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..Volume II.Number 42.
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Frjday, October 18, 1935.
$1.25 Per Year
Winf all Will Have
1 6tmiriunity House
Unused Episcopal Cha
pel WilTBe Used For
Local Activities
Building Turned Over
To f ewly;Qrganized
the pwbfoni of securing (torn-!
manity house for Winfatt :fi been
solved, ifO unwed Epis&pat eTuipel
will be turned over to the newly, or
ganized Community Club of Winf all,
and the building will be put in re
' pair and utilized as a community
4 house, to be need for olub meetings
and dvle gatherings and entertain
ments for the people of the com-
I The chapel was , built In the days
before motor' travel united the two
towns of Winfall and Hertford,
bringing Into the Parish of Holy
Trinity, Hertford, the Episcopalians
of Winfall and the surrounding ter
ritory. For a number of years no
services have been held in the chapel
4 Last spring interested Winf all
residents took up the matter with the
church authorities of securing the
building for use, as a community
house. The matter, has been arrang
ed satisfactorily. On the building
committee, including a number of
Winfall residents, the Rev. E. T.
Jillson, rector of Holy Trinity
Church, Hertford, and D. S. Darden,
of the vestry, were appointed. The
altar and furnishings of the chancel
will be removed from the chapel be
fore the work of cleaning up the
building begtos.'- V
Mrs. W." G. Hollowell is president
of the Community Club. The other
officers are Mrs. W. P. Morgan, vice
president; Mrs. D..B. Trueblood,
secretary, and Mrs. J. V. Roach,
' On the program committee has
been appointed. Mrs. A. R. Winslow,
JrMrs. Claude D. White and Mrs.
D. P. Stallings, and Miss Myrtle
The building committee includes
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ii Nixon, Mr. ana
Mrs. T.X-' Barber, Mrs. James Leigh,
Mrs. J, F Hollowell, Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond Stanton, Raymond Jordan,
Rev. E. T. Jillson, and D. S. Darden.
organ's Sale Draws
Larsre Crowds From
Adjoining Counties
Not only are Perquimans folks
buying furniture, but customers are
rnminsr from Chowan. ..Gates, and
Pasquotank Counties to take advan
tagepf the big sale at W. M. Mor
rans. Last Saturday was the bus
iest day this store has had for a long
time, according to the proprietor, who
says that folks either have, more
money or they are more eager to
take advantage of bargains than has
been the case for a long time.
The big sale win close on Novem
ber 2.
Mrs. R. T. White Heads
The Sixteenth District
Mrs. R. T. White was elected vice
president of ihe Sixteenth District of
the North Carolina Federation of
vJTtowtan'a Clubs. ; at the District
v meeting held at Ahpskie , on Satur-
0&r"l)istricVof3cs lncludy Mrs'
"V'fid'Mne.Tt'TR C '.rr of AhoBtle,
.'"cretary.-:;-- . :-;t iXr
I-, AmonjE. V .rt 3ft
V, "; meeting. 1 . "v 1 ' .? . Fu'ir.
x'r r,Aor a n iaxsi,: ana w.
. John D. Robinson, second vice-presi
dent, of Wallace.,
- The women, of the Hertford Worn-
' v an's Oub who attended tbis meeting
' included the president, Mrs. F. T.
i Johnson, and Mrs. H. T. Brou-hton,
T Mrs. C. P. Morris, Mrs. V. N. Dar-
- den, Mrs. J. J. Fleetwood, Mrs. C. A.
Davenport ana Mrs, j. su. wmw.,
Turkey Su:;:r By ;
Church Auxiliary
k turkey' surfer, -the first, public
turkey supper of the season, will be
. served by tie ladies 01 fct. yatne-Aux:.'-rv
of the Episcopal
Clrioni: - '-y r'Ji of next
we.-, at tl a I " . a-
a .-.Mil i r?--J at a
CC :
The local lodge of Masons is plan
ning a; series of special meetings to
begin next Tuesday night at the
regular meeting. The old time spirit
of enthusiasm which long ago char
acterized the Masonic Lodge of Per
quimanc is being revived. Special
out-of-town speakers are to be secur
ed for the programs, and the officers
are making every attempt to have a
one hundred per cent attendance,
i The officers of the Perquimans
Lodge includes J. S. Vick, Master;
