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; Trolng In Linton
Thirty Men Expected to
Spend Four Weeks In
J. Edenton, March 21. -Definite as
anrance was received late last week
thai flie Lancaster, Pa., baseball club
of the Interstate League will train in
r Edenton, During: the previous week
1 Norman McCain, secretary of the
club, and John Quinn, an American
League umpire, who is interested in
the club, came to Edentcn to investo
rs gate facilities and though favorably
impressed would give no definite in
formation at that time.
However, on Friday Quinn tele
phoned Dave Holton, who has been
interested in securing a baseball
club to pick Edenton as a spring
training camp, that at a meeting of
Che Lancaster club's officials it was
decided to train here. The baseball
park and field house will be at the
disposal of the recruits free of ?ost
and suitable accommodations win be
provided at Hotel Joseph Hewes for
boarding the men.
According to McCain, there will be
approximately 30 players in the
group to come here to train, who are
expected to arrive April 7, and re
main in training about four weeks.
Following the telephone conversa
tion, Holton early this week receive.
a letter from McCain confirming the
club's agreement to train in Edenton.
He also asked Holton to arrange Ui
have the diamond in satisfactoiy
condition and arrange to take caie
of the umpires as well as assist Wil
liam Cowdrick, the business manager,
, in the sale of tickets at the ball park.
McCain, in his letter, said they
had not yet decided on their playing
manager, but did furnish a list of the
.exhibition games scheduled, which
, ' are as follows:
April 13 Lancaster at Newport
News, Va.
April 14 Lancaster at Porto-
) mouth, Va.
April 18 Lancaster at Wilson.
April 19 H age ra town at Edentou.
April 20-mLAncaster,, Jit Rocky
Mount. .r '
April 22 Reading at Edenton.
April 26 Lancaster at Newport
News, Va.
April 27 Lancaster at Newpon
News, Va.
April 28 Lancaster at Newport
News, Va.
McCain has arranged to ship to
Hotel Joseph Hewes a gross of bast
balls, as well as baseball bats anu
other paraphernalia, which he asks
to be taken care of nntil the cluo
officials arrive.
According to McCain, the club u
contemplating purchasing a new but
but in case the plans are not carrleq
tut, ha asks Holton's cooperation in
securing fans to assist in traveling to
and from Edenton to play exhibition
games. He also suggests securing
couple of batting practice catcheia
rAmnd upon information furnished ex
pressed pleasure at having William
Carton take part in the practices at
second base.
Tha local field will be put Into
proper shape for the visiting base
ball players and it is hoped by those
interested that the weather will be
more favorable for baseball titan:
was die case last year when it was
so unseasonable that few days af
forded comfortable training periods.
Library Schedule
Changed During
Next Thirty Days
u ' .The Perquimans, County Library
Board announced this week that for
the next thirty days the Library
X will be open only on Mondays, Wea-
nesdays and Saturdays, from 10 to
' ' 12 and from 1 to 8. .
.a , - This change in the Library hours
' - VVia necessitated due to the librarian,
-"Vlf Mrs. ' Brooks Whedbee, being relieves
f -of -hetWPA -duties for. the thirty
m tfa :peUod. MwfcWMb fcvin
'A" 'carted fcn the PWA'for the past eigh-
j -teen, months, must comply "with . WPA
ralins and auanerid trencmrnddtat fox
vlhthirtTUy period. "- ,
.The Library Board, however,- has
arranged with Mrs; Whedbee to ovei-
see the Library - during the ' thra
days each week. All regular hour
wilLbe resumed at tha end 'of the
thirty-day period. , K' "
Mrs. C V; JiiMfcrd
Breaks Hip In FaH
Mrs. C. V. WinWord wa painfully
; injured when aha fell at liar residence
in the Hotel Hertford Wednesday
morning.- t ' - '
. Examination , revealed that 'Mrs.
Williford sustained a fracture of the
hip. and she was carried to the Ell
sabeth City Ilcspital for treatment
for treatment
2. : ; - i Hertford i t Pprnuim an 54 Cnuntv. North CarnlimT TTVirJotr Mamh oi i67i
- m I
Ifionary , tlnicn: To , f
Meet On March 23 At
Cocl Spring Church
The annual meeting of Woman
Missionary, Union of the Chowan
Association will be held Friday,
March 28, at Cool Spring Church, in
Gates County. The superintendent,
Mrs. A. D. Ward, will preside dur
ing the morning session. Mrs. J. P
Perry, of Hertford, Mrs. Philip
White, lately returned from China,
the Rev. Frank Oale, of Tyner, and
othet interesting speakers will take
part in the program. A quartette
will render special music. Mrs. C.
