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Hertforfftefrtfi Noirffi Caroiiy ! $L25 Per Year
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Jesse J. Lane and Elmer
Large Truck Runs Off
Chowan Bridge Fn
il-i n- -.1..
A packing case bearing the name
of J. C. Blanchard & Co., seen float
"Ing on the 'waters of the Chowan
River on Friday, night, was the first
clue to the identity of . Jesse J, Lane
and Elmer Symons, both of Hertford,
shortly 'after the truck in which the
men were riding; with Mr. Symons at
the wheel, crashed through the rail of
the bridge near the toll house on
Friday bight, hurling both men to
their 'death, in the water below.
Men witnessed the fatal accident,
and others coming upon the scene
1 ...
shortly after saw a long expanse oi
bridge railing was torn away, but no
body knew from whence the truck
came or who had gone down.
Jesse J. Lane and Elmer Symons,
who were employed by J. H. Towe,
who operates a truck line, left Hert
ford shortly after 9 o'clock on Fri
day night in a Dodge truck carrying
a load of furniture belonging to Mr.
and Mrs. Stanley Harris, former Hert
ford residents, en route to Winston
Salem. That was the last t'me the men
were seen. In crossing Chowan Riv
er bridge, near the toll house, they
were said to have been trailing, a
large truck loaded with automobiles.,
and that another car was approach
ing from the opposite direction, and
that when the truck ahead turned out
to pass a car which was parked on
the bridge, the Dodge crashed through
the rail oh the left hand side in jt
der to avoid striking the track.
After wrecking crews summoned
from Edenton had commenced their
work of attempting to lift the truck
from the river and rescue the bodies
of the men, somebody saw the pack
ing case and telephoned to Mr. J. C.
Blanchard at Hertford, who commu
nicated with J. H. Towe, and the two
men left immediately for the scene.
Many other Hertford people joined I
Syrccnsffa Fatal
the crowd from iiiaenton ana otner
f points at the scene.
The steam tug Carolina, towing a
barge with a crane left Hertford in
the' early; hours of the morning for
the scene,, after wrecking crews
working from the bridge failed to lift
: T the wreckage. The body; of Mr. Sy
- mons, in the cab, "was brought to the
surface A Saturday afternoon, but it
was Sunday 'morning .before Mr.
Lane's body was found.' It was found
by members of the Coast Guard, who
dragged the bottom bf the river.
S The trady shocked and saddened
the entiM . community, as both men
were held in the highest esteem by
those who ikney -them.
Practically nothing of value was
salvaged of the" furniture of Mr. and
Mrs. Harris, but the, truck line car
ried cargoj 4psuanc ;whicH:iwill par
tially at least takll care of the loss.
S Th buck antraJlet; belonging to
r Mr. tTowi waa badly w'fecked.5 No
: insurance waa tarried on this. '
"D ixieland; Miristrelsf ?
There will be an entertainment on
Friday night atrtie Boti guan
',' mar school which it is said is one of
'i the .beftItfil fvXDbMtaatXtm
, strels,"; a production of the Elizabeth
Gty grammar , grades, , and is epon--r
sored by the Hertford Parent-Teacb-,
t ' er Assodatian,' luui he proceed1 wOI
go towwd defyinihe rpeBse iof
"1 "- ' the JunioSenior Jbaiact of pie higb
TiV miiKkami.'ku''w in
f EUaa'City' iabruary and
CarJ lc ttiarilitt'
I'M- ite'4' M JWfA
' Pi i : LooBus Co.; narrowly escaped serious
- raising :iniikiiitiiyt
4V H. Jve from Chowan lUver fin
K,:: Sunday afternoon," when .. ''chain
troke-and ".the truck which was betoi
' i:;ted froia the water swung against
' , the skiff i 'i 'i which the younnwu
. " was working. jCut for his presence
J i'ii of mind in crouching behind a post,
-. " he I'-'wouIdC have been' struck. -'sThe
wreckage struck the boat.
Cdrjotter Cafted
For Oner One
The sudden death f Bettie James
a colored woman whcr'tlived wear
Woodville, occasioned ' 'two ' vieits of
the coroner, thwni an error.'
Dr. T. A. Cox; Perquimans County
Coroner, Was called on by sons of the
dead woman on Friday morning, and
asked to visit the home where the
woman had been found dead in bed.
The doctor found that the woman had
died from natural causes.
