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, if Volume VI1L Number 26. Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, June 27, 1941. SI 25 Per Year
L i 1
Hitler surprised the world again
this week, when on Sunday he de-
- clared, war against his former ally,
Russia. Charging that Russia had
f consistently broken the terms of
their pact, Hitler said that he had
placed the matter in the hands of his
I The House on Wednesday voted
funds for the construction of the
Naval blimp base at Elizabeth City.
jJflYork on this base, it is understood,
will start sometime in the very near
The action caught all nations off
guard inasmuch as few expected
Hitler would fight Russia or vice
versa. Russia, it was stated, was
expected to yield to the demands
made by Germany last week.
As yet definite news of the pro
rgress of thcwar on the Eastern front
js not available. Claims and counter
claims have been made by the belli
gerents but none of them have been
official. Authorities, both in Eng
land and the United States, seeming-
ly have little hope that the Red
y Army can hold out against the Nazis.
However, both have stated they will
aid Russia in battling Germany.
The United States had another
submarine tragedy when the 0-3
sank in over 400 feet of -water, while
attempting a test dive off Ports
mouth, N. H. Thirty-three officers
and men were lost. The Navy held
official memorial services over the
spot on ISunday.
It is unlikely that the U. S. will
aid Russia directly under the Lena
Lease bill. Thus far official Wash
ington has been avoiding the issue,
f ibut it may be possible that we will
;;, aid indirectly by having Britain pass
on materials given her under the law.
1 England, has promised aid to Russia
' u long as it ngnts Hitler.
Owneis-of good' farming land in.
Eastern North Carolina who wish td
sell their farms, or who desire ten
ants, are requested to get in touch
with Walter R. Jones, Jr., negotia
tor in charge of land acquisition for
the U. S. Marine base at Jackson
ville, N. C. It is estimated that 75
to 100 farm families who are moving
from the Onslow County site are in
terested in locating elsewhere.
, f Government agents, working out of
Elizabeth City, captured a 700-gal-lon
still and 3,600 gallons of mash,
last Saturday when they trapped
, bootleggers at the still near Indian-
town. The still was dynamited and
- Athe mash destroyed.
The United States, this week, re
leased the funds of Russia which were
i . frozen ten days ago. This action will
give Russia the opportunity to pur-
rhase war materials needed to fight
r ,. Little Finland continues neutral in
J1 the Nazi attack on Russia, but re
,t., Ports say she is preparing for the
fUtoone. Finland was overwhelmed by
,t .the Beds in the winter of 1939 after
r it had put up a brave defense of its
V territory. -It is likely now that Ffn-
ceded to Russia at the close of that
'i a.-..-.- - '
England's battle against Germany
f has been overshadowed by the new
war in the East, but the British R.
. A. F. have been poundimr French in-
i vasion ports and German cities tor
, j rthe past two weeks,? The British and
' 4 Free French armies seemingly are
afaing headway In Syria and hope
to have that colony completely under
, ' control before the Russo-German war
, . SUM: too much headway.
Late reports ' oh Thursday indicatr
. ea tnat Kussia was counter-attacking
, the German forces and driving, them
, back but of Russia at some points.
h However, these were Russian reports
, and nothing definite has come from
. Nazi sources, except reports that Geri
Sjman armed forces were proceeding
on scneauie. 4, - . ,
Finland; announced late Wednesday
that she was taking defensive meas
' yes against Russian attacks. This
tatement was not elaborated but
reports told of Russian air attacks
on Finnish towns and cities, thus, tb,e
Finns may he ready to retaliate,
Price Administrator Leon ' Hender
son announced Wednesday that the
Government may put a ceiling-on the
price of automobiles. This statement
. followed a meeting between- govern
, menfr officials and auto manufactur
ers regarding the recent increase in
prices -of cars. It is likely that the
government will take similar steps
wi"!i re,"arda to automobile tires and
c.:,r n.ller goods. ... ..
District Governor
Norman Trueblood, Secretary of
the Hertford Lions Club, was chosen
Governor of District 31-C at the
State Convention of Lions Clubs held
this week in Asheville. Trueblood
will assume his new office following
the International Convention in New
Orleans, July 22.
