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Volume II. Number 3.
Hertford Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, January 18, 1935
$1.25 Per Year
it " uv' roiii T' Ol' v a M: mffJrO v
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Ndn-Siiit Ordered In
Attorney . Says a New
Suit Will Be In-M
Attorneys for the plaintiff in the
suit of L,
W. Anderson, administra-
Marie C. Anderson, against
P. Brian, whicn case vas.on
tip cfllendar for trial at the January
terk -t Perquimans Superior Court,
refuseoto'try the case: at this term,
altho . attorney a for the defense
were Insistent that the matter , be
tried,: and when'Judge G. V. Cpwper,
who presided, Refused to continue ihe
ease on- the motion of Humpson .A
Wilson, lixabetii City, because of
insufficient legal grounB fur contino
ance givett in the statement of the
attorney, a nonnit was taken and
the steteiAenimadelsMz. Thompson
that another Quit would he instituted
within the twelve months allowed by
law. - v'-'-
v The matter of continuance of this
ease was taken up during the first
session of the court on Monday
morning, when the calendar was call
ed by Judge Cowper, when Thompson
& Wilson moved for a continuance of
the case, which was set for trial on
Wednesday.' .Attorneys Whedbee &
Whedbee and McMuDan & McMullan,
representing the defendant, immedi
ately voiced thefr objection to a con
tinuance. Judge Cowper, after con
sidering, the motions and arguments
of counsel on. both sides, stated that
there wa not m to opinion sufficient
legal grounds for continuing the case
when the defendant wu anxious for
a trial, whereupon Mr. Thompson
stated that he could not try the case
at this term tnd Chat If the' case was
called en Wednesday he would take
a non suit and awail himself of his
right to institute a new suit during
.the next twelve months, which is the
time limit in which he could institute
a new suit
The case was called ton Wednesday
morning, with the attorneys' on both
sides present, each maintaining the
same position formerly taken. Mr,
Thompson again mad the announce
ment that he would institute a new
suit within the next twelve months,
and Judgment of noa suit was
eigned . by Judge Cowpeiu
; T. P. Ituthi of ; Jftenton, vffl
bast to the Perquimans Lodge of
Masons on next Tuesday night at the
annual sauer kraut dinner which Mr.
Mutlffives to this lodge. .
' Mr. Muth, prominent Mason of
Edenton, is well known here, where
he hat many friends.
For number of years this loyal
Mason haa regularly entertained th
lodge at a sauer kraut dinner, the
meal being served in the local lodge
That the members of he local
lodge look forward with great antici
pation to Mr, Muth's treat, goes
without saying. A special entertain
ment program is being arranged for
the occasion.
The menu will consist of sauer
kraut, pork, rye bread and hot coffee;
Judge's Two Children
Respond To Treatment
The two children of Superior Court
Judge G. V. Cowper, of Kinston, who
' were bitten by a mad dog last week,
are getting along all right with the
. treatments being, administered : for
'the prevention of rabies, according to
' Judge Cowper, who presided at the
4 January term of Perquimans Superior
Court which was, held this week. ;s
; The two children, one a son who is
a student at the University of tforth
1 Carolina, and Hie other young
daughter, wew bitten by a small and
1 greatly beloved pet dog belonging to
the little cH - .,.. r
Schcclnasters' Oub
;,; McctinsrlsPtestponcd
j The January meeting of the School
masters Club, which ' was scheduled
' to be held on Monday of this week at
Edenton, has been indefinitely post
poned. The . reason : given for the
postponement was tLe fact that there
' is a great deal of sickness through
; out the seven counts representing
fte membersh'p cf t'"" cl t . ,
son-Brinn Case
Mr, Whedbee Declines
Comment On Position
Whether or not Hon. Charles
Whedbee, prominent Hertford attor
ney, who served as legislative assist
ant to Governor Ehringhaus two
years ago, will act in this capacity at
this session of the Legislature, is a
matter of conjecture, and Mr. Whed
bee, when approached and asked tc
make a statement in the matter, de
clined to do so. .
