, T A" iilllilll mm MVli 'A WEEKLY NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE UPBUILDING OF HERTFORD AND PERQUIMANS COUNTY .Volume V. Number ill; ;"rT ; Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, March 18, 1938. $1.25 Per Year. i L L.' 1 W a& njiw if if rwi rwin. rwi JJs Si m fenlotion nilby fiWords Project Aimed Relieve Traffic In Business Section ; 0PENIN2WEEKS Eliminates Necessity of Trucks Stopping In Front of Stores A; fifteen-foot alley connecting iMarket and Grubb Streets, to inter met Market .Street between the Hertford Clinic and the Stokes Build ing, and to meet the intersection of . Punch Alley on Grubb street, will oe open to traffic in about two weeks. - Hie project, devised chiefly to re- . lieve traffic congestion on Hertford's main business thoroughfare, Church Street, will be open to traffic in about two weeks, according to Mayor bilas M. Whedbee. The town has already accomplished s great deal by draining the area with ditches recently cut, and a force is engaged in the work of filling in where it is necessary. Frame build ings will have to be moved in order to open up the road-way and other improvements made. When this alley is opened it will i be a convenient stopping place for trucks servinsr stores on the west side of Church Street and will elimi nate the necessity of trucks stopping in front of the stores, which now causes much traffic congestion. It will also be very convenient for - the new postoffice to be opened in the old Carolina Bank Building next summer. Church Street is a link in the Coastal Highway and there is always - a great deal of foreign traffic, with isometimes many as -a hundred foreign' cars passing wrougn ut- u hour, so that it is particularly urgent that the traffic lane be kept open at all times. Keeping it open has been a problem with trucks and busses stopping between two lines of parked cars. Masonic Meeting . Is Highly Praised Charles M. Griggs Com pliments Local Lodge On Recent Affair Peraulmans Lodge No. 106 of Masons received the following ac knowledgement this . week , from Charles M. Griggs, Mas tor of Eureka Lottos No. S17 of Elizabeth City! ."It is a human characteristic for individuals and. organisations to en- I Joy reciprocal . social and fraternal intercourse. , s 1 , "But it too frequently happens that the individual, if not the organ- itation, forgets, or is dilatory in ex : dressing pleasure to his host " "Therefore, I am writing, to ex- nrexii to Perauimant Lodge . as a whole, and all others who- contributed to the success of the first Masonic y.l pjstrict meeting last Tuesday night, tlflWJ . . " . i ' hi " ' ; ; "I Just' want you to know that in ' ' my opinion this was an outstanding success, splendidly conducted, not too y ' long drawn out, nor dia it oecome " tiresome .liu any particular. Con- v tluded-vithv.' a ; splendid supper at which there was not too much speak ing to make yopr guests fidgety. . "In fine, I Versonally consider this ' It particularly : outstanding meeting -; and I want you brethren to know it i ' ;"Reassurmg you of my highest re ' 'gard and every good wish,- and thank ing you for a most pleasant evening, am, a V'vw. Yours sincerely and fraternally, ClIARIJS M. GRIGGS, P. M. ; r i:.--.ka Lodge No. 817." Revive! In Progress ll" , At L;.;:.: "ft Church ' A very cordial iiv i is extend '.val ser- ej to all to atti.-.J t i wines row In progress at t "?'" iC'.rt Church. , 1 . C. 2. Earnhar-1", r Lc. Cu"ere, f" - j i7 ml -reached 1 s i r-rtford t ff hir; at e. ' ' Yr Uen 1 0 Foot Trdffio aelief County Turns In Big Vote Saturday For Cotton Control The country voted overwhelm ingly In favor of crop control in Saturday's two-crop referenda. Perquimans County's vote was was 894 for and 22 against. In Perquimans there was only one farmer eligible to vote for or against tobacco control. H. G. Wilder, of Belvidere Township, who ,had grown the only tobacco grown in Perquimans last year, cast his vote for control. The voting in the six precincts was as follows: Nicanor, 92 for and 2 against; Belvidere, 98 for and 8 against; Parkville, 207 for and 2 against; Hertford, 178 for and 5 against; Bethel, 110 for and 5 against; New Hope, 209 for and 5 against. High School Closes Earlier This Year; Last Day May 4th " Presented Senior Play On Wednesday Night 50 IN CLASS Junior Banquet Upper Classmen Thursday The Perquimans High School will close earlier this year than has oc curred in any previous year of its schools of the county will close at the '"v ul "lu v same time, on May 4. I ' ?bb.e Weeks, Nehi The first of the commencement ex-1 5-?'" DlvT?rs , &e"e, P,erry prr.iP nf th hiiri, mImaI was held ec Wheeler, Beverly Blanchard, ' ' on Wednesday night of this - week, when the Senior play was given. " 1 Next on the program will be the junior-senior banquet, which wilr be held on Thursday night, March 24, when the junior class will entertain the senior class at a colorful affair which is the high light of the year from the standpoint of