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Volume Vlil-Number 17.
Hertf ordTerquiifrans County, North Carolina, Friday, April 25, 1941.
$1.25 Per Year.
1 1 : ; r i :
Peanut Growkts Uv
Cast Vole
ged To
ed Cross Chapter
;See!( To Establish
Class In First Aid
-'Hjra. C. P. Morris Chos-
en Roll Call Chairman
For Coming Year
. Important plans were made for the
coming year by the Perquimans
- Chapter of the American Red Cross
at an executive committee meeting
' held last Thursday afternoon at the
. , Agricultural Building.
Members of the committee present
k were County Chairman S. M. Whedf
. bee, Mrs. C. P. Morris, Mrs. I. A.
V Ward, Miss Mae Wood Winslow,
Mrs. C. F. Sumner, Mrs. Leigh Wins
ljj.V Mrs. Charles Whedbee, B. C.
J" Berry and F. T. Johnson. The com-
mittee met with Mr. Wilhelm, field
' representative for the American Red
'"" i After discussion, the committee
Jjecided to present a plan for a com
pulsory class in First Aid at the High
School' to the Board of Education.
The Board will be asked to install
, this class, which will be free of cost
to the school system. The Red
Cross will furnish an instructor for
the class and all necessary equip
ment. The First Aid Class, when estab
lished, will also be open' to adults as
well as children and any person
passing this course will be qualified
to teach First Aid.
The committee designated Mrs. C.
P. Morris as roll call chairman in tht
! Qrquimans County membership
frive for the Red Cross.
In addition to the plans for the
first aid class, the local Red Cross
chapter also plans to sponsor a
" riawfaaminjr school during the summei
ldlionthfc Fuller details regarding
?r this project fat be announced lateKjf jUllS ullID UO
W. M. Morgan Prepares;
For 27th Anniversary
In Furniture Business
Beautiful furniture. Colorful fur
niture. There is 15,000 square feet
of it in the W. M. Morgan Furniture
Store in anticipation of the big Bale
the Store starts today in celebration
M the 27th Anniversary of the
founding of the business.
Jn walking through the entire dis
play space owned by the store thin
reporter could not see an empty space
Inhere more furniture could be storeu
The entire building is chocked full of
every conceiveable furniture item.
In discussing the big sales event he
i starts today, Mr. Morgan said, "We
have furniture stacked in this store
lilrA fwT-Hinnfl in a. can. in anticination
- v4rthe needs of the people of this
a.'. f . 11 TT LM 1 1 DAwnjLA.
iCounty has never , had as much furni
ture in one store before in history."
' As soon, as a percentage of lus
, present stock is sold, Mr. Morgan
lays that he will advance prices on
furniture in keeping with those prices
- of his competitors, but that during
- (his sale the old low prices will re
main effective. ,
April 30 Deadline For
fi Taking Mattress
Applications Here
n-,-' Miss Frances Maness, Perquimans
, 1 Home Demonstration Agent, an
Vnounced this week that the closing
-J. date for the acceptance of mattress
applications is April 80.
t Anyone wishing-to apply for mat
J' tresses may do W: ',Ut " ths- Some
Agent's office before ttus date.
. .ta1':M'2J
tfrs. R. M. Riddick announced flits
week that a music recital , entitled,
W "Dolls' Music Festival," will be pre-
isvnted - at the Hertford Grammar
School at 8 o'clock on Friday even
tog. HarZ. , ' 11
f y JZhe piano pupils, the high school
: tielod7 band . will take" part -The
recital promises full evening's en
r V tertainment to all music lovers. The
; public is cordially invited to attend.
; Eastern Star Meets
; Monday Night 8 O'clock
Members of the Perquimans Chap-
, -. ter of the Order of the Eastern Star
-will meet Monday evening, April 28,
it 8 o'clock, at the' lodge rooms for
the purpose "of installing new offi
cers for the coming year. The new
officers were elected at the " last
Training School
Virginia Dare Parker, daughter of
Mrs. Mary L. Parker, has been chos
en as Valedictorian of the Class of
1941 of Perquimans Training School.
The selection of Miss Parker for this
outstanding honor was due to her
high scholastic work during her at
tendance in high school. She has
made an average for four years of
94. As second honor student in the
1941 Class, Carolyn A. Billups, the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John A.
Billups, has been selected to serve
as Salutatorian during the graduat
ing exercises. She has has average
of 91 for four years.
