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Volume VIII. Number 24.
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, June 13, 1941.
$1.25 Per Year.
. A
The Government, acting under the
recent proclamation of a national
emergency, "cracked" down on labor
and sent the Army in to take charge
of the North American Aviation
plant in Los Angeles. President
Roosevelt had ordered the strikers of
the plant to return to work on huge
orders for airplanes. When they re
fused the Army took over early this
England, along with the Free
French forces, beat the Nazis to the
punch this week and invaded Syria,
long thought to be the next battle
ground between the British and Ger
dman forces. Up to mid-week little
opposition appeared to stop the com
bined British and Free French from
taking the colony. Reports said that
the colonists were receiving the Al
lies as a welcomed company. Re
ports on Wednesday, however, stated
that the Syrian forces controlled by
the Vichy government were putting
up a stiffer fight than earlier in the
drive. Thus far the Germans have
offered little in the way of aid to the
Aside from the Syrian front, the
war seemingly has slowed down a
gain until the opposing forces find a
weakened link in the defense of one
or the other. Bombing raids by .both
English and Nazis have been carried
out. Alexandria suffered from Nazi
bombing twice this week.
In connection with the labor diffi
culties in this country all draft
boards have received instructions to
re-classify men who have been de
ferred due to their employment in de
fense work, where those men are
nom causing trouble by strikes. The
officials have declared the policy of
'work or fiyht."
German submarine tactics were
brought close to hofe this feek when
announcements were made that an
American shi, Robin Moor, was sunk
in the south Atlantic on May 21.
Eleen of its crew members were
picked up by a Brazilian steamer.
Reports say the ship was torpedoed
by the Germans. However, the State
Department has requested all to
withhold an opinion until definite
facts could be ascertained.
Rumors are current in Washington,
New York and elsewhere, that the
Secretary of Labor, Madame Perkins,
will soon resign her position. Defin
ite information is not forthcoming,
but it has long been known that both
New Dealers and Old Dealers have
railed for the resignation many
The Senate, this week in a test
vote, unanimously approved legisla
tion authorizing deferment from
Army training of all men who attain
their 28th birthday by July 1, 19'1.
Effect of the measure will be to low
er the maximum draft age from 35,
the present limit, to 27. Techinaclly,
men from 28 to 86 still would be
registered for service and the Presi
dent could rescind their deferment if
conditions warranted it.
It is possible that unless some ac
tion is taken by Congress, and some
minds are changed in that body that
Elizabeth City will lose the oppor
tunity, to .gain a Naval blimp base.
A disbelief in military usefulness
4' . of the dirigibleon the part of a ma-
. Jority of its members has caused the
; ' House Rules Committee to hold up
i on the bflTrwhich will authorize the
lighter-than-air legislation.
t Although information has been giv-
u f en out that work on the new base
' - would start sometime in August, it
npw seems that the Rules Committee
fVjt ;,wfll have to Jbe. atrtUghteHed out be
l0fnth: propose 1base -:5ban come to
otitis taction,-'
to buy coal - now." The increased
" nwawwwif tuwe warned the IWbllef cei of Dr. C. A.
- 'demand on the part of the Defense
7 . v Program and manufacturing plants
i U seen as causing extra heavy de-
,, , .. mandator coal for next fall and win
i V,:' S Teporw nave, w xna we Mast
.' luftwaf fe had ? ! finally entered x the
uawie oi cyna cniy xo wiuwraw.
Reports on Thursday tend to show
that the Allies- are toakhwr ; steady
1 'W'thl -tuAotaf- uid probably
; ly, will &ati0i,4'f'H
. Representative Herbert Bonner, in
Elisabeth , City iuWednesday for Jhe
Potato Festival, was quoted as assur
ing the people there that the Naval
blimp base scheduled .: to , be ,'. con
tracted in Pasquotank County will
be reality. rMr. Bonner believes
that the authorization for ' the base
will soon be forthcoming. ,
Makes Early Bid
Being in the service of the
Democratic Party for 40 years,
Mr. Godwin this week made a
formal announcement that he
will be a candidate for the State
Senate in the Democratic pri
mary election to be held in 1943.
