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;.J Volume VIILNumberlr
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, August 1, 1941.
$1.25 Per Year.
News late last week revealed that
i. the Office of Production Manage
A ment has assured the automobile in
VdUfitry that it will not have to cut
ht' 1H model production 50 per cent
' beginning August 1, as tentatively
i. , scheduled. The original OPM 20 per
cent cut will be affected.
y -
Japan jumped into the top head
lines by moving into French Indo-
China and as a result of that move,
Resident Roosevelt immediately
froze all Japanese assets in this
country. This will cause restriction
. on trade between the U. S. and Japan
. . , and probably means a shortage
of silk in the U. S.
President Roosevelt also consoli
dated the U. IS. armed forces with
those of the Philippines in order to be
ready for any eventuality in the Far
East. General Douglas McArtnur,
former chief of staff, was placed at
the top of the forces in the Philip
Legionnaires Meet
With Boy Scouts
!exi rnaay iNigni
The Perquimans Post of the Amer
ican Legion will meet jointly with the
Hertford Boy Scouts at the Court
house on Friday evening, August 9,
at 8 o'clock.
The membership drive of Post 12b"
is how in full swing and officers ot
the local post are hopeful that at
least 60 per cent of the present mem
bership will be signed up by the
meeting next week. The Post is
anxious to gain this quota in order
to be able to report the same to a
conference meeting of Legion om
cials to be held in Raleigh August 9.
Post Commander Charles F. Sum
ner, V. N. Darden and B. C. Berry
represented Post 126 at the installa
tion of officers of the Elizabeth City
Post on Monday evening.
London is again the target of Ger
man bombers. During the last few
j days the Nazis have been bombing
England but not to any great degree
as previous bombings by the Ger
man air force. The R. A. F. has
continuously bombed French invasion
ports and cities in Germany since the
beginning of the Russo-German war.
The English are now using the larg
est bombers made in the U. S.
Finland severed diplomatic rela
tions with Great Britain this weerf.
The Finnish foreign minister gave
the official notice to the British For
eign Office on Monday. Finland is
' now a co-belligerent with Germany
' . against Russia.
s V
V-'. Japanese ships, several of which
0 were on, their way to U. B. porta
,. when President Roosevelt froze the
. 'aJapanese assets, are still hovering
. &round the West Coast waiting de
. ' velQpmento before making port. None
f the ships have igmled their posi-
A Al i. , P A
AVUUII UI1 UU3 ciieiioiuii UX Alllljr
Service for draftees and guardsmen
is expected daily and it is reported
that the time of service will be ex
tended as requested by Army offi
cials. The measure will no doubt
meet with opposition when it is
placed before the Senate, neverthe
less, it is predicted that the Army
will gain its point.
Instructions Given
Local Draft Board
Regarding Draftees
Personnel of Local
Board Changes To
' The Russo-German war continues
in what seems a deadlock on the
k Eastern front. The Nazi drive has
-"been stalled at Smolensk for the past
i ttwo weeks however, German sources
say the battle is practically won and
will open the road to Moscow. Red
officials continue to deny the Ger
mans' claim of success and say that
the Russian Army is holding on all
rifronts and counter-attacking the
. . Naz- '.jtfimi
Prime Minister Churchill's critics
in the House of Commons this week
v failed for an invasion of the contin
ent by British forces. They stated
' this was the only way to assure Rus-
Sia of help and relieve the situation
on the'' Eastern front. Churchill
' countered that the United States is
't moving angrily "to the very verge of
As a result of some men through
out the State seemingly making
every effort to forego military train
ing, State Draft officials this
week issued instructions to local
draft boards pertaining to regis
trants who get married on the eve
of induction or after being ordereu
to report to the doctor for physical
Men who do this will do it at their
own risk and will find that their
marriage will not keep them out of
the army.
This was made clear by General
J. Van B. Metts. iState Director of
Selective Service, as he announced
a modification of the former policy
of leniency toward married men
which has been recommended by
State Headquarters. This new move
was made necessary. General Metts
stated, because so many men appar
ently are abusing the policy.
The local draft board also received
instructions this week from State
Headquarters to endeavor to see that
draftees who leave for induction cen
ters are sober and have no liquor
with them. This request came after
a bus carrying draftees from Pasquo
tank, Perquimans and Edgecombe
counties was badly damaged last
week by the draftees on their way to
camp. The bus seats were cut and
broken, windows broken, and panei
mirrors were taken off. It was
claimed that the men were. In a
drunk and disorderly condition. Row
ever, investigation by officials failed
to reveal which group was responsible.
