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Volume XIL Number 22.
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina. Friday, June 1, 194T
.50 Per Year.
l ,fr
v.Vt ' fit:
A mfle from the shoreline, ever a
gtrip. This field is S milca from
tha opBortanitr U i Tear share
Flyers of the 21st Army Air
Force have stepped up bombing at
tacks oo the Jap mainland, and this
, week more than 500 B-)s raided
TJokyo with mce than 8,500 tons of
bombs. Pictures taken following
ktr1sMHPl revealU-quare npiles
.l)thJHNtrt of the'JiM capital tiad
burned. This area, , which Included
the imperial palace reported as
damaged housed numerous Jap war
plants. The air group also smashed
at Yokoaona, important Jap sea
' I' m atj.iHt I '-I - T
T Pn,-an nww" '1tpticI1.3r4rer'XOnBc
li. S. forces on Okinawa fought
their way into Shuri castle, head
quarters of the Jap troops on the
island. They also completed the
conquest of Naha, capital of Oki
nawa. The Japs continue to use
large numbers of suicide planes in
this area, btit their losses are re
ported as heavy. The U. S. troops
have flanked the Jap positions in the
fighting for the southern part of the
island and the end of the battle
seems approaching.
Allied troubles flared anew in the
near East this week when French
troops entered Lebanon. The natives
resented and opposed the re-entry of
the French and want independence.
Clashes were reported between a
French garrison and Syrian natives,
deneral DeGaulle, head of the French
Government,- maintains the lands
still belong to France.
The Allies are preparing to start
trials of German war criminals in
the near future. United States au
thorities will try Germans accused of
breach of international law against
I . S.. troops, but as yet plans for
the trials of the high Nazis await
agreement between U. S.; Britain
and Russia. In England this week
Parliament called for immediate
hearing for the Nazis and Churchill
has appointed General David Fyfe
as British prosecutor of the crim
inals, i ,
Reports from San Francisco indi
cate tlmt the conference of Allied
nations will' felpse -successfully some
tone next week, with plans made for
setting op an international peace ar-
.rangement - Most of the difficult
- points separating4 the nations on full
agreement have been ironed out and
' the pjan.for a world policy will be
The War Production Board an.
nouiped jthia week a relaxation of the
jw-yflm-,1a-;-. limited repairs to
; homes and out buildings. The WPB,
uw, wBle, frffl permit con
, struction ,p ' to - $1,000 for prrVate
.. homes, and will permit manufactur-
y expend op to ive-fold the forv
.; hteri limit for v new construction.
V. However, the WPB does not gtaran
, tee that materials' will be available.
It merely grants the right for the
increase. )''
( . President Truman spent 45 minutes
, ' this week conversing with former
'J t. U-A- :VT .1 TT . . .
; ' ncHiuuni xieruen noover. over yw
( problems of providing food fat hungry
; r-urope. Hoover served as r'ood Ad
.r' : ministrator during World War I and
President Trumari sought to obtain
'ideas veeM fw;,
' distribution ' during t the 4- comin?
months, when the U. S. vfl have to
'. provide food f or thousands f hungry
people in many parts of rrope, .
Stepping Stone to Tokyo
ootid V.s. am torn
flat plain, Katene airfield ctretches ont Ha full 4,900 feet f coral tading
Nahs, "metropolis" Of Okinawa. The Mighty Seventh War Loan Bets jm
in this "March to Tokyo" by purchasing more and more War Bonds.
Tna U. 8. T II
Loan Approved For
lemarle Electric
Membership Corp.
Corporation Will Con
struct 510 Miles of
Lines In Area
Sural ttwlftic service for some
1,307 members of the Albemarle
Electric Membership Corporation
moved toward realization last Fri
day when L, W. Anderson, secretary
nf thn flnnr1-Mtfei ved notice that the
1 v
Hon of 610 miles of lmes o serve the
customers had been approved by the
Federu) REA. Another loan for
$60,000 to be re-loaned to members
who need assistance in wiring their
homes or for purchasing electric ap
pliances and equipment is still pend
ing. The directors of th,e membership
held a special meeting last week and
approved the maps for the rural elec
tric lines, prepared for the area and
members on these lines have been no
tified they may soon receive service.
Instructions to place orders for ma
terials have been given and orders to
begin work on the lines will start as
soon as the material is received. Mr.
Anderson pointed out that it is pos
sible to complete the program and
make service available to every ap
plicant this year, if material and
labor are available.
The directors have adopted a maxi
mum rate for service, which may be
obtained from Mr. Anderson's office,
but this rate is said to be as- low as
the lowest rate charged in this area.
