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Volume VIIL Number 3.
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, January 17, 1941.
$1.25 Per Year.
Perquimans Youth
Returns From Camp;
fcls Examination
Francis Jessup Turned
' Down; Joseph Perry
Replaces Him
Francis Jessup, one of the five
Perauimans young: men who left for
Port Bragg last week, returned home
after having baen rejected for mili
tary ervices by Army doctors. Jes
sup failed to pass the physical exam
ination given at the Camp.
' The local draft board immediately
chose Joseph Perry to fill the vacancy
created by Jessup. Perry left Hert
ford for Fort Bragg on Thursday,
to undergo a physical examination
prior to being inducted into the
- A call for one Negro draftee was
received by the local board, accord
ing to J. R. Stokes, and Harold Wig
gins, a Negro volunteer, will be sent
44 Fort Bragg on January 27 to fill
the 'quota.
Mr. "Stokes stated that another
call for men will not be forthcoming
until about February 17, although
definite word regarding the time and
number of men to be drafted has not
been sent to the board.
'The local draft offices mailed out
" another twenty-five questionnaires
to1 registrants this week, bringing the
fa - total of questionnaires marled to men
to 259. At the present time the
board has classified 206 of these men.
Thirty-eight have been placed in
Class 1. Sixteen of these are white
men. and 22 are Negroes.
Several of the men now in Class 1
have not yet received their local phy-
x 'sical examination, but the local board
iWijo are ready to report for duty;
Sevan Negroes are also ready. ,
x.ttOOen W0ITJB7 toui8 v,nappeu,
C if Copeland. are the white boys who
i Vtavs- passes uie iovi pnysicai cauiu-
Mlatkmi oaBsed A-l.
v The seven Negroes include Bernice
- Woodard, Robert Riddick, Vernon
Wiggins, Enoch Barnard, Andrew
Jackson, Ulysses Skinner and Merritt
. The local draft board has, as yet,
made no decision regarding the case
- ' of Roulas Webb ,who was given a
special hearing before the board for
ivo Days Consumed
y Superior Court
For January Term
The January Term of Superior
irt convened and adjourned with
out fanfare early this week in Hert
ford. Seventeen cases were oh the
eket when Judge Luther Hamilton
Morehead City, convened court
(Monday morning at 9:30 o'clock.
However, due to illness of legal
representatives and the principals in
several of the cases srettiiwr-tosrether,
A only three of the cases were heard
' . " by Judge Hamilton.
,' The only action on Monday was the
hearing and granting of a divorce
" ' suit entered by Mattie B. Leigh
1 against Elix Leigh. The jury grant
edthe' divorce. Court was adjourn
ed until Tuesday morning. ,
k non-suit was taken in the case
of Lewis Hoffler et als,, against L. F.
Congleton, when the plaintiffs failed
f ,, to 'appear and costs were taxed
i against them.
'lY A judgement of $545 "was awarded
the John Deere Plow Co.; bj the jury
j- in 'the action against J. R Winslow
, and Hxrr::lWiD8low.''-'Tliia,nuMint
was set as value df certain farming
i- lements t: the time's they Were
re. nqdsjhed'fcythe defendants;
J Ihe- jury was released from duty
at approximately 11 o'clock Tuesday
morning and, there being no further
Oj'siness before the court it was ad'
S::tton To Leave
t :rtford Hardware
uammie ' Sutton, after nineteen
years'' employment, has resigned his
position at the Hertford ' Hardware
-Comp-ny and will become actively
" engage J in the poultry business.
- Mr. gutton will leave fia Hard
ware store about February 1st. His'
pc 'tion as bookkeeper will be filled
is Ruth Nowell, , ; 1 -, v
Ito Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hakey,
'r home at New Hope, on Jan
' a f"n Mother knd baby
John Lane Extends
Thanks To Hertford
Fire Department
An expression of thanks was ex
tended to the Hertford Fire Depart
ment this week by John Lane, of the
J Spring City section, for the assist
ance given by the firemen at the
blaze which damaged his home on
last Friday.
Mr. Lane highly lauded the local
fire-lighters to Mayor V. N. Darden,
and, also, paid the firemen for the
call to his home. This amount was
turned over to the Town on Monday.
