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j-iwi mail Duaru
...President Roosevelt, following
example set by President Adams,
t on last UTiday ordered the United
,fitates Navy to shoot all Axis surface
raiders and, submarines found within
the 'defensive area of this nation.
The President's orders followed re
peated attacks by Nazi submarines
oa our shipping within these waters.
Later rfovAlonmantu
- - v w f Vl VI1C0C
orders, point toward definite con
voying of vessels from American
ports carrying Lend-Lease goods to
KHUtn -fighting Hitler.
In the Far East the war situation
has taken a softer tone. The Japan
ese Emperor has taken direct com
mand of the Japanese Army and, it is
oeueved by some authorities that
Japan will break with the Axis pow
ers and seek normal trade relations
i with the U. S. and Britain.
The war in Russia continues to be
a mass of claims and counter-claims,
although early this week Russia still
held command of the situation. TheJ
Oerman Army has advanced little
Lthis week but claims to be gaining
grouna in tne UJcraine, having the
cuy oi ajev completely surrounded
ine Dacue or lenine-rad continues
with the Nazis bringing in their air
pianes to force a surrender of the
city, i he Red Army and citizens are
aeienaing tne position to the last
Recommends Mayor
Darden For Job
. Jtierren, chairman of the
Perquimans draft board. announwM
tnis week that the local board had
recommended Mayor V. N. Darden
to oe appointed Re-employment com
mitteeman for the local board.
Mayor Darden will work with all
returning selectees in an endeavor to
place them in employment as soon as
possible after their release from
army service.
Mrs. T. B. Sumner, clerk of the
draft board, stated that George
Butler, first Perquimans boy induct-
cu 'w military service, under the
Selective Service Act, was given his
discharge this week in accordance
to the Army's plan to release some
sw,wu men from service by Christ
mas of this year.
Red Cross Training
Courses To Be Held
Sept 29 To Oct 10
Perquimans Chapter to
Sponsor First Aid
1 raining For Local
$1.25 Per Year.
Britain, in an attempt to aid the
Reds, is flying aircraft to Russia to
replace some of the planes lost in
the war on the Eastern Front. Some
plans reveal that the British will
bomb Germany enroute to Russia,
thus making the trip a business one
wen as aiding her ally.
With the strong position that
rrewaeni Koosevelt has taken again,
st the Axis laree
. G. Newby Winds
Up Ten Years As
Hertford Town Clerk
Gives Brief Outline of
Accomplishment Dur
ing Past Decade
, wie Axis forces during the
een, touth Amrican nations
now tifffateninir un
. nonr thia the various oQtk
American -ewpWHe1:ft;iaJWr Ss
1 , being kept over all well-known Nazis.
Our popular Editor hasasked me
give a brief resume of the finan
cial progress of Hertford during my
.oumc vi oince wnicn was ten years
oepiemDer 17th, 1941.
Our bonded indebtedness at this
time is $145,000, being a reduction in
ten years of $41,000, and we are re
ducing this each vear hv rohVino-
$5,000 in bonds with
duction in interest of $350 per year
In 1932 and 1933, the bonds of Hert
ford nad reached an all-time low of
$576 per one thousand dollar bond.
Now these same bonds are impossible
w jcure ana uie price has risen to
$1,100 per bond. The tax rate has
never been .increased, the rate still
on fi."t,i , ' l"e rate sua
ZSJir. W0 on the hundred
pyuria continue to come out of
urope tnat inland will soon stop
fighting Russia. It is stated that
rimano. is interested only in gaining
back the territory the Reds took
from the small nation in their war
two years ago. If the Finns with
draw from the war, it will relieve
e Russians on the Northern Front
.u give more men for the battle
with Hitler.
'(The American Legion is holding
qtr national convention this week in
Milwaukee. Wisconsin. a,-j
loosing 4 new national commander,
Till A I AMtAH.. '
a B""'"ire8 re expected to
"uwyk resolutions regarding
proDiems now
facing the
Sf:21 Sh8h of Iran ab-
cated his throne in favor of his 21-
'l ZTtiT 1nI1Tue8dy " Russian
. Bntteh soldiers neared the capl-
Jf;Jutr.the A,lle8
!S2S'!j,hM to.ctic8 t0 aId Germans
j uji uio country.
. to uerman occupation
!ltLnUein Pari8- Two German
""r we. "W d wound-
ZJ&jrSrS " the Nazis had
Zy7,'i,cl1 aostages held by
fcrtr''--"1 mwed down
- fw r Ge.'ns to five Reds and
we aiaughjar:. the, Jews, but die
Grnm t&, that the other fi
" " ' , , Kusaia.
