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Volume. Vin.Number,34.
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina. Friday, August 22, 1941.
$1.25 Per Year.
According to reports this " week
from the Russian war front, the
Nazis are making; modi headway in
the tattle on the far southern and
northern ends of the battlefields.
Although the Red Army officials con
tinue to claim they have stopped the
. Germans indications are that this is
Vtrue only on the Moscow front.
Most likely, according to reports,
the Reds have withdrawn troops from
other sectors to strengthen the Mos
cow front.
President Roosevelt and Prime
Minister Churchill, after their his
. toric meeting somewhere in the At
lantic, brought forth a famous eight
i points proposal for peace, after
' Hitler has been defeated. Newspa
pers, as well as the public, were giv
"t 4
en few details of the meeting, but
Churchill is to speak this week from
. London and it is quite possible that
he will give the world the full de-
, tails of the meeting.
Without a definite working plan,
or at least without announcing one,
government officials in Washington
. on Sunday released news that there
Vis to be a 'forced" cut of 20 per cent
in gasoline throughout the Eastern
States. Voluntary closing of service
stations throughout the night hours
. has not produced the results wanted,
thus the announcement this week of
the cut which will probably start
with the distributors and run on
down to the service stations.
President Roosevelt this week
signed the draft age and extension
acts which will give a blanket defer
i ment to all men registered for mili
tary jservice who have reached their
iM ,28th birthday, and will also empower
"W jtie Army to retain all drafted men,
f already in servicer for a period of as
'7 much as thirty months.
t Along -with this item the Army au
Tj lorities stated on Wednesday that
M I L 1 . J l 1 1.1 ,11 r 1 .
. 4 u 1 uy vina Tney wjf ( ; release
V ' some men in nuliUry training Wort
t. some 200,000 men may Jbe given their
I J -V. .r . i i :ii l
uisviwrgBB. 'men reieajMju win utj
those badly needed at home, those
past 28 and married men inducted
since the service act became effec
tive. Seven lives were lost and one mil
lion dollars worth of damages occur
, red at a fire at the Brooklyn Ship
ards this week. One ship, seven
barges and defense materials were
lost in the flames. It was believed
the fire was a result of sabotage,
but investigation has not revealed it
be that.
After returning from his meeting
' with Churchill, President Roosevelt
has told Congressmen and newspaper
men that it was his belief that Rus
sia has a good chance to hold out
- against the German invasion through
(this winter, and plans further aid to
Russia by the way of the lend-lease
; bilk
v ' .The United States will shortly be
gfn ferrying warplanes to the Middle
' East, according to a plan being
worked out in Washington. The
' planes will fly from the XL S. to safe
'.fields, outside the war zone, in
Africa, hence on to the Middle East
y ' war jeone for the British.
V Japan continues to spar with Brit
: ' ish and American authorities in the
' Far-East, but little action has been
, taken by the Japanese since they
' amoved toward Thailand last week, tt
' is reported that Russia has moved a
large force to th S&erian border to
offset the moves of the Japs who
last week took up positions along
i that line. -
, The fifty-first annual reunion of
," Confederate .Veterans Vwilh be held
. some time' .next spring'' at -Chatta'
noogit- Tenn.: According to anhotmce-
- int made tldn week by J. F. Howell,
commander-in-chief ..of . the; veterans.
No meeting was held this-., year be
cause of -the lack of formal f lnvj-
"In what seems to be an attempt to
stave off German advances toward
the Iran oil fields, British and Bus
kin troops have arrived on Iran's
frontier and the . Persian Government
was given notice to expel all German
11 "tourists" within 48 hours. Rumors
have been forwarded that the Nazis
would make -a drive into the east
country to replenish their oil snp-
i The- Germans admitted late Wed
nesday night .. that the . Red ' Army
is counter-attacking and putting on
a Jteavy air attack. 1 Russians claim
to" live driven "back German forces
on 't ..-ee fronts and meanwhile JI ar
;'. 1 Voroshilbv, J commander V,6f the
7rad area, called on all inhabi
' to t ' 1 in defending that city.
Attend Preview Of
New Model Cars At
Norfolk Meeting
J. H. Towe, Roulac Webb and W.
W. White, of the Towe Motor Com
pany, and Fred Chalk attended the
preview showing of the 1942 Ply
mouth automobile at a special meet
ing held at the Norfolk Country Club
last Friday.
