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.Volume It-Number 9.
Riscreatiorial Center
Matter cwssMonr
da at Meeting of
; . Committees;
Plans forked Out and
Submitted by Mayor
A recreational center to cost in the
neighborhood of $100,000.00, a dredg
ing project to improve And make into
a park the ' county-owned property
south of the Causeway, and other im
provements which include paving
side-walks, re-surfacing streets, im
proving the water system, a white
way,, extension of the sewer system,
will be asked for by the Town of
Hertford from the Federal Govern
ment tiiranfirh the ERA and the PWA.
TV Whether or not any of these things
will be forthcoming only time will
tell. Those asking, however, are act
ing upon the assumption that unless
we ask we shall not receive, and that
we may nossibly get what we ask.
At . a called meeting - of the town
officials on Monday night a (commit
tee from the Rotary Club conferred
with Mayor E. L. Reed and the town
commissioners. E. W. Ixnrdley, via
trict FERA Administrator, was pres
ent and gave information ana rl sis
. tance in making plans for the various
Mayor Reed, who iiad made some
, preliminary investigation as to ac
quiring a lot on -which to erect the
' community building, reported the re--sult
of Ms investigation. Two sites
which have been considered are the
one on Grubb; Street, the former site
of the peanut plant, and the lot on
Market Street opposite the Baptist
Church. 'WhUe the property on
Mavtrbt Rfwot is werhaD' more cen
trally located, it was pointed out tihaf
V there would be sufficient space on we
, Grubb Street property lor a piay
. . ground, tennis courts, and other out-
door sports, at no. extra expense.
' . Tentative plans for the recreational
center are that the building, a part of
the cost of which, .woald probably
have to be financed' by funds from
self-lioiidating bonds, lave on the
first floor offices, quarters : for the
1 post , rofflce, and a - moving picture
theatre,Lall:of;ithese idnlts being revenue-producing,'
The second vfloof
' would j be devoted to community re
creational needs, to inclode a gym
jvasium, a VbnrfrnvW
r meetilig jlac for Boy Soanta, wom-
Maypr Reed -'llra4jFr- workod
ut the plana for the t fnprove
menli such as pavhig ; and iepaiw,
ami $he discussion t centered around
the Recreational needs, of uettmu
MiJior Ked 'stated- at tha of
the eeting that "b would aubmttall
of Vie, yrojecti pttw'iti
Dates Set For : :
Service ExaminaUcr
Tha. United States 'Civil , Service
Commission ' has announced open
competitive oxaminations as follows;,'
Assistant statistical clerjf, 1,620 a
J year, departmental service, Washing
v !' Ion, D. C. - ( i i it c
ii Chief dietitian, $300 to' $2,900 a
.Vyear, head dietitian, $2,H)a to $2,600
a "yeaf, staff dietitian, $1300 to $2,160
J!a yerfV.Publi,. Health .Setylcfc'jmd
.VetetAf, 'Administration, y:-fr;
. ' t'- All States except tahV(Io'wv Ver
, mont, Virginia. Maryland, and the
J District of Columbia have "received
'. lesfr than their quota of appointments
fc'in the apportioned dwprtmetil er
ric tj..'atLt:..v; D. C. V.i
tliian- taslons c. tit' ty
tltfan- jo
the rut rr'
' r 1 infor.
;fr '
; f.'k..
:s Secretary cf , t3, X '1
CI.:l Crvlca E:i:3 tf L. .J-
the tost .cdzi .cr c- i
, hoe's fa ary c:ty ir.
vice Cc
i r
L Lju-'
I - ' '
M I-terK'
' -5 I CI!.,
! r.
Members U. D. C.
Seek Cooperation
Pont let a soldier's grave go
unmarked. If you know of the
unmarked grave of a soldier of the
Confederacy get in touch with
either Mrs. J. J. Fleetwood,. Mrs
T. S. White or Mrs. Thoma
Nixon of the U. D. C, and they
will make application through the
proper channels for a free head
stone from the Faderal Government.
State Drivers License
In Effect On Nov.
Habitual drunkards, narcotic ad
diets and persons physically or men
tally incompetent to drive a car will
not be issued license tc drive automo
North Carolina has enacted legis
latior. requiring all drivers of motor
vehicles to be licensed after the first
of November of this year.
