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By HUGO S. SIMS, Washington Correspondent
countries, may actually retaH H. i
So- long as there is encouragement j
from this country, in the way of
statements proclaiming the right of!
the people to govern, every faction 01
any size in liberated countries will
attempt to acquire control of their
Hard to Regulate Use of
Campaign Funds
The House of Representatives, 1
through an investigating committee, .
has been looking into the activities
of various organizations, other than j
established political parties, which 1
1 took part in the 1944 campaign.
The committee admits that it can-
'-rsal! Service Means An All-Put the diplomatic and consular service.
War Effort I Byrne Recommends Changes For
i has . been considerable dis- Congress
about the advisability of In a recent magazine article,
' a. universal service law af- James F. Byrnes proposes that there
2 civilians which would give to be something like a "Congressional
government the right to deter- Cabinet" to establish a closer rela-e-
among other things, whether tionship between the White House
i,m ahull -nntinue at their pre- and Capitol Hill. He also suggests
I jobs or be shifted to more essen- that members of the Cabinet should not guess Vat the amount of money
lindUStrieB.;;.' j uc 'u, "F" i"m spent. n recommenas tnai tne ac-
mes F Byrnes, Director of War' Congress, to appear on the floor to tivity of these new political groups j
ilization,' does not recommend answer questions and thus increase i iDe covered by legislation requiring :
! passage' of a universal service j the information of legislators. Ja public accounting of campaign:
I although he shares the convic- These recommendations should re- spending and that the law also apply
of military commanders that it ceive serious attention. They add to "educational, civic, fraternal, so
ieedeoV largely because he does something to the suggestion already I cial, patriotic, recreational, religious
jbelieve that Congress would pass made as to the creation of a perma- and welfare" organizations. 1
Iw DTOvidinir for univeral service, nent staff of career men to aid and! The campaign investigating com-
hi is regrettable because, in the advise Congressional committees on
(Is of Walter Lippman, there is : legislation.
feral agreement among the top- Mr. Byrnes also suggests that
kilig officials that it is impossible senators ana neprespmauves De giv
C ., that mir two irreat ene- en an assistant, at a salary of a1
! I Will be defeated conclusively in'ieasi o,uuu, w ioojc aner me uusi
Bhorteot possible time and at the ' ness of constituents with govem
st cbst in wounds and death ment departments. This is a good
lout such a law. recommendation because it will leave
L i , ' u,n the legislator free to carry on his
W bnngs us to the observation 6 .
" n. st.TM ' tasks as a legislator.
.'. TWo is nnthino- wrnncr with the
suggestion, also made by Mr. Byrnes,
participation in two great
xts ."that engage our lorces
ighout the world continue to be
y for some reason, that the na
can win both wars without com
'ng itself .to the thorough and
eti"" mobilisation 01 our re
9 of men and materiel,
fighting men are now engag
. enemy in full force and it ap
i .that they will require a much
ter volume of. supplies, equip
, weapons and ammunition than-
rst supposed. When
y engaged on the fighting
Mi our troops possessed what
considered to be an overwhelm
rjuperiority to the enemy and
(undoubtedly saved the lives of
f -fshting men. Now that we
engaged 111 massive battles, it is
as : important that all of onr
8 enjoy the greatest superiority
ble in weapons and ammunition.
fore has been general agreement
6 past that our military leaders
nre hpetiai comme.iuation lor
consideration of the safety and
,ux our lighting men. They
ntly adopted the policy, at the
fining, that our ngnters would
rotected to the greatest extent
pie by the use of the great in-
ial capacity of this nation.
w that the scope of battle has
extended and Ine task ahead
to be somewhat greater than
mittee calls attention to the fact that
"organizations engaging in political
activity" will "more often than' not
be found masquerading under one of
assistant, at a salary of at j these non-political heads." I
The attempt to regulate campaign
expenditures has been underway for '
some years, but there are many dim-1
culties connected with enforcement of
legislation. We see very little ob
jection to open and above-board ex
penditures for campaign purposes by
certain organizations plainly iden-
UNC Celebrates Its
150th Anniversary
University of North Carolina alum
ni of this section were interested
this week in the celebration held in
the iState Capitol in Raleigh, of the
150th anniversary of the opening of
the institution in 1795.
