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By HUGO S. SIMS, Washington Correspoadent
Under and by virtu Lthe author-
at may oe necessary,. "J rrIS .iJ
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hereafter meet
I moat value," should
suit, and they "will ;
"as often
1 S3? withdrawing February, mi. by uaDaU H.
uled in London, after the world -'-'-'TSSSLrit
I fixation conference to be held at; the office of the Register of a Deed.
oVi Pln To Assure A the lending powers were removed
Ftacefal World j from his control, he would, carry
Jsery American citizen should be ' them out In accordance with the
interested in the outcome of the ef-1 views expressed,
fort now being made to devise a pro- j The whole Wallace affair has un
vnm to make future world wars im- j doubtedly increased the political
probable. ' strength of the former Vice Presi-
P -Pk. Nations, possessing dent The tactics of his adversaries
almost absolute control of the earth,, offered him a sounding board for the I wnicn "afford assurance that all
once Germany and Japan have been promulgation of his political views ! men m an the lands may live out
j.ok him muiv hard problems and the probable explanation of what I their lives in freedom from fear and
to solve' Plans for the "occupation is now going on "in Congress is that;want
There is also a eeneral affirmation
of "faith in the principles of the At-
I San Francisco in April.
The three leaders reaffirm their
common determination u nuiown
and strengthen "their unity of pur
pose and of action" between their
nations which has "made victory pos
sible and certain." Only a "continu
ing and growing-cooperation" prom
ises a "secure and lasting peace,
and control of Germany" may be dif- the public reaction to the Wallace
ficult to outline but they represent statement was surprisingly favor-
only tne preliminary uiuivuiu
fronting the statesmen or tne worm
Tko nam can be aaia aDom we
political and economic problems of
liberated Europe. While it is cer
tain that these territories have short
ages of various lands and are, as the
Associated Press says, "real or poten
tial powder barrels politically," most
of their difficulties are inevitably as
sociated with the conduct of the war
and will be, to a degree, immediately
relieved when the world returns to
normal conditions.
The real problem confronting the
great powers relates to the "earliest
possible establishment of permanent
international organization to main
tain peace." There are many pro
posals for the accomplishment of this
high purpose, with adherence of the
various plans residing in the vari
ous countries.
It is perfectly obvious to intelli
gent individuals that no plan will be
evolved that will meet the complete
approbation of all peoples every
where. Obviously, there must be a
meeting of minds which can be ac
complished only by give-and-take ne
gotiations and, even if this is satis
factorily accomplished, there must be
a willingness on the part of indivi
duals to accept the result of the col
laboration in good faith.
There seems to be a general idea
that the British and the Russians,
living closer to the menace of Ger
many than Americans, are primarily
concerned with national security
rather than the formulation of a
plan to keep the general peace of the
world. This statement, we suspect,
over-simplifies the problem. The
British and the Russians will no
doubt become enthusiastic for a
world organization once they are
convinced that it will effectively pro
tect them from future aggressive at- i
tacks. j
There have been numerous reports
that our Allies in the present war
nave Deen somewhat disturbed over
the possibility that the United States
might not participate in a world or
ganization designed to maintain
world peace and the security of all
nations. The leaders of both coun
tries, so Ifong as doubt of the Ameri
can position continues, will not be
willing to trust their national secur
ity to fclind faith in the hope that
peace will be permanent. Instead,
they will base their future security
upon more practical arrangements.
Certainly, if we of the United
States expect the British and the
Russians, and eventually the peoples
of other nations, to place their se
curity in the lap of a world organiza
tion for peace, we must be prepared
to give positive assurance that the
United States will not shrink from
asserting its power in the event of
another world crisis.
We must assure them, irrevocably,
that if some future year produces an
other Axis combination, the United
States will not spend years in debate
before its people will understand the
gravity of the situation and become
willing to participate in the fight for
the civilization and culture of the
world. "
Proposals to keep the peace of the
world vary from the absurdity of the
pacifist idea that there should be no
preparation for possible war to the
demand of others that Germany and
Japan be exterminated, root and
branch. Peace cannot lie in either
extreme but, somewhere, between the
Big Three United Upon Principles
Although Details Present Problems
The report of the conference of
American, British and Russian lead
ers, issued last week, contains no
great surprises to those who have
kept up with the obvious trend of
United Nations' affairs.
That the three nations were in
agreement upon most of the issues
at hand, even before their leaders
gathered, was apparent and that they
were united in war purposes and the
general plan for peace time rehabili
tation of the world was plain.