It has been learned here that Gov
ernor Ehringhaus is desirous of the
services of the ex-senator,., and the
rumor which originated inVgaleigh
oia-" Monday, resulting in anAssociat
ed Press story to the effect that Mr.
Whedbee had resigned as a member
of the State Highway Commission,
coupled with the fact that Mr Whed
bee, while he denied that he had re
signed from this body, does not deny
that he is contemplating such resig
nation, seems to indicate that it is
Mr. Whedbee's purpose to again take
over the duties of legislative assist
ant. In the, event Mr. Whedbee should
follow this course, it will mean that
for the next several weeks, or during
the period that the Legislature is in
session, Mr. Whedbee will be absent
from Hertford most of the time.
Officers Elected For
Sunday School Class
The Home Makers Sunday School
Class, taught by Mrs. Corprew Beed
met Monday, afternoon with Mrs,
.Harry Jfronghton. The .program
was in charge of -Mug Ruth Sutton
' The following officers were elected
for the new year:
Miss Ruth Sutton, president.
Mrs. Irvin White, vice president.
Mrs. Tom Madre, secretary and
At the close of the meeting the
hostess served refreshments.
Mrs. Milton Dail invited the Class
to meet with her in February.
Those present were Mrs. Corprew
Reed, Mrs. Sidney Broughton, Mrs.
Wm. Elliott, Mrs. G. C. Buck, Mrs.
Irvin White, Miss Ruth Sutton, Mrs.
G. H. Parker, Mrs. Tom Perry, Mrs.
Milton DailJ Mrs. Tom Madre, Mrs.
James Matjre, Mrs; P. T. Johnson,
and Mrs; Harry Broughton.
:-ii" f.i 1 '''' 1
Miss Carson Of Pitt
New'Science Teacher
Miss Mary Carson, of Stokes, Pitt
County, has been elected as teacher
of science in the Perquimans High
School, to take the place of Miss
Mary Glasson, who has resigned.
Miss Carson is a graduate of the
East Carolina Teachers College,
Greenville, of the class of 1933. She
comes to Hertford highly recommend
ed by the college authorities.
Mr. Johnston, County superinten
dent, is expecting Miss Carson to be
in Hertford by Friday morning.
Improvements Made
At Beech Spring School
The Beech Spring School has re
cently made some fine improvements
by way of furnishing their auditorium
with . seats. Twelve comfortable
benches, affording seats for approxi
mately 75 persons, were built and
placed in the auditorium last week,
the'worlfneing; a community project
and due to the efforts of the Parent
Teacher Association and the teacher,
Miss Delsie Whitehead. .
This does away with the necessity
of removing the school desks' into
the auditorium whenever the; audi
torium waij used, as has been the
UtoM,'r3 t:! ' ,;.
, The Chatham i County lespeofesa
cleaner if running every day averag
ing recleaning about 100 bushels) of
seed a day. More than 10,000 bushels
of good seed have 1 been saved lor
planting in the county.
When A. D. Smith of Forsyth
i coun-
ty began to ploW a field which ha
been " in lerpedeza for : two years, h
found the texture of the soil so im
proved that plowing was a pleasured
he said.
Deputy Sheriff Winslow
Arrests Two Men
In Case
The bootlegger who lost not only
his load of some 125 gallons of liquor,
but whose car burned following
wreck on the Hertford-Elizabeth City
highway, near the Perquimans County
poor house, on Sunday morning, cer
tainly had hard luck to follow him
when he caught a ride with Cook
Winslow, deputy sheriff, as he hiked
toward Elizabeth City, shortly after
the accident.
The wreck occurred some time just
before noon on Sunday morning. The
car, a V-8 Ford sedan, turned over ir.
the ditch and both occupants fled be
fore anybody reached the scene to
find the spilled liquor freely flowing
in the ditch. While interested spec
tators who had gathered stood about,
one a little more curious than the
rest, touched a match to the liquor in
the ditch, just to see whether or not
it would burn. It would and did
Later on, when the car was righted,
spilling a further quantity of liquor
which flowed to meet that which was
burning, the flames enveloped and
burned the car.