The personnel of the Perquimans
draft board will be changed today
when the resignation of J. R. Stokes,
who has been chairman of the local
board since last October, becomes ef
fective. A. W. Hefren will fill the
place made vacant by Mr. Stokes on
the local board.
No calls, as yet, have been received
by the board for white men during
the month of August. Fifteen Ne
groes have been called for August
2y and these men will be selected as
soon as the board has heard from
medical examinations taken by regis
Check Passer Held
For Action Of Grand
Jury October Court
Judge Tucker Finds
Probable Cause In
Forgery Case
Judge Granberry Tucker found
probable cause in the case of
the State versus Percy Hurdle, Ne
gro, in- Recorder's Court Tuesday
morning and ordered that the Negro
be held under a $200 bond for action
of the Grand Jury at the October
Term of Perquimans Superior Court.
Hurdle attempted to pass a forged
check at the Hertford Banking Com
pany on June 28, and when bank of
ficials became suspicious and started
to call an officer the Negro ran from
the bank. Later he was arrested by
Deputy Sheriff M. G. Owens.
Maxwell Copeland, Negro, entered
a plea of guilty to the charge of
transporting 12 gallons of bootleg li
quor, which he claimed he found in a
field. He was taxed with the costa
,of court and placed on good behavior
for a period of two years.
Richard Lee Goodwin plead guilty
to the charge of driving drunk ana
was sentenced to 60 days on the
roads, to be suspended on payment ot
a $50 fine and costs. Goodwin's
driving license was revoked for one
The case of Roy and Ralph Lane,
charged with being dunk and disor
derly, assault, use of profanity on
the highway was continued until Au
gust 12 term of court.
The case of Claude Dail, Negro,
charged with assault on a female,
was continued until August 5.
Leroy Parsons, Negro, was found
not guilty of assault with a deadly
weapon, and Percy Twine, Negro,
was found not guilty of forcible tres
pass. A nol pros was taken by the State
in the cases of Robert Umphlett,
Negro, charged with transporting,
and Willie Parker, Negro, charged
with being implicated in the Percy
Hurdle case.
Eugene Spencer was sentenced to
60 days on the roads after pleading
guilty to driving under the influence
of intoxicants. Sentence was sus
pended upon payment of a $50 fine
and costs. His driver's license was
revoked for one year.
James Felton, Negro, was taxea
with the costs of court after a plea
of guilty to the charge of reckless
A warrant was issued and handed
to the officers for Lee Clemens, who
failed to appear in court to answer
a charge.
Robert Key, Negro, was sentenced
to 90 days on the roads after being
found guilty of assault on his wife.
NYA Home Training
Unit To Locate In
Shannonhouse Home
Future Farmers Of
America Planning
Annual Encampment
Employment Opened
For Girls In Perquim-j court House
ans County
Employment and training for 40
Perquimans County girls at the home
service unit to. be opened in Hert
ford in the very near future is as
sured by Mrs. Gladys C. Carowan,
NYA Area Supervisor, who was in
Hertford last week, upon compliance
of the local people with the require
ments, which include among other
items provision of a suitable build
ing to house the unit. Twenty girls
will be employed in each two-week
shift in the month.
The former home service project
in Hertford was closed at the end
of the fiscal year, June 30, due par
tially to the fact that the quarters
provided were unsatisfactory and in
adequate, according to Mrs. Caro
wan. That obstacle was overcome
with the leasing of the old Shannon-
house Home Place, on Market Street,.1
the interior of which will be renovat
ed and repaired.
Ample space will be available rn
this location for the sewing and
home training work, and there is in
addition class rooms for the related
training class in stenography and
typing formerly conducted at the
Courthouse by Mrs. Mattie Lister
White. Mrs. White will also be in
charge of this unit.
NYA began its fiscal year on July
1st, with an entirely new set-up,
with the State divided into nine dis
tricts instead of the original three,
and with Mrs. Carowan, who has had
long experience with NYA work, in
charge of this area, which embraces
all the counties of the First Con
gressional District. Headquarters
for Area No. 1 are at Washington,
North Carolina.
Mrs. J. G. Fearing, of Elizabeth
City, is personnel interviewer, ano
as such makes regular trips to
Hertford each Monday, sitting at the
Agricultural Building from 10 until
2, for tne purpose of interviewing
the young people interested, not only
in employment and training to be
had in Hertford, but also for those
(who wish to be sent to any of the
various training centers now in opei
ation. The program includes vocational
training in the following subjects:
home management, sewing, clerical,
cooking, nursing, canning, woodwork
ing, agriculture, laundry operation,
farm shop, forestry, gardening, auto
mechanics, cafeteria service, radio,
concrete work, landscaping, photo
graphy and welding.
