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Honor Roll For
Central School
Over Ninety Students
Listed For This Quarter
Indians Face Two
Games On Hardwood
This Week-end
' Principal Rupert Ainsley announ
ced on Wednesday the liert. of boys
and irirls makinar the honor rojl at
the Perquimans .Central Grammar
School for the second quarter of this
school year
A total of over ninety boys and
trlrla from the first to the seventh
grades are listed as 'honor students
during this quarter.
first Grade Margaret Symons,
Rnfus Turner. Lawrence Winslow,
Eugene Boyce, Nellie Cartwright,
Gravthel Ray Spear, Linwood Lamb,
Kathleen Hurdle, Gertrude Elliott,
Amv Vann Roach, Mary Vernon
Ward. Barbara Ann Benton, Ben
Millen Mariorie Whedbee, Marvina
ii'white. Morris Winslow, Aby God
frev. Walter HumDhlett, Jr., and
ilJilly Morris Benton.
Second Grade Julian Lane, Leon
ard Harrell, Douglas Coffleld, Der
wood Lane, MeSvin Lamb, Horace
Miller, Imogene Chappell, Earlene
Chalk, Sally White, Albert White,
George Eure, Preston Morgan, Eula
Chalk, Sylvia Asbell, Hattie Elliott,
Emogene Miller, Patsy Hurdle.
if Third Grade-Lindsey Earl Barber
Velma Ann Carver, Willie Mae Chap
Dell. Parker Copeland, Ruby Daifl,
Norwood Elliott. Mary Frances
(Fowler, Geraldine Gregory, Ailene
Hobb Minnie Lee Hollowell. Alice
k. Ltu.e, Carolyn Hurdle, Ruby Lane,
Lillian, Russell, Paul Smith, Faray
SymonsC Thomas Edward Umphlett,
DIH Winalnw and Harrv Lee Wins
ronrm irraae Ann uniev. rimuin
Lane, Doland Winslow, Marie Roun-
t tr. TtwSma wnite. Marietta jouin.
Lelia Lee. Winslow, Ray Lamb, Ann
Hollowell.. A
The Perquimans High School bas
ketball teams face a tough schedule
of two trames to be played this week
end. The boys and girls played the
teams from Hobbsville High School
Thursday night and will meet the
Williameton teams on the local court
tonight (Friday).
Still feeling in fine shape, after
their victory over the strong Central
team last week, the Indians are
looking toward adding two more
scalps to their belts before this week
If past records have any bearing
on the games, the Squaws should
come off the court victorious in both
of their battles.
Birthday Dance Set
Tentatively For
Friday, Feb. 7th
March of Dimes Pro
gram to Start on Saturday
Mrs. I. A. Ward Issues
Invitation To Women
To Join Club
States Town Can Be
Improved By Proper
Earl . Simpson, Doris Wilder, Romes
Chappell, James Dail, Peggy Cook,
Emmett Lane, Leon Lane, H. B
Miler, Eugene Hurdle.
Sixth Grade Oneida Caddy, Mary
Leland Winslow, Mary Lina Raper,
Faye Winslow, Alleene Yeates, Em
mett Elmore, Radar Franklin White,
Sybil Monds, Jean Chappell
Seventh Grade Pauline hmith,
Esther Winslow, Marjorie Rebecca
White, Leona Lane, Horace Baker,
Jr., Norma Winslow, Dorothy Faye
White, Marjorie Frances White,
Frances Ann Cook, Joan Winslow.
County Council Of
Demonstration Clubs
To Meet Saturday
Awards For Work and
Attendance to Be Giv
en at Meeting
The County CounciH of Perquimans
County Home Demonstration Clubs
will hold, its first meeting of the
year 1941 on Saturday afternoon at
2:30 o clock at the Agricultural
Building in Hertford.
All members are urged to b
present for important discussion of
club work.
Miss Frances Maness, county agent
for the Home Demonstration Clubs,
stated that awards for club work
during the year 1940 will be made
at this meeting, as well as attend
ance certificates given to members
who have not missed meetings dur
ing the past year.