Country's Birthday
Will Be Observed
Here Next Week
Majority oTstores In
dicate Closing Thurs
day P.M. And All Day
Although Governor Broughton has
proclaimed July 4th and 5th to .be
official holidays, indications here are
that the majority of stores will oi
serve the National Holiday, but not
to that extended length.
A survey made by The Weekly re
garding the closing of Hertford
stores for the 4th of July revealed
that the majority of the stores in
tend to close lor the usnal half -holiday
Thursday afternoon and remain
closed all day Friday, opening again
on Saturday morning.
However,. some of the store owners
and managers stated that they wouia
stay open all day Thursday and close
for the holiday on Friday. This
group includes most of the grocery
stores in Hertford.
The postoffice will be closed all
day Friday, the 4th. However, mail
will be dispatched and placed in box
es at the postoffice.
The Hertford Bank will be closed
Thursday afternoon and all day Fri
day. R. M. Riddick, cashier, stated
there was a possibility that the barnt
would also close on Saturday to re
open Monday morning, but no deci
sion had been reached as yet.
However, shoppers are advised to
shop early next week and not get
caught in need during the holiday . .
and it would also be advisable to ask
your merchants about their closing
plans. Some changes may be made
in their plans during this week-end
and they will be glad to inform you
of their holiday closing.-
J. W. Ward Installed
As President Of The
Hertford Rotary Oub
The Hertford Rotary Club held In
stallation of new officers at its regu
lar meeting Tuesday night at the
Hotel Hertford. J. W. Ward, regis
ter of deeds of Perquimans County,
is the new president of the local club,
and Barnard Proctor is the secretary
treasurer. Perquimans Students
Make Honor Roll
- Mary L. Chappell of Belvidere,
Celia Blanche Dail of Durants Neck,
Nancy- Darden of Hertford,, and
Madge Lane of Winfall, were among
the 189 "students on the honor roll
at Eastern Carolina Teachers College,
Greenville, for the spring term, ac
cording to an announcement made
by college officials this week.
.'V;.; f'-' ' ' ''
Claude White New
President Of lions
; The Hertford Lions Club held Its
regular meeting ' at the Hertford
Hotel last Friday night and installed
new officers tor the 1941-42 , year
which ,;beglns July . V.t i0$is
The following officers were in
stalledt President, Claud D. White;
first vice president,; Archie Tv Lanes
second vic president, r'J..' i H. Towe;
third vice president, Reginald Tucker:
secretary-treasurer, ' Norman ' True
blood; Lion Tamer, Morgan 'Walker;
Tall Twister, Clinton Eley; Directors,
Littleton Glbbs, C E. Hobgood, R. F.
tiunwr and J, Avin white, . t
Trueblood Chosen
District Governor
Lions Convention
Hertford Oub Wins
More Honors; Lane
Serves on Rules Committee
Norman Trueblood, secretary ol
the Hertford Lions Club, and an out
standing worker in Lions activities,
was elected Governor of District 31-C
at the State Convention of Ltons
Clubs held this week in Asheville.
The election of the district governor
took place on Tuesday.
Mr. Trueblood was chosen for the
high office over Luther T. Rogers,
who was sponsored by his home cluo
of Wilmington.
The Lions gathered in Asheville
Sunday and the convention continued
in session through Tuesday night.
Monday and Tuesday were red let
ter days for the Hertford Lions.
Other Lions from all over the iState
became very much Hertford con
scious on Monday when Archie T.I
Lane was appointed to serve on the
important Rules Committee.
At the district luncheon held that
day, the Hertford Club was awarded
Second Place Honor Roll Cup, miss
ing first place by only one point. It
was also awarded second place cup
for yearly attendance. On Tuesdav
Norman Trueblood was chairman oi
the Club Secretaries Luncheor.
At the business session on Tues
day, Trueblood was nominated by
Archie T. Lane for Governor of Dis
trict 31-C, and his nomination was
seconded by President-elect Ralph K
Parrish of the Edenton Club. What
had been expected to be a very close
race developed into a band-wagon
rush for the local candidate after it
was learned that the Raleigh Club
had held a caucus and decided to sup
port Trueblood and he thus became
the first successful candidate who
had not previously served his club as
president He also became the
youngest district governor-elect in
both age and in the length of time
he had been a Lion. He will assumo
office at the close' of the Interna
tional Convention which begins July
22 at New Orleans.
