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    "G3 TWO
y o o ji
! I
Stwmi-JNB Chandler, ingot We-
ri Boggart?, managing editor o tfce JTsw -'
rork Btar, to m $5,000,000 KM entt
" ftroiteM o Con-US aJJenlmry, -Harries 0eT-;.-
fterty' MtAart, Gladys Btmttm, as tsst
porary affair so that . .- mm Mm )
or aHeiMMow 0 offtctione agatnet Oonnit,
- thereby earning her to drop the euit. The
roper had Gorged her vAtk hutbandtoah
eng, emmeoaeJy. Chandler faOt t love wit
Counts aAs with Mm, and ho peroaude
Baggerty not to etart the oiienotion euit. -
I gut Gladys MM tor her temporary mmmhw
! " emd Haggerty aooueee Mm of double docMnp.
Who Haggerty find Chandler at tho Air
I fcmfrury residence, ho "phonoo to Qlodye to
' eome with a dXcHv, but Ctaffdiar; make
Chapter Eleven
Warren Hagirerty gloated over
the headline proof to go over the
Allenbury story: "Connie Allenbury
Being Sued for Alienation of Af
fection by Mrs. William Chandler,''
and exuberantly poured himself
another drink as Allen hurried in.
"Do we bold the press for the Al-
enDury yarn 7 na asaea.
"Go ahead next edition.. The
longer we wait the better it gets!
1 can see 'em now the. Allen
burys trying to buy Gladys off!
X wish Z was there to see Chand
ler's facet First, ho lies about the
Allenbury case seeing that girl
very day! Then he lies to Gladys
mo the won't make trouble! Then
he lies to me tolls ma be loves
Gladys, so JH step to and clear
the road to Connie.
"You got to hand it to Chandler
ha always did think fast"
"But I think faster! He's played
tight into my hand) I settle the
r. est my slrl back and give
turn a kick In tho paatst Here's to
"Will yo narrf ?"
akad Connie.
'J -
the triple-croasing Chandler!"
"I hops It's nofcwidnipler said
Allen in a low voles, with a glance
at the deor of Maggertv'a office.
Bill and Gladys, arms lovingly en
twined, stood t" :re. Haggerty saw
them, exploded:
"Where have you been, GladrsT"
"dancing," she replied with ahap
py smile at BUI.
"Do yon mean to say, you didn't
go to the Allenbury ?"
"No, we decided against it"
"Kill that story. Allen!" conv
manded Haggerty. When his secre
tary had departed he turned angrily
on BiU and . Gladys. "Now what
have you got to say for yourselves?
What happened?"
"Well, Haggerty " said Bill, "what
would you say if I told you I've
practically gotten Connie Allenbury
to agree to drop the case?"
"I'd say you were a dirty, double
crossing liar!'
"Come, William," said Gladys,
placing a hand on Bill's arm, "I
won't stay and listen to you being
insulted.'' .
"Oh, is that so!" shouted Hag
gerty. "Well, listen to mo not
four hours ago I heard your two
timing Romeo cooing sweet noth
ings into Connie Allenburys ear!"
Bill told me all about that" aaid
Gladys pityingly. "That was tech
nique. But you wouldn't know about
that."'"- -"'
Haggerty had a difficult time
swallowing his rage. "Bill, why
didn't you tell me you'd been seeing
Connie Allenbury? All Gladys had
to do was to bust In that houae "
"Yes! And get our names smear
ed all over your paper!" said
"If I'd told you, you'd have spoil
ed all my good work," explained
Bill like you did tonight barg
ing In after I'd almost convinced
her to drop the suit Believe me,
Warren, this Is the bast way. The
Allenburys are giving a party to
morrow night, and I'll be there and
get her to drop the suit unless
you decide to break In again."
. Yoifre too obvious, warren,"
aid Gladys. "Bill knows best"
- Haggerty's jealousy was more en
flamed than ver at Gladys's cham
Elonshlp of Bill against him, and
e set himself to out-think Bill and
outsmart him. The result appeared
in but a single copy of the Star.