On Sunday night somebody tele
phoned for the sheriff, and the mes
sage was understood to cor.vey the
information that a woman had been
found dead in the road near Wood
ville. The sheriff called on the' cor
oner and together the men went down
in the vicinity in which they had been
Somebody had been drinking about
the place as they sat up at the home
where the woman lay dead, and the
sheriff had been sent for. There was
no serious trouble, that is, nothing
more serious than causing the two
officers to go on a wild goose chase.
L. F. Constfeton Figures
In Wreck In Florida
Mrs. L. F. Conpleton lias been nil
vised that Mr. Congleton, who !pI!
Hertford Saturday night for a tri;
to Florida to buy fruit, had had ar
accident early Monday morning in
which his truck was wrecked.
Ben Thach, who accompanied M:
Congleton on the trip, returned to
Hertford on Tuesday, bringiinr Jlry
Congleton the information. Mr. Con
gleton has not yet returned.
The accident happened at Burnell,
Florida, when the truck was in colli
sion with another truck.
Mr. Congleton has been making;
trips to Florida at frequent intervals
throughout the winter, buying fruil
which he sells in Hertfid. He had
not reached his destination when the
accident occurred.
Funeral Elmer Symons
Held Sunday Afternoon
Funeral services for Elmer Symons,
29, one of the victims of the accident
which occurred on Chowan Bridge on
Friday night when two Hertford men
lost their lives, were held from the
home in Parkville, on Sunday after
noon at 8 o'clock, with the Eev. Ray
Smith conducting the services. Burial
took place in the family burying
Pallbearers were six qousins, Roy
Hurdle, Alvin Hurdle, Nathan Hurdi.
Fenton Hurdle, Joe Hurdle, and Leslie
Throngs of friends were, present a
the -funeral of the young man and
there were many expressions of soi
row at his untimely and tragic death
and of sympathy for the bereaved
Surviving are his father, C. C. Sy
mons, his step-mother, one brother,
Ernest Symons, and three sisters,
Mrs. J. W. Hall, Mrs. G;H. Hall and
Mrs. W. G. Arnold of Elizabeth City.
Mr. Symons was a young man of
splendid character, held in' the high
est esteem 'by those who knew him.
i-iS The'iGirls' Auxiliary5 of the6 Hert
ford Baptist Church met on Monday
night at the home of Miss Margaret
Mayes; iftJMisa Edith Everett in
charge of the program.
. At ; th: dose of the program the
hostess served refreshments. i:w
Those present -' included " Misses
Edith, Everett,.. Katherine Canpen,
Mable Spivey, ": Ruby t Spivey, Jean
nettePerry, Eugentt Gregory Shir
ley Elliott, Sarah Ward, Margaret
Mayes and the leader, Mrs, Joisiah
ElliotU . .? j. a .-
'ymohd' w; w w&'lmrt
irin! automobn.' accident lastVeek,
when the-car in which ;.twHiM liding
withiRusse W,Mo tomded'isrtth a
has parked on vtbi highway.iitill
confined U fcii' bed iat" tte home oi
Ws orottiel Wmsirf ia Hert
fbrd'i'f , i v rpupT'fhiiuwH'V
:llu8sett jr(o.Wio:'4 waslso
Very painfully 4urt, j' ablt to be out.
' Joshua- Sutton; prominent' young
farmer of New Hope, Is able to be out
again after spending the' past three
weeks in. bed as resiUt of - cutting
his knee with V hatchet. i:,5lie wound
became infected and the 'young ma
was quite sick for some time. ' "
Orders Gate to Be Kept
After an investigation of the mat
ter of the inmates of the Perquimans
OMHtty jail -iUdring iicraor from
Jail cell where it had ' been stored,
getting drunk and raising a disturb
ance last week, Judge Walter H.
Oakey, Jr., addressed himself to the
officers, including the sheriff and his
deputies, and the police officers of
the Town of Hertford, in Recorder's
Court on Tuesday, calling their atten
tion to the statute of North Carolina
which prescribes that each county
jail shall be provided with at least
five separate apartments, one for thfe
confinement of white male prisoners,
one for white female prisoners, one
for colored male prisoners, one for
colored female prisoners, and one for
"The evidence in this case," said
Judge Oakey, "does not show that we
have been properly segregating the
prisoners, and I want the while and
colored prisoners separated and the
men and women separated. The law
does not give you any discretion
about it. You have got to do it."