At the District Governors' banauet
Tuesday night, Hertford was award
ed the cup for attendance at the con
vention, based on the number of man
miles traveled for clubs with 35
members, more or less. Also at this
oanquet tne cup annually given to
the most efficient secretary in the
district was awarded Norman True
blood. T,he cups presented to the
local club were accepted by Archie
Lane, who is the first vice president
oi tne local club.
The local delegation composed ot
Archie T. Lane, Charles Williford
and Fred Chalk, and Mr. Trueblood
was well pleased with the accomplish
ment of the Hertford Club at the con
vention and returned home on Wed
nesday. Peanut Prices Are
Advancing Rapidly
According To Report
The lulling peanut market, which
stayed around 3 and 3 cents for
many months sprung into action the
last two weeks and the prices have
advanced to new highs. 'A govern
ment report released jointly by the
North Carolina and United States
Departments of Agriculture listed
peanuts at 5 3-4 for the best Jumbos
and 5 for good bunch the latter
part of last week.
The report added that recent rains
had been helpful td the crop, but that
iarmers are a bit disturbed at the
continued coolness of the weather.
-r i
nog prices are aiso on the up
grade, advancing as much as to
cents last week with the top standing
at 99.95 in Rocky Mount and $9.25
in Richmond.
Officer Arrests Two
For Transporting
Patrolman Jack Gaskill stopped
McKinley Bond and Rufus Harvey,
both Negroes, last Saturday after
noon for a routine check-up on their
car and driving permits. ' When Pa
trolman Gaskill started to . get into
their car to test the brakes, he dis
covered the Negroes were transport
'jfcg :non-taaHpai4 liquor, .
4 Bond and Harvey ;Were immediate
ly placed in jail and a hearing will
be held for them at the net term of
Recorder's Court, July !. ., ,
' No court: was conducted this week
and all cases scheduled to be held
were carried over to next week. .
R. m. Riddick Named
Chairman Of County
Committee On Bonds
Local Committee to Aid
In National Defense
Savings Program
C. H. Robertson, of Greensboro,
State Administrator of the Defense
Saving Staff, announces the ap
pointment of R. M. Riddick, cashier
of the Hertford Banking Company,
as chairman of the local committee
for Perquimans County. Other com
munity leaders who have been askea
to serve on this committee are F. 'If.
Johnson, Charles Whedbee, J. W.
Ward, J. S. McNider, C. P. Morris,
Max Campbell and Mrs. B. G.
Mr. Riddick announced Wednesday
that he would call a meeting of the
Perquimans Committee to work ou
plans for carrying out the program
In announcing this new program,
the Honorable Henry Morgenthau,
Jr., secretary of the Treasury, said,
"Defense Savings Bonds and Stamps
give us all a way to take direct part
in building the defense of our Coun
try an American Way to find the
billions needed for National Defense.
The United States is today, as it has
always been, the best investment in
the world. This is an opportunity
for each citizen to buy a share in
The success of the Defense Savings
program will be measured by the
number of men, women and. children
who serve their country by saving.
The Secretary of the Treasury hah
said repeatedly that his chief objec
tive in this program is to spread the
cost of defense as widely as possible
among the American people. His
main purpose is to give every Amer
ican a sense of direct participation in
the financing of national defense.
If the Defense Savings program is
to be brought to the attention of all
Americans, in all parts of the coun
try in all walks of life, the effort
must be made in every local commun
ity. If it is to be done in a manner
consistent with our democratic tra
ditions, the active support of public
spirited citizens must be enlisted
everywhere. For these reasons, the
Treasury has created State commit
tees in every state, and will encour
age the formation of similar local
committees reaching into every part
of the country. This Committee for
Perquimans is a part of this nation
wide organization. The all important
task of this and other like commit-.
tees will be to snreaH infnrmofinr,
about the Defense Savings program
among 130,000,000 Americans.
WIL Board Meeting
The Women's International League
for Peace and Freedom will hold a
board meeting at the home of Mrs.