The meeting was conducted by the
Plymouth Motor Company and in
connection with the showing of the
new model car, which is expected to
be on display Tn local showrooms In
the very near future, the Company
also exhibited specM movies show
ing construction' of the new car.
Another special feature of the
meeting was a movie snowing the
part being played by the Chrysler
Motor Company in the National De
fense program.
District Officers
For Lions Named
By Trueblood
Clinton TTWy to Serve
As Cabinet Secretary
During Year
In preparation for carrying out
the work of being governor of Dis
trict 31-C of Lions International,
Norman Trueblood recently named
the district officers for the coming
year and these men will make up the
official family for Lions Clubs of
this district. .
Clinton T. Eley, a member of the
Hertford Club, will serve as Cabinet
Secretary-Treasurer during the com
ing year.
With 34 active clubs in this dis
trict, a total of eleven zones has
been arranged and deputy governors
and zone chairmen for each zone have
been appointed by Trueblood.
In Region One, Ted Speight of
Roanoke Rapids, will serve as deputy
governor and the following men will the lone chairmen of that region:
ov;n,-ueorge a. iwgers ot Apx;
Zone Two, Albert C. Hoover of Hen
derson; Zone Three, J. C. Moore ol
Warrenton; Zone Four, B. G. Mor
gan of Spring Hope.
Norwood L. Vann of Wallace, will
service as deputy governor of Region
Two, and his zone chairmen will be:
Zone One, Milton G. Williams of
Kinston; Zone Two, H. Roy Cates ol
Faison; Zone Three, Linwood Latta
of Wilmington.
Region Three will have Wallace S.
Griffin of Edenton as deputy gover
nor, and the zone chairmen are:
Zone One, Ernest W. Larkin of
Washington; Zone Two, Jule H. Pur
vis of Belhaven; Zone Three Amo.
Groves of Elizabeth City and Zone
Four, Julius Sylvester of Weldon.
All officers will serve until the
club year closes next July, with the
State Convention being held in
A total of eight awards will be
made to clubs of this district during
me coming year. Jttve oups and
three placques will be given to clubs
making outstanding records in Lion-
lsm. The awards will be made at
the close of the club year and pre
sented at the next State convention.
Rev. B. Frank Bray
To Preach Here
The Rev. Frank B. Bray, formerly
of Perquimans Ckmnty, but now lo
cated at Marion, N. C, will conduct
the services at the Hertford Baptist
Church Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
The Rev. Mr. Bray will preach in
the absence of the pastor, the Rev.
C. E. Hobgood, who' is on a vacation.
Revival Services
At Bagley Swamp
i Revival , services will . lw held at
BatfeySwmp. Pilgrim ; SJJheaa
vuurcn, starting August z, ana last
ing until September 7. The Rev. J.
Maxer Walton, ft returned mission
ary from South America, is the en
gaged -evangelist. A cordial wel
come it extended the public to attend
the services which begin each even
ing at vm o'clock.
Attend Showing Of j
New Model ars
Fred Winslow, Bill Morgan and
Charlie Umphlett, of the Fred and
Bill's Used Car Gales of Winfall. at
tended the preview,. , showing , of the
i4 riymouu at a. special
meeting held last ,Frlday afc ihe; No.
rollt Country Club, Norfolk,. Va. ,y
; Mr, and Mrs. Martin B. Towe an
nounce the birth of a daughter, on
August 14th. Mother and" '.baby are
getting along nicely. - , ;
Hertford Merchants
To Cooperate With
Sale Of Stamps
Nation-wide Plan Will
Receive Full Coopera
tion Here
R. M. Riddick Perquimans County
chairman of thi Defense Saving
Staff, announced today that a nation-wide
plan to sell Defense Sav
ings Stamps in retail stores will re
ceive full cooperation from the mer
chants here in Hertford. A complete
check of the Hertford stores revealed
that every one of them agreed to co
operate and place?; the Stamps on sale
in the stores. .
It is expected that the Stamps
will be placed in the stores for sale
fwithin a very short time and the
plan was a result of a meeting held
by Treasury officials last week when
members of the National Retailers
Association met with Secretary
Morgenthau and other officials.
