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the Act of .March 8, 1879.
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the Lord. Call unto me, and I will
answer thee, and shew thee great and
"mighty things which thou knowest
t not . . Behold, I will bring it .health
and cure, and I will cure them; and
will reveal unto them the abundance
of peace and truth. Jeremiah 83
2, 3, 6.
Charles M. Russell died before his
book "Trails Plowed Under," was
published. Will Rogers wrote the in
troduction to the book in the form
of a letter to his friend who had
passed on. This eft quoted letter has
brought team to many eyes since
Will Rogers' died. It is in part as
"There aint much news here to tell
you. You know the big Bosh, gent'
sent a hand over and got you. so
quick Charley. But I guess he' need;
ed a good man prety bad. I hear ' they
been working short handed over there
pretty much all' the time, I. guess
its hard for him to get' hold of good
men, they are just getting scarce
"I bet you hadn't been up there
three days until you had out your old
pencil , and was a drawing something'
funn' t-soine .'of those old punch
ew.Vi -het-you Mark Twain and
old Bill Nye, and Whitcomb Riley ;
and a whole bunch of those old josh-'
ers was just a waiting for youHo pop
in with all the latest ones. What
kind of a bird is Washington and Jef
ferson? I bet they are regular fel-
,. ears when you meet 'em, aint they?
Most big men are. I would like to
the bunch that is gathered around
- : you the first time you tell the foe
about putting the limburger cheese
in the old nestors whiskers. - Dont
i tell that Charley until you get Lin
' coin around you, he would love that,
I bet you and him kinder throw in
together when you get well acquaint-
ed. Darn it, when I get to thinking
about all them top hands up there,
if I could just hold a horse wrang
ling job with 'em, I wouldn't mind
following that wagon myself. . '. ;
"You will run onto my old dad up
there Charley, for he was a real cow
hand and I bet he is running a wa
gon, and you will pop into some well
kept ranch house over under, some
cool shady trees and you will be
asked to have dinner, and it will be
". the best one you ever had in your
-. life. Well, when you are a thanking
the women folks, you just tell . the
sweet looking little old lady that you
know her boy back on an outfit you
used to rep for,-and tell the daugh
ters that you knew their brother,
and if you see a cute little rascal
.running around there kiss him for
v me. Well, cant write you any more
" Charley dam papers all wet, it must
- be raining in this old bunk house.'
"Of course we are all just hang
ing on here as long as we can. I
- don't know hy we hated to go, we
' know jts better . there. Mayby its
because we havent done anything
a that will live after we are gone.
"From your old friend
, ' WILL." '
School Glee Clubs
To Be Reorganized
Miss Kate Mr Blanchard , has an
nounced that she will reorganize the
glee cluba in "both the Perquimans
High School and the Hertford Gram
mar School this year in connection
with her piano lessons.' .
Much interest was shown by the
young folks, last, year, in . the glee
clubs under Miss - Blanchard'r direc
tion. ' ' 1 v .
State CcIIctc Gzls
Large Fcrcct Tract
An' 84,000-acre tract .of woodland
in Jones and Onslow Counties has
been; acquired by the State College operating in this work. Other sur-
covered, ,
At present, Bit men are making
surveys in the TVA area of Western
North Carolina, where anj intensive
land use and conservation program
is being developed. The, TVA is co
Mrs. Minnie' Perry is visiting her
son, A. A. JPerry, at Patterson, N, J
Wrightson Jackson, Jr.' left Mon
day. for Wake Forest, -where he -will
attend college.
Mrs. W. E.-Dail and Mrs. W. K.
Barclift are visiting their son and
daughter In Washington, I. C. fe ifei
Mrs. Henry Spencer and" daughters,
Margaret and Lucy Howell, are visit
ing Mr. and Mrs, W. M. Spencer, u
William Meads and family spent
Sunday at the home of J. B.- Webb.
Mrs. C. W.; Griffin, Mrs.. E.' G.
Banks and Mrs. Guy Webb motored
to Hertford Saturday, v
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. White visited
Mrs. D. W. Simpson. Sr., Sunday.
D. W. Simpson; Jr., and family, L.
H. Jones and family visited Mrs. J.
C. Hobbs at Nlxonton Sunday.
G. L. Turner and family visited
relatives at GatesvQle Sunday.
Miss Maude Turner ''visited her
grandmother, Mrs. G. Vf. Turner, of
Elizabeth City,' Wednesday. '
C. C. Simpson, of Greenville, spent
the week-end with his mother, Mrs.