The fact that there will be no
charge for licenses obtained before
November 1st, will cause most drivers
to apply for a license before that
date, as after November 1st, an oper
ator of a car must pay $1.00 for a
license. Chauffeurs will be charged
$2.00 for their license.
Penalties are provided for viola
tions of the provisions of the drhjer's
license law and for illegal use of ap
plicationsind license. The maximum
sentence for violating, the law shall
Ibe six months' imprisonment or
$500.00 fine.
There is to be more adequate high
way patrol, who will assist in the en
forcement of the drivers' license law.
Music Oub MCets
v.r Thursday Evening
v The Chanrinade Music Club met on
Thursday evening with Misses Anne
Felton, Marjoria Puck and Florence
Darden, and celebrated Washington's
birthday by a program of appropriate
songs, instrumental music and stunts,
in which the club members were as
sisted by Jimmy and Peggy Felton.
One program feature was Mary
Wood Koonce playing Marches used
by Washington's troops and Zach
White singing the first real American
Song, written by Francis HopHnson.
v The prize for the best hand position
was awarded, to. MatuSe Keaton, and
Mary-Feild won the yrize for pin
ning tile hatchet On the cherry tree.
i; At the close of the program, an ice
course Vaklseirved, and little Amer
ican Jlag given, eachwaitjas a sou
venir, r :
Members present were: Addie Ruth
Morgan, Ruby Lee Sumner, Celia
Dail, Zach White, , Ellie Mae Whittf,
Mary Feild, Annie May ; Matthews,
Mary Louise Chappell, ; Anne Felton,
Florence i Darden, : Marjorle. . Buck,
Maude Keaton, Sallie B. Wood, Hazel
Matthews, Mary Wood Koonce, Grace
Knowles, Clarence Phillips, Inez Har
ris, Louise Morgan, Jane Shoults, and
Mrs." R.'M.r Riddick, counselor. The
guests included Mr. and Mrs. F. T
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Felton,
Mrs, G; C. Buck Mrs:, Rose Howard
Miss Virginia . , Harris, ? Peggy and
Jimnns Felton. J,
Mrs. T. B. Sumner - was' given ; a
surprise party on Monday evening
by her two sisters, Mrs. W. G. Wright
imd; Mrs. B. G Koonce,; in ionor of
Mrs,'. Sumner's,: thirteenth wedding
anniversary, h A? f , . ,,
" The guests assembled at the home
of a neighbor and went in a body , to
the Stfmner ;Tsidence, ;' bringing at
tractive gifts to the hoptree. j :
, Three tables were arranged: for
br after several rubber the
"it3-:4s served a sweet' course, -.1
' G. I Jcssun wai tue winner
of the to? t :rs r:.:e: f t
TLosft T r br.:3d3a Mrs..T. B.
r, I .V G. YrfiU, lis. B
V" 'z '3, T7. Lordley, lira.
... 1 ., P. IL Small,
" 3. TJjT.'::son,rrs.
t . . . - . r4, rnd Tin. R. U.
' ' A. T;. 'r;fren
: u . . - ? r rt-
. ..
1 cf
Hertford, Perquimans County,
"Daughters" Desire to
Learn of Unmarked
To see that every Confederate Sol
dier's grave in Perquimans County is
marked, is the aim of the Skinner-
Jones Chapter of the United Daugh
ters of the Confederacy this year.
The government furnishes a free
head stone for any individual whose
last service in the military or naval
forces of the United States was hon
orable. That headstones are furnish,
ed free by the United States govern
ment for Confederate soldiers is not
generally known. The Daughters are
anxious to get this information before
the public, with a view to marking
the unmarked graves of Confederate
The government furnishes the head
stone and ships it, freight prepaid, to
the nearest railroad station to the
cemetery where the soldier is buried.
Any other expense, such as hauling
the stone from the station and setting
it up, must be borne by some one in
terested. The Daughters of the Con
federacy expect to look after this
part of the work for those who are
unable to have the work done.
The stone furnished by the Govern
ment for the Confederate soldier, is
of American white marble, and is 39
inches long, 12 inches wide, 4 inches
thick, with top slightly pointed. It is
inscribed with the name, rank (if
above a private) and organization,
followed by the letters "C. S. A."
