' 1 ' ! u t I- - 0 H 1 FEr.QUEIAilS WE23XY, nSHTFOSD. N. C FRIDAY. DECEMBER 11, 1036, PAGE SEVEN i S LEFT ' THE BIGGEST ft i -t 1 VOTE PERIOD of CAMPAIGN "tVia rflVp ift vpW dose. The intense closeness of the campaign at this time, no doubt, plays quite an important part in the hustle and bustle on the part of the more progressive candidates. They realize that not to poll a goodly number of votes Saturday night may place all of their work done in the past in real danger of defeat. They know that their competitors are trying their hardest to put them back in the running, and for this reason every candidate who has ambitions to be one of the capital prize winners in the campaign will devote every spare moment to campaigning.between now and SATURDAY NIGHT. I. -TV "i Vt UP UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK SATURDAY NIGHT, DEC. 12 Each 5-year Subscription Turned in Will Count 200,000 Votes - .... ' i tjiisf Five of These Will Count 1,000,000 Votes! ;how to gain over a million votes Ten 5-year subscriptions -2,000,000 Votes This makes five $10 clubs 500,000 Votes Total - -2,500,000 Votes V OR .Forty 1-year subscriptions 400,000 Votes This makes four $10 clubs 400,000 Votes , , If turned in during your first ::. . week in campaign, add an extra 800,000 Votes Total - - 1,600,000 Votes Saturday Night At 9 o'clock Will Be Your Last Chance To Receive First Period Votes DON'T LAG IN THE CAMPAIGN If Saturday, Dec. 12, passes without speedy action upon your part, the responsibility rests upon yourself, candidates. Saturday night is positively the last chance you will have to en ter subscriptions during the subscription cam paign and secure First Period credits the maximum number to be allowed. After this time, and throughout the remainder of the campaign, there is a material decrease in the credit value of subscriptions. Long Term Subscriptions Count Most And a few such orders NOW while they count the most may be the deciding factor in the race. In any event you can only lose by holding back. It Is the Work Today That Counts Now is the time for all candidates to cash in on all "promises" and secure every available subscription before the greatest vote offer of the entire campaign ends. 9 P. M. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12 ... is the date and the hour. It positively will not be repeated. Efeip if aoir (Favorite Candidate!, Subscribe Today y D J.-U First Grand Prize . in ash CjVU Winner! don' to! All Non-Prize Second Grand Prize a iolgasb OS $150 Electric or Oil Burning Refrigerator " .... i ... w. Qji Display at JL C Bbndhard & Compaay f UEBTFOSD, N. C Third Grand Prize in Gash OR $75 General Electric Radio On Display at W. M. Morgan, "The Furniture Man" HERTFORD, N. C. Fourth Grand Prize in Cash 2j 20 Per Cent Cash Commis sion to All Non-Prize Winners. Schedule of Vcftes and Subscription Rates How Prizes are to be Awarded SCHEDULE OF VOTES AND SUBSOMfT)N PRICE OP HE i-Ynr. $1.00 2 Ymh, 12.00 rvv4- : : feutaaiis Weekly J. -j ?JJ; xa v:ira&-v.' . tea km Second Period December 13 to December 19 ,4:l-.lUpI)ecmWW- t Year, $1X0., " Year, $2.00 3 Yt-m, $3LCdt : 4 Ym, $4.00 .o,000 . 18,000 .40X00 . 76,00ft .100.00Q ...,. $OX0O " '- V;vJ 1 year, $1 Third Period December 14 to December 24 '1 4 q J U AAA. PC j 3 Years, $8.00. 80,000 100X06 TV. 4 -4 ' Yeaw, $4.00 46X00 00 2 Years, $2.00 8,000 10,000 ri:2oo,ood-;; " '3? The Grand Capital Prize will be awarded to the contestant who se cures the largest number of votes. The Second Grand Prize will be awarded for the contestant who se cures the second largest number of , votes. ''m The third Grand Prise will be awarded to the contestant who se cures the third largest number of votes. .'-' ,i. The , Fourth Grand Prise will be awarded to tho contestant, who se- , .&cn'reiT$ votes. After the prises have been award ed, all active qualifying non-prize winning contestants will be paid a 26 per cent cash commission of their daily reported subscription. This commission, however, is payable only to the active contestants qualifying with at least two yearly subscription reports a week throughout the dura tion of the entire contest. No candidate can receive both a Capital Prize and 20 per cent commission. n i - i , 1 1 :::ation Blank f . , . C00D FOB 5,051 VOTES enUr and east $,000 votes for: r "r. or l!r- rhone . Date- 1936. ' in The Perquimans Weekly Everybody Wins Campaign; romination blank accepted for each candidate. ." r itGT w aaAir I mmnn GOOD FOR 20,000 EXTRA VOTES v,,. 1W Coupon, whenr accompanied with ten yearly snbscriptions, or their equivalent, entitles the -contestant to 200,000 extra votes. This Coupon must bs voted during the FIRST WEEK of the contestant's activity. : No restriction is placed on the number of coupons a con testant may nse. -: ' - f.-ii;;::' Good For 100,000 Extra Votes Wltk First Snbscrlptlon If Turned In Within 24 Hours After 1 . Nomination Is Received This Conpon will count 100,000 free votes when returned to The Perquimans Weekly Campaign Manager, together with the first sub scription you obtain providing it is used within 24 hours after nom ination is maae ana accepted, it most be accompanied by cash and the subscription must be for a period of at least one year. The 100,000 extra votes are in addition to the number given on the subscription as par ,th regular voteschedule. NanMf 'of Subscriber-i-.- Candidate's Name Amount Enclosed r - - , ; 4

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