s " . ' 4 i ' '.''(' i'1 ', o, ' v , " , n ...... .1 " 1 " T ' HE PEKQUi ?nr? iii nc? EKLYi V t'f " U ' U ! V 4 A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE UPBUILDING OflHERTFORD AND PERQUIMANS COUNTY Volume IV Number 22. i Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, May-28, 1937. $1.25 PiY -If S WE 1Vl , A fc 3 fl Hertford Six Hundred Expected At Sixteenth District ri Gathering : AT HIGH SCHOOL r t Dr. Leon R. Meadows of ' , : Greenville Principal I I ' Speaker At least six hundred women are ' expected to come to Hertford on . next Tuesday, June L according to Miaa Gladys Hamrick, home demon stration agent of Perquimans, -when the annual meeting of the Sixteenth District of Home Demonstration Clubs will be held here. Dr. Leon R. Meadows, President of East Car olina Teachers College, Greenville, will be the principal speaker. For weeks the women of the home demonstration clubs throughout Per quimans have been making plans for - the entertainment of their guests on this occasion and everything is work ing into shape. The meeting will be held in the Auditorium of the Perquimans High School, and the first session will convene at 10 o'clock, with , Mrs. R. S. Harris, of Pasquotank County, District President, presiding. Mayor Silas M Whedbee will make the address of welcome en the part of the Town 'of Hertford and Mrs. . Mi Perry, President of the Per quimans County Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs, will welcome the visitors' on the part of the coun ty. Mrs. Everett Pritchard, of Pas quounk County, will-make the tb- - - sponse. There will be a number of . other prominent: men and women speakers. There will 'se be special mi-hv TU -v.. WC Anderson,- Farm Agent onrotmaiis. --.. Injorder that none .of tne.etnb wc men will hnw- to absent themselves ' from any period of he meeting, the luncheon, which, will .-be prepared by the women of the Perquimans Coun ty Home Demonstration Clubs, will be served by the women of the Hert ford Woman's Club. Following is the complete pro gram! v.'.. Sonar. America The Beautiful: CaU lect of Club Women-'tf America; In vocation, Rev. D. S. Dempsey; Wel come Addresses: Perquimans, Mrs. E. Mv 'Perry;. Hertford, SQas M. Whedbee, Mayor; Response, - Mrs. Everett Prichard, Pasquotank Coun ty: Roll Call bv Counties: Minutoa Of Ljllt Mee tin or: Annointmnt tt committees; Greetings t C. F. W. iifl C.,Mrs. W. W. Stinemates, President a t 46th. District N C. Fed. Woman's '1 , Clubs; N. C. F. H. D. C, Mrs. Her- bert Boneyl President of NC. Fed. 'f' ' Home t Demonstration Clubs; Special j . Music, L' W. Afiderson, County Agent Perquimans County; Introduction of Speaker,. Mrs. M. T. Griffin; Add ;' ress, Dr. Leon R. Meadows, Presi-.- dent,' East Carolina Teachers College; ' Announcement; Song, Follow The Weam ; Adjournment for Lunch. ,Afiernooa . Session Song, The t Homemaker8 Song? Highway Im- provement in N- C, F. H. Brant, i ; Highway Landscape Architect ; Coun- ' I ty Reports, Dare, Currituck, Camden, '? Gates; Special Music, R. S. Monds, 'Hertford; County Reports; Chowan, Perquimans, Hertford, Pasquotank; t Report Of Jane S. v.McKimmon Loan - Fund, Mrs. Dudley Bagley; Report of ' nunittees; Election ; of Officers; ' Farm Equipment Co. Is v ' Covered Wagon ''I Agent --Toe Farm Equipment Company of ; jHertferd lias taken over the agency ., 'in this territory for the Covered Wa i gon Trailer, and one of the late' mo , ' ; dels is on display in Hertfoni :v ' - The trailer, which is of steel, con i i struction, is rvejjr attractive in ap ) rsrnce and la equipped with every- y thing possible in the way of conven- - ience. t Hertford people have been In " t te rested in looking over the attrac ' 'tive little house on wheeta 'withts ; i interesting gadget and applianiefc' t.'N. HlIoW6:i; f ''Piriestoenil.' Jj General Manager of the :Conpany, t .who.invhes Inspection of the model - 'oh hand, says that theie are motltls f 1 to suit the pocketbook of everybody, j Traveling m trailers h.s b'- ' amazingly popular,; as-is ev" " by thettinber of'fciukri Uka t j i r t ush-rn!-t-?rl,; 'ii v $ 4 l---iSC 1 .Li I ii.L2.:J It. 3 ,ti JU ' k'' t-vwns. . .;:- -':W'''----. era f-r s&'.a. ' . 