Linwood Winslow on Saturday after
noon, June 28, at 2:30 o'clock. All
others interested are invited to at
tend this meeting.
Funeral Services
For Mrs. Lona Wilson
Held Tuesday P.M.
Funeral services for Mrs. Lona
Cartwright Wilson, 45, of New Hope,
wife of Lee E. Wilson, were held at
3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the
home. Interment was made in the
Wilson Cemetery at New Hope.
Mrs. Wilson died in the ALbemarle
Hospital, Elizabeth City, Monday
morning at 7:45 o'clock.
(Survivors include her husband,
nine children; three brothers, Luther
Cartwright of Baltimore, Md., Gaith-
er and Philip Cartwright of Elizabeth
City, and one sister, Mrs. S. D. God
frey Jennings of Woodville.
Suffers Injuries
In Car Accident
Sunday Night
Mr. and Mrsj David Porter and
Miss Jane SSmith, sister of Mrs. Por
ter, who have been making their
home, in Hertford while Mr. Porter
is connected with the work of con
structing the Hertford-Center Hill
highway were painfully injured in
an auto collision. Sunday night near
New. Bern, i
While attempting to pass a car
stopped on the highway, Mr. Porter,
who was driving toward Hertford,
collided-with a car headed south.
;All three occupants of the Porter
car were badly bruised when thrown
completely out of the car by the im
pact., Mrs. porter suffered a broken
rib and jpelvic bone; while Miss Smith
and Mr. Porter received minor cuts.
First Cotton Bloom
Of New Crop Brought
To The Weekly Office
Cotton is blooming in Perquimans.
Lee Williamston, Negro, who re
sides on Jake White's farm in the
Bear Swamp section, brought the
first cotton bloom of the 1941 crop
to the office of The Weekly on
Thursday morning.
The bloom was found, on Wednes
day but since it had turned red in
color it was believed to have opened
on Tuesday.
As has been the custom in the past,
The Weekly is awarding Williamston
a one-year subscription to The Week
ly for having brought in the first
bloom of this year's cotton crop.
Fort Raleigh Ready
For Fifth Season
Of The Lost Colony
Paul Green's Famous
Drama Expected to
Attract 100,000
The 354th anniversary celebration
of the founding of Anglo-American
civilization and the Birth of Virginia
Dare at Fort Raleigh will begjn July
3rd., with the opening of the 5th sea
son of Paul Green's patriotic drama
"The Lost Colony" as the highlight
of the summer-long celebration.
With more than 325,000 persons
from all sections of the nation ano
several foreign countries attending
the celebration during the past four
years, 100,000 more are expectea
here at the Birthplace of the Nation
before the season closes with a gala
performance on Labor Day, Septem
ber 1, 1941.
Roanoke Islanders are making
plans this summer to present the
most brilliant production of "The
Lost Colony" since it was first given
in 1937 as the highlight of the 350tn
anniversary celebration. Director
Samuel Selden has cast the show
from leading Broadway players, Car
olina Playmakers and native island
ers. D. Bradford Fearing, President of
the Roanoke Island Historical Asso-
! ciation
tions as a non-profit venture, says
that more inquiries than ever before
have reached his office for informa
tion and reservations to attend the
summer-long presentation of "The
Lost Colony."
Facilities to accommodate visitors
of the Roanoke Island land of Sir
Walter Raleigh have been doubled
since last summer both in Manteo
and on the nearby beaches of Kitty
Hawk and Nags Head. Dining faci
lities are more than adequate for the
visitors expected this summer. There
are many new inns, restaurants, and
tourists homes.
V. N. Darden Named
Vice Commander Of
First District
Mayor V. N. Darden, of Hertford,
was elected Vice Commander of the
American Legion First District at
the State Convention held this week
in Durham. Mr. Darden will hold
the office for two years.
Mr. Darden, B. C. Berry, A. A.
Nobles and A. B. Gilliam attended
the State Convention as representa
tives of the Perquimans Post. Berry
and Darden were delegates.
The Legionnaires went on record
and passed as their Number One re
solution for the coming year "that
every person and every organization
in the United States give full sup
port to the man now in uniform."