Mrs. J. T. Brinn, noting the work
c'one by the firemen at the Lane
home, made a special donation to the
Fire Department, to be used by it as
they see fit.
Town Board Names
Mrs. P. H. Small
Town Tax List Taker
Mrs. P. H. Small was again ap
pointed as tax list taker for the
Town of Hertford at the meeting of'
the Town Board on Monday night.
Other applications for the position
were discussed but the appointment
went to Mrs. Small.
Little other business was trans
acted by the members of the Board
at Monday night's meeting, but sev
eral topics were brought to the at
tention of the Board; mainly, the
subject of delinquent taxes which the
Board is determined to see colUected.
At the present time court action
is being taken against two citizens
and unless other arrangements are
forthcoming, there may be court ac
tion taken against other delinquent
tax payers.
Upon complaint against seemingly
unnecessary noises caused by fire
works during the holiday season, the
Board checked the records and found
that an ordinance passed in 1934 pro
hibited the shooting of fire works
ti&5ritt he town limits. Further a
buse of this ordinance will probably
see the board enforcing the ordinance
to the limit.
In discussing the coming election
of Town Officials, to be hefld the first
Tuesday after the first Monday in
May (which happens to be May 6)
the board decided that there will be
no registration for the election. Vot
ers residing within the tow., limits,
and registered on the County regis
tration books will be considered eli
gible to vote in the Town Election.
Mayor V. N. Darden reported to
the board that application had been
filed with the State University for a
chemist to fild the vacancy here bu
at the present time a chemist is not
available for the job, but it is ex
pected to have one within a very
short time.
Young People's Union
Hertford Methodist
Church Tuesday
The Albemarle Young Peoples
Union, met at Hertford Methodist
Church on Tuesday night. Miss
Jeannette Fields was in charge of
the program, opening with a hymn,
"God of Grace." Victor Bundy, of
Mount Hermon Church, read the
Scripture, after which the Rev. R. F.
Munns ted the prayer. Alton Munns
played a lovely trumpet solo, accom
panied by Mrs. Lindsay Winslow at
the organ. Miss Addie Ruth Mor
gan was the first speaker on the
program, using as her topic, "It's
Mission." Robert Bradshaw, of Dur
ham, conference director of Young
People, made a very interesting talk
which was enjoyed by all.
During the business session rou
tine business was taken up.
The' next meeting will be held at
Anderson 'Church on February,j
During " the 'social hour many
games and contests were enjoyed,
after which refreshments were served
by the young people of the church.
Approximately 75 young people of
the district attended the meeting.
Seed Loans 10 Be
Available Again
According, to an announcement
by E. F. Morgan, of fihawboro, the
Federal 'Government will make Seed
Loafjs to farmers again this year. ,
Applications for loan. will be tak
en at the. Agriculture Building with
in n short time. '
Members of the Women's Chris
tian' Temperance ' Union will meet
next Tuesday afternoon, January ,21,
at 8 o'clock, at the home, of Mrs. K.
k wewooia. . ' '
Dance Included In
President's Birthday
F. T. Johnson and W. H.
Pitt In Charge of
March of Dimes
It has been definitely decided that
a President's Ball will be included
in the program held locaWy to cele
brate the President's birthday and
aid in the raising of money to fight
infantile paralysis.
This information was given out
by S. M. Whedbee this week aftei
he, acting in capacity as chairman
of the Perquimans celebration, had
consulted various civic groups
throughout the county.
Mr. Whedbee stated that he was
forming a dance committee composed
of Dr. C. A. Davenport, Morgan
Walker and himself and that they
are working on an arrangement to
secure an orchestra for the dance
that will not "eat into the profits"
of the affair. The committee dis
cussed the dance situation some little
time before deciding to stage it aga1
this year, but at the present time it
seems higMy probable that the com
mittee will be able to get an orches
tra for the dance that even with a
minimum attendance will clear a
nice profit for the "disease fund."
The March of Dimes, another part
of the program used , throughout the
entire country to raise funds for the
fight, will be under the supervision
of F T. Johnson, superintendent of
schools, and W. H. Pitt, clerk of
Perquimans Court. The March of
Dimes will be conducted through the
county schooils, and the Boy Scouts
will also play a part in this work.