The Perquimans County Future
Farmers of America are now busy
making plans for their annual en
campment at White Lake during the
week beginning August 4th. A
meeting of all F. F. A. members and
their friends will be held at the
in Hertford on Friday
night, August 1st, at which time
final plans, arrangements, and sign
up will be made, according to their
leader and adviser, G. C. Buck. All
members and interested boys are re
quested to attend this meeting.
Daylight Time Now
In Effect Throughout
North Carolina
Stores, Churches and
Postoffice Observing
New Schedule
With practically every person
turning up his clock one hour last
Sunday night, Daylight Saving Time
has now become fairly well establish
ed in North Carolina.
There are still several hitches in
the new schedule, but it is expected
that within a few days most every
one will be familiar with the new
time and. call for mail and arrive at
bus stations and railroad stations at
the proper time, if one is traveling
or looking for mail.
Here in Hertford, the Town Board
held a special meeting last Saturday
morning and officially adopted day
light saving time, thus the town em
ployees were switched to the new
time and all merchants cooper
ated by adopting the new schedule
for store hours.
The churches of Hertford will also
observe daylight saving time, and all
persons are requested to remember
that next Sunday's services, both
Sunday School and Church, will begin
with the new time.
The Hertford postoffice has ar
ranged a schedule whereby the stamp
winaows and office will operate on
daylight time. However, Postmaster
S. M. Whedbee stated that town de
livery and rural deliver service will
remain in regular eastern standard
time, thus delivery and dispatching of
mail and placing the same in the box
es at the postoffice will be an hour
later than under the old time.
Mail formerly received at the Dost-
office at 12 noon, will now come in
at 12:51 daylight saving time,
County Council Of
Demonstration Clubs
Choose New Officers
Mrs. J. B. Basnight to
Head Federation; Pic
nic August 21
The County Council of the Per
quimans Federation of Home Dem
onstration Clubs met in executive
session last Saturday afternoon at
the Agricultural Building and named
new officers for the coming cluu
Mrs. J. B. Basnight was nominated
for the presidency of the County
Council; Mrs. Tom Madre was nomi
nated for vice president; Mrs. Percy
Kogerson, secretary; Mrs. S. T.
White, assistant secretary; Mrs. K.
N. Miller, treasurer; Mrs. Reginald
Tucker, pianist, and Mrs. J. A. Bray,
song leader.
At roll call the Belvidere, Dur
ants Neck, Whiteston, Winfall, Bur
gess, Bethel, Beech Spring and Chap
anoke Clubs were represented at the
meeting one hundred percent.
The report of the nominating com
mittee was given after the opening
of the meeting and the reading of
the minutes of the April meeting.
The County Federation's picnic will
be held this year on August 21, on
the lawn at the home of Mrs. H. S.
Davenport, on the Perquimans River.
Miss Frances Maness, County
Home Agent, explained to the mem
bers present the importance of the
aluminum drive being conducted and
asked that all club members give all
useless aluminum pieces to the de
fease cause. Miss Maness, also, an
nounced that reservations had been
made for eighteen club women to at
tend the Farm and. Home Week at
The meeting was adjourned after
the members had thoroughly enjoyed
an exhibit of beautifully colored pic
ture slides of flower arrangements
by Laura Lee Burroughs.
The Nazis claimed this week that
-, the British were attempting to stir
up internal trouble within Germany
by having British planes drop down
clothing ration cards in Germany. A
t German newspaper warned the popu-
lace that anyone trying to use these
,.kv . J . 1-1 1 i .
v varus wouia De uaoie to death or
; ' long pruon terms. Finders were ex
, pec ted to hand over the cards to the
: The State of North Carolina closed
, uis irev-ivftj. zucu year witn
A ' general fund balance of over seven
'-million dollars, However, it was r-
ported that the proposed spending
during tne present year will dissipate
. rw ox this with the exception oi
Vbout 20 thousand dollars.
' The Japanese bombing of the U. S.
liun&oat. "Tatuila"; at Chungking,
. AChina, draw sham criticism , of the
LJJaps from Sumner ' Welles, ' Unde
- secretary of state this week - and
further heightened the crisis in the
Par East. The V. S., gunboat yn
siigntiy damaged in a bombing raid
of the Chinese city. ' by . ; Japanese
: bombers.i .
