THE rET"TJIttAN3 T HERTFORD. N. C, mi-AY. I" T.c:i n, 1 i i . .. Edgar WM at Home Edgar White, who ia a student at the University of North Carolina, is a home with his parents, Mr. and jus. v. w. wnite, Tor the, spring .holidays. Bfe. and Mrs. Copeland Continue Sick Mn and Mrs. L.' J. Copeland con tinue quite sick at their-' home on Market Street. Both have been 'con HpjMnta their beds for-sometime. Sick With Measles Dorothy Gordon Oakey is Bick with am attack of measles. At Home for the Holidays Jesse Lee Harris, who is a student at the University of North Carolina, is spending the spring holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Z. A. Harris. Week-end at Home Tim Brinn, Jr., who is a student at Duke University, Durham, was with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Brinn, for the week-end. Visitors From Raleigh Mr. and Mrs. Edwin McMullan, of Raleigh, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Wright. Their little daughter, Edwina, . is remain ing for a longer visit. .Spring Holidays at Home Guy Bftewby, who is a student at the University of North Carolina, is spending the spring holidays with his parents, Mr, and Mrs. W. G. Newby. Visiting Parents Herman Ward, a student at the , University of North Carolina, is spending the spring holidays with his parents, Mr. .and Mrs. J. W. Ward. K Visited in Bertie Mr. and Mrs. Simon Rutenberg and Mr. and Mrs. T. S. White visited Mr. and Mrs. George Capehart, at "Scotch Hall," in Bertie County, on Sunday. 'j -JS Miss Payne at Home Hiss Louise Payne, who is a stu dent at the University of North Car olina, is at home for the spring holi days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Payne. Miss Harrell Expected Hiss Qoyce Harrell, who is a stu dent at E. C. T. C, Greenville, is expected to spend the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Harrell. Week-end in Elizabeth City Miss Ruth Winslow spent the week-end in Elizabeth City, visiting Sfiss Carolyn Massey. Preston White at Home Preston White, of Norfolk, Va,, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Irving White. Visitors From Craddock Mr. and Mrs. K. V. Shrogren and Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hilton, of Crad dock, Va., visited Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Jtabtrsoa on Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Elliott Returns Mrs. R. D. Elliott returned Sunday from Ayden, where she - had been visiting her daughter, Mrs. G. G. Dixon. Mrs. Blaitchard Returns Mrs. J. C. Blanchard returned on FYiday from Durham, where she tad spent several days visiting her daughter, Mrs. Marcus E. Hobbs. Week-end in Norfolk Miss Nettie Lee Gregory spent the wek-end in Norfolk, Va.7 visiting friends. Visitors from Littleton Mrs, J. S. Vick had as guests on Sunday her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Thrower, and their two sons, of Littleton. Entertain Guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. I. A. White had as guests on Sunday Mrs. White's two brothers, W. E. Gatling, of Norfolk, V, and W. C. Gatling, of Suffolk, Va, and her nephew, W. I. Gatling, of Suffolk, Va. Mr. Riddick Attends Meeting R. M. Riddick, cashier of the Hertford Banking Company, attend cd the meeting of the American In stitote of Banking held in Winston Salem on last Saturday. Mr. Riddick returned home on Monday. iDfllM AT FRIDAY, MARCH Script Visitor From Gatesville Mrs. J. J. Riddick, of Gatesville, spent several days in Hertford last week, visiting her daughter, Miss Evelyn Riddick. Mrs. Ba'.ks Here inn. ji r. dhiiu, ux aiuxiuik, v., was the week-end guest ' of her sis ter, Mrs. A. W. Hefren. Sunday m Goldsboro Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Alnsley and Mr. and Mrs. Crafton Mathews spent Sunday at Goldsboro, visiting Mr. and Mrs. Y. L. Brown. Mr. Winslow Sick J. T. Winslow is quite sick