At the meeting the retailers en
dorsed full participation in "Retailers
for Defense" Week, September 15 to
20, when the stores of every state
will concentrate their efforts to enlist
customers to buy Defense Savings
stamps. Before that time, most
stores from coast to coast are ex
pected to have Defense Stamps on
The leaders of the Retailers' As
sociations met with Secretary Mor
genthau and Treasury officials to
project the plan for initiating the
nation-wide store effort. The Secre
tary expressed his appreciation of
the cooperation extended by the re
tail organizations, saying:
"The Defense Savings Program is
gaining momentum every day. The
splendid spirit shown by the retail
era of the nation in putting their as
sociations behind the sale of Defense
Savings Stamps is sure to have a
stimulating effect in advancing the
whole Program. It is another indi
cation of the American determina
tion to proceed wholeheartedly to
ward success in our National Defense
"The thanks of the Treasury and
of the Government are due the lead
ers of retail industry and to their
member stores all over the nation
for the enthusiasm with which they
are entering into the plans for 'Re
tailers for Defense' Week, and for
the continuous activity pledged in
the sale of Defense Savings Stamps."
stamps will be sold in the retail
Bwras at convenient points, tne re
presentatives of the retail associa
tions explained. Defense Savings
posters "will be displayed, and store
clerks will help to interest custom
ers in the Defense Savings Program.
Gasoline Shortage
Not Drastic Says
Herbert Bonner
According to an announcement re
leased Tuesday by Congressman
Herbert C. Bonner, the gasoline
shortage along the Eastern Seaboard
is not as acute as the public has been
led to believe and h estates that the
situation is being relieved.
The following is Congressman
Bonner's announcement:
"Congressman Robert L. Doughton
and Congressman Herbert C. Bonnei
yesterday held a conference with the
Co-ordinator of Petroleum with re
spects to the reduction of gas and
oil in North Carolina. The Con
gressmen were assured that the re
duction would not be as drastic as
the public has been led to believe.
That re-assignment of oil tankers
from the Pacific to the Atlantic
Coast and transfer of railroad tank
earn, from the central: and. western
area to the eastern area would great
ly help the loss in "transportation
caused by the leasing, of oil tankers
on the Atlantic Coast to the British
Government Mr. Davis stated that
there would not be more than a 10
per cent reduction in thedeliveries
on the Atlantic Seaboard and that
with a 13 per Cent increase in con
sumption this year over last, that
'JJhe 10 per cent reduction would
therefore not cause the State of
North Carolina any loss in its gas
Making Repairs To
Bus Station Wall
Workmen were' busily engaged this
week making repairs - to the . north
stdewall, of tthe -Norfolk Southern
But Station: The morUr in the bid
Wall had decayed and caused crack
ing tif the surface and t6 prevent se
rious damage the wall - is being re
placed. , j
Judge Tucker Finds
Probable Cause In
Manslaughter Case
Robert L. Eggleston
Held For Action By
Grand Jury
Judge Granberry Tucker found
probable cause in a hearing conduct
ed in Recorder's Court Tuesday
morning for Robert Eggleston, Ne
gro, charged with manslaughter, and
bound Eggleston over for action by
the granr jury at the October term
of Superior Court. Bond was set at
Eggleston, it was brought out ai
the hearing on Tuesday, was the
driver of a car involved in an acci
dent near the Perquimans County
Home in which two other Negroes
lost their lives.
The defense offered no testimony
during the probable cause hearing.
The State asked for a continuant
in the case of S. B. Seymour until
next Tuesday. .Seymour is charged
with illegal parkins' as a result of an
accident which occurred last Thurs
day morning near the Boyce Service
Station on Route No. 17, south of
David Pike and Linwood Pierce,
both of Winfall, were seriously in
jured in the accident when their car
struck a truck, loaded with peaches,
and being driven by Seymour. Both
the injured men were unable to at
tend court Tuesday and the case
will be heard August 26.
Three other cases were disposed of
by Judge Tucker at the Tuesday
session of Court. The State took a
nol pros in the case of W. T. Moore,
charged with violation of the Rabies
Norman White, Negro, entered a
plea of guilty to a charge of non
support of his child and the court
ordered him to pay $2 per week foi
its support, and costs of court.