B. C. Berry, Senior Warden; A. L.
Skinner, Junior Warden: E. S. Pierce,
Senior Deacon; J. H. Towe, Junior
Deacon; T. E. Raper, Secretary; and
Claude D. White, Treasurer. '
Drunken Driver Gets
60 Days On Roads
Truth is a virtue which Judge Wal
ter H. Oakey, Jr., rewards with great
lenience in the trial of cases coming
before him in Perquimans County
Recorder's Court. On numerous oc
casions he has obviously sought to
impress the habitue of his court
that a defendant who goes on the
stand to make a statement in his
own defense and tells the truth
stands a good show of being lenient
ly dealt with. On the other hand,
woe be the offender who dares lie in
his own defense.
Sim Burke, colored, who was sen
tenced to the roads on Tuesday for
60 days,, upon conviction of driving
an automobile while under the in
fluence of liquor, probably got a
much more severe sentence than he
would bet drawn, if he had not
made ther statement on the stand
that neither of the two white men
with him in the car handed him the
botti4oxwHich' he took a drink;
that he took the drink while on the
rear seat of the car and while the
two white men were on the front
seat, and that the bottle was on the
floor between the feet of the two
white men.
"That will do," said Judge Oakey
at this point. "I was looking for a
way to turn you loose, Sim," he said,
"Bui you are too big a liar; I am
going to send you to the roads."
"It is appalling," continued Judge
Oakey, "to note the number of wit
nesses who take the stand and per
jure themselves uselessly. It goes
on every day in every courthouse in
the land, and it is a disgrace to this
country. We might as well take all
of our Bibles 'from the courthouses
and burn them up; or give them to
somebody who would make use of
them. It is a sacrilege that so often
a witness is sworn to speak the
truth and he makes a statement in
reference to which even the Court
does not hesitate to call him a liar
on the stand."
Sim Burke had heen arrested on
Sunday afternoon by Corporal J. M.
Merritt, of the State Highway Pa
trol, who testified that he saw a car
on the Winfall-Belvidere highway
being driven from side to side of the
road, and that he stopped the car
and found Burke at the wheel, with
two white men, Roy Lilly and Elvin
Stallings, on the seat beside him;
that all three of the men were drunk;
that there was a bottle containing
liquor on . the floor between the feet
of the two white men.
Burke testified that'when he got in
the car Lilly was at the wheel and
that he got on the rear seat, and
that later on when Lilly became in
toxicated he got under the wheel and
drove, And; that; lid tad, had only Me
.drink and' didn't thlnJc.hi ,8ftetf
was drunk. j.?.; j-v
? ' Tri addition to 'the road; sentence,
tit. s'xty' days, the: defendant. was de
ttedrfendant'wasr deprived 'ofthe
prived , of the" license to drive' a car
for the period of one year.
The white man, Elvin Stallings,
was found guilty of being drunk and
disorderly and waB taxed with the
cost "If , I had evidence : that you
made that man drunk I, would not
be so lenient, with you," stated. Judge
Oakey, in passing sentence. - ;
.' Roy Lilly will be tried - in connec
tion with, the affair next Tuesday.
-Earl Hofiler, of Gates County, tried
for improper parking on. the highway,
was taxed with the court costs.
'Horace Carter, also of. Gates Coun
ty, charged with improper ' parking
on the highway, was 'found not
George K'i!:k, charged with driv-
irz a c-r ' improper license, was
f ! 1 f.;ed five dollars
i cr
vris ' found
11 cf
CLUBS $9,000
County - wide Meeting
Will Be Teld In Com
munity House
Much Enthusiasm In Or
ganizing For Club
Miss Gladys Hamrick, County
Home Demonstration Agent, is in
Gatesville for the rest of this month,
except for Saturdays. Miss Hamrick
has announced that she will be in her
office in the courthouse in Hertford
every Saturday and will be glad to
meet any of the county women there.
The agent has been very success
ful in the organization of the women
of the county for home demonstration
work. The recently organized clubs
are Beech Spring, which met on Mon
day at the home of Mrs. Noah Fel
ton, with twelve Women present, ana
Ballahack, which met on Tuesday at
the home of Mrs. J. M. Sutton. The
Belvidere Woman's Club met on
Wednesday at the home of Miss
Clara White, president.
