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.Volume IL Number. 39.
Hertford, Perquimans County North Carolina, Friday, September 27, 1935.
$1.25 Per Year
Beffun For Teacliers
Opportunity ?i .Given to
Renew or Raise Cer
Dr. Currie Desires, to
Meet All Who Are In
f terested In Plan
To organize dasses in various
branches of educational work, where
by school teachers or , others may
take extension courses from the Uni
versity of North Carolina, Dr. Cur
rie, of the faculty of the Greater
University of ! North'" Carolina, State
College unit, who was in Hertford
oq Wednesday, "has announced that
he will be in Hertford next Wed
nesday, October 2.V" " ,
Dr. Currie will be pleased to meet
all school teachers and any others
who are interested in taking exten
sion courses at the Hertford grammar
school at 4:80 o'clock in the after
noon of the date mentioned above.
This means, according to Superin
tendent of Education F. T. Johnson,
that teachers may take an extension
course at home in order to raise or
to renew their certificates, as the
case may be. Others may take
courses in child psychology or edu
cation if they desire. ;
If the classes, are organized Dr.
Currie will come to Hertford at reg
ular intervals throughout the "school
year to personally teach the classes.
Local Committee
Will Audit Debts
Work of the volunteer debt adjust
ment committee in Perquimans 'Coun
ty is being continued ' and expanded
under the supervision of the Resettle
ment Administration. J. C Blanch-
ard, Hertford; U chairman and W.
H. Oakey, Jr., Hertford, secretary of
the local committee.
The debt adjustment program, in
augurated in 1935 by the Farm Cre
dit Administration, has been trans
ferred by President Roosevelt to the
Resettlement Administration. An al
location of two million dollars from
the Works Relief Fund has been made
to .carry on the program throughout
the nation.
Members of the volunteer commit
tee have received - no - eompensatidh.
Many of them have even paid their
own expenses when, as was often the
case, their duty called for travel
The allocation made for this work is
to be used to defray expenses of the
volunteer committees and for super
visory services.. k'-''
The county committees ; were ap
nointed for the purpose of trying to
avert court liquidation by preventing
bankruptcy or foreclosure. It Is their
duty to attempt to bring debtors and
creditors together, to see if an ami
cable adjustment, mutually satisfac
tory, can b' arranged.
In addition to settling thousands of
individual cases, including a number
in this - county, ? county . committees
have had great influence-in the re
storation of credit stability nd in de
veloping the practice, on the part of
all creditors, of . making reasonable
adjustments to avoid court,; liquida
tion. :v;.J,"ps'yif f'.:;: ;
Farmers who -..are - in financial dis
tress should consult a member of
their county committee, The com
mittee members for this county are:
! V, N. Darden, Hertford; E. S. White,
Belvidere; and; W, ,E, j)s&, Durant's
Neck. , . ' M:Mli'MirM&:Skl
C. W Morgan Eemains
In GieE"!??
The condition oi'C'W'-MorMii,
v who is a patient in the Protestant
! Hospital in Norfolk, is gradually be-
earning more;: critical. v No hope Is
" held for his recovery; With Mr.
Morgan in Norfolk is lis idle, who
' Tiaa been with Vfcia throughout the
It. entire time he has been in the hos-
pital His daughters, t3.r E, A,
' ' Stamey, if Houston, Texas, and I!rs.
- - George Earrell, cf Orlasivl!
, and hit son, Charles, -of Haas-Ian,
Texas, all of whom were called home
bv the" i'esa of." their father, divide
their-Jame between the home in Hert-
ford and Norfolk. t -
- Il L. V7i:r; ,7 Ericn :
: L, L.
er:l J
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-J fo E3V-
Dozen Cases Disposed of While Four
Others Are Continued to Later
Date to Be Tried
There was an all-day session of
Recorder's Court on Tuesday, with a
dozen cases disposed of and four con
tinued to a later date.
The first case was that against J.
G. Brown, who plead guilty to the
charge of operating a car with in
sufficient brakes. Judgment in the
case was deferred until a report
could be made by G. I. Dail. the pa
trolman who made the arrest, as to
the condition of the car at the time
of the trial. The report as made by
the patrolman showed that, not only
were the brakes in bad condition, but
that one door was gone, the other
wouldn't open, a' section of the steer
ing wheel was broken out and the
horn wouldn't blow.