at his home at Whiteston. Miss Mardre Visiting Friends . Miss Harriett Frances Mardre is visiting friends in Raleigh and San ford. Miss Nachman Returns Miss Leah Nachman, who holds a position in Richmond, Va., spent several days last week with her par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Lduis Nachman. William Hardcastle at Home William H. Hardcastle, Jr., who is a student at Severn School, Severna Park, Md., spent the week-end with his parents in Hertford. Mrs, Riddick Improves Mrs. Henry Riddick. of Parkville. who has been quite sick, is improv ing. " Retuns to New York City Miss Mary Baker Pitt has returned to New York City, where she holds a position, afer visiting at the home of her brother, W. H. Pitt. Mrs. Dozier Here Mrs. J. H. Dozier, a former Hert ford resident who now lives at Gra ham, is visiting her son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Corbin Dozier. Sunday in Hertford Miss Bernice Twiddy, of Elizabeth City, spent Sunday in Hertford with Mrs. I. A. Ward. .. Norfolk Visitor Bill Seymour, of Norfolk, Va, spent the week-end in Hertford as the guest of Jarvis Ward. Mrs. Ward at Central Mrs. I. A. Ward, District Chair man of the Parent-Teacher Associa tion, addressed the PTA meeting of Central Grammar School, near Eli zabeth City, on Thursday night. At Winton Friday Mrs. I. A. Ward, District Chair man of .the Parent-Teacher Associa tion, went to Winton on Friday to address the meeting of the Winton PTA. She was accompanied by Mrs. F. T. Johnson, Mrs. L. N. Hollowell and Mrs. Wallace Umphlett. Recovered from Measles Miss Florence Darden, who recent ly suffered an attack of measles, has recovered. Mrs. Darden Sick Mrs. V. N. Darden, who has been quite sick at her home on Front Street, is able to be out again. Mrs. Peele Returns Mrs. Thomas Peele has returned from Daybrook, W. Va., where she visited her parents. Dinner Guests Mr. and, Mrs. W. H. Elliott, of Chapanoke, had as dinner guests on Tuesday night Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Edge, Mrs. Manning and Mrs. Ben son Jones, all of Norfolk, Va. Mrs. Berry Improves The condition of Mrs. B. C. Berry, who has been sick for several weeks, is improving. In Raleigh Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. E. MclL Newby spent Tuesday night in Raleigh, with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Morgan. - ' - Mr. Oakey Here Walter H. Oakey, Jr., of Washing ton, D. G, spent the week-end with his family in Hertford Shelton White at Home Shelton White, of Raleigh, was at home with his ' mother," Mrs. R. T. White, for. the week-end, 3 '. .OfltBED'-S !! 1810 TIL ? ! 50c i Tt 3 Camera In DO YOU ever ckrry your camera Into the kitchenT Next time you want to take pictures indoors, and run out of Subjects, try exploring the realm of Stove, Icebox and pan try. It's a happy-hunting-ground. Almost everything la a kitchen is a camera subject. The Icebox and the china and alumlnumware are a mine of still-life possibilities, and there are opportunities galore for "off-guard" pictures whenever a meal is being prepared. The mixing of a cake can be a picture, If the big mixing bowl Is snapped from a high angle with two hands busy with a spoon In the creamy batter. Mother breathlessly testing the cake with a broomstraw is an opportunity' for a "candid" shot. There are pictures, general or close-up, when the cake la being Iced. There Is a splendid close-up In the cutting Of the first slice, with the gleaming long-bladed knife go ing through the fluffy loaf. A pile of shining pots and pans may make a Splendid picture, if the photographer chooses a proper angle and works out a "dramatic" lighting. China, wet and glistening In a drain rack, Is material for pictures. Even the dishpan, foamy with suds as two hands squeeze out the dlshrag above it, is a picture opportunity. The icebox; yields eggs and vege tables that can be worked Into. Inter esting "still-life? studies. A series of "busy hands" pictures is well worth trying hands peeling a potato, with a long curl of peel hanging; hands polishing silverware or drying glass ware; hands turning a brown pan cake oa a griddle or lifting a waffle out of the iron hands doing a thou sand and one things! Picture-making in most kitchens Is simple, Because the room Is usual- Visited Mrs. Futrell Mrs. Joe Browm of Woodland, was the guest of Mrs.