Judge Oakey further called the at
tention of the officers to the statuti
which provides that the sheriff shall
have the care and custody of the fail
and that he shall be, or shall appoivt,
a jail keeper.
"As you all know," said the judge
"the sheriff goes in that jail less than
any officer here, but he is responsible
to the county, and you are responsible
to him." It was remarked that t'.n
other officers do not have equ :
rights in the jail with the sherni, but
that he must be the head, as the
county holds him responsible.
Judge Oakey ordered that the gate
to the fence about the jail shall be
kept locked, pointing out thai there
was evidence that a piece of hose was
passed through the grating of a win
dow to one of the prisoners for use in
syphoning the liquor from the jug. 1
want each of you officers to have a
key to this gate. If there are not
enough keys to go around, then I
want enough keys made, and the bill
sent to the county commissioners,"
concluded the judge.
The jail has been crowded of late.
For a long time the lower floor of the
jail has not been used in winter, be
cause it cannot be comfortably heat
ed. As a result, several prisoners,
white and colored, male and female,
have had cots in the upper corridor
of the jail, the cells all being filled.
As a matter of fact, ;lthough the
Perquimans County jail is not the
safest, and it is a fact that the cage
or block of cells up stairs can be un
locked with a spoon handle, as was
pointed out by Judge Oakey, this
county has permission to carry any
prisoner to the prison camp in this
county for safe keeping when neces
sary. Albert J. Jones Dies
Suddenly At Winf all
Albert J. Jones, 60, died suddenly
at his home near Winfall on Wednes
day morning of this week.
Mr. Jones was in his usual health
on Tuesday and worked hard all day,
?lDrwL' r
called early Wednesday morning
when Mr. Jones became ill. Death
occurred before the arrival of the
Mr. Jones was not a native of this
county, but had lived here for the past
20 years.
Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Bettir
Jones, and one son. Jack Jones, of
the Bethel neighborhood.
; Instead ' of holding their' regular
Tuesday night meeting ' '.'kdA having
dinner- at t&e Hotel; Hertford, the
Hertford Rota rians journeyed to Noii
folk on Tuesday night , for an out-
''"Mrs. Roy Parks,' Rytand
: Misa Ann Barcliftfiertford ,
, .Hrtk 3. C Waon phapanoke
M Charles Skner Hertford -
Mrs. C. F. Reed, R. F, Hertford
Miss; Vida Banks, New Hope .
' MB9 William "Spiveyj Hbbbsvflle
Mr. Edgar' Fields,' Hertford .
Mr. Jesse- Lane, Hertford "2
Miss Johnnie White, Whiteston '
Miss Ruby Gray, Gun
Gum Mill
lzed to Discontinue
No further cutting will be done on
the1 Causeway property
The survey made last week by The
Perquimans Weekly resulted ink
division of opinion with respect to
whether or not this county-owned
property would be improved or other
wise by further carrying out of the
ERA project of cutting down tree
This project was stopped some
weeks ago by E. M. Perry, chairman
of the Board of County Commission
ers, when it became known that there
was a great deal of objection on the
part of residents of the town to hav
ing the trees cut.
At the last meeting of the Board
Mrs. Mattie Lister White, editor of
The Perquimans Weekly, was dele
gated by the Board to make a survey
and find out what the wishes of the
people of the town were with respect
to further cutting.
It was found that there was a divi
sion of opinion. There were found
more who objected to any cutting.
Many, however, favored cutting down
the undergrowth of shrubs, the larger
trees to be left standing. As a result
of this, it was agreed among those
who objected most violently to having
any cutting done, that, since the
shrubs would spring up again, proba
bly more luxuriantly than ever, U
consent to have the ERA continue
the project.
However, when Mrs. White callo
at the local KRA office on Monday
morning to make her "report, the in
formation' was given that the mattei
had been taken up with ERA official
at Raleigh, and that E. W. Lordley
chairman of the ERA of this district
had received a communication fron
Raleigh which resulted in the decisio
ns tn Hn anv more cutting: on this
Most Of Day Tuesday
Consumed By Court
Recorder's Court consumed most of
the day on Tuesday.
William West, colored, plead guilty
to possessing and transporting liquor
and given 30 days on the roads, sen
tence to be suspended ugon payment
of a ten dollar fine and court costs.
