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Gives Inicrcciin Tovn Data
W. G. Newby, town clerk of Hert
ford, herewith presents - Interesting
j information relative to the town's
financial situation. His letter fol
lows: :
From time to time a public servant
' should give out Information that he
thinks wUl interest the citizens whom
he serves. Frequently I am : asked
when light rates will be reduced and
for the information of all I will here
' give a brief resume of the financial
r, status of this town: ?,
TheTown of Hertford at the pres
Jent time has outstanding a total in-
debtedhess of bonds as follows) , , . ,
1 $50,000 five per cent light and wa
iter bonds issued June; 1915, and fall
. ing due $10,000 in 1945 and each five
years thereafter until paid; $100,000
six per cent W. and L. bonds issued
" ' in January,. 1920, and due $1,000 in
January, 1935, and $2,000 annually
1936 to 1940, $4,000 annually 1941 to
1951, $5,000 annually 1952 to I960.
i The street bonds issued in Janu
ary, 1920, In the sum of $75,000, have
heen reduced to $18,000, thus leaving
" the present indebtedness of $168,000
'', for bonds and one note outstanding
w - or makes the total indebtedness
J of $168,800.
I Let's now see Just what has been
1 paid on these bonds in the way of in
t" tereat: -.U-.
A i On the $50,000 Issue we have paid
$47,600 interest; on the $100,000 is-
I sue we have paid $84,000 interest; on
' the $75,000 issue we have paid $47,320
interest; on principal, $57,000; total
amount paid out, $237,820.
I will now endeavor to point put
our position with reference to the
tax rate of this town, which is ne
cessarily linked with the light and
water rates:
In a recent survey by C. E. Righ
tor, of Atlantic City, it was shown
that the rate in 217 cities of 30,000
population and over was $34.66;' I
further give you the tax rates of sev.
eral municipalities in North Caro
lina and also the tax rate of Norfolk
as the latter city has been pointed out
many times as a model: 1
Plymouth, $1.80; Williamston,
$2.70; Weldon, $1.80; Windsor, $2.35;
Edenton,: $1.00; Lumberton, $1.40;
Charlotte, 1.31; New Bern, $1.03;
Hertford, $L10; Norfolk, $2.80.
. The cities with the small rate own
their utility plants and no doubt the
lower rate is a dividend handed back
Tto its citizens in the way of reduced
taxes, of course Windsor being', the
.wJ For a comparison if the Town of
w Hertford had a tax rate as any one
of the cities with 80,000 population
or like the city of Norfolk or Town
of Williamston, ' we could reduce
rates 50 per cent and then haye more
money than, we have now at the end
of each year, but just here let's look
at the picture from another angle.
Mr. A's tax now in the Town of
Hertford is $156.50 and under a rate
within the higher brackets above his
tax would be $537.41, and I could run
through the entire tax levy and the
result jwould be the same.
During the past calendar year the
town paid for $409,400 K.W; hours
distributed as follows: 118,671 for
commercial lights; 87,904 for power;
81,600 for streets; 161,680 for ice and
pumping; lost it by transmission,
14,845. -1 ,-i
This report was gotten out for the
new Utility Commission at Raleigh
and after painstaking work we as
certained that now the town was re
ceiving Just ft little net' over 7 cents
Again while, as ( w . understand,
that most "other towns make a charge
for street lighting, we have no charge
set up in our budget for this, item
which would amount to approximate
ly $1,600, which is a direct saving;
. While the items here may .seem
large to many for the future, yet
upon the whole 1 believe compared
with other towns we are In very good
position and with the elimination of
the street debt by 1987 and with the
reduction of interest per year amount
ing to $3,420 and principal $57,000,
we believe the citizens of . this town
may look forward at least for a very
happy environment for the children
of the coming generation. As our
forefathers planted the beautiful
shade trees to give rest to the weary,
so we have in our generation planted
well to give cheap lights and reduced
taxes for those who shall come af
ter us.;'. . . "
The debt service of the town for
1935 amounts to:
Interest $ 9,220.00
Principal 6,000.00
Total $15,220.00
Clerk Town of Hertford.
' Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith of Tar
bore spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
iW.T. Smith. , ' . " .
Edgar- Laydea - f " Etiabeth City
visited his mother, Mrs; Sarah Lay
den, Sunday afternoon.
: W. L. White spent Sunday with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. White, of
- Miss Vivian Maude ChappeH is
visiting Miss Edna Layden of Hert
ford. . Mrs. Paul Whedbee of Washington,
D. C, visited her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. T. Smith, this week.
Miss Anna Forbes spent Tuesday
in Norfolk, Va.
A large number from this commu
nity attended the Friends' Quarterly
Meeting at Whiteston Sunday.
Misses Addle Mae and Pencie Ward
spent Wednesday with Mrs. Tommy
Matthews, at Burgess.
Mr. and Mrs. John Catling, of Nor
folk, Vs., spent the week-end with
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Broughton.
Miss Lucile Long, a member of the
Winfall school faculty, spent the
week-end in the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Long.
' Mr. J. H. Mansfield and children
called at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.
R. Davenport, of Yeopim, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Parrish, of
Great Hope, were Sunday guests of
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Ward.
Mr. Wilford Gatling, of Suffolk,
Va., spent Thursday with his mother,
Mrs. Tom Broughton.
Miss Lillian Ray Perry, of Beech
Spring, spent Thursday night in the
home of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Ward.
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Thach, of Yeo
pim Station, visited her father, Mr. J.
