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' iVolume II NumberA ;
v. nl Hertf ord Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, January 25, 1935.
$1;25 Per Year
in I V iv i AA wHu : f L W-
vl ;
Away 4 Cash Prizes
Hard Cash Exchanged
For Little Spare Time
To Workers
Four cash prizes, and a cash com
mission to persons participating in
The Perquimans Weekly campaign
perhaps you have heard rumors of it
now you have the facts. Here is
K something everyone will have a hand
:, in, either by participating directly in
the campaign or assisting other en
trants. And because of it a nice sum
i',, oftmoney will be made during the
spare time of the entrants.
No investment of any sort is re
quired of you, and you do not need
. any special talent, or experience to
enter. If you want to make some
; money in a very pleasant and inter-
4 eating way, and in your spare time,
- too, you should not put off entering
this campaign. Someone who is in-
terested and willing to use part of
their spare time will be paid (400 by
, y The Perquimans Weekly. The only
thing you have to do is to call on your
friends and get them to subscribe or
renew their subscription to The Per
quimans Weekly.
This is not a long campaign
' seven short weeks, and the prizes will
be awarded $400 is the first prize,
$100 second prize, $50 third prize, $25
fourth prize, and if you do not win
one of the prizes you will be paid a
cash commission or ten percent on all
business you turn in. Call at The
Perquimans Weekly office, in the
Gregory Building, to get your supplies
which wUl ftarl you on your way to
-that extra money. :
President's Ball To
The Preaiaent's Birthday BU to be
held la Edeatan. n 1 next ,TaMdy
night, January SOth, Is beint adver
tised in Hertford by posters displayed
iir varlo"pi places. : "-.
Paul Jones and his orcfcstra fro
Rocky Mount , will furnish music fo
the occasion. The price of script is
$1.50 and spectators will be admittex:
for 50 cents.
Perquimans people are not giving t
birthday party for the President, but
they are cordially invited to attend
the party to be held in EMtaton, and
many have expressed their purpose" oi
1 Attractive Program
At Chapanoke School
A vei7 attractive program was ren-
dered by; the. children of the Chapa
noke School at ? the meeting of the
Parent-Teacher Association held on
Thursday sight, followed by a short
but most' interesting talk by F. T.
Johnson, Superintendent of Education.
Mrs. W. E. White, of Hertford, gars
a group of readings at the dost of
the program. :.jr.
The meeting was called to order by
the president, Mrs. CL P. -Quiney, af
ter which "Mr Faith Looks Up To
Thee" was sung.? The Scripture, read
ing, Psalm 46, was given by the Pres.
ident, after which W. W. Lewis led in
prayer. ... - ;
At the close of the short business
session and the singing of another
hymn, Susie Mae Wilson gave a read
ing. This was Xouowed by story by
Janet Quincy and a reading by Curtis
Wilson. Shirley Perry sang a solo,
and the program by the children end
ed with a most,: delightful jjlaylet
Xhe Lord of; Education," in which
the following . children took part:
Calvin Wilson, Louise Bright, Janet
"'Quincy, Mattie Meade ' Alexander,
lilda Byrura, Mabel Chappell, Audrey
pell and Susie Mae Wilson.
1 "si
lea Cnrn IavActi im tfiarher of the
?i Vnoke school. . "; - .
v V :
i- Jn-ifepite of the disagreeable weath
er on Tuesday night, the) Perquimans
' Masc-4 enjoyed the sauer kraut sup
per which F. F. Muth; of Edenton,
gave at , the 1 Perquimans Lodge in
" Among the Edenton Masons pres
ent in addition to Mr. .Muth' were
C. H. Wood, B. F. Britton and'C.
Sawyer. -' -V ; 1 A'Ui
''"Mrs.' Jahie Elliott, who had. been
at her home in Hertford for tr
a, was t?k"-5 to St Vincentf
JT 'tal . in 1" "S on I'onday c
"X. . eek. ' t t ( . ' n v 111 be per
"if .med the s.':r p.t cf t:.e week.
Around seven hundred peanut re
duction contracts have been signed in
Perquimans County, according to L.
W. Anderson, county, agent, who
says that this represents about 95
per cent of the peanut growers in tht
entire county.
