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FORD, N. C, FRIDAY, MARCH 25, 1938
V - Visited Sutton Family
lr.' and Mrs. R. ' L. Sutton
their little eon, Bobby,
News, ;Va and Mr; and Mrs. Ken
worthy, of Norfolk, Va.; spent the
week-end with -Mr. and Mrs. R. A.
Sutton, in Hertford.
Edenton Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Griffin,
Ronton,, visited Mr. end Mrs. Chas.
ohhsbn, on Sunday. '
the spring holidays with her parents,
d ' Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Newby.
n9 WanmAFf
Viauue oruin m b
Claude Brinn, who is a student at
Louisburg College, spent the - spring:
holidays with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Rosser Brinn.
Mr. and Mrs. Cope land Improve
L. J. Copeland was receiving the
congratulations of his friends on
Monday, when he appeared down
town for the first time in several
weeks. Mr. Copeland was sick for
about four weeks. Mrs. Copeland,
who has been sick for more than
ten weeks, is slowly improving.
Mr. Overman in Town
J. S. Overman, aged Winfall resi
dent, was in town on Monday. Mr.
Overman has been very feeble re
cently, y
Miss Newby at Home
Miss Prue Newby, who is a student
at E. C. T. C, Greenville, is spending
Return to St. Pauls
Mrs. W. A. Felton, who had; spent
a couple or weeks with ner. daughter,
Mrs. Henry Clay Stokes, left Sunday
for her home at St. Pauls. Mr.
Felton and Miss Gladys Felton were
also here for the week-end.
Dr. and Mrs. Skinner Here
Dr. and Mrs. J. J. Skinner have
returned to their home at Washing
ton, D. C, after spending sometime
at their country home, "Cove Grove,"
in Old Neck.
Sunday at New Hope
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. White and
their two children spent Sunday with
Mrs. White's mother, Mrs. Minnie
Perry, at New Hope.
dent at E. C. X. C, GreenyiMV k
spending the, spring holidays with
her parents,. Mr. and. Mrs. C. M.
. " Henry Stoke at Home
" Henry Stokes, who is a student at
Louisburg College, spent- the spring
holidays with his T 'enta. Mr. and
Mrs. H- C. Stokes. -
Return to Washington
J,' H. Long and T. A. Long, who
were called here, ty the fatal illness
of their father, 'Thomas J. Long,
have returned to their homes in
Washington, D. C. ,
ton,' after spending ten days at the
Skinner country home in Old Nfeck.
She was joined here by.Mn. Skinner,
who has been on a trip in the South.
Over the week-end they had as their
guests Dr. S. R. Collins, of North
Carolina State College, and . Mrs.
Collins, and Dr.. Neil Rigler,of the
University of Nbrth Carolina, and
Mrs. Rigler. t-
' ' Mr. and Mrs. Thach Here 1
' Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Thach, of
Norfolk, Va., spent the week-end
with Mr. and -Mrs. B. W. Thach.
Miss Barrel! at Home
Miss Joyce Harrell, who is a stu-
fm "
(y 000
Utf'fL 111
duct U 1 w
An enchanting
combination witho
fine solitaire dia-.
tnond, plm 13
smaller diamonds. .
Perfectly matched
modem mountings
ofyellowgold.An .
outstanding value!
11 ?50
VSmh. Ytllew M'J
I will offer for sale for cash to the highest
bidder, on March 31, 1938, at my home, located
one mile south of Chapanoke, Perquimans
County, KG:
All my , chattel property, consisting , of
tractor equipment and mule drawn farm im
plements, farm wagons, log wagon,, carts;
peanut picker, cultivators, discs and planters
of various descriptions, and many other farm
tools. Also all livestock, consisting "of good
mules, one horse, sixteen (16),head of cattle
of which some are good cows to freshen soon,
sixty (60) odd head of hogs, corn, and hay
and other items a farmer might be interested
in. ' mm$M'mm-M
Remember date, MarcH 3l.v ; Sale smarts
promptly at 10 o'clock A. M. r . , ,
. In Suffolk
' Mr. and Mrs. W. E, White visited
friend jnSuffolk Va;, on SundayV(
' Returns to State College
Roy Reed returned' to State Col
lege. Raleigh,, on Monday, after
spending the s with
his parents; Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Reed, near Hertford.
1 p: Week-end at Home
.Miss' Frances Fowler, who teaches
at Marion, was a. at home with her
mother, MnvR. M. Fowler, for the
week-end. .'M-
, , t . Norfolk Visitors ' 1
v Mr.' and Mrs. . B H. Balkince and
their daughter, Doris, of Norfolk,
Va., spent Sunday .with Mr. and Mrs.
B. W. Thach.' Mrs. Ruth Ballance.
f who -nccompanied"them,"r' ii spending
sometime in the Thach home.
Eldon Window at Home
Eldon Winslow,; who is a student
at State College, Raleigh, spent the
spring holidays with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T, R.-Winslow.
Miss Stokes at Home
Miss Joyce Stokes, who teaches at
Comfort, spent the week-end with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Stokes.
Dick Payne at Home
reck Payne, a student at State
College, returned . to Raleigh, on
Monday, after spending the spring
holidays with his parents, Mr. and
Mrs. E. E. Payne.
Here for Week-end
Earl Pierce, of Virginia Beach, Va.,
spent the week-end with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Pierce.
Mr. Darden Coming Home
D. S. Darden, who has spent the
past month at Clearwater, Fla., will
return home on Sunday.
Mrs. Pitt Improves
The condition of ; Mrs. W. H. Pitt,
who has been quite sick, is improving.
Mrs.' Speight Here
Mrs. J. W. Speight, of Mocksville,
is visiting her sisters, Mrs. Nathan
Tucker and Mrs. Thomas Nixon.