Cook Winslow, deputy sheriff, rid
ing toward Elizabeth City, searching
for the men who had been transport
ing the load of liquor, overtook i
fellow walking in the direction in
which he was going. Offering the
pedestrian a ride, the deputy sheriff
succeeded in taking the fellow up
He seemed surprised, Mr. Winslow
said, when the officer turned around
to bring him to Hertford. However,
he didn't mind coming, according to
MS. Winslow, as be was glad to go
anywhere because he was suffering
so-much with cold, his clothing being
thoroughly soaked with the spilled
The man, wno gave his name as
Jimmie Geary and his address as
Newport News, was turned over to
Federal authorities by Sheriff J. E,
Winslow on Monday.
The other man, who is said to have
been the driver of the car, and whose
name could not be learned, was picked
up in a nearby woods later on, and
was carried to the Albemarle Hos
pital m Elizabeth City. He was re
ported as having received severe cuts
in the accident.
Good Program At
E WM Meeting
"More Abundant School Funds"
was the theme of the program given
at the meeting of the Parent-Teacher
Association of the Hertford grammar
school on Thursday afternoon, under
the direction of Mrs. B. G. Koonce.
As a preliminary to "the regular
program Mrs. Koonce gave "New
Year Greeting," followed by the poem
"Ring Out Wild Bells," read by Mrs.
Durwood Reed. A group of school
children gave the P. T. A. "Alpha
bet" and a song. Two vocal solos
rendered by R. S. Monda, Jr., were
special features, and a delightful
reading was given by Miss Elizabeth
In the regular program which fol
lowed Mrs. E. W. Lordley read an in
teresting selection entitled "Schools
In Line For Funds" by E. C. Daniels,
Jr., and Mr3. Oscar Felton read an
article on school finances. Mrs. J.
E. White gave a reading on the life
of Clyde Erwin, the new state super
intendent of education, and Mrs. V.
N. Darden also gave an interesting
Miss Dorothy Heftier, popular young
high school soloist, sang "Love In
Bloom" just before a short talk was
made by Superintendent F. T. John
son. ' The program closed with' a poem,
"The New Year."
Mrs. William T. Elliott was the
lucky winner of the. regular prize, a
pound of coffee donated by the Cen
tral Grocery.' 1 h .
The January meeting - of the Parent-Teacher
Association ; of the
Beech Spring School, of which Miss
Delsie Whitehead is the teacher, will
be held on Tuesday night, January 22.
Members of the Craven Mutual
Exchange presented Congressman G.
A. Barden a handsome traveling bag
at the last meeting of the Farmers'
Club in appreciation of his services
to and his interest In the farmers of
Controversy Over Truck
Title Consumes Most
Of Time
Seven cases were disposed of in
Superior Court on Monday, although
the trial cf only one case was con
ducted during the entire session of
the court, with the exception of two
uncontested divorce cases.
' Much of the docket was cleared
during the term, a number of order
being made in various cases, and
judgments entered which removed
cases from the docket, several hav
ing been settled between the partie:
without going to trial.
Court adjourned Wednesday morn
ing, following arguments of counsel
in regard to motions.
The only case tried, except the two
divorce cases mentioned, was that or
N. E. Chappell against C. O. Fow-
ler, wnerem tne controversy arose
over the title to a truck and over
certain small sums of money alleged
to have been due the defendant by
the plaintiff.
In this case the jury decided that
$30.73 which Mr. Fowler borrower
from Mr. Chappell in order to make
the last payment on a truck which
he had purchased from Hobbs f
Ward, of Edenton, financed through
the General Motors Acceptance Coi
poration, and which Mr. Fowler tes
tilled he had paid, was due Mr.
Chappell and had not been paid.
The jury further decided that a
repair bill of $13.45 which Mr. Chap
pell paid to Hobbs & Ward, which
Hobbs Ward claimed to be due
them and which had been assigned to
Mr. Chappell by Hobbs & Ward, and
which Mr. Fowler alleged he did not
owe. waa not due bv Mr. Fowler.
