;i th.- c miiU ! ed strip ol woodland wet 1 i' : I quiinans River bridge, uher.- . : .-own- nv .1 the smaller trees have lc.'ini bi ,l; cut. A force of men, under the diiectkn of the local LKA has bei-:i v-.-orkiiur ( this property for about tc.i day-., cutting down trees and trimming and piling the wood to be used for relief purposes near the roadside. When Hertford residents saw the result of these activities and learned that no trees were to be left standing, a mighty protest arose because the beauty of this strip of woodland, which is a source of pride to many residents of Hertford, was being spoiled. It seems there was some misunder standing about the matter, howevet, and there was little difficulty in hav ing the work stopped. Certain of the County Commissioners when appealed to stated that the wont naa not been ordered by the Board of County Com missioners. This was explained when it was learned that two of the mem bers of the board, including the chair man, had requested the Emergency Relief administrator to secure a work project for the relief workers of cleaning up this property, which vas done, and that the chairman had sign ed the project. E. M. Perry, chairman of the Bo: rn of Commissioners, when he was : p pealed to, appeared greatly surprised that there was any objection to t ting down these trees and stated i .at he had believed the people of Hert ford would be glad to have the place cleaned up. He very promptly noti fied the ERA office not to cut down any more trees. E. W. Lordley, who received a num ber of protests, stated that the work was done at the suggestion of the two commissioners, and not upon his ini tiative; that, in fact, he did not even know the county owned the proper ty when he was approacned Ad ministrator of the Perquimans Coun ty ERA and asked to get the project through. He expressed regvt that some protest was not mvA:- - " re the work went so far. He further stated that it would be neces.-ary to keep a force of men working on this prop erty for some time, in order to clean up the trees which were felled, to cut down some of the tall stumps left standing, and otherwise straighten up the place, which will be a gieat im provement. Timothy N. Gregory Laid To Rest Sunday Funeral services for Timothy N. Gregory, 65, of Hertford, who died at 5 o'clock on Saturday morning, were held from the home on Grubb street, on Sunday afternoon, and were attended by a large crowd of friends. The Rev. A. A. Butler, of Hertford officiated, and music was furnished by the Hertford Baptist Church choir. The Masonic rites were ob served at the conclusion of the ser vice by Mr. Butler. Burial was made in Cedarwood Cemetery, Hertford. Pallbearers included Seth Long, John Butler, Clyde Landing, Charles E. Johnson and Irving Stubbs, of Norfolk, Va. Mr. Gregory had been a constant sufferer from rheumatism for many years, and for the past 18 months had been confined to his bed most of the time. His condition had been very much worse for some time past and the end had been expected daily for some time. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Lena Howell Gregory, and four sons, jNoah Gregory, of Hertford, T. N. Gregory, Jr., of Norfolk, Thomas Gregory, of Norfolk, and Julian Gregory, of Ro anoke, Va. BEECH SPRING PARENT- TEACHER GROUP MEETS The Parent-Teacher Association of Beech Spring school met on Monday night with Mrs. W. J. Perry, presi dent, presiding, and with Miss Delsie Whitehead acting aa secretary., The program included a reading by Miss .Stella Rogerson, a' poem by Miss Delsie Whitehead, a reading by Minnie Louise Nixon, and a vocal duet by Miss Delsie Whitehead and Mrs. W. J. Perry. , " Mrs. Frank-. Winslow and Mrs. Janice ments. Forehand . served refresh- 1

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