"I do- not like to work a hardship
on a man because his car is not as
good as some other cars' remarked
Judge Oakey in passing sentence,
"but I declare that car cannot go on
the highway." The defendant at
tempted to explain that he expected
to make some repairs and how it
happened : the car was in its condition-
; Judge Oakey took occasion to
remark that the State has gone to a
lot of expense to try o keep so many
people from being killed on the high
ways and remarked that if the people
would not cooperate in the matter all
the efforts would be useless. "Some
time -you will go out in that car and
yon won't go back to your wife and
children.' he said.
The case was dismissed upon the
payment of a fine and $15 and the
condition that the car be put in ser
viceable condition before it is driven
on the highways.-
: Daniel Outlaw, colored, of Bertie
County, plead guilty to, driving with
out lights, the case being dismissed
upon payment of the court costs.
Josephus Wilson, colored, charged
with attempted larceny from the
store of L. J. Winslow, at Belvidere,
was given 12 months on the roads.
The case was appealed. .
James Martin and Elisha Dail,
both colored, plead guilty to operat
ing a truck with improper lights, the
case being dismissed upon the pay
ment of a fine of $10 by Ehsha Dail,
owner of the truck.
. The case against Leon Flax, charg
ed with peddling without a license,
was dismissed.
i James i Adams, colored, charged
with assault 'with a deadly weapon
and .with carrying a concealed wea
pon,'to wit, razor, was given six
months on the roads, the sentence to
be suspended upon payment of the
costs, upon good behavior for a year
and upon his appearing " for work
every day for a year unless he fur
nishes a doctor's certificate that he
was rick. "-.
Lonnie Leary, colored, was found
guilty of assault with a deadly wea
pon and sentenced to 30 days on the
roads, the sentence to be suspended
upon payment Of the costs.
Ernest Lamb, ; charged with as
sault, was granted a non-suit.
Linwood Lamb and Grover Lamb,
charged with assault with "a deadly
weapon, secret assault and assault
with intent to kill, were, found not
The case atrainst George Helms.
cnarged with trespass . ana nemg
drunk and disorderly, was . dismissed
upon payment of 25. -
,John Clark; : colored, charged with
larceny;, was found not guilty. .
Maxwelt4 Carton, j colored, . was
found guiltjr 'i of . bastardy. Prayer
for judgment was - continued upon
payment of the court costs: and pay
ment of one dollar per week for the
Pljorl;t. chfld. jw.if(.- , t
Narrowly Escape
''ctela .'ra.-wM'''tlw';rimijr:ln
jury received by young Tom Byrum
Sunday afternoon when the new Ford
V-8 car which he was driving on the
Hertford-Belvidere highway was re
duced to.Btlel more than twisted
matw of wreckage. Not : only "was
young Eyrum uninjured, but his, com
p anion, Kanry Copeland, of ; Belvidere,
esccped wiUiout harm. . ! : " ' " "
--Vniin r l'vmm' was thrown from
the iAvct't seat 'into rear seat
of the c-r when iit -turned upside
down bcil'J the road. , " '1
t Lr ysician of
it"?! : v.!a n
.-. f ! 1 t:-
Winfall Men Deputized
To Search Freight
Guard Injured as Long
Termers Fight Way
To Freedom
There was a lot of excitement at
Winfall when the freight train came
through at 11 o'clock on Monday
night. Some fifty Winfall men were
deputized by prison authorities who
were searching for the four long
term convicts who had escaped from
the Woodville prison camp at four
o'clock that morning, when a. guard
was injured as the four men fought
their way to freedom, to search the
train. When four Negro hoboes
were discovered in one of the box
cars, naturally the posse thought
they had their men. Two of the men
surrendered. The other two refused
to be taken and fled. One was shot,
two shots taking effect in his body,
and the other got away. The man
who was taken wounded was carried
to the Albemarle Hospital in Eliza
beth City, where it is reported he is
not seriously injured. The two who
were taken were placed in the Per
quimans jail on a charge of vag
rancy. The convicts who escaped from the
prison camp are still at large. The;
arc Will Brown, serving a life term;
Harry Ross, serving a 31 year term;
James Howell, serving 15 years, and
Marvin Parker, serving 30 years.
