- , , A . 1... ' . .'V'..T t' "I j1 ' --'CrTTT? 7773 TTTT" TT"' ; JG)TC? TOl) Y f W . 1 A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE UPBUILDING OF HERTFORD AND PERQUIMANS COUNTY, Volume IIL Number 41. Hertford Perguimans County, North Carolina, Friday, October 9, 1936. $1.25 Per Year Illegal- Gohcerii Gets Gonfcract For ' School IIMAimiHIIIIIII 0 Farm Women Seek To Equip Agent's Room VISITING EVANGELIST yUIMANS WillJ Construction , Work' on New Building Will Start Next Week COST $54,000 Awards Allotted For All Grades of Work on Project Work on the new consolidated grammar school at Winlall.will pro bably begin next week, according to' F. T. Johnson, Superintendent of Education of Perquimans. The contract for the building has been let to FN. Thompson, of Ra leigh, the cost of the building to ' $38,486.00. This does not include the cost of plumbing and of the heat ing plant and other incidentals, nor the cost of the site. The plumbing and heating system will cost approx imately $7,000.00, and $2,750.00 was paid for the site. Figures submitted to the Board of Commissioners on Monday by the Board of. Education, including not only the cost of erecting the build ing, the plumbing, installing the heating system, the approximate cost of the pump and the tank, but the Approximate cost of furniture as wellr indicated that the entire cost of the finished plant would amount to more than $54,000.00. However, the Board of Commis sioners refused to become responsible for more than the $50,000.00 which has already been borrowed for the purpose. It was decided, therefore, to accept the bids for the construe tion of the building, for the plumb ing and heating, and to proceed at once with the erection of the build ing, and to use the old furniture al ready iiituse in .''the 'schools' of the county in the new building. The es timated cost of hew furnishings, as l ' submitted by the Board of Education, included in the original figures of approximately $54,000.00, was $2,500. The funds to be derived from the sale of the old school houses and grounds to be eliminated in the new set-up will be applied to the cost of thenew building. - , " The building will be of brick con struction, which will cost only $1,- 260.00 more than brick veneer. Six small school houses on the north side of the Perquimans River will be ' abandoned when the new building is ready for occupancy. These- schools include Belvidere, Whiteston, Woodville. Chapanoke, if White Hat and the old Winfatt school, with a possibility that Snow Hill will also be included. , The delay in the building opera tions has been occasion " by the ef forts of the Board of Education to secure the kind of building desired at a cost which would not exceed the amount of funds in hand.' The first plans drawn by tiie architect were i . .i discarded ana new pians were orawu in an effort tov bring the cost of the building1 within the required limits. Hertford Merchants - Have Best Saturday k Of Early Fall Season - Business was good ifl Hertford on v Saturday, the best day of the fall, so fur. The merchants are preparing for a better day next Saturday, how ever, with shipments of ;new goods coming in every day. ' - WV Morgan;, furniture j dealer, says ' that prospects are exceptional ly good; for business this fall And that he is prepared to takejeare of his customers' needs. V'--. vV itTb' dry goods and clothing' stores, Simons! Mrs Jake White,. Darden Bros.; H. -C. Stokes,' J. 3. Blanchard hrf Davennort .and Blanchard. are all set to .take care of the crowd of shoppers expected In town on at- . , UnhcMion's Druar-Store, and". Walk- r ers always have a rushing business on Saturdays. . An Hartford Hardware" A Supply Co. T'tJ and the Carolina Hardware Company k " -are well stocVed ; witn stoves , ana ' h?trs for t " they ase expecting marv cal!3a'soon as the weather ' becomes a L.Ua cooler. ; ?; 19 service stations, Joe A Bill's, it. i nA.r-i.n a A Iha TvoiA Station ... ;j -'. JllV VUfl " are prepared for an unusual rush of l i Vinsiness. - ' ' ' The- Central urocery, morgan s li .Modern Gro.sry, Manhall Owens, of '- th J. C. Elan.hard & Company Gro- i.' eery Dcrrtment, Pender's and 7 Brrtm-l-.ton EroB. are lookinir for a ' - ' irood t ,y"- e"! several of these ' otirfi f '2 " ' n a larger force . - ' to take c- i C i- i . y tra'3 Great Demand Now For Cotton Pickers Cotton pickers are so much in demand by Perquimans farmers just now that all of the sewing rooms employing colored women on the WPA sewing project in Perquimans are closed indefinitely. By closing these sewing rooms, 84 women are released from em ployment, many of whom will go into the cotton fields. RECORDER'S COURT One case involving the violation of traffic regulations, one charging tres pass, another charging larceny and another breaking and entering, to gether with the usual assault cases, came up for trial in Recorder's Court on Tuesday. Adalee Foster and Mary