D. W. Simpson, Sr. "rl.xp. .
C W. Griffin, Guy' "Webb and, Geo.
Nawby motored to Raleigh Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. .Humphries,
Mr. and Mrs; D. W. Simpson, Jr., at
tended the funeral of Mr. W. H.
Overman, at Winfall, Saturday.
Hens Nejadi Good :
Care In Summer
department of forestry to be used by
the students hi connection with their
class work. ' v , r
"During the school year the fores
try classes will do periodic" work on
this property, and in summer a full
six-weeks course will he offered, ac
cording to J-V. Hofmann, director
of the forestry department ' t ,
The . Students , will make t special
studies of thS growth and develop
ment of ;trees and : will, gain : first
hand experience in the care and man-:
agement of forests. u . -v
-The property will also be used as
a1. demonstration to show the public
now rarest rands should be managed
and what improvements can be made
through proper management Tim'
ber will be out from the area to de
monstrate approved methods of tim
ber harvesting:
The cut timber will be sold and
payments on the property -will be
made from the revenue brought in
from such sales, Hafmann stated. The
title to the land, however, will be
held by a non-profit corporation for
the sole use of the forestry depart
ment at State College.
The State is cooperating with the
college . in providing ' fire . protection
for the timber tract. A number of
fire wardens have been appointed to
check any fires which may break-out
They also serve as game, wardens to
prevent unlawful hunting or abuse of
the game on the tract.
A CCC camp ia now on the proper
ty, and the boys are .constructing
roads, building . sire towers, and
otherwise , Improving the area.' An
other CCC camp will be located, their
on October.!, Hofmann said.;
Boil Surveys Aid
Farming Programs
Data gathered in soil: surveys of
North" Carolina is "being used as a
basis" for the: land-planning program
and the AAA crop adjustment pro--grams
in this State. . ;V .'
Such' data is essential to the pre
paration' of sound land, use programs
The productivity of laying hens Jn
fall and winter depends a geat deal
upon-the care and, management given
the poultry.flock during .the latter
part .of the summer. "
Good egg: prices are expected lor
th rst of the ear,f says C. J. Man- . iai produc
pin,4 extension poultryman at State! tion 8aid c. B.-Williams, head of the
tjouege, ana it wiu pay me nocn.
owners to bring their , hens into lay
ing under favorable conditions.
, He recommends that the birds be
given good feeding, a clean range,
plenty of-clean fresh water, and a
clean comfortable house or shelter.
By keeping the birds healthy and
getting them to put oh as much fat
and body weight as they , can, they
can-be brought into lay with a re
serve of flesh and -energy to meet
the demands of the laying season.
Sexual maturity should be' delay
ed in order to give the birds a chance
to put on weight before starting to
lay. Do not give early hatched pul
lets a feed high in protein. Avoid
mouldy or chaffy feeds, or such ma
terial as corn ground with the cobbs.
If the birds fail to grow well, exa
mine them for internal and external
parasites, Maupin says. If mites or
lice are found, clean the roosting
quarters and treat the "birds' at once.
For round worms or "tapeworms, give
the pullets a reliable worm - treat
ment. . ; -.f :, ,
: Find a good feed .and sticky to it
Maupin recommends,) unless there is
a good reason for changing. . Foul
trymen often lose money, by switch
ing from one brand to another.;
. . Remove the old. birds from the win
ter quarters. Scrub the floor and the
fixture and expose everything pbssi
ble to the sun; then let the house
stand vacant until well dried. .Use
disinfectahtsliberally. ,
veys in eastern Carolina will be con
ducted later. Professor Williams said.
, ' L-jsj - - :
tt; CHAP CUTS ANKLE' i T ;,t
John Henry", the little, son of Mr.
and Mrs. George Davis, of Beech
Spring, suffered a very painful cut
on his ankle on Wednesday afternoon
when be stood the, blade of a hoe
which he Vas holding upright by the
handle. AHi foot slipped, inflicting
an ugly gash. The little boy 'was
brought to the office of a Hertford
physician,, who dressed Ahe wound...'
, -s. i,r,,, ., ,, , , , M f
The Woman's Missionary Society
of WoodviUe Baptist Piurch held its
regular monthly meeting Tuesday af
ternoon at the church. The devo
tional was led by the president, Mrs.
Griffin. A very interesting nrotrram
was given by the 'following; ladies on
tate Missions:" Mrs. H. C. West,
Mrs. W. A, Hoggard,' , Mrs. Rupert
Stanton, Mrs. Johnnie Bray and Mrs.
