i7 iV" y-'r'i. 5f V 4 M J 1 A PAPER DHVOTED TO THE UPBUILDING OF HERTFORD AND PERQUIMANS COUNTYi V ' Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina;. ffiMaxBegember4 1936. $1.25 Per Year n 1 MSiil BY' AViU , V Yf B IN. J )i : T - - tiy u w ! m i LJia ii II "II H II II fof iensraias m Us; 4 I! "2 C -2 3 Sabscrip- r ",:rscrlte ; r.t More ears v th first ; tie various" few-eandi-Ij "entered, in -h wwe. j tt,tHe few workers and Cat an entirely new cand: 1 ' i .can, .wi& Just'' few- grooii t subacr' ;:r.s rlaee taemseivcs at we top of the lint ir.4 wKh Uttl eaort walk off ;i2 "t:.it "first prise," $300. ' r Several who have been nominated "' Vfaave failed so far to turn In single subscription yet in some caaea their ' A?, friends have sent in' mow votes than .'-' they have "themselves."1'' Candidates )" who do ' not' produce subscriptions ' cannot hope to win.; Hie mora sub ' ' lt scriptlons you can, produce, the more " votes you will earn. ' -r'';. : No LoerfefEverybody 'Wtas - ; i-"'', There wllMa no losers lnthisub r "scrfptlon drive; for everyone is "paid . v a commiasion. of 20 per cenon a1! subacriptlon money he or she collect. After-look: over the list you can ' ' readily Bee that the opportunity is t, ripe for any food honest worker to - ' enter and gq out and make some real - money th next few weeks." Only- a few candidates in the list are really - giving tle - campaign ' the attention r , that the value of the prizes deserves. J-CarJ-J-t-n r rn'ninded that it Js to t.Jr t' I to report ' isach -WadV nesday -1 E-turday. ' -T2Ing Each Friday V . The standing will be published each Friday' from now until . the end of the campaign, December 24th.. 4' All , candidates1 should strive to turn r in ! " every available subscription not later : than next Wednesday night in order , for their standing to reflect, in the , next standing. Votes can not be" Is sued . witli accuracy until they have been carefully checked. Candidates 7 are again urged to report all sub j a scriptions as soon as possible so that I the names may be promptly added to ' v the . growing list : rof . Perqufmans .'Weekly readers.. l- '.' . . ; -' " I - a For More .Workers s " ' Sor-s i.aw r.&mes have been added $9 t-3 ! were r drc- '. at t 3 ', who x in t" 3 sev -1 as y.t ; surc'y 'i of t ? tiva. : Inj v. wo v" 'sive a race their not i be 1 K fa- t :3 week and, some that vd last week i have been t there is . plenty , of room f t : vrr .a awElce producers ii ci-.n as. r-.uch as $200 rec' s. . There are ' " (' s r!nty ,that . . i .r l. e worker, ' r 3 ii 1 i r j t ' i, i u i : 1 1 . 73 a r..... .U- l i a c: .. v.r- ! , " r:t te . ..: ijf'T izyn gooi - t" a f.I r.is and ; ii : ' : w ' ' 7 IT 1 iseo 4 FIRST STANDING SQPiXJQNTESTANTS Here - is the first announcement of the standing of the workers fat The' Perquimans Weekly's big sub4 scription driven The names - are printed in order of their, standing in the campaign at neon Wednes day: ; The ne thing thia anuounce ment does not' shew is the close, ness of the leaders , andT how few subscriptions, it ' would take to make one of the lat atarters the leader. ,;t , v j - , ' ; Reports have:; been; good this week, and we want , to" thank the contestants "and 'our 'readers' fof their splendid -cooperation: Look. Vejthe , Ustbelow,i..an4v if yw have not given your subscript ion or renewal, giv it to' your favors ite worker;; It may be the one needed to put your favorite at the top of the lfa:f$W&" Here's how they stand: , MRS. ROYE PARKS . KHS. VIOLA NACHMAN MRS. HELEN SKINNER : O. A. CHAPPELL " i..:S. ELMER BANKS .VS. MADGS S. ROGERSON . 1 "3. W. H. ELLIOTT v - r' :J ;J.!C.WILSO:';-' . 1.I5S, WINNIE WINSLOW " ' KRS'W.' sVLONOS.'