Commencement exercises will be
gin Friday, May 2nd, at 8 p. m.,
with the Elementary exercises at the
Ellis Temple Baptist Church.
The Baccalaureate Sermon will be
preached Sunday, May 4, at 3 p. m.,
by Dr. G. W. Gains, pastor of A. M.
E. Zion Church, Hertford, at the
Ellis Temple Baptist Church.
Monday, May 5, at 8 p. m., Seventh
Grade Graduation exercises at Pop
lar Run A. M. E. Zion Church.
Tuesday, May 6, at 8 p. m., musi
cal program at Poplar Run A. M. E.
Zion Church.
Wednesday, May 7, at 8 p. m.,
Senior Class Night at Ellis Temple
Baptist Church.
Thursday, May 8, at 8 p. m., Grad
uating exercises. The commencement
address will be made by M. J. White
head of State Teachers College, Eli
sabeth City, N. C.
Anniversary Night
r Al n
Friday, May 23rd
ihe Hertford Lions Club held its
regular meeting last Friday evening
at the Cross Roads Communitv
uouse in Chowan County. The la
ches of the Chowan Woman's Club
served a delicious supper to the mem
bers attending.
President Julian White aDnointed
the following nominating committee
to nominate candidates for the elec
tion of new officers to take place at
tne next regular meetinsr on May 9
Clinton Eley, Morgan Walker, Julian
White and Norman Trueblood.
The Club voted that it would spon
sor a carnival here during the week
of June 16th.
In celebration of the founding of
the local club, Anniversary Night
has been set for Friday, May 23.
This will also be Ladies' Night and a
gala time is being planned by the
local Lions. An outstanding speaker
is being sought to furnish the pro
gram for that evening.
L. W. Anderson, Perquimans Coun
ty Agent, was a guest at the meeting
and spoke to the club members on
the coming peanut referendum sche
duled for Saturday, April 26.
The Hertford Club brought forth
and passed a resolution boosting its
secretary, Norman Trueblood, for
the post of District Governor. This
office will be filled at the State
Convention to be held this summer
at Asheville.
Sunday School Class
To Sponsor Play
The Judson Memorial Sunday
School Class bf .the Hertford Bap
tist .Church wilt, sponsor a playv en
titled ."The iSpinisters' , Convention,"
on next: Tuesday; night, April 29. it
8 o'clock '
t- The play will be presented from
the stage of the Hertford Grammar
School and tickets may be purchased
at the door or from any member' of
the class in advance. The proceeds
of . the play , will go to the building
fund of the Baptist Church.
Building And Loan
Ready To Issue 42nd
Series Of tpck v
The Hertford,, feuilding and ' Loan
Association is preparing to issue its
42nd series of stock, which will, go
on sale May 2nd. A formal.' notice
to this effect is carried on another
page of this newspaper today,'
Only two regular series of stock
are' issued each year by 4his Hert
ford organization of which A. W
Hefren is president and W. H. Hard-
' ; castle is secretary.
Lawrence Winslow
Found Not Guilty
Of Driving Drunk
Marine Figuring In Ac
cident Saturday Fails
To Appear
Judge Granberry Tucker returned
a verdict of not guilty in the case of
John L. Winslow, charged with driv
ing drunk, when the case was heard
in Recorder's Court Tuesday morn
ing. Winslow was also charged with
leaving an injured person at the
scene of an accident. He was acquit
ted of this also.
Winslow was driving a car in
volved in an accident last December
wnen ibnaaenck coone, Negro, was
fatally injured.
Lloyd Parsons, Negro, was sen
tenced to 90 days on the roads to be
suspended on payment of $100 fine
for drunken driving.
A nol pros was taken to a charge
of Parsons driving recklessly,
Thirty dollars of this fine was or
dered paid to Andrew White, Neirro
whose car was damaged in an acci
dent with Parsons.
William Gaither Godfrey plead
guilty to the charge of driving with
improper lights and paid the costs of
Prayer for judgment was continued
in the case of Alvin Hurdle charged
with driving with improper license,
after the court heard a statement by
Willis Wright, of Elizabeth City, that
the truck Hurdle was driving belong
ed to him and was being tried out,
prior to being purchased.
