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Pcom a Specialized Crime)
'""t 'Deitectloii'Body; J, 'VX 1 1
" Austin, Texas. The Texas' Rangers
,were organized in 1874 to put an end
to cattle rustling, marauding Indiana,
,and the general lawlessness of tha
frontier Lone Star state., Their hard
riding, straight shooting exploits won
them prominence In the history of the
wild west!': But. in' recent year, with
the arrival of automobile and radio;
the Ranger declined into a practical
ly Useless institution. '' . i '
" At one veteran expressed It: "While
crime was traveling at 85 miles u
hour we stin were back in the horse
And buggy days. Crime used to be lo
cal i now it- is state and nationwide.
The lone Banger who once could track
rdown a cattle thief unaided now may
be dealing with a dope ring having
connections in all parts of. the country."
But now Texashas brought its
Rangers np to date again. Reorganiz
ation this summer has made the 86
remaining Rangers a division of the
new department of public safety. A
companion division, the state highway
tpatrol of 140, will take over the for
mer duties of the Rangers, such as
guarding trials and suppressing dis
turbances. In effect the Rangers be
come the detective division or "Scot
land Yard" of the state.-Tom Hick
man, famous captain of the headquar
ters company, will be chief of the in
telligence division of the public safe
ty department.
For modern detection of crime the
Rangers' will have: r college crime lab
i oratory;' i a ' ' statewide- collection' of
'finger prints, teletype machines report-,
lng all state crime.-Furthermore they
will have the co-operation of local of
ficerssomething more than they have
had In past -times. Most Important,
however, is the removal of the organiz
ation from political manipulation. A
.public safety commission of three non
salaried men serving staggered six
year terms heads the whole depart
ment The present number of Rangers
will be on probation for six months
before additions by examinations are
Business Schools Must
Teach Bible in Austria
Vienna. Austria's future merchants,
bankers and industrialists must know
their Bible and catechism as well as
how to amass dividends.
One of the latest decrees of the
Schuschnlgg-Starhemberg Clerlcd-Fas-clst
government requires that satisfac
tory examinations must be passed in
religion before graduation from schools
of business, which are conducted by
the state.
The proficiency shown by students in
explaining to examining authorities
that they understand the significance
of religion will be recorded on their
diplomas. Extension students must
take an additional preliminary exam
ination In religion before acceptance
by schools.
Dangers for Newcomer
Abound on Desert Land
Djibouti, French Somallland. The
Mediterranean offers fresh breezes and
gently smoking volcanoes to Its vis
itors ; the Red sea, conscious of an un
enviable reputation, concentrates on
sharks and prickly heat It stints on
Of the two, the sharks are prefer
able. They swim lazily around the
ship at anchor or In motion. They
take any bait thrown overboard, then
sometimes .quietly bite the line an
inch rope In two and make, off with
hook and all.
The sharks eat .Incautious native
swimmers, but they do not come
aboard ship. The prickly heat -does.
It takes up residence on any part of
the body. ' . . '
Methusaleh Horse Still
' Does a Good Day's Work
Halifax, N." 8. Harry, dean of Nova
Scotia eqnlnes and the "oldest horse
in the world," celebrated his thirty
ninth birthday recently.
So far as Hallgonlans are con
cerned that's a world record and will
continue to be unless some one pop's
up with conclusive evidence to the con
trary. Harry observed the occasion by
nibbling an extra portion of oats,
He Is owned by a firm of spar and
oar makers and still knocks off a
" day's work now and then Just to show
the citizens that the years rest light
ly on him. His teeth are every bit as
good as those of a youngster of twenty.
Sldll of Laborer y " ;
. v Relieves Sufferers'
vf lilma,; Ohio. Declared to be
mechanical marvel of medical - sci
ence, homemade machine I that
physician claim will save the lives
of sufferers, in the advanced stages
of diseases of the blood verbis. Is
in possession of the staff at Uas,
Memorial hoiItal, a 'Mt from the
inventor, Raymond Ekelly, forty
five years Id, Ll -a factory worker,
Made from odds, and ends, the de
vice cost only 25 cents to build, ilr.