Anyone who knows of an unmarked
Confederate soldier's grave is asked
to communicate with Mrs. J. J. Fleet
wood, Mrs. T. S. White, or Mrs.
Thomas Nixon, of the Skinner-Jones
Chapter of the U. D. C, who will take
up the matter of securing a stone and
marking the grave.
Funeral Tuesday For
Mrs. Mary Pritchard
Funeral services for Mrs. Mary L.
Pritchard, widow of Clinton S. Pritch
ard, well-known and greatly beloved
resident of Pasquotank County, were
held from, the home near Elizabeth
City on Tuesday afternoon, with the
Rev. R. S. Tomlinson, pastor of Berea
Baptist Church, officiating, assisted
by the Rev. O. Jack Murphey, of Cor
inth Baptist Church.
Mrs. Pritchard died on Sunday
night after a long illness.
Surviving children include: D. J.
Pritchard, of Hertford; C. E., L. B.,
G. B. and J. C. Pritchard, all of Pas
quotank. County, . and. Mrs. Clyde
Scott, of Shflolu." ' 4
Through Capitol Keyholes
By Bess hintc-n silver
UPS AND DOWNS r-The Mc-Donald-Lumpkin
ianti-sales tax plan
to tax corporations more, .tax divi
dends from all corporation stocks and
levy a tax of from $3 to' $900 on all
individual Incomes , above $1000 per
year rises and falls in' popularity like
a thermometer. It didn't nave, much
visible support in the early days of
the present Legislature, then its stock
rose as the two sponsors explained its
workings and' estimated Its -revenue
yield. - It took a drop1 when ..the lobbyists-
had their day in court before
the ; finance committee,' But mer
chants came t6 the 'rescue and boosted
the proposals vwiUi their 'endorse
ment. Ithasntbeen adopted yet and
yon can find plenty of prognosticators
that it will not become law. ". On the
other band, the McDonald-Lnmpkin
bloc is still hopeful and working in-
.r '
e grapevine reports
renewed; rumors ttiat Representative
R, GtegiCSrry- xof asloh; -(Ml
man of the Bouse Finpce CoiaMttei
wiU be a Wnolda f or SpeaUf n$ft
session.. frei7body agrees ,ibai he is
do!jnz .his best o ttake record for
ereed ei'j&e;jnol.1':a!tal
crroswta, fe?'iftfti,fc''...rAtiei of i
it. rti or wis ot fepojrinjli they
can get out from lender tie tax. for
the next tofil1i&tixi)pMr
ing It tox!b fo JSt. (rry' pollti
cal aerlrations and he shows no little
irrit-t!on ta commfttee at times. That
isn't 1 to aid ti chances in
Legislative polices.
try w
' v7Cr.r.:ZD C:-'1or.V,P..Horton,
d C ii r :1 tt the
L ') f.:. ; r - '3 ts send their
" ') r 1 in l-:::s that
f i j rnd t!.cn
North Carolina, Friday
"Now Or Never" Is The Slogan
In Fast Finish For Capital Prizes
Subscribers should BOOST their favorite candidate by giving them
their subscription or extension subscription. Your subscription might
be the one to put your favorite in the winning class. It will also count
towards the extra prize an Elgin Wrist Watch, awarded to the one
turning in the largest number of years by Saturday night.
Mrs. J. L. Nixon, Winfall
Mrs. Roy Parks, Ryland
Miss Ann Barclift Hertford
Mr. Edgar Fields, Hertford
Mrs. J. C. Wilson, Chapanoke
Mrs. C. F. Reed, R. F. D. Hertford
Mrs. Charles Skinner, Hertford
Miss William Spivey, Hobbsville
Mr. Jesse Lane, Hertford
No Improvements
Asked By Winfall
Winfall is one town in this vicinity
which has not asked for anything in
the way of public improvements from
the Federal Government from the big
fund which most of the municipalities
are hoping to get a slice of.
A drainage project, put on by the
Perquimans County ERA is now in
progress at Winfall, which is going
to make a big improvement. But
according to Mayor David Trueblood,
the town has not yet applied for any
portion of the relief .money to be
spent for public improvements if
Congress acts favorably on the b'll
now pending.
Superintendent of Schools F. T.
