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-Vc:u-.3 IV Number 18.
"Hertford, Perquimans CountyNoiXiarinarFridayAprirgO, 1937:
$1.25 Per Year
Esi; wertrqrd
' Culmination of Efforts
;T,01Hertford Woman's
v'ub'" '
f Probably) Be Open Only
1 One Day a Week
At First
V J ' "A public .library wijl be opened toy
j4th6 'Hertford Woman's Club about
$ the" first of June. , The club is carry-
X JtoVout plans' long talked about and
' 1 worked toward by the club members.
r'-' Three hundred volumes have been
' secured, including fiction, biography,
" S history and travel, ana oooKcaoco
' i hv built . in the Woman's
;w c3ub Rooms. .The work of indexing
-V land arranging the books and getting
. ? in shape for keeping tne recorus
hairfa at ' Mien and ibv -.the ' end of
"- r JMay theitobmetf hope to be afefe-
' " to begin to ,iena dooks to uuvpmr
K laic. . -'.tf 7$$t'- i,! -.'f"
- .3'. The library .project was begun Dy
'- I Mrs. JF. T. Johnson, shortly after she
; $ Wtint ti resident of the Woman's
f.luh. two. vears airo. A ' former
? plan by the literary department, re-
nresenteA'by the Book Club, had it
8 Asnmtnnfd. thonirh the Book- Club
turned' over to the Woman's Club a
4 number of books for the purpose.
To this fiint lot of books . others
, v. iwum added, from time to time,
: - fu Vh 0A mlnmea in hand repre-
i . riAMtinna ' and - contributions
' from various sources and with ,thi
..v.a.- r tmtJrm :i th itmin Teoi
.a jfe-t titM nmntihlnv to work on
"jr' ' j with a viewjtd a growing tostitutfon.
' -; "When the" library is first; opened
". - i Uai itl nrobablV'bft only one day
. - ' in the week When books will b -
, ;.t en out. This is because ox we inmv
I '' , ,A h,.l. .ivr mmimnho .Wilt' be
- . . .hin jAw their services at libra
1 V f-' man; Trhe books will ,U loaned for,
. v.. the penoa oi one iwew- . v ww
- keeps a -book longer than thfs.wltaV
K I out having the card renewed WiH be
. - i ' required to pay a certain lee iot
-day thfr book i kept out over time,
f 8 is h, usual custom.' , ,
'Announcement of ' the openingTbf
tiia- Hhrtirv will be made in this
r . Newspaper as soon'as" the date is set
i Bethel Club Holds
Interesting Meeting
-. iH, ,,,. ...
"The Bethel Home Demonstration
x'l Qub' met Friday afternoon ,at the
V" ' f "chool , building with ; Mrs. J.' :C.
' Hobbs and; Mrs. Mary Hayman as
" I, h hostesses, r" r
; Following the "opening exercises
t.A & idmiauiinn of the menu
' to be served at the District Federa-
T tion meeting which will be held in
' Hertford in June. Miss Gladys
' . "., ,Hamrlck, home;' agent," tiien - told
. 4 about the duTerent. commercial pat
.terns and gave many useful hints
- '.oKnnt.' th use of the natterns. She
also passed around for observation
" f,viB mftdfl ,hv the O. N. T. Cotton
Company, which wmrtdA' be helpful
to 1ud memoers. .i ' . J , ,J
! ' ' li'ra R. S. Channel!. the' 'house
'V ffurnishin 4eader,- and Mrs.- Mary
illayman, the garden management
leader, had charge , of the program
f- '- "' ri;M mi mrv interestinar and
i vihelpfut Miss Lorna Brothers eon-
, ducted a luccnen conwsi wiui n.
i C'W. P. Long and Mrs. E. J. Prtfctor
. ,s winning the prizes.- . , . .--
1 . 1WW the social hour' the hostess
' es eemd delicious ' refreshments o
" : the following. Mesdamed J. M .Fleet-
wood, K. F. Standing C. T. Philliri,
Tx. win. S. I. Cullipher. T. C.
C --re'.l, E. T Phillips, - Talmad3
, f " i, Leroy GocJwin, Seth-W.
, J!. T. C. T.n, E. fappell,
. L. Ferry.' L. A. Iocto. i-ary
J. C. 1 1 vLo8j
. J- V 'Mr,
i Ward, W. P. Long, ' E. J.
Misses - Gladys , Hamrick,
C eppelH Lorna E;. ":ers,
" !i and Virginia U. ph-
v;' - I 1 PARTY -"
r:iss Vi;- - i l-.xjfV.iiit entertain
vVi her briJja e! 'i at her home ia
1 98 last Y. " fcy t?non.