Unemployed Registered
By District Statistician
Mrs. H. C. Woselka, of Edenton,
Statistician of the Edenton District
of the National Re-Employment Ser
vice,' was in Hertford oft Tuesday to
take registrations of the Unemployed.
The Edenton District comprises
nine counties, and it is Mrs. Wozelka's
purpose to register the unemployed
in each of the count! the object
being to ascertain the number of per
sons who are at present unemployed.
Only a few persons Were awara of
the registration service being con
ducted by Mrs. Wozelka on Monday
and there was not the response that
she had expected. However, Mrs.
Wozelka expressed her desire to ap
point another date m the near future
for registrations, notice of which
date will be published in this news
paper. ,
Mrs. Blanchard Escapes
Injury In Fall At Home
Mrs. T. C. Blanchard has a host of
friends who will "rejoice that there
were no serious , consequneces when
they learn how narrowly she escaped
injury on Monday. '
Incidentally, Mrs. Blanchard is 77
years ok!. Probably the reason she
doesn't mind telling her age is be
cause she appears' so. imuch younger.
viaiting her niece, Mrs. C. W. Gaith
.r, in Elizabeth City, Mrs. Blanchard
lost her balance in some way, as she
started down stairs, and fell from
the head of the stairway to the land
ing. Mrs. Blanchard's. daughter, Miss
Kate M. Blanchard, who was just be
hind her mother, was naturally
frightened. She called to her mother
not to try to get up until she could
reach her to lift her, and anxiously
hurried down. Mrs. Blanchard, how
ever, picked herself up before 'Miss
Kate could get to her, and went
blithely on her way.
Reaching home, Mrs. Blanchard's
family insisted that 'she be put to bed
and that the doctor be called. Mrs.
Blanchard thought this very foolish,
insisting that the minor bruises she
had sustained didn't amount to any
thing. However, she humored the
family tad allowed herself to be min
istered to. The doctor found nothing
wrong but stated he would return for
further examination in the morning.
. Mrs. Blanchard had planned a trip
to Norfolk that morning. When oth
er members of the household gc
down stairs early in the morning,
anxious to know whether or not she
felt any ill effects of the iall, thi
found the lady up and dressed ready
for her trip. Furthermore, she had
made her bed and tidied her room
She waited until after the doctor's
visit was over, then got into her
and went to Norfolk, where she spent
the day.
On Wednesday it was reported that
she felt a little soreness from V
fall but was otherwise quite all right.
Services atp , the Parkville M. E.
Church on Sunday next will be as fol
lows: A general song service, follow
ed by prayer worship, at 7 o'clock.
Sermon by pastor, Rev. A.. W. Man
ning, of Elizabeth City, ' at 7:30
O'clock. . , :',
If the Hertford -people are inter
ested sufficiently and will cooperate
with the FERA, there1 is a possibility
of securing a Young Men's Christian
Association inHertford. '
A building 7ite would have to be
furnished, That would Be up to thr
county, the town of individuals. All
of the labor would be furnished by
the -FERA and at least a part of the
material would also be furnished by
the government '
! 'The' members of the local FERA
office are interested in the matter.
They would be pleased 'at -securing
such a project for' Hertford, which
would f-jmiah work for many need
ing work tJjs winter. '' ,
Helping the President
I'd I
Little Theresa McGinty, aged 6.
of Brooklyn, N. Y., who sent a
bright new nickel special deliv
ery to President Roosevelt, fol
lowing his announcement that he
would lend his X935 birthday
anniversary to a nation-wide
party, proceeds of which will go
toward aiding infantile paralysis
victims all over the nation.
Col. Henry h'. Doherty, chair
man of the 1935 Birthday Balls
for the President has announced
that funds raised this year at
parties in more than 5,000 com
munities throughout the nation,
will be divided, following a sug
gestion made by the President.
Seventy per cent will be used
for the rehabilitation ot handi
capped children within the eem
mualiy raising the funis or
t within the' nearest geographic
' unit of which the community la
' a part. The ether SO per cent
;wyihe-turne4 over to President
IftooeaTeU te Ue Na
! tleaal CemnUsslon far Infantile
i Iparayfsls Research.
Bank Installs Delayed
Action Lock On Safe
The Hertford Banking Company
has recently had installed on a com
partment of their safe a device
known as the delayed action time lock,
as a supplement to the usual lock.