Three clubs are to be organized
early in November, according to Miss
Hamrick. They are Hunters Fork,
Chapanoke, and Winfall.
Miss Hamrick Is very enthusiastic
about the County-wide meeting ui
woman's clubs which will be held at
the Community House, in Hertford,
on Saturday, October 26. A special
speaker will be present on this occa
sion, and probably a large delegation
from each one of the twenty clubs in
the County. This is a quarterly
meeting, the last one having been
held in, August, 1.
Improvement Made
In Local Drug Store
Walker's "Around the Corner" has
been undergoing a lot of improve
ment in recent weeks. The walls and
ceiling has been done over, and all
the wood work has been painted. In
addition to this Mr. Walker has
bought some very attractive new
tables and chairs. Altogether the
store presents a most inviting ap
Education Officials
Rule On Bus Travel
No child living in one school dis
trict may attend school in another
district, according to a ruling of the
Perquimans County Board of "Educa
tion at the last meeting.
This action is taken to relieve the
congested condition of the school
Corbin Dozier Accepts
Position In Tennessee
Corbin Dozier has accepted an
engineering job in connection with
the building of steel towers in Dun
lap, Tenn., and left last week to be
gin his new duties.
Mrs. Dozier and their little son,
Corbin, Jr., expect to join Mr. Dozier
in Dunlap early in November.'
The quarterly council meeting of
the Home Demonstration Clubs will
be held in Hertford on Saturday,
October . 26, at ,i0;00 A. M. . Miss
Gladys' Hamrick, . he new home dem
onstration: agenvurges all .the- ladies
tottendi ntsftttieni; a'
The zone meeting of the Methodist
churches of Perquimans and Chowan
counties will be held at Evans M. E.
Church, in Chowan County Saturday.
V 4 "..;, s':-'" j-V ' i i, r'Mist;. :','j $r ''"''i
Qa Corh-Hpg
' The matter of whether or not ;
y the 1 corn-hog ; control v program '
will be continued is to be decided
j by a referendum. ' rt v
, Every farmer who signed a.'
corn-hog contract for '1335 may
express himself as to the matter)
i and vote for or against corn-hog
corrcl far 1IC3 ai 1227. A
r ' - !:Tijtoli LJ Ut the
' t tl te t ." t o Ccto
t ;i, t.J eviry t',- it tie ;
Amount: Represents the
Second Rental Bene
fit Payment
4 1,023 CHECKS
Farmers Crowd Mr. An
derson's Office to Re
ceive Their Share
Cotton farmers of Perquimans are
receiving cotton rental checks, repre
senting the second cotton rental
benefit check to producers.
Approximately $9,000.00 is being
paid to the Perquimans growers, ac
cording to L. W. Anderson, County
Agent, the amount being contained
in 1,023 checks. About seventy-five
of this number have been temporarily
delayed but most of the remainder
have already been paid out.
While this payment represents the
last of the rental benefit payments,
the growers will still receive another
check in January. This will be a
parity payment, representing 1
cent per pound on the farm allot
ment. The farm allotment is 40 per
cent of the average annual produc
tion of each producer.
The payment of the rental checks
was begun last Friday, and on Satur
day Mr. Anderson's office in the
courthouse had a rush ail day, with
farmers applying for their checks.
During this week there have been a
great many farmers coming in, but
nothing like the number which came
to town on Saturday. It is expected
that all of the checks will be given
out during this week.
Oakey Speaker For
Schoolmaster Club
Walter H. Oakey, Jr., was the
speaker at the dinner meeting of the
Schoolmasters Club of the Albemarle
held at the Perquimans High School
on Friday night, when the young la
dies of the home economics class of
the school, under the direction of the
teacher, Miss Maude Pridgen, served
the dinner.
Miss Elizabeth Knowles also de
lightfully entertained with two char
acter impersonations.
F. T. Johnson, Superintendent of
Education of Perquimans County,
chairman, presided at the meeting,
which was attended by the superin
tendents and principals of the schools
of the Albemarle, and matters of
common interest to teachers were
There were 24 present, the local
folks present including, in addition
to Miss Knowles and Mr. Oakey, F.
T. Johnson, G. C. Buck, and Miss
Mary Sumner.
New Ford Models
Shown To Dealers
Ford V-8 cars for 1936 were shown
for the first time Tuesday to Ford
dealers at group meetings in Ford
branches in 34 cities in tjje United
States and seven in Canada. The
new units will be shown first to the
public next Saturday.
