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ii'LSilWiLd LlL&Vv&)
1 Mrs. H. L. Wallace, of Madison,1
Indiana, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
i. a.-Sumner this week.
Week-end Visitor
w r m -!: rJ I
Kl-SS n SiiC'rriu; l.wWt-tfP- The dining table was
Mrs. Olivia Hobbs.
Wetk-end Here
wr.'Mia mrs. jesse v.amyen, oi
uiw onuge, Hirem. me ;
ena wtu mrs. jane dampen. i
Returns Home
Mrs. R. S. iMonds, Sr., has re
turned home after visiting relatives
in.. Newport 'News, Va.
Visiting Sister
Mn.. Jodie Phillips, of Bethel, is
the. guest of her sister, Mrs. S. T.
t. Visrbrs Here
Miss Mary B. Justis, of Norfolk,
-v Va., and Miss Alice Cohoon, of Co
lumbia, were the guests of Mr. and
-r " w. "'ulii cuiu iuioa 1111 it
beth Darden last week.
! ' i?
t Week-end at Home j
MiSB Prue Newby, of Windsor,
spent the week-end with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Newhv.
Goes To Rhode Island
C.JP.,0. J. E. Newby, U. S. N. R.,
'.leftH(raday for Rhode Island to re
s' tcive winner oruers, aiier spending
f bis leave with his parents, Mr. and
,,8. J. E. Newby.
Visiting Here
Dr., and Mrs. Earl R. Sykes,
- Hanover, N. H., are the guests
Mrs. T. J. Nixon, Jr.
Goes To Biacoe
Mrs. Jack Kanov left Monday to I
join her husban.l, Warant Officer cluder! S!
Jack Kanoy, at Biscoe, where they: 'i'l!; . -will
spend a few days. mv uf , .
Home On Visit
Mrs. Nita Newbold Stehlin, who
has been in Miami Beach, Fla., is
spending some time with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Newbold.
Home On Leave
Bobby Keaton, U. S. N.
Iting ; his mother, Mrs.
aton, at New Hope.
Returns Home
Mrs. J. W. Darden returned home
Wednesday, after spending some
time with Mr. and Mrs. H. C.
O'Sullivan, in Norfolk, Va.
Week-end at Home
Miss Frances Newby, of Belhaven,
spent the week-end with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Newby.
Today (Friday)
Matdnee 3 P. M. Night 7-9 P. M.
"Dragon Seed"
Sunday Shews 2:15, 4:15 and 9:15 P. M.
(CaiTdPllMa Mimes'
Monday and Tuesday Matinee 3 P. M. Night 7 and 9 P. M:
Wednesday Matinee 3 P. M. Night
Flrs"f Feature
'ollow The Leade:
W- '.ay and Friday Matinee i P. M. Night 7 land 9 P. M.-
Jerry Newbold, of Fayetteville,
spent the
week-end as the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Skinner.
Remrns To Florida
Fiio-hf Offior rww stton. IT
a Ift HHo - f p-;:;
with his wife and daugther.
Visdting in Stovall
Mra R n Whodho. nnH aim I
Charles, went to Stovall last week
visit Mrs. Whedbee's sister, Miss
Marv Tavlo.r. who is ill.
Returns Home
Miss Janet Murray, who has been
'employed in New York for the past
few months, has returned to the
home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. !
R. C. Murray.
Returns To, New York
Miss Bettv Winslow has returned
to New York, after spending the ; Monds, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whed
holidays with her parents, Mr. and bee, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Riddick, the
Mrs. J. E. Winslow. ; Rev. and Mrs. B. C. Reavis, Mr. and
i Mrs. Jimmy Bryant, Mrs. Bob Ap-
Weei-end Visitors !
Leslie Hampton. U. S. N. R.. Mrs.
Hampton and their son, Leslie Wade,
w ere week-end guests of Mr.
