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III At Home
LittQeton Gibbs has been confined
to his home several days this week
because of illness.
Sunday Here
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ferrell, of,
New York, and Mr. and Mrs. J
Harry Grace, of Baltimore, Md.,
spent Sunday as guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Jake White.
Returns From Florida
Miss Margaret Snipes has returned
from Augusta, Fla., where she visited
her parents, and was the week-end
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Kelly White.
Miss Snipes has returned to Norfolk,
Sick At Home
Mrs. M. J. Gregory has been con
fined to her home this week because
of illness, but is somewhat improved.
Week-end In Hertford
Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Bass and their
daughter, of Norfolk, Va., and Mr.
and Mrs. Micky Hooper, of Elizabeth
City, were week-end guests of Mr.
and Mrs. E. W. Mayes.
Spends Day In Edenton
Mrs. Nell Whedbee spent one day
last week in Edenton as the guest of
Mrs. Robert Smith.
Kaleigh Visitor
Miss Marjorie Beale, of Raleigh,
was the guest of Mrs. Nell Whedbee
one day last week.
Sunday In Greenville
Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Darden and
Mrs. C. P. Morris spent Sunday in
Greenville, where they visited their
daughters, Misses Nancy Darden and
Mary Morris.
Edenton Visitor
Mrs. Lloyd Griffin, of Edenton, was
the guest of Mrs. T. B. Walters on
Returns To Work
Mrs. J. E. Everett returned ti
her work Monday after being sick at
her home.
Wednesday Here
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Wright and
daughter, Ann Cannon, of Elizabeth
City, spent Wednesday of last week
with Mr. and Mrs. J. E. EvereH.
On Sick List
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Skinner have
been confined to their home this
week because of illness, but are both
Sick At Home
Little Miss Joanna Parker Willi
ford was confined to her home sev
eral days this week because of ill
ness. Friday Here
Miss Betty Yeager and Miss Lydia
Kaledo, of Baltimore, Md., enroute
to Florida, were guests of Miss Ruth
Medlin on Friday.
Saturday In Norfolk
Mrs. Nell Whedbee and her daugh
ter spent Friday in Norfolk, Va.
Sunday In New Bern
Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Cannon and
son, Guy, and H. B. Sedberry were
guests of friends ,in New Bern on
Here Sunday
Bill Cox, of Elizabeth City and
Norfolk, Va., visited in Hertford on
State Theatre Hg,Td
Today (Friday) Saturday
) " j "Lrums of Fu Manchu" No. 11
Monday Only-t Tuesday Only
Groucho - Chico - Harpo "A NIGHT AT
"CO WFST" vmuuiiw
With John Carroll and ,"!T
Also News and Act Also Comedy and Act
WednetA8 P M. r '
; Als9 March of Time No. S . , .. '
Comedy and Act Also Latest News . L
Edenton Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. George Hoskins and
Mrs. W. E. Hassell, of Edenton,
spent Sunday as the guests of of
Mrs. Charles Johnson and Mrs. Olivia
Sunday Here
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. demons and
sons, Irvin and Gordon, and Mrs,
Broughton Messick, of Norfolk. Va.
spent Sunday as guests of Mr Chas
Johnson and Mrs. Olivia Hobbs.
Visiting Parents
Mrs. James Connelly, Jr., of Rock
Hill, 6. C, is visiting her parents
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Reed. Mrs. Con
nelly, before her marriage, was Miss
Mattie Cannon Reed.
Goes To Wake Forest
Mrs. W. G. Newby went to Wake
Forest this week to spend some time
with her daughter, Mrs. W. C. Archie,
and Mr. Archie.
Here Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Edwards, of
Norfolk, Va., spent the week-end as
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Kelly White.
Week-end In Greenville
Miss "Chic" Stephens spent the
week-end in Greenville with friends.
Return Home !
Mrs. W. B. Byrd and son have re
turned to their home in Sanford,
after spending sometime with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Knowles.
They were accompanied home by
Mrs. Byrd's sister, Miss Grace
Knowles, and Miss Ruth Elliott, who
have returned to Hertford, after a
week-end visit.
Sunday Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Mansfield,
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Mansfield
and Mrs. Bessie Barbour, of Ports
mouth, Va., visited Mrs. William T
Elliott Sunday.
Ill At Home
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Perry have
been confined to their home several
days this week because of illness,
but are somewhat improved.
Mrs. John Caddy is getting along
nicely after undergoing a serious
operation at St. Vincent's Hospital
Norfolk, Va.
The Whiteston Home Demonstra
tion Club met Thursday night, Janu
ary 9, at the home of Mrs. Eunice
Winslow. The meeting was called
to order by the president, Miss Lu
cille Lane. After "Is Everybody
Happy?" was sung, the Collect was
repeated. During the business ses
sin dues for 1941 were collected and
two new members, Misses Annie and
Delia Winslow, were added to the
roll. Two 'new officers were ap
pointed: Miss Delia Winslow, vice
president, and Miss Lena Winslow
secretary. The Year Book for 1941
was filled out by each member.