Visitor Here, Monday
Mrs. J. J. Riddict of Gatesville,
visited her daughter; 'Miss Evelyn
Riddick, on Monday. ;
Miss Stephens; at Home
Miss Patricia Stephens, who is a
student of Atlantic Christain College,
at Wilson, is spending the spnng
holidays with her , parents, Mr. and
Mrs. P. L. Stephens.' -. ,
a ''''' " V-
Shopping in Town Wednesday
Mrs. Noah Felton, of Beech Spring,
and .her daughter, Miss Mary Alice
Felton, who is a student at E. C. T.
C, Greenville, and .who is at home
for the spring holidays, were in town
on Wednesday. .
Visited Mr. and Mrs. Jessup
Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Kirby, of
Portsmouth, Va., and Mr. and Mrs.
Miles Brite, of Elizabeth City, spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. T. L.
Jessup. ,.' ,
Raleigh Visitors r
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Morgan and
family, of Raleigh, spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Hefren.
Mrs. Lattimore Here
Mrs. G. F. Lattimore, Of Kings
Mountain, is with her mother, Mrs.
R. T. White, having been called by
the serious condition of her grand
mother, Mrs. Harriett Layden.
Mrs. Banks Here
airs. F. A. Banks, of Norfolk, Va.,
spent the week-end with her sister,
Mrs. John Smith.
Week-end at Home
Miss Emma Felton, who is teacher
of home economics in the Columbia
School, was at home with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Noah Felton.
. over the week-end. ' . , . ,
Mr. White Improves
K. Q. White, manager of Winslow
White Motor Co., who has been sick
for the past three weeks with an at
tack of flu, is still confined to his
home in the Bagleys Swamp common
ity.- . ipr y0 , i
Mr. Jordan Sick
William B. (Bill) Jordan, Hertford
barber, has been absent from, his
shop for the past ten days because of
illness. The latest . news from Mr.
Jordan, who has had flu, Indicates
that he is much improved. - ?
- Mrs. Everett Imrrovinr
v Mrs. J E. Everett has been very
sick for the past ten days. Her con
dition on Wednesday' was reported as
much improved. '
Visiting at Alberta, Va.
Mrs. Meade Flynn and her little
son, Meade, Jr., left Tuesday for
their home at, Alberta, Va., after
visit to Mrs. Flynn's i z'.l r. Mrs,
Lyman "Shepherd, p. .11;. Chepherd
accompanied her daughter home for a
short visit . .
.' - Henry Clay Stokes Clck
- Henry XHay Stokes, of Church
Street, is on the sick lLt this week,
'Red Spring V: " s
Mr. and1 Mrs. C.:? I'illlps, of
Red Springs, will rri 9 Friday to
spend the week-end wi 'i I'rs. Phil
lips' parents. Cant, r 1 Z'.is. C. G.
Stephens. ,,,-
' ' Dick Payne
Dick Payne has r
College, Raleigh, w
dent, after spendin.
days with his pare
E. E. Payne.
v: ?
Ml ' , 'mi r
l7ac!::ase,7;.ik!UJ.C. f
DuranU Neck Visitors
Mrs. C. W. Griffin and Mrs. S. T.
Perry, of Durante Neck, were in
town on Tuesday.
Miss Hamrick at Home
Miss Gladys Hamrick is spending
the week-end with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Hamrick, at Kings
Mountains.. v
Mrs. J. XbRoherson , was hostess
to the members of her bridge club on
Tuesday night at her home on front
Spirea and yellow daffodils were
used to decorate the room where two
tables were arranged. The hostess
served a dainty ice course after sev
eral rubbers of bridge. The prize
for top score was awarded to Mrs.
J. O. Felton.
Those present were Mesdames K.
M. Riddick, Wallace Umphlett, Her
man Winslow, J. W. Zachary. J. O.
Felton, V. N. Darden and Misses
Kate Blanchard and Anne Wilson.
Mrs. John Caddy entertained a
number of the friends .of Mrs.. J. A.
Caddy on Friday evening, in celebra
tion of her twenty-first birthday. The
honoree received many pretty gifts.
Ice cream and cake were served.
Those present included Mrs. J. A.
Caddy. Mrs, Humphries, Mrs. J. V.!
Halsey, Mrs. Pearl Chappell, Mrs.
Roxanna Chappell, Mrs. A. M.
Barnes, Mrs. Rosa Howell, , Mrs. W.
B. Belch, Mrs. D. W. Lowe, Mrs. An
nie White, Mrs. Dallas White, Mrs.
Carrie Splvey, Mrs. Maude Copeland,
Mrs. Lucy Elliott, Mrs. R. K. Lane,
Mrs. Henry' Belch, Mrs.; Thillard
Baker, Mrs. John Caddy, and Misses
Helen Chappell, Frances Boyce and
Sarah Baker.
Friday, March, 25-.- ,
Saturday, March 26Show Opens at 1:80 r "
TI f 5-
wl v.awwam4:v''::'
r.!rreba tlunt.
Monday and Tuesday, March 28 29
L Wednesday, March 80
V ' I. -
Also Comedr and Act
Thursday, March 81
" St -1 ,...
Mr Iwrilaea
It "1T wnm
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I 'M '
1 llranilar f
'': I ' '
- -
b Wafear'HUSTOH
- Ana ttkrfar4 I
" :.l jui mam mchm ' - mmm
I I Let9 o
liiiiililij b
, In a few days everybody will
- be saying it . . but right now
"let's get readyto GOfishin'
I Whether you go in for rod and
". reel casting or1 whether you
prefer the hook and linewe
r are prepared to outfit you
completely frcra the tinicct
hook to the flnchicct hzzz bug
"or surf lure. "V w '
T n
V. V

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