Etta Webb were tried jointly. The nan was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, to-wit a bottle, and the woman with assault with a dead ly weapon, to-wit a knife. She had a blackened eye from the lick with the bottle and she admitted that she cut him in the shoulder with a pock et knife, but the gash didn't amount to anything. The cost was divided between the two. Then Mary Etta had to answer to the charge of trespass brought by Gladys Cooper. Mary Etta plead not guilty, to this charge and the verdict was not guilty. Henry Mallory, New Hope Negro, charged with accessory before the fact in connection with the larceny by Milton Felton of a bag of sugar from the warehouse of J. C. Blanch ard k Co., on last Tuesday night, was acquitted. The only evidence against Mallory was the word of Felton, who plead guilty to the charge of .' Stealing the sugar in a separate case charging him with the act, and who said that Mallory asked him to get the sugar, promising him three dollars for it The case against Herman Overman, of Trotville, charged with reckless driving, was dismissed upon pay ment of the court costs and upon payment of twelve dollars for a doc tor's bill incurred by Grant Cooper and his wife, who were injured when the automobile of . Mr. Overman struck them on the highway near Winf all on the night, of September 28. Evidence in the case brought out the ' fact that the couple were walking on the left side of the high way and that Mr. Overman's car vas immediately behind another car, and that as Mr. Overman turned out to the left to pass the car and saw the pedestrians, who were abreast of the ear he turned further to the left and ditched his car in an effort to avoid striking the pedestrians. His fender and bumper did strike them, never theless, inflicting painful but not se rious injuries. The defendant in this case appealed to the Superior Court. Milton Felton, colored, plead guil ty to the charge of attempted lar ceny. In passing" sentence, " Judge Oakey took notice of the fact that the boy had a good reputation and had never been in court before. "I am going to give this boy a chance," he said. He was sentenced to the roads for twelve months,.' the sen tence suspended upon payment of the costs and a ten-dollar fine and upon good behavior for. two years. isrneat Hardy,, who-; waft under :. a suspended . sentence - of sixty, . days, was found guilty of transporting li quor and was sentenced . to six months' r.on the road."; The former sentence , was ordered into effect, to run concurrently with' the latter sen tence; making eight months in all. ,-Tbe case against Luke ' White and Sarah King, charging assault with a deadly ' weapon, was dismissed. -w E. J. Spivey, colored youth, - was found guilty of assault with a 'dead ly weapon, and prayer for judgment was continued upon payment of one half . of the court costs and of the doctor's bill. ;. , H TWO HERTFORD BOYS MAKE ' LOUISBURG COLLEGE TEAM Claud Brinn and Henry Stokes, of Hertford, are amonj the new men who have ! repoiUd for football at Louisburg Collets. The two "boys have shown up well t . id most likely will accompany the team to Norfolk, Va., Friday, when they play the Nor folk . division of William and Mary Co"ee. . . '. ' , - THE UEV. H. T. STEVENS Mr. Stevens will preach during the revival meetings at the Hertford Baptist Church, vhich will begin on October 28. He is a preacher of unusual ability and is expected to draw large crowds. L1NDSEY WARREN RALLY SPEAKER Congressman to Talk Hopefully of New Deal NEXT THURSDAY Pageant, Too, at High School, And It's All Free Representative Lindsey Warren, who is to be the principal speaker at the big Democratic Rally to be held on next Thursday night at the Per quimans High School, has a special message for the farmers and also for the business men. I The Roosevelt pageant which is being arranged by Mrs. B. G. Koonce, who is in charge of the program, is to be a very elaborate affair, with the best talent in Perquimans taking part. A. W. Hefren, who is always a fav orite with Perquimans audiences, will take the leading part. No admission fee will be charged as was first erroneously reported, and everybody is invited to be pres ent. Mrs. Highsmith Will Speak To Perquimans Women October 16 Mrs. John Henry Highsmith, of Raleigh, assistant director of Educa tion, will speak ' to "the : women of Perquimans on Friday, October 16, at the courthouse at 2:80 in the after noon, on the subject of Better Health for Mothers and Babies. -: - ,. - Mrs. Highsmith was ' ' Scheduled, to -make this address in September, but due to the severe storm was unable to come to Hertford at that timei" 'i Not only are the-w6meif of the home' demonstration clubs' "of the county ; invited -tpchear : Mrs.',High smith who is sent, out , by the North Carolina State Board of Health, but all Jromen are invited', according to Miss Gladys Hamrick, Hornet Demon stration