The ceremonies were held ii the
Hall of the House of Representatives
Monday night, January 15, at 8
o'clock, with Lieut.-Gov. L. Y. 3al
lentine, president pro-tem of the
Senate, and Representative Oscar
Richardson, Speaker of the House,
presiding jointly. Members of the
General Assembly and as many
guests as could be accommodated
were present.
The principal speakers were Gov
ernor R. Gregg Cherry, President
Clarence K. Dykstra of the Univer
sity of Wisconsin, and President
Frank P. Graham of the University
of North Carolina.
Victor S. Bryant of Durham,
chairman of the Legislative Com
mission on the Sesquicentennial,
gave a brief address on the signific
ance of the occasion, and Dean of
Administration Robert B. House of
the University at Chapel Hill, intro
duced President Dykstra.
Pointing out that the University
of North Carolina was the first
State university in the nation to open
its doors to students, Governor
Cherry, President Dykstra and
President Graham stressed the point
that the University is truly a child
of v the American Revolution, for it
was conceived in the year of Inde
pendence and born with the founding
of the Republic (1789).
Up to that time, they said, educa
tion had been for the privileged few.
Almost every commonwealth has
followed North Carolina's example
with a State University and these in
stitutions have been one of the na
tion's most powerful forces in trans
lating into action the concept of de
mocracy enunciated in the Declara
tion of 1776.
Truckers Need Not
Renew Certificates
Certificates ol War Necessity is
sued to commercial motor vehicle
operators are good indefinitely until
cancelled and need not be renewed
on an annual basis, the District Of
fice of Defense Transportation a
Raleigh declared this week.
Under ODT regulations, operators
do not have to have their certificates
reissued unless they propose to
change the character of their ser
vices or the territories for which the
present certificates were issued, ODT
Very Probable
"I swear to yc;u, Mr. Moneybags, I
cannot live without your daughter."
"I certainly believe that in view
of your income."
Needed Warmth !
Mrs. Benham The furnace has
gone out. I
lienhani I hope it has gone to get
Cold Preparation as directed)
that the salary of Senators and Rep- tified.
".e must, realize
peace structure is
utt satisiy every-
resentatives be increased to $15,000,
1 In view of the higher cost of living
j in Washington, the necessity of
I maintaining two residences and vari
' ous obvious expenditures which must
i ic made if a Congressman is to re
tain his position in Congress, the
sum of $15,000 is not excessive.
I We are also interested in the
I statement, made by Mr. Byrnes, that
I complaint of executive domination of
we were 1 i- io fjj u h;i,a
1 vviigicaa 10 uuivuimv-u, ill, munno
that the trouble is not with the per
sonnel of Congress but that the Con
gress, as an institution, "falls too far
short of being the sum of all its
No Treaty of Peace Will Satisfy
Joseph C. dev., Under-Secietary
of State, tells the people of the
United States:
that whatever
erected, it i 1
This is an important observation if
enough people believe it. Obviously,
if no treaty 01 peace will satisfy
everybody, no treaty of peace will
satisfy the people of the United
States one hundred per cent.
It is veiy essfc.m-i that Ameri
cans undersold Uat, in setting up a
new world organization, the United
SltnfoQ iamint ovnai'l In Airiatn tVta
Ited, it is essential that the na- termg regaidless of what other great
u n i w luyauy support men i nowPrs tnink. It in nprfort v na.
service, should resolutely de- t,lni n .... ....
its ' complete industry to the it ia utteriy foolish for us to expect
every other nation to regard them
with the same favor.
The unfortunate tendency to con
sider that all world problems have
been settled by the proclamation of
principles continues to work harm.
The hesitation of the United States
to firmly declare itself in regard to.
the establishment of provisional gov
ernments, instead of hastening the
rule of the people in the liberated
The most objectionable feature is
the practice of some interests to set
up a "front" organization for poli
tical activity, depending for its ef
fectiveness upon the secrecy as to
the sources of its income.
There have been numerous in
stances of committees formed, under
high-sounding titles, apparently of
unselfish design, but representing
nothing but propaganda which would
lose its effectiveness if distributed by
its sponsor.