An interesting program on Adjust
ing Farm Family Living in 1941 wasl
given by several of members of the
club and Miss Frances Maness, home
During the social hour the hostess
served, delicious refreshments.
The February meeting will be held
with Misses Mamie and IuciWe Lane.
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Hobsoi
Turner, of New Hope, on January 3
a daughter. Mother and baby are
doing nicely.
Bool qub Meeting At
Mrs. L. W Anderson's
, .-. mi
The Hertford Book Club met Fri
day evening at the home of Mrs. L.
W. Anderson, with Mrs. J. E. Wins
low, Mrs. Charles Whedbee and Mrs.
Anderson as hostesses.
The subject was "Romantic Move
, Mrs. C. A. Davenport gave the in
troduction for the program.
Mrs. J. C. Blanchard's subject was
"William Cullen Bryant". After
telling about his life, she read
"Thanatopsis." .
Mrs. S. M. Whedbee told about
Daniel Webster, his styQe of writing
and gave selections from his "Bunk
er Hill Oration" and from his oration
given during his debate with Haynes,
Mrs. H. R. Winslow gave an ex
planation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's
life and writings.
A delicious salad course was
The members present were: Mrs.
I. A. Ward, Mrs. L. W. Anderson,
Mrs. J. C. Blanchard, Mrs. T: P.
Brinn, Miss Kate BSanchard, JVlrs. C.
A. Davenport, Mrs. 6. P. Jessup,
Mrs. L. N. Hollowell, Mrs. N. A.
Relfe, Mrs. J. G. Roberson, Mrs. R.
T. White, Mrs. H. A. Whitley, Mrs.
Charles Whedbee, Miss Mae Wood
Winslow, Mrs. H. R. Winslow, Mrs.
H. C. Stokes, Mrs. S. M. Whedbee,
Mrs. J. E. Winslow and Miss Mary
E. Sumner.
Night Of Games
The Eastern Star will hold
"Night of Games" at the home of
Mrs. E. S. Pierce on Market Street,
Friday evening at 8 o'clock. Re
freshments will be served and the
public is invited to attend,
The Mary Towe Missionary Society
of the Methodist Church met Monday
evening with Misses Katherine Jessup
and Ruth Nachman as hostesses.
Miss Nachman was in charge of a
most interesting program, the topic
being Home Missionaries. She was
assisted by Miss Jessup, Miss Grace
Knowles, Miss Jeannette Fields and
Miss Mary Fields.
Those present were: Mrs. Anthony
Skipper, Misses Grace Knowles, Ruth
Davenport, Hilda Knowles, Mary
Fields, Mary Elizabeth Fields, "Chic'
Stephens, Mary Jane Spruill, and
Jeannette Fields, and Mrs. Morgan
The hostesses served a dainty
sweet course.
Mrs. H. C. Stokes was a charming
hostess to her bridge club at her
home on Church Street on Tuesday
evening. Those playing were Mes
dames Tommy Jessup, George Bar
bee, Carroll Holmes, Silas Whedbee,
Misses Esther Evans, Helen Morgan
and Mary Sumner. High score prize
was awarded Miss Morgan, low went j
to Mrs. Barbee, and Miss Evans re
ceived the floating prize.
The hostess served a delicious
salad course.
Mrs. R. S. Jordan and Miss May
wood Pierce were joint hostesses at
a h,ridge party on Tuesday evening
at the home of Miss Pierce. Those
playing were Mesdames Fred Chalk,
Olivia Hobbs, Charles Johnson, Jake
Jackson, L. S. White, J. S. Vick, P.
H. Small, Bill Morgan, Ellie Good
win, E. S. Pierce, Norman True
blood, Hudson Butler, Kelly White,
and Miss Mary Elizabeth Fields.
Mrs. Chalk won high score prize,
low went to Mrs. Goodwin, and Mrs.
Hobbs received the floating prize.
The hostesses served a sweet
Mrs. B. G. Koonce delightfully en
tertained her bridge cQub Tuesday
evening at her home. Those playing
included Mesdames T. B. Sumner,
Charles Whedbee, Oscar Felton, V.
N. Darden, R. M. Riddick, E. L.
Laughinghouse and Herman Wins
low, and Miss Kate Blanchard.
High score prize was awarded to
Mrs. Felton, low went to Miss Kate
Blanchard, and Mrs. Darden received
the floating prize.
At the conclusion of the game the
hostess served delicious refresh'
Mrs. Morgan Walker, assisted by
Mrs. C. "E. Walker entertained
on Friday evening at Walker's Ball
room at a miscellaneous shower in
honor of her sister-in-law, Mrs.