Elisha Johnson, Negro, was assess
ed the costs of court in a case whicn
grew out of an argument in Goose
Hollow., Anpie Brown charged Mil
dred Johnson with assault and Elisha
with assault on her daughter. Af
ter the evidence was in, Judge Tuck
er found Mildred not guilty and tax
ed Elisah with costs for assault on
Bernice Brown. A nol pros was tak
en in the case charging Annie Brown
with trespass, but Judge Tucker
warned her to stay away from the
establishment run by the Johnson
Local Distributors
Lack Information
On Gasoline News
Although news stories were re
leased earlier in the week by high
government officials regarding
"forced cuts" on gasoline throughout
the Eastern States, a check with the
local gasoline distributors reveals
that they have had no news concern
ing this latest development of the
gas situation.
The news, as released Sunday in
Washington, was that a twenty per
cent curtailment of gas consumption
was absolutely necessary and that
distributors and service stations
would be cut that amount. However,
no plan of action has been worked
out or announced. Seemingly, the
plan will be that the gasoline sta
tions will receive less gas and it will
be up to them to take care of the
rationing. Although there was some
belief that eventually ration cards
may be distributed in order to solve
the shortage.
One service station operator of
Hertford, when asked what he
thought would be his plan of selling,
replied that "I don't know; it's a
tough job leaving it to us, but as
long as I have gasoline I will sell it
to those who come to my station for
Further checks this week show
that the voluntary closing of service
stations from 7 p. m. to 7 a. m., has
caused no reduction in gas sales in
this section. All stations report that
sales are about the same, or a bit
higher than previous to the early
Rotary Club Holds
Meeting Tuesday
The Hertford Rotary Club held its
regular meeting Tuesday evening at
the Hotel Hertford. Lacking defin
ite news concerning the Inter-City
meeting planned for 'Elizabeth City
next Monday the local club members
voted that' in event the InteisCity
meetings is postponed,, .they will
ge on a fishing trip nextweek in lieu
of the regular meeting. -'
Leaders' School At
Agriculture Bldgr.
Wednesday P. M.
A Leaders' School, conducted by
Miss Pauline E. Gordon, specialist in
Home Management and Home Fur
nishing, was held Wednesday after
noon at the Perquimans Agricultural
The topic selected for demonstra
tion was "Bed Linens" and a home
management leader from each dem
onstration club in the county was
present during the meeting. These
leaders will repeat the demonstration
at their respective club meetings in
Old Men Of 28 Get
Blanket Determent
From Army Service
Local Draft Board Has
No Quota to Fill For
Those old men who have passed
their 28th birthday were given
blanket deferment from military sei
vice under the Selective Service Act I
when President Roosevelt this week
signed the bill so ordering the defer
ment of all men who had reached
their 28th birthday by July 1.
The order is effecting the local
draft board somewhat, according to1
Mrs. T. B. Sumner, clerk of the Per-!
quimans Broard. A re-checking ofj
the lists of men classed in 1-A was i
necessary and these men were placed
on the deferred lists. At the pres-j
ent time the local office has 17 white
men in Class 1-A ready to be called.
Eight Negroes entrained for Fort
Bragg Thursday morning and will be
inducted at that camp. Originally
ten were scheduled to leave, but
Sherman Barclift and Lycurgas
White were granted a deferment,
leaving a difference of eight men,
callfed to fill the August quota.
As yet the local board has received
no calls for men during the month
of September. It may be possible
that one will be forthcoming to be
filled near the close of the month.
The local office mailed out ten
questionnaires last Friday to men
who registered for service on July 1.
The mailing of questionnaires has
been slowed down due to the fact
that men must not be examined for
service longer than sixty days prior
to being called, the local board, thus,
hopes to have the men ready as the
quota calls are received from State
headquarters. '
Hertford lions Club
Meets Tonight 7 P. M.
The Hertford Lions Club will hold
its regular meetinar tonight at 7:00
o'clock (DST), at the Hotel Hertford.
All members are urged to be present.
Club (Secretary Norman Trueblood
has announced that the local club has
signed a contract with the "World of
Fun" Amusement Company to ap
pear here during the last week of
September under the auspices of the
Lions Club.