Mary Frances Stepney, Negress,
found herself in a tight spot after
the State was forced to take a nol
pros in two cases charging the de
fendants with adultery. The defend
ants, Tim Ferebee an Arnetta Step
ney and Edward Welch and Bertha
May Griffin, were arrested on infor
mation given by the Stepney girl to
officers of the court, and at trial the
Court found no reasonable grounds
for warrants being issued.
The Stepney girl was charged with
perjury and probable cause was found
by Judge Tucker.
Graham Trueblood plead guilty to
the charge of driving with insuffi
cient brakes and paid the costs of
Gilbert Riddiok, Negro, was found
guilty of simple assault and sentenc
ed to 30 days on the roads, to be sus
pended upon payment of a $50 fine.
Local Draft Board
Receives Quota For
Negroes May Call
J. R. Stokes, chairman of the Per
quimans County Draft Board, an
nounced Wednesday that the local
board has received a call for foui
Negroes to fill the county's quota for
the month of May, under the Selec
tive Service Act.
The board has selected William E.
Banks, Robert Winslow, Russell Gil
liam and Limuel Vaughan as the
youths to fill the quota, and they
will leave Hertford on May 8, for
Fort Bragg, where they will be in
ducted into Unole Sam's military ser
vice. iFr. Stokes stated that the board
does not expect to receive a call for
any white men during the month of
May, although one may come later
The board has now mailed out a
total of 491 questionnaires: Twenty
five were mailed this week. A total
of 1,125 men are registered in . this
county,' thus this report shows that
not quite half of the men have re
ceived their questionnaires as yet.
Rotary Club Hears
L. W. Anderson
The Hertford Rotary Club held its
regular meeting at the Hotel Hert
ford ort Tuesday evening and had as
its guest L. W. Anderson, County
Agent Mr. Anderson spoke to the
Club on the Peanut Referendum and
outlined the importance - of the elec
tion to the Club members.
. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. , Whedbee, of
Hertford, Route 8,' announce the en
gagement and approaching marriage
of their daughter, Miss . Margaret
Whedbee, to Robert Edward Kowal
sky, son of Mr. and Mrs." Kowalsky,
of Norfolk, Vfc. , "
-The wedding will take place 'on
May 2t,uu.
Town Board Meeting
Last Before Election
To Be Held May 6
Board Favorable To
ward Including Scouts
In Budget
Members of the Town Board had
little business to attend to when they
met in regular session on last Mon
day night. The meeting had been
postponed for one week.
Candidates for the office of the
Mayor and Town Commissioners
were certified for office and thus
there will be no town primary to
choose the Town ticket.
V. N. Darden, candidate for May
or; W. H. Hardcastle, M. J. Gregory,
Z. A. Harris and B. C. Berry, candi
dates for Commissioners, were the
only men who filed for office during
the regulation period and thus are
without opposition.
The Board gave Mayor Darden
authority to handle the retail ice
business at the Town Plant as he'
"saw" fit. Indications are that some
changes will be made in the present
The Board appointed Louis Sitter
son and B. Cannon to serve as life
guards at the public pier during the
summer season. Both boys will be
on duty during the busy days and
will alternate at other times, when
the pier is less crowded.
C. R. Holmes appeared before the
Board and complained of the parking
situation near and around his home
He told the Board that trees, shrub
bery and flowers belonging to him
had been destroyed. The Board
promised to take some action to re
lieve the situation and to stop cars
from being parked in the Holme?
driveway, thus preventing him from
enterijfg or leaving his--property. -The
Board voted to consider in
cluding the Boy Scout troop in the
budget to be made up July 1. C. P.
Morris appeared before the Board
and asked that the Board take under
consideration the matter of allowing
the local troop the sum of $15 per
month in order to aid the troop to
carry on the work now .being done.
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Tucker wish
to announce the birth of a son, Wil
liam Beverly, born Thursday, April
17, at General Hospital, Norfolk, Va.
Mother and son are doing nicely.
WCTU Holds District
Meet At Methodist
Church On Tuesday
The Northeastern District meeting
of the Woman's Christian Temper
ance Union was held Tuesday at the
Hertford Methodjst Church. The
theme for the morning session was
"Broadening Our Horizon."