Johnson is trying hard to get a new-
school building for Winfall, and the
need for a building over there is very
Mrs. H. G. Winslow was hostess to
the members of St. Catherine's Auxil
iary of the Episcopal Church, at her
home on Tuesday night.
Mrs. C. A. Davenport presided.
Following the business of the evening
there was a social hour when the
hostess served delicious home-made
Those present included: Mesdames
R. B. Cox, C. A. Davenport, Emmett
Winslow, Walter H. Oakey, Jr., W. T.
Brown, Brooks Whedbee, J. H. New
bold, W. E. White, Clyde McCallum,
W. H. Hardcastle, H. A. Whitley,
Misses Mae Wood Winslow and Louise
refusing to pay expenses in cases of
death or injury. He has introduced
a bill to require the State to pay up
to $600 damages in school bus acci
dents. From all indications at pres
ent his bill will pass but it maybe
amended to cover only actual expen
ses and with maximum of minimum
amounts not mentioned.
MUD-HOLESIt looks like yot
boys and girls living off the concrete
may get, your roads and bridges re
paired pretty soon. The General As
sembly has made a special immediate
appropriation of $3,000,000 for that
purpose. A lofr of folks are still
hanging around the Capitol hoping to
get a slice of igeur gasoline tax for
this, that and the other and nothing
but stiff fight and- constant vigil is
going to prevent a raid, on highway
funds. . befw;:the. Legislature; taaV
journs. ,' The' : highway deparhnent
could do better if it didnt have to de
.vote , so mnch. time . dealing .with pro
paganda &ahej ou 47 those v who
i.t!;i''Wf(i'rrr J
t A4NT1 . SALES i TAX TM.Wot
headed by, .Representftiye Ralph Me:
DonaloV of Fonyth imd. Repreaejnta
jSve Ltfmpkin, Franli-vft l
cease, its fight on the general sales
tax until the biennial revenue bill .be
comes law. They plan to carry their
fight to th floor of House and Senate
where they have no little strength.
.Leaden of tie Ehringhaus adminis
tration still , avow, the sales tax is
necessary to properly support schools
and other essential State services and
predict it will be reenacted. ' ; ; " ' j
LIQUOR - Opinion among many
legislative leaders is that legal liquor
' (Ccr.t!nued on Page Two) -
March 1, 1935.
- 705,000
Hertford Rifle Club
Holds First Meeting
Walter H. Oakey, Jr., who is or
ganizing the new Hertford Rifle Club
which the young men. of the commun.
lty are taking such keen interest in
is a life member of the National Rifle
Association. Thousands of the lovers
of the sport of rifle shooting are en
rolled in the clubs throughout the
United States which are affiliated
with the Association. The National
Rifle Association has expanded during
the fifty years of its existence to the
extent of including more than 171)'
rifle clubs in its organiation.
The Hertford Rifle Club expects to
affiliate with the National Association,
Mr. Oakey said yesterday.
The first meet is to be held on Fri
day afternoon of this week on the
r.ew range which is being constructed
on the old Albemarle Lumber Com
pany's lot, on Grubb Street.
Rigid safety rules will be im effect,
according to Mr. Oakey, and those
interested will be welcomed at the
range. There will probably be a
crowd of spectators on hand to get a
glimpse of the activities.
While only about a dozen young
men are included in the membership
at present, many others 'will probably
become members as soon es they
learn about the undertaking. All are
invited. A nominal entrance fee is
to be charged, and also a small fee
for the upkeep of the rnnge will bp
The members include, in addition
to Mr. Oakey, Melvin G. Owens, wlio
has had a lot of practice during his
six years in the Army, and J. E.
Morris, Alfred Williams, Dr. Luther
H. Butler, Guy Newby, Eugene Perry,
James Evart Newby, Russell Winslow
and Lyman Shepherd.
Parents Urged To
Send Birth Cards
Raleigh Nearly a month ago,
January 30, the Bureau of the Census
in Washington sent 463,309 little
postal cards to North Carolina, dis
tributing them to every postoffice in
North Carolina for further distribu
tion to every family in the State.