The Club will not sponsor a fair
this fall, but plans for a gala week
in connection with the Amusement
Company's appearance here will be
discussed at tonight's meeting.
Attending Annual
Boys' State Meet
James S. McNider, Jr., left Mon
day for Chapel Hill, where he will
attend Boys' State Institute being
held there.
Young McNider was selected by
the Perquimans Post of the American
j-egion to attend the study course
this week.
Special World Service
Program At Oak Grove
There will be a Special World Ser
vice program given at the Oak Grove
Church, at Chapanoke, on Sunday
morning, August 24. The program
will he presented by members of the
Epworth Church School of Winfall
at 10:45 Eastern Standard Time. The
public is cordially invited to attend
Revival Services
At Cedar Grove
v, Revival services start at Cedar
Grove Church Monday evening, Au
gust 25th, with 'the Rev. J. Herbert
Miller conducting the services. The
public is cordially' invited to attend.
Claims Contract on
Winfall Building Not
$12,500 IN DAMAGES
Renovation Work on
School Now Being
The Perquimans County
Education, through its
McMullan and McMullan,
beth City, entered suit
against W. H. Deitrick,
and F. N. Thompson, a
Board of
of Eliza
Saturday architect,
both of Raleigh, asking for $12,500
damages for alleged failure to fulfill
contract in the construction of the
Perquimans Central Grammar School
located at Winfall.
The Board, in its complaint, al
leges that it contracted with Deitrick
as an architect to supply plans and
specifications for the building and,
according to the contract, he was to
superintend the construction. The
Board also states in the complaint
that Thompson was contracted with
to build the school according to the
plans and specifications.
The suit grew out of a recent in
vestigation at the building when it
was discovered that the flooring and
sills of the school house had deteri
orated and rotted away. This deter-
ioration of the lumber caused
a se-
rious condition at the school and the
work of replacing the damaged un
derpinning is now being completed.
The Board further alleges in its
suit "that plans and specifications
furnished were not suitable for pur
pose intended, and were defective, In
that the ventilation provided for the
foundation of said proposed building
was inadequate to admit into said
foundation a sufficiency of light and
air to preserve the timber in the con
struction from untimely decay. All
of which was known by Deitrick."
It was further contended in the
complaint that Thompson failed to
"ei!o- lumber v-hjih . waF- v-eli
seasoned and dry, especially in the
construction of the flooring and
sills" and that at the time the build
ing was completed and turned over
to the Board of Education for its ac
ceptance both Deitrick and Thompson
failed to disclose these facts.
Answer has not yet been filed to
the suit, which will be brought up at
the October term of Superior Court.
4-H Doys And Girls
To Broadcast Camp
Leach Activities
4-H Club members from Perquim
ans, Camden, Currituck and Pasquo
tank counties will broadcast from
WCNC, Elizabeth City, on Saturday
morning, August 23, telling of their
experiences and activities at the 4-H
camp held last week. The time for
the broadcast has been set at 11:30,
Daylight Saving Time.
Ninety-three boys and girls at
tended the camp, representing the
four counties. Eighteen of the youths
were from Perquimans and were ac
companied by Miss Frances Maness,
Home Demonstration Agent.
,The camp was fortunate in having
two specialists from State College
to conduct classes in woodwork and
insect study during the week. H. M.
Ellis and Mr. Rowell were the class
instructors, Mr. Ellis having charge
of the woodworking class, while Mr.
Rowell taught the study of insects.
Other activities during the week
at camp were, directed by Farm and
Home agents.
Pender Grocery Co.
Moving Into New
Quarters Next Week
The Pender Grocery Company will
move into its new quarters in the
Towe Building during next week.
Renovations are now being made to
the building and it is expected that
the work will be completed in time
for the grocery to hold a formal op
ening of the new store the latter
part of next week.
The new location will afford a
larger store room for the grocery
and will give ample space for dis
play of merchandise and for custom
ers. Announcement of the opening
will be carried in The Weekly.
Suffers Broken Arm
Edna Bass, small granddaughter
of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Mayes, suffer- ,
ed a broken arm Monday night.- tShe
received treatment at. the ' Hertford
Clinic, v 'i i.vW t 'L
:- i

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