C Bell, of Elizabeth City, and Mrs.
Percy Smith, of Edenton, will have
charge of the afternoon session. The
program will be given by the young
Bundles For Britain
Shipment Sent From
Hertford This Week
Committee Very Grate
ful For Splendid Sup
port The first large shipment of Bundles
for Britain from Perquimans Countz
was started on its way Tuesday, be
ing sent from here to National Head
quarters for the movement in Tew
The shipment, results of a concen
trated drive by the Hertford Troop
of Boy Scouts, was valued at $125.
It included eight men's suits, foui
teen ladies' coats, numbers of men's
overcoats and shoes. The Bundles
filled four boxes when made ready
for shipping. Fifty dollars in cash
were sent beside the clothing.
The Perquimans County Bundles
for Britain committee was organized
through the Hertford Woman's Club,
wih Mrs. R. T. Clarke as chairman,
Aire. Edgar Morris, co-chairman,
Mrs. J. J. Fleetwood, secretary, ana
Miss Mae Wood Winslow, treasure..
The committee expressed apprecia
tion for the contributions made for
the shipment sent this week, and
urged continued support of the move
ment for future shipments. Those de
siring' to .give- bowBaa ara. asfcrf
notify any one of the members of tne
committee and arrangements will be
made to pick up the bundles.
New Licenses To
Be Issued To Motor
Boat Operators
The Department of Commerce this
week announced the necessity for
all motorboat operators to obtain li
censes for the same before April 26,
1941. The act regulating the oper-.
tion of jnotorboata was amended this
year and all operators holding li
censes issued under the Motorboat
Act of June, 1910, must renew under!
the new regulations. Licenses issuea
under the old law are now null ami
A bulletin issued by the Commerce
Department stated that all appli
cants for a license as Operator of
motorboats must pass an oral exami
nation given by local inspectors, ana
will be based upon the subjects whlcn
a person operating a motorboat
carrying passengers should know be
fore being entrusted with the opera
tion of such boats.
The examination will consist of
questions on the regulations govern-'
ing motorboats, the collision regula
tions applicable to waters over which
the applicant operates, fire protec
tion and extinguishment, life saving
equipment, the operation of propell
ing machinery, and particularly the
safe 'and, proper handling of gasoline
metoiMiand simple first aid.
f Any person who has attained fte
agvof 18 yeari and is qualified H'11
other, respect, ihair U'aAAlani
eljgibjesand. W .baaxaJbed Ipr
uchUeM.::; 7 Y , :. ,
".f! AhJ applicant; for : an original V
cense a an'operator shall submit
sworn application on form to
the local inspectors and ahall ba. av
arained orally concerning his cham
ter and fitness to bold such license. v
The office of the Bureau of Ma
rine Inspection ; and Navigation,' at
Room 204,' Custom House, .'Jforfolt,
Virginia, is prepared to issue thetM
jicenses to all eligible applicants ano
they are urged to present themselve
immediately, , so as to avoid conges
tion during the latter, part of 'April;
?. . t',. :iai'i' . t " .
' The Ht .Wtlaoit'drclS'wUl meet
Monday evening at t bcIock"at the
home of . Mrs., Thomas Sumner, ' Ai
' members are urged to be present..
'members are urged JU b present..,
;.: " 'r .". .
Legislature Adds
Civil Procedure
Recorder's Court
Liquor Bill Voted Down;
Local Vote May Be
Held By Mid-July
The 1941 North Carolina Legisla
ture, which was adjourned Saturday
night after the shortest session
since 1927, passed few bills affecting
Perquimans County directly, but one
or two not passed may bring voting
action here later in the year.
In one of the final sessions of the
Assembly a law was enacted grant
ing the Perquimans Recorder's Court
the power to hear civil cases brought
to the court. This will, no doubt, he
very beneficial in relieving the Su
perior Court of minor civil cases,
and at the same time speed up tn
local cases brought before the Re
corder. The Legislature alwo passed an act
granting Perquimans County the
right to allocate delinquent tax col
lections to the General Fund; also
the body acted favorably on a but
which will continue on the active list
delinquent taxes due the Town of
Hertford. i
The Legislature "out-fumbled" thu
Jry forces of the IState and a bill!
which was presented calling for a
referendum on the liquor question
was killed by the second committee
before being placed before the Houte
for a vote. The action on the pari,
of the finance committee prevent
any action being taken in the way of
a State-wide vote.