When this door is locked by the
combination lock it cannot be opened
until it is rewound, and then fifteen
minutes must elapse before the door
will open. Locked in this compart
ment with the delayed action time
lock, is the dial of the safe which
contains the bulk of the currency
bonds, securities, etc. So, if a, bur
glar should succeed in gaining admis
sion to the vault and undertook to
open the safe containing the valuables
he would first have to obtain this dial,
which is locked in the compartment
which cannot be unlocked until fifteen
minutes after it is wound. It looks
pretty safe.
This device has been approved, ac
cording to R. M. Riddick, cashier, by
the underwriters of all the robbery
insurance companies.
'. In addition to this new system, the
bank is further protected by a burglar
alarm, which system reduces mater
ially the! burglar and robbery insur
The Perquimans County Home Eco
nomics Association will hold its regu
lar monthly meeting at the .Commu
nity House in Hertford on Saturday.
Mrs. M. T. Griffin,' president of the
association, and members of the vari
ous Better Homes Clubs throughout
the county, will be present Mrs
Thomas Nixon and Miss. Helen Gaith
er are in charge of the program.
The meeting will convene at 10:30
in the morning and after a picnic
lunch is enjoyed, other business will
be taken up. ' "
A full meeting of women from all
parts of the county is expected.
Rufus Harrell, a resident of the
New Hope community, had the good
fortune to win a new Ford V-8 car re.
cently in a contest held in Norfolk,
Va. Mr. Harrell paid 25 cents for the
lucky ticket' ' - . . t
X There will be services at the Beth
lehem Church of Christ, near Hert
ford, on next Sunday night, to which
everybody Is cordially invited, It Is
announced that there will be (special
mUSlC ,-' A . y v .t a
Education For County Schools
Charles Whedbee Is
Governor's Advisor
vNotice of the resignation of Hon.
Chas. Whedbee, of Hertford, as a
member of the State Highway Com
mission, and his appointment by Gov.
Ehringhaus as Legislative Advisor to
the Governor, was made on Tuesday.
A picture of Hertford's distinguish
ed citizen appeared on the front
page of the Raleigh News & Obser
ver in connection with the announce
ment of Mr. Whedbee's resignation
and appointment.
Mr. Whedbee, who has been in Ra
leigh all this week, is expected tc
come home for the week-end.
Julien Wood, of Edenton, has beer,
named as successor to Mr. Whedbee
on the State Highway Commission.
Recorder's Court Holds
Short Session Tuesday
The shortest Recorder's Court ses
sion on record in Perquimans County
was held on Tuesday of this week.
The first three cases called were
those against Herman Holly, colored,
charged with stealing chickens; Will
Tavlor. colored, charged with as
sault with a deadly weapon and reck
less driving, and the case against
Norman Byrum, charged with being
drunk and disorderly, and were all of
necessity continued.
Following the continuance of these
cases the case against Archie Godwin,
charged with assault with a deadly
weapon, the State's witnesses includ
ing Shelton Bagley and Norman El
liott, was called. The prosecuting at
torney, W. G. Edwards, made the an
nouncement that it had been agreed
between the parties to withdraw the
charge of assault with a deadly wea
pon, the defendant pleading guilty to
simple 'assault, whereupon Judge
Oakey dismissed the case upon the
payment of the eost
Immediately following this court
adjourned, having been in session ten
New Officers Elected
For Girls' Auxiliary
At a meeting of the Girls' Auxili
ary of the Woman's Missionary So
ciety of the Hertford Baptist Church
held in the Sunday School room of
the church on Tuesday night, new of
ficers were elected, including Julia
Eroughton, president; Katherim
Campen, vice president; Sarah War
secretary-treasurer; Blanche Moore
Berry, pianist; Margaret Mayes, Liz
zie Lee Hofler and Jean White, per
sonal service committee, and Mablc
Spivey, EHie Mae White and Edith
Everett, membership committee.
Other members present included
Reba Spivey,'- Jeannette Perry, Eu
gene Gregory and Mrs. Josiah El
liott, the leader.
Miss Edith Everett was hostess :
this meeting and served dainty rc
freshments at the close of the pro
The Perquimans County High
School basketball teams Wednesday
night won a 'double bill when the
teams from Gatesville went down to
defeat in rather one-sided contests.