3. J, B. X.-'S t -1 i '
reeeni were ".' i C
Vir-'nia Ur
u. C.
In June
75 ;)untie Help ,
' Patients .Treated
At Duke Hospital
-J.u;.:-!.!.V-. ',' .'Jfl.lULiK. .';.!... '..I;.-'. '
Seventy-five counties of the state
made the lot of patients in Duke
hospital easier the past year by as
sisting an" their care, report oi tne
hospitalrecently issued, shows. The
help given by counties ranged from
$2 to more than S9.0Q0, according to
the number of patients sent from
each county. ;
During the year the 10,750 pa
tients who were received at Duke
hospital travelled a total of 1,547,000
miles, or an average round trip oi
144 miles for each patient.
The hospital's report shows that
$509,797.80 was spent on patients or
$4.61: for each , patient each day. Pa
tients themsejves were able to pay
but 53.i percent of their hospital ex
penses. Nearly, $23,000 was paid their home counties;?
Patients fwm' Perquimans wuniy
were .given '479 - days, of care,;iiif
..V . ..l.'T.A . ' IX 1 Hllu4a
themselves,' J2S2.32 by -the county or
city, -$117.82- iff others, and 5&6'iK
by Duke Hospitals -
F. T. Johnson fleeted
President Of Rotary
F. T. Johnson was elected preel
dent of the; Hertford Rotary Club at
the regular meeting on Tuesday
night, succeeding Dr. C. A. Daven
port with Charles E. Johnson vice-
president. r.
The following, board of directors
were elected: Ff'T. Johnspn, Charles
E. Johnson, A.'., W. Hefren, C P.
Morris; Dr. CDsvenport, J. iG.
Robersdk and D. S Darden
it.; ,-. hi i i "i i'ii i J ii
Belvidere Garden
r r; 4 ,QU Has fleeting
TJhe ; Belvidere ' Garden' Club v. met
WeSnesday afimon with .-Mnk-N
.Q, ,Vard. The meeting opened "with
we -nyimv-jjetue umyn oi Kepuo-
hc" Devotional was given by Mrs
Luna ' Layden. Miss Hamrick 'gave
an interesting talk on commercial
patterns.:' Mrs. Thomas Nixon gave
a short talk, and gave out some cut
tings of. shrubbery.
;Mrs. J. A. Chappell gave a read
ing on '-'Waxing floors." 3
. Mrs. W. T. Smith gave a reading
on "Home Furnishings."
Food leader and food Conservation
leaders were to have the program for
next meeting.
' During the social hour a very in
ieresting debate was enjoyed, - the
subject was: ."Resolved that the head
is the Butt end of a goat," -Those
on T the affirmative sida were: Mrs.
Murry Lane, Mrs. Lettie Mae .White,
and Miss Hamrick. Those on the
negative side were: Mrs. L J. Win'
slow Mrs.-T,' C. Perry,'. Mrs. " Oliver
Winslow, . The judges decided in
favor of the aJBrmative side. The
hostess served delicious home made
Winf all W.M.S. Meets
In Hertford Monday
.The Woman's Missionary v Society
of the. Winf all Methodist Church will
meet with the 'Society of the Hert
ford Methodist Church on : Monday
night at 8 o'clock. " ,
o Mrs. J. L. Delaney, of Winfall, will
be present and will make an address.
Mrs. R. T. Clarke, Who was a dele
gate to the recent missionary confe
rence held at Fayetteville; will make
her; report, which is expected to be
very Intresting.
i , v T- - T "-w Pi"''"j
'. ' " . T '7 1 '"- ' ' ' S't-
"Per?" Inatis County islo be r -sentei
in the farm home hour 4u u.d
cast over Station WPTF, Raleigh,
next week.-, . . 1 ,, ir
. Mrs. E. M, Perry, of Durants Neck
who is president ot the Perr ii-.nars
County.IVJ3ration of Ilome demon
stration Clubs, will speak at 1:C9 on
"Cursday May 6, in this program.