The liquor bill was first handea
to the committee on complaints ana
grievances and was passed favorably
by a vote of 13-12. It was then
turned over to the Finance committee
and voted down 34-10. The balloting
by the committees was done by se
cret vote.
It is now probable that Perquiman
County will have its own referendum
regarding an ABC store, inasmuch as
the question was brought before the
Board of County Commissioners in
January and at that time, without
motion, the question of a special
election was discussed and tabled
for the time being. It was the con
sensus of opinion among . Boaru
members that a special election
vpuld have to be held providing the
Legislature did nothing regarding
State-wide vote.
At a further discussion of the
question at the February meeting of
the Commissioners, it seemed that it
the General Assembly failed to call
a State vote, that arrangements
would be made here to hold Per
quimans'' election sometime during
The law forbids the holding of this
special election within sixty days of
a regular election, and since the
Town of Hertford will elect officials
on May 6, the earliest date possible
for an ADC vote will be July 5.
Farmers Requested
To Appear And Sip
1941 Farm Plans
L. W. Anderson, Perquimans Coun
ty Farm Agent, announced this week
that many farmers in the county
have yet to appear at the Agricul
tural Building and sign their 1941
Farm Plans. He urges that an
farmers who have not signed then
plans to come to the building and
sign in order that they may be eligi
ble to receive Farm Program checks.
All 1941 Farm Quotas have been
arranged and farmers notified of this
action. The county agent is anxious
for all farmers to come forward and
sign their plane in order, that tne
plana may be forwarded on to Wasi.
ingtoo: . -
''MrAnderson has a very interest-
Tng'orimadftBltect brooder, ,on
and myKeikijkin;
-ty. lPlitatqrMd. ill. chicken raia
Ing. a ,'Jk rtXS&&f4S?' '
The "brooder, as constructed t
Mr. Anderson, costs approximately
118, thia includes the electrical unit
which was purchased for the brood
er. M?. Anderson pointed out thai,
this brooder can be built at a great
savings to farmers interested nt
adding", this equipment,
Lioits Club Meeting
Frijiay Night, 6:45
VThe' Hertford Lions Club, will hold.
Its regular meeting Friday night av
fl:45. at thW.Hotel;;-; Hertford. Mi
membeflFara urged, to bti present at ,
thii meeting aa plans : for Charter?
j, night celebration will be discussed,
' J. J.MUJ)J,1VU J.f XtX.
Rotzrian Receives
News From England
Telling Experience
Shoe Retailer Sends Let
ter Thanking: Local
Club For Gift
Mayor V. N. Darden, prominent
Rotarian of the Hertford Club, this
week received the following letter
from a fellow Rotarian of Hertfora,
England. One will note the date
line of the letter as February z,
and it' is evident that the war hab
slowed up mail service considerably.
We are grateful to Mayor Darden
for his permission to publish tne
letter: )
Rotary Club Hertford
4 Mill Bridge
Hertford, England
' February 12, 1941
Deaf Fallow Rotarian:
As a member of the Internation
al Service Committee of the above
club, I should like to add my thanks
for your gift to our Christmas Com
munity Fund. All these kind
thoughts of yours and also the greav
help of R. I. to our Red Cross is a
great encouragement to us in these
terrible times.
We-are still going well with Rotary
in this old Borough of Hertford. We
have 22 members and have plenty of
work tjo do in some form of National
Service. Perhaps I can best interest
you by my own personal experiences.
My Classification is "Shoe Retail
ing" and my business is opposite the
Castle Gates where under the Tennis
Court we have trenches or air raid
shelters and my wife and I are the
shelter marshals, so when the sirens
sound we go over and switch on the
lights and look after the women and
childrjen. Some months ago we had
crowds of about 300, but now nobody
seems to take any notice of the
warnintr sirens, and we have only a
few children visitors if caught on
their way to school. One nignt
some months ago we were thert
and about 50 people were asleep
when we heard a bomb whistling
down from the sky. It shook us up,
but my wife was soon quieting the
womgn' and children and telling then
we Another night we
heard another great noise not far
away and we had a lot of people to
look after. My wife came home for
a few hours sleep and then went a
long early in the morning to help (ret
breakfast for about 300 people who
had become homeless during the
As you may know, this is only a
small country town, but we have a
few thousand extra in our homes,
evacuees from London but we are
keeping our spirit up and looking
forward to better times. We should
like to hear more about your Hert
ford, so if you have a member Clas
sification "Shoes" perhaps he wouio
like to answer.
