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1 Mrs. C, M. Harrell spent last
Thursday with her daughter, Miss
Joyce Harrell, who is a student at
E. CT. C, Greenville.: ,
Miss Dorothy Elliott, who teaches
at Williamston, spent the week-end
with her parents, Mt. and Mrs. J. F.
Elliott - .
Robert Hollowell, a student at
Duke University, spent the week-end
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. N.
Hollowell. '.: .
Richard Payne, a student at State
College, Raleigh, spent the week-end
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E.
Payne. .'; " V
Miss Elizabeth Hollowell, a mem
ber a the South Mills faculty, spent
the week-end with' her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Nixon Hollowell, In the
Gaston Turner, of Fort Monroe,
Va., spent the week-end with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Turner.
He was accompanied by Frank New
by, of Norfolk, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Turner and
their daughter, Myers, of New Hope,
accompanied by W. A. Turner, of
Weeksville, spent Sunday at Ahoskie,
visiting Mrs. J. B. Atkins.
Dr. T. A. Cos and Mrs. Cox motor
ed to Emporia, Va., "Sunday.
Miss Virginia Tucker and Miss
Alice Hudson, of Hampton, Va.,
er's mother, Mrs. Nathan Tucker.
sperit the week-end-- wilh Miss Tuck
Dr. Julian Blanchard, of New York
City, spent the week-end with rela
tives in Hertford.
Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Elliott, of
Weldon, spent the week-end with
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. White. The
Elliott family, former residents of
Hertford, expect to move back to
Hertford shortly.
Mr. and Mrs. Pool Bagley and
their little daughter, Mary Sue, of
Elizabeth City, visited Mrs. Bagley's
mother, Mrs. Mamie Blanchard, on
Mrs. Arta Winslow, of Whiteston,
was in Hertford on Monday.
Misses Emily Baum, Margaret and
Sallie Davis and Elizabeth Saunders,
of Elizabeth City, were week-end
sruests of Mrs. T. W. Perry.
Clavis Perry, who is a member of
the CCC at Manteo, spent the week
end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
T. W. Perry. .
Preston and Calvin Fulcher, of
Norfolk, Va., visited their aunt, Mrs,
T. W. Perry, on Sunday.
The Y. W. A. Society of Bethel
Baptist Church held its monthly
meeting Friday night at the home of
Miss Elna Harris. The meeting
opened with a hymn, and the devo
tional was read by Miss Ruby Kea-
ton. The program was in charge of
Miss Addie Mae Ward, the subject
being "Thank You, The Spirit of
Praise," with 0. C. Long, Jr., Carol
Hill, Ruby Keaton, Elna Harris and
Pencie Ward taking part.
Delicious refreshments were served
by the hostess to the following: Mrs
W. P. Long, Misses Ruby Keaton
Addie Mae, Pencie and Esther Ward
Ruth Parrish, and Elna Harris
Carol artd Fentress Hill, Clyde Har
ris, 0. C. Long, Jr., Josiah Proctor.
Ernest ai. . Ambrose Long.
Mrs. Lucinda Lane, of Center Hill,
is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
Miss Marie Copeland, of Tyner,
was the week-end guest of Miss
Syble Rogerson.
Mrs. Margaret E. White, of Cen
ter Hill, was the guest of Mrs. Lillie
Mae White Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Ward, of
Rocky Mount, were the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Ward during the
Mrs. E. L. Chappell and Mrs. Lu
cinda Lane spent Sunday as guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Copeland ai
Mrs. Laura Ward' is ill at her
Miss Mattie Hendren, of Tyner,
was the week-end guest of Miss Irene
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Duncan return
ed to South Mills Sunday after a vi
it with Mr. and .:- Mrs. T. C. Perry.
They were accompanied by Mr. and
Mrs.: J. A. Chappell.
Mrs. W. T. Smith returned home
Sunday after a week's visit with her
son, F. E, Smith and family, of Tar
boro. . ' ";
Miss Mary Louise Chappell : was
the . week-end guest of her aunt,
Mrs. Effle Miller, at WinfalL .,-
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Layden and
daughter, Lulu Mae; , Mr. and Mrs.