J. W. Hampton.
anc i
Visi lors Here Monday
Mrs. Thurman Harrell and Mrs,
Edward Parker, of Edenton, spent
Tuesday with .Mr. and Mrs. C. M.
Week-end Visitors
C. P. O. George W. Baker and
!.-,. univci , in issuing MJII, u.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Eure and daugh
I ter, Joyce, and J. Q. Caddy were
of , week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs.
(terge Caddv.
Atten! Vu. '.J.,
Is at the Wallace-
Koorife wvv.i
ruesday night in-j
tacey of Chapel
;. .-mes A. Hack
, D. C; Mrs. W.
I arhington, N. C;
."" i ! Elizabeth City;
i of Edenton;
and Miss Dot
iwhvr: I ieut. Dennis
'.r. and Mrs. E.
e:.d d.-ughter, Miss Ed
iaa, and Mrs. Jean
Greenville, and John
El'xal eth City.
A. I 'ni'i ;
Mis. C.
Miss Jr '
Mr. an . . .
Davis ef V,
S. AicMnllan
wi.ia Mi.'.
Pigtrott of
Lav-..::!- ,.;
Circle No. Four of the Woman's
Missionary Society of the Hertford
Banti.-'t Church met Monday evening
with Mrs. Laura Jordan.
The meeting was opened with the
hymn, "What A Friend We Have In
Jesus," and Mrs. Lena Gregory of
fered prayer.
After prayer by Mrs. Mark Gre
gory, the hymn "Lead On, King Eter-
N. C.
Saturday Show Opens 1 P. Mv
"Melody Trajl"
"Captain America" No. 5
7 and 9 P. M.
Second Feature
"Tahiti Nights"
nal," was sung. Mrs. Mark Gregory
gave an interesting talk on Christ
and the Children. Mrs. E. W. Mayes
closed with the devotional. j
The hostess served refreshments I
to twelve memlbers and two visitors.
- I
Mrs. T. B. Sumner and Mrs. I
Charles Ward, Jr., from Elizabeth !
City were delightful hostesses at a
... . ...
'cake c"hig Monday evening at the
,,U,I1C ui aum,,w 111 "
Ralph Wallace and Miss Mary Wood
Koonce, who were married Tuesday
evening at 8 o'clock.
he home was Deauuiuny uecorat-
ed with white flowers and lighted
centered with a 3-tier wedding cake. '
The following guests were present:
Miss Mary Wood Koonce and Lt.
Ralph Wallace, Mr. and Mrs. B. G
Kalnh Wal ace. Mr. and Mrs. K. ti
Koonce, Mrs. R. H. Wallace of Madi-
son, Hid., Mrs. Clailborne Nixon, Mr. I
and Mrs. John Lawrence, Miss Dot
Harris, Elizabeth City, Miss Dot1
Davis, Windsor, Mrs, M. H. Stacey,
Chapel Hill, Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Mc
Mullan and Miss Edwina McMullan.
Mrs. Jean FiggoU, Greenville, Mr.
Mrs. Vivian Darden, Mr. and
Mrs. J. S. Vick, Mr. and Mrs. J. R,
Futrell, Dr. and Mrs. T. P. Brinn,
Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Newbold, Mrs.
Nita N. Stehlin, Mr. and Mrs. R. S
plewhite, Mrs. J. P. Perry, Jr., Mrs
Marion Riddick, Mrs. R. E. Vickers,
Mr- and Mrs. Vivian Mathews, Mrs.l
Jim Johnson, iMrs. Philip Carter, J.
L. Harris, Misses Kate Blanchard, 1
Ruby White, Mary Sumner, Matilda
'Newbold, Joyce Harrell. Patricia
Stephens, Nettie Day, Helen Wil
loughby, Prue Newby, Grace Knowles,
Jeanette Fields, Ruth Elliott, Helene
Nixon and Miss Frances Maness, Lt.
Dennis Roberts, Lt. Spell and Lt. and
Mrs. G. W. Gerard.
