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Hertford, Perquimans county, iNorth Carolina. Friday, March 7, 1941.
$1.25 Per Year.
1 tr
' " Masonic Order Was Es
, : tablished Here March
: 10,1821
Meeting Scheduled For
i Community House at
J 7 P. M.
,1- A celebration in honor of the 120th
anniversary of the founding of Per
,S$ruimans Lodge No. 106, A. F. &
'A. M., will be held Monday evening,
March 10, at 7 o'clock, at the Com
1 munity House in Hertford.
During the meeting a Dutch-treat
supper will be served by the Hertford
Chapter of the Order of the Eastern
G. C. Buck is master of Perquim
ans Lodge and B. C. Berry is chair
man of the celebration committee.
The speaker for the evening has not
been definitely selected, but the com
mittee promts a distinguished
Mason will be obtained, to speak dur
ing the occasion.
The local Masonic Lodge was or
. ganized March 10, 1821, as the Albe
marle Lodge No. 77. The original
charter of this lodge was lost in 182y
and the lodge was re-organized i.i
1841 under the new name of Per
quimans Lodge No. 106. It has
operated continuously since that time
except for a brief period during the
Civil War.
At the present time Perquimans
Lodge has over 50 members and the
lodge rooms are located in the Court
house Building.
District officials of the order and
former members of the local lodge
have been invited to attend the cele
f bration meeting here on Monday,
rnd a large delegation is expected.
B. C. Berry has requested that all
persons interested in attending the
, meeting get in touch with him by
Saturday night
On next Tuesday evening mem
bers of Perquimans Lodge will jour
-t VJWJjo Elisabeth City to attend a
Joinrmeeting i all the lodges in the
First District. The meeting Tuesday
will be held at Eureka Lodge, Nt.
Editors Meeting At
Plymouth Saturday
Weekly newspaper .editors, mem
bers of the Northeastern North Car
olina Press Association, will hold the
regular monthly meeting on Satui
day, March 8, at Plymouth. Jack
Booker, editor of the Roanoke Beac
on, will be host to the group.
Talbot Patrick, publisher of the
News-Argus, of Goldsboro, has been
invited to speak to the editors dur
ing the meeting.
Officers of the group for 1941 will
be elected at the meeting on Satur
Home Demonstration Agent
In order to have sufficient food for
v the family, we must not wait until
late spring to. start our gardens.
, This year we want, as nearly as pos
sible, every farm family to have
, sufficient gardens not only for the
. . summer months but for the yeai
'' - round. Each . family should can
enough food to supplement its gat
den during the coldest winter
months. A family should have Z'i
quarts of vegetables and 24 quarts
oi fruit per person.
In order to reach families thai
need help in canning, etc., we are
- , asking each Home Demonstration
r Gab member to take a family in he
,s community that needs help in plan-.-
i ; ning "her , garden and - in canning;
:i& Wevweiuld like, for yoit to help that
'; f family meet", its canning Mtai&i?c
. ?"-' We dont want to stop ..with. can
, - ning; but provide,, a -sufficient,,. stor-,
t '? ' aga space 'for. . our. canned food aa
'-'chat it-trill not freeze during the
winter. ? '
i '. Mattress Project
Applications have been taken for
1,364 mattresses. Up to date we have
made 73S. Rules have been changeo
so . that a family of three - may re
ceive two'mattresses and a family of
nve or more, may receive wiree.
- , Comfort -Project :$:
V 'We are now ready to take appll
. oationa for comforts. Any familj' is
'-- eligible, for one .comfort, for each
V mattress received. . Application may
be made' fa; the Heme Agent's fllce.
Schedule for March 10-15
, t Monday, March iOBallahaclt.Club
meets with Urt. J. M. Sutton. '
." Tuesday, March 11 Ilech Spring
Club meets with lira, W. J. Perry.
r.l-y, , Karen J4-ethol , Club
Edmund Harding To
Address P.T.A. County
Council Banquet -
The County Council of the Parent-
Teachers Association will have .
banquet at the High School on Thura
day evening, March 13, at 7 o'clock,
with Edmund Harding, of Washing
ton, N. C, as the principal speakei.
Mr. Harding is a well-known musi
cian and entertainer who has ap
peared at various civic meetings in
Hertford in the past and one can be
assured of a splendid program.
All P. T. A. members are urged
to get tickets which will .be on saic
at their local schools. The school
having the highest percentage of at
tendance at this meeting . will be
awarded an attendance prize.