Ugh ftiark this week nin'
IWa TWll hav no . a.vJ: -T
wT S. Navy h
fef, W cargo .hips the
.v. w, wnuc, ana at the same time
tontlnae to aeek out Axis submarine.
r-B wu-oreaupg ; defense . tax
; "rovea by Congress on
.. ednesda7 and aent to the President
-.i u oinnxure. one of the main
item, of the new bill is the lower fa
nl emption8.rom nov
. J? 1w " Pay income tax
when their -annual . income ti
2S py
-v.m WUii reacnes the $1,500
The navy of Sweden receaved iaet
bCk -thi9 week -when three of it.
''Oft modern destroyers- exploded
I rank in a fjord south Vht Rwir-
cents per J.w. and the power rate
was 5 cents flat. Now the light rate
is 10 cents per K.W., and the power
rate in the lowest bracket reaches
2 cents an average of over thirty
three and one-third per cent reduc
tion in rates to consumers.
The physical properties of the Town
have been improved steadily for ten
yrs. The storm of September 16th, I
133, cost the Town
m replacements. , The poles
have been renewed and the bare wires
have been replaced; the Ice plant has
been rebuilt and the water plant has
been renewed. The pipeline to upper
, ., vycum ttuanuonea, on ac
count of brakish water and the in-
eiaiiaiion or driven pumps was
The streets have been treated with
arvia twice and since November,
1939, nearly nine thousand dollars
ve oeen spent by the Town in im
provements through the WPA. This
causea a Dathing pier and bulk
cu8 piaceq at the foot of Covent
v.ruen aaa jfront Streets.
One nf thn i w. , ,i .
l t ""fiuvemenus mat w
also might mention is the addition
to Cedarwood Cemetery at a coat nt
owruximateiy $4,000.
As we all know, the Fire Deparf-
on up-io-tne-minute Purap-
mra wouia ao credit to a lareer
ZZi , u, 8" " nas Iady ren
dered valuable service nt , v
lieve this was a fine investment for
One of the most outstanding a
chievements of the Town during my
tenure of office, I think, is the pav-
!-rwSb Street ata C08t of
i v al exPenditure of only
$1,020 for the Town.
Roughly .peaking, I would not hes
itate to .ay that in improvement.
Plus reduction in bond principal the
Town has pushed ahead to the amount
r f nunorea thousand dollars
ten yean.
o. m. wnedbee. chairman of the
Perquimans Chapter of the HA
ross, has been notified that the
National Headquarters of the Amor.
ican Red Cross has assigned one of
its nrst-aid instructors, Mr. Emil
iewis, to Hertford for the purpose
of conducting a training course in
first Aid to local people who may
aier act as instructors, in case of
The class here will be conducted
from September 29th, through Octo
ber 10th. This will be a thirty-hour
two weeks' course, and there will be
no charges in connection with taking
the course. The local chapter of the
Ked Cross will furnish all nporofi
text books for the training. Classes
wii oe arranged to last three hours
dailv Mnnrtntrc. fU u n i
jo "nuugii rriaays over
the two weeks reriod. Thoaa !,.
will be arranged to suit the member
i uie ciass taking the training.
Candidates for this course, those
desiring to take the training in order
l ? bIe f teach it to others,
should be at least 20 years old and
nave as good an educational back
ground as possible, according to the
information received by Mr Whed
bee. Local officials of the Red Cross
are hoping to enlist from thirty to
forty people of Perquimans County
to take the course and thna h ki
to teach first aid to others in case
or national emergencies. Mr. Whed
bee stated that all persons who are
interested m the course and wish to
memoers of the class should
contact him at the post office durW
the next two weeks, and the local
chapter will organize the group dur
ing this time.
Representatives of the law enf.
ment office, Boy ScVtfts, Woman's
name demonstration
acnoois and Civic Clubs
join in this course.