Agent, -' ' Study aass At Two v, -Friends' Churches Marie Cassell, field worker for re ligious education in the1 five years deeting of Richmond, Ind., will be at the Up River Friends Church on Sunday, October 11,- at both the morning And night meetings ' .. -A study class '. will be conducted by Miss Cassell during the following week, at both the Friends churches, alternating .with the ; class at Up River Church one night and the next nitrht at the Piney Woods Church. The public "is cordially invited to attend, especially all Sunday School workers. , 111 mm lliliii A n mm 4 Mm TAG - YOU'RE IT NEXT SATURDAY Parent Teachers Adopt Unique Plan to Raise Funds 5 CENTS TO $1.00 School Library Needs Help, So Don't Duck The Canvassers Tag Day will be observed in Hert ford on next Saturday, and Mrs. Harry Broughton, president of the Parent-Teacher Association of the Hertford Grammar School, which or ganization is sponsoring the selling of tags, urges the people to take no tice and lend their cooperation. Tag Day is being held to raise funds necessary for the library fund of the school. Seventh Grade pupils and parents of grammar school chil dren will sell the tags at the price of from five cents to one dollar. The grammar school library as set up by the State Department of Pub lic Instruction must have a basic minimum book collection averaging two books per pupil in averasre daily ) attendance. The library has hereto fore come up to the requirements, but many of the books in the library will be out of date within a few weeks and new books must be pur chased to replace them in order to keep the library up to the standard. Everybody is asked to buy a tag. 19 Women Attend Whiteston Meeting The Whiteston Home Demonstra tion Club met Thursday afternoon at the home of. Mrs. Lucius Winslow. The devotional was i conducted: by Mrs. Dempsey Winslow, -ancViMrs. Eunice -Winslow. , The meeting was then1 turned over to Miss Gladys Hamrick, Home Agent, who talked about "What's New for Fall." v .The ' hostesi served 'candies to the following: vMesdames Roy Winslow, L. C Winslow, De Witt Winslow, Mercer -Winslow, Eunice Winslow, Dempsey Winslow, James Rountree, Mamie Lane, and Lucius Winslow: Misses Lucille Lane, Edna Winslow, Burnetto 'I Winslow, " Lena Winslow, Reby Winslow, Delia Winslow, Annie Winslow Edith- White, Gladys Ham rick,, and Miss Elizabeth Harrell, of Rutherfordtonr . RETURNS TO ENGLISH HOME ; Miss' Amy R. ; Edwards,' who ;was a recent guest of Mrs. F. C White, at ' Belvidere, sailed from New York on : Wednesday for" her 'home at Hayes-Kent,. England, having spent a month in America. Mrs. White was entertained in the home of Miss Edwards when she ' visited ; In Eng land several Theatre Building Wins Admiration The new theatre building under construction in Hertford is at tracting the admiration of every one. The new theatre, located be tween the store of the Hertford Hardware & Supply Company and the Courthouse, is being erected by the Carolina Amusement Cor poration, and is expected to be ready for operations sometime in November. The following jurors were drawn on Monday, at the regular meeting of the Board of Commissioners, to serve at the fall term of Perquimans Superior Court, which convenes In Hertford on November 2, with Hon. J. Paul Frizzelle, of Snow Hill, pre siding: J. E. Eaves, Wm. T. Winslow, John D. Hill, R. H. Hines, Freeland M. Copeland, W. E. Lane, B. J. Thach, Sammie Sutton, Blount Eure, Corbin Dozier, Walter Winslow, C. R. Lane, Shelton White, D. M. Goodwin, G. S. Caddy, Clarence L. Dail, C. C. Mans leUl, Jr., Linwood L. Chappell, E. C. Hollowell, J. N. Byrum, W. T. El liott, Richard Umphlett, Henry E. Winslow, E. J. Proctor, Maxie D. Chappell, Gaither Humphries, W. N. Tucker, Jesse W. Spivey, John W. Halsey, Roland Copeland, Charles E. White, S. A. Owens, R. L. Boyce, W. T. Eason, Willie H. Stallings, and W. Haywood Smith. BAPTIST REVIVAL BEGINS ON OCT. 28 Rev. H. T. Stevens of Newport News, Virginia, Secured to Conduct Series of Meetings The Rev. H. T. Stevens, of New port News, Va., will conduct a series of meetings at the Hertford Baptist Church, beginning October 28, ac cording to an announcement made this week by the pastor, the Rev. D. S. Dempsey. There will be two services daily ex cept Saturday, the morning service beginning at 7:45 and lasting until 8:30, giving the children time to get to school. There will also be a ser vice each night. Mr. Stevens is pastor of the Orcutt Baptist Church in Newport News. He was formerly Chairman of Evan gelism for the Baptists of North Car olina. "When North Carolina lost him to Virginia, a little more than a year ago," Mr. Dempsey said this week, "one of our most able preach ers, pastors and leaders left us. He is a preacher of unusual ability and a master in gripping and holding his audience." "One of the things which has con tributed to the great success of Mr. Stevens," Mr. Dempsey continued, "is the fact