Wilmington Lions
Offer Opposition
Local Candidate
Opposition of a very formidable
nature has developed to the candidacy
of Norman Trueblood, secretary of
the Hertforr Lions Club, for the Gov
ernorship of District 31-C of Lions
International. The Wilmington Lions
Club has sponsored Luther T. Rog
ers, & member of that club for Gov
ernor, and all indications point to a
nip and tuck battle between the two
contestants. It is possible that oth
ers may enter the contest, but with
the convention and election less than
two weeks off, it is thought that one
of the two present contestants will
be the next Governor.
Trueblood has received pledges of
Support from all over the district
and is very encouraged over the oui
look, but it must not be overlooked
that the Wilmington club has a mem
bership double that of the local club,
and their candidate is well known
and has many friends in the district
The local club is basing its campaign
on the record of achievement and ac
complishments of its candidate, who
has been one of the most active
Lions in the State.
The convention starts June 22, and
headquarters for the Hertford Lions
Club will be located in the George
Vanderbilt Hotel, the convention
hotel. A sizeable delegation from
here is expecting to attend and put
up a stiff fight for their candidate.
Much local interest has been shown
in this contest and the outcome ap
parently will not be known until all
the votes are counted, as the strength
of the two candidates is so evenly
divided at this time that a forecast
is almost impossible.
Perquimans Band To
Play Saturday In
Health Program
, The Perquimans High School Band
will take part in the parade and
program of the County Health' Day
exercises to be held here Saturday
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock.
The public is cordially invited to(
attend the program which will be
presented on the Courthouse Green.
F. H. Jeter, Extension Editor at
State College, will be the principal
speaker. 1
Construction New
Office Building
Started This Week ;
the offl-
Davenport, was
started here this week. The new
building will be located opposite the
Hertford Baptist Church.
; Dr.' Davenport stated that con
struction of the building will take
possibly two months and as soon as
it is completed he will move his of
fices to tioe new location. '
Winners Announced
In Home Contest
' Winners"' in the Home Beautlfica
tioft Contest) sponsored by th Home
and t Garden Home T)ehonstration
Club were announced this " week as
followsr'rsfr Prize, Mrs;itWi't.
Landing, and second priie, Mrt. Rid-
di'ck.cMppeii, z b
'." This was the second home, beautifl
cation contest sponsored by' the club
A. P. Godwin Makes
Early Bid For Seat
In Senate In 1943
Informs First District
Voters That He Will
Be Candidate
" A. P. Godwin, of Gatesville, this
week made formal announcement
that he would be a candidate for the
North Carolina Senate for the term
of 1943. The First District's two
seats in the Senate are now held by
Merrill Evans of Ahoskie, and Her
bert Leary, of Edenton, the latter
several weeks ago announcing that he
would be a candidate for Congress
man of the First Congressional Dis
trict, now held by Herbert Bonner of
In making his announcement, Mr.
Godwin said, Gates County has not
had a State Senator for 18 years,
and "I hereby announce my candi
dacy for the State Senate, subject
to the wishes of the voters of the
district at the Democratic primary.
Forty years of service to the Demo
cratic party has placed me in a
position where, I feel, I am well ac
quainted with the needs of the peo
ple of the district. If elected, I
shall represent the interests of all
of the people of the district to the
best of my abilities."
Mr. Godwin is a native of Hertford
County and has been a prominent
member of the Gates County Bar for
41 years. He was a member of the
State Senate in the sessions of 1907
and 1909 and has served as judge of
Gates County criminal court for nine
years. He is a member and active
lay leader of the Methodist Church,
a prominent farmer and the father
of five sons.
Mr. Godwin was in Edenton last
week meeting friends at which time
he intimated that he would be a can
didate but withheld his formal an
nouncement until early this week.
Crescent Company
Amusements Here
All Of Next Week
Same Show That Came
For Lions Fair Last
Year: More Rides
Than Ever
Entertainment for ybung and old
will be offered here nert week when
the Crescent Amusement Company
will present rides of many kinds, as
well as other amusements on the
Town Lot.
The amusement company comes to
Hertford through arrangements of
the Hertford Lions Club, which spon
sored the same show here during the
past two years.
