J A 1 I if?. LiL. fcats;J'tL::-iry for t-r.J vc. , J In lienor 01 on the Natural Clean K:trt e- encUrs. "Y! JLouto Najaan, Sr.; is spending we week to Baltimore,, , - .Mrs. L. W. Anderson has returned -laom a visit to her mother, Mrs. C. W. Young, in Raleigh. iMrs. Annie Brinkley, of Cypress. -Va., is the guest of - her daughter. Mrs. Z.-A. Hams. . -Mr. and Mrs. J. R. MdMullaii, of - Washington, D. C, spent the week ,: end . with - Mr. : MoMtdlan's mother, .urs. W. T. JOcMuUan; Ruth -Alice Ward had as. a wee1t-end guest Miss Alice Baldwin, x Anoskie. Mr. and Mrs. John Lewis Perryof Windsor, spent the week-end t with Mrs. Perry's parents, Mr. and Mrs. JB. M. Riddick. Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Mathews, of iJurgess, were in Hertford on Satur day. -Mrs. Roye Parks, of Ryland, was in Hertford on Wednesday. M and Mrs. J. R. Edwards, of ureenvuie, .were week-end guests of Mr. Edwards' parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. C. Edwards. K. A. White, of Weldon, is visiting bis family here this week. Mr. and" Mrs. Heywood Butler, of Wilson, spent the week-end with I5St. Butler's parents, Rev. A. A. Butter and Mrs. Butler. Mrs. C. E. Barber has returned jfrtm a visit to her daughter, Mrs. R. L Knowles, in the country. Mr. and Mrs. Rkhird Wilkins, of Norfolk, spent the 'week-end with Mrs. K. R. NewJboM. Mrs. R. Q. Skinner, who has been very sick, is convalescing. Mrs. C. A. Withrow and her little daughter, Virginia, of Norfolk, are visiting Mrs. Withrow'e mother, Mrs. K. R. Newbold. They will remain in Hertford through the Christmas holidays. Mrs. Frank Banks, of Norfolk, Spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. R. Q. Skinner. Bethel G. A. And R. A. Enjoyed Party Friday The G. A. and R. A. Societies of the Bethel Baptist Church gave a tow delightful party Friday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Perry- Games and, contests were en joyed with Maynard Fleetwood, Jr., and Sarah E. Chappell winning prizes. Delicious refreshments were served. Those present were Evelyn Long, Marjorie Proctor, Nelle Williams, Maude Keaton, Eunice Long, Cornie Lee Ward, Margaret Standin, Eloise Keaton, Marge Long, Louise Mans field, Sarah E. ChappeU, Sadie Standin, Elizabeth Simpson, Howard Long, Wallace Hobbs, Maynard Fleetwood, Jr., Julian Long, Carroll Dail, Edgar Long, Frank Ward, Vance Proctor, Enunett Long, Dewey Pery, Jr., and Mrs. J. C. Hobbs, and Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Perry. Postoffice Anxious To Give Good Service It was announced today by Post master J. Edgar Morris, that the Postoffice will be open all day Sat urday December 19th. for the accom modation of its patrons who wish to mail articles for Christmas. The office has been closing every Satur day at 1 PM since the office became second class on' July 1st this year, and the keeping open all day on Sat urday before Christmas does not ef fect other Saturdays, but is simply being done to help the patrons with their Christmas mailing. .Another change from ordinary rou tine is that City delivery will be made on Saturday afternoon, 'Dec ember 19th, and it requested that patrons served by , i city ; carrier re frain from calling at the' office, for letters on this afternoon, as they will be delivered. Every . other duty of the; off ice will be carried out on 'this afternoon, however,' and patrons' are urged to call for parcels which they have been notified are at . the office. It is 'also urged by the postmaster that persons wishing to mail Christ inas gifts to go any great distance to mail them, during jiext week. One of the main reasons for, the office being kept open on Saturday after noon before ; Christmas is to enable patrotas mailing gift parcels any dis tance may do so. ',., , s i BIRTHDAY PARTY A delightful surprise birthday din ner war held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Chappell, in