Miss Joyce Harrell entertained the
Wednesday Nisrht bridsre club at a
miscellaneous shower on Saturday several oi me members. Mrs. lorn
evening, complimenting Miss Mary mv Miller Kave the devotional. A
Wood Koonce, who was married on reading was given by Mrs. R. A.
Tuesday evening. i
Those enjoying the occasion were:
Miss Koonce, honoree; Misses Helen I
Willoughby, Nettie Day, Prue New- new outers were elected to replace
by, Grace Knowles and Chic Steph- thc ones "-signinK. Mrs. B. W. Pen
ens, and Mesdames R. E. Vickers, ninKto" w;,s elected assistant chair
W. E. Drake, Jim Johnson, J. l! man- Mls- Tonwiy Miller publicity
Harris, William Hauscloerffer and ' t'llairi,ian Mrs- W- E- Homer
Vivian Mathews. ' program chairman.
High score prize went to M;. s ' During the soc ial hour the hos-
Willoughby and Mrs. Drake icceived
second high award. The honoree re
ceived very' lovely gifts.
The hostess served a salad course.
Mrs. Charles Whedbee and Mrs. .1.
R. Futrell were joint hostesses at a
tea Sunday afternoon from 2 to 6,
in honor of Miss Mary Wood Koonce,
who became the bride of Lieut.
Ralph Wallace Tuesday evening
The Whedbee home was beautifully
decorated with lighted white tape,rs
and white flowers.
The guests were greeted at the
door by Mrs. W. G. Wright. Mrs.
B. G. Koonce, mother of the liride,
yumeu cea unci assisting in serving
were Mrs. T. B. Sumner, Mrs. Bill
Jessup, Mrs. Bob Applewhite, Mrs. R.
S. Monds, Jr., and Miss Mabel Mar- ;
tin Whedbee.
About sixty guests called during
the after.:oon.
Mrs. Archie White and Mra
don White were ioint. lumtees at i
surprise birthday party honorinc
Miss Marjorie Rebecca White on
Friday evening, January 5. at their ,
home in Whiteston.
Games were enjoyed, after which
the honoree opened her gifts. I Mr8, Nixon Hollowell, Mr. and Mrs.
The hostesses served ice cream I Abbott Hunter and children, Mr. and
and cake to the following guests: Mrs- James Hunter, Mr. and Mrs.
Miss Marjorie Rebecca White, hon-! Pai,en Lane Mr. and Mrs. E. P.
oree; Misses Leona Lane and Norma i Robertson Mr- anl Mrs- c;L''l "ar
Winslow of Winfall; Misses Lina re" and chi'dren, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Winslow, Faye Winslow, Teressa Harre" Mrs- Mack Sanderlin, Mis.
Winslow. T uz-illo I v,o tv..:.. i i C. A. Perry. Mrs. Lessie Ev ans Airs
Esther Winslow, Florence Winslow,
I Daphne Winslow. Heleno nah0r
Thelma White, Evelyn White, Erie
Winslow and Lena Winslow, and
Leslie Winslow, Ernest Melvin Wins-
I low, Elihu Winslow, Lester Bake,
Wmslow Rountree, Clarence Wi;,i-
low, Clifford Winslow, Calc "in do
Carlton Rountree, Chester Winslow
Jasper Winslow, Elsberrv Lane 1
bert Williams. Eucen
and George Riddick, Mr. and Mrs.'i
Clyde Lane, Clyde Emory Lane, Mr.