Plans now call for the March of
Dimes program to begin on January
25, and those in charge are hopeful
of a concentrated drive for the small
coins that can mean so much to those
afflicted with infantile paralysis.
Another feature that will . be in
corporated into the dance this year
will be a number of sponsors that
will be chosen by the committee
sometime during aext week.
PTA Clubs Hold
Joint Meetings At
Winf all School
The Perquimans County Parent
Teacher Association held a joint
meeting of the various clubs in an
educational rally at the Perquimans
Central Grammar School at Winfall
on Thursday night.
The meeting was. origanlly schd
duled for tonight (Friday), but due
to conflicting arrangements, it was
moved up to the new date. June
Rose of Greenville, was the principal
speaker of the evening.
Mr. Rose is superintendent of
Greenville schools and legislative
chairman of P. T. A. work in North
The program included an address
of welcome by Mrs. John Symons of
Chapanoke, with the response being
made by Mrs. Minnie Wood Walton
of Elizabeth City. The devotional
was by the Rev. J. D. Cranford, of
the Winfall Methodist Church. Sup
erintendent F. T. Johnson introduced
the speaker.
Awarding of attendance prizes
to the P. T. A. having the largest
number of members present was in
charge of Principal T. R. Ainsley.
Mrs. J. R. Futrell, president of the
Hertford association, presided.
Bank To Close For
Lee's Birthday
R. M. Riddick, cashier of the Hert
ford Banking Company, announced
today that the bank will be closed
all day Monday, January 20, in ob
servance of Robert E. Lee's birthday.
The bank will reopen for business
as usual on Tuesday morning.
Town license Tags
Must Be Displayed
W G.- Newby, Town Clerk, issued
a warning tb all motorists of Hert
ford today that Town Tags for auto
mobiles must be purchased and dis
played immediately. 'The deadline
for the purchase' of the tag,ws last
Wednesday and" approidrftately 25
of the registered 1 cars still 4 remain
without tags, V
' Mr. Newby jtated, that court ac
tion will result if motorists' fail to
comply riu the Town ordinance.
Negro Shooting
Case In Recorder's
Court Next Tuesday
William Thatch Charg
ed With Assault With
Deadly Weapon
William Thatch, 18-year-old Negro,
of the Beech Spring section, will face
a charge of assault with a deadly
weapon with intent to kill in Re
corder's Court on Tuesday, January
21, as a result of some drunken
shooting near the Dozier Thicket on
Lindsay Nixon, Negro WPA work
er, was the first reported victim of
Thatch's. Arriving in Hertford a
bout 4 p. m., on the WPA truck,
Nixon reported to Sheriff J. E.
Winslow that Thatch was shooting at
passing automobiles near the thicket,
and that he had shot at the WPA
truck and one of the shot had hit him
and entered the skin slightly above
the lip.
Sheriff Winslow and Deputy M. G.
Owens immediately went to the scene
and found. Thatch as he was enter
ing his home, evidently in a drunken
condition. Thatch surrendered to
the officers peacefully and on ques
tioning by Sheriff Winslow answered
that all he had shot was . . . "two
Thatch was placed, in the County
jail to await trial before Judge Gran
berry Tucker next week.
Further investigation on the part
of the officers show that prior to
shooting at the WPA truck, Thatch
had accosted Robert Harrell, 20-year-old
white man, and after curs
ing him had said that he was going
to shoot him. Thereupon it was re
ported that Thatch turned and wallk
ed away from Harrell about fifty
yards . . . then turned and shot at
Harrell. The shots from the gun
failed to penetrate Harrell's clothing.
The reports as were circulating
over Hertford regarding his shooting
at all passing cars was evidently
caused from the excitement regarding
the shooting as no further evidence
showed Thatch shooting at anyone
other than those mentioned above.
Woman's Club Okehs
Plans For New Club
House At Meeting
Mrs. Thomas Nixon, Perquimans
County Chairman of American
Homes, had charge of the program
at the meeting of the Hertford
Woman's Club Tuesday afternoon,
when Miss Katherine Jessup, contral
to, sang two songs, the first being
"Let Me Live in My House by the
Side of the Road," and Mrs. W. E.