On the military side emphasis is
laid upon "closer coordination," the
exchange of "fullest information,"
and detailed planning of "new and
even moee powerful blows" against
the common enemy. A working part?
lantic Charter .and in the pledge by
the United Nations and a determina
tion to "'build in cooperation with
other peace-loving nations world or
der under law, dedicated to peace,
security, freedom and general well
being of all mankind."
Classified and Legals
,V n
nership of the three staffs, set up at WANTED WE WANT MAN TO
the conference, will be continued
"whenever the need arises."
On the occupation and control of
Germany emphasis is laid on "com
mon policies and plans" to be im
posed "together"' with a central con
trol commission, consisting of the
supreme commanders of the three
powers, "with headquarters in Ber
lin." Disavowing intent to "destroy the
leoi)le of Germany" the destruction
of "German militarism and Nazism"
is prpmised, with war criminals pun
ished and reparations in kind for
the destructions wrought by the Ger
mans. Significantly, the commission
will "work in Moscow."
A conference of the United Na
tions tis called at San Francisco in
April to further the establishment of
a general international organization
"to maintain peace and security" and
to "remove the political, economic
and social causes of war." The gov
ernments of China and France will
be asked to be joint sponsors :of in
vitations to the meeting where an
agreement will be disclosedthat re
solves the difficulty at Dumbarton
Oaks over the voting procedure of
such an organization. i
The three nations agree to': "con
cert" policies in regard to liberated
Europe and to assist the peoples of
these areas to "solve bv democratic
means" their political and economic
problems, to the end that the last
vestiges of Nazism and Fascism be
destroyed. CorifccMiuditly, the three
nations will "jointly assist the peo
ple" in these states to establish in
ternal peace, effect emergency 're
lief, form interim' . governments
pledged to earliest possible free elec
tions, "to create democratic institu
tions of their own choice."
As to Poland, the conference
agreed that the eastern boundary
should follow the "Curzon line," with
slight modifications and that Poland
i ii i. .. . . ...
BMuum ue given "substantial acces
sions of territory in the north and i
west," which means from Germany;'
i ue provisional government, "now
functioning," should be "reorganized
on a broader democratic basis" nnH
the western frontier of Poland should
await the peace conference and the
opinion of the new Polish
A general review of Balkan ques-
uuua was nau
offered except
siavja that the new government be
formed on the basis of the recent
agreement between Marshal Tito and
Dr. Subasic and that members of the
last Yugoslav Darliament. whn Via
assume full and complete responsi
bility for Parts and Accessories
Department of Chevrolet dealer
ship. Experience preferred but not
necessary. Man must be. able to
meet public and pass bond. Posi
tion essential and permanent. Ap
plicants looking for temporary
employment will not be considered.
Applicants must comply with all
WMC regulations. Apply Claude
Todd Motor Co., Windsor, N. C.
Phone 340-1. feb23mar2,9,16
for Perquimana . County, N. C, in
M. D. Book 17, page 600, default hav
ing been made in the condition of
aid deed of. trust, the undersigned
trustee, at the request of the holder
of the note, will on the lutn day oi
March, 1945, at 11:30 o'clock; A. M..
at the Court House door of Perquim
ans County, N. C, offer for Bale at
public auction, to the highest, bidder
for cash, the following described
First Tract: Being in the Town of
Hertford, and bounded on the north
by Dobb Street, east by lot of Hattie
Dail'B heirs, west by lot of Missouri
Parker and south, by lots of Elishua
Dail and Hardy Harrell, being home
place of said Elishua Dail.
-Second Tract: Being in the Town
of Hertford, and adjoining the
Charles Stallings land, beginning on
King Street at the said Stallings
land and running westerly along
King street 63 feet to the land form
erly belonging to M. H. White,
thence northerly along the said
White line to the Jane Jones lot,
thence easterly along Said Jane
Jones line to the Stallings line, thence
southwardly along the Stallings line
to the place of beginning. For fur
ther description, see deed book 15,
page 363.
Third Tract: Lying and being in
the- Town of Hertford, Hertford
Township, adjoining the lands of
George L. Skinner, Elishua Dail, Em
anuel Harrell and others, and
bounded and described as follows:
Bounded by the lands of David Cox,
Geo. L. Skinner, Elishua Dail and
Emanuel Harrell , and fronting on
King Street, being lota Nos. 7 and 8
in the division of the estate of Dr.
David Cox, recorded fa Plat Book 1,
No. 314, Public Registry of Perquim
an s County.