-J. R. Futrell on Tuesday and Wednesday. . . Mrs. White Improves Mrs. R. T. White, who has been on the sick list, is now able to be up. little Girl Has Measles The condition of Betty Ruth, little daughter of Mrs. George Chappell who is sick with measles, is reported as satisfactory. '. :.. Baby Has Measles Katherine Alice, the little daugh ter of Mr. end Mrs. Herbert Nixon, s among numerous children in Hert ford sick with measles.. M-'-'.' , Capt. Roughton in Troy f Capt. A. W. Roughton. is visiting his daughter, Mrs. N. A. Corey, in Troy, New York. , , Mrs. Roughton in Wyoming When Mrs. Frank Faucette, , who has spent several weeks in Hertford with her parents, Capt and Mrs. A. W. Roughton, left on Sunday for her home at Newcastle, Wyoming, ; she was accompanied by her mother, who will spend sometime in the West with her daughter. i - CONTINUES ILL , ; ! Mrs. W. T. Winslow continues very ill at her home at Whiteston. " She has been sick tor the past three or four weeks. We know it's- . early . . ,1 but; make your ; ' Easter Y'cs appointment:.- ,;-i-.'..'."i!-;:."4-.-.- soon; ( 5 EASTJ31 ; SPECIAL f PERMANENT 1 WAVES ' $1.50 - $2.b $3.50 -$3X3 !jt $7.50 , fr1" ', i - t J ; the Kitchen f V' 5 y V ;4 Children busy In the kitchen are always appealing picture subjects. Snaps like this abound tn any home, j t ly small and walls and celling are generally light in color. The camera should be loaded with supersenst-' five film, and three large amateur J flood bulbs used In cardboard ra; Sectors. The proper distance from; bulbs to subject Is four to six feet ! With this amount of light, one can ; take snapshots with a box camera at Its largest lens opening, or use 12S J second at f.8 or Ml lens opening with cameras so marked. For close-, up pictures, a simple portrait at-1 tachment must be used with most cameras. i John van Guilder. JUNIOR AUXILIARY MEETS The program of the Junior Girls Auxiliary of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Hertford Baptist Church, at the regular meeting held on Tuesday afternoon, was in charge of Miss Wallis Cobb Mayes, with Miss Marjorie Mathews acting as secretary. The devotional exercises were con ducted by Miss Eva Brinkley Harris. Frances White gave an interesting report on Nigeria, and the meeting was dismissed with prayer by Doro thy Elliott Refreshments were served during the social hour following. Those present were: Misses Wallis Cobb Mayes, Marjorie Mathews, Eva Brinkley Harris, .Dorothy Elliott, Barbara Gault, Frances White, Cath erine White, Doris Byrum, Barbara Winslow. and Christine Mathews. BIRTHDAY PARTY Mrs. W. H. Elliott, of Chapanoke, entertained a few of the friends of her daughter. Dorothy, and of her son, Norwood, at a birthday party on Friday "evening, Dorothy's birthday occurring on the 10th and Norwood's on the 11th. - , . ":' After the children had enjoyed several games, dainty refreshments were served. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT , Born to Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Jordan, I at their home in Winf all, on Tuesday, March 15, a daughter. .1 J r Think of it! - A hot oil shampoo, and a gorgeous all for this budget price R 1 Li i . I.IL pointed State onVehif '":i-tr.'x".r tjoit Delegate 3 Fathers. Njlght wasobserved at the last meeting of the Parent-Teacher Association of the Hertford Grammar School, held on Thursday night. js,'; Words of welcome were Spoken by Mrs. Harry t Broughton, - president, and G. R. Tucker conducted the de votional' exercises. . f j.