the Piney Woods community, - on" Thurs day, in honor of the 79th birthday of Mr! Chappell, , - , The dining' room was attractively decorated for the occasion, and a large birthday -cake formed the cen terpiece If or the table... A delicious - old fashioned 'Country J dinner was .served. X mp!.Wn::y-ij-ltjMjH , ' (Mr. ChappeU was presented with 'many beautiful and useful gifts, i ' 1 i Those present were Mr. : and Mrs. ','p. N ChappeU,1 Mr. and Mrs. John "iX 'ChappeU, Mr. and Mrs Hubert adappelirMrr and "Mrs." Nerius Chap- jpfS Mrand Mrs. Caleb Raper, Mr. imd Mrs. W. D. Perry, Mr. and Mrs. J. R ,C.-TpelL Mrs. W. P. Chappell, Thorn" s, Favid and Nerius Chappell, i Jr Dewy Perry. Jr., Misses Sybil, Zr?n, J -t, Willie Mae and Betty T't C " I?.rraret, ITona, Marie link J. II. TWe, Sr. A newly lormed circle in ths Missionary Coclety of the Hertford Methodist , Church is most 'Sppropn ately named the Mary Tows Circle. this circle is named for Mrs. J. H. Towe, Sr.. who has for many years been a leader in 'the 'missionary so ciety work among the children of ths church, Mrs. Towe has been unable for some time to continue her active work among the children, having been confined to her room for seve ral, months by illness. 4,v;;. ,f The leader of the Mary Towe Cir cle is Mrs. Towe's daughter, Miss wary Towe.?.;'. , , .; u BETHEL NEWS Mrs. M. I. Charlton returned home Sunday from Norfolk, where she has been visiting relatives for some time. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Ward scent jraoay with Mr. and Mrs. C. F.Reed near Hertford. . ' Franklin Jordan, of Hertford Road, W. P. Long and C. T. Phillips made a 'business trip to Movock Monday. Miss LucUle Long, who teaches at winfalL spent the week-end with ner parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. i- Mr. and Mrs. Karmer Williams are visiting relatives at Englehard. Jessie Curtis, Mrs. W. E. Curtis. Mrs. R. F. Standin and daughter, Miss Margaret Standin, spent the week-end in Norfolk visiting, rela tives. Thomas Phillips has returned to Washington, D. C, after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Phil lips. Mrs. John Morris has returned to her home at Cannons Ferry after a few days visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Parrish. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Evans and children, Lloyd, Delia, and Roy, of near Yeopim Station, visited Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Long Sunday afternoon Says America Now In New Era Of Land Use Addressing the annual session of the North Carolina State Grange in Raleigh last night, H. H. Bennett, Chief of the Soil Conservation Ser vice, Washington, D. C, told members that in the last few years the coun try has made a far greater advance toward . the conservation of soil re sources than in ail preceding years since the United States became a nation. "The national program of soil and water conservation now in progress has carried us into a new era of land use," he said. "Land defense is re placing the old system of land waste and exploitation." In North Carolina alone farmers representing more than 400,000 acres are cooperating with the Soil Con servation Service and the State Col lege Extension Service to conserve the soU, Bennett declared. Accom plishments in North Carolina are typical, he said, "not only of work here but also in Virginia and South Carolina and on to the Pacific and Canadian border." Describing his observation on a 3,000-mile inspection tour of seven southern states, Bennett stated that "the condition of our agricultural land in southeastern farming states is grim evidence that people of this youthful nation have squandered their rich heritage of productive land more rapidly than any other nation, civilized or barbaric, of which we have any record." Bennett pointed out, however, that a tremendous area oz good soil throughout the region is still fertile and productive. Many acres that dine through the use , of proven measures for conserving rainfall and controlling erosion, he said. :' : Continuation of the present policy of working" agreeably and coopera tively with farmers and state and federal agencies wUl f orthwith" bring a solution to the national, pro blem of unnecessary and costly land destruction and decline, Bennett . eoa eluded.'