With all best wishes,
Yours in Rotary,
Train Strikes Auto
At Vinf all Crossing
Injuring Two
B. F. Lane and J. L. Sawyer of
route two, Hertford, suffered cuts
and bruises when their car was
struck by a southbound Norfolk
Southern freight train at Bembrey's
Crossing north of Winfall before
noon Wednesday.
Lane, who was driving, evidently
did not see the approaching freight
and drove on the tracks in front of
it. The car was struck in the rear.
The injured men were brought to
Hertford on the train and were tak
en from, the depot to the Hertford
clinic by, Canaan Trueblood, locaH
t Norfolk, Southern agenty
Their Injuries were sw tjoirbe not I
eriou8 ,. i y
Kv-'.' " '. -
Senior Class To Present
Annual Play Thursday
April 3 At School
'. F. T. Johnson, superintendent ol
schools, announced this week that the
annual Senior Class play will be pre
sented April Srd, on the stage at the
High School Building. The play is
scheduled to start at 7:30.
' This year's class has chosen the
play "Torabox" for the stage produc-
tion.. The play,' according to Mr.
Johnson, is all that the name1 implies
and has a cast of fourteen charac-
ten. Fuller detail and the" cast
jfor Mtie show will be-announced next
week. 1 -
Equalization Work
Completed By Board
Of Commissioners
The Board of County Commission
ers, sitting as a board of equaliza
tion and review, completed the taste
of revaluation of the county's proj
ert early Tuesday. The Board had
been in session several days revalu
ing property and notices were mailed
to those taxpayers affected.
The final job of reviewing thv
changes and equalizing the same was
started Monday. Several complaint
were made but for the most part,
very little change was made in the
valuation of property in Perquimano.
The Commissioners will meet again
on Monday, April 7, for their regular
monthly meeting.
J. C. Blanchard To
Sponsor Flower
Growing Contest
Open to Residents of
liertlOrd WhO Reside
On Highway
A plan for the beautification of
Highway No. 17, leading througn
Hertford, for this spring and sum
mer, comes with the announcement
that J. C. Iilanchard, in cooperation
with the Hertford Woman's Club,
will sponsor a Flower Growing Con
test open to all residents livfng
within the town limits, and on the
highway route.
The contest will be open to botn
white people and Negroes. Six casn
prizes have hcen announced by Mr.!
Blanchard. Three prizes will be a-j
warded white people and three prizes
will be awarded Nesrroes. First
prize will be $2.50, second prize whi
be $l..ri0, and third prize will be ji.
However, Mr. Blanchard has stip
ulated that there must be at least
ten white people and ten Neproe.
enter the contest, if it is to be car
ried out to completion.
All white residents who wish to
enter the flower growing contest are
requested to get in touch with Mrs.
Thomas Nixon, and Negroes - inter
ested should see John Lowe. A com
mittee of Negroes has been appointed
to contact residents on Edenton Road
Street to. antqrjthe, contest.
Judges oTOtv contest will be an
nounced at later date.
John Elliott Again
Elected President
Of Baptist Group
One of the most successful and in
teresting conventions ever held by
the Baptist Training Union was held
in the Edenton Baptist Church Fr.
day and Saturday, at which Tl
churches were represented. The
theme of the convention, "Following
the Living Christ," was carried out
by a group of speakers, with the
highlights being addresses by the
Rev. P. Rowland Wagner, of Nor
folk, and Archibald McMillan, ot
Richmond, editor of "The Commis
sion," Baptist publication. Special
music of various kinds also contri
buted to rounding out a very delight
ful program, which was highly
praised by those in attendance.
At the conclusion of the conven
tion, officers were elected for anoth
er year. Those elected were : John
M. Elliott, president; J. J. Beale, vice
president; Mrs. John Lee Spruh!,
secretary; the Rev. Harold White,
chorister; Mrs. M. R. Brown, pianist;
the Rev. Clarence Hobgood, pastor
adviser. Leaders for the group were elect
ed as follows: adults, Miss Mamie
Chamblee; young people, Herman
Sawyer; intermediates, Miss Mary
Lee Jackson; juniors, Mrs. George
Burgess; leadership director, T. S.