The Crescent Amusement Company
is one of the cleanest shows of its
type appearing in the State. The
management has made many friends
here in Hertford on previous occa
sions, and both Mr. McHenry and Mr.
Bartel will be in Hertford all next
week with the show.
The Lions Club expects to realize
a substantial sum from the engage
ment in Hertford and this sum will
be used to bolster funds needed by
the Club in civic undertakings.
No admission will be charged to
the grounds and the show will open
Monday night and remain here
through Saturday, June 21.
Dan Cupid Scores
A Blitzkrieg In
Month Of May
The sale of marriage ' licenses in
Perquimans County Is definitely on
the npgrade''':,,,V--,''"v:''"i':
An increase of one" thousand per
cent in the sales for May, 1941, over
the same period of 1940 was shown
in a check of the records in J, W.
Ward's office of Register of Deeds.
Ten licenses were sold during the
past month, while during May, 1940,
only one sale was made.
June, which is supposed to be the
month of brides, however, is, lagging
in sales as compared to June, 1940.
Thus far this month, not one couple
has presented itself at Mr. Ward's
office for. the purpose of securing a
license, while during June, 1940, a
total of four was sold.
' .' Born to Mr. and Mrs. Freeman
Umphlett.- of Hertford, Route Three,
on t Wednesday, June 4, 1941, a son.
He was christened William Edward. am doing1 .nicely.
County To Furnish
5 Negro Selectees
For June 30 Quota
Army Getting Strict
On Education of Se
lectees J. R. Stokes, chairman of the Per
quimans Draft Board, announced on
Wednesday that the local board had
received a call for five Negro selec
tees to be inducted, into military ser
vice on June 30. This call is num
ber fourteen that the local board has
The board announced that the fol
lowing men will be selected to fill
the quota: Arthur Beasley, who is a
volunteer, James Jordan, Ellis Lee,
Robert Leigh and Aaron Riddick.
These men will report to Fort Bragg
for their examinations prior to being1
inducted into service.
Indications are that the Army is
becoming more strict in accepting
men on the educational qualifications
is apparent. The last four men, all
Negroes, sent by this County to the
induction center were turned down
by the Army due to illiteracy. Two
.other Negroes from this county have
been rejected for the same reason.
With the rejection of the men call
ed for the last quota, Perquimans
will have furnished a total of 39 men
to the Army, when the June 30th quo
ta is filled, according to Mrs. T. B.
Sumner, clerk of the local board.
Mrs. Sumner reports that the local
board has mailed out 150 question
naires since last Thursday, bringing
to a total of 973 the number mailed
to date. Approximately 150 men in
the county have yet to receive their
question forms from the local board.
The local board is waiting definite
instructions regarding the new regis
tration, scheduled for July 1, when
all young men in t'he county who
have reached their 21st birthday
since last October 16 must register
for service at the local draft office.
It is expected that some fifty
young men in this county are eligi
ble -for this registration. The local
board.will announce the details of
the "signing up" as soon as they are
Lanier Announces
Candidacy In Race
For House Seat
Second Pitt County Man J
Entered For Post
Now Held By Herbert
As predicted in the last issue of
The Weekly, Senator J. Con Lanier,
of Greenville, late last week an
nounced his candidacy for Congress
from the First Congressional Dis
trict. Mr. Lanier is a prominent
lawyer, farmer and business man of
With Mr. Lanier's announcement
the race for the House Seat now be
comes a four-cornered affair with
Marvin Blount, another Pitt County
man, Herbert Leary of Edenton, Mr.
Lanier and Herbert C. Bonner as the
contestants. Mr. Bonner has not yet
announced his intention to seek re
election but it is almost a foregone
conclusion that he will.
In 1933 Mr. Lanier served the
United States Department of Agri
culture as tobacco expert. A year
later he was appointed code adminis
trator of the AAA by Secretary
Henry Wallace, now Vice-President.
He was elected to serve Pitt County
in the .State Senate in the November
election. For five years he was
mayor of Greenville and was Cap
tain of Battery A, 113 Field Artit
lerv. for the same lentrth of time.
He also served Pitt County court as J
solicitor for four years. He is a
graduate of the University of North
Group Attends State
Meetings In Raleigh
G. C. Buck and five members of
the Perquimans Chapter of the F. F.