The Perquimans boys won their game
by a score of 40 to 15, while the girl?
turned in a 69 to 13 victory.
The entertainment program of the
Juvenile Beauty Pageant which is tc
be staged at the Hertford grammar
school on Tuesday night of next
week by the Parent-Teacher Associa
tion, will be in charge of Mrs. B. G.
The beauty contest, which will br
staged by Mis? Clarke, of Red
Springs, is sponsored' by the Hert
ford Parent-Teacher Association,
which ..organisation will share in the
proceeds. -
Every person who attends will
have one secret vote In the selection
of "Miss Hertford." Contestants for
this honor will; be from 15 to 25
years of age, For the title of "Little
Miss Hertford" -the contestants will
be from 5 to 8 years.
' The young lady who wins the title
"Miss Hertford" Will be sent to Winston-Salem
to participate in a contest
for the title of fWa North Caro
lina," the winner Of which will take
part in the final contest in New York
City for the title of "Miss America.!'
Discuss Physical
Who is interested in a Y. M. C.
A. for Hertford? That there is a
possibility of securing a building, to
be built mainly by the ERA, is an
nounced in this newspaper.
That no place is provided for the
congregating of the boys and young
men in Hertford has often been de
plored by those who feel that this is
an injustice to our youth. This
seems to be the time to do something
about it.
(A misplaced society news item.)
A series of dolls' tea parties is be
ing given by Mrs. R. H. Willis, who
has charge of the Beginners Depart
ment of the Hertford Methodist Sun
day School, it was learned this week.
The only parties which have been
held up to the present were at the
homes of Master Lindsey Reed and
of little Miss Pat Morris. Little Miss
Dot Jenkins and her dolls were
guests when Pat's party was given.
The tea set which Mrs. Willis takes
along to use at the tea parties was
given to Mrs. Willis off the Christmas
tree at the Methodist Sunday School
when she was a little girl.
No set tirpe is arranged for the
parties, but others will follow, it is
"He chose a Chevrolet," remarked
John Butler, "for his hundred hour
endurance drive," in referring to the
long drive being made by Jim Curly,
the man who i3 going to sleep in
Blanchard's show window after the
drive is over Saturday afternoon.
Flowers are blooming in Perqui
mans. Breath o' Spring, Winter
Jessamine, and now and then a sprig
of spirea is blooming. ' Violets, also,
are seen in sheltered spots like that
in the front yard of the Hotel Hert
ford. The warm days oi the past week,
when the mercury soared to 76, have
been succeeded by cold and rainy
weather, however, and just now it is
anything else than springlike in Per
quimans. "Miss Fite, I think you are ugly
vooman." That's what two-year-old
Carrol Berry said to me over his toy
telephone. I didn't get the message
directly, but it was relayed to me. I
don't like it much, but I don't know
anything I can do about it.
Mrs. Josiah Elliott says she is go
ing to have the hide of the bobcat
killed last week by her husband and
a party of hunters for a rug.
The cat, which hung outside of Jo
siah's bus terminal on exhibition, at
tracted a lot of attention. It weigh
ed 28 pounds and measured about
four feet in length.
Seven dogs participated in the fight
with the cat, one of which was com
pletely licked and left before the
scrap ended in the demise of the cat.
In the party was Josiah Elliott,
Ray White, Charlie White, Cecil
White, Skinner Britt and Alvin Saw
yer. Josiah Elliott says thi3 is the first
animal of the kind, which is differ
ent from the ordinary wildcat, which
he has ever known to be killed in this
county. It was killed in a woods on
the Spruill farm, about four miles,
from Hertford.
And so the government is begin
ning to check up on the large orders
of sugar sold and find out what it i.
used for, in an effort to catch' illicit
whiskey makers. Looks like that
ought to get 'em.
Business has been noticeably pick
ing up- at the furniture store of W.
M. Morgan, in Hertford, for some
time. In fact, we have Mr. Morgan's
statement for that. He reports a big
improvement. And that big new
Ford truck he has recently purchased
to replace the small truck formerly
used in the delivery of furniture
bears out the statement.