The subject of Mrs, Perry's arld
r --j is "Kaking Your t.t , ot the
r e . Dssuul", i 1 ilrs.
j ' , " " . , ' "
Maude Keaton Takes
First Honors In So
prano Solo
Young Lady Will Ap
pear In Recital on
May 7th
Hertford provided one of two win
ners in the Albemarle at the State
High School -Music Contest held at
Greensboro last week, with Miss
Maude Keaton, young Perquimans
High School student winning first
place in sorprano solo class B. Miss
Keaton was given the opportunity
to sing at the state affair by special
privilege granted her because she
was scheduled to' take part in the
state debating contest in Chapel
Hill at the -time that she was origi
nally scheduled to sing in Greens
boro. Miss Kate M. Blanchard, Perqui
mans county chairman of National
Music Week, and chairman of the
Music Department of the Hertford
Woman's Gub, has announced that
she expects to present Miss Keaton
m a recital on Friday, May 7, at 4
o'clock next week, in celebration of
Music Week. The recital will be
given in the Woman's Club Room,
and the public is cordially invited to
In announcing the program Miss
Blanchard stated that she was endea
voting to comply with the suggestion
of the National chairman, president
Roosevelt, who recently stated in a
letter to the Secretary of National
Sfusk Week: "It is my hope that
those interested in the development
of music as a national cultural asset.
will take advantage of the opportuni
ty afforded by National Music Week
not only to present programs of high
puUity 4o the . general public. bmfsijDkigvjaft;. demo,mjtratidAs
also, provide - community prolpmsf;thtl'Bpecialist8 were prepared to
that -will , aid -in- the discovery and
Judge I. M. Meekins
Graduation Speaker
Hon. Isaac M. Meekins, of Eliza
beth City will deliver the address to
the graduating class of Perquimans
County High School, according to an
announcement made by Superinten
dent of Education F. T. Johnson.
Judge Meekins, who is Federal
Court Judge for the Eastern District
of North Carolina, is one of the most
outstanding public speakers in the
United States.
Baptist Briefs
Two worship services were held at
the Hertford Baptist Church last
Sunday , and there was one addition
to the membership.
In the Chowan W. M. U. associat
ional meeting held recently with the
Reynoldson Baptist Church in Gates
county, Hertford got its share of the
new officers. Superintendent Mrs.
D. 8. Dempsey, Assistant Superinten
dent, Mrs. J. E. White, Secretary
treasurer Mrs. E. W. Mayes,
v Our Church Calendar for the week
of May 2-8 is as follows:
9:46 A. M. Bible School.
11:00 A. M. Worship and preach
ing. 7:15 P. M. B. T. U.
8:00 P. M. Worship and preaching.
5 "i s ., Monday
- 8:00 P. M. Home Makers' Sunday
School Class meeting. ' -'
8:00 P. M.- All Jnnior . .organiza
tions' of the- W: M. U. ".i!
8:QffJP. M. Deacon meeting. ' '
":8:00 P, MJudson. Memorial Sun
day: School Class meeting. "Az'' ;
: Ct5-' s.- Wednesday -fa ,
8:00 P. "M. Prayer, ? Praise "and
Bible study. 4. " ,".
The nursery has been equipped and
is under the supervision of Mrs.; E.
W. Mays. The mother Who' have
small babies are invited to, come,
bring the babies, .leave, them in the
nursery and attend the worship ser
vices. " " , f ,
, Setter music is our slogan' for the
r onth of May and we feel sure that
t .088 who attend the morning,' even
1; j or mid-week service will agres
j.t we are living up to our slogan.
J t a fjw more in the mid-week
? r ' j' and we will have to
" a I - r a:torium. Kelp
v t" small c ) and
' " ? f : h us.1 a are
1 r- jto
- v . . j
Demonstration of Ap
pliances Creates Con
siderable Interest
Lower Rate Has Been
In Effect Since First
Of March
One of the interesting facts
brought to light by the demonstra
tion of electrical appliances and
equipment held at the Agricultural
Building on Thursday afternoon oi
last week was that the Town ot
Hertford now has in effect a very
advantageous power rate for those
householders who own more than
one major appliance.
The demonstration, held by L. W.
Anderson, County Farm Agent, and
Miss Gladys Hamrick, Home Agent,
was well attended, particularly by
the people living in the neighbor
hoods where the rural electrification
lines have recently been run, who
were interested in the elaborate dis
play of electrical appliances and in
hearing D. E. Jones, rural electrifi
cation specialist, and Miss Pauline
Gordon, House furnishing and home
management specialist, from the
Extension Department of State
College. Mr. Jones talked on pro
per wiring and the installation of
major equipment for the farm, parti
cularly electrically driven water
pumps. Miss Gordon talked about
household appliances, stressing the
importance of the right kind.
Mrs. Ray Breeding, a representa
tive of the Virginia Electric & Pow
er Company, gave an interesting
cooKfflg demonstration.