Mrs. E. L. Roebuck, of Washing
ton, N. C, the district president,
presided at the meeting. The Rev
C. E. Hobgood, pastor of the Hert
ford Baptist Church, gave the morn
ing devotional. Mrs. Roebuck intro
duced Mrs. T. H. Plemmons, State
president of the organization, who
made a splendid talk on the work be
ing done by the group.
The vice president, Mrs. L. E.
Brown, gave an interesting talk on
the subject of "Defending Our De
fenders." During the afternoon session va
rious high school students, repre
senting high schools from this sec
tion of the State, gave talks per
taining to Temperance. The speak
ers were: Margaret Meeks, Bethel
High School; Jackson Pressley, Eli
zabeth City High School; Fentress
Winslow, Hertford; Jane Griffin,
Elizabeth City. Fentress Winslow,
Hertford High School, was declared
winner in the speaking contest and
was presented a lovely pin by the
State organization.
Mrs. Alice Futrell
Appointed To State
Safety Division
Mrs, Alice Futrell, woman's cam
paign manager for Governor J. M.
Broughton in the 1940 primary and
election.- was this week appointed to
a, position with the State Safety
' Mrs. Futrell's headquarters will be
located here in Hertford and she will
have charge of 19 counties in 'this
Mtinn Af Via State. .-
Home Demonstration Agent
The regular meeting; of the County
Council will be held Saturday after
noon at 3 o'clock. At this time final
plans will be made for the iSpring
Federation meeting, the Flower Show
and Tea. It is very important that
each club is represented.
Mrs. Philip White will be the
speaker for the afternoon.
Schedule for April 28-May 3
Monday, April 28 Durants Neck
Club will meet at the Community
Wednesday, April 30 Burgess
Club will meet with Mrs. C. D.
Perquimans Band
Takes Part In
Tulip Festival
The members of the Perquimans
High School Band journeyed to
Washington last Friday and joined
fourteen other high school bands to
make the Beaufort County Tulip Fes
tival a real success.
The Tulip Festival, an outstanding
yearly attraction, drew a large num
ber of local people who were much
impressed by the fine showing made
by the local band. The members
were dressed in their new uniforms
and made an outstanding picture as
they paraded in the long procession.
Dulk Of Civil Cases
Remain Unheard In
Superior Court
Due to the time consumed in hear
ing the seventeen criminal cases in
Perquimans Superior Court last week,
Judge Henry L. Stevens found him
self at the deadline of the court week
before he had had time to hear but
two of the many civil cases scheduled
to be tried.
The Criminal docket was complet
ed late Thursday afternoon when
Judge Stevens granted a motion foi
a non suit in the case of Enos Mal
lory, Negro, charged with theft of
soy beans. The jury found Luthei
Perry, Negro, not guilty of assault
with a deadly weapon and he was dis
charged. During Court on Thursday, Judge
Stevens heard preliminary testimony
and motions in the Morgan vs. Mor
gan case and ordered that the sum
of $60 per month be paid to Gladys
Morgan by William Morgan for sup
port of she and the couple's child.
The sum of $50 was allowed Mrs.
Morgan for attorney's fees.
On Friday, the last day of Court,
the case of Jessup vs. Kirby was
heard by the court and the jury
rendered a verdict of "yes" to all
motions asked during the trial. The
question in dispute was based upon
division of land to which the princi
pals of the case were heirs.
The Minnie Wilson Missionary So
ciety of the Hertford Methodist
Church met Monday evening at the
home of Mrs. Henry Stokes. Mrs.
Charles Whedbee presided and Mrs
T. S. White was in charge of a very
interesting program, the topic .being
"Stewardship of Teaching."
Those present were Miss Kate M.
Blanchard, Mrs. D. M. Fields, Mrs.
R. M. Fowler, Mrs. R. L. Knowles,
Mrs. B. G. Koonce, Mrs. R. C. Mur
ray, Mrs. Louis Nachman, Mrs. T. J.
Nixon, Jr., Mrs. Henry Btokes, Mrs.
T. B. Sumner, Mrs. N. N. Trueblood,
Mrs. William Tucker, Mrs. Simon
Rutenburg, Mrs. Charles Whedbee,
Mrs. J. T. White, Mrs. T. S. White,
Mrs. Dan Williams, Mrs. Nathan
Relfe, and Mrs. Russell Jarvis.