At toe head of the society column
-was an item, to tbejffect that J.
B.-Allenbury and, his, daughter Con.
'ale were sailing after the party for
four monthsr tour of ths world."
-Accompanying them on this cruise,"
continued the Item, "will .be Con
L' aie's favsrlte, William Chandler, Do
"we hear weddlns; -bells?" "
. In his. anxiety to show Gladys the
- Hem, he sought her out In a Dooth
' in beauty parlor where she was
Sjaviti j a permanent wave. She sels
lad the paper from his hands. After
. watching the rage spread over her
Vacs, as she read, Haggerty left
hurriedly. At the Star office, he
' ordered reporters to cove the Al-
lenbury charity basaar .that night
lfadame Pardons, the fortune
. teller the Allenburys had engaged
''to"jainse their guostt, looked wo
'- from Connie's paint "I see data
... man " . - "" . .,,
- T7ondrful!" i!a!'t C." ',
wJ'Ji a .od f o at i I, i-r
x one sjfiffcfci v. A".'
"' t ' i 1 1-r
:V -i :
J A) t
At glance front Connie, Madame
fardona replied: "It all depend-,
upon tte ledjr.- H
vmnnis iook nis aim uu u mm.
out of the tent "Serves you right
trying to m an answer on uai
libel suit!" . V
- xouiuj woman, ywu ire lAuomj t
twang mo ner unaer pronuse ox
an answer!''
"You'll set it when my last guest
leaves." i: . -t A
"You're a hard woman, Connie Al
lenbury." . . a
, "Only when tm crossed . . . "I
Mrs. Van Arsdale and her daugh
ter Babs bursting with news, cor
nered Mr. Allenbury in the midway
which ha had constructed on the
lawn of his home for the amuse
ment of his auests at the charity.
"Oh, Mr, Allenbury, wnerca von-,
nUT Wa'rs dvlna- .to tell her: all
about Mr. Chandler's wife!" gushed
Mrs. Van Arsdale. "You know,
Chandler, the flah-man we met on
the boat We've met his wife,.., .
"Im sure yon'M mistaken Mrs.
Van Ardal---""A-.T-"
. "Oh, no we're notl We saw him
this afternoon coming from hotel
We called to him, but he was get
tins' into a taxi and didnt hear us.
We stopped to leave a message at
the hotel and the clerk said, did
wo wish to speak to his wife, and
r said 'Naturally' and he said
she was in -the beauty parlor shop.
And we saw her!" She laid a hand .
on Mr. Allenbury's arm. ."And, my
dear, she's a eaee a peyehopathia :
"She was in a booth," added Babs.
'and kent sereamiaa Tjet me out
of here! And before we could even
speak to her, she nuked past us"
"Oh, look, there's Connie and Mr.
Chandler now in that tin-type booth '
being photographed!" exclaimed
Mrs. Van Arsdale.
"You wait here." said Mr. Allen
bury hastily. "I'll get them. Well
make a narty of it Til be right
back." He ordered champagne .
cocktails from a nasslnar waiter.
and made his escape.
While Bill was navinar the tin.
type , photographer, Mr. Allenbury
wok aim aaugnxer s arm.
"Connie, I must see you. X can't
talk to vou here. Come. Never mind
Bill; hell keep." He led her to a
secluded spot in a corner of the
yara wnere they were partly hid
den oj ousnes.
"How much does Chandler mean
to you, Connie? Are you In love
with him?" ,
"Not iealoua are vou. Dad?" flha
patted his cheek fondly, but at the
serious look In his eyes, dropped
her lightness. "Terribly in love with
him. Dad. More than I ever dream
ed I could care for anyone. Why?
You like him. don't you?"
"Then stop being mysterious!
Tell me what's worrying you!"
"The Van Arsdales say he's mar
ried." fr-
For a moment shs couldn't utter
a word, then rallied to his defense.
"I don't believe it! You know the
Van Arsdales!"
Tm , afraid If s true. Connie.
They've even met the woman."
"No. I don? believe It! I immt- .