This annual banquet of the P. T. A
has been well attended for the past
two years and the County Council
chairman, Mrs. John Symons, is ex
pecting a large crowd again this
year. The banquet will be served by
members of the home economics
class of the High School.
Local Draft Board
Receives Call For
Three Negro Youths
Selectees to Leave Hert
ford March 19; More
Questionnaires Mail
ed Out
The Perquimans County d r a 1 1
board has received an order for three
JJegro draftees as the quota this
county shall fill during the monti
of March.
The three Negro youths will leave
Hertford for the Fort Bragg Indue
tion Center on March 19. As yet
no order has been received for, white
ntfsn irtr.thu mouth.
' The Negroes selected by the local
board to fill the March quota are,
Henry White, Milton Harvey ana
George C. Nelson. All of these are
volunteers. George B. Felton will
be sent to replace Bernice Woodard,
who was rejected when he appeared
before the Army officials for indue
tion last month.
The local board resumed the work
of mailing out questionnaires here
this week. A total of twenty-five
forms were mailed on Tuesday and
this brings to a total of 308 th
number of questionnaires that have
been sent out by the Perquimans
board. Eleven hundred and twenty-
six men are registered in this coun
ty. Thus far, just about one-fourth
of the registrants have received
questionnaires to date.
At the present time the local board
has eight white men and 13 Negroes
classified in Group 1-A, denoting
their readiness to be selected for a
year's training under the Selective
Service Act.
Questionnaires will be mailed out
from time to time as the local board
sees the necessity for the classifica
tion of more men.
Broadcast Planned
In Celebration Of
AAA Anniversary
As has been the custom in past
years, plans are now being made to
observe the anniversary of the pass
ing of the Farm Program legisla
tion which made possible all farm
programs now working throughout
the country.
L. W. Anderson, county agent,
stated that on Saturday, March 8, a
special; broadcast will be held at 10
p. m., during which President loose-
veit, vce; iresiaent Wallace ana
jWtar.':of Agriculture Wckard
will speftk on Fam Problem and
FarmgCbndttibna. ' v V
March '8 was the date when the
first legislation regarding farm prob
lems was passed by Congress.
Hertford Grammar
P. T. A. Meeting
Friday Night
The Parent-Teacher Association of
Hertford Grammar School will hold
Its regular March meeting on Fridaj
eveninfr at.7:30 '6cloc1t.Alli.i,iiaet.
fcwllL ,1e M'Jatf ti&ttGramamr
School. builolM- TCe RevR,-; P.
Munn?)wJHmccrtr-thoTt study
cksvosirnrVhltf VSWartner.
shfp.' In the ppih.-' J" ; Ji ,
A program, w i
der the direction 6x ib( . R..
Holmes.: prorram chairman. v . All
members are urged to attend, ;
Legion Post Ready
For Installation
Services Saturday
State Commander of
American Legion to
Be Present at Meeting
Dave Hall, State Commander ol
the American Legion, will attend
the installation of the Perquimans
County Post No. 126 of the Ameri
can Legion at installation services
to be held here on Saturday evening,
March 8, at the Agricultural Build
ing. The meeting is scheduled for
8 o'clock.
Along with Mr. Hall, other offi
cials of the State offices and officers
of the First District are expetceo
at the meeting. All American Le
gion Posts of the First District and
Windsor and Gatesville, of the Sec
ond District, have been issued spec
ial invitations to attend.
B. C. Berry, Perquimans Post Ad
jutant, reports that prospects look
bright for the local post to have at
least 50 charter members by the
time the post is installed Saturday.
The officers who will be inducted
into the local positions Saturday are
Post Commander, Charles F. Sumner; ,
First Vice Commander, Charles E.
wnite; becond Xice Lommanaei,,
George T. Roach; Post Adjutant, B.
B. Berry; Sergeant-at-Arms, J. a.
Perry; Finance Officer, V. N. Darden,
Historian, L. L. Winslow; Posi
Chaplain, the Rev. J. D. Cranford.
The following veterans will heao
various committees in the Post: J.
G. Tucker, legal committee; W. G.
Hollowell, publicity committee; F. 1.
Johnson, service; J. E. Winslow,
Americanism; G. C. Buck, athletics.
All veterans and Legionnaires oi
this county are especially urged to
attend this meeting Saturday. Re
freshments will be served by the
wives of the I.gionnaires of ue lo
cal Post.
