THE PERQUIMANS WEEKLY, HERTFORD; N. C, FRIDAY, MARCH 18, 1988 PAGE SEVED FILM FiriO." ST AT STATE TIIIATuf HERTFORD, N, C. FRIDAY ONfiY 'MANNEQUIN" Spencer Tracy and Joan Crawford ' "J in "Mannequin" "Successful stories make successful iuwvivii jmvuivb w m, avu nvvu adage that will be proved again to night by the presentation of "Manne quin" at the State Theatre, co-starring Joan Crawford and Spencer Tracy for the first time. Perfectly cast, Miss Crawford and Tracy give splendid performances and form a new romantic team that audiences will want to see more of. The film also revealed a leading man discovery in Alan Curtis, who showed great promise in a difficult role. The story, replete with unusual and surprising situations, gives Miss Crawford opportunity to display her ability as an actress in a part made for her as Jessie , Cassidy, a shop girl, who starts out in a tenement and winds up in a multimillionaire's penthouse. She wears Adrian-designed gowns stunningly as a manne quin, and sings a new song hit, "Always and Always." Monday Tuesday "Wells Fargo" Heading the cast of "Wells Fargo" are Joel McCrea, as a young express messenger of 1844 who attains great ness with the development of trans portation; Bob Burns, as a plains man whose chore it is to blaze the trail Westward for communications; and Frances Dee, daughter of an aristocratic Southern family who be comes McCrea's bride and mother of his two children. Then, too, there are Lloyd Nolan and-Porter Hall, express and banking partners of early San Francisco; Ralph Morgan and Mary Nash, as the parents of Miss Dee; Henry O'Neill, characterizing Henry Wells of Wells Fargo and Company, fore runners of the present-day Railway Express Agency, and John Mack Brown, who in the story's beginning is Miss Dee's fiance and later a cap tain of Confederate cavalry. Other principles are Robert Cum mings, Jane Dewey, Barlowe Bor land, Bernard Siegel, Clarence Kolb who portrays John Butterfield, anoth er expressman; Granville Bates, Jack Clark, Lane Chandler, Frank Conroy, Brandon Tynan, Edward LeSaint and Rebecca Wassen, who plays the part of the glamorous Lola Montez, one-time consort of King Louis I of. Bavaria and later the belle of San Francisco. rippling' romantic comedy hit, "The . He's the perfect butler and she's the perfect lady. - 1 They're perfectly sensational, co starred together in "The Baroness and tne butler," Lrarryl F. Zanuck's newest 2utn Century-Fox hit produc tion. . It's Bill Powell at his best, and lovely Annabella ... in her first American-made picture . . . the most glamorously exciting personality ever to grace the screen. 'I'he Baroness and the Butler" pro vides a gay situation within a few seconds of the opening of the picture and carries the light tempo through the entire story. BETHEL NEWS Thursday - Friday "The Baroness . and the Butler" .... William Powell and Annabella are perfectly deliehtful together. co- Joel McCrea and Frances Dee starred in 20th Century-Fox laugh- m TtUIATRE ...HERTFORD, N. C. CAROLINA'S FINEST THEATRE Friday Only March 18 HinUifGRD Also Comedy and Act Saturday, March 19 Show Opens at 1:30 J Also Dick Tracy No. IS and Mkkey Mouse Monday and Tuesday, March 21 22 ?A PMitmmmi JWrtbrv . K.0 III." 'itjMIH : : :H:?'a Also News , Wednesday, March 23rd MATINEE AT 8 P. M. , LEVIS STONE J CECILIA PARKER MICKEY ROONEY Also Comedy and Act Thursday and Friday, f 'arch 24 25 Miss Leone Williams, of Eastville, Va., was the week-end guest of her mother, Mrs. Beulah Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Lucius Butt and children, Mary Lou, Calvin and Joseph, of Ntew Hope, were guests of Mrs. Butt's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Hobbs, Sunday. Miss Genevieve Standin, of Nor folk, Va., spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Standin. Mrs. W. D. Perry has returned to her home from Belvidere, where she visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Chappell. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gatlinir. of Norfolk, Va., were the week-end guests of Mr. Catling's mother, Mrs. Maggie C. Broughton. Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Red and son, and Jimmie Barbieur, from near Hertford, visited Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Ward on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Perry and son, Dewey, Jr., Mrs. W. C. Perry and Miss Louise Tarkenton visited Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Goodwin, in Rocky Hock, Sunday afternoon. BETHEL W. M. S. MEETS The Woman's Missionary Society of Bethel Baptist Church met on Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. 0. C. Long for the March meeting. The president, Mrs. M. T. Griffin, presided. Mrs. Mary Hayman, sec retary, called the roll' and read the minutes of the previous meeting. An interesting program was given on the topic for the month, Europe: "Sheaves . . . With Rejoicing." The April meeting will be held with Mrs. Robert Goodwin on Friday, April 1st. After the meeting adjourned deli cious refreshments were served by the hostess. Members present were: Mrs. J. C. Hobbs, Mrs. A. F. Proctor, Mrs. E. L. Goodwin, Mrs. S. W. Long, Mrs, W, D. Perry, Mrs. Mary Hayman, Mrs. M. T. Griffin, Mrs. C. T. Phillips, Mrs. R. F. Standin and Mrs. O. C. Long. Visitors were: Mrs. J. A. Webb, Mrs. Robert Goodwin and Mrs. Elizabeth Williams. LADIES' COUNCIL MEETS The Ladies' Council of Bethlehem Christian Church met Friday evening with Mrs. R. A. Perry, at her home on Pender Road. Mrs. E. Y. Berry, president, pre sided, and the Scripture lesson was the 7th chapter of Mark, which she read. When the routine business had been taken care of, Mrs. S. I. Cullipher, program leader for the evening, assisted by several of the members, gave the program for the month. A social hour was enjoyed at which time Mrs. Perry served a delicious sweet course. Those present, including members and visitors, were: Mr. and Mrs. W. N. White, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Rus sell and two children, Violet and Billie, Mr. and Mrs. Willie Lane and two children, Edna Ruth and Joe anne, Mr. and Mrs. E. Y. Berry and two sons, Edgar Young and Dan, Mrs. S. I. Cullipher, Frank Dillard, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben S tailings and son, William, . Miss Adelaide Eaves, Mrs. R. A. Perry and J. B. Perry. The next meeting will be held with Mrs. W. A. Russell on Friday evening, April 8, at 7:30 o'clock. CROSS ROADS - Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Elliott made a business trip to Colerain Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey Evans had as their supper guests on Sunday even ing Mr. and Mrs. J. L Boyce, Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Baumgardner and daughter, Anne. Mrs. A. B. Hollowell, Miss Esther Elliott and Asa Hollowell, Jr., of Aulander; Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Perry, of Rocky Hock, visited Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Elliott Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. C, J. Hollowell and son visited - Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Hobbs, at Hobbsville, Sunday after noon. . " 1 " " 5 ' ' Mr. and Mrs. George Peek and baby, of Rocky Hock; Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hollowell visited Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hollowell on Sunday af ternoon. - - Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Hollowell and son, visited 1 Mr. and 'Mrs'. Wilbur Hollowell on Saturday evening. , Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Perry and son, Eugene, spent Sunday morn ing with Mr: and Mrs. W. F. Perry and chiUren, I'ri. Lena Asbell and children vl:; i r ,-. t-1 r, b. m. Eolioweii, Cr., c i ! t noon.