Body lines which strikes a new
note in conservative streamlining, a
new treatment of the interior and
three important refinements in chas
sis engineering summarize the princi
pal improvements in the 1936 car.
There are no radical changes. The
85-horsepower V-8 engine, of which
more than 2,000,000 are now on the
road, is unaltered.
ixlii'C.'; WjowJla? accepted the
ppsin- of bwkkeepef ; the office
of J' C. Blanchard k Company. Mr.
Winslow, who has for a number of
years held, a similar position with the
Hollowell Chevrolet Co., took over
his new, duties this week at Blanch
eld October 26
Control Plan
1935 contract is requested ' to
cast , his i vote either, for ; or -against
the continuance of the
( The ballot will be east in the
office of L. W. Anderson, Farm
Demonstration Agent, in v the
courthouse, and Mr. Anderson is
particularly anxious to nave all
t ftsza w&o s'.rd the contract
- - 'jm. tit mat. 'i
ter y t'-Is UT.ot ? X,
Prominent Visitors
At Friends Church
Newly Formed Organization . Will
Hold Next Annual Meeting
At Manteo
The first annual district meeting
of the newly formed Northeastern
District of the North Carolina Fed
eration of Music Clubs, held at the
Hertford Methodist Church on Satur
day was attended by music lovers
from all over the district.
Mrs. R. M. Riddick, Jr., who is
Junior Counselor of the district,
worked hard to make the affair a
success and her efforts were indeed
fruitful of a splendid beginning by
way of a First District meeting.
The morning session was presided
over by Mrs. Vernon Ward, of Rob
ersonville, opening with the singing
of "America the Beautiful." After
the invocation Mrs. E. W. Lordley,
vice president of the Hertford Wo
man's Club, made the address of
welcome, with Mrs. Robert Atkins,
of Robersonville giving the response.
Mrs. Charles E. Johnson, of Hert
ford, sang as a solo Lilly Strick
land's "My Love Is a Fisherman."
After an address by Mrs. Joseph
S. Carroll, of Raleigh, State Presi
dent, greetings from other state of
ficers were given, and a number of
special numbers followed, including a
piano duet Moskowski's "Hungary,"
by Mrs. W. H. Darden and Mrs. C.
J. Sawyer, of the Windsor club, and
a piano solo, "Hark, Hark, the Lark,"
by Mrs. Victor Meekins, of Manteo.
Mrs. I. M. Meekins, of Elizabeth
City, played a number of her own
compositions, which included, " 'Tis
Spring," sung by Miss Alice Barrow
with violin obligato, by Bobby El
liott; "God's World," Bung by Mrs.
Margaret Love, and a violin solo, also
written by Mrs. Meekins was played
by Bobby Elliott.
Mrs. R. M. Riddick, of Hertford,
presided over the afternoon session,
the exercises opening with a song,
"Star Spangled Banner" by the audi
ence. The junior address was made by
Mrs. Grady Ross, of Charlotte, a
junior counselor, after which routine
business, including roll call and re
ports. There were several interest
ing musical numbers including a pi
ano solo by Miss Hazel Mathews, of
Hertford, "Concert Polonaise," by
Engleman, choral numbers; "Short
nin' Bread" and "Trees" by Miss
Kate M. Blanchard's Glee Club, and
a voice solo, "Heart of Gold," by
Miss Maude Keaton.
A family group number, with pi
ano and saxophone, played by Louis
and Charles Wilson, of Robersonville,
completed the program of the first
district meeting.
Robersonville won the mileage
prize, figured on an attendance and
mileage basis. Robersonville was
represented by 11 people, Elizabeth
City by 5, Manteo 4, Camden 2, Shi
loh 4, Shawboro 4, Windsor 4, Ra
leigh, Wanchese, New Hope, Char
lotte and Sanford 1 each, and Hert
ford 38.
The next annual meeting will be
held at Manteo.