Ekelly said. He caHed it a "pres
sure boot," nd; doctors asserted it
will prove highly valuable in the
treatment of arttrlo scelero's.
The isirsic' s" tied out tie d
vice a .-.t&ikat whose leg wu
pallid from obstructed blood circu
lation. In ten minutes the doctors
tM C-y rtw t ' "-j T' f '
jc ; I . . i ' V-.-a t
hltlih Cut on Trea .
by Woodpecker Startle
Leonardtown; lid, A white-necked
woodpecker able to print letters of the
alphabet with its . beak Is being re
garded with awe bere-by some cltizena
as living proof or the theory' of- rein-
Oa the limbs of an ancient 6 foot
yew tree growing in the garden of
Tudor Hall Mansion, ancestral home
of the Key family, built in 1760, this
bird has tapped out in spots the In
itials "F. H. X" and In another place
has made a "W."
The tree was planted many years
ago to the memory of a youth whose
initials were F. H. J. and who was
killed during a duel while he was a
midshipman at the Naval academy. The
bird is the sailor In new guise, skep
tical oldtimers in St Marys county
have It
Caddy Bequest Will Go
to Most Deserving Boy
St Louis, Mo. An estate for deserv
ing caddies has been established by
the will of a St Louis golfer, Walter
Hyde Saunders, who died recently.
Saunders willed $500 to the Belle
rive Country club. The Interest Is to
be given each year to the caddie who
during the year has the best record
for efficiency, courtesy and honor.
Preference will be given boys sup
porting their mothers or earning their
way through school.
i -tMX r s.
Safeguarding you and your family as you have never been safeguarded
.- a., u...'..;., They
Ik mot) kmwUM ami tamhrtmhh too1) mm crovfod
,' ' for low-prfcW cor "''
i ' j wa ,o ,. p, , vufiynuixi muivA wjw" i . uwawu, MiuutAfl AND UP. List price of New Standard Coupe at Flint,
'.- -i , r , x - ' 9TPTtCtolilTc Ani F (pWr nJueti Michigan. With bumpers, spare tire and tire lock, the
7 j( - .. C.C6cijMVmnn list price is S20 additional. KneeAction on Master
' .'."' " ' ' -4 GMji.Chutory.ACtMnaMcunVtlm. Models only, $20 additional Prices Quoted in this ad-
-' ...-v.r . ; '. . ' ; 1 : vertisement are list at Flint, Michigan, and subject to
' " o ' , ' Tx .s . . change without notice.
r l r s n, r f
Pursuit for Wood in Jungles
I. Still Risky.
New York. Adventurous young- men
who bemoan the ' fact that exploring
and trail, blazing is only a yarn in his
tory books might look - to mahogany
harvesting in the Jungle .forests of
South America - and Africa for their
elusive adventure. : v
Many of the locations where ma
hogany is found have not been touched;
by the foot of white man, andfor more,
than 300 years the same primitive!
methods have been used to locate, fell
and market mahogany as existed when;
Cortes and Raleigh first came upon this,
wood In tropical America. -
Gold and diamond mining, fur-trapping
and other exploits all have felt'
the hand of Industry and the efficiency,
of machinery upon their exploits. Not
so with mahogany harvesting. No other
product sought for In unexplored coun
tries has resisted commercialization to
the same degree.
Work Demands Initiative.
Whether In Mexico, Honduras, Nicar
agua, South America, or along the gold
and Ivory coasts of West Africa, the
work of logging still demands Indl-
vldual Initiative and hardihood. There
is still the difficult penetration of the
Jungle and navigation of torrential
tropical streams; still the need for
adroit negotiation with local conces
Re Safe
DLZaL, brakc PrinciPle--are on aU
SOLID STESL ene-pUee Chevrolet models for 1936. And, like IMPROVED GLIDING
' TUJESET TOP many other important features of the only complete low- HNE32 - ACTION BIDE
i crown of bwirfy, fortnu of oiwy priced car, these new brakes are exclusive to Chevrolet ,h. ,mx,thut, rfuf rid of oil
t ; -' in its price range!
new to
this new
sionaires Ind on 'their pari he neces
sity tor shrewd barter with' landown
ers, government agents and tribal
chiefs. Experienced employment and
management of native labor also are
essential. All these elements in the
exploitation of mahogany, change but
little from generation to generation; '
In Africa, the natives still haul the
giant loga for miles through the brush,:
the prevalence of the tsetse fly making,
it impossible to use cattle. Attempts
have been made to haul by tractor, but'
the tangle of the bush Is so thick and;
the terrain so Irregular that repair!
costs, thus far have made the expense i
prohibitive, according to the Furniture
News bureau.