'V - : OnTue day s 1 H AS BIG JOB iipil Miss Gladys" iBemriek,4 ese deaMnstratlset agent et Perqui mana'Caenty w M eupervimnf pians fer the- entertainment of six hundred dnb wosten who .are expected te attend the an- nual district meet ing f Kerne d ntenatratien clnbe . tk be held het next Tuesday. District Presideht -Speaker At Woir.ln's Club Meet Friday Mrs. W. W. Steinmates, of Elisa beth City, District President of the Woman's Club, will be oresent at the rmeeting of the Woman's Gub bn Friday afternoon of .thls week end will make an address.- , The regular, time of the meeting or tneT otk 'Trrnnrflway mrteraoon, but due' to the closing exercises of the schools and so many entertain ments of various kinds, the meeting has been postponed until Friday af ternoon.' The hour of meeting .is 4 o'clock. All lumbers of the. club are urged to be present at the meeting. Milton Jordan Shows Progress In Hospital The condition ' of Milton Jordan, the thirteen-year-old son of Mr, and Mrs. W. C. (Bill) Jordan, of Bag- leys Swamp, who is a patient in the Norfolk General Hospital, is reported as very satisfactory. . Young Jordan underwent an opera tion for appendicitis on Friday morning. A little thing like that is only an, incident to Milton, however, who during his comparatively short life has had more than one narrow escape. . Some four or five years ago, when the boy was quite a little fellow, he was very seriously injured by the irate mother of a brood of little pigs out at the Jordan farm. The sow at tacked the boy and but for the time ly arrival of his father ' the conse quences would have been serious in deed. Upon another occasion the boy had one leg severely gashed by a splin ter of window glass, necessitating jurgical attention. Teachers Elected For Perquimans Schools AH of the teachers of Perquimans High School were re-elected on Wed nesday with the-excention of Fran cis Jennings, who waa not an appli cant and refused to accept the posi tion as athletic ? coach - and teacher which he has filled temporarily since Carl Rogers resigned several weeks , The teachers in-the ''elementary schools of the county and town -were also reelected, subject to the allot ment of teachers by the State School Commission. i , : , J ,.- It 5s " possible ' however ' thai ''one nemberof the "nevr ' Winfall School district faculty will he eliminated be cause of the Uncertainty of the allot ment of teachers tor that distrltj i; .'Misa.thHolfwli ;"iryf.ef'pn-. plls a picnic it the school ,U last day, Thursday; Several of the,, ioJl ers and children who will enter school i 1 - - f."-4lthe''r!c"",'"'too.:.,:; " i'. f f naiea were p'.yeJ, f pic- ! "a were iw.vd VK MID WEEK HALF HOLIDAY BEGINS NEXT THURSDAY Stores Close at 1 P. M. During June, July vAnd Auguust bankTtoo Shoppers Urged to Co operate In Making Plan Success Perquimans shoppers will take notice that vacation time is here and that, beginning with Thursday of next week, Hertford merchants will give their employees a half holiday each week throughout June, July and August. Not only the merchants will close for the afternoon on Thursday but the Hertford Banking Company and Johnson, White and, Co., Insurance, and T.. S. White, Jr., Insurance, also join in taking off Thursday afternoon during the hot months. Following is a list of all those business houses which have agreed to close their doors at 1 o'clock on Thursday afternoon throughout June, July and August: . Hartford Banking Company, Da ratMMrtriai Jttanehard. H. C. Stokes. J. C.BleAcIwH;& Company, Inc., D. Pender GroeJ$&ji Simon's,, Mrs. Jake White; Gregory's 5, 10 26 Cent Store, Central-Grocery, R. S. Jordan, Carolina Hardware Company, Hertford Hardware A Supply Com pany, W. M. Morgan, Morgan's Mod' ern Grocery, The Smart Shop, John- Son, White A Co., Darden Bros, Rose 5, 10 A 25 Cent Store. Memorial Day Will Be Observed On Monday; ' Memorial Dey falls on Sunday postoffice rules and regulations, the holiday Willi be observed on Monday, 1 May 3V The Hertford postoffice will be dosed all day Monday, with no rurai or city delivery. The stamp window will, however, be open one hour, from 11 a. m. to 12. The Hertford Banking Company will also observe the national holi day. Tim Rufus Brinn Receives Gold Star The final averages for the aca demic year revealed that thirty-four Marion Institute students, among whom is Tim Rufus Brinn, of Hert ford will be awarded gold stars for having .averaged 85 or above with no grade below 80 in all subjects for the second ' semester of the school year 1936-37, Major L. H. Baer, Dean announced today. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT Born to Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Stanton, at their home in Winfall on 1 Monday, May 24, a daughter. Mother J and daughter are getting along nice- j ly. I Visitors During With one of the biggest summer I seasons in the three-county history of I Manteo and historic Roanoke Island are looking toward July 4 and" the of ficial opening of the 850th anniver sary celebration at Fort Raleigh of the landing of Sir Walter Raleigh's first English settlers in America which will bring hundreds of thou sands of visitors to the place where the Nation's history had its begin ning. . , ' President , Franklin D. Roosevelt will lead-the largest , pilgrimage to Fort Raleigh on August 18, the birth date of the baby Virginia Dare, first born of the English, in America,: but officially the celebration will open On Sunday morning, July 4, with re ligious Services in the little log cha pel at Fort JRaleigh conducted by the Rt. Rev.. Thomas C. .Darst,- of Wil mington, ' Episcopal' Dishop 'ofl the Dioaeae of East Carolina, who dedi cated' the chapel three yearn ago., ' ; Paul . Green5t' dietingaished forth Carolina playwright and : winner of the coveted Pulitzer prise for; drama in 12Z : will "be on Roanoke Island beginning Jane 1 .busy rehearsing the players .who are to appear in his hew & .t't pageant: "Th Lost Colony", wl.di will be p i tasted for the first t' 3 e-r'y in J- 'y on the sound shore tt I . -. I " ' h a hi'cre, natural amphitheatre carved from the same OWNERS OF DUGS IN TROUBLE OVER LAWJIOLATION Brought In Court For Not Having Dogs Inoculated FOUR TRIED Warned That Arrests Would Follow Three Days Notice The case against N. N. Trueblood, of Hertford, charged with failure to have a ddg inoculated for the pre vention of rabies after being noti fied, was dismissed by Judge Walter H. Oakey, Jr., on Tuesday, after it was shown that the dog had been inoculated by an Elizabeth City ve- tenarian four days before the war rant was served, but the defendant was told by the Court that he was not sure he was not in contempt of court. "It does seem to the Court", continued Judge Oakey, "that you could have cooperated with the offi cers by simply stating that you had already complied with the law, in stead of carrying a chip on your shoulder and attempting to take up the time of the court in trying the case." There were four such cases in court on Tuesday charging failure to comply with the anti-rabies law. May 15 was the date set for the closing of the campaign for inocu lating dogs in Perqeknwm,- since which time officers have been warn ing such dog owners as have failed to comply with the law that if their dogs were not inoculated within three days they would be subject to ar rest. Mr. Trueblood failed to have his dog inoculated by A. A. Nobles, the county rabies inspector, but had the . work done by an Elisabeth City vetonarian. When officer M. G. Owens on JH ay 17 ( saw Mr. Trueblood and informed him that he would be arrested if he failed to have his dog vaccinated within three days, Mr. Trueblood admitted on the stand that he did not inform the officer of the true state of affairs but told him to go ahead and make the arrest. The law provides that the officer shall ex amine the dogs to see if they are wearing the metal tags provided by the rabies inspector. The officer did not see Mr. Trueblood's dog. Mr. Trueblood conducted his own case in Recorder's Court, cross-examining both the state's witnesses. If was only after he took the stand in his own behalf that he displayed the certificate and tag from the veter narian. le