Recruiting Drive
To Get Under Way
During Next Week
JNorth Carolina Press
To Assist Navy In
i Getting New Men'
are urged to
,' a uuijr g&y mat mr
toTT mayor and
Boards has been most t.i.-.
r"ui miu
Rotarians Invited
To Edenton Meeting
President f.i-ien r.
r TiT oow Edenton Rc-
viuu. went miBiif a tr t
ford Club at its meeting held Tue-
mJ , J? at tlle HoteI Hertford
. Mr.. MoOullera invtail fkA tr.Li
Rotarian. to attend an inter-city
Wr w afna in jaenton In the
near futures Rotarians, from Eliaa-
tendthis meetine-. 'whiVJi ! .
ladies' mVht affaii..1 . t 1 '
S. M. Whedbee urmul the Wi i,ik
to nave at least two membem attend
ue vea woss - first aid " tmtin
Funeral Services
Held Thursday For
Mrs. Mary How
Funeral services for Mrs. Mary W.
vvumiow, wno died Thursday morn
ing, were conducted Friday afternoon
at 3:30 o'clock, at Holy Trinity Epis
copal Church, with the rector, the
Rev. E. T. Jillson, officiating.
The casket was covered with a pall
of white gladioli, lavendar asters,
yum roseDuas and Easter lilies.
Mrs. Winslow was 80 years of age
and had been a life-long resident of
Perquimans. She was the widow of
tne late Tudor F. Winslow.
She is survived by one son, Fran
cis a. winslow of Rocky Mount;
inree daughters, Miss Mae Wood
Winslow and Mrs. W. H. Hudson of
Hertford, and Mrs. T. H. Wilcox of
Norfolk, Va.; eight grandchildren;
two sisters, Mrs. W. G. Gaither of
Hertford, and Mrs. Pattie Warren of
Pallbearers were: Emmett Wina-
low, Frith Winslow, Leigh Winslow,
Wood Gaither, Dr. T. P. Brinn, W.
H. Hardcastle, H. C. Gaither and
Charlie Gaither.
Interment was made in Holv Trin
ity Churchyard.
Youth Cleaning: Gun
Accidentally Shoots
Younger Sister
Newspaper publishers from prac
tically every town in North Carolina
attended a meeting in Raleigh last
'Saturday for the purpose of hearing
explanations of the Navy Recruiting
campaign, which will get under way
within the State during the coming
The Navy Department is seeking to
enroll an additional 150,000 men dur
ing the year ending July, 1942, in
order to man the new two-ocean
navy nearing completion.
In order to hasten the enlistment.
of new men, the Navy Department
will insert advertisements in every
newspaper in every town of under
50,000 population durine the next
four weeks and if results are justi
fied, additional advertisements will
appear later.
ine advertising firm of Batten,
Barton, Durstine & Osborn are
handling the "advertising campaign
for the Navy Department and a re
presentative of that firm was at the
meeting in Raleigh to outline and
explain the Navy program to the
The advertising campaign will con
tot of a series of ads telling young
men between the ages of 17 and 31 1
me advantages that the Navy offer.
It carries a coupon, which when cut
out and mailed to this newspaper,
win entitle the writer to a free honk
let on Navy life and the training one
receives aunne his en stment
uiing wis recruiting campaign
enlistments will be taken from both
white men and Negroes. A Navy
recruiting uilicer will visit Hert
ford during the course of the cam
paign ana will answer all questions
oi young men seeking information
regarding Naval enlistments.
The Perquimans Weekly will have
A hjdjifjhe booklets giving details
of Naval training, iohs
the Navy, pay received during the
enlistment, etc. Any person desiring
this booklet can receive one at The
Perquimans Weekly office, or it will
be mailed to you free of chare-e hv
sending us the coupon appearing in
the Navy advertisement which will
run in next week's issue of this
Seven Boys Pass Life
Saving Tests Given
By Local Red Cross
Seven boys, Broughton Dail, Wil
liam Elliott. Jack Hoffler. Rohhv
Holmes, Bobby Jordan, William
Murray and Thomas Perry, success
fully passed the life saving tests
conducted last week by the Perquim
ans Chapter of the American Red
The tests were under the super
vision of Miss Louise Payne and. were
given at the Municipal Pier. Thir
teen young swimmers appeared to
take the examinations but only the
above seven made passing marks.
Red Cross Life-Saving certificates
will be awarded the boys for their
success in passing the teste.
Philip Ernest White
Died Thursday At
Hospital In China
Recorder's Court
Disposes Of Twenty
Cases Tuesday A. M.
Varied Docket Heard
Before Court Recess
ed at Noon
Hertford Missionary Is
Claimed By Death Af
ter Operation
Additional Clothing
Completed By Local
Red Cross Workers
Philip Ernest White, Baptist mis
sionary to China and a native of
Hertford, died Thursday in Kweiteh,
Honan, hospital, where he had been
operated on for appendicitis. Death
resulted from peritonitis which de
veloped after the operation.