, Harry, Hopkins,-, chief advisor of
.President Roosevelt, on Wednesday
conferred, with Joseph Stalin as to
ythe needs of Russia in its war ' with
'Germany. This interview held at the
Kremlin; probably will result in the
release of some American materiaja
to Russia under the lend-lease act.
Hertford Lions Club
Votes Suspension
Of County Fair
The Hertford Lions Club hekr lis
regular meeting last Friday night at
the Hotel Hertford. Vice President
Archie T. Lane presided in the ab
sence of President Claude White.
The Club voted to forego plans for
a County Fair this year.. However,
it was voted that during the week
that the Crescent Amusement Com
pany plays a return engagement here
this fall that the local Club would
sponsor a special day, probably for
the,cbildren, and at the same time
make arrangements that will bring a
large gathering to Hertford on that
day. i
Norman Trueblood, secretary of
the local Cub and District Governor,
was also absent from the meeting,
Mr. Trueblood was attending the
lions national convention at New
Orleans, La. ;
Attending 4-H Short
Course At Raleigh
Six members-. . of the Perquimans
County 4-H Clubs and.Lv.W. Ander
son,, County Agent,' went i to Raleigh
Monday to attend the 4-H - Short
Course , being held this week at State
College. ';The group will return from
Raleigh on Saturday,;;; ,,
Aircraft Warning
Posts Established By
County Chairman
A part of the Civilian Defense
program is the establishment of Air
craft Warning posts throughout the
county that will serve as "eyes" for
Army officials in detecting the ad
vance of planes.
J. Emmett Winslow, chairman ot
the Aircraft Warning Committee for
Perquimans this week completed the
establishment of the Perquimans ob
servation posts and named the chief
observer for each.
ISometime in the near future it is
expected that a mock invasion will
be staged to give each post oppot-
tunity to practice the work as out
lined in the program.
Observation posts in this county
are located at New Hope, the Per
quimans Prison Farm, Hertford, Bel
videre, a section near the Elmwood
Farms Dairy and a spot near the
northeastern section of the county,
near Joppa.
Mr. Winslow announced that the
following people will serve as chief
observers and assistants at the posts:
New Hope, E. A. Turner, C. O.; S. T.
Perry: Prison Farm, Captain J. M.
Tolar, C. O.; Mr. Barclift; Hertford,
Captain Charles F. Sumner, C O.;
Tom Cox; Belvidere, Dr. E. S. White,
C. O.; Willie Winslow. The chief
observer and assistant for the Joppa
and Elmwood Farms Dairy posts will
be named as soon as chosen.
. - i n i n 'iiiii i ii i
The Woman's Society of Christian
Service of the Hertford Methodist
Church : will meet at the church on
Monday j -evening i i Aflgust" 4, at 8
o'clock. Miss Mary Sumner and Mrs.
J. S. McNider will have charge ot
the program. - All ' members are urg
ed to attend. ,V '
Homecoming At New
Hope M. L Church
Sunday, August 3rd
Another great home-coming day,
at which time every former member
and resident of the neighborhood is
being asked to come back for the
day to meet old friends and make
new acquaintnaces, will be observed
by the New Hope Methodist Church
next Sunday, August 3rd.
The home-coming day will inaugu
rate a week's revival which will be
held at the church all next week
with a home boy, Rev. C. D. Bar
clift, filling the pulpit. The Rev.
Mr. Barclift is recognized as one or
the State's outstanding Methodist
The home-coming message will be
brought by Dr. H. E. Spence, Duke
School of Religion, at 11 o'clock in
the morning, it has been announced
by the pastor, the Rev. J. D. Cran-ford.
The event this year, as last, will
be an all-day affair with an old
fashioned dinner-on-the-ground ana
everybody . invited to enjoy them
selves. There will be an afternoon
Last year's home-coming, the first
held by the church, attracted a
crowd estimated at well over 500
people. Old residents of the neigh
borhood, men and women, who had
left to make their homes and living
in other places, came back to mingle
with friends and relatives for the
day, and it wal such a huge euccese
that everyone was agreed it should
be made an annual event. Those in
charge of the home-coming activities
hope that all former residents of the
neighborhood and former members
of the church will 'return this year
even in greater numbers than last.
Number Three of the W. M.