stated that his reason for withholding the information from the officer was the officer's attitude; that the officer told him that if he did not have the dog inoculated he was going to swear out a warrant. Ellie Sutton, colored, of 3ethel Township, was sentenced to the roads for thirty days upon conviction of failure to have his dog inoculated after being warned by an officer. Sutton was also given a sentence of (Continued on Page Five) Big Celebration low sand dunes the first colony of Englishmen, women and children trod three centuries and half ago. Prof. Fred Koch, also a prominent figure in the field of dramatics and hailed as the father of the Little Theatre movement, will come down from Chapel JIill to assist in, direct ing the. pageant-drama. ' More than 130 players, 'many of them profes sional artiste recently recruited from the Federal theatre project in New York,. will take the leading roles. Beginning July 4 and continuing through Labor Day, September 6, D. Bradford Fearing, executive secre tary of the Roanoke Colony Memorial Association, has arranged as unique a series of celebrations as has been the privilege of North Carolinians to witness. . Special days have been set aside for various civic, religious and patriotic organizations who will part icipate in the celebration of the 860th anniversary at Fort Raleigh, For instance, : July 28 has been set aside as National Aviation Day during the celebration when tribute will be paid to Orville Wright, co-inventor of the first airplane to fly successfully a cross the sands o nearby y Kitty Hawk, no great distance from where Raleigh's, first colony landed. August 4 will be U: t: C. Day at Fort Ra leigh with Mrs;; John H. Anderson, of Raleigh, State regent, in atten--r" (Continued Page Five) . Closing Exercises At P. C. H. S. Wednesday i i I SPEAKER JUDGE 1. M. MEEKINS Perquimans County was high ly honored by having Judge Isaac Meekins as commence ment speaker at the Perquimans High -School Wednesday night. Poppies On Sale In Hertford Saturday Saturday, May 29, will be Poppy Day in Hertford and in thousands of other cities and towns throughout the United States. Millions of bright red DODOies will be worn in Ameri ca's annual tribute to the World War dead. Members of the Unit of the Ameri can Legion Auxiliary of Edenton will be on the streets Saturday morn ing with baskets of the memorial flowers, offering them in exchange tor contributions to aid the war s liv ing victims, the disabled veterans, their families and the families of the dead. They will continue working throughout the day, giving everyone an opportunity to "honor the dead and aid the living" by wearing a poppy. Preparations for the observance of Poppy Day in Hertford have been completed by the Edenton Auxiliary under the leadership of Mrs. J. W. "wive, general cuairman. roppies will be distributed bv several women White, general chairman T, . I "-- ' j I and girls, all working as unpaid i ,,ve' to teacli obedience to ami. em volunteers. Monev received fnr thp forcement of its laws: to satafr fm. Ml l i ... .1 jiuwcrs win oe usea io neip main- tain the welfare work of the Legion And Aliviltnrv amnntr HiooKIa imtA rans and fatherless families during! the coming year. "The little red doddv worn above our hearts Saturday in the trust avm. bol of our remenbrance for thosjl who gave their lives in the nation's service during the World War," said Mrs. White. "It is their flower. It grew on the fields where they died and it was' the only floral tribute on the bare battle graves where they were buried. We of the Auxiliary are hoping that everyone in Hert- ford will understand the poppy's sig - nificance and wear one with pride Saturday." Baptist Assembly Convenes June 7th Announcement is made that the Chowan Bantist Assembly. whiVh i held nnuilv t n,nw.n rn held annually at Chowan College, win convene on June 7 and continue through, June 12. The entire list of the young people of Hertford who will attend the as sembly this year is not complete, but I a aozen of the younger groups will probably go. Teachers this year include Dr. Her sey Davis, who is Professor of