-. Howard .Layden and son, Howard, Jr.,
of Elizabeth City, visited Mrs. Sarah
Layden Sunday. - , , - Tl -
Those from Belvidere who attended
the peace conference ' at. "Woodland
Saturday were! Miss Attle Chappell,
Miss Sara Mae Chappell, Miss Orene
Chappell, Miss Lillian Hendren, Miss
Mary Elizabeth Winslow, Miss. Ber
tha V. Smith, Mr. Oliver WtffSftw,
and Mr. F. C, White. . . ; ; 'C,
Eugene Byrum, of Swan Quarter,
spent the week-end with Mr. and
Mrs. Charlie Chappell.
The Woman's Missionary Union of
Piney Woods Church, Belvidere, met
Saturday aftetfioon at the home of
Mrs. Claude Winslow, with Mrs. T.
R. Winslow and Mrs. S. M. Winslow
as joint hostesses. The hymn, "More
Love To Thee, 0 Christ," 'was sung
at the opening of the meeting, and
the devotional was conducted by Mrs.
T. C. Perry. Eighteen members ans
wered to the roll call with Scripture
texts on Love. Mrs. E. L. Chappell
presented the lesson from the study
book "Women of the Southern
Cross." Sketches of Jamacia were
given by Mrs. W. L. White. A spec
ial collection was taken for Alice I.
Kennedy. The meeting was dismiss
ed by repeating 1 Cor. 13:18 together
Jello, cakes and mints were served
by the hostesses.
Those present were: Mrs. L. J.
Winslow, Mrs. W. L. White, Mrs.
Lillie Mae White, Mrs. E. L. Chap
pell, Mris. Callie Copeland, Mrs. Vel
lum Winslow, Miss Gara White, Miss
Lucy White, Mrs. S. M. Winslow,
Mrs. T. R. Winslow, Miss Margaret
White, Miss Emma White, Mrs.
Claude Winslow, Mrs. Vick Stallings,
Mrs. Odell Stallings, Mrs. E. S.
White, Mrs..T. C. Perry and Mrs.
Sarah Layden.
The Whiteston Better Homes and
Garden Club met Thursday afternoon
with Mrs. Lindsey Winslow. Mrs.
Lucius Winslow conducted the devo
tional. Miss Lucille Lane read ar.
article, "November and December."
MrsTDempsey Winslow told the Club
how faded garments could be made
to look like new by the use of dye.
Mrs. Mercer Winslow read, "Country
Things I Love Most." Mrs. Mamie
Lane gave a recipe, and Mrs. Roy
Winslow told how the kitchen furniture-
could be re-arranged to make
things more convenient. The meet-
incr mna thTi turned over to MisS
Gladys Hamrick, home agent. Those I
present were: Miss Gladys Hamrick
and Miss 'Scott, of Hertford; Mrs.
Arba Winslow, Mrs. Lucius Winslow,
Mrs. Mamie Lane, Mrs. Mercer Wins
low, Mrs. Roy Winslow, Mrs. Demp
sey Winslow, Miss Annie Winslow,
Miss Delia Winslow, Miss Reby
Winslow, Miss Lucille Lane and Mrs.
Lindsey Winslow.
Miss Bertha Smith, of Belvidere,
visited in the community Thursday.
. Mrs. Jesse V. Rountree and son,
Winslow, spent Saturday with her
parents Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Winslow.
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Hill, of Curn
tuck, visited Mr. and Mrs. Percy
Winslow Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Williams and
little son, Howar, Jr., spent the
week-end with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. DeWitt Winslow.
Mr. and Mrs. Worth Winslow, of
Norfolk, Va., spent Sunday and Mon
day with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Eugene Winslow.
Miss Hazel White, of Norfolk, Va.:
spent Sunday with her parents, Mr,
and Mrs. Ernest White.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. White spent
Sunday in Portsmouth, Va.
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Winslow visit
ed Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt Winslow on
Sunday afternoon.
Roland Winslow, of Elizabeth City,
wa3 in the community Sunday.:
Miss Mildred Hinton, of Roberson
vilie, spent the week-end with her
mother, Mrs. Dora Hinton.
f.v ;-,:' - ; W- ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Smith, - of
Ahoskie, visited a few friends here
Tuesday. . ,
- Mr, and Mrs. E. B. Daughter, jbf
Bayboro, spent the week-end with
Miss Dona White. While here they
attended the funeral of Mrs, Daugh-
trys mother in Norfolk, va,""
.' Miss Lucille Long, Miss Alma Leg
gett, Mr. and , Mrs. W. G. Hollowell
attended the Armistice Day program
at the First Methodist Church in Eli
zabeth City on Sunday, f
Mr. and Mrs." Arthur Jordan and
daughter, Miss Evelyn Jordan, spent
Tuesday in Elizabeth City. , "
v Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lane were in
Hertford Wednesday. , -
... Misses Grace Hollowell and Ronella
Ward were in Edenton Friday. -
Velva Byrum, of Poughkeepsie N.1
Y., was the guest of his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George Byrum, a few days
this; week. j
' George r, Ward, , of Edenton, and
Elma Wardi of Sign Pine, '-spent Sun
day with William and: Lehman Ward.