White read Joyce Kilmer's poem,
"Roofs," followed by a humorous
The door prizes, theatre tickets,
given by the "State Theatre, and two
framed prints given by Quinn Furni
ture Company, of Elizabeth City,
went to Mrs. Lindsay Winslow and
Mrs. R. T. Brinn.
During the business session, pre
sided over by Mrs. I. A. Ward, it
was voted to go ahead with plans
for the erection of a community
building, in spite of an increase in
the cost over the original figures
tentatively set by the club. Mrs.
Ward submitted a rough draft of the
plan to the club members present
and it was decided to have the plans
drawn accordingly. Mrs. Ward also
submitted figures showing the cost
i. the various building materials.
The project will be sponsored by the
Town of Hertford, with WPA assist
ance. The flopr plan of the building calls
for a room 40 by 25 feet, a smaller
assembly room and cloak room, lava
tory and kitchen. The large main)
room, which is to contain a big fire
place, is to be used for club meet
ings ,also as a banquet hall.
As an initial step to raise money
for the project, the club women will
serve a supper at the old Community
House Thursday night, January 23,
when they expect to sell 150 tickets.
Mrs. Ward, who was chairman of
the Christmas Seals Sale, reported
that $114.QD was raised for the work
to fight tuberculosis, three-fourths
of which amount remains in Per
quimans. Mrs. F. T. Johnson, who
has. charge of this fund, reported
that she has in addition on hand the
sum of $169.42. ;Apmmittee, in
eluding Mrs. Johnson, Mrs. R. T.
Brinn, and. Mrs. ' L, C. Winslow, was
named to look, after the matter -of
tubercular ' patients in the county
who .are eligible for assistance.
Authorities State
Influenza Still At
Minimum Here
The "flu" epidemic which seems
prevalent in most of the counties
surrounding Perquimans has not yet
struck to any great extent locally.
According to high school authori
ties there is not an alarming number
of absentees from the class rooms
and at the present time there seems
to be no justification in considering
the situation seriously.
However, local medical men stated
that the "flu" is increasing through
out the county with many cases being
treated, although the disease does
not seem as serious as in former
One doctor stated, 'however, that it
is quite possible that the disease,
with the start it now has, will spread J
quickly unless public gatherings are!
Farm Group Meeting
Draws Big Crowd At
Agricultural Bldg.
County agents, chief clerks, and
county committeemen from nine
counties were represented at an all
day farm program meeting held
Tuesday at the Agriculture Building
in Hertford.
'Sixty-five people were present to
hear David T. House, State Commit
teeman, J. C. Broom, District Farm
Officer, B. Troy Furgerson and Mr.
Walsh of the U. S. Department of
Agriculture, Bureau of Economics,
discuss such farm problems as will
be faced during the coming year.
The counties having repre; nta
tives present were: Dare, Currituck,
Camden, Pasquotank, Perquimans,
Tyrrell, Chowan, Gates and Hertford.
Surplus cro,js now on hand, cur
tailing of production during the year
1941, and the increase in production
of food, feed and livestock on the
farm were subjects of discussion at
the meeting.
Mr. Walsh spoke to the farmers
principally on the farm pro! iems as
pertaining to the defense program,
outlining the needs of farm pro
ducts in the program, and the decided
curtailment of exports of American
farm goods to foreign countries.
The discussion regarding the extra
production of foodstuffs, feed, and
livestock is in line with the 1941
farm program and will take the
place of less production of crops of
which there is already too large a
League For Peace
Meeting Scheduled
For Next Week
Mrs. John Baker, a Connecticut
representative, ar. a member of the
Woman's International League for
Peace and Freedom, will visit Per
quimans County on January 22, and
desires to see as many of the mem
bers of the League a? possible. For
this purpose meetings have been ar
ranged at the Whiteston Friend,s
Church for 3 p. m., and at the home
of F. C. White in Belvidere, at 7:30
on the 22nd.
All League members and any oth
ers interested in this movement are
urged to attend one or both of these
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Nixon, of Suf
folk, Va., announce the birth of a
daughter on January 13, at General
Hospital, Norfolk, Va. Mr. Nixon is
the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Nixon
of near Hertford, and is connected
with the Life and Casualty Insurance
Company. Mrs. Nixon was formerly!
Miss Kathleen Odom of Red Springs.
New Books Received
At Local Library
Additional books have been receiv
ed at the Hertford Library to be
added to the growing number of
volumes now on hand.