One of the main reasons why the
color and romance of mahogany log
ging still survive wherever it Is under
taken and why the adventure Is still
primitive and frequently even dan
gerous, lies in the fact that the "ma
hogany frontier" has steadily receded,
ever necessitating a deeper penetra
tion Into the bush on the part of the
mahogany hunter.
Hunters Locate Forests.
The contractor usually takes with
him on his prospecting trip three or
four "hunters" whose assistance is In
valuable to him in locating mahogany
forests. In Central America the men
employed for hunting are Mosquito In
dians, Sumas or Spaniards, chosen for
their experience and skill In this work.
From the point where camp is estab
lished to the end of the drive, the har
vesters are in constant danger. Their
work must be rapid so that all the
wood is In the rivers before the dry
New Perfected Hydraulic Brakes the
highest development of the hydraulic
are the smoothest and most efficient
j m. .- . . .u
motoring. They help to nuke Chevrolet for
1936 th&saest motor car ever built.
your nearest Chevrolet dealer. See
(levroJM :
season arrives, Such of the time Is
spent br working and little for eating
and sleeping while the water lasts.
Not until after the logs are loaded
on s steamer- do the contractor and his
men breathe freely. Behind him, then,
are all of the danger of attacks by hos
tile natives, death by poisonous insects
and reptiles and the fever. The ma
hogany is. on Its way to the large furniture-making
centers and shipbuilding
yards, and until another "forest" is
sighted the men take their leisure.
Child, 23 Months of Age,
Is a Walking Dictionary
San Francisco. A 450-word vocabu
lary at 23 months 1
The claimant to this phenomenal ed
ucation, . tiny Jean McGlamery, pro
nounced "exceptional" by psycholo
gists at Stanford university, can use
all of them, too.
For 15 minutes recently her father,
Alexander McGlamery, who has car
ried on most of the child's bringing up,
took her from room to room In their
home and not once did she fall to name
the countless objects to which he
The bland, blue-eyed little progldy
also can count up to ten, spell out her
first name, tell her address, sing "Yan
kee Doodle," recite without error nu
merous nursery rhymes, and she is now
beginning to write.
Authorities on mental testing at
Stanford are interested keenly In little
Jean's progress.
Patronize Herald Advertisers!
brakes . MmnmmAu atim man
gMng tvM tWtor y ffarwoaw wHk vm hm got 4 mil
and drive ALL TEZ52 FEATUmES AT 10C
FOR 1956
"Out of CUs" Is Latest
Angle in Hitch HUdns
Fargo, N. DG. A. Truer, former
adjutant general of North Dakota, ra
ports the latest in hitch-hiking tech
He met a young, well dressed man
walking and lugging a gasoline can.
Fraser offered him a ride. When they
reached a town Fraser asked the youth
if he was going to get some gas.
"No," the young man replied, "I
haven't a car."
"What's the can for7" asked Fra;
"That's the only way to get a ride,
nowadays. I've toted this can all th
way from Seattle."
Flivver Supplants Steer
as Test for Saddle Horn
Dallas. Not only has the machine
age failed to put the saddler out of
business, but It has actually brought
about an Improvement in his product
according to W. T. Moore, who once
built a saddle for Cole Younger, the
"In the old days," Mr. Moore ex
plained, "the test of a good saddle was
whether the horn was strong enough
to hold a wild steer. But we've got to
make them stronger now, for the main
thing cowboys use their saddle horns
for is to pull flivvers out of mud
The crop of Danish cabbage grown
in Avery County this season has been
sold at good prices.

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