that he knows how to deal with young people and children. They are going to find in him one of the most interesting preachers that they have ever seen or heard. The older people will find him unusually interesting because of his masterful method of building and delivering sermons." Hertford Bank Looks For Increased Business "Our resources are larger than they have ever been from a normal growth," said R. M. Riddick, cashier of the Hertford Banking Company, this week. The Savings on deposit amount to more than they ever were in the history of the bank, he said. Mr. Riddick went on to say that the mitlook for business is excep tionally good this fall, better, in fact, than it has been for the past five years. The Hertford Banking Company, the bank which has for thirty-five years been in business continuously in Hertford, lists assets at approxi mately 7OO,00Oj0O, which is more, according to Mr. Riddick, than they have ever been under normal growth, Dr. E. S. White, of Belvidere, is president of the bank; W. F. C. Ed wards, vice president; R. M. Rid dick, cashier; W. H. Hardcastle, as sistant cashier, and G. R. Tucker; as sistant caBhier. The Board of Direc tors consist of Dr. E. S. White, W. F, C. Edwards, Thomas Nixon, Charles Johnson,, Charles Whedbee and R-. M. Riddick. - - ; , ; r v r ; All deposits of $5,000, or less Are protected by federal insurance; j JURY LIST Subscriptions to Per quimans Weekly Aid In Raising Money 4-H CLUBS County Board Learns of Home Demonstration Activities Expressing her deep appreciation of the support of the Board of Coun ty Commissioners in her work, Miss Gladys Hamrick, Home Demonstra tion Agent, told the Board on Mon day, while making her regular month ly report, that the women felt that it was their responsibility to furnish the quarters of the home demonstra tion clubs in the new agriculture building which will shortly be com pleted, and stated that the club wom en are now engaged in conducting a subscription campaign for The Per quimans Weekly, from which they expect to realize a substantial sum to aid in this work. Miss Hamrick's report was most interesting in its reflection of the interest of the county women in the work. Seventy-five per cent of the members of the home demonstration clubs attended the club meetings dur ing the month of September, 175 of the 231 members enrolled having been present at the meetings. The organization of the boys and girls in 4-H clubs will begin shortly, according to the report. These clubs, usually made up from the va rious high schools in the county, will, of course, be made up from the one high school in Perquimans, Miss Hamrick said, and the clubs would be organized by grades, with one club in each of the four grades. In reference to certain specific work which the club women are do ing, it was reported that the Chapa noke Club women have recently can ned non-acid vegetables for the first time, one member, Mrs. C. P. Quincy, having canned 60 pints of corn and 39 pints of beans. Advance Orders For New Chevrolet Cars Hollowell Chevrolet Company, the local Chevrolet dealer, is calling at tention to the public in an advertise ment in this week's issue of The Perquimans Weekly to the fact that advance orders are being taken for the new 1937 Chevrolet, which will be on display shortly. L. N. Hollowell, president and general manager of Hollowell Chev rolet Company, says he is looking forward to an even better year than last year, which was the best the company has had during its nine years in business. Not only is there a waiting list of a number who expect to buy new Chevrolets, but there are already several definite orders for new Chev rolets booked and the cars will be delivered just as soon as possible. Medical Building Expected Be Ready By First Of Year The new medical building which is being erected by Dr. C A. Davenport and Dr. T. P. Brinn is under con struction and it is expected will be ready for occupancy by the two phy sicians before the first of the year. The building, located on the site of the building formerly occupied by the late Dr. G. E. Newby, on Market Street, is being constructed by Nich olas Muth, of Edenton. Funeral Held Saturday For Mrs. Willis Evans Funeral services for Mrs. Willis Evans, who died at her home in the Yeopim section of Perquimans Coun ty, On Friday morning, were held from Great Hope Baptist Church on Saturday afternoon, with the pastor, the Rev. A. A. Butler, officiating, and burial took place in the family burying ground. Mrs. Evans, who was 78 years of age, is survived by two, daughters, Mrs. Lena Flannagan and Mrs. Sally rLong, and by two sons, Fred Evans and Winborne Evans, all of this County. yHtXtt$2 I i - ON SICK LIST ; 9 Miss Pattie Whedbee is"' on the sick list this week! Miss Whedbee has been sick since her return from a motor trip through the mountains of Virginia OTer Jhe week-end. '

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