- . MISS ADELAIDE EAVES MRS. R. E. MATHEWS EILUE TUCKER , , JESSE. LANE 'if 'U." "&E. WALKER -7 1 I MISS EERNICE WHITE MISS DIXIE CHAPPELL S ' MLa Ruth'Nachisiani;, Initiated Into Society Mias Ruth Nachman, of Hertford, was initiated recently into the Dikean society at the Woman's College of the. University' of . North Carolina. Miss Nachman, who is a graduate of the Perquimans High School- of xthe class of 1936, is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Uaohman, of Hert ford. y AV Last Opportunity To r rr Join 4-H Qubs ' Anr additional girls who wish , to become members of the Perquimans 4-H clubs must join at the December meetings to be , held next week, according- to Mias Gladys Hamrick, who is greatly pleased at the enthusiasm shown by most of the ?0 girls of the county -who are charter members" of the clubs, s ; . m( r T.e 8th' Qrade ' Club wQl'meeton Tu- '-y, December 8, the 10th and ir.VC"i8;elubwffl.'meettn Wed it; -j f "owing, and the 8th. Grade c! J on I! '-rsiiy.4 All meetings will te kc!i it 9 oV-ck in the morning. Ti e r. i xrtr .'3 to be very" inter.. J rt v. a te t!.Tlyv topic of CIirLL'.j i-...Ion up .for dis c -;Ioiu There will also be Christ' r-as r ar.i stories. ! : t -c T'i iste Ipi crrortuhity that .1 i.s c-.'.i fr i '.lr.j the -'-') t.!i jrtvti t.s projects ' a:r;:ir Ce year'ant i.s c ,. i fir i .Ir-ar the VH are and it I j, r ry to te orranixed and 3 tzr v k t cice. "3 CUrch 1 t!.e cele r.ion and s F.ev. E, T. I "DAY , ".brated c i atur ' "liren, cf Kin,7s " -3, of , t' "r ltj!Y.ii,.' .I, ,Ji - aw w--s.'l 1 ii DI FUTURE VM1M D2LAYS Large Neon Sign Adds To Attractiveness of Business Section. CREDIT TO TOWN , v. finn far -With 1 r,inii-'Tn ' lljcr (Sties - No 'deflntkd -date. has . as yet been set for' the opening of The State, Herlford ".handaome ' new . theatre, That everything will be In, readiness within the next ferw week,however; is believed probable, ' The work, whicK was delayed somewhat. : by JWeTfttJfer cuihuiohb oi ura taw - Bumnrci, u moving formard rapidly, now, regard less -of Weather conditions,: which do not retard in the-, finfehmg of thei building.' Just as soon as possible the date of the opening of the theatre will ap pear in the Perquimaris.'Weeklyi, "to gether with the ahnriuncerhent of the picture to 'appear on the: first night. . Local folks have taken a great deal of interest - iri 6te ' elaborate Neon' electric jp igh which was set up. within the past.week. The sign,' which -Mr. Webster ; states i the ' largest and handsomest that the Carolina, vaign Company, of Charlotte, has installed within the State of North Carolina, holds', in addition to five hundred feet of Neon tubing, a hundred and fifty 40-wat and lSwatt bulbs. It took a-craw of workmen several days to place the sign. The new theatre will be modern in every particular, wijh ,the latest rand oesc ui neating anfl air : condinoning equipment ; The very latest and best in sound equipment has been purchas ed and is ready for installation. No expense has been spared by the Carolina Amusement! Company to give to Hertford the most complete picture theatre in any town in North Carolina, regardless of. size. W. T. Culpepper, who is the head of the organization, and who has spent con siderable time here since the begin ning of the construction of the thea tre, takes much pride in trying to give td the Perquimans public the type of theatre that he feels that Perquimans deserves and which he believes it will patronize. . - The pictures shown here will be the newest pictures' and on a par with those . shown in ' Raleigh, ' Norfolk, Richmond and other1 cities.: ;. - 'Mrs:, Sidney Broughton, of Hert ford,' will serve as cashier when tiie theatre opens. T Beverly BlancharjcU.; local young man, will be the operatorr The. manager will be Horace ' Jones, of ;Eji?abeth City, who expett; short ly to move to Hertfbrd.r -',' : Quota Reached In r Z Red Cross Roll Call n4 V j t The. following 'names have been re. ported by' Mrs. . C. F. Sumner, Jr., Chairman of the Red Cross Roll .Call, to', supplement the list of those for merly m&llahed 'who responded to the roll call: Mrs. T. S. White, MrS. T. '.B. Walters,' Mrs-' R. M. Fowler, Mrs. G. .E. Newby, iMrsw Charles Skfai taer,' Mrs, J. G. Campbell, Mrs. C. W. Morgan, VA'C-' Morgan Southern Lottn Clat-J, CI Company, ' Mrs.' R."