First award for the outstanding
club work for the year will be a
nrRssure cooker to be civen to the
I dub, hmvlr Jtkebest general record
Second award, a set of curtain
stretchers, will go to the club plac
ing second, and the club getting third
place wiM receive a fruit cake pan.
The Winfall Home uemonstration
Club will have charge of the pro
gram to be presented at the meeting
on Saturday.
The President's Ball, honoring the
celebration of work being done to
raise funds to aid in the fight against
Infantile Paralysis, will be held in
Hertford on February 7, according to
an announcement made Wednesday
by S. M. Whedbee, chairman of the
celebration in Perquimans County.
Mr. Whedbee stated that this is,
at the present time, a tentative date,
but that if arrangements can be made
to have Jimmy McCallum and his or
chestra here for that date, the dance
will be held on Friday, the 7th.
McCallum and his orchestra hail
from Colerain and played for the
ball given in Edenton cn Tuesday
evening of this week. Those in at
tendance at the Edenton dance said
that the orchestra was "okay," so it
; ovnprturl tVmt a larcre crowd will
be on hand for the local
aid in the fight against the disease.
Price of admission for the local dance
has been set at $1.00 per couple.
The March of Dimes, another fea
ture of the program pertaining to
the Birthday celebration, will get un
der way in this County on Saturday,
February 1, with F. T. Johnson, su
perintendent of Schools and Howard
Pitt, Hertford ScoutMaster, in charge
of the March.
This year the school children of
the county and the Boy Scouts will
be used to collect the dimes and The
Weekly urges that every person do
his or her bit by contributing to this
splendid program.
Fifty percent of all money raised
in this county remains here to be
used in the local fight against infan
tile paralysis. It is probable that
with the local dance committee, com
posed of Mr. Whedbee, Dr. C. A.
Davenport and Morgan Walker, mak
ing every Attempt to hold the ex
penses of a dance to the minimum,
that a likajy sum will be cleared
from the President's Ball this year
hiirh-Driced orchestras in the
nnst have taken most of the door re
ceipts at the dance which left little
for the chairman to turn over to tne
general committee supporting the
Mis. I. A. Ward, president of the
Hertford Woman's Club, today issued
an invitation and made an urcent
appeal to all the women of Hertford
to become members of the Woman's
C'.uli and to work together for im
provements and beautification of our
In making the appeal Mrs. Ward
stated: "We have one of the finest
little towns in the State, and by na
ture one of the prettiest, but there
are many things that can be done
to make it more attractive and more
desirable to live in. All together
we can accomplish much, but just a
lew will have a hard task.
"When you join the Woman's Club I
you pay one dollar a year dues," said i
Mrs. Ward. "You show you are
civic-minded, you are interested in j
affair and wn ana you are wining 10 join j
nana.; witn tne other women and do
your bit. Whether you attend a I
single meeting or not, there is no
excuse for not becoming a member."
"In one of our western cities an
invalid who never leaves her room
is one of the most outstanding mem
bers of the Woman's Club of that
city. She pays her dues, writes let
ters, gets magazine subscriptions for
her club, and realfly makes more
money for her club than the average
woman in good health. If you have
a mind to work there is always an
Mrs. Ward said that at the pres
ent time the local club had as its pro
ject the building of a new club house
in which public meetings, banquets
and "private parties for th
people' could be heOd.
She thanked Mayor V. N. Harden
and the Town Board for the hearty
cooperation and said that practically
every man in Hertford had encourag
ed the club on with its work.
The Club held the first supper last
Thursday nisjht to start the building
fund and cleared $35.70. Mrs. Ward
extended her thanks to those
helped in any way to make the sup
per such a success.
A wedding of wide interest in Per
quimans County was solemnized on
Saturday, January 25, when Vida
Marie Banks, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Stephen D. Banks, of New
Hope, became the bride of Stephen
R. Pritchard, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Zenus Pritchard,, of Weeksville.
The. weddine- took nlace at the
District Parsonage of the Methodist j
Church in Elizabeth City with the!
Rev. J. I). Cranford, pastor of the
New Hope Church, officiating. Only
members of the immediate families
and a few friends attended.