Play Being Presented Under Aus
pices Hertford Woman's Club
In Grammar School
"Oh, Professor," a Wayne P. Sea-
well play under the auspices of the
Hertford Woman's Club, will be pre
sented in the auditorium of the Hert
ford grammar school on Thursday
night of next week.
Miss Jackie Gilmore, the coach sent
out by the company to direct the
play, is having regular rehearsals
every night and the play promises to
be good, with such popular home tal
ent as Mrs. H. C. Stokes, A. W. Hef
ren, R. S. Monds, Charles Williford,
Elizabeth'' Knowles, Mary Wood
Koonce, Peck Dozier and others, tak
ing part.
In addition, to the regular cast
there are two choruses, one of girls
and another of boys, and Miss Maude
Keaton is pianist.
The girls' chorus is made up of
Bernice White, Ruth Robinson, Edith
Everett, Mary Wood Koonce, Prue
Ncwby, Jessamine' Bullock, Kather
ine Jessup, Ruth Nachman, Iila Budd
Stephens. Katherine Winslow,- Sara
Ward, Polly Tucker, Jean White and
Virginia White. .
In the boys' chorus are Jesse Lee
Harris, Tim Brinn, William Hard
castle, Hollowell Nixon, Zack White
and James Divers. -
Another Rattlesnake
Killed " Near " Home
I ' i.
the farm of Arba Winslow's, in the
Whiteston community j-v on t Friday,
The 'snake, which? was big speci
men with 9 rattles and ar button, was
discovered by :::Mr; Winslow- and a
farm hand in the hayfleld close by
the house, where they were mowing.
This is the third rattlesnake that has
been killed on : the Winslow farm
within the past oyears.; n
James Willifqrd On
Brief Visit Parents
day for his first visit to his old homej
ih thirteen yejof.--iWvrv5!av
:ir. Wffliford, who is eon of Mr;
ahd Mrs, a V. Williford, is sui engl;
neer with J, the Merchant Marine
Steamship' Line and makes his home
In Seattle. Washington. This is his
fiirst trip east in several years, and
he was - able to spend only a few
hours with his parents on the trip.
" m" " ' 'V.
KISS FIHLE3 tow wrra
Miss Mary Elizabeth Fields has ac
cepted a position in the Office of the
Hertford Hardware. A Supply Co.. In
f ' "'Jon to doI.-T stenographic work,
: . ' jI. :i VvJl serve as general of-
i I ' ? t 'i t' 3 t"--7"Ue
Enrollment In Perquim
ans High School on
;First Day 323
Slight Increase In Num
ber Attending Gram
mar School
The Perquimans County schools got
off to a good start this week. While
the enrollment for the first day at
the Perquimans High School was
only 323, or 25 less than were en
rolled last year, it is believed this
number will be increased.
The faculty of the high school in
cludes Mesdames Emily Lane Long,
G. W. Barbee and T. L. Jessup, Misses
Helen Gaither, Esther Evans, Nancy
Woods, Elizabeth Knowles, Maude
Pridgen, Eloise Scott and Ruth Car
son; Carl Rogers and G. C Buck.
At the Hertford grammar school
there was an enrollment of 315,
which is a slight increase over that
of last year.
The grammar school faculty in
cludes Mesdames Thad C. Chappell,
S. P. Jessup, Nathan Relfe, Mary
Louise Sutton, C. W. White, Jenkins
Walters and Misses Alice Babb and
Mary Sumner.
Miss Bertha Chappell, who teaches
at Snow Hill, reports an enrollment
of only 22 pupils.
At Belvidere, a three-teacher school,
with Mrs. Edwin White, Mrs. Her
man Winslow and Miss Margaret S.
White as teachers, the enrollment
had not been reported at this writ
ing. At Whiteston, where Miss Mable
Lane and Miss Lorna Brothers are
the teachers, there was an enroll
ment of 43.
At Winfall. a four-teacher school.
with the following as faculty mem
bers, Mrs. W. F. Morgan, Mrs. A. R.
Winslow, Jr., Miss Alma Leggett
and Miss Lucille Long, there was an
enrollment of 135.