Johnnie White, colored, plead guilty
to the larceny of 63 cents worth or
tobacco and was given 30 days on th
roads, sentence to be suspended upoi
payment of the court costs.
Tommy Miller plead guilty, to thf
charge of being drunk and disorderly
and the case was dismissed upon pay
ment of the court costs.
Junius Ferebee was found guilty of
possessing liquor for the purpose of
sale, and was required to pay a fine of
$25 and the court cost, Junius was
considered not to be physically able
to work on the roads.
Ferebee noted an appeal through
his attorney, James S. McNider, and
bond was fixed in the sum of $150.
Henry Jones, colored, was found
guilty of possessing liquor for thr
purpose of sale and was given a sen
tence of six months on the roads, tl.r
Parent of a $50 fine and the cour,
Elijah Overton, colored, plead guilty
to the charge of possessing liquor for
the purpose of sale, was given 30
days on the roads, the sentence to be
suspended upon payment of a $10 fine
and court costs.
Mr. and Mrs! A. W. Hefren, Mrs.
R. Q. Skinner, Mrs. John' Chalk and
Charlie Skinner visited Lrawood
Skinner at the Protestant Hospital
in Norfolk on Sunday. Linwood
Skinner, who recently underwent an
operation, is reported s getting
along well.
: 825,OO0r
. 280,000
..I. 115,000 '
I? or Leading r
..-. . f --'1bC "
SinJPari Evidence
There were 70 gallons of liquor in
the jaiL It was found at a still
raided by Sheriff J. E. Winslow and
his deputies some months ago and
was kept locked in one of the small
cells of the jail, to be used as evi
dence. It isnt all there now, three
or four gallons are missing.
Sheriff Winslow says he believes
that it didn't all disappear last week
when the prisoners went on a big
spree and raised a disturbance in
jail, resulting in the doctor being
called in the middle of the night to
a man who had either been hio on the
head with a stick or who had fallei
down stairs. The sheriff says he
does not see how so much coeld have
been taken in such a short time.
The door of the cell used as a liquor
cache had a small grating, through
which a jug could be pulled close to
the door by means of a broom. A
piece of rubber hose kept concealed
in the jail was used to syphon the
liquor from the jug into a small con
tainer. Four colored prisoners and Norman
Byrum, white man, were tried for
stealing liquor and for being drunk
and disorderly. Byrum's indictment
also charged assault with a deadly
Norman Byruni, who appeared 1
have been the ring leader, and wli
was accused of taking the liquor and
giving it to the others, drew anothi
sentence of CO days on the roads ;
be added to the form or (i() days JV
had coming to him. Ivy Jones, col
ored, got 30 days for receiving stolen
Jesse Lane, Drowning
Victim, Bmied Monday
Funeral services for Jesse J. Lane,
who was drowned in Chowan River,
when the truck in which he was rid
ing, with Elmer Symons at the
wheel crashed through the rail of the
bridge on Friday night, resulting in
the death of both,, were heiu from
the home on Grubb Street, in Hert
ford, on Monday afternoon at 2:30
o'clock, with the Rev. A. A. Butler,
of Hertford, conducting the services.
Burial followed in Cedarwood Ceme
tery. Music was furnished bv the
choir of the Hertford Baptist Church, j
There was a large crowd in atter.
Active pallbearers included J. H
Towe, Lawrence Towe, Martin Towe
Bill White, Clarence Coffield, and
Crafton Mathews.
Honorary pallbearers were: J. C
Blanchard, John Lane, C. M. Harreli,
C. E. Walker, Trim W. Wilson. T. R
Winslow, J. R. Stokes, W. C. Boyce.
E. L. Reed, S. T. Sutton, C. M. Fowle;
and W. T. Elliott.
Surviving Mr. Lane are his widov
one daughter, Miss Hazel Lane, two
sons, Roy and Ralph, all of Hertford:
two brothers, Jud Lane, of Chapa
noke, and David Lane, of Elizabeth
City; three sisters, Mrs. Jennie Rich
ardson, of Elizabeth City; Mrs. C. C
Symonds and Mrs. John Hurdle, of
Parkville, Perquimans County.
Mr. Lane was a splendid citizen
and a man who had the respect of
every one. His tragic death is mourn
ed by a host of friends, and the sym
pathy of the community goes out to
bis stricken family.