The new books received this week
are: For Whom the Bells Toll, by
Hemingway; Sappiron and the Slave
Girl, by Cather; The Vanishing Vir
ginian, by Williams; Fame Is The
Spur, by Howard 'Spring; The Great
Mistake, by Rinehart, and My Name
Is Aram, Saroyan.
Mr.. and Mrs.. L. F. Tarkington an
nounce the birtfc- of . .a - daughter,
Shirley Ann. Mother and , baby are
at the home of the grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. William T. Elliott
American Legion To
Organize Local Post
Next Tuesday Night
All Veterans Urged to
Attend Meeting at
Court House
All Perquimans County men who
are veterans of the World War are
invited, and urged,, to attend a meet
ing to be held at the Courthouse in
Hertford on the night of January 21
for the purpose of organizing a Post
in the American Legion.
There are sixty veterans residing
in Perquimans, and each of these
men are eligible to join t'ne Legion,
which requires a man to be a veteran
of the World War in order to have
Fifteen men must signify their in
tentions of joining the Legion in or
der that a Chapter might be estab
lished here, but it is believed by local
veterans that more than that number
vvill join at the meeting next week.
Prospects for a highly enthusiastic
meeting is in store for those planning
to attend. Word has been received
here that the entire membership of
the Edenton Post will attend the
meeting, as will members from the
Elizabeth City and Manteo Posts.
These are the three Posts now locat
ed in the First District and officials
of the Legion are anxious for a Post
to be established in Perquimans prior
to the State convention which will be
held in New Bern this summer.
District Commander I. P. Davis, of
Manteo, and Hoy McMillan, of Ra
leigh, who is l candidate for State
commander, will be the principal
speakers during the evening.
Direct organization of the local
Post will be in charge of J. P. Mer
cer, of Elizabeth City, who is Dis
trict vice commander. It is probable
that the meeting next week will see
a formation of the local post and
the naming of nominating com
mittees for the selection of officers
of the tort. 4
F. T. Johnson, B. C. Berry and J.
E. Winslow are among the local
veterans who are very much inter
ested in the post for Perquimans.
Other Perquimans' men who have
voiced their approval for a local post
include Rev. J. D. Cranford, J. Oliver
White, II. A. Whitley, J. k. Futrell,
Charles E. White, V. N. Darden, D.
W. Williams, G. T. Roache, A. M.
Goodwin, Joe Campbell, W. G. Hollo
well, G. C. Buck, J. H. Newbold, C.
V. Ward, F. M. Copeland, J. A. Perry,
Jake Mathews, Dempsey Winslow,
George R. Riddick, E. L. Hurdle, T.
W. Tillett, A. E. Layden, C. A. Dav
enport, D. T. Reed and A. A. Nobles.
Veterans are urged to remember
.the date and be on hand for the
meeting which will start at 7:30.
Basketball Teams
Split Double Header
With Chowan High
The basketball stock of the Per
quimans Indians still remains at low
ebb after a losing battle with the
Chowan High School teams last Fri
day night. The game was played at
the Chowan Gym.
The Perquimans iSquaws, however,
had an "on" night and sunk the
Chowan girls' team by an overwhelm
ing score.
Gault and Mayes were the high
scorers for the Hertford girls, Gault
scoring a total of 24 points, while
her team mate was gathering 10.
Final score in the girls' game was
38-13 in favor of Hertford.
The Indians played an excellent
game throughout the first three
quarters but were unable to get go
ing during the last chukker and the
Chowan boys romped ahead to win
by a score of 26 to 15.
Stokes, Byrum and Nowell gather
ed the most points for the Indians.
Young People's Group
Entertains Tuesday ,
The members of the Young Peo
ple's Department of the Hertford
Methodist Church were entertained
at a delightful banquet on Tuesday
evening at 6:30 o'clock at the church.
Clarke Stokes was master of cere
monies. Those taking part on the
program were Bobert Bradshaw, of
Durham; Rev. B.. Slaughter, 0
Elizabeth City; Rev. R. F. Munns,
Alton Munns, MisS Nell Riddick and
Mrs. R, M. Riddick:
A delicious chicken salad plate was
served. , Approximately fifty attend-,
ed tp affair. ,

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