and Mrs. Leland Winslow, Mrs. Wini-1 HN0REE AT BRIDGE PARTY
fred Winslow, Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon Mrs J' H- Newbold delightfully
White, Mrs. Rjdph White, Mr. and f,I)tjrtamed at a bridee Party on
Mrs. Archie White and Patricia ;ednesday evening, honoring Miss
White. , Mary Wood Koonce, bride-elect, at
- j the home of Mr. and Mrs. T. B.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hampton cele-' Tnose enjying the evening, in ad
brated their silver wedding anniver- ,ltlon to the honoree, were: Mes
sary on Wednesday evening, January damea James Johnson, Vivian Math
3rd, at a buffet supper. Miss Lil- 8JeBae Har"s, Philip Carter,
lian Hampton, of Norfolk,' Va pre- S' Vlckers, Bill Jessup and W. E.
sided at the punch bowl. ' Drake; Misses Ruth Elliott, Virginia
Those enjoying the occasion were- Wh,ite Jovce Harrell, Chic Stevens,
Mr. and Mrs. Hampton, Mr. and en WlIlou&hby and Nettie Day;
Mrs. T. J. Hampton and children, of B;, G' Koonce and Mrs. New-
Norfolk, Va.; Mr. and Mra. A. J ""k Mrs Vickers received high
Eure and children, Mrs. L. J. Wiley K0J?
and daughter and J. W. Eure. of . "oste8s presented a lovely
Eure; Mr. and Mra. Bill Fowler and,
son, Mrs. B. T. Wood, Mrs. Henry
Lewis, John L. Parker, U. S. N. R.,
Mra. J. T. McPherson and daughter,
and Miss Ine Hampton.
The couple received some very
nice gifts. ; , ' ,
The executive committee of the
Woman's Missionary Society of the
Hertford Baptist Church met on
Wednesday evening, January 3, with
Mrs. I. A. Ward.
The meeting was opened by the
ffroup repeating the Lord's Prayer
in unison. Plans were discussed for
the new year's work, the goal for the
l: o i ii t: j t
year being Soul Winning and Prayer.
" ,r -"o- t-j
er meetings once a week, these meet
ings' to be sponsored by the W. M. S.
After the business session, the
fi, 19 ,wk.. .
The March meeting will be held
w'th Mrs. Charles Johnson on Wed
nesday, March 28.
Mrs. Nathan Kelfe was a charm-1
ing hostess when she entertained at i
a bridge party on Thursday evening
at her home on Church Street in '
honor of Miss Mary Wood Koonce,
bride-eleet. The home was beauti-
tully decorated with evergreens and
wllifo nqimnlinnn I,
the invited guests were: Miss
Koonce, honoree; Mesdames B. G. 1
Koonce, Tarn lieare, Jack Brinn,
Philip Carter, R. K. Vickers, J. L.
Harris. Jimmy Johnson, Charles
Ward, Jr., and George Girard; Miss
es Nettie Day, Grace Knowles, Dot
Karris, Chic iStevens, Ruth Elliott,
Helen Willoughby, Virginia White.
Joyce Harrell and Bernice White
Miss Koonce and Mrs. Koonce were
each presented a lovely gift. Mr-
Beare received high score prize and
low score prize was presented Miss
Day. Miss Grace Knowles was civ-
en the prize for second high score.
A dainty sweet course was served.
. A
Circle No. 2 of the Woman's Mis-
sionary Society of the Hertford Bap- $
tist ( liun h met Monday with Mrs.
Hattie Spivey as hostess. Mrs.
Charles Johnson presided.
The program theme, "Jesus the
Light of the World," was given by
Holmes. Mrs. Pennington closed the
niepti'ig with prayer.
During tne business session three
less served d. licinus apple pie with
whipped ere:. in and hot coffee.
Members, present included Mes
dames Charles Johnson, Olivia Hobbs, :
'r....,..,,, hj;iiv. i.. j ci.: r, i
luiiiiii minci, iva iiiuiiu omjlliei, l.
A. Holmes, B. W. Pennington, W. E.
Hoffler, J. W. Hampton. Hattie
Spiver and one visitor, Mr". Norman
Tne February meeting will be
witn rs- w- "oilier at her home.