Loal dealers in electrical appli
ances had volunteered their wares
for jdUspIay and demonstration pur
pose and. there were, antpw . facili
make; i,
WaWas brought out thav the new
power rate which has been in effect
since the first, of March of this year
offers strong inducement , to pat
rons to utilize more power and to
equip their, homes , with more thin
orte major appliance, such as refrige
rators, ranges, washing machines,
water heaters, oil burners, and the
like. For the owner" of two major
appliances the cost of the first 60
kilowats' used is at the rate of 5
cents, or $3.00. The price of the
next 60 kilowats is 3 cents, or $1.80,
and all above that is 2 1-2 cents. For
example, one may Burn 120 kilowats
at the price of $4.80. But the next
120 kilowats would only amount to
$3.00, the 240 kilowats costing $7.80,
or figuring 3 1-4 per kilowat.
Funeral Conducted
For Mrs. Ella Miller
, Mrs. Ella G. Miller, 66, wife of W.
T. Miller, died at her home near
Hertford, on Thursday, April 22, fol
lowing a long illness.
Funeral -services were conducted
from the home on Friday afternoon
by the Rev. W. G. Lowe, Pastor of
the Perquimans Circuit of The Meth
odist Church, and burial took place
in Cedarwood Cemetery in Hertford.
Pallbearers were Joel Hollowell,
Earl Hol)owell,' Raymond Stallings,
Thomas Harrell, Jesse Stallings and
Wayland Howell.
Surviving Mrs. Miller are her
husband, W. T. Miller; one daughter,
Mrs. Sallie Turnage, of Chocowinity;
two sons, Gaston Miller, of Elizabeth
City, and W. T. Miller, Jr., of Kins-
ton; a half-brother, C O. Fowler,
of Hertford, and v a . step-daughter,
Mrs.' Will Stanton. (, , .
: Mrs Miller was a. woman of very
fine Christian character, honored by
all who knew her and loved by a host
of friends. v , . x -
' Attended U. D. C. Meet
Among the members of the Skinner-Jones
Chapter of the U. D. C.
who went to Edenton on Thursday
to attend; the. District meeting held
there wer$ , Mrs. B. T. Clarke, Mrs.
R.' B, CoX," "Mrs. J. J. Fleetwood,
Mrs. Mark Hathaway, and Mrs. C.
Vj Williford,:sr , , ;
' Visiting Danghter in Perquimans
"Mrs. John, A, Meads, of Weeks,
ville, Is visiting her daughter, Mrs,
Mary E. Bray, who lives on "the
Hertford-Elizabeth City Highway in
Perquimans.' Both Mrs. Bray., and
her mother were ' in : Hertford on
Wednesday to attend the ' (Mission
Study. Class held at , the Hertford
Baptist Church. ,
edbee Nominated
Mayor Of
Mr. Whedbee was nominated
as Hertford's Mayor at a large
ly attended mass meeting held
last Thursday night.
Perquimans Debaters
Reached Semi-Finals
The Perquimans High School de
bating team held their own in the
preliminaries on Wednesday night
in Chapel Hill, being eliminated in
the semi-finals on Thursday morn
ing. The young girls of the two
teams, including Misses Mary Thad
Chappell, Nancy Coke Darden, Sarah
Ward and Maude Keaton, who were
chaperoned by Miss Elizabeth
Knowles, of the Perquimans High
School faculty, report a delightful
trip. They returned home on Sat
urday. .itWr.
Interesting Talks
At Society Meeting
The Woman's Missionary Society
of Oak Grove Methodist Church met
on Wednesday at the home of Miss
Lillian Bright, with Mrs. Emmett
Stallings as leader. Interesting talks
were . made by Mrs. W. W. Lewis,
Mrs. C. P. Quincy, Misses Mattie and
Gracie Ferrell. Mis3 Mildred Lewis
gave the first lesson from the mis
sion study book "Out of Africa."
"Congo Crosses" was the subject of
an interesting talk by Rev. W. G.
During a social hour following the
meeting the hostess served ice cream
and cake.
Those present were Mesaamcs Ad
dic Bright, L. R. Howell, George W.
Jackson, W. W. Lewis, W. H. Over
man, H. E. Ownley, Henry Ownley,
James Ownley, W. R. Perry, Roy
Pierce, C. P. Quincy, Emmett Stal
lings, and Misses Hazel and Lillian
Bright, Gracie and Mattie Ferrell,
and Mildred Lewis, and Rev. and
Mrs. W. G. Lowe.
Seventy-five Attend
Baptist Study Class
Seventy-fice interested women
were in attendance upon the study
classes conducted at the Hertford
Baptist Church on Wednesday. The
meeting was a county-wide affair,
with representatives from the var
ious missionary societies throughout
the county, present, and with Mrs.
Carrol Ward, of Belvidere, presiding.
There were two sessions, one in
the morning and one in the after
noon, with Mrs. J. P. Perry and Mrs.
J. E. 'White conducting the classes
which met in the morning and Mrs.