Carroll E. Kramer, of Edenton,
chairman of the First District Mem
bership Committee, who has given
valuable time and information re
garding the formation of the local
Post, is anxious to have a large num-
Tber- of members in the Perquimans
Post in order to incitease the First
District membership before the sum
mer convention of the Legion. The
local Post members are making ever;
effort not to disappoint him.
Woman's Club Meet
Monday To Discuss
Bundles For Britain
An organisation meeting for the
purpose of working out ways and
means of collecting and sending
Bundles to Britain will be held by
the Hertford Woman's Club on
Monday, it was announced this week
by Mrs. I. A. Ward, president of the
Mrs. Ward asks that all members
take note of the change in the date
of the regular meeting which will be
held Monday afternoon at 3:30
o'clock, at the Community Building,
instead of the usual Tuesday.
Literature has been obtained for
guiding the movement to secure aid
for Buffering England, and plana
will be worked but Monday to get
the project under way at once.
The Perquimans Troop of Boy
Scouts will be called on to assist in
the collection of bundles.
The topic for the regular meeting
of the Club will be Flowers, and a
talk will be given by Helen Gaither
Every member of the Woman's Club
is urged to be present for
meeting on Monday afternoon.
Central P.T.A. Met
At Winfall Monday
The Parent-Teacher Association oi
Central Grammar School held its
regular monthly meeting last Mon
day night at the school building at
Winfall. Mrs. C. P. Quincy, as pro
gram chairman, presented the pro
gram. Mrs. B.' G. Koonce and Jonas
Futrell sang a duetand Miss Kathe
rine Jessup sang a solo. Mrs. H. C.
Stokes gave a humorous reading, ano
C. R. Holmes made a talk on Parent
Education. The devotional was con
ducted by the Rev. J. D. Cranford.
; -New officers were elected for the
year 19414942.
Mra. .T. R Ainsley's room won the
attendance prize.
Lions CJiih fleeting
The1IrtfiAd lions' Club will hold
H praisnteuVttri.tltB WtkfetO meetkur . at' the Hotel
Hertford FrHdaw
member am nrred to Wreawi!itVi
.A Important biiflneM will be discussed.-
Thirteenth Trip To
Recorder's Court
Unlucky For Spivey
Little Time Consumed
In Court Tuesday;
Five Cases Heard
David Spivey, Negro, appeared in
Recorder's Court here on Tuesday
for the thirteenth time, and it was
an unlucky trip for Spivey. Charg
ed with being drunk and disorderly,
and assauting a female with a deadly
weapon, to wit, a pop bottle, Spivey
entered a plea of guilty. Testimony
was given showing that Spivey waa
hurling pop bottles in a local Negiw
store and hit a visitor on the head.
Judge Tucker was informed that
iSpivey had failed to pay the costs oi
court assessed against him in May,
and at that time he was placed on
good behavior. The Court invoked
the sentence of 90 days meted out
in the previous case and taxed Spive
with the costs of court.
sim Burke( xegr0i was fined $7u
and costs of t()Urt after pieadlnfe
guiity to drunken driving. This was
nis 8ecom appearance in court on the
same charge. His first appearance
was given in 1935 The sufl
Dended scnte,lc. of four months
the road and revoked Burke's driving j
license for one year. ' I
Jacob Martin and James Nelson, J
Negroes, plead guilty to a charge of
assaulting Buster Doom with bricks.
Testimony was given by Officer Bob
White that he noted a street fight '
going on in Newtown Sunday after- 1
noon and on investigating it found
Martin and Nelson throwing bricks
at Doom. The defendants were sen- j
tenced to 30 days, suspended upon
payment of the costs. '
Mimiie Hurdle, Negress, was found
not guilty of the larceny of a sum
less than twenty dollars.
The Court denied a motion maflt '
on behalf of Vernon Wiggins, Negro,
who was convicted in court lasi
Tuesday a week ago. The prisonei
asked that sentence be withheld un
til an appeal was heard in Superioi
Court. Inasmuch as a suspended
sfltonce was to be serVed, Judge
Tucker stated that he saw no reason
why the motion should be granted.
Junior-Senior Tour
World At Banquet
Climax School Year
Braving dive-bombers and sub
marine infested seas, two hundrea
fearless Perquimans people put to
sea last night for the year's most
eventful World tour. The most
famous Port-of-Calls were listed, as
brief stop-overs for the pleasant
Yes, Sir! You've guessed it. The
climax of the school year, the an
nual Junior-Senior banquet as staged
last night on the huge stage at the
High School auditorium gave every
indication that the hosts and guests
were in for a tour of the seven seas,
along with the famous stop-overs.