Yes, It would explain so much.. Why
wo always met aione wny , ,
Oh. it's hideous sus tec tins' him. and r'
yet : w,. -tu .!.. -.?. UT 1
We've got to know ask him
point -blank - '-v--. 1 4 .
"Let me ask him,' father in my.
way, Gtf please, darling. 10 ask hha
1 ne cen t mist"aeretana , , , " rn ,
Bhw fnurid B. 1 "i tarraoe.
bunUng for her.' t d ton ran : ,
out ' it's niosr hers,7!-oaaia.!Bn-
reproachfully.' .. "U-v:..,, . -'
'BllL there's . i Tvo got soma- r, ,
" i
imng 10 asa you . . . its just . . ,
there's a question . . . tbe most 1m-
portant I'll aver ask! Just answer ;,. ,
'Yes' or" No' . . but don't explain! ; ,
If tt'a -W, dont explain i ,- Bui : ,
have yon been proposed to much? ;
Completely astounded, he mur-,
mured: "Have I been' - Whatr" t
"You know, proposed to your , .
hand to marriage i ... ." 'She was) ,'
breathless. '
"What are you talking about?".'
She was almost hysterical "Im ,
asking yoa to awry me!" v
."But you tail a question." Bill ;
Wie bewildered. . , 1 , "".
."Thafe a question: Tfttt yoa mar-
ry met"
To tnrned, without arwerin, to 1
t e 1-r In bis anra hoe pu.aed '
U ' -. ' '
. w A your"' '') ' , Ti V
lk-liti-o-aTn-a.jr 0, '-' r "
' , T U eea.'sdX.) '
ilnterestingr Rerding
Anions Old Records
i. Nobody knows what bet&ma 0'
jKachaeU tha Negro slave gi'ri, who
togfther. with" all the slaves was set
free. a year, of two after the date of
the old deed transferring her to the
Mathew; 0. Jordan family, j "
. - Mra, P. H. Small, who' is in charge
of the re-indexing- project in the of
fice of the f Register of : Deeds in
Perquimans, finds some interesting
old records as .she teads through
the finelf 'written pages.' ;, the other
day she ran across , a dee'dated
December 8, 1860, in which her uncle,
Tiiomas Jordan tniuiferred d Negro
slave girl,' f Rachael, ' td: ? Ala sister,
Julia. Jordan, the grandmother of
Mr Small. -.;:-r.'-4-,:l;
G. Granberry, in trust lor Julia Jor
dan and her husband, Mathew 0. Jor
dan and their ; three younger child'
ren, Alice, Arathusa and Fannie C
and the slave girl and her increase
were to have been the property of
the Jordan children after the death
of their parents.
The transfer was made in trust to
Joseph G. Granberry,
Little Arathusa Jordan died with
diphtheria shortly after "this. When
the war came on, the next year, Mat
hew 0. Jordan was very active in
the struggle, 'organizing his own
company. The young officer died
of pneumonia in Richmond that first
year of the war. The little girls,
Alice and Fannie, lived to be quite
old ladies. All have long since pass
ed on.
Doubtless . Kachael, who, in the
natural course of events, .was given
her freedom shortly, after the trans
fer, has also long since gone the
way of all the earth..
P. T. A. Of Ballahack
Holds Final Meeting
The Parent-Teacher Association of
Ballahack held its last meeting Tues
day night with the president, Mrs.
Percy Rogerson presiding. The de
votional . was led by Mrs. L. 6.
Perry. ' : '.IT' ...
During the business session Mrs.
Percy Rogerson was reelected una
nimously as president for next year.
The other officers will be elected at
the first meeting next year.
The following program was given
"The Philosophy of the Parent
Teacher Movement" by Miss Ruth
Hollowell; a poem, . "Somebody's
Mother," by Nellie Chappell; solo iby
Miss Elizabeth White; a story, "The
Cat's Paw," by Catherine Perry;
poem, "Trees,' by Josephine Ward;
song, "Home Sweet Home," by four
school girls; reading by Mrs. Percy
Rogerson; playlet, "An ' Up-to-Date
Cake and lemonade were served by
Mrs. Singleton Lane, Mrs. Percy
Rogerson, Mrs. Mathew Dail and
Mrs.- H. V. Baker. .'' , v . .
prices Several odd pieces of fur
niture. Also a Kelvinator. Mrs.