John ; Irvin and ' James. Copeland were
over Sunday ; morning; , , '
Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Ward were in
Edenton Saturday evening; '
Mr and I MrsI Jesse Leroy Byrum
spent the week-end with her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. JE. Jordan.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Davis and their
daughter, Lois, of Sign Pine, spent
Sunday with Mrs. Davis mother, Mrs.
Harriett Parka. Guests in the after
noon included Mr, and Mrs. Joe By
rum and children, and Miss Mildred
Byrum, from near Cannon's Ferry;
Mr. and Mrs."; Joe White and son,
from Gliden, and Miss Avis Ward, of
Sign Pine; . - (
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy-Boyce and
children visited Mr, Boyce's parents
near Icaria, Sunday. hi
Mrs. Julian ;E. Ward, of Edenton,
Mrs. Harriett Parks and Mrs. Ran
dolph Ward visited Mrs. Roy Parks
Friday afternoon.
Roy Parks drove the mail a day or
two this week for the regular carrier,
Herman Copeland.
Miss Laura Copeland returned
home Sunday after spending the past
three weeks in Norfolk, Va., with her
sister, Mrs. Lucius Stafford.
Mrs. G. A. Boyce and children and
Miss Mary Lee Davis visited Mr. and
Mrs. W. D. Elliott Sunday afternoon.
Miss Inez Perry, of Sign Pine, was
the week-end guest of her aunt, Mrs.
Cornie Spivey.
Mrs. Louisa Ward, Miss Thelma
Ward, Beechet, Ralph and Dalton
Ward spent , Sunday evening with
Mrs. Ward's daughter, Mrs. Callie
Copeland, near Belvidere.
Mrs. Dempsey Copeland spent a
few days recently with Miss Alice
Lamb in West Chester, Pa.
Pete Hasbroock and Johnnie Chap
pell, of Poughkeepsie, N. Y., and
Miss Mary Lee Davis were supper
guests Sunday evening of Mr. and
Mrs. G. A. Boyce. .,
Mrs. Herbert Lane and son, Her
bert Ray, are spending this week with
her mother, Mrs, Mary Phthisic, who
is very ill at nqr home near Bera
dere. ".
Johnny and Leroy Chappell,. of
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., left Wednesday
after spending a few days with Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Parks. They were ac
companied by Dayid Edgerton, Pete
Hasbroock and Edward Gillespie
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lane and
children, Mrs. T. L. Ward and chil-
dren were in Edenton Saturday af
Gilbert Chappell spent Monday
nisrht with Orestes Outland.
Mrs. Carhes Berryman spent Tues
day with Mrs. Merton Copeland.
Mrs. Duck Henigar is on the sick
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Lane and little
daughter visited her mother, , Mrs.
Louisa Ward, Sunday afternoon.
Sale To Continue
Until Nov. 25
To give my customers; oppor
tunity to take advantage of the
many bargains I am offering, I
will continue my sale through No
vember 25. . ' r
Taylor Theatre
EDENTON, n. c. .
loday (Thursday) and Friday, ; '
November 14-15 -
'fOie Irish In Usw
Saturday, November 16 , . .
Outlawed Guns"
J-j ' '.j BUCK ' JONES ' ' ? ('!?.
New Serial, "Call of the Savage-,
"A ' ;" .-.Comedy :.vj,-v '' '
Monday and Tuesday Nov. 18-1&
j'O'Shaughriessy' Bo
Wednesday, November 2 t
Wbfcil P. T. A lie ziz,
- At Cfciarnuraty IIcuss
The Winfall ; Parent-Teachers, As
sociation will hold its regular month
ly, meeting at the Community House
next Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
A good program has been arranged,
and all parents are urged to attend.
Note' the change , from the school
building to the Community House.