The local Legionnaires returned to
Hertford late Tuesday and announc
ed a fine time was had at the State
School Bus Routes
Being Drawn By
State Commission
B. P. Kendall, representative of
the State School Commission, was in
Hertford this week for the purpose
of drawing the school bus routes for
the next term of Perquimans Schools.
The bus routes will be approved
by the Commission and announcement
of the routes as drawn by Mr. Ken
dall will be published later.
P. T. Johnson, County Superin
tendent of Schools, stated that
schools will open here either on Sep
tember the 3rd or the 10th. The de
finite date has not yet' been set
Board Receives Call For
Twenty Men In July;
Five Negroes Leave
Preparations have been completed
by the Perquimans Draft Board for
the handling of the second registra
tion on July 1, according to J. K.
StnVps, chRirrpnn nr tp local board.
Governor Broughton, this week, is
sued a proclamation calling for the
registration within the St;.te ot
North Carolina, and all mer. who
have reached the age of twerty-onu
since last October 16, must report
at the local draft office between the
hours of 7 a. m. and 9 p. m., for the
purpose of registering for military
Officials of the local draft board
will be on hand at the local office,
located over the bus station, for the
purpose of registering men. It wai
estimated that between fifty ana
seventy-five men will register here.
Men who should register on July 1,
and who fail to do so, are subject to
heavy fines and penalties. However,
special arrangements will be made
for those unable to call at the draft
office due to illness or incapacity.
Mrs. T. B. Sumner, clerk of the
Perquimans board, announced that
the board had completed the mailing
of all questionnaires to men who
registered last October. These men
are now classified and will soon have
their classification cards.
All men, upon receiving their
classification cards and who wish to
appeal the classification are warned
that they must do so within five days
after the cards are received. Coop
eration in this matter Ls urged by
local draft board officials.
The Perquimans board received a
call for ten white men and ten Neg
roes to be selected for service during
the month of July. The ten Negroes
will leave for Fort Jackson on July
16, and the ten white men will go to
Fort Bragg on July 23. This quota
will be the largest yet filled by Per
quimans County.
The final quota for the fiscal year
ending June 30, will be filled when
five leave Hertford next
Monday. These men have been se
lected for the call: Vernon Wiggins,
Arthur Beasley, James Jordan, Ellis
Lee and Robert Leigh. They will en
train for Fort Bragg, where they will
be inducted into service.
Vocational Teachers
Convene For Classes
At "erqUimanS High
Vocational agricultural teachers of
the Albemarle district have enrolled
at a Manual Training Class being
conducted at the Perquimans High
School Shop, by Wallace Johnson, of
The class will continue for three
weeks and will give the teachers
further training in Industrial Arts
and Manual Training. The course
consists of work in shop machinery,
operation and care, etc., electrical
work, metal work, wood work, fin
ishing and. refinishing of wood work.
The following teachers and schools
are represented in the class: S. L.
Lowry, Central; J. L. Tunnel, Weeks
ville; I. C. Yagel, Moyock; M. J.
Chappell, Poplar Branch; M. P. Tay
lor, Sunbury; J. G. Pollack, Gates
ville; Mr. Mullins, Gates; C. O.
Myers, Chowan; A. H. Tucker, Cres
well; C. L. Floyd, Roper; Mr. Moore,
Plymouth; Mr. Worrell, Englehard,
and G. C. Buck, Perquimans.
Lions Oub Realize
Considerable Amount
From Carnival Week
The Hertford Lions Club received a
gross sum of $190 from the Crescent
Amusement Company which played
here during last week. The club was
paid this amount as its portion for
sponsoring the carnival.
After the expenses of the local
club are deducted from this amount,
the balance will be placed in the club
treasury to be used by the club m
carrying out its work throughout the
NYA Holds Open
House Yesterday
The sixth anniversary of the es
tablishment of the National Youttt
Administration was marked by the
holding of open house on all NYA
projects in Perquimans County. The
open house was held yesterday.
The NYA is now operating two
projects in Perquimans, including
clerical work and a home service pro
ject, at 92 Grubh Street, 14 Hertford
The projects ' were i pen all i&y
yesterday to visitors and many per.,
sons called at the local project center .
to inspect, the work being don there."
i1 '
it V
V I'll i I !

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