New Testament in the Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, Ky.; Dr. B. W. Spilman, Field Secretary of the Southern Baptist Sunday School; Rev. M. O. Alexander, member of the North Carolina Baptist State Board, and Dr. C. G. McDaniel, who was for 35 years a missionary to China. Oscar Creech is Director-in-Chiet and Rev. D. S. DemDsev. nastor nl the Hertford Baptist Church, is As-j sociate director. The expenses for the week are moderate and any information as to the necessary equipment to take will be furnished by Mr. Dempsey. Perquimans was well represented at the assembly last summer. Mrs. Hathawav Here . r Mrs. Bv W. HathaWay, of Edenton, was the week-end guest of Mrs. W. H. Hardcastle. Judge Isaac M. Mtekins Makes Addrega ta Graduates 48 IN CLASS Large Audiences PttSr ent Each Night d Commencement Hon. Isaac M. Meetin. )SAbb beth City, addressed, the UTadsjiltfU class of Perquimans High. &yMl fA the presence of a house pagkftd t capacity on Wednesday nigktk Kailfl. the closing exercises o iekil were held, and 48 young pejlMMt lw ceived their diplomas, prejaft4 T. S. White, chairman of. a jtfj of Education. Judge Meekins charmed; k ers with his usual eloquent QttnV mg the words of Jeremiaj Hfc jprs phet, "Set ye up a slan.d.aj4 is tfce land," the speaker said, yJ not a command to halt, buA 'e. MaV mand to march; not a cejajaja & retreat, but a command to flsMffe not a cry of defeat, but a. aJsMIt victory." Telling his audience kM tfc eas ting up of standards by the iaitifeB of the world and by each faesB?isMd is as timely now as was tise) Utf $t the old prophet then and tkfc ajMfc individual must have a staaiajrA ftft guide his life purposes, that he : understand people, their of life, modes of though of conduct: their envir their proneness to selfish tions, must understand ike phy of the mind, the ranam eC man action, the real science ee: , ernment and mankind itself. In closing he said: "And now I leave for tato eration of each member of she graduating class, Truth, Lowe, Osart esy, Frankness and Preparation Consider them all and thea accept them. Ifs you keep these five simple requirements fresh in year asinda, you will gradually grow iaie good citizens of the Commonwealth. Anal good citizens of the Coinmonweatta are more important than great citi zens. A great citizenship as desir able, but a good citizenship is aaaie pensible. The noblest aim ea the good citizen are to kindle " i lylty for the Republic in taWek we rAftllv rpnMttanttitiira a.ammmm 4 --7-- I PrinciP'e8 of freedom aad which our forefathers dtei ther den!d the tell tirebesB tt young land and built tbesr I alon its streams." 1 Commencement pYprriam Sunday night, whn the Kef. D. S. Dempsey, pastor of the Hi Baptist Church, preached, tike laureate sermon. There services at any of the esoatf r town churches and a large amfefniwr . was present to hear Mr. Demgwey ami to take part in the service-.. On Tuesday night, when eiatffl y : exercises were held, the hovmn was packed and standing room a at nrmium. Following is a list of tiue gfejjs and boys who were graduated tinam Perquimans High: Hollowell Nixon, Maude WnisHsay Hazel Mathews, Thelmai "fx James Boroe' Blanche Bufflear; OBsatte i Butler, Helen CofReld, MSittam Thelma Dail, Waverly D'Qnsft, nie Foster. Marie Fowtoc Harrell, William H. Hatdaaaslev - Hilda Hobbs, William ITillsss. ence Hurdle, Margaret die Lane, Mary Lane, Kos Doris Lewis, Myrtle Hattie Pearl Nowell, Hasel Pike. Sybil He min Smith. Mifr Smiih Standin, Margaret Tllii llH . Oatf Turner, Sarah WardH wr'mitr White, Evelyn White. Virsdiriia,ailan. AlcesU Whitehead, Rutin Daphne. Willey, Alcora Wiim0iM-;CB-don Winslow, Katherine Khn&n, Joyce Winslow, Maude WmBtmb Minnie Lee Winslow, Teresa. TOhw low and Sallie B. Wood. On Honor Roil M University Off BK.C Louise Pavne. nf Hrtffmii.i montr 348 students makinr tflss i lastic honor roll last quartaw att I University of North Carcuiasv n nuuee tne nonor rou s i must make an average (90-96) en all courses.. - 1 ' 1 ' - Miss Pavna ia the daaulitaaenta'fciB. and Mrs. S. E. Payne. '

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