The bride wore a costume suit of
soldier blue wool alpaca with acces
sories of navy. She carried a bou
quet of bride's roses.
After a motor trip to an unan
nounced destination, the couple will
return to make their home at Weeksville.
Local Draft Board
Receives Four More
Four Negroes Sign as
Volunteers Under Act
i'our additional volunteers
their appearance at the local
offices this week and signified
intention of being ready to
Tax List Takers
To Close Books On
Friday Evening
, i
Penalty For Late List
ing Effective This
their county under 1 ncle Sam's Se
lective Service Act.
The volunteers, ail Negroes, were
James Winslow, Jr., Horace Goodwin,
Jacob H. Martin and George Nelson.
These youths bring to a total of 11
the number of colored volunteers that
the local draft board has had to date.
A total of four white men has vol
unteered for service.
The local board as yet has not re
ceived a call for more men, but one
is expected daily for a quota to be
filled sometime around February 17;
however, the board has received word
hat in all cases where blood tests
made during the
tion are positive
shall be reported
In preparation
physical examina
t'hat these cases
to local health of-
for the next call
Home Demonstration Agent
Hertford Rotary
Club Entertains
National Officer
The Hertford Rotary Club held its
regular meeting at the Hotel Hert
ford Tuesday night and had as a
special guest, Wallace Journey of
'Birmingham, Alabama, representa
tive at large for the governors of
Rotary International in southern dis
tricts. Mr. Journey spoke on the history
and' growth of Rotary International
and reviewed activities of past years
of the local club.
. Especially interesting were Mr.
Journey's reports on how Rotary
Clubs in England are continuing
their work in spite of the war. He
said they often held meetings In air
raid shelters, if air-raid alarms
were given at their meeting time.
In an informal discussion follow
ing his talk, it was brought out that
Rotary Clubs in German-dominated
areas have not been disbanded.
The Hertford Cfub will not meet
at the Hotel for its regular meeting
next Tuesday evening, but most of
th members plan to go to Elizabeth
City to attend an Inter-City meeting
to be held there.
Again this year we want to stress
more reading among our club women.
Certificates will be given for those
reading three books that are on the
list sent out.
The Perquimans County Library
Board is cooperating in every way
in order that we may have more
books available. I hope that every
community will take advantage of
the opportunity to get books in the
Schedule For Next Week
Tuesday, February 4 Chapanoke
Club will meet with Mrs. J. C.
Wednesday, February 5 Winfall
Club will meet with Mrs. C. J. Lay
den. Thursday, February 6 Whiteston
Club will meet with Miss Lucille
Friday, February 7 -Home and
Garden Club will meet with Mrs.
Wilson Reed.
Committeemen Hold
Youngest Grandfather
Honors Belong To
Wifflam (Bill) Elliott
Ihe distinction of being the young
eat grandfather in Perquimans Coun
. ty belongs to genial William (Bill)
Elliott whose first grandchild was
born early this month. ,
TV WMtr hn Wkidr'. Various
ntiiAritfAa .to tha twMt. f tta ahtlitv
and finds that BiH, t the rip young
age of 42, i the fellow-to lay claim
u to . ttltla-Murvlcoguii
youngest; grandpa. - Conftratulationa,
r;ilmy!yeui long hold the title; - '
Day Meeting
Countv Committeemen who have
charge of the Perquimans Farm Pro
gram held an all-day session with
County Agent L. W. Anderson ana j.
C. Broome, district officer of the
AAA, at the Agricultural Building on
Committeemen from every town
hin in the countv were present at
the meeting to hear a discussion on
the Farm Program for 1941. fapeci
fir nu'rnoae of the meeting was to
outline the work for the coming year
as it pertains to Perquimans.
Mr. Broome gave a complete, and
In annut eaaea. Illustrated talk re
garding crop -allotments and yields,
soB ' practices and. soli building and
payment to-be made under the farm
program. "
were made clear br 'the committee
man auesttotuiur sir. Broome on
Local Marine Wins
Praise Of General
Washington, D. C Praise for his
ability as a student was recently
given" to Sergeant Raleigh B. Perry,
formerly of Hertford, who completed
the difficult Diesel Engines Course,
as taught by the Marine Corps Insti
tute here. Accompanying the di
ploma was a letter of commendation
from Major-General T. Holcomb,
Commandant of the Corps.