These little cards contain a request
of the Census Bureau that parents ol
children born within the past year fill
in the brief blanks at the bottom of
the card and put them in the post
office or mail box. The information
asked is needed to check against the
birth records in the Division of Vita)
Statistics of the State Board of
Health, the object being to see how
well births are being registered in the
Up to Saturday night less than
80,000 of these cards had been posted
by the parents of approximately 80,
000 children, -black and white, bora
in the" State last year. These figures
ahoV according to Dr. J. H. Hamilton
director of the bureau,' that fully 50
000 parents have : not filled in and
poeted these cards. j
This is a duty which parents should
not neglect,; and thai submit their
"children' 'to' embarrassment and tuf
neoessary trouble in the future, Dr.
namflton "aiidVA Parents are asked to
fill in these cards and post them, even
if they know that' the doctor or mid
wife: attending the birth .filed the
proper Certificate, It is a small task
with important results and no parent
should neglect it, Dr. Hamilton said.
James S. McNider, Jr. was elected
honorary page In the House of Repre
sentatives at Raleigh last Thursday,
when he visited 1 at the ? Legislature
with hiB father. ' -. . .
$1.25 Per Year
Saturday Lst Day to
Obtain Big Votes n
Saturday, March 9, Ex
pansion Orcpnlgn
Will End
"Two More Days.-' These three
words have a potent meaning when
we consider the importance of the re
sults in The Perquimans Weekly
Campaign which is ne.iring a close.
The last of the big votes will un
doubtedly be the deciding factor in
determining the winners in the splen
did arrary of prizes which each con
testant is eager to win.
Race Getting Hotter
As the last few days of the cam
paign come in sight candidates are
struggling for the highest honors that
are to be had. Not only will the $400
cash be awarded the winner, but the
fortunate winner will also receive the
congratulations of the entire vicinity
for having achieved such a signal
But two days remain in which can
didates can gather enoupi votes to
assure them of the highest awavds.
The vote schedule will tnko a decided
drop after Saturday night at nine
o'clock. Also votes on Second Pay
ments or extensions will not be given
next week, other than the regular
subscription votes.
Extensions this week a'-e playing ar.
important part in the campaign of
most of the candidates. Each one
realizes the boost each extension will
give, and is working their territory
to this end.
For several weeks the contestants
have engaged in accumulating votes
and during this time The Perquimans
Weekly's campaign has gained fame.
The efforts and diligence of the past
few weeks will be rewarded by The
Perquimans Weekly with splendid
cash prizes ranging from $400 to $25,
according to the votes of the contest
ants. The Perquimans Weekly is justly
proud of the list of contestants that
are competing for the prizes, and
each community is proud of its repre
sentative. The different communi
ties are supporting their favorite and
pulling for their favorite to win.
The race as the finish reproaches i;
a neck and neck affair. No one per
son has any material advantage ovei
another at the present, and the num
ber of subscriptions tu-ned in before
Saturday night may tell the tale. The
third period close: Saturday night at
nine o'clock.
Hiss Joyce Stokes
H?".c:;cf! In College
Miss Joyce Stokes was recently
voted the most versatile girl in the'
Junior Class of Greensboro College,
according to a dispatch from the De
partment of Journalism of that in
stitution. Miss Stokes is censor of the Irving
Literary Society, Budget Collector of
the Student Government Association
and Captain of the Junior Basketball
She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
H. C. Stokes, of Hertford.
Mrs. B. W. Pennington was hostess
at the home of Mrs. T. E. Raper on
Monday night, to the members of the
Rosa Powell Missionary Circle of the
Hertford Baptist Church.
Those present included Mesdames
George Chappell, H. T Bond, C. C.
Fowler, Seldon Godwin, T, E. Raper,
Tommy Miller, Ben Wood, Luther
SHtenon, ' Charles . '.Johnson Maiy
Parker, Josiah Elliott, Charlie Elliitt
V: A. Holdren, B. ' A Sutton; W. T.
Elliott, and Miss Ruth Sutton. There
were, two visitor present; lira, K W,
Mayes and Mrs. T, W, Perry.: , -;
t. After the business session and pie
gram a social hour was enjiyed, and
the hostess served , dainty refresh
menta ' '
Master Frank Brown visited fcia"
fkther. Repreeentative . T. Brown, C
last week In Raleigh and had a very
interesting week.' . Frank visited with ?
the legislative -body and the courte
sies of the floor were extended him.
He returned: home on Saturday with " .
his f r'ier, who r--t the week-end In ;
HertrcrJ. ' - , ' ,

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