-T. C'C "VVinBlow, Mrs. E. -VCit-d Yl "-t cc& 'r.t of e c" "tlons j mors- than t3 ".Uldtti d-l-, ..-.j.the grand to ut to the approximate amount 'asked for, which ' was' $100.00. j , ,,,. ,. ' U;v ' ' WHITE-PERRY WEDDING WILL TAKE PLACE DECEMBER 2ft , Miss Mary "Lavinla Perry, whose marriage to Nathan Newiby White, of New York, is announced to take- place in the E?rtist Church in Hert ford on .Saturday, December 26, . and who has recently heljt a position in Norfolk, has returned to Hertford and will be with her rrents, IJr. and -s. J. p. Ferry, -cr'. 1 tl.e we,I.. SEAL SALEM 7AYj CinLpSENGTip Youngsters . Cooperate In Raising Funds to Fight Tuberculosis VT1X hcSd CUNIC Four Perquimans Peo ple Victims oi White v Prague LasleaiP ' Te.Tttberculosia ChrisUnas Seal sa)s is on, according-to Ute annual custom The sale in ' Hertford is sponsored by the Hertford Woman'B Qub; T? with Mrs. " Leigh - Winslow s ; Kjwwpian, ana ulroutfn uie aitivcpera4ion ,of the school chil dren an opportunity is given to every one. o .contribute to the fund which is usedi to fight tuberculosis. : Seventy-five per cent of the funds raised in the county is kept at home for . local use. It is always spent for a worthy cause in an effort to. pre vent further spread of tuberculosis through . educational efforts . , and through care to susceptible children. A tuberculoBis clinic, sponsored by tMj.Wiopen's ub of Hertford, will Be ield shortly,' as soon as the ser vices of a physician from the State Board of Health are available, which will be isome time after January 1. Certain expenses in connection with the clinic will ibe paid in part by the proceeds of the Christmas seals. .. Four persons died in Perquimans County last year from tuberculosis, according to figures compiled by the North Carolina State Board of Health and ' , published" in the November HealtteJJuUetin; Two of those to die from WWr piague in Perquimans were white persons and two were colored. Since the fight to eradicate tuber culosis got under way in North Caro lina there has been a considerable decrease in the death rate from this disease. In the year 1915 there was a total number of deaths from all forms of tuberculosis in the State of 3,710. Twenty years later, in 1935, the number was 1,938, or a little more than half the number, despite the fact that the population had in creased considerably more than a million. . Tuberculosis is still a public health problem of large proportions, but ini no other disease, with the exception of typhoid fever, have the forces of preventative medicine made such headway as has been made in the ef forts to control and eliminate tuber culosis, according to statistics. Proceeds from the sale of the Christmas seals are used in the fight to stamp Sout tuberculosis. , '1 I . L M. . .every unc ja urgea to JDuy Vjinsi- Program Of Indian Music Friday Jfight Mrs. R. & Riddfck has "announced that a -colorful program of Indian music will be given on.' Friday even ing at 7:45 o'clock at the Hertford Grammar School by her ,rythm and piano classes. : Gay costumes,' songs, dances and . piano' composfttons by noted-. American composers present' a varied evening's 'entertainment. .. The public eordwOy invited. v( .-. - $5,000 Distributed By . ;i .1923 Clirictnias Oub ;iSveit,iopt..iid,df3U4rt farelaveiy amiU ta feprntinar .the Ctri 3 i -;r-; HerjIoHt Banking Cr jiy, willbe Jurned over, to - E.e, -d 7 . "tor this,, .week. This'(iamou.'