-'-i t ' Mrs. L a Winslow was in charge oi a very interesuny program wnich included a message from the Super intendent of Schools, 'F. T. Johnson, who talked on the important prob lems faced hy the local school this Association can help solve; an ad dress by t C. P.: Morris, members of the school board, on How Our Public Schools are Financed, and musical numbers by children of Mrs. R. M. Riddick's rhythm class, a solo by Lloyd Bagley and a solo by Mrs. Charles E. Johnson. Mrs. Edgar Morris, Mrs. T. R. Winslow and Mrs. Etta Walters were named as a committee to nominate officers for the next year. Mrs. Irvin White reported that 5 per cent of the PTA membership had subscribed to the Parent-Teacher magazine, which is one. of the re quirements for a standard PTA. , Mrs. J. W. Zachary reported that the -shrubbery around-, the : school building had been worked over and new soil added, with the cooperation PLflT.;eB SEED VE SELL DEPEfiDADLE SEEDS Bountiful Snap Beand, bag lots; per lb. 11c; Black Valentine Beans, bag lots, per lb ;.12c Wood Prolific Iimasi bag lots, per lb ... ..13c Henderson Bush Limas, bag lots, per lb..,12c Norfolk Market Corn, bag lots, per lKi.:..i6c Adam's Extra Early Corn, bag lots, per lb. 8c Stowell's" lereen'()fh,baglots,perlb. 13c. Bland's Extra Early Corn, bag lots, per lb. 9c Latham's Double Com, per bushel $3.25 Selected Maine Cobblers, 10 pk.' bag$2.75 No:36 Hales Best Cantaloupe;! to 5 lbs; 90c! Bottomly, Cantaloupe,! Jumbo Hales Best Clope; ! to 5 lbs. S).:.d:.90c Long Johii Cantaloupe, 1 to 5 lbsffil$lJM) 'Stone Mountain Melonrlr to 5 lbs; 2)E:.:90c 1 Gray Jacket Melon, ! to 5 lbs. (a...J.:....65c Dixie QueenlMeldhl to 5 lbs; SSSUO t Cowpen Neck Special Melon, 1 to 5 lbs. $1.00 . ''Everything Ia Hardware. &nd Supplies, : i " , - , , The . first lady I of . ; : Z ; -.theseasOii is the , ',1 "'jlaoy --who!!:c3;;V; , pride in her per-, ; , , ,c sonal , appearance, -v 7 L -And wo place, with - n your treatment, a hair setting , il' of Mayor Silas M. WheJbee. Mrs. G. R. Tucker was aprr". ' delegate to the State Convention be held in Winston-Salem in Af .-'. Mrs. .Thad C. Chappell, first gra. teacher, was appointed chairman c tiie Bummer round-up. ' - - Mrs.' Chappell's grade-',won the silver cup f or having; tha ;" highest percentage of parents presen;- ftknFAiJUtis"- Mrs. Walter Parker: of Elizabeth Cityy'-is visiting her sister, Miss Myr-, tie, Umphlett. ltSif U Mr. :and Mrs. J. M.: Mathews and . daughter, Nellie Maude, of Elizabeth City Mr; and' Mrs. E.. B..' Hollowell tUirk!1$:jkx and John Earl, spent Sunday : widi Mr. andv Mrs. .W. G. Hollowell... ; t;;r:. ' Mrs. B. F. Pike, who was very ill last1 week, is ho able-to; le' out M Mr.' and .i Brs. . Maurice .;. Pike, of ' Norfolk, Va., have returned jiome after spending the week-end with hfy mother. Mrs. B.. F. Pike. 'i-S'' .Mra. Meador Harrell and her son, Lloyd, .of Hartford, R. F. D., ' are : spending a few days with her mothj. er, Mrs. B. F. Pike. ' - Misses Alma Leggett and Lucille 1 Lonar spent Saturday in Elizabeth ; City. v. . . Miss Mary Elizabeth White Is in Norfolk, Va., this week visiting Mr. HiH Mm Ticrl W1iit ; "i ', ' HOLY TRINITY SERVICES : : ' Next Sunday bemg the third Sun day in the month, there will be no service at Holy Trinity ' j Episcopal Church at 11 o'clock in the morning, as the rector, the Rev. E. T. Jillson, I will conduct services at Sunbury at -that hour. ', V'-';''Mli::f; I , Services will be conducted Sunday night at 7:30 o'clock, as is the cus-' i tomoii'the third Sunday '''i'Sl 1 ; 8 to 5 lbs:S.$1.00(Jy ; m ,t'." , :f:, fit ALL V, ' I" " - - - k. M. . M. A. M. 1 . . M. 1 . ixt ?". it? 1 " j i i t ; j ' f

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