The next meeting of the Society
will be held with Miss Kate M.
Mrs. L. N. Hollowell, Mrs. I. A.
Ward and Mrs. C. P. Morris were
hostesses to the Book Club last Fri
day evening at the home of Mrs,
Mrs. I. A. Ward presided. On he
program were Mrs. H. A. Whitley.
Mrs. T. W. Winslow and Mrs. T. B
Sumner. Eighteen members were
present After the business session
and the program, the hostesses serv
ed, a delicious sweet course.
Thirty - five Thousand
Farmers In State Are
Eligible to Vote
Thirty-five thousand IS'orth Caro
lina farmers are eligible to vote on
Saturday, April 26, in the first pea
nut referendum in history. If two
thirds of the growers voting through
out the peanut belt in the Nation
approve the plan, marketing quotas
will be in effect on the next three
crops of peanuts, including the 1941
E. Y. Floyd, AAA executive offi
cer of N. C. State College, says that
all producers wr'ho shared in the pro
ceeds of the 1940 peanut crop which
was picked and threshed by mechan
ical means are eligible to cast their
votes in community polling places
which will be set up and staffed by
farmer-committeemen of the AAA.
Each owner, tenant, and share
cropper is entitled to one vote. If
quotas are approved, each farmer
can grow without penalty in 1941
the maximum production on the
acreage already allotted him under
the Agricultural Coa3rvation Pro
gram. In addition, he may grow
peanuts on acreage taken out of cot
ton and escape the penalty if he de
livers the excess peanuts to an
agency designated by the Secretary
of Agriculture to divert surplus pro
duction into oil.
Floyd emphasized the fact that the
Government will support the peanut
market with a diversion program or
loans, or both, only if quotas are
approved. Last year the U. S. De
partment of Agriculture spent about
10 million dollars in diverting excess
peanuts into oil. If quotas are re
jected, the law recently enacted by
Congress prohibits any diversion or
loan program on the 1941 crop.
Locally, i,.- W. Anderson, County
Agent, has been working diligently
this week to get out a large vote in
Perquimans County. He has held
meetings with farmers and commit
teemen, as well as talked the situa
tion over with business men, explain
ing the importance of a large favor
able vote in this section.
Mr. Anderson pointed out that all
persons eligible to vote should do so
at his home township polling place,
where possible, but that any person
could vote at the Agricultural Build
ing. However, those voting there,
who should vote elsewhere, will have
the vote challenged by the poll hold
ers, but the vote will be counted lat
er by the County Committee if the
voter was eligible to vote in his
home township.
The referendum will be held in
Perquimans under the supervision of
the county AAA committee composed
of Dr. E. S. White, C. W. Umphlett
and Milton Dail. The committee has
designated the following places as
polling centers for the referendum:
Belvidere Township Community
House; with L. L. Lane, C. T. Rog
erson and W. I. Winslow as poll
Parkville Township C. A. Bagley's
Store; with J. A. Bray, G. A. Jack
son and J. R. Matthews as poll
Hertford Township Agricultural
Building; with C. W. Reed, J- E.
Hunter and A. D. Thatch as poll
Bethel Township J. C. Hobbs'
Store; with B. P. Matthews, J. C
Hobbs and C. T. Phillips as poll
New Hope Township Community
House; with J. W. Overton, Carson
Spivey and John Q. Hurdle as poll
The Woman's Missionary Society
of the Hertford Baptist Church met
Monday evening, in the church, at 8
o'clock. Mrs. Philip White gave a
most interesting and inspiring devo
tional. The County Study chairman,
Mrs. E. U. Morgan,' of Mt. Sinai
Church, gave an interesting talk, her
subject being "Study to Show Thy
self Approved. Miss Evelyn Cope
land and Miss Evelyn White sang a
The County-wide Mission Study
Class of the Woman's Missionary So
ciety will be held at the Baptist
Church in Hertford on Wednesday,
April 30. The Rev. Frank Cale, of
Tyner, will give the morning lesson,
beginning at 10:30 o'clock. Mrs.
Philip White will talk in the after
noon, beginning at 1:30 o'clock.
The president, Mrs. I. A. Ward,
urges all members to be present. .
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