the juniors. On May 1, the baccalaureate ser mon will be preached, with the class day exercises being held on Tuesday following, and on Wednesday, May 4, the graduation exercises will be held. Jl KloUUslblVIl OACIVlOCO Will UO HClUi I , No snnouhcement has been made J by County Superintendent F. T. Johnson" as to who will make the address to the graduating class this year, which numbers about 50. ' Weather conditions have been so favorable this winter that the school buses have had little trouble in trav eling the. dirt roads which in other years have caused so much trouble. Though measles has kept many chil dren from school at various times, nq time has ..been lost, by the school as a whole. . The closing, of school was delayed lasto year , because" of the necessity of closing the schools when roads became impassable" during the whiter months, and the High School closed on May 21. . . Tim Rufus Brinn " Named life Guard Tim Rufus Brinn was appointed life guard at the Bathing Beach for next summer at the meeting of the Town Council on Monday night The young man, who is a student at Puke University, held the job last summer and -his services were very satisfactory. : His was the only ap plication on file, i -. i . A breakwater,' to be constructed Term ) with the breakwater on the property of H. C Stokes, will be built by the Town at the foot of Punch Alley, and the area will be drained and filled in and furnished with benches and made attractive ' those who wish to see and en.. ? the view of the river. , , .. ere irw wm suggestion that ef the . othier streets of the; v ' ich - lead ! to the river, X and Grnlb tr t, tually- bo ; put i i o ''a public to rave ei Ball Scheduled I" "2 Game on Sunday After noon Between Two Local Groups GAME POPULAR Enough Teams Expect ed to Organize Local League By LUCIUS BLANCHARD Hertford's newest summer pastime is scheduled to get underway with full steam ahead when the Bill and Viv-Hertford Hardware Softball ag gregation collides with the Stato Theatre Aces on the city recreation lot Sunday afternoon. boftball was first introduced to Hertford last summer when the city council graciously equipped the park ing lot with a battery of floodlights. The pastime proved so popular that this season before activities even started two local clubs had already been formed. The winners in Sun day's game will probably tangle on the same afternoon with Dillman's Winfall Sluggers, who performed last summer with sensational success against a Hertford all-star organiza tion. Rumor has it that the Masonic I Order will put a team in play and if tne high school comes through with a club, Softball interest will no doubt hit a new local high this season. The State Theatre boys. Winfall. the Bill and Viv-Hertford Hardware clan, the high school lads and the Masonic Lodge should be able to form an exciting Big Five Softbal' Circle. To date Bill and Viv's has signed R. S. Monds, Jack Brinn, Vivian Mathews, Haiel. Mathews, Crafton Mathews, Corbin Dozier, Bob Bates, Louis Nachman, Jim Newbv. Fred Chalk and Hollowell Nuxon, while the State Theatre has secured the ser- VIMAa nf I iHIaI.h f . U V. TO 1 f UHii.. 11 M..n Sidney Blanchard, Ashley Fleetwood and Lucius Blanch ard. Both clubs are looking for new material daily. Word from Winfall has it that the same boys who made things interest- .jf iii in au circles last year, will probably enter the affray in almost, The four points in the ratified pro. tne same batting order again this;gram f0now; summer. 1. To insist that all gasoline and v A roup of local girls were re-motor vehicle tax revenues be used cently bitten by the baseball bug for highway purposes only and to and enlisted Louis Nachman to coach ! urg the adoption of an amsndment mew in Uie ruuimeiiuj oi me sou- a H ., . . , am . K the teke form Coach Nachman, as manager, plans! to match the lassies with other bemarle clubs during the summer. Among those having voiced ambi tions to pit their strength and skill I T Z.AWna, Jr :'( the federal gasoline and lubricat Bernlce White, Grace Knowles, Edith ing oiI taxe8 Everett, Blanche Everett, Jeanne! Tn nnn' ii tnv anH ntw White, Ruth Nachman, Virginia White, Helene Nixon, Hazel Mayes, Hilda Knowles and Ruth Nowell. Ttios. i Long Dies At Home In Bethel Funeral Held In Bethel . Church on Friday v Afternoon . Thomas J Long, l 74, died at his home in the Bethel . Community of f the county on Wednesday night, fol lowing a years- yiness. j Funeral services .Will be held on Friday, afternoon at 2:30 o'clock at the Bethel Baptist Church, of which he was a member. . i. Mr. Long was a native of Per quimans and a prominent citizen. Be ,vks .for several years a member of the Board of County Commission ers and took an active interest in county affairs. , - . Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. J. 'M. Fleetwood and Mrs. Mary L. Hayman, both,., of Bethel; and two sons, J. H. Long and T. A. Long, both bf .Washington, D. C, Jf vuii ; uiilli u Y UKU-. -: Dressed Student Carl Britt, who is a student at the K;-..:.