Sgt. Perry is a member ot tne
5th Reserve District, with nome
quarters at Portsmouth, Va., and
despite his various duties, found the
necessary time to study tor ana sue-1
cessfully pass all examinations. j
The Marine Corps Institute was
established about 20 years ago with
the purpose of presenting free text
books and courses to all ambitious
marines desiring to improve their
spare time with study. The Insti
tute offers a wide variety of courses,
including many of the arts, trades
and sciences.
General Hjlcomb's letter to Sgt.
Perry read in part: "The Major
General Commandant congratulates
you upon your excellent work in
completing this course."
'Srroant Perrv is the son of Mrs.
Narcissus B. Perry, of Hertford, and
prior to entering the Corps, made
his home here.
Bertie's 'Grand Old
Man' Passes Away
, tan i
Judge Francis D. Winston of Wind-j uvtn
, e I : J II D
sor, Known iar anu wine as ikiucs
Grand Old Man," died at his home,
about 7 o'clock Tuesday night. Ha,
was 83 years old and had been in ill
health for several months, succumb
ing to a series of heart attacks. j
Judge Winston, during his . life
held a number of important positions, j
some of which were Superior Court
judge, lieutenant-governor and grand!
master of Masons in North Carolina. :
He was also the oldest trustee of the
University of North Carolina and for
12 years had been judge of Bertie
County General Court. He was, in
his younger years, a school teacher
in Edenton.
Survivors are his wife, the former
Rosa Mary Kennedy of Portsmouth,
Va., whom he married in 1899; a
brother, Robert Watson Winston of
Chapel Hill; and a sister, Mrs. Rob
ert Winston Spruill of Rocky Mount
and New York.
Funeral services were held Wed
nesday afternoon at St. Thomas Epis
copal Church in Windsor with the
Rev. Louis Schenck officiating.
Tax List Takers in Perquimans1
Coun'y wiH Oiose their books at six
o'clock Friday evening, January lil,
according to J. W. Ward, county tax
During t'ho first twenty-eight days
of the month approximately seventy
five percent of the taxpayers had
listed their iroerty hut the remain
ing twenty-five percent will have' to
rush the tax listers before the dead
line Friday evening unless they wish;
young i to pay the penalty assessed late
' lusters.
The list taker;: evpect a final rush i
Friday evening in the elfort to heat,
the deadline, but according to the
law, those who fail to list thair-.
I proerty by the appointed time will
have to pay the penalty.
Another event that looms with re
gards to tax listing is the probability.
: that the Superior Court during the
1 April Term will call for an investi-
; gation of people who have not listed
their property for taxation during
the past years.
I Superior Courts in other counties j
j have called these investigations and
l have found numerous people through
out the counties who violated the law!
, by failing to list. Local officials'
i have issued a warning that those who i
fail to list their property for taxes:
g the present time may find j
themselves in trouble later.
for me.n from this countv. the board
has eight white men and, thirteen
Negroes ready to leave for camp.
That Ls this number of men has been
classified and given medical exami
nations and are classed as A-l.
Among thee are Robert Morris,
Henry Bright, Iouis Chappell, Edgar
Lane, Harold Copeland, Hersey Gre
gory, William Davis and William
t'ai twright, all white.
The Negroes in Pass A-l are: Ber
nice Woodard, Robert Riddick, Ver
non Wiggins, (k'orge Felton, Henry
White', Enoch Iiarnard, Andrew
Jackson, Ulysses Skinner, Merritt
Hollowell, Clarence Harrell, James
Felton, Ralph liurke and Anthony
J. R. Stokes, chairman of the local
board, stated that the board will not
mail out any questionnaires during
this week as the board believed that
Xicieui nujjitv uf-. Uiiwe
I. However,
mure ques-
ready for the next ca
the board will mail out
tionnaires next week.
Funeral Services
Held Saturday For
Mrs. Joseph P. Ward
items listed in the proragm.