The matter of $35.85, repair bill of
the Hollowell Chevrolet Company, of
Hertford, which Mr. Chappell paid
for Mr. Fowler, was agreed by both
parties to be due Mr. Chappell, this
issue not going to the jury.
The truck in controversy, which was
in Mr. Chappell's possession, was or
dered by Judge Cowper to be turned
over to Mr. Fowler.
The case, which was hard fought,
consumed all of Monday afternoon
and all of Tuesday morning, the
jury taking the case just prior to the
noon recess.
The plaintiff was represented by
James S. McNider and C. R. Holmes,
and the defendant's counsel were
Robert Lowry, of Elizabeth City, and
Luther F. Congleton.
Colored Youth Wins
Honors At Raleigh
Three prizes were won by James
Reid, a colored youth of Perquimans
County, who is completing his fourth
year of work at the Perquimans
County Training School, at the corn
contest conducted at Raleigh last
week, with 41 departments competing.
Reid produced 91 bushels of corn on
one acre, winning the third prize in
the State, and receiving 400 pounds
of Chilean Nitrate of Soda. Selectee
from this same corn he carried two
ten-ear exhibits of corn to Raleigh
and was awarded first and third
prizes, receiving in cash $5.00 for the
first prize and $2.00 for the third
Other students of this school at
Winfall who have made records are
Molton Zachary, producing 82.3 bush
els per acre, and Arthur Newby, who
produced 67 bushels per acre.
Miss Myrtle Lee White, of Hert
ford, and Mr. Claude W. Williams, of
Route Threewere quietly married on
Sunday afternoon at 6 o'clock, at the
Methodist parsonage in Winfall, Rev.
J. W. Dimmette performing the cere
mony in the presence of a few inti
mate friends.'
The bride was becomingly dressed
in a dress of gold colored crepe, with
a brown coat and brown accessories.
' The bride' is the attractive daugh
ter of Mh and Mrs. W. N. White,
who live near BWtford. She has for
some time been a member of the sales
force of Mark Gregory's store.
The ".bridegroom, who is a son of
Mrs. R D. Mathews, of Route Three,
is a prominent young farmer. Both
are very popular with a wide circle
of friends. , . .
The couple are making their homi
In Old Neck.
Home Paper Seeking
Many New Readers
Penalty Added To
Taxes After Feb. 1
To avoid paying penalties, pay
your taxes before February 1.
One-half of one per cent goes on
all taxes February 1 and each
month thereafter.
By W. G. Newby, Clerk.
Credit Association
To Meet In E. City
The annual meeting of stockhold
ers Of the Elizabeth City Production
Credit Association was held today
(Friday) at the Alkrama Theatre in
Elizabeth City.
The Elizabeth City Production Cre
dit Association now serving the six
counties of Pasquotank, Perquimans,
Gates, Currituck, Camden and Chowan
again urges that all farmers who
care to obtain production credit and
pay cash for their production goods
to make their application at the earli
est possible opportunity. The farm
ers of the following counties shot
make their applications with the fol
lowing: Perquimans, W. H. Oakey
Jr., Hertford; Gates, P. L. Hoffler,
Gatesville; Currituck, E. R. Woodard
Coinjock; Chowan, John W. Graham
Edenton; Pasquotank and Camden,
Elizabeth City Production Credit As
sociation, 'SSi Carolina Bank Building
James M. Rogers, secretary of the
association, announces that his office
has received the new forms which will
be used for the 1985 season. He also
says thtrfr'tfte'ffrrma have been short
ened as much as possible and that a
farmer could place his complete ap
plication in about one-fourth the time
that it took him to make the same
application last year.
Number Of Volumes
Added To Library
Securing books suitable for the li
brary at the Hertford Grammar
School is the special project on which
the .local P. T. A. is working at pres
ent, and a number of volumts have
been donated.
Any one having books which they
wish to give to this good cause may
get in touch with Mrs. Charles John
son, President of the P. T. A., who
will be very glad to add more books
to the school library.
Mrs. Silas M. Whedbee of Hert
ford, was struck and knocked down
by an automobile driven by Will Tay
lor, colored, of New Hope, on Tues
day mornii&i the accident occurring
at the corner of Church street and
Punch Alley.