.t rcpro.Ja an" increase in the Christmas savings of last year, and R. M. Riddkk, Cashier, states Uiat a considerable increase is ex pected' for the club beginning imme diately. ' Checks for this year's sav ings will be mailed this week. c a. ,. y ;J ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED ' Mr. and. Mrs. M." G. Simpson an nounce.the engagement and approach ing marriage ,of their daughter, Louise Virginia, to Robert L. Pratt, of Edenton.. ;The marriage will take place on Sunday, December 20. ; The bride-toe was a former resi dent of. Perquimans County, v The f I!y no'.v Uvea in Chowan. . : - i. . . . t J x . Jk. v . a.AjM4 - 'stx-trr , , 1 Ci r. nrnKTriAQ Q aU :V . 7 With Timely Goods RECORDER'S COURT Sam P. Sawyer, of Pasquotank County, who was arrested by Corpo ral G. I. Dail of the State Highway Patrol, on the night of November 23, near WinfaU, and who was placed in jail in Hertford on a charge of ope rating an automobile while under the influence of liquor, being released under bond some hours later, was found not guilty by Judge Walter H. Oakey, . Jr., in Recorder's Court - on Tuesday, but was found guilty of reckless driving and was fined twenty-five dollars and taxed with the court costs. Mr. Sawyer, who took the stand in his own behalf, testified that, though he had taken a bottle of beer before leaving Norfolk, he had not taken a drink of liquor in 24 years. He fur ther testified, in explanation of the accident which Corporal Dail was summonsed from Edenton to investi gate oh the night in question, that a tire blew out when his car left the concrete and he attempted to cut back, and that this caused the acci dent which landed his car across the ditch in a field. He further testified that he was somewhat dazed from the jolt he received in the accident when he received a cut beneath the chin. Officer Dail and Town Officer M. G. Owens had previously testified that Mr. Sawyer was under the influence of intoxicants when he was placed in jail. Elihu Key, colored, who was charg ed with assault, was found not guilty of this charge, but upon evidence of the prosecuting witness, Madison Boone, to the effect that he had pur chased liquor from Key, a charge of selling liquor was brought and a ver dict of guilty entered. Key was sen tenced to the roads for sixty days, sentence to be suspended upon pay ment of a fine of twenty-five dollars and upon good behavior for two years. Edward Lee, colored, charged with the larceny of a suit of clothes, was given a sentence of 7 to 6 months upon being found guilty, the sentence not to go into effect until further orders are made by the court pend ing certain investigations of circum stances in connection with the case. The case against William Burke, charged with operating a horse-drawn vehicle without proper lights, was dismissed. K. R. Gtfbb3, who was found guilty of operating a car without operator's license, was fined ten dollars. Robert Riddick, colored, found guil ty of driving a horse drawn vehicle without lights, was taxed with of the court-costs. - Charles R. Barco, found guilty of driving a car with improper license, .was fined ten dollars. Jim Overton, colored, found guilty of larceny, was given a sentence of days on the roads, to fee suspend ed upon payment of the court costs. Union Thanksgiving Address Delivered By 1 Former County Boy Rev.; C. E. Winsiow, pastor of the Pilgrim Church in Danville Vs., and a former Perquimans boy, was chosen to deliver 4he. message fofl .Union Thanksgiving 'servka-ihold'at Mifftt MenwriaBaptjat Church in the Vir ginii-'City 4", eongregauoniwa maae up of member of the various church es of North; JDanVille together with the ' pastors, of the -Churches. 30 Safety Deposit Boxes Installed At Local Bank Thirty new ' safety deposit boxes were -installed in the vault of the Hertford Banking - Company ' this week.' -s ' a S , These new boxes fill- a long felt need. For a long time it has been very difficult to secure safety depo sit boxes, as most 0$ those who have such boxes rented continue to use them for the safe keeping of valu able papers or other articles. 