Slight Fire Tuesday
At Baptist Parsonage
"Just a house warming for the new
minister," according to one of the
members of the Hertford Baptist
Church, explaining the fire on thr
roof of the parsonage on Tuesday.
Sparks from the chimney falling
on the roof - caused a small blaze
which was quickly extinguished and
which caused only a few dollars'
The new minister, Mr. Dempsey, of
Spray, was at the bouse doing tome
painting inside. It was the first time
there had been any fire in the chim
ney for a long time.
: The new . minister will take over
his new duties on the first of .the
month. -
Miss Mary Mizzelle Morgan, who
was one of the nurses at the Protest
ant Hospital in Norfolk to suffer an
attack of infantile paralysis some
time: ago, has recovered, and return
ed to the hornet of her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. F Morgan, in, Winfall,
jlasi Saturday.
Mrs. Boy Parks of Ry
land Now Has Sliglit
Very Slight Difference
In Total Votes of
Candidates in The Perquimans
Weekly "Everybody Wins Something"
Campaign have reached tl; turn,
maneuvered into position for the
final go, and from now until the close
of the first period Saturday night, at
9 o'clock, will be fighting for top
Last Chance For Big Votes
Nine o'clock Saturday night is the
last chance to secure the maximum
number of votes on subscriptions. If
you entertain any desire to be the
big winner, do not fail to turn in
every available subscription to your
account before the close of the first
Not to do so will mean that you
will have to put forth more effort
during the remaining lew days of the
campaign m onl-r Vi make up lor lost
A few
ong term suhsc
.- turned in between
. ..iniit may i.e the
or exten.-it
now and Satur
ones needed to '
a wards.
To Win
e oi tne major
N The
la. if -t
( liiject
award U the
lo win the
only object IK" !
every candidate. 1
until one of the-..
500, another will
in ts.e mind of
wi!! not be loiii;
.111 tie richer i-v
ive ST 00, another
S50, and still ano'
buted by The I'erqu
all distr:
imans Weeklv
among the more ambitious candi
dates in the campaign, and the few
days until the close will decide who
they will be.
Interest Is Great
Out in the country the public is
largely centered on the outcome of
the race. The same is true in town.
Nearly eveiyone has a favorite can
didate who is pluckily striving to
bring honor to the many friends he
or she represents, as well as to gain
a personal reward. In some cases
the entire neighborhood seems to
have arisen to the occasion determin
ed to see that their favorite come.
out the winner!
Just Two Days Left
Just two days are left of the first
period schedule. If you want to be
among the big winners, you should
do everything possible to get as many
subscriptions as possible credited to
your account by ) o'clock Saturday
night. Secure every possible sub
scription, and get those promises to
come through while the votes are
Your special attention is called to
the extra votes secured from EXTEN
SION subscriptions, or second pay
ments on subscriptions which have
been secured earlier in the campaign.
This week then is the time to "dig
in" and gather votes while they are
at their peak. Remember then, you
have two days to secure Vgh votes
on your subscriptions. Make this
week your banner week!
Founder s Day Subject
Of P. T. A. Program
"Founder's Day" was the topic of
the program of the Parent-Teacher
Association meeting at the Hertford
Grammar School on Thursday after
noon which was in charge of Mrs. B.
G. Koonce.
Mrs. L. N. Hollowell read a paper
on the origin of Founder's Day, fol
lowed by a poem read by Mrs. W. E.
White. Mrs. Thad C. Chappell read
an interesting paper in reference to
the beginning of the work of the P.
T. A., after which a most interesting
pageant took place. Those taking part
in this were Nancy Coke' : Darden,
Marjorie Buck, Blanche Butler, Mrs.
W. N. Tucker, Gloria DugUs, Mrs. E.
W. Lordley; Mrs. Hatty Broughton,
Mrs. Charlie Skiniie, Mrs. Charles
Johnson and Mm Oscar Fetton. ;
Tne business session waa presided
over by the President, Mr. Charle
Johnson, with Mrs, S. P. Jesrup act
ing as secretary. Interesting reports
were made' by Mrs. & P. Morris and '
Mrs. V. N. Darden.
Mrs. W. E. White drew the lucky
nuoioer and -was awarded the prize, an
attractive waste paper basket, donat
ed to the P. T. A. by Mark Gregory.
W. F. Madre, prominent farmer of ,
Hertford Township, has been very
sick for the past three weeks,; ,."
- F
- r it
i ",J!'i-,

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