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for October 19, 1941.
i.M..tiMl SuiuUt School Lesson
as are led by the Spirit of God,
these are the sons of God."
Romans 8:14.
(Lesson Text: John 3:5-8; Acta 1-8;
Romans 8:26-28; uai. oiu--t
In the two preceding lessons of
this quarter, we nave studied about
God the Father and Christ the Sa-
Tn Innnon we KlVe Our
attention to the third person of the
Trinity, the Holy Spirit. We should
v..n onrnttAntlv in mind, not only
while considering this lesson, but at
all times, that the Holy Spirit is a
o divita Person who is to
k. mnn))innMl. served and loved. .
"The doctrine of the Personality
f th Holv Spirit," says R. A.
Tr.w "in both fundamental and,
who does not know
the Holy Spirit as a person has not al
tuined to a complete and well-round
ed Christian experience. Anyuu
who knows God the Father and God
the Son, but who does not know
God the Holy Spirit, has not attained
unto the Christian conception of God,
nor to a fully Christian experience."
which arise
in the minds of some is, 'What is
the function of the Holy Spirit " In
a discussion of the gift of the Holy
Spirit, Dr. John Snape says that four
propositions illustrate and explain
the operations of the Holy Spirit in
his relation with men. These prepo
sitions are: to, in, with and upon.
Thus the Holy Spirit comes to men
when he convicts them of sin; in
men at their regeneration; with men
for fellowship; and upon men for
In talking with Nicodemus about
the new birth, Jesus said that no one
ran enter the inedom of God until
he is born of the Spirit. Therefore,
it must be, very Important that we
know how this new birth comes about
and what part the Holy Spirit plays
in such regeneration
First, the Scripture teaches that
the Holy Spirit convicts, of sin. Jesus
said, "And when he (Holy Spirit) is
come, he will reprove the world of
sin, and of righteousness, and of
judgment" (John 16:8). The Holy
Bmrit auickens the heart of man
into a recognition of sin, a con
sciousness of having done wrong, a
recognition of guilt and a realization
of his separation from God.
Then, the Holy Spirit points the
unsaved to the Saviour, Jesus Christ.
While this produces a deeper sense of
sin, in contrast to Christ's sinless
life, it also assures the sinner of
God's love. The acceptance by the
sinner of Christ as his Saviour is
consummated when the Holy Spirit
imparts to the trusting soul spiritual
Thus, we owe our salvation to the
regenerating work of the Holy Spirit.
Through him, God draws the sinner
to himself, causing him to renounce
his sin, seek God's forgiveness and
surrender his soul to Him.
After the sinning soul is regener
ated, is the Holy Spirit through with
by him? By no means. Paul declared,
that he dwells always in the life of
the Christian, for "Know ye not that
your body is the temple of the Holy
Ghost which is in you" (I Cor. 6:19).
He gives the Christian assurance of
his salvation. He gives victory over
gin. What a comforting thought it
should be to the Christian to know
that he does not fight the battle
against sinful temptations alone, but
that the Holy Spirit ever present
to give victory over sin.
The Holy Spirit teaches' the Chris
tian more about Christ, more about
our Father, God, and more of our
own responsibilities and privileges in
carrying out God's will in the world.
With the help of the Holy Spirit, the
Christian can experience the joy of
He also gives power for telling
about Christ to those who know him
not He helps in prayer, "making
intercession for us with groanings
which cannot be uttered." He is our
comforter in sorrow, giving nope and
courage, consolation and strength, en
abling the believer to stand steadfast.
He also helps the Christian to. bring
forth the fruits of goodness. -Paul
lists the fruits of the Spirit as "love,
joy, peace, long-suffering,' gentle
ness, goodness,, faith, meekness, tem
perance." With the help of the Holy
Spirit, every Christian can be a fruit-bearer.
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Beginning Saturday, October 11, 1941, this
bank will open at & o'clock a. m. and close at
2 o'clock p. m.
In order to stay within the regulations of
the wage and hour law, our banking liours
will be as follows:
Mondays Open 9 a. m., close 1 p. m.
Tuesdays Open 9 a. m., close 1 p. m.
Wednesdays Open 9 a. m., close 1 p. m.
Thursdays Open 9 a. m, close 12 noon.
Fridays Open 9 a. m., close 1 p. m.
Saturdays Open 9 a. m., close 2 p. m.
To render the public more efficient service
to which we give first consideration, we have
found this change advisable.
Hertford Banding Co,
Mr, and Mrs. Cecil Garrett
Cecil, Jr., spent Wednesday in
zabeth Citv.
Miss Mattie Meade Alexander, of
Nixonton. spent Wednesday evening
with Miss Susie Mae Wilson.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Bell spent the
weekend in Norfolk, Va., as guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Mann.
Mrs. Elihu Lane and Miss Eliza
beth Goodwin spent Wednesday af
ternoon in Elizabeth City.
Mrs. J. C. Wilsori was In Elizabeth
City Monday afternoon.
Miss Lena Symons, who has been
quite ill, is reported as being some
what better.
Miss Ruth Roberts Wilson, of
Greensboro, spent the week-end with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wil
son. Mrs. Marshall Bell, Jr., and baby,
of Elizabeth City, spent Friday af
ternoon with Mrs. C. S. Bell.
Mr. and Mrs. T. S. White attended
preaching at Woodville Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Bell and Mrs.
J. C. Wilson attended revival ser
vices at Blackwell Memorial Church
Wednesday morning.
Mrs. Irma D'Orsay, of Elizabeth
City, was caMed home Saturday to
be at the bedside of her aunt, Miss
Lena Sy:nons.
Mrs. C. L. Jackson is spending a
few days in Plymouth with her
daughter, Mrs. Raymond Leggett.
Mrs. Gladys Lamb, of Elizabeth
City, spent Sunday with her mother,
Mrs. Gibson.
Mrs. Matilda Russell spent several
days at Pasquotank recently visiting
with friends.
Mrs. Mollie Trueblood, who has
been quite ill, is now much improved.
J. C. Wilson was in Elizabeth City
Mrs. Bertha Whitehead and daugh
ter, Miss Alcesta Whitehead, spent
Sunday with her father, W. F. How
ell, of near Hertford.
Miss Emma Deal has returned
from Norfolk, Va., where she spent a
few days with her sister, Mrs. Robt.
Carey Quincy spent the week-end
with home folks.
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The Missionary Society of Berea
Christian Church met at the home of
Mra. Delwin Eure on Saturday even
ing. Mrs. J. P. White read the Scripture
lesson from Matthew 5. Mrs. Eure
was in charge of an interesting pro
gram. Those present were: Mesdames J.
P. White, Earl Russell, John Hurdle,
Richard Umphlett, Will Hurdle, Ray
mond Eure, Mattie Barclift, Horace
Miller, Fenton Eure, Freeman Um
phlett, and Earl Davis, of Norfolk,
Va.; Misses Inez Umphlett, .Pauline
White, Oneida Caddy, Eula Virginia
White, iSarati Jane Eure, Dorothy
' Millef. Faye Eure, Fay Miller, Mary
. France Ettre, Gladys Umphlett,
Shirley Eure and Sallie Ruth Hurdle;
James and Billy Umphlett, Nornan
and Levi Miller.
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y eocoanuts" are produced annually in
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