The huge stage was decorated and
arranged to resemble a majestic
ocean liner, while the High School
Band furnished the musical notes to
add to the pleasure of the cruise.
Decorations were of red, white and
blue streamers, and American flags.
Life preservers carried the insignia
"P. C. H. S. 41-42."
The Junior-Senior banquet, as al
ways a colorful affair attracted many
visitors to the school auditorium just
to watch as the hilarious evening
"assed along with a most entertain
ing program arranged by the mem
bers of the Junior Class, who this
year played hosts to the Senior
but who will in return be the invited
guests at the affair in 1942.
The program was presented as the
"Good Ship" stopped at each Port-of-
Can and included Maxine Harrell a'
toastmistress. Elizabeth Darden and
Robert Morgan presented "Anchor,
Aweigh." Lois Asbell gave a toast
to the teeniors, while Ida Matthews
toasted the school officials.
A Senior quartet sang "Moon Over
Miami" and at the next stop Janet
Quincy offered her toast to Mr. John
son, school superintendent Julia
Laughinghouse sang "Down Argen
tine Way." Henry Miller gave a
toast to the faculty. Then a song
and dance, "Honolulu," was given by
Margaret' Divers.
A toast, "To the Past Three
Yean." was given by Elisabeth Dar
den; "La PalonW'ii presented by
Nell Riddick: "Telr Me. little Gray'
waa 1 offered' tofosine Cooke,
Jostiphlne "Ward 'aftd Catharine Anne
Holmes. BeUfr' Wtnalow rtoaited . the
Jury Drawn For April
Term Superior Court
Those whose names appear be
low will be summoned for jury
duty when the April Term of
Perquimans County Superior
Court convenes next month. The
names were drawn Monday at the
regular meeting of the Board of
County Commissioners.
M. C. Boyce, J. A. Madre, Ray
mond Winslow, James M. Roun
tree, Carey Perry Quincy, W. J.
Smith, Ernest Stallings, C. D.
Spivey, J. W. Haskett, A. D.
Weston, Charlie Russell, Sr., E. Y.
Berry, Arthur Lane, W. C. Lassi
ter, C. E. Lane, Tom White, J. E.
Turner, W. O. Hunter, E. A.
Goodman, Sr., A. J. Ownley, T. R.
Kirby, Thomas IS. Chappell, J.
DeWitt Winslow, H. F. Long, O.
T. Winslow, G. E. Wood, Purvis
L. Chappell, Charlie Umphlett, G.
W. Gregory, R. B. Jordan, J. M.
Sutton, George W. Chappell, C. R.
Chappell, J. B. Webb and Altor
Sixty People Hear
Farm Officers Talk
On Farm Program
Cotton Stamp Plan Ex
plained By J. F. Cris
well and J. C. Broome
Sixty persons, including county
AAA committeemen, home demon
stration leaders and the county com
missioners, heard J. F. Criswell, who
is in charge of the land use planting
program for North Carolina, and J.
C. Broome, district field officer oi
AAA, discuss the 1941 farm program
in a meeting at the Agricultural
Building here on Monday.
, . ,i i
The meeting here was one of the
county-by-county meetings' schedule
to take place throughout the State
during the month by Farm Program
Principle topic of the meeting was
the new cotton stamp plan which will
enable growers to take cotton lano
i ut of production and for which the
will receive Federal stamps ex
changeable in retail stores for cotton
goods manufactured in this country.
It was explained at the meeting
that farmers must have grown cotton
in 1940 to be eligible to earn a maxi
mum of $25 worth of stamps by re
ducing the acreage in 1941, below the
amount of cotton planted in 1940.
It was also explained to those
present that the growers who oper -
ate and qualify for cotton stamps
may also receive a payment for pro-
ducing and conserving food supplies
A payment of $1.50 Pr rm garden
is already allowed by the AAA in
North Carolina Now an extra $3
garden produce, storing food pro
ducts or planting small fruits to ado
to the family food supply.
These provisions, however, come
under the new cotton stamp plan ana,
as explained, each grower to be eli
gible must cooperate with the origi
nal plan.
Board Changes Hours
At Library As Public
The Perquimans County Library
Board met in regular session Mon
day, March 3, in the Library at
The Board effected a temporal j
change in the Library hours so thai
the people from over the county
mv he Vmnpfitted therefrom on Sai-
urdays. The daily schedule for the
entire week( except Sundays, will be
from 10 a TO to 12 noon, and from
2 p. m., until 6 p. m.