'Al ready a number' of these" new boxes have been rented, according to Cash ier R. f. Riddickt who had a waiting l't of those who wished to rent the -Q-9-rf-i Business Men Optimistic For Good Holiday Trade BOUGHTHEAVILY Every Effort Made to Attract Buyers; Deco rate Stores With Christmas only three weeks off, merchants of Hertford are al ready beginning to see a cheery sight Shoppers are crowding down town sidewalks and store aisles, the ad vance guard of an army of Christ mas buyers that will march through the shops in steadily increasing num bers until Christmas Eve's closing time. Anyway you view it, and today's paper offers visible substantiation, the merchants of Hertford have bought heavily for the shoppers of this section,, and the town will main tain its reputation in affording citi zens and visitors the greatest assort ment of Christmas merchandise, and with service in proportion. The storekeepers are receiving sea sonal supplies daily, and it is decid edly to the advantage of shoppers to buy at once in order that they may take advantage of the great displays offered. On all sides the Hertford merchants are optimistic over the prospect for a large Christmas trade based al ready on early shopping crowds, and like their contemporaries in larger cities they admit they will find it difficult to later replace the many bargains on their shelves right now. All of which, they say, empasizes th need for early and not last minute shopping. Those who shop early, also, show an appreciation and sympathy for the great number of buyers who will insist on waiting until later in the season, and at the same time will reveal an appreciation of the ser vices rendered by all store employes. Even now every day people are crowding the Hertford streets carry ing packages and bundles, many wrapped in gay red, green and sil ver colors of the Yuletide season. Many carried long flat packages that had the shape of cardboard clothing boxes, and some have been seen scurrying along with a tier of pack ages piled almost up to the chin. The eyes of all Hertford shoppers had the searching look of Christmas buyers. These eyes scanned the dis play windows, lingered among the goods on counters and shelves and in show cases, as if weighing the off erincra in a desire -fill nnf tha ahm- half)per's list Display windows ofall the stores have never been as attractive as this season, and they have been crowded in front by passersby halting to peer at the clothes, foods hardware, je welry, toys and other articles ar ranged attractively. Christmas is on the way and Hert ford merchants are in Yuletide dress, awaiting one and all. Buy in Hert ford! Buy now! Rev. D. M. Sharpe Hears Stanley Jones Rev. D. M. Sharpe, pastor of the Hertford Methodist Church, attended the preaching jrdasion -. iieid . in . Rat., ktfgh.,laat week-end under the- aus Bice r:f the-Federal r CtHmcH ' "of Churches -of Christ in AmeriiwhenViVji- not Huy..stanler JoneA Jndjan. mtov sionary and Widdy, known writer' and minister,, was present, ', but many other'- outstanding ministers, includ- -ing Bishop Paul B. v Kern, - of the Methodist,.-' Church, and Bishop Thomas C. Daret of the Episcopal Church. "Stanley Jones,; says Mr. Sharpe, who has heard the famous minister on previous occasions, "cornea near er to fading out of the picture when he speaks and leaving Christ stand- ing before his audience than any man I have ever listened to.", ' Ihe mission was undenominational, services being' held in.- the Various churches of the city ' and ministers -and people of all denominations tak- . ing part - -." . TO WINTER lNfFLORDIA 1 Mrs. C. W. Korgan left on Friday -for Orlando,' Florida, where she will , spend U.8 winter with her daughter, Mrs. GecTs I' rrelL' '- ' 3 I T 'w"rti -) ti :3ra,tion. boxes. '.-,., , .

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