At New Hope, where the teachers
are Mrs. C. B. Goodman, Miss Helen
Morgan and Miss Rebecca Webb, 105
answered to the roll call on Monday.
Miss Hazel Ainsley, who teaches
at White Hat, reports 34 on her roll.
Mrs. H. T. Bond, the Bethel teach
er, has 19 on roll,
The two-teacher school at Balla-
hack, where Mrs. Addie Mae Mathews
and Miss Ruth Hurdle teach, the en
rollment was 46.
From Woodville, where Miss Ruth
Hollowell is the teacher, and Beech
Spring, where Mi88 Delsie Whitehead
teaches, no report of the numbers
enrolled had come in at this writing.
Mt. Sinai Members
Soon Pay For Roof
What the . membership of Mt
Sinai Baptist Church lacks in num
bers it makes up in loyalty.
The members of this church are
very proud of their record of always
raising whatever amount is asked,
but something happened last Sunday
at Mt. Sinai which surprised even the
members themselves.
It was announced that a new roof
was necessary tor the church, ana
that an estimate of the cost had been
made and placed at $139.00. Volun
tary contributions were requested to
take care of the expenditure and ten
dollar subscriptions were asked for
first,- to be followed by five-dollar
subscriptions and. to end up with
contributions of one dollar.
Well, the ten-dollar offerings were
subscribed so thick and fast that the
clerk had , to .request that tney now
up a minute to give him time to get
the names down. It seemed every
body wanted 'to get in that ten-dollar
subscription. One family, a father,
mother and. three eons, gave forty-
five dollars.- .Before anybody knew
what it was all about the amount had
bees over-subscribed by more than
twenty donees,
Mrs. Darden Working
i ;For , JrVT. A. Meetings
Mrs. V. N. Darden will spend Fri
day at Wilson, where she -will ar
range for a district: meeting of the
Parent-Teacher ,-Association, ? which
will take place on October 26.
. Mrs. Darden, who is president of
this district of the P. T. A, will go
to New Bern on Saturday to attend
a school 'of instruction . in P. T. A.
work - , "
J. M. Elliott, r-omfnent Hertford
--iisnt, ii xx -1 f.-rrlrj a sud
- rl.! 3 rT - " "i v" ' i La r:f-
Home Agent Now
At Work In County
Friends will regret to learn
that Charlie Morgan continues to
grow weaker ih a Norfolk hos
pital and that no hope is enter
tained for his recovery.
Dashes to Freedom as J. J. Fleet
wood Enters Jail to Turn on
Electric Lights
With sixteen prisoners running
around in the corridors, it was a very
simple thing for the Negro prisoner
Red Ryan to make his get-away from
the Perquimans County jail on Sun
day night when J. J. Fleetwood en
tered to turn on the lights. Ryan,
who was held for Superior Court on
the charge of assault with a deadly
weapon in connection with the shoot
ing of another Negro some weeks
ago, has not at this writing been ap
Mr. Fleetwood, who is keeper of
the jail to the extent of furnishing
the meals for the prisoners and de
livering the food to the jail, said
that he was unaware that the prison
ers were at large in the corridors on
this particular occasion, as he does
not always enter the building when
he takes in the food, frequently de
livering it to one of the prisoners who
is a trusty and generally allowed the
run of the place. On this occasion,
however, Mr. Fleetwood found that
the prisoners were in the corridor,
so he called to the trusty, one Brown,
who has been held in jail for a long
period awaiting trial for larceny, to
stand guard at the door. Red Ryan
was up stairs. At the head of the
stairway he merely brushed Mr.
Fleetwood aside and ran out. Brown
attempted to grab the fleeing prisoner
but was unsuccessful in getting a
hold on him. At Mr. Fleetwood's di
rection, Brown pursued Ryan for
some distance up the street but was
unable to catch him. Mr. Fleetwood
told Brown to come on back to jail
and Brown obediently re-entered the
prison which has held him for so
long and joined the other thirteen
who had made no attempt to gain
their freedom.