Club Meets
The Hertford Rotary Club held its
regular meeting Tuesday night at the
Belvidere Community House. The
club was served by the ladies of the
Belvidere Home Demonstration club.
Dr. E. S. White was a guest of the
club at the meeting.
Next Tuesday club members will
journey to Norfolk, Va., for an oyit
ter roast, instead of holding the
dinner meeting at the Hotel Hert
Mr. and Mrs. Odell Cartwright an
nounce the birth of a daughter,
Dorothv Odell. born March 18.
Mother and baby are reported doing
nicely. -Mrs. Cartwright was form-
erly Miss Dow
Dorothy Matthews.
1.25 Per Year.
Full Day Session
Necessary To Clear
Court Docket Tues.
Twelve Cases Before
Judge Tucker In Big
gest Court In Weeks
After a week's recess due to the
illness of the judge, Perquimans
Recorder's Court consumed a fuii
day in order to clear the court dock
et on Tuesday. Twelve cases were
heard during the day.
Milton Harvey, Negro, chargea
with possession of a stolen automo
bile, was bound over to the Grana
Jury when Judge Tucker found prob
able cause in his hearing.
Hardy Skinner, Negro, was founa
guilty of drunken driving and sen
tenced to 60 days on the roads.
Sentence to be suspended upon pay
ment of a $50 fine and costs; Skin
ner's driving license was revoked for
one year.
!anw.n ri:f.. xi
pleaded, guilty to a charge of reck
less driving and having no operator's
license. He was sentenced to 60
days on the roads.
Ernest Stepney, Negro, pleaded
guilty to being drunk and was tax
ed one-half the court costs.
Rupert Davidson pleaded guilty
to being dunk and was assessed one
half the court costs.
William Everett, Negro, pleaded
guilty to the charge of transporting
and having in his possession nun
tax-paid liquor. Judge Tucker sen
tenced him to 60 days on the roaoj,,
sentence to be suspended upon pay
ment of a S25 fine and costs.
j Elihu Kee and Charlie Gaines,
both Negroes, were charged witn
' possession and transporting and eii
, tered a plea of not guilty. The
Court found Kee not guilty ano
Gaines guilty. Gaines was sentenceu
I to 45 days on the roads, sentence to
be suspended upon the payment of a
I $25 fine and costs. The defendant
j appealed to Superior Court.
I James Whitehurst, Negro, was
, found guilty of larceny and Sentenced
I to 90 days. Whitehurst appealed to
the Superior Court.
Willie Webb, Negro, was brougxit
into court charged with, assault up
on. Gladys Cooper, but testimony
showed that Webl Vply slapped the
Cooper woman to prevent her fight
ing another woman. Costs of court
were assessed against Gladys Coop
er, who swore out the warrant.
Horace White, Negro, was founc
guilty of assault on a female ano
sentenced to SO days on the roaob.
The sentence was suspended upon
payment of costs and good behavior
for one year.
Linwood Harris, Negro, was founa
guilty of assault and sentenced to
60 days to be suspended upon pay
ment of costs and good behavior for
one year.
John Felton, Negro, charged wits
reckless driving, driving with in
sufficient brakes and assaulting
James Taylor with an automobile,
was found guilty of the first two
counts and sentenced to 60 days on
the roads; sentence was suspended
upon payment of the boy's doctor
bill, repairs to his bicycle and loss
of time. Including the costs of
court, the case costs Felton $53.
rp. Ccw. TA
Concert Thursday
March 27th
The Minnie Wilson Circle of the
Hertford Methodist Church will
sponsor a band concert at the high
school auditorium on Thursday
evening, March 27, at 8 o'clock.
The Elizabeth City High VSchooi
band will present the concert and
the public is cordially invited to at
tend. A small admission will be
charged and the proceeds will go to
the Minnie Wilson Circle.
The Weekly regrets to say
that some copy that was supposed
to appear in this week's paper has
been lost and we apologize that
we are unable to publish it this
The sad part is that we do not
know exactly what copy is miss
ing, but due to a mistake in the
handling of the mail which was
carrying the copy to the printers
in Edenton, the envelope had not
shown upiat press time.
We do knpw that several of our
Community i letters are among the
missing, but we will publish them
next week . . providing the copy
shows up.
it Tii,.

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