H. Mansfield, Sunday ewaing.
Mrs. Joe Phillips, of Camden, was
in the village visiting Saturday.
Ladies' Council Has Party
The Ladies' Council of the Chris
tian. Church gave a tacky party last
Friday night at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. A. M. Riddick. A prize was
given to the tackiest girl and the
tackiest man. Many games and
string music was enjoyed, after
which popcorn, gingerbread and lem
onade was served.
Those present were W. N. White,
Leroy and Dorothy White Rosa Las
siter, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wins
low, Edgar Riddick, Mr. and Mrs. Ed
Lane, Rpscoe Lane, Mr. and Mrs.
Willie Lane and child, Edna Ruth,
Mr. and Mrs. E. Y. Berry, Dan Ber
ry, Edgar Young Berry, Sallie Sue
Skinner, Mrs. B. A. Berry, Mr. and
Mrs. Reuben Stalling. William Stal-
lings, Mr, and Mrs. Louis Eaves and
child,, Alma Lee, Adelaide Eaves.
Mr. and Mrs. Ennis Phillips and child,
Crafton, Ralph Miller, Mr. and Mrs.
Charlie Umphlett, Virchia Umphlett,
Virginia Umphlett, Belvin Russell,
Mrs. Clifton Morgan and child, Clif
ton, Jr., Dewey Umphlett, Mr. and
Mrs. T. T. Harrell and child, Juanlta,
Mrs. W. M. Harrell, Eva Mae Har
rell, Sadie Vivian Harrell, Mrs, Sallie
Cullipher, Yelma Overton, Mr. ani
Mrs. W. Mending Harrel land child,
Mending Berry, Mrs. R. A. Perry, J,
B. Perry, Doris Perry, Mr. and Mrs.
Charlie White, Charles White, Willie
Orton Elliott, Norman Riddick, Thel
ma , Riddick, Molly -Mack, Janice,
Junior and Dan Riddick; Raymond
White,- Mrs. J. W. White, Luther
Barrington, Thomas Phillips, Mr. and
Mrs.; Johnnie Gatling from Norfolk,
Gumore Rountree. Woodrow Roun-
tree and Raymond Rountree from
Corapeake. .
, -
. L. f
'( t , -::
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"for theBaaSl InveeV
meat of getting mm
started rich t with
St ARTEa. -,
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'i, 3 i-3 -'
Miscellaneous Shower -A
miscellaneous shower was given
on Monday night at 7:30 o'clock at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Cor
bitt, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur
Elliott, of Hertford Route 4, who
were recently married. Many inter
esting games and contests were en
joyed. The bride and groom were
the recipients of many nice and use
ful gifts. Ice cream and cake were
served by the hostess.
Those present were Mr. and Mrs.
Wilbur Elliott, Mrs. Charles Elliott,
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Corprew, Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Corprew, Mr. and Mrs,
Harry Corprew, Mr. and Mrs. C. R,
ChappeH and daughter Blanche, Mrs,
Dallas Layden, Mrs. Maude Chappell,
Mrs. J. A. Chappell, Mrs. W. T
Smith, Mrs. T. C. Perry, Mr. and Mrs.
Sidney Layden, Mrs. Fannie Corprew,
Miss Myrtle Corprew, Dick Layden,
Tom Corprew, William Corprew,
Charles Elliott, Miss Syble Byrum,
Miss Anna Forbes, Miss Pearl Proc
tor, Shirley Elliott, Mr. and Mrs,
Shelton Nixon, Miss Mary Elizabeth
Layden, Miss Thelma Chappell, Miss
Edna Layden, Bob Layden, Miss Mar
jorie Perry, Miss Mary Louise Chap
pell, Miss Dixie Chappell, Preston
Nixon, Miss Margaret Elliott, Jour
dia Byrum, Gilbert Byrum, Joseph
Proctor, Miss Hilda ' Corprew, Miss
Edith Corprew, ( Miss 1 Louise Mansfield-
John Corprew, William Pierce,
Clifton Corprew, Russell Nixon, Miss
Blanche Chappell, Miss Mar jorie
White, Miss Evelyn White, Miss
Dorothy. White, Miss Fannie Maude
Corbitt, James Corbitt and Mr. and
Mrs. James Corbitt
Claude Brinn, of Istanbul, Turkey,
is expected to visit Perquimans, his
native home, this summer.
Mr. Brinn, who is a brother . of
Rosser and Tim Brinn, of Hertford,
has lived in the Far East for more
than twenty years, having left home
in 1914. He holds a responsible posi
tion with the British-American To
bacco Co. He has visited his home
only at rare intervals during the past
twenty years. The last time he was
here was in the year 1927. Relatives
and friends are looking forward with
much pleasure to seeing Mr. Brinn
this summer.
Dr. James P. Whedbee, of Suffolk,
Va., spent Friday in Hertford. He
was entertained at dinner in honor of
his seventy-eighth birthday, by his
sisters, Mrs. E. McM. ewby and
Miss Pattie Whedbee. Another sister
of Dr. Whedbee, Mrs. Herbert Newby,
was also a guest at the birthday
Mrs. J. Oliver . White, who was tak
en to a Norfolk Hospital last week,
will remain in the hospital some time
for treatment before undergoing an
operation. Mrs. White has been very
sick for several weeks.
Dr. T. A. Cox, who has been sick
with an attack of flu, followed by
arthritis, is improving and able to be
out again. Mrs. Cox has been con
fined to her bed for the past week
with flu. 1
SI I Ii ,
I Hertford Hard
? v5
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