Home For Holidays
Ernest E. Boyce, S 1-c, I'SCG, .-,on
of Mr. and Mrs. (J. iO. Boyce of Eliza
beth City, spent the Christmas holi
days with his wife and pare, its. M; .
Boyce is the former Miss Hilda Grif
fin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
Griffin of Tyner. He now has re-
turned to New York, where lie is sta-
Mrs. It. H. Harrell was hostess to
a number of fiiends at a miscellan
eous shower Tuesday ni'lit li(:noiin;
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Harrell.
those present were Mr. and Mr.;.
Thomas Ilarre
honorees, Mr. and !
Mrs Earlie Goodwin, Mr. and Mrs
1ennie Dail. Mr- and Mrs. Mathew
Uai1' Mr- and Mrs- Wilbur Robert
'son, Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Thatch, Mi.
a,lti Mrs- Wi,son Hollowell, Mr. am!
Jack Su" Mrs. G. W. Smith, Mrs.
Johnny Hollowell, Misses Leo Dail.
13olmie liae Daf. Joyce Sanderlin,
He!en Ray Harrell, Catherine Perry,
l):llRey Monds, Louise Evans, Myrtle
'',lth' Messrs. Jack Harrell, Carroll
KO"l!rl: on- -'"en Uail, Wallace Dail,
Wa'le Samlerlin, Bobby Sanderlin
i1avid Saderlin, Robert Hollowell,
L-''lutle Edgar Dail, Earlie
Goodwin, Jr., Hubert Harrell and
IIallet and JoseP'' Evans.
8:111 w tne nnree,
The Rev. J. D. Cranford will
preach at Woodland Church Sun
day evening at 7:80 o'clock.
The public is invited to be present
Mrs. Dorothy Hobbs of Jackson
spent the week-end as guest of her
parents, Mr. and Mis. W. L. White.
Donald M. I-ane ISMS, of Brook
lyn, New York, and Miss Nora Wes
ton of Norfolk spent Sunday ar
guests of Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Lane.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. White attended
the funeral of Furman Smith, a
nephew of Mrs. White, in Ashboro
MrB. C. T. Kogerson, Jr., and Miss
Grace Chappell were in Elizabeth
City Saturday afternoon.
Miss Cassie Winslow ami Miss
Kva Kae Winslow were d.nner guests
of Miss Zenova Chappell Sunday.
I.l,,r T acciinr i; vr v f
Brooklyn, N. Y., spent the week-end
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John
Mr. and Mrs. Lyndon White spent
Sunday with, her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. ,1 a nit
a Lane and Norma
Winslow, X
infall, were week-end
glieKlH Ol
ss Marjorie Kebecca
Hilton Whit
1'. S. N., Norfolk.
Va., spent the
week-end with his
1 1
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mother, Mrs. Edith White.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lassiter, of
Norfolk, Va., were week-end guests
of Mr. and Mrs. John Lassiter and
Mrs. Verna Winslow.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Munden, of
Norfolk, Va., spent the week-end as
guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Winslow.
Archie Riddick, U. S. N. Virginia
Beach, Va., visited his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Sammie Riddick.
Mrs. C. L. Jackson, Mrs. Raymond
Leggett and children, 'Pundra ai-)
Raymond, Jr., of l'lynioum, spei '.
Monday afternoon here.
Mr. and Mrs. Judd Lane and fan.
ily moved to Woodville thiH week.
Mrs. Walter Symons and baby
are spending some time with Mr. and
Mrs. John Symons.
Mr. and Mrs. George Jackson, Mrs
Kmmett Stallings and Mrs. C. P
Quincy went to Edenton Tuesday to
lear Bishop Peel.
C. P. O. Carey Quincy and Mrs-..
Quincy, of Norfolk, Va., spent the
week-end with his parents, Mr. ami
Mrs. C. P. Quincy.
Mrs. I'aul Vaughan left Wednes
day for Gainsville, Texas, to visit
her husband, who is stationed there.
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