Stalling Bach Other
Fiance "I haven't the courage 10
tell your father of my debts."
Fiancee "What cowards you men
are! Father hasn't the courage to
tell you of his."
CARTM)F thanks '
We wish to thank all of our friends
and neighbors for the help and kind
ness during the illness and death of
our precious little one, Marjorie Lou
Hunter, and also for the beautiful
flowers and cars loaned.
ution of the war.
ile it may be correct that Con-
will not pass a universal .ser-1
laW, the facts are that the Con-
has already passed a law re-
g millions of Americans to t-
ir lives in the service of the I
Certainly, in view of this
Congress should be willing to
any law necessary to mobilize
ull productive capacity of the
h in their support. If men must
heir lives, it s not too much to
those who reside safely at
to accept necessary inconveni-
fote of GOP Gives Life Uto
Dies Committee
new House of Representatives
pff to a poor start by putting
o-called Dies committee on a
ment investigating status, un-
Imost everything in the way of
ittees in the past.
Republicans can be blamed
lie continuance of the committee,
was given a 207-186 vote of
kral. The Democrats were
fet it 150 to 70, but the GOP
erg, in . their first legislative
oted 137 to 34 in favor of the
Grief, the Republicans supported
sial status by a majority of
hue the Democrats were against
pi majority of 80.
worth noting that four of th
Me which widely proclaimed
veatigation into "un-Americar.
Mes," failed to come back to
wngress. The committee spent
Wng over $600,000 in eight
to make a vast record of ab
:harges. The net result of its
kanda has been close to noth
ing For Civil Workers Would
I Be An Improvement
Vessman Ervin of North Caro
ls introduced, a bill to establish
iiign Service Academy to train
cans for .diplomatic and con
service abroad.
fa, we i have, not seen the bill
id. to, the general idea is that
reer representatives should be
rained in manner similar to
I and Navy officers who gradu
,im West 'Point and Annapolis.
I interests of the nation would
I served by the passage of the
troduced by the North Caro
I It follows closely along the
of a similar H proposal, made
years fl;o,r .. that the United
' " Y adequate training
.' ; : rpose; of providing
1 eJucation for' all
2rvinbi:i, think, is a good
-t it (Joe 3 t go far enough,
.vid 'fv,r the training1 of
cs r f" i various depart
f tLi - - t, as well as
Don't Neglect Them I
future deaigned the icidneya to do
marvelous job. Their task ii to keep the
flowing blood stream free of an excess of
toxir impurities. The ct of living lt
is constantly producing waste
matter the kidneys must remove from
the blood if good heath is to endure.
When the kidneys fail to function a
Nature intended, there is retention of
waste that may cause body-wide dis
tress. One may suffer nagging backache,
persistent headache, attacks of dizxineas,
getting up nights, swelling, pufftness
under the eyes feel tired, nervous, all
worn out.
Frequent, scanty 01 Burning passages
are sometimes further evidence of kid
ney or bladder disturbance.
Tne recognised and proper treatment
la a diuretic medicine to help the kidneys
fet rid of excess poisonous body waste.
Use Doan'l Pills. They have had more
than forty years of public approval. Are
endorsee! tne country over. Insist on
Dean's. Sold at all drug store.
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Official Tire
Inspection Station
Bring your car in today for a careful inspection of your
tires. It is important you care for your tires. Our ser
vice is the best.
If you need new tires . .'. and have the proper certifi
cate ... we can supply you tires.
Goodyear and U. S. Royal Tires and Tubes
etf t wurrtt'pMtJ PHONE 601
NEW AVIATION GASOLINE UNITS of most modern design at Sinclair rerinenes,
are now producing 100-octane gasoline. Sinclair's output of this vital fuel runs
into thousands of barrels a day.
TO BACK OUR BOYS in the Army, Navy and Coast Guard, Sinclair is also pro
ducing vast quantities of fuel oil for battleships, lubricating oil for planes,
tanks and jeeps, toluene for bombs and butylene for synthetic rubber.
Ifilll llliliillll f "L, : f X
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' ,5 W '
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