. v&Lj''t Chevrolet Breaks All 'MNovimberRecoW Chevrolet production for November exceeded that of any previous Nov ember in the 25-year history of the company,1 summaries of official fig ures revealed ; this week, with a total of 112,229 cars' distributor from the company's factories.;, , . ; Domestic production for the month was ' 95,022: export production, ' 12,- 853; and Canadian production, 4,354. The total was 3,353 more cars than the 10876 produced in November, 1935, which was the previous record. j At the same time, company offi cials said, unf Uled orders for the new Chevrolet are running far ahead '- of last year, with 96,084 - customers orders still to be met. ', Factory production schedules have been, stepped up to -more,. than ,Q00 ears a day in an effort to keep up with popular demand, with plants working at capacity, . , 'fjj i4 ' The first and most important stop toward improvement is the decision to fcurrove, . . Much interest is being shown in the radio feature recently Inaugurat ed by the Natural Chilean Nitrate people, now a regular program ' on twelve leading southern stations. The leading characters are Uncle Natchel and Sonny. The former is a sage old darkey whose name xlenves from his intense j love for "natehel things.". The latter 'is his smaU white charge, the son of NafcheTs employer, V whose-' adventures and schemes are those thatf are natttwl in- the life of a typical farm boy. v 'Unde 'Natchel is played ty tttoik Wilson- who povtrsyed "Moses" in both the stage sad film - version' of Green Pastures.' nny is James Franklyn Allen, . a Tennessee boy of nine, wnc already tutg shown narked talent in fio and nCS picture roles. :-:;C-'. .r:J-f Uncle Nstehel and Ssatrr te sup ported by well-; batemed cast of radio playersv and the- msosr mmkti numbers arranged : ftp Sjsshor. Mrs. Florence Slciliardmnv an author ity on Southenr foUir Uce and old Negro songs, aw- espedafly appeal ing. The two, leading cttaraeters, Uncle Natchel and' Sonny; Esyejtaen STREAM LINE inc es $f075 up FROM 98c up Foot CrJl3 90c 14 V..aiejajav'"w-W!f"''r " -.if vT- i Annua) Christeias a Party Be Broadcast ; To Par Away Lands , Due to tiie . current international complications, the good will angle of the Fifth .International ; Children's Christmas party to be broadcast on Monday, .Deceaber ' 21 ' from 'the Sborehams Hotel in, Washington, tX. C. will ' be of' especial ' Interest- to radio listeners the world over. Spon- fersd 'annually by the Greater Na tieoal " Capital Cowmittee ' of th Wasfemeton- ..Board f Trade, , .the brswifeaet has become an institution, wiflb the sons and daugtoers of diplo mat stationed in the JMbon's Capi tal, extending Christmas greetings to the chmnen of this counfiry on behalf of - the yeangsters ; of tSr native lands.: Atomy make it your Smvmese to keep yourlstder supplied' yrSSt about dozen cans of soups, meats v and fruits. When an unexpected guest arrives for tech, you wfll'v tken be able to serve? a good meal. " CT' i HARDWARE ) I Speed Wagons l9St up A BLUE ENAMEL : 7- 3 $1.25 $10.50 r Mr: J '-.;..". " '" .' W" 6J fj AD Worlt THE FARMERS" FRIEND" Phone 11 I , . ti,i PIECES $6.50 1 .... '. V f'M - .,.. .,. . h , a .... ; ' ; jft- -''A'.-v, .-(i,s ,.! V A.J; v....,', lie: l ft. Guaranteed Hertford, N, C STREAM LINE Bicycles $25.00 up $3.25 - Co r 3- ( 'i tt r 1 - f I III ' ELECT.

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