Each of the above described tract
will be sold separately, after which
it will all be sold as a whole, which'
ever bringing the highest sale (rice,
will be' the mariner in which the said
property will be sold.
X 'cub' deposit of Ave per cent will
M required of the successful bidder
or bidders.! ' ' ,
.Hte4';'P0rti4'.:this 7th day ct
v- :IZ ' C. STORES, Trustee.
By Chas. E. Johnson, Attorney.
Finder return to Jerome White
hurst, R. F. D. 3, Hertford, N. C.
. """ feb23
Three and Four. Finder return to
Lou Helen Felton, Hertford, N. C.
Finder return to Armintha Felton,
Hertford, N. C. feb23
We have opened a sales stable at the old Blanchard
location on the Town Lot in Hertford, and are now
ready to either trade or sell.
Wjb Will Carry a Complete Stock of Good,
Well Broke Mules and Mares at All Times
Town Lot
Hertford, N. C.
Finder return to Lillian Elliott
Fox, Grubb St., Hertford, N. C.
. .. feb 23
ing with kidney trouble or back
ache to try KIDDO at 97c. Money
back guarantee. Roberson's Drug
Store, Hertford, N. C.
Having qualified as Administratrix
CTA of the estate of Miles Bemtory,
deceased, late of Perquimans County,
North Carolina, this is to notify all
persons having claims against the
estate of said deceased to exhibit
them to the undersigned at Hertford,
N. C, on or before the 16th day of
February, 1946, or this notice will be
pleaded in bar of their recovery. All
persons indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment.
This 16th day of February, 1945.
Administratrix CTA of Miles Bembry.
two poles, there should be a common i not compromised themselves "by col
moid, expressing a practical ideal
ism, based not upon future dreams,
but upon present realities.
Let us risk as much idealism as
we dare, but at the same time let us
have enough common sense to evolve
an arrangement that will work in a
world that includes men of good and
evil intent.
Wallace Growa Stronger As
Congress Hesitates
The news agencies advise that
Henry A. Wallace's chances of be
coming Secretary of Commerce have
brightened, due to Senate pressure
for speedy action and a House "spirit
of compromise."
The anti-Wallace srroun. composed
of a coalition of Republicans and i
Democrats, seem to be more inter-'
ested in beating Wallace than in sep-1
arating the lending offices from the'
Department of Commerce. Their tac
tics, according to some observers,
"might increase Senate sentiment for
Wallace and end up by winning his
confirmation to the Commerce secre
. taryship with the RFC attached."
This is an interesting development
because Mr. Wallace, when he ap
' peared before the Senate Committee,
did not hesitate to' state his views,
; He exhibited "no spirit of compro
g mise" in an effort to secure favor
i able action upon his nomination. He
met the criticism of his foes headon,
without any apologies for his opin-
ions, and openly warned that unless
Havinsr Qualified as Administrator
CTA of the estate of Timothy Mor
govern- gan, deceased, late of Perquimans
I Countv. North Carolina, this is to
notifv all persons having claims
had but no information- is against the estate of said deceased
me advice to YUko- to exhibit ' them to the unaersignea
at Hertford, N. C, on or before the
18th day of January, 1946, or this
notice will be pleaded in bar of their
recovery. All persons indebted to
said estate will please make imme
diate payment.
This 18th day of January, 1945.
Administrator CTA of Timothy
jan 26, feb 2,9,16,23mar2
with the enemy," be in-
The foreign secretaries of the
three nations, after enjoying daily
meetings, which proved "of the ut-
' j . J i .. '
IBjfjsjsjsjBjssjsjSjiiFjsjsj ""'r'
"'ir B - M ;(J , M "v
'((fxfa YOU AMERICAN Ylt
I . to I i I 11 I ;
In these days of rationing and
tire shortages, let us check your
car regularly for better and long
er service.
Bring your car to us fof tire checks, washing and greasing.
Goodyear and U. S. Royal Tires and Tubes - 't
"Where Service Is A Pleasure?' ' -Bill
White, Prop. ' , Phone 8601
H 1
The Axis fully realizes the battle being waged
against them by the Southern Farmers. They
know that you are feeding"oor fighting forces,
the soldiers of our Allies, and our civilians
that you are producing the raw materials that
send our munitions output soaring.
And everyone knows that your fighting spirit
conquering labor shortage and many other
handicaps is part of the American will-to-win
that will mean Victory.
sr. i'.K?X w
Published in Recognition ,
of the Achievement of Southern Farmers
. r-i i h- "r-i'r"r? n
L LS Li' 2P. C-ili ii YJ!
PIIONS ai3i '

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