A., including Gordon Winslow, Ed
ward Jordan, Thomas Rogerson,
Adrian Smith, Jr., and Robert Louis
Stephenson, are in Raleigh this week
attending State meetings. Mr. Buck
is attending the State Conference of
Vocational teachers, and the young
men are attending the State Conven
tion of the F. F. A.
Gordon Winslow will take part in
the State Livestock Judging Contest,
while at the meeting, and the other
members from the Perquimans Chap
ter will receive the Carolina Farmers'
Degree. This degree is the highest
conferred by the State Association
of the Future Farmers of America.
Town Commissioners
In Regular Session
Tuesday, June 9th
The Board of Commissioners for
the Town of Hertford met in regular
session Monday night, June 9, and
heard a report from Mayor V. N.
Darden that the sale of ice from the
platform at the Municipal plant is
proving very profitable to the Town.
Sales of ice by the Town itself at
the platform, calculated on the past
few weeks business, will mean an ad
ditional five to six hundred dollars
income per year to the Town, accord
ing to Mr. Darden.
Little other business was brought
to the attention of the Board at the
meeting on Monday. The Board
passed a resolution agreeing to re
lease a certain section of land in the
Beech Spring neighborhood to the
Virginia Power and Electric Com
pany for t'he purpose of serving pow
er to that territory. The power com
pany in return agreed to relinquish
some of its territory to the Town of
It was also stated that the Town
will again include the library in its
budget for the coming fiscal year,
the amount to be determined at a
later meeting.
Funeral Services
Held Tuesday For
Mrs. Laura Onley
Mrs. Laura Ann Onley, widow of
the late Charles A. Onley, of Belvi
dere, died at the home of her daugh
ter, Mrs. G. W. Nowell, June 9, at
7:20 a. m., at the age of 79.
Funeral services were held at the
home of her daughter Tuesday after
noon at 3:30 o'clock, with the Rev.
C. E. Hobgood, pastor of the Hertford
Baptist Church, assisted by the Rev.
J. T. Byrum, pastor of the Ballards
Bridge Baptist Church, officiating.
Interment was made in the family
Mrs. Onley suffered a paralytic
stroke which caused her death.
She wis the (daughter of the late
Charles and Elizabeth Layden, one
of the oldest and most prominent
families in Perquimans County, and
a life-long resident of the county.
She leaves to mourn her death,
one son, J. E. Onley of Belvidere;
five daughters, Mrs. G. W. Nowell of
Belvidere, Mrs. L. N. Hollowell and
Mrs. C. W. White of Hertford, Mrs.
R. E. Bunch of Center Hill, and Miss
Eva Mae Onley of Norfolk, Va. Six
grandchildren survive, and three
brothers, R. T. Layden, A. C. Lay
den and E. B. Layden, and many
nieces and nephews.
Active pallbearers were: R. T
Layden, A. C. Layden, E. B. Layden,
Hubert Onley, Ellis Onley and Car
roll Ward.
Honorary pallbearers included Dr,
C. A. Davenport, J. Emmett Winslow,
Dr. E. S. White, W. M. Hollowell,
W. A. Winslow, Dr. I. A. Ward,
Jesse Asbell, Vivian Darden, Walter
Nowell, T. R. Winslow, E. L. Chap
pell, L. J. Winslow, C. T. Rogerson,
Kenneth Miller, Jim Winslow, L. J.
Lane and J. C. Blanchard.
Hertford Boy Scout
Troop Makes Plans
For Summer Outing
Approximately thirty-two Perquim
ans boys, all members of the Hert
ford Boy Scout Troop, Number 155,
are busily making plans for the at
tendance of the annual summer
camp which will be held at Nags
Head, starting June 20th and ending
June 27th.
The boys will "camp" at the Nixon
Cottage, the same place used -in last
year's trek to the seashore. All
boys will be under the supervision of
Scoutmaster W. H. Pitt and his as
sistants. Mr. Pitt stated that practically all
plans for the camp for this year
have been completed and he is ex
pecting the boys to have another en
joyable week in Boy Scout work.