" arrangement proves satis-
factory, and meets with the publu
approval, the Board will make the
change in hours a permanent one.
The latest edition of "Etiquette, '
, the Blue Book of Social Usage by
1 Emily Post has recently been addea
to the Central Library. The secre
I tary-treasurer was directed to ordet
a new supply of books including the
' 1-4.- 1 .4? CV.lrnan.aM
The Board 'made note of the estab
lishment of another unit library at
Chapanoke and stated that othet
communities in the county may havt
library.' units JLiy. asking for them.
ftod? e. J'"''r' '
Mr. and Mrsl' rrill Winslow, of
f Whfteston, announce the birth f a
;M aon, MatrUV
son, MerrilL Jr., on February 28th.
Winfall Negro School
Building Plans Are
Being Considered
Lengthy Session Holds
Commissioners A 1 1
Day Monday
At long last present indications
are that the problem of the Negro
School building at Winfall will be
solved by the construction of a new
building to replace the buildings
which burned to the ground in tht.
fire on last Thursday morning.
Both the Board of Education ana
the Board, of County Commissioners
were confronted with the problem on
Monday. A large delegation of pa
trons from the school attended the
meeting of the Board of Education,
which in turn visited the Countj
Comr.r.ssioners regarding the situa
The Board of Education requested
the Commissioners for funds for the
purchase of a suitable site, and for
construction of the biulding. At the
present time, it was indicated, the
County is not in financial condition
to construct this building, but the
Commissioners did authorize the
Board of Education to get options on
sites available for the building ani
! it was believed that steps would be
! taken to raise the funds for the con
I struction of the building. It may be
possible that a special election will
1 have to be held in order for the
j County to borrow the necessary
It is understood that patrons of the
school in Winfall have already raised
a considerable sum to help in the
purchase of the site, and have agreed
to raise any necessary amount in or
der that the site shall not cost the
bounty over $1,000.
What with routine matters com
ing before them, the meeting of the
Commissioners developed into a
lengthy one and it was near sun
down before the Board adjourned.
i iic vjuiiuiiiaoiunci o w in uiLi cvtqmii
M . , rnmiinf, ....
I hn I Amm i p o i nn ntc mi mrat- o rra l n
properly vr.'ti; " and person t
i tified of change in property valua
tion may present their views on that
date. The Board of Equalization win
continue to sit as long as there are
complaints to be heard.
Miss Adelaide Tuttle, District
NYA Supervisor, appeared before th
Commissioners and asked for an in
creased appropriation for NYA
work in this county. The Boaro.
granted a ten dollar increase for this
fund, and now contributes a total of
$35 toward the costs of the project.
On motion made and passed by the
j Board the salary of Jacob L. White,
I County Treasurer, was raised $10u
I per year. This increase was made
, due to the increased duties Mr. White
in connection with old age pen
I sions an(j socjai security work,
q c Buck d A A Nobes were
appointed as Rabies Inspectors
the County. Mr. Buck will hav.
, vaccinating dogs who,.
charge of
owners live south of the Perquimans
River and Mr. Nobles will cover the
j territory lying north of the river.
Both inspectors were notified that
they were to use a standard brand of
vaccine in this work.
Tuttle To Help With
Income Tax Returns
R. F. Tuttle, of Edenton, Deputy
Commissioner, will be at the Hotel
Hertford on March 13, 14 and 15, for
the purpose of assisting Perquimans
County people in filing State Tax
Returns. Mr. Tuttle will be at the
Hotel from 10 a. m. to 5 p. m., dur
ing these three days.
Any man or women, either married
or unmarried, having an income of
$1,000 or more during the year 1940,
and any married man having an in
come of $2,000 or more, must file
an Income Tax Return.
Any person owning on December
81, 1940, any Intangible Personal
Property such as money on hanu,
accounts receivable, notes, bonds,
mortgages, etc., must file an Intan
gible Tax Return.
To Attend Baptist
State Woman's Union
In Greensboro
Mrs. I. A. Ward will leave Tuesday
morning for Greensboro - to attenq
the State convention of the Woman's
Missionary Union of the Baptist
churches, which will be held in that
Mrs. Ward is the superintendent
of the Elisabeth City Division of the
Union. Her division includes twelve
counties of northeastern North Carolina.
4 f

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