D'S. Dempsey conducting the after
noon class. The morning devotional
exercises were conducted by Mrs. E.
U. Morgan and those of the after
noon by Mrs, AiJ'F. Proctor. ,
Luncheon was served between the
two sessions..
Sunday School, 9:46 A. M.
' Preaching, 11 A. M. and 8 P. M.
Bpworth League, 7:15 P. M.
; Prayer Service Wednesday, 8 P.
Every Methodist, and those who do
not attend other, chnrchss,' should
profit by attending these services.
The congregations'-, have been 'in
creasing each Sunday -since it was
.announced ... that . the ' church, debt
was Wing " cleared. ' Every .Metho
dist is urged to come .and help to
'make this the best year ; that the
church has had. Everybody is invit
fid to jattend Jthe Sunday, School and
i. ,l
other services of the church,
1 Li-in '
: j
: - ; r.-t
Replaces H. G. Winslow
Who Was Not a Can
didate For Reelection
Hefren, Hardcastle and
Darden Named Com
Silas Martin Whedbee, young
Hertford attorney, was nominated
Mayor of the Town of Hertford, at
the convention held on Thursday
night at the court house, and A. W.
Hefren, W. H. Hardcastle and V. N.
Darden were nominated as commis
sioners. This represents the old
board of commissioners, with the ex
ception of Mr. Darden who succeeds
Dr. C. A. Davenport. Dr. Davenport
declined to accept renomination. H.
G. Winslow, who was appointed to
fill the unexpired term of E. L.
Reed, who resigned, is the retiring
Mayor. Mr. Winslow was not a can
didate. There was a full house at the
town meeting, with greater interest
shown in the nomination of officers
and of town affairs generally than
has been the ease in recent years.
Walter H. Oakey, Jr., presided,
with Lucius Blanchard acting as
secretary, and at the beginning of
the proceedings the convention was
thrown open to every one for dis
cussion and for questions.
W. G. Newby, Town Clerk, read a
statement of the town's financial af
fairs, after which there was an open
discussion of the matter of increas
ing the number of commissioners
from three to four in order to de
legate to the mayor more voting
power. There was apparently a
strong sentiment in favor of this, but
legal counsel brought out the fact
that this could only be done by an
act of the legislature, which is im
possible for another two years, or
until the next meeting of the Gene
ral Assembly.
Mr. Oakey made a strong appeal
to the citizens of the town to get be
hind the Vnovement to put a stop to
speeding on the streets of tha town,
expressing the belief that some child
in Hertford will be killed unless
steps are taken to regulate the speed
of motor vehicles, particularly on re
cently improved Dobb street and on
Church street near the bridge.
Contrary to the usual procedure
in town conventions here, there were
placed in nomination half a dozen
men above the number required for
the board of commissioners. They
included L. N. Hollowell, Z. A. Har
ris, T. R. Winslow, J. H. Towe, Dur
wood Reed and Simon Rutenberg.
H. C. Stokes was the only other
candidate plated in nomination for
the office of Mayor. He received 34
votes and Mr. Whedbee 157.
In placing Mr. Whedbee in nomi
nation, B. C. Berry said "Si Whedbee
is the only man I have ever heard
say he wanted to be the Mayor of
Hertford. Mr. Whedbee did some
thing for the Hertford Fire Depart
ment that nobody else was ever able
to do. I nominate Silas Martin
Whedbee for Mayor."
The nominees will be voted on in
the town election to be held on
May 4.
Mrs. C. E. White was a charming
hostess to her bridge club Tuesday
afternoon at her home at Burgess.
Miss Virginia Umphlett made top
Those present were Miss Clara
Spruill, Mrs, J. B. Basnight, Mrs.
Carl Godwin, Mrs. Winston Lane,
Mrs. Dennis Godwin, Mrs. N. C. Spi-
vey, Mrs. CE. White and Miss Vir
ginia Umphlett.
The hostess served delicious home
made candy.
Among' those who attended the
District Conference of the Elizabeth
City district of the Methodist Church
m at Pillmore Church in Currituck
county on Tuesday and Wednesday
of this week were Rev. D. M. Sharpe
and Mrs. Sharpe, Mrs. Tim Brinn,
Mrs. W. W. Trueblood Mrs. R. T.
Clarke, Mrs. C. T. Skinner and Mrs.
R. L. Knowles.
. A special added attraction .will be
given Monday night by the Melody
Club of the Hertford Colored School
on the 'stage of. the State Theatre at
o'clock, immediately following the
first shoWi This performance will
lest about' thirtv minutes ' and will
;! consist W eoDgs anOances.'

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