- I -3. Z. , )ii Ulaa Mary r ' -t ' w! Z't. Kaynes, ; ' 3 cf Ur. on Saturday evening. Winborne Evans were guests of Mrs. W. A. Perry Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jackson and family, of Weeksville; Mrs. G. W. Pendleton, Mrs. Addie 0. Swain, Mr. and Mrs. Will Gwaltney, of Norfolk, Va., and Miss Elizabeth Bunch visited Mr. and Mrs. W: D. Welch, Sr., on Sunday afternoon. " E. C. Pery was the supper guest of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Perry on Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Leary, Miss Pennie Hollowell and Miss Pattie Perry visited Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Welch, Sr., on Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Perry visited Mr. and Mrs. Ray Winslow, at Lake View Hospital, Suffolk, Va., Thurs day. -Mr and Mrs. E. W. Evans and Mrs.'Wood Privott left Tuesday morning for a few days stay in New York on business. Margaret White Byrum and Paul Byrum, who have been sick for sev eral days, returned to school on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Copeland, Mrs. N. J. Copeland and Miss Dorir, Copeland visited Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Perry on Sunday evening. CISCO Mr. and Mrs. Gus Bunch and three daughters, Lessie, Evelyn and Marie from Rocky Hock, were Sunday af ternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. H. White. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Moore, of Winfall, spent Sunday with Mrs. Moore's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ashley. Mr. jjnd Mrs. Gilmer Toppin and two children visited Mr. and Mrs. Alton Toppin, near Cannon's Ferry, Sunday. Misses Maxine and Edna Ashley, Jim Basnight and Walter Harrell were out riding Sunday afternoon. A party was enjoyed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. White on Thursday evening. String music and singing added to the pleasure of the affair. Refreshments were served. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Britton and children dined with Mr. and Mrs. H. L Warren Sunday. Mrs. Agnes Britton, Misses Evelyn Britton, Maxine and Edna Ashley, and Miss Sue Toppin, of Edenton, were guests of Mrs. Garnet White Saturday afternoon. Miss Louise White and Charlie Wilder called to see Mr. and Mrs. Louis White Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Gilmer Toppin and two children, Fred Britton, Mrs. Callie Ashley and daughter, Maxine, Agnes and' Evelyn Britton, and Lesselle Toppin, and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Peele, of Rocky Hock, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. G. White on Wednesday. Willard White and Murray Ashley visited Misses Grace Basnight and Virginia Phipps, in Edenton, on Sat urday evening. Henly White, of Norfolk, Va., was the week-end guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. White. Geese Have Long Life Geese are supposed to be rela tively long-lived. Where they are kept for the production of feath ers it is said a goose will give a fair yield of feathers for 10 to 12 years or longer. History tells of an instance where geese have lived for 100 years or more. Norwegian Climate Norway's climate is mild and moist on the west coast, but cold and dry in the interior and in the north and east sections. HERE'S THE BIGGEST SHAVING VALUE i 3& No wonder men everywhere innst on Probak Jr. Bladeit Made by the world's largest blade makers, ground, honed and stropped by special process, these keen, double-edge blades will end your shaving troubles. You save money tool Buy a pack age of Probak Blades today 4 for only 10. 3 v , BERTSOMS PROVEN FERTILIZERS 117. 'if! tZi. Riddle, N. C, Sept. 15, 1937 Robertson Chemical Corp. Norfolk, Va. Gentlemen: When you use Robertson's you always have money to pay your bills with. I would like to advise all my friends to use Robertson's. Yours sincerely, (s) J. F. FORBES. for Corn, Cotton and Tobacco If you want to grow bigger and better crops of cotton, corn, tobacco, peanuts or truck, select these fertilizers made from better ingredients. Into our bags go quantities of Fish, one of nature's plant-foods that is rich in long-lasting nitrogen and supplies twenty-one helpful minerals as well. They contain nitrogen in many different forms to feed the crop throughout the growing season easily assimilated Superphosphates Potash and soil-sweetening Magnesia. Robertson's brands are different. They are no run-of-tnine fertilizers. Year after year, our formulas are left the tame regardless of the cost of ingredients, for these formulas have time and again proven that they produce bigger yields of better quality. , i Robertson Chemical Corporation Norfolk, Virginia lACTORIK AT, NORFOLK. VA.. SOUTH HILL, VA. RALEIGH. N. C : see youR nearest Robertson agent

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