-urj; Textile Institute. at ur?, s .V., v s recently vot- el i d l t d tudent on: the r r ' , nex highest Men Advocating (Use State Tax Money Highways Only Group Holds Meeting In Dining Room at Hotel 24 GUESTS Diversion Cited Unjust ; And Very Dangerous Policy .'Use of the state income from au tomotive taxes exclusively for high way financing, the purpose for which these levies were imposed, and the adoption of a Constitutional Amend ment to accomplish that, was advo cated Tuesday by J. E. Winslow, Chairman of the Perquimans County Petroleum Industries Committee, up on nis election as chairman at a meeting held in the dining room of the Hotel Hertford following a lunch eon at which there were 24 guests, including nas and oil distributors service station men, automobile deal ers and others. 'Diversion of automotive tax in come to purposes unrelated to the highways is one of the most unjust 3Bd dangerous financial policies a state could adopt," declared Chair man Winslow. "It is unjust to the motorist taxpayers because it means spending lor something else the tax money that has been paid for roads. 16 is dangerous because it means neglect of roads, with resulting in- clfease in highway accidents, deaths I ahd injuries Officers of the county organization iipe as follows: tJ. E. Winslow, chairman; L. N. Hollowell, vice chairman. ; Legislative Committee: J. H. Towe, etowiian, and Fred- Winslow. Local Affairs Committee: Vivian Mathews, chairman, and E. A. Good- man. I Public Relations Committee: D. F. I Reed, chairman, and George Jackson. S. Gilmer Sparger, of Raleigh secretary of the North Carolina Petroleum Industries Committee, as sisted the local men and addressed I the meeting. Other speakers were: I Jno. E. Dozier, of Raleigh; J. H. Conger, of Edenton; S. P. Smith, of i Elizabeth City; J. E. Winslow, J. H. I Towe, D. F. Reed, L. N. Hollowell, i and j. T. Renton. of Hertford . ,u0 ; omnliah. - "lc UllOblLUblU ment of that end 2. To render assistance to state Al-jand federa, authorities in detection and elimination of gasoline tax eva- sion. I 2. To work toward the abolition! proposals inimical to the petroleum industry and its motorists customers. Mr. Sparger stated: "The rapid growth in the cost of special addi tional taxes paid by motor vehicle owners and other consumers of gaso line, and the rising cost of taxation imposed upon the activities and pro ducts of the petroleum industry it self, have forced oil men throughout the country to organize for the pro tection of their customers and them selves. Their activity represents no attempt to -dodge fair and reasonable taxation, but it is a nationwide move ment for tax justice, economical gov ernment, and effective administra tion of public revenue. North Caro lina oil men, forming Petroleum In dustries Committees for every coun- ty, are prepared to work with other organizations of taxpayers which be- lieve that a sound financial policy is essential for the continued develop-land ment and progress of the highway svstem of our state." Adoption of an Amendment to the State Constitu tion "positively and permanently" prohibiting the use of all special mo torist taxes for any purpose other than the construction and mainte nance of highways and the retirement of bonds issued for the construction of same was advocated. Mr. ..Sparger also said that an in creasing proportion of the State's revenues from special additional tax es paid for highway financing is be ing diverted to other purposes, and Warped' that I if this practice con tinues, the stats soon will have no money whatever for roads and will be asking motor vehicle owners and operators to pay higher taxes.. ' Those attending the. luncheon in cluded Chairman J. E.' Winslow, of ,-.-.,.! on tj Five) . 1 Weighty Matters Confront Town Criers j HAT IN RING I J. T. Iienton, Perquimans County's Representative in the last General Assembly, who has announced his candidacy for re election. Plans Outlined For Local Observance Better Homes Week Goal to Make Perquim ans Cleanest County In State MANY IDEAS All Organizations Lend Support to Campaign April 24-30 Keeping step with the nation-wide movement, Perquimans County is falling in line in preparation for the observance of National Better Homes Week, which is to be observed in this county as "Clean-Up Week," the week of April 24-30. Miss Gladys Hamrick, home dem onstration agent, who was appointed county chairman of the movement, is enthusiastic about the plans, which were discussed on Friday night at the meeting held at the Agricultural Building when Mayor Silas Whedbec, Mrs. J. G. Robereon, president of t!,p Hertford Woman's Club; W. H filllilH Hardcastle and A. W. Hefron, of the Town Council; G. C. Buck, teacher of vocational agriculture in the Perqui- mans High School; the home beauti- ncation leaders of the various home demonstration clubs of the to'mty, and others, were present. The meeting was called by Miss Hamrick and Mrs. Roberson, acting