Less Cotton Ginned In
1935 Up To October 1
According to W. M. Harrell, special
agent for the Bureau of the Census,
Department of Commerce, there were
589 bales of cotton ginned in, Perqui
mans County from the crop of 1935
prior to October 1, as compared with
79i bales ginned to October 1 of the
1934 crop.
lcal Ford Dealers
Attertd Norfolk Meet
J. A. ChappelL E. Q. White and
Tom Byrum, of the Chappell Motor
Company, the local Ford Agency, at
tended a meeting of Ford dealers and
officials of the Company held at the
Wells Theatre in Norfolk, Va., on
Tuesday morning, after which the
company, numbering some 600, at
tended a luncheon at the Monticeuo
i, ; '
- A modification of the rules and
refutations sroverninjr the National
Youth Administration has been re
ceived by F. T.' Johnson, Superinten
dent of Education of Perquimans
County, which will allow children
whose parents were on relief in May,
1935, to. receive aid, if they will be
16 years of age before the 'close of
this school year.' The former ruling
was that if they were at present tlx.
Special Meetings at Bel
videre and Whiteston
Mrs. Emmett, of Eng
land, Author of Three
Religious Books
Distinguished members of the
Friends Church will be in Perqui
mans next week, and special services
will be held at the Piney Woods
Church, Belvidere, on Tuesday even
ing, at 7:30 o'clock, and at Up River
Church, Whiteston, on Wednesday
evening at the same hour.
Mrs. Anna B. Thomas, of Balti
more, and her sister, Mrs. Elizabeth
B. Emmott, of Reigate, England, both
outstanding ministers of the Friends
Church, will be accomaanied by Mrs.
Emmott's daughter, Miss Daisy Em
mott, and by Miss Bessie Forman, of
These ladies are making a tour,
visiting among Friends in Virginia
and Eastern North Carolina.
A very cordial invitation is given
by the local churches to the public to
be present at these services.
Mrs. Thomas and Mrs- Emmott
are daughters of the late well-known
English Friend, Joseph Bevan
Breathwaite, who was a member of
the English Parliament.
Mrs. Emmott, a well-known writer
of Friends literature, is the author ol
the three books, "The Story of Quak
erism," "A Short History of Quak
erism," and "Loving Srviece." Her
late husband was at one time profes
sor of Roman Law and Ethics at
Johns Hopkins University.
Raleigh Perry Now
Machine Gun Expert
Raleigh B. Perry, of Hertford, is
at present serving with the Fleet
Marine Force at Quantico, Virginia,
it is announced by Major C. E. Nut
ting, officer in charge of Marine
Corps recruiting activities in this
territory with offices in the Post
Office Building, Savannah, Ga.
Mr. Perry entered the Marines on
September 21, 1934, at the Savannah
office- He received his basic train
ing at the Marine Base, Parris Is
land, S. C, and has served aboard
the U. S. S. Arkansas, one of the
nation's first line battleships, and
while aboard that vessel visited
Porto Rico and Panama. He is qual
ified as expert with the machine gun
and Browning's automatic rifle, and
is taking advantage of the education
al opportunities offered by the Ma
rine Corps Institute, having enrolled
for a course in automobile mechanics.
Through the Marine Corps Institute
hundreds of marines have received
diplomas in the arts, trades, and
Mr. Perry is the son of Mrs. Nar
cissus B. Perry, of Route 1, Hertford,
and is a graudate of Perquimans
High School, class of 1932.
Vacancies for the Marine Corps
are now being filled at the Savannah
office. Applications will be mailed t.
high school graduates upon request-
W. H. Jenkins Leaves
For Kansas City, Mo.
W. H. Jenkins left Wednesday for
Kansas City, Mo., where he has ac
cepted a position as Postofflce In
spector. Mr. Jenkins was for a
number of years assistant postmaster
at the Hertford postofflce, and for The
past year has been carrier on Rural-
Route" Three. . .'. ;.-'-:v;"";.
Mrs. Jenkins and two children, '
Robert and Dorothy, will remain in
Hertford until next Friday, when
they expect to leave for Rustburg,
Va., where they will spend the win
ter with Mrs. Jenkins' father, join
ing Mr. Jenkins after school is over.
Caution Light Now
At Street Intersection
A traffic light,' W klnd known as a
"caution flasher," haB been erected .
at the intersection of Church and
Market Streets. -The - light always
flashes red and while' ''not requiring
the motorist to stop, does flash a
caution. There are no-stop lights on
any Hertford streets.'
1 AH of the white teachers V the ;
County wDl 'receive their pay checks ,.
on Saturday, having taught school
one month " . V

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