Postal Receipts On
The Increase Here
Postal receipts at the Hertford
Post Office during the year 1940
amounted to approximately $10,500
according to .S. M. Whedbee, local
postmaster. Mr. Whedbee stated on
Wednesday that this is a consider
able increase over receipts during
the past several years.
Circle Number Tw6 of the Wom
an's Missionary Society of the Hert
ford Baptist Church will - meet on
Wednesday aJtornoon at 6:15 o'clock
t th ohnrcJv Mrs. Lula Lane is
hostess for Uul meeting. 1
Rotber Makes Haul
At Morgan Walker's
A sneak thief made a forty-dollar
"haul" at the Morgan Walker Soda
Shop in a daring robbery which oc
.nrroJ SiinHnv nicrht during the
church hour.
Mr. Walker stated that during the
hour that the store was closed some
person or persons rifled his cash
register and stole approximately $40
In cash. A check revealed that no
merchandise was missing.
It was believed that the robber
MA in the store room as the clerk
was locking up for the church hour
and after the coast had become clear
rifled the cash register and made his
'"Police have little evidence to work
on, but several suspects 'have been
Funeral services wen' conducted
last Saturday afternoon for Mrs.
, Joseph IV Ward of the liethel Com
; munity. who died in the Albemarle
Hospital, Elizabeth City, on Thursday
Mrs. Ward was taken to the hos-i
pital on Monday for observation, af-!
ter a short illness.
i Final rites were held at the Pierce
, Funeral Home in Hertford at 2
i o'clock Saturday. The Rev. J. T.
'l: rum, pastor of liethel Baptist j
: Church, officiated. I'.urial was made I
' in Beaver Hill Cemetery in Edenton.!
Survivors include her husband, J. :
I'. Ward, two sisters, Mrs. A. F.
l'ro-tor and Mrs. M. T. Griffin, of
Perquimans County, and a brother,
( liarlie Fleetwood, ot Iennessee. '
Gin Report
Five Minor Cases
Take Little Time
Recorder's Court
Five cases were heard in the Per
quimans Recorder's Court on Tues
day morning before Judge (iranberry
Tucker and less than an hour was
required to clear the docket of the
minor cases.
Ethel Mae Overton, Negro, was as
sessed the costs of court when she
failed to appear as the prosecuting
witness against Howard Overton
whom she had charged with assault
and non-support.
Harold Henry Copeland, charged
with reckless driving by Patrolman
Jack Gaski'U. pleaded guilty and was
taxed $5.00 which was to be applied
to the costs of court.
Earl Wilder, brought to court on a
charge of operating a truck with im
proper lights, pleaded not guilty
and gave testimony that it was an
! emergency that caused him to uso
the truck at night. He was found
' guilty and prayer for judgment was
Horace Goodwin, Negro, charged
, with vagrancy and failure to list
property for taxation, was found not
guilty to both counts,
Horace Whites Negro, was charged
with assault on Mary Webb, Negro,
and was found guilty. Judge Tucker
sentenced White to 60 days on the
roads, sentence suspended on pay
ment of costs and good behavior for
one year.
According to the census reports
issued by Willie M. Harrell, special
agent, a total of 11,507 bales of cotton
were ginned in the county up to
Tpnuary lfi. This shows an increase
over the previous year of some 2,274
bales. A total of 1,233 bales were
ginned during the same period of
First Snow Fall Hits
County Tuesday A. M.
The first snowfall of the year hit
Perquimans County early Tuesday
morning and lasted, through half the
day. Although at times the snow
was falling heavy and fast, it failed
to stick to the ground and all evi
dence of the first now of the year
wa melted away before late after-
McMullan White
Resigns Position
At Morgan's Store
McMullan White has resigned his
position with W. M. Morgan, the
Hertford Furniture Man, and will
leave Hertford Sunday for Norfolk,
Va., where he has accepted another
Mac's friends will hate to see him
leave Hertford, but wish him luck
with his new job.
The Hertford.3Lions Club held its
regular meeting last , Friday night
An interestm profrjtt was pre
sented hy Envof C Suc
tion Army p&Uinlny' $o i 'sunnier
camps for childrsilj '
IV ft'

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