jointly, and was presided over by Miss Hamrick, who, after stating th? purpose of the meeting and outlining briefly her plan to enlist the coop eration of every interested citizen as well as the head of every organiza tion in the county, to make Perquim ans County the cleanest county in the State, called on various persons pres ent for expressions of ideas. And ideas there were, with sugges tions which ranged from cleaning the hideous signs from the highways and cleaning up unsightly piles of tin cans and other debris from about service stations, to planting shrubs and flowers along the highways. Mayor Whedbee stated that the town would cooperate in every possi hie way and to the fullest extent, with the job of cleaning up the town, promised to see that all trash ' collected would be promptly hauled away at the time desired. Mrs. J. G. Roberson, speaking for (Continued on Page Five) The. State Highway & Public v Works Commission, will be peti tioned for a highway patrolman to be stationed at Hertford. ; The petition,- which originated in the Town Council, and in which l the Board of County Commission ers are Joining, will be presented in person . to the Highway Com? mission by t number of represen tative citisens of the town and county,, headed by - Mayor Silas M. Whibesu , ' 5 - j Cop Wanted Next Meeting Fire Hazard at Gram mar School Claim Attention MEET MARCH 25 Formation of Municipal Planning Board Also On List At 'the next quarterly meeting of the Town Criers, that organization formed last fall for the avowed pur pose of making Hertford ahetter place in which to live, whichw! be held on Friday night of netfiVeek, there will be presented some matters vitally important to Hertford. The first ana most urgent matter to be taken up is that of the fire hazard at the Hertford Grammar School. The second will be a report from the Sports and Recreation Commit tee, consisting of A. Y. llef'ren, A. L. Skinner, Jack iirinn, and Dr. J. W. Zachery, which should develop some thing interesting in connection wiih various branches of sports. The third matter will be the report of a committee, consisting of J. G. Roberson, Dr. C. A. Davenport and 1!. C. Berry, appointed by the direc tors for the purpose of tha forma tion of a municipal planning board. All of these matters were gone into at length on Thursday night of last week, at the meeting of the directors. With refenmce to the fire hazard at the Grammar School, which has been the subject of discussion for some months, Silas M. Whedbee, who had been appointed a committee of one to make an investigation of con ditions, made a report. Mr. Whed bee stated that there was an asbestos covering over the. boiler and that he found the floors of the furnace room were kept free of paper and trash. He also reported that the outer doors of the building opened outside, and that in a fire drill held it took only a little over two minutes to get the children out of the building, with the exception of those of one room. The matter of no fire escapes, with particular reference to the auditor ium, which is on the second floor, was discussed. There was also some discussion of securing a special offi cial inspector to look the situation over, Dr. J. W. Zachary, who has a little girl in the school, and who has made considerable investigation on his own responsibility, stated em phatically that, no matter who were to tell him that the building is safe, he would not believe them. Dr. Zachery and Mayor Whedbee were appointed a committee to coop erate with the Parent-Teacher Asso ciation with a view to making the school building as safe as possible, and were instructed to report to the Town Criers what progress they make. County Council Of P. T. Organized Mrs. M. T. Griffin Elect ed President of New Group Mrs. I. A. Ward, chairman of Dis trict Nine of the Parent-Teacher As sociation, organized a County Coun cil of the Parent-Teacher Associa tions of Perquimans on Monday even ing, with the following officers being elected: Mrs. M. T. Griffin, president; Mrs. Steve Perry, vice-president; T. C. Perry, secretary, and Clinton A. Perry, treasurer. The County Council is formed from officers and members of the various county units, the objectives of the or ganization being that ideas for .better work and information which may be helpful may be passed on in order to spread to other units of the organi zation. Onlyiwo meetings of the County Council will be held annually, the first meeting to be held in April of this year, when it is hoped there will be an interesting speaker to address the large audience expected. D. S. Darden Enjoying Sunshine In Florida The latest news from D. S. Darden, prominent Hertford merchant who is spending sometime in Florida in the ,'ntereat of his health, indicates that; he is steadily Improving. Mr. Dat den," who is staying near Clearwater, is . enjoying , fishing, and baseball games,,,- ...'.v,...'., . ! 4 v. ,y;:y 1 ? v 1" i

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