W. A. Arnold, at Mrs. J. E.
' White's Boarding House.' ap28-tf
for sale." Also turkey eggv .,
. MRS. C. E. SUTTON, ;
on the Small-Sutton Farm.
Route 8. Hertford, N. C '
aprtt 18-tf
you Stomach Ulcers, - Gas Pains,
Indigestion, Heartburn,'; Belching,
Bloating, Nausea, get free sample
doctor's prescription, Udga, at
mar 19 to apr June 4 :,'-:,'Mi
Sale of Valuable Property '',-;':
By virtue of a Mortgage Deed exe
cuted to me by - Chas. Holley-- and
wife, Georgie Holley, for eertain
purposes therein mentioned which
said Mortgage Deed bears date July
7th, 1981, and is registered in the
office of . the Register of - Deeds of
Perquimans County , in v Book 17,
Page 689, I shall on Tuesday, June
4th, 1937, at 11 o'clock A.. M, offer
for . sale at Public Auction, for cash,
at the Court House door in Hertford,
N. C, the property conveyed -to me
in said 'Mortgage Deed bounded on
the north; by -Punch, AJley, on the
Vest -by J3arroValaih south by
George Barrow estate, east by-Chas
Davenport:":-'..-!1'' " :
- ,. - ' t , -' .. .Trustee.
Date posted April 26, 1987.
AprOjaayWS v ' i.-t
By ' virtue -of authority contained
In a resolution of the Board of Edu
cation on March 1, 1937, I will O'er
for sale at the Court House door in
Hertford, on Saturday, ITay 15, ic:7,
at .12 o'clock U... the following de
scribed parcfll of laid situated Li
New Hore T, "nship aid more par',:
rul!r!y d.cii as f."o"-s:
F ;,lnnir? at a f-l..t on V e K"
tile cf t ' 1 . v I --
r k r lft't 3 r
Cf f '8 ' '! ; : ) '
t". ... 3 1 ' '' ( ' "
Tr .
to a stake, thence southeast 76 feet
to the northeast corner of the New
Hope Public School property, thence
South 140 feet, , to the point of be
ginning, j, , , .
. Sale is made for the purpose of es
tablishing a site for a community
building. ';The Bdard of ;, Education
reserves 'the right' to' reject 'any and
Bit iU. j ' ' " "
1 ' ' .'" F, T. JOnNSON, ' Supt.' 1
T";72r Perquimana Co, Schools."
April IV, iwa , . ;v j. ., xi
Apr.l63,80JMay6,lt .'! - - f
Having "oualifled as Administrator
of .the .esUte of Anna Pi Whiter "de
ceased, late" of Perquimans,' County,
North Carolina, thia is to notify aU
persons having claims against the
estate of said deceased to exhibit
I thep to 4idetIsllC'l
dere, Ss. on or belore the, 1st day
of April, 1938, or thia notice .will be
pleaded in bar of their recovery.. All
persons indebted to said estate wilt
please make immediate payment
This 1st day of April, 1987.
Administrator of Anna P. White f
apr. 9, 16, 23, 80 may 6, 12
Having qualified as Administratrix
C 1. A. D. B. N., of the estate of
Millie Bryant, deceased, late of Per
quimans County, Nortli Carolina,-this
is to notify all persons having claims
against the estate of said deceased
to exhibit them to the undersigned at
Belvidere on or before the 7th day
ofApril, 1938, or this notice will be
pleaded in bar of their recovery. All
persons indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment.
This 7th day of April, 1937. -LAURA
Administratrix C. T. A. D. B. N.
of Millie Bryant
apr 9, 16 23 30 nay 7 14
By virtue of authority , contained
In a resolution of the Board of Edu
cation March 1, 1987, I will offer for
sale at the Court House - door in
Hertford on Saturday, May 16, 1987,
at 12:00 O'clock M, the following de
scribed traeu of land: ,
The Whitestotr-School site and
building (furniture excepted) situat
ed in Belvidere Township.