Mrs. Whedbee was walking west on
Punch Alley and was near the cor
ner when the car, which was being
driven in a southerly direction on
Church street, made a wide swing
into the side yard of the home of
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Sumner, in turn
ing into Punch Alley. Mrs. Whed
bee ran up, into the summer yard
when she realized that the car was
about to run over her and that the
driver had apparently lost control,
and managed to get out of the direct
path of the car and to avoid being
run over, but was struck and knocked
While Mrs. Whedbee's injuries are
said to consist chiefly of bruises and
her condition is not considered seri
ous, she was still confined to her bed
on Wednesday.
Taylor was arrested immediately
after the accident, charged with op
erating a car without brakes, and
with assault with a deadly weapon,
and placed in jail. He was released
on Wednesday under a $300 bond.
The Rosa Powell Circle of the W.
M. U.', of the Hertford Baptist Church,
will meet on next Monday night at
tre home of Mrs. C. O. Fowler, at
8;00 o'clock. ; v
. .This is the first meeting of the
year and . important business is to be
transacted. A11 members are urged
to be present by the chairman, Mrs.
Chas. Johnson, -T;r
Every Participant In
Campaign Will Re
ceive Cash Award
Workers Urged To En
ter Contest at an
Early Date
Today The Perquimans Weekly
announces an Expansion Campaign
which offers to its friends and read
ers in Perquimans County and adja
cent territory an opportunity to earn
up to $400 for their spare time ef
forts. We think the people of Perquim
ans County want a good newspaper
and we are trying our very best to
give them a paper of interest, but
we want to give even a better paper
and to do so we must have more sub
scribers. There are two ways to se
cure a greater number of readers,
one is by solicitors which takes long
er, and the other is by a campaign.
We have decided on the latter method,
thus giving every person in the trade
territory of Hertford an opportunity
to participate in our efforts, and also
receive pay for their spare time
time that would be otherwise wasted.
Elsewhere in the paper you will
find a full page advertisement telling
you in detail about the campaign, and
on that page you will find a Nomin
ation coupon, which when proper!;
filled out and mailed or brought to
the Perquimans Weekly office will
start you in the campaign with 5,000
votes. Additional vctes are secured
by merely seeing your friends and
securing their subscription to the
Perquimans Weekly.
This is truly an Everybody Wins
Campaign, for if you do not win one
of the several prizes, you will be paid
a cash commission of ten per cent
on every dollar you turn in to the
campaign department. Enter your
name today and get your share of
this gift money. Write or phone
The Perquimans Weekly and a repre
sentative will call to explain the plan
to you.
ERA Workers Attend
Workers' Conference
Perquiman3 County ERA officials
who will attend the ERA Conference
which is being held in Edenton this
week include Chas. Johnson, Mrs. E
Leigh Winslow, and Miss Ursula
Bateman. These three expect to be
at the conference on Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday.
E. W. Lordley, of Hertford, Dis
trict Administrator of the ERA, with
headquarters in Elizabeth City, at
tended the meeting on Wednesday,
this session being for the key work
ers of three districts in this imme
diate territory.
Miss Annie Cassatt, Director of In
stitutes and Records, of Raleigh, is
presiding at the meeting, which is
conducted for the purpose of study
and discussion of social work and
Judge Congratulates
Perquimans Jurors
When the names of the juror
drawn to serve at the January Term
of Perquimans Superior Court wen
called on Monday not one asked to
be excused.
So unusual was this that Judge G
V. Cowper, who was presiding, re
marked that it was not often in his
experience that this had occurred, ano
congratulated the jurors on their
willingness to serve.
The Rev. L. R. Dempsey of Spray,
who recently preached at the Hert
ford Baptist Church, has been ex
tended a call to the pastorate of this
church, it was learned- this week.
This church has been without a pas
tor since, the resignation of Rev. L.
M. Dixon, last fall, who excepted a
call to Ahoakie. y
At this writing the church officials
have had no information as to whefb-"' .
er or not Mr. Dempsey will accept'
the call;"" -'Mj

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