Glenn Matthews, a recent bride. A
large number of guests were present
and bingo and bridge were enjoyed.
The honoree received many lovely
gifts. ' , . .. ;
At the end of a delightful evening,!
dainty refreshments were served
the hostess.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Winslow and
small son, who have ;een living' la'
the Pender Road 'section for the past
few years, paoveq this .week near
Corapeakft, in Gates .County. R. S,
Ward " and son, William Ward, of
Ryland, did the hauling.
Additional Room
Bein?Made For
Mattress Project
Frances I Maness, County
Home Demonstration Agent, an
nounced today that the NYA will
shortly open additional rooms where
mattresses will be made for distri
bution among Sow-income families
of the county.
A total of 1,023 applications have
been made for these mattresses and
to 'date a total of 371 have been
made and delivered.
The new rooms, when opened, will
be in charge of NYA girls and the
proaucts maae at me new rooms
will be for colored families exclu
sively. The production of these
mattresses wffll continue at the pres
ent location being used, but the
mattresses being made there will be
given to white families.
Mrs. Arba Winslow
Wins First Honors
At Poultry Course
Mrs. Arba Winslow, Mrs. A.. R.
Cooke, Mrs. W. Df Landing, Miss
Frances Maness and George Jackson
attended the Poultry Short Course
held at Currituck on Monday.
Mrs. Winslow won first prize for
display of the best dozen brown
eggs at the exhibit and was awarded
100 blood-tested chicks. Mrs. Cooke
won fourth prize in the exhibit of
white eggs and received a feeder
for an award. A total of seventy-
dozen eggs were on display at the
The ladjes in the group are all
poultry leaders in their respective
home demonstration clubs of Per
quimans County.
St. Kathfrine's Guild of Holly Trin
ity Church met Tuesday evening at
the home of Mrs. W. H. Hardcastle.
After the business meeting plans
were made to hold a turkey supper
sometime in February. Fifteen
members were present.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hill, residents
of Hertford for the past eleven years,
will shortly move to Petersburg, Va.,
where Mr. Hill will be employed by
his present firm. The many friends
of Mr. and Mrs. Hill regret that
they must leave Hertford.
Miss Vida Banks, of New Hope, !
whose engagement to Ray Pritchard,'
was recently announced was compli
mented by a lovely miscellaneous '
shower on Friday evening at the
rinrnnta MoV .Ink tinnna Mtks IT fl '
Banks being the hostess. The main
room of the club house was attrac
tively decorated wih potted plants
and cut flowers.
Games and contests were enjoyed.
Those present and remembering ;
the bride-elect with gifts were: Mr.
and Mrs. R. D. Benson, George
Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Spen
cer, Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Turner, Mr.
and Mrs. T. A. Hurdle, Mr. and
Mrs. Moody Haskett, . Mrs. E. G.
Banks, Mrs. Berta Hobbs, Mrs. Joe
Haskett, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Bar
clift, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Barclift,
Mr. and Mrs. Hoyle Jones, Mr. ana
Mrs. Ed Turner, Mr. and Mrs. I. C.
Butt, Mrs. W. E. Dail, Mr. and Mrs.
C. B. Goodman, Mr. and Mrs. C. W.
Griffin, Mr. and Mrs. Guy Webb,
Mrs. Cartwright, Mrs. Billlie Carter,
Mrs. Woodrow Godfrey, Mr. and Mrs.
Raymond Eure, Mrs. Sally Hurdle,
Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McNider, of Hert
ford, Mrs. Mattie Robbins, Mrs. Mat
tie Simpson, Miss Maude ISimpson.
Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Perry, Mrs. Geo.
Cluff and Mrs. Lon Perry, of Clifton,
N. J.; Mrs. Jerry Jackson, of
Media, Pa., Mr. and Mrs. John Hur
dle, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Dail, Mr.
and Mrs. Jesse Sawyer, Mrs. R. R.
Perry, Miss Carmen Perry, Mr. and
Mrs. S. D. Banks and Miss Lillian
Delicious ice cream and cake were
The Missionary Society of Piney.
Woods Friends Church met 'Saturday
afternoon, January 11, at the home
of Mrs. S. M. Winslow with Mrs. W.
L. White and Mrs. Warren Spivey as
assistant hostesses The meeting
was opened by singing "The Light
of the World in Jesus," after which
the devotional, taken from II Corin
thians 4:6, John 8-12, was conducted
by Mrs. Callie CopeSand. Prayer was
offered by the Rev. J. C. Trivette.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read and 1 approved. At roll
call each member answered with a
text on Light . The lesson wag eon
ducted by Mrs. L L. Winslow, as
sisted by Mrs. Mabel Harwood, Mrs.