If you don't think your money is
locked up secure from burglars in the
Hertford Banking Company's vault,
step in some time and have a lbok at
their hew delayed action time lock.
The men who are employed In the
garage of the Chappell Motor Com
pany, the Ford agency in Hertford,
like music. They like radio pre
grams. So a radio Is kept playing
all of the me in the garage for the
pleasure ef the workers.T " v
Lack of Proper Equip
ment Handicap to
With the idea of mapping out a
course of study on the subject of phy
sical education and to make a practi
cal application of the study in order
to help the individual child, a county
wide meeting of the teachers of Per
quimans County was held in the
Grammar School auditorium on Fri
day nigh't, with Superintendent of
Education F. T. Johnson acting as
A general discussion of the subject
was held and special papers were
given by Mrs. G. W. Barbee, Miss
Mary Sumner, Miss Virginia Tucker
and S. M. Hughes.
Many interesting phases of the sub
ject were studied. It was brought
out that physical education, if it is to
accomplish its aim. must develop
character as well as healthy bodies.
That children who are given the
opportunity of physical education, the
chance to take part in well directed
athletics and supervised play, are aid
ed in the development of such char
acteristics as honesty, truthfulness,
courage, fair play and sportsmanship,
was pointed out by the various teach
ers vh toi ': part in the discussion.
The teachers of the Perquimans
County schools are very anxious for
equipment to aid them in si tting i-i
motion plans for teaching physiial
education in their schools. A- t':c
situation now stands, it is possible U
teach only by precept. Lack of equip
ment, it is said, has caused the
schools of the county to fall far short
of the desired attainment and the pu
pils of these schools have been great
ly handicapped.
Materials, including bails, basket
balls, footballs, baseballs, and other
articles, are conspicuously lacking in
the schools. With only a small
amount of money to put in this equip
ment, the plans of the teachers and
those interested in physical education
could be put into operation. .
Those present at the meeting in
cluded, in addition to Superintendent
Johnson, Mrs. G. W. Barbee, Miss
Helen Gaither, Mrs. Claude Long,
Miss Nancy Woods, S. M. Hughes,
Miss Virginia Tucker, Miss Hazel
Ainsley, Miss Margaret S. White,
Mrs. T. L. Jessup, Miss Mary Carson,
Miss Elizabeth Knowles, Kiss Mary
Sumner, Miss Lucille Long, Mrs. Thad
C. Chappell, Mrs. Goodman, Mrs. H.
T. Bond, Mrs. S. P. Jessup, Miss
Maude Prigden, Miss Cora Layden,
Mrs. W. Y. Morgan, Miss Mable
Lane, Mrs. Nathan Kelfe, Mrs. A. R.
Winslow, Jr., Miss Lorna Brothers,
Miss Alma Leggett, Miss Alice Babb,
Mrs. Tommy Sutton, Mrs. J. A. Jerni
gan, Miss Ruth Hurdle, Mrs. Herman
Winslow, Mrs. J. T. Basnight, Mrs.
W. E. Dail and Mrs. Jenkins Walters
Hertford Banking Co.
Reelected Old Board
The former Board of Directors was
reelected at the annual meeting of
the stockholders of ihe Hertford
Banking Company held on January
15, viz: Dr. E. S. White, W. F. C. Ed
wards, Thomas Nixon, Charles Whed
bee, Chajies Johnson and R. M. Rid
dick, Jr.
At the directors' meeting following
the officers were also reelected as
follows: Dr. E. S. White, president;
W. F. C. Edwards, vice president; R.
M. Riddick, cashier; Win. H. Hard
castle, assistant cashier; G. R. Tucker,
assistant cashier.
C. F. Sumner, Sr., returned Mon
day from a Norfolk hospital, where
he had spent the past week undergo
ing examination. Mr. Sumner has
been in ill health for some time and it
was feared that he would have to
undergo an operation. However, It Is
believed now that tills can be avoided.
Hertford alumni of the University
of North Carolina will be well repre
sented at an unusual meeting to be
held in Chapel Hill Friday afternoon
of this week for the purpose, of dis
cussing ways and means of stimulat
ing gifts to the University through
wills and trust agreements.
Those expected q to attend from
Hertford are Charles Whedbee and S.
M. Whedbee. 'u
. i -i
f tl 1

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