Committee Announces
Another Drive for
Bundles for Britain
Mrs. R. T. Clarke, Perquimans
County chairman of Bundles for Bri
tain, who recently announced that
the county has already sent 9 boxes
of clothing and $60 in cash to Bri
tain, has issued a call foranother
box of clothing to be collected Sat
urday of this week.
All who have clothing which they
are willing to give to this worthy
cause are requested to have it ready
Saturday anil to notify Mrs. Clarke
or some member of the committee,
which includes Mrs. J. J. Fleetwood
and Miss Mae Wood Winslow, in or
der that a Boy Scout may call and
collect the bundle.
Jessie Lee Harris
Weds Elizabeth Ann
Clarke Of Wilson
Ceremony Took Place
June 4th; Young
Couple Will Live In
A wedding of much interest to
people in Hertford took place in
Wilson when Miss Elizabeth Ann
Clark became the bride of Jesse Lee
Harris, of Hertford.
The wedding was solemnized on
Wednesday, June 5th, at high noon,
at the home of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Clark, of Wilson.
The lower floor of the home was
tastefully decorated with feverfew,
white lilies, palms, evergreen and
white tapers.
The ceremony was performed by
the Rev. H. B. Porter, pastor of the
bride. The bride and groom entered
together, having no attendants, and
were married with the impressive
ring service before an improvised al
tar in the spacious living room; the
ceremony being witnessed by a few
relatives and close friends.
The bride wore a blue gaberdine
suit for traveling with white acces
sories and her flowers were a shoul
der corsage of white orchids.
The mother of the bride wore blue
chiffon with a corsage of pink rose
buds. The mother of the groom wore
navy chiffon and her corsage was of
red rosebuds.
Miss Dorothy Barrett, of Rich
mond, Va., accompanied at the piano
by Miss Celia Crawley, of Wilson,
sang "O Promise Me" and "Be
cause." The bride is the attractive daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Clark, of
Wilson. She received her education
at the Wilson High School, -St. Mary's
School, Raleigh, and A. C. I.
The groom is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Z. A. Harris, of Hertford. He
recei 'ed his education at Perquimans
Hig?. Sc!" i and the University of
North Carolina. He is now in the
mercantile business in Hertford and
the young couple will make their
home in Hertford.
Out-of-town guests at the wedding
were Miss Nancy Livers Woody of
Roxboro, Miss Jeanne Hilley of Wil
son, Miss Janice Fitzgerald of
Smithfield, Miss Lucy Williams of
Wilson, Miss Dorothy Barrett of
Richmond, Va., Miss Celia Crawley
of Wilson, B. C. Barber of Wilson,
Henry iStokes, Bill Jessup, Miss Alice
Roberson, Mrs. J. G. Roberson, Mrs.
J. B. Basnight, Mrs. H. R. Winslow,
Mr. and Mrs. Z. A. Harris, Misses
Eva Brinkley Harris and Ann Harris,
all of Hertford, Mrs. C. W. Ives and
Mrs. Carlton Matthews of Elizabeth
City, Rev. and Mrs. H. B. Porter,
and Miss Frances Barrett of Rich
mond, Va.
Immediately after the ceremony
the guests were ushered into the din
ing room and. served a delicious buf
let luncheon. The dining table was
covered with a lace cloth and center
ed with a huge wedding cake topped
by a miniature bride and groom.
After luncheon the bride and
groom left for a wedding trip to an
unannounced destination.
Ruth Hollowell Wins
Beauty Contest At
State Theatre
Represented County In
Potato Festival In
Elizabeth City
Miss Ruth Hollowell, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. L. N. Hollowell, was
selected as Miss Perquimans at the
beauty contest staged last Friday
night at the State Theatre, to repre
sent this county in the Potato Festi
val staged Wednesday at Elizabeth
City. Miss Hollowell was the offi
cial representative of the County at
the Festival, taking part in the big
parade and other activities in connec
tion with the annual glorification of
the "spud."
The judges of the local contest to
select the Perquimans "queen" chose
Miss Helen Mae White, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. White, as the
second choice of the County.
Miss Fannie Lee Turner, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Turner, of
Durants Neck, was selected as num
ber three of the seventeen young la
dies who took part in the local con
test. Cash prizes, contributed by Hert
ford merchants, were awarded all
three girls.
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