J. C. Wilson, Jr. All Hail the Power
of Jesus Name was Sung Mrs;, Wil
son dismissed the meeting. 1
. Two new members were added. ' .
After the business a social hour
was spent. Mrs. Rupert Stanton,- as
sisted ; by ;: Mrs. - S wayne and Mrs.
Ilorrard, served delicious iced drinks
and c-ke,. TI.ose pre?ent were Mrs.
Henry Swayne, Mrs. Rupert Stanton,
Mrs. W. A. Ilor-rd, Kzs. Ge a
Gregory, Mrs. Mary Eray, Li 3.
Johnnie Bray, Mrs. Arthur Eoue,
Mrs. T. C White, Mrs. M. R. GnJIn,
Mrs. J. C. ;Wi'aon, Jr., Mrs, H. C
West, Mrs. G. W. Alexander,, Misses
Beulah Bogue and Attie Bray. . . -
, .'LiO"'?'. Li jlCCcj O
1 Today (Thursday) and Friday, Sepfc
Speedy Relief of Chill
' -- andFeVer
Exxrt let Malark tear you apart with !
.lb racking chills and burning fever, Trust
to no bome-mada or mere makeshift rem
ote. Take the medidne prepared espe: -daO
toe Malaria -Grovel" Tartetas,
rehet from Malaria becautt k"b a den
tine combination of tattelm quinine and.
totak iron. The quinine kills the Malarial
infection m the blood. The iron builds
ftp the system and heir fortify against
further attack. At the. first sign of tny
attack Of Malaria take Grovel Tasteless '
. Chill Tonic. Better Jtffl regularly,
during .the. Malaria season to wwd ft
the disease. Prove' Tasteless Chill Tonic
is absolutely barnuess and tastes goad.
Grovel Tasteleis "Chill Tonfc how.'
comes In two sire. SOC and $17 The $1 1
size contain tH tine umilth as the 304
r in
America's most beloved humorist who re-
cently lost his life in an airplane crash. 1., ,
Saturday, September 14-4 ' ' '
t i Rustlers of red dog"
E. C. Blair, extension agronomist
at State College, reports a great deal
of interest in the farmers' tours he
is conducting in various counties, Jn
each- of the. counties ' the:
study farming; practices of -their
neighbors. ;vV'v-
a f 11 m
AIL delinquent taxes will be adver
, tised on OCTOBER 4th for the year
1934.: :
All those owing poU taxes for 1934
and previous years will be expected
to settle inunateljr oiI
office and open f or: payment of taxes. V'&i
-V'.Cv '
agronomy - department f of the N. C-
Agricultural Experiment. Station. :
i With the information - gathered,
the agronomy department has made
maps-showing the various soil types
in the State, their, location, charac
teristics, and adaptations to different
'Crops.:"'1 v: v:.-!;. '...: i-
' T The; department ' has also ." shown
what varieties of the different crops
are. best suited to-different- soils and
what fertilizers should be applied' to
give the best Tesults.
"By enabling . the. farmers to .de
termine which crops are best adapt
ed to their land,'' Professor Williams
pointed , on's.;.iif:rtt. telp
them secure the most profitable! re
turns from their farming operations."
The work of surveying the- State
has -been 'under way since, 1902, withj o -the tini fitatA hAI'f, .
partment ol Agriculture, and the; U.
S. Department of Agriculture ' coope
rating in the project. So far,.85;per
cent oi the land in the State has been
. t -ir4-
size and give you 25 more for your;
money. Get bottle today at any drugstore.
Monday arid Tuesday, September 16-17-r
4 ! f
I teriesday, September IS ,
'. v- 'ir'' '
Qne of-Paramount s New Pictures
' . .i ! ., -'I i
' WllilAM BOYD
-r- ci(
vour watch r
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watch. Why not accept Ais
offer? Your watch comjiady ?
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paxts,adjuBtmentsor cleaning -'
are required, well tell yon so :
honestly. And quote) youWa
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Seeking that "jarticht". rift
lor a birthday, atmirenarT or
women. Thry're beautiful, ac-'
euaafe thif uPert watch vaU
ties, we' knowi .';';
- 1 i" "
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sTJ " a ni'
lhey'xe a cheerful little earful
. You'll hear where'er you go ,
For smokers saytvThey Satisfy" " :
Ana smokers oueht to know --o
Town of UeriforMP0M$Mi
V7. aftTcjriiiiii
w r
:?tttmttttwtttt:ttf;ittwtt' tVtm

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