The Chapanoke School aite and
building (furniture excepted) situat
ed in Parkville Township. ' '
Possession of the .above sites will
be rendered at the end of the present
school year. The Board of Educa
tion reserves the right to reject any
and all bids. ;'
PerQuimans Co. Schools.
April 10, 1987.
Having qualified as Administrator
of the estate of C. G. Lamb, deceas
ed, late of Perquimans County, North
Carolina, this to notify all persons
haying claims against the estate of
said deceased to exhibit them to the
undersigned at Elisabeth City, N. C,
on or before the 16th day of March,
1988, or this 'notice wiU be pleaded
in bar of their recovery. All persons
indebted to said estate will pleas
make immediate payment;
This 16th day of March, 1937. 1
Administrator of C. G. Lamb.
By virtue of the authority contain
ed in that, certain mortgage deed ex
ecuted: on the 11th day of January,
c - . '
...J .. r.- '. 1 -ssaaa-s. . . ommmmam. - & - -kas-a' ' " '
1935, by Thomas Hurdle to Ani.a P.
White, and rrdM in the ofT.' cf
te R is'wr of i j i r Perqui....o
Count, N. C, ia L. D. 2ook 19, pp-e
143, default having U 1 made in L.e
conditions' of said mor' rage dod, I
will on the 8lh day of Hay, 19.7, at
the Court House door in Perquimans
County,-N. C:, at 12 - o'clock; nooni
ofTsJar S of sale at public auction to
the highest bidder; for cash, the fol
lowing described . property
.That certain tract of land in Bel
videre Township, Perquimans County,
uescmiea as loiiowsj. 'mat 10 acres
of land divided in two parts by the
Swamp Road from Lane Fork tq Bel
videre; boanded by the lands of John
Billups, Mary) E. Perry, George EeJ
son and Thomas Hurdle,'1-'-; . ;,.(? ..
. Thia'ifha QnA dav n Anvil ; 109T '
r':;4K.A,SCIVWITX .g.K.,WIl'TlflW I
v::,U &-X,'!.Eethto ,'Ji.i -.
a;pV, 9,16,23,0
Today (Thursday) and Friday, April 29-30 . ' - -
STAR-STUDDED : -N. , ; peft aW-
Saturday, May 1
Also "Undersea Kingdom'.
Monday asd Tuesday,; May 84--'
m 1 a
I news 1
' Wednesday,;
4 ri
1 V..-a.
Thursday and Friday, May $-1
Jeanette MacDonaU
1 H Mi $
"?; . .
Hih, Quality Fertilisers
The lessons of the past have to 1,
learned 8"?"v e-h c'ade. v'
Cei Amaxing Relief h
'XJrS Minutet rV . K
Yeu'prebably tael like S lot 0 eMr ;
people that about' all you can do h Out?
some pswder in your ahoe or give yo feet
hut don't be foolUh. Meke UP your mind 1
a ipeciai too? nam. ano wr fo mi.
today Hurt you are gomg fo give your feet
-S reel. chance to fat wen.''- "' " ,
Co to. any food oVuggM today .and set - ,
en original bottle of Moono'i Emerald Oil. ' 1
The very ftrt application will live ou. 1
reiier ens a few mon Treatments win ,
thoroushly convince vou that by itlckins .
fully to It tor a short while your foot
ln wf II be a thins of the oast.
vfteone'i EmeraM 0)1 J.a cln, power.
lul, panetratins Antiseptic Oil-.that deel '
Stain or leave a greatv residua., 1 o
sliilJ UA 4J.JJ
M17. in .
No. 4'
lit - - - 7mm - 1,1
May: S
r I '
iJ -
"-' 4 .' '
and Nelson Eddy in s
r 'i
-u- v, 1 r .' .TK C -
': fn ' ;i J . Kh ft-
l.ji. wee t i ,
t a s

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