He was born in the Bethel com
munity, September 6, 1897, the son
of Isaac and the late Geneva Keaton
White, of Hertford.
The Rev. Mr. White and. Mrs.
White, in f924, were appointed mis
sionaries under the Foreign Mission
Board of the Southern Baptist Con
vention. They sailed for Kweiteh.
Honan, China, on September 11, 1924.1
After serving a three-year period in I
United States when China had its
civil war.
The Rev. Mr. White held pastorates
in Winston-(Salem and at Leaksville
but returned to China in 1935 to
continue his mission work.
Surviving are his wife, the former
mattip Mapnn nrA u:i i . ii
, .luimaii, anu lwu liiii- rn pp was: tmmi
J . " '
ureii, ueneva jo ana XNorman. Be
cause of war conditions in China.
Mrs. White and the children
....u l,ClltC l,J UC
- Ike Stokley, Jff-year-old eon . of
Mr. and Mrs. Morden Stokley of the
White Hat community, accidentally
snoi ana injured his seven-year-old
ewter, tut, Tuesday afternoon.
The youth was cleaning a rifle in
a closet at his home when the gun
was accidentally; discharged.. The
bullet passe through the door of the
cioset striking his sister in the barlr
Little Peg was taken to the Alb.
"marie Hospital in Elizabeth City, for
treatment and ner condition is re
ported, as fair.
lions Cfiib Meets ,
Tonight At 7 P. M.
Mho Hertford Lions Club will hold.
iuj reguiae ttieetmg,, tonight at the
Hotel Hertford vat 7 ' orcfoclc, Day
light Saving Time. AD
jued tot be .present as this 'meeting
has been designated as ,100 Attend
ance meeting. n ,".(
The sewing project being conduct
ed by the local chapter of the
American Red Cross conmleted IS
operating gowns and 18 hospital
shirts and shipped them to the Red
Cross warehouse at Jersey City this
week, according to Mrs. Leigh Wins
low, chairman of the project.
The sewing project is being car
ried out by organizations throughout
the county and each group aided in
the completion of the articles.
The articles are all made accord
ing to American Red Cross specifi
cations. A previous shipment of 39 chil
dren's and misses' dresses was sent
from Hertford during June, and now
there is a distribution in the town and
county of boys' shirts and layettes.
ihese articles will be forwarded to
national headquarters as soon as
they are finished.
The clothing is sent from the Red
Cross warehouses to be distributed
among the needy and the refugees
of war-torn countries.
Mrs. Winslow stated that a large!
assortment of wool is on hand and
this wool is to knitted into sweaters
by the local workers. Any person
wishing to aid in this worthy cause
should get in touch with any of the
following: Mrs. C. P. Morris, Mrs.
I. A. Ward, Mrs. C. P. Sumner, Miss
Frances Maness, S. M. Whedbee, or
Mrs. Leigh Winslow.
Local Stores End
Thursday Closing
Yesterday marked the last day for
the half-day holiday closing of the
Hertford stores on Thursdays. All
the merchants;, have cooperated dur
ing the summer to rive their clerks &
half -day off during the week, but
Deginmng with next Thursday, all
stores will remain open throughout
ine , aay.
Mr., and Mrs., Vivian Mathews an
nounce the -MrtiiCfVfc; son, born on
MOtner and baby are doing nicely.
to the United States last December.
Also surviving are his father and
stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac A.
White; one brother, Robert A.
White, of Hertford; and four half-
sisters, Mrs. Boyd Collins of Red
Oak, Mrs. Elizabeth Barefoot of
Raleigh, Miss Mattie Gatling White
of Washington, D. C, and Miss Jean
White of Hertford.
4-H Clubs To Hold
Dress Revue Next
Monday Afternoon
On Monday afternoon, September
22, at 4 o'clock, the 4-H Clubs of
Perquimans County will hold their
Dress Revue in the auditorium of the
Agricultural Building. The girl win
ning first place will represent Per
quimans County 4-H Clubs in the
State Dress Revue held at State Col
lege, Raleigh, October 3rd.
ine following girls are entering
tne county Kevue: Hertford Senior
Club Myra Layden, Mariorie Fore
hand, Josephine Hunter, Doris Mill
er, Eloise Keaton, Mary Pasco White,
Artie Mae Hollowell. Winfall Club
Velma Davis, Dorothy Faye White,
Ruth Tadlock. New Hope Club
Marjone Lou, Perry. Hertford Jun
ior Club Joyce Winslow, Argie Bell
Hendrix, Mary Inez Chappell, Kath
leen White, Anna Mae Perry, Lucy
It looked as though an all-day ses
sion would be needed to clear the
Perquimans County Recorder's dock
et when court opened Tuesday morn
ing with twenty cases to be heard by
Judge Cranberry Tucker, but quick
work on the part of the Solicitor and
the defendants made it possible for
court to recess at noon.