Officers are continuing the search
for the escaped piisoner. His wife,
Pauline Ryan, who was visiting her
husband in the jail at the time her
husband escaped, is being held in
Dog Owners Warned
To Purchase Licenses
J. T. Britt, Chief of Police of the
Town of Hertford, has announced
that after October 1, all dog owners
who have not secured town license
for their dogs will be subject to pro
secution. That there are a number of dogs in
the town on which taxes have not
been paid has come to the attention
Of the town officer.
Tucker Family Back
In Hertford To live
Mr.- and Mrs. J. L. Tucker and
family have moved back to Hertford
Mr. and Mrs.' Tucker, both natives of
Hertford, have been living at Rober-
sonville for ' the past three years,
where Mr. Tucker was formerly en
gaged in the- mercantile business. .
The Tucker , are' living on-Dobb
street Mr. - Tucker is in the Insur
ance business. " .-: 7 '
x v w -
. Much i
port:d ly.
as a r:
pe to late' corn is re
C: roI"na farmers
'1 r-nr eccom-
Three Club Meetings
Arranged By Miss
Women In Various Com
munities Urged to
Take Part
Three club meetings have been ar
ranged in the county by Miss Gladys
Hamrick, the home demonstration
agent, who took up the work in Per
quimans last week, and who will re
turn Monday from Gatesville, where
she is spending- this week.
The first meeting is scheduled to
be held on Monday, September 30, at
2:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. E.
M. Perry, at New Hope.
On Tuesday, October 1, at 3 o'clock
in the afternoon a meeting of the
Woodville Home Demonstration Club
will be held at the Woodville school.
The Whiteston Home Demonstra
tion Club will meet on Thursday, Oc
tober 3, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon,
at the home of Mrs. Lucus Winslow.
Miss Hamrick is very anxious to
have as many women present at these
meetings as possible. While she has
not had time yet to make the ac
quaintance of many of the women in
each community, she has been in con
tact with a number from each of the
communities mentioned and is anxi
ous to meet more of them and to have
them join in the club activities.
Other meetings will be announced
for other communities later.
Miss Hamrick will spent the next
18 days in this county, after which
she will return to Gates for approxi
mately a week.
Hertford is the headquarters of the
agent, who is serving in the double
capacity of agent for Perquimans and
Gates, and eighteen days of each
month is to be spent in this county.
Miss Hamrick is living at the
boarding house of Mrs. J. E. White,
and has her office in the jury room
of the court house.
Annual Exhibition Opens In Raleigh
On Monday, October 14;
Large Crowds Ex pec teed
North Carolina's annual State
Fair, hailed this year as the finest,
best balanced exposition in history,
will open Monday, October 14, with
a week-long program of festivities
and revelry in store for its thousands
of visitors.
Exhibition halls customarily bulg
ing with blue ribbon exhibits will
again be jammed to overflowing with
choice North Carolina livestock, farm
and home displays and countless
other contenders for a share of the
$11,600 offered in premiums. Com
petition will be limited to North Car
olina exhibitors.
Talent recruited from all parts of
America and remote corners of the
world as well will vie for applause
in an all-star array of entertainment
features. Heading the grandstand
attractions will be the gay Broadway
musical hit, Gertrude Avery's Dia
mond Revue of 1935, a 75-people
musical extravaganza to be staged
each night. The revue, coming to
Raleigh from major northern exposi
tions in two 70-foot baggage cars,
will be augumented by 15 circus and
hippodrome acts and climaxed each
night by a brilliant fireworks show.
Harness horse racing for purses
totalling $1,800 will begin Wednesday
and continue through the Thursday
and Friday matinees. More than
150 of America's speediest trotters
and pacers will be seen in action.
Other matinee headliners include
B. Ward Beam's International Con
gress of Daredevils, 22 thrill artists
who engage in head-on collisions,
delayed parachute plunges from 5,000
feet, races between chariots careen
ing behind motorcycles and a dozen
other thrillers Tuesday afternoon; v
and a seven event program of A. A.
A. championship auto races Saturday,
The World of Mirth Shows, America's u.
largest touring midway, will provide;'1;
the carnival attractions. . f- v -
, Latest reports from T. W. Wilson,
who underwent an emergency opera
tioft at a Norfolk, Va., hospital last
week, are to the effect that his con
dition is very satisfactory. Improve
ment has been reported in his condl-- far the i .1 w? i

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