The formation of the Albemarle
Rural Electric Corporation was com
pleted here during the past winter
and includes Perquimans, Chowan,
Pasquotank and Camden counties.
The project is one of the largest ever
attempted in this section and when
the program is completed more people
will be served by electric power than
ever before.
Offices of the Albemarle Elecjrlo
Membership Corporation will be main
tained in Hertford, as will the head
quarters, for the construction crews
who will build the lines throughout
the area. The corporation is expect
ed to employ a number of people fol
lowing completion of the construction
work and beginning pf electric ser
vice to customers.
School Committee
Re-E'scts Teachers;
1 Members of the Perquimans County
High School Committee mt Tuesday
night for the purpose of ore-electing
teachers for the high school for the
1946-46 term, subject to approval of
the Board of Education; 'P
' Following the meeting was an
nounced that all membs of the
high school,; faculty . hadj been re
elected. However, severaL lestgnac
tioiis by present faculty mMbers are
f llirwasljaleoi; announced that the
State Board of Education has no
t!J?e local school authority that one
8-iJ t:onal teacher may be added to
t'-e 1 ,h school faculty-fo' the next
Draft Registrants
Under 26 Face New
Army Examination
Selective Service headquarters this
week issued orders to the Perquim
ans County Draft Hoard to review the
tiles of all registrants under the age
of 26 and to order up for pre-induc-
tioii examinations all registrants who
have been rejected for military ser
vice at previous examinations, ac
cording to Mrs. Kuth Sumner, clerk
of the local Hoard.
This means that every registrant
under 26, who has been rejected for
service on previous trips to Fort
Bragg will reseivf notice at some fu
ture date tereport to undergo an
other examination.
No explanation of the action was
made, and it is not known if require
ments have been lowered to take in a
number of men to assist the army to
maintain its quota of men now that
point discharges are beinu issued to
large groups of soldiers. Hut it
probably means that the army is
looking for a number of men reject
ed for service due to minor ailment?
that may have disappeared since the
previous examination.
The localBoard has been informed
of the action taken by Selective Ser-1
vice in lowering the age limit of men
subject to induction calls. The Board
has been authorized to review its
files of men over 30 and to place them
in a deferred classification, providing
the registrant is engaged in a useful
OPA Increases Tire
And Gas Allotment
A fifty per cent increase in gaso
line rations for motorists with A and
B ration books has been announced
by the OPA, to become effective June
22. Also increased allotment of tires
for the Eastern States has been an
nouncd by OPA officials.
-A total of 35 motorists were issued
permits, to purchase new tires by the
Perquimans Board at a meeting last
Saturday. Passenger type permits
went to Matthew White, J. M. Ben
ton. C T. Skinner, King Williams,
Archie Whlt2, J. H. Newbold 2,
Howard Dawkins, C. T. Blow, Dr. A.
B. Bonner, iMurden Stokely 2, Elwood
White 2, fidgar Moore, Emest Sut
ton 2, C. R. Holmes 2, E. Q. Alex
ander, J. T. Godfrey 2, T. C. Long 2,
J. Van Roach 2, D. A. Winslow, R.
E. Mathews, J. E. StahMngs, W. H.
Elliott, Mrs. E. B. Skinner, Percy
Williamstori, Vivian Mathewp, Louis
Eaves 2, R. L. Boyce, L. W. Hobbs,
R. B. Thursby, C. G. Purvis 2, Charlie
Lane and W. H. Hollowell.
Truck type Major-Loomis 4, J.
Oliver White and E. G. Banks.
County Contributes
$111 To Music fWd
Residents of Perquimans County
contributed till, to the campaign
conducted here recently by the Fed
erated Music Clubs of the State to
provide, musical Instruments for ser
vice men in hospitals and aboard hos
pital ships,' Miss Kate Blanchard,
chairman of the drive, announced this
; The chairman expressed her thanks
a: aII tliAM wrtin MMvllfciifAit mnA f)iA
helped make the drive a success here,'
Plans Completed
For Commencement
Exercises At H.S.
Baccalaureate to Be on
Sunday; Graduation
Program Is June 8
Perquimans High School baccalau-
weate and commencement plans have
been completed, according to F. T.
Johnson, Superintendent of Schools,
vho announced this week thai Dr. J. line Kenvis, i
A. Kaslcy, professor of religion at: There will
.Wake Forest Colleire. would
deliver i
Kthe commencement address.
The baccalaureate service will be'
held Sunday evening at 8 o'clock at1
the school auditorium with the Rev.