S; of the Hertford Baptist 'Church
will meet with lpis. C. R. H61tte'oM
Monday-evening,' August' 4,'" at '8
will be placed in the boxes nrobablv
by 1:30. The stamp windows will be
opened and operated on daylight
The new daylight time schedule
for outgoing mail is as follows.
Worth Bound: 7:30 a. m. and
p. m.; South Bound: 12:30 p. m., and
6 p. m. Incoming mail will arrive at
7:30 a. m. and 12:51 p. m.; 3:45 p.
m. and 5:45 p. m., all time shown ts
daylignt saving time.
Annual Cooperative
Conference At Piney
Woods Church Today
The seventeenth annual Coopera
tive Conference of Tidewater Vir
ginia and Eastern Carolina Friends
will be held today, August 1, ai
Piney Woods Church, Belvidere, ac
cording to the Rev. John C. Trivette,
minister of the church.
The theme of the conference will
be, "What Does the Future Hold for
ana, . ' . .
Perquimans Clubs
Will Attend Farm
And Home Meeting
Perquimans County's Home Dem
onstration Clubs will have members
attending the Farm and Home Week
at State Colleee. Raleie-h. Alienist
4-8. The group will leave Hertford
Monday and return on Friday.
Representatives of the clubs who
twill attend the meeting are: Mrs. W.
T. Lewis and Miss Beulah Bogue,
Chapanoke Club; Miss Lillian Ray
Perry and Mrs. A. E. Layden, Beech
Spring: Club; Miss Hazel Mathews,
Snow Hill-White Hat Club; Misses
Lucille Lane, Delia Winslow, Lena
Winslow and Iris Winslow, Whites
ton Club; Mrs. Tommy Mathews ano
Mrs.. Sidney Layden, Burgess CluD;
Misses Myles Turner and Willie
Hurdle, Durants Neck Club; Mrs.
fctlie Miller, Winfall Club; Mrs. W.
O. Hunter, Mrs. J. T. White, Helen
Gaither Club. Others who will at
tend are Miss Elizabeth Nixon, Mras
Uons Miller, Mrs. Penelope Daven
port, Anderson Layden, and Miss
Frances Maness, Home Demonstra
tion Agent.
The conference is scheduled to be
gin at 3 o'clock Friday afternoon,
with registration and the opening
hymn, "Faith of Our Fathers." The
Woodland Meeting will give the de
votional, followed by the business
3 ;j5 1 session.
Sidney Cadwallader ana Jesse
Stanfield will open the general con
ference at 3:30 with talks on "Civil
ian Public Service." Their talks will
be followed by a duet by Edith and
John C. Trivette. Mattie Saunders
will give a talk on "Peace and
Friends" and. Mr. Trivette will close
the afternoon session with a talk,
"Rebuilding the Future."
Recreation and supper will be ob
served at 5 o'clock.
The evening session will start at
7:30, with the following program:
Quartet by Up River boys; Devotion
al by Virginia Friends; Reports on
Y. F. Camps and Conferences by
Edith Trivette, Walter Neave and
Philip Jacobs; Quartet by Up River
The Conference group includes the
following meetings: Bethel, Corinth,
Somerton, Up River, Cedar Grove,
Black Creek, Richmond, Piney
Woods, Rich Square and Snow Hill.
Construction Work
Progressing On Road
To Center Hill
Canning: Project
Over Thousand Mark
Miss Mary Sumner, supervisor of
the Hertford Grammar School lunch
room project, announced this weeic
that the canning center which has
been in operation this summer, Can
ning vegetables for the lunch room,
has already passed the one thousand
mark in the number of jars canned
thus far this summer. -
Miss Sumner stated that the public
is invited to come to the lunch room
kitchen and observe the canning cen
ter established there. People who
have excess vegetables and -who 'Wish
to- donate them to this project - are
asked" to do "so. '
Construction work on the new all
tweather highway from Hertford to
Center Hill is progressing and it is
expected that the work will be com
pleted within a short time.
The new road, bed has been com
pleted and the construction company
in charge of the operations are be
ginning the treatment of the sand
and gravel mixture, making reaoy
for the surface treatment to be ap
plied as the final step. It is expect
ed that the road will be completed
within the next six weeks.
Rotary Club Makes
Donation To Britain
The Hertford Rotary Club held its
regular meeting ; Tuesday night at
the Hotel Hertford.' . Each club mem
ber present contributed to a relief
fund which will 44'. forwarded vte
England for warifelief work. The
club plans to make , a monthly eon
tribution, to the fund and
as a gift from th: Hertford club, v
' ' v t '
4 4V 3- i

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