The Ladies Council of Bethlehem
Church held their monthly meeting
Friday afternoon at the home of Mr&
Louis Eaves. The president, Mrs. K.
A. Perry, was in charge of the meet
ing, which opened with a hymn. Mrs,
Perry read - Matthew 13:1-40 and
Mrs. S. I. Cullipher offered prayer.
After the business meeting there was
Scripture reading by Mrs. E.'Y.
Berry and Mrs. T. T. Harrell. Mrs.
R. A. Perry and Mrs. S. I. Cullipher
sang a auei, jjunng tne social Hour
the hostess served ice cream and
cake. The following members, were
present: Mesdames R. A. Perry,.T. T.
Harrell, W. M. Harrell, Reuben Stall
ings, B. A. Berry. E. Y. Berry, W. A.
Russell, S. I. Cullipher, Louis Eaves.
Two visitors, Mrs. J. E. Eaves and
Mrs. Norman Winslow were also
Surprise Birthday Party
A surprise- birthday party was
given in honor of Edgar Riddick on
Saturday evening, ' it being his for
tieth birthday, at the home tt Mr.
and Mrs. : Norman Winslow. y The
hostesses were Mrs. W. A. Russell
and Mr. Riddick's mother, Mrs. Rid
dick. The room was beautifully de
corated with white and yellow chry
santhemums and potted plants. Sev
eral interesting games were played.
basket of useful gifts was pre
sented to Mr. Riddick, and a beauti
ful birthday cake with forty cherries
on it The hostesses served cakes
and candy. The following were pres
ent: Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Russell and
children, Violet, Lucy Hope, Mary
Ellen and filly; Mrs. Riddick, Edgar
Riddick, Mr. and Mrs. Norman -Wins
low, Mr. and Mrs. E. Y. Berry and
sons, Edgar Young and Dan; Mrs.
Mary Wood and children, Dennis
Minnie Wilma and Mary Ruth; Mrs.
V. L. Proctor and small daughter,
Mary; Mrs. C. L. Lassiter. Mr. and
Mrs. Reuben Stallings and son, . wa-
Layely Jell
a.Ki , 1 4 -
t4H--f..-idt nmi -: liiiiiiiiiiiilillillliiliilllil in mull ' "" "
ftiamBST- -J
Sunray Salt Crackers
Lb. pkgr..... :..:.-:.:..
Molasses, quart jar.
Our Mother's Cocoa
Pound can;:. J..l
3 lb. can.
. PER IB. "
OR .
Ilrs. r A. Peru I J. U
rrry, Krs, V.'ard Hunter - tzi chfl-i
dren, Lizzie Ward and IreixoW
The soil erosion unit handisd by
the county agent in Haywood County
has completed 12,000 feet of terraces,
With Wetherill's Adas Paint
House Paint
10 JExterior White and Colors
Interior Flat and Gloss
4 Hour Finishes
6 Wetherill's Eriamels
O Wetherill's Stains
Roof and Darn Paint .
OWetheriU's Roof Paint
Grange Ban! Paint
By rum Bros, Hardware Co.
"Everything In Hardware and Supplies" .
Pound SEC
Per lb....
B. S. Pineapple
Lare can:...
Rose Brand, can. .....L
Cocoanut, Bulk
Per lb.:........:.-....
w "ft
Approved by Oood HeuMkeeplnt
' . 4 Lns. FOR-
t J
117J tz 'Z of C'ea id ZZd
ff rf fmt road.
j Hertford County peanut growers
have received 785 1 checks tstsp.y"'')
$5398.93 in rental payments with
600 additional checks to come from " '
Washington. i't ,
w u it H -.iflnnni"" nn nifi '.' t i-lui wnr
jwuici ,mal3ll!ilaull.-jniiril'lli-li-ii i- " " "J-'J"""".".' '-
Silver Medal
Sandwich Spread
Morn Coffee
- r........... - ....:
- t.apt
' -4 LB, PRCS.
V""t PINTS '
., . -.. -' .
. ,V . J - '
4 f
11 1 . . aT F
' s -;
t-'s v ...
GccJ Tlirec Hcrcs LTcrmFcrQct
'r'c - 'Opportunity For Right Man
V i):'1.-- see .:.-v .
1 :::-vnrn
Adapted from "Vanity Tdr" with
" Hade r-"- 'y I- '
b. c, r
d, n. c ,

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