It was announced by court officials
I that there will be no court on Tues
day, September 23. All cases will
be continued until September 30.
Ten of the cases on the Tuesday
docket were traffic violations and
most of the defendants entered a
plea of guilty and little time was
consumed in clearing the docket of
those offenders,
j George Gallop, Negro, was taxed
! with costs of court on both counts
when he was found guilty of having
improper brakes and driving with
improper licenses.
Horace Reed, Negro, paid the costs
of court for having insufficient
Lessie Burke, Negro, was fined
$7.50 for the same offense.
Charlie Hurdle, Negro, paid a fine
of $7.50 for driving with insufficient
Adro Best, Negro, was fined $7.50
for driving without proper licenses.
Charlie White, Negro, paid a fine
of $7.50 for driving with improper
Arthur Lane, Negro, was
nrifli L I
I "un lums ui coun ior unviiig
insufficient brakes.
I The cases of Hugh laul,
charged with reckless- driving,
Lucius Armstrong, Negro, charged
with driving drunk, were continued
until September 30.
A motion for non-suit was allowed
by Judge Tucker in the case of Ben
uttv wegraniihajpgedi with , havic
nijica jid liquor.
I r i 1 1 . .
iiajwuuii cason, iegn cue en-
guilty of carryinjr
a concealed weapon. He was sen
tenced to. 60 days on the roads, sen-
suspended upon payment
ot a fine of $50 and costs and good
behavior for one year.
Edward Barnes entered a plea of
guilty to carrying concealed weapons
and was sentenced to 60 days on the
roads, suspended on payment of a
fine of $50 and costs, and good be
havior for one year.
Adam Clark, Negro, was given a
fine of $7.50 or 30 days on the roads
for being drunk and disorderly.
Curtis C. Sugg was sentenced to
90 days on the roads for larceny of
a bicycle belonging to a Hertford
The case of Claud Dail, charged
with non-support, was continued for
two weeks.
Madison Boone, Negro, charged
Continued on Page Eight)
School Enrollment
Lowest In Years
Methodist Church To
Hold Homecoming
All plans are now complete for the
home-coming to be held Sunday, Sep-
ujinoer 2i, at tne Methodist Church
in Hertford. The Rev. R. F. Munns,
pastor of the church, announced that
tne Kev. T. M. Grant, a former pas
tor of the local church but now of
Greenville, will preach during the
AH old members and pastors of the
church are cordially invited to attend
tne nome-commg, and the Rev. Mr.
Munns announced that a pitch-in
dinner will be served on the grounds
following the morning services.
! Mr j;;a;Mrii?:;t7. , Pearce -an-
ftounce the. birth of- daughter; Joyce
ndijSeptember 8th,
batoy are doing nicely.,; j Mother and baby jETdotof nicVly.
School bells tolled the ending of
summer vacation for nearly one
thousand children Wednesday when
county school buildings were opened
for the 1941-42 school term.
Enrollment figures, according to
F. T. Johnson, County Superintend
ent, are the lowest in a great number
of years, only 272 students register
ing at the High School on opening
day. The Hertford Grammar School
had a registration of 259, and the
Central Grammar School at Winfall
enrolled a total of 371 children. No
reports on the number of students at
New Hope had been received up to
late Wednesday evening.
Mr. Johnson stated that th iftth
and 11th grades at the High School
had fewer students this year than
any year in the past but the eighth
and ninth grades enrollment was a
bout average. Forty students are
registered in the senior class this
year while the school graduated a to
tal of 66 during 1941. k
Discussing the enrollment situation
Mr. Johnson said that five or six
years ago the school system of the
county lost one teacher in the Gram
mar Grades because of the small
registration and about three veara
ago the High School lost one teacher.
However, at the oresent tim. h
does not know whether the number
will oe, decreased asrain due to th
smaller enrollment this year or not.
a nau-day session wan held nt. n
schools on Wednefidav and th chit.
dren were registered and assigned to
classes.1 ;n Full lime; classes were
started oh Thnrsda f morhmg fcnd will
continue on through the year.

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