H. P." White, Mrs. R. R. . White and
Miss, Margaret B. White. The topic
was ."Westward and the Land ' is
Bright,! taken from the Study Book,
"Dangerous Opportunities." The dis
cussions cpnderButg' It -proved very
interesting. ,j,ctlns" closed with
me covenant' in concert. tf fVV" "
The ' kosWipefc 'wwrii $ditSmw
candle salad, .jw'.w4'.P"-P?.
cans. Those."pfesent were;, . Mrs; L.
C. Winslow, : Mrs. v T, R. Winslow,
Ilk' "Warren' Spivey,; K Mis , Clara
White; Rev. and Mrs. J, 0: Trivette,
Mr. L. J. Winslow, Mrs. Callie Cope
hWf Mrs. L. L. Winslow, Mrs. J. M.
CoDeland. Mix. Mabel Harwnod. Mm.
mSwMMn. R, R. White, Mrs.
Oliver WlfuJow, Miss Margaret B.
White, Mrs. V. C. Winslow, Mrs. S.
M. Winslow, Mrs. Claude Winslow,
Mrs. Curtis Chappell, Miss Lucy
White, and Mrs. R. M. Duncan, a
The Music Lovers CJtib of Per
quimans County Central Grammar
School met on January 8, at the
school. The meeting was called to
order by the president, Miss Marjorie
Rebecca White. The minutes of the
previous meeting were read and ap
proved. At roll call each person
answered with the name and birth
date of some musical composer
After a short business session, the
following program was presented by
the program committee:
Devotional, Miss Marjorie Rebecca
Lord's Prayer in concert.
Song "January and February."
Reading "Anita's Choice," Miss
Esther Winslow.
Quartet, Joann Winslow, Esther
Winslow, Marjorie Rebecca White
and J. V. Cranford.
Musical Games Horace Baker, Jr.
Song "There's Music in the Air."
Misses Esther Winslow, Marietta
Jolliff and France tta Miller were ap-
Against Loss
Full Life Insurance Coverage
Educational Endowments
Accident and Health Protection
A"y Licensed Hospital in United States or Canada
Includes Certain Surgical- Conditions Practic
ed by Family Physicians.
Hertford, N. C.
January Clearance Sale
Sale Starts Friday, January 17
We must make room for new Spring merchandise and have re
duced ALL FALL and WINTER D'REBSES below cost. Save by
shopping now.
One rack Ladies' Silk Dresses (values from
$1.98 to $3.98) ..$1.00
One lot of Children's Coats. Priced at.. $2.95
Ladies' Coats in TWEED, fur cloth and
CAMEL Hair. Only a few left $5.95 to $7.95 '
Ladies' new Silk Dresses in PASTEL shades.
Beautiful selections at $3.98 up
Hertford, N. C.
I through the winter, if
Car must be purchased
Jan. 25 for this offer.
Ford Deluxe
CoUpe. Excellent Con
1939 Plymouth 4-door
Touring Sedan.
1937 Chevrolet 2-door
Sedan.; Perfect tires.
Runs like new.
Other good Used Cars
priced right - Come to
r m Mm m
' ,'. u a w :
pointed as program committee
next month.- '
Hostesses for the next , meeting
are Marjorie Rebecca White) Dot
megan Lane and Faye Winslow. - .
Delicious refreshments were served
by Horace Baker, x Jr., Paul SmfySr
and J. V. Cranford. .
Those present were Misses Joann
Winslow, Esther Winslow,- Marjorie
Rebecca White, TheHma White,' Fay
Winslow, Marietta Jolliff, Dotmegaft ,
Lane, Norma Winslow, pmily , Skin
ner, and Francetta Miller, and " J. V -Cranford,
Horave Baker, Jr., Paul
Smith and Mrs. R. R. White. ;- ,
Mr. Sammie Sutton says: "I
bought around 4,000 chicks of you
last year and do not think I lost
as many as the extras you gave,
me. These chicks were Superior'
White Leghorns, Barred, Rocks
and New Hampshires." Do youi
think you could beat this record A
with chicks from . any . source
whntivr? Wa orA nnnr i o ivi rr
Barred -Rocks and New Hamp-rfl
shires each rriday. Every chick
from a U. S. - N. C. approved
breeder. $8.25 per 100; 300 and
over, $8.00 per 100.
Hertford, N. C.
to protect your car:;;
cost price exceeds $150..! ,
between Jan. 18 and
1936 Chevrolet Master.
2-door Sedan. "Radio
and heater. A4 con-1 '
1939 Hudson Special f V
4-door Sedan. Radio; X
neater and fog lights: i
urn lymoutJii Ficlc-'J
up. see this one, , r
mo? n ii v a 'j
xs7oo vnevroiet -aoor
Our liberal Payment Plan
. '
.ft ' 1
l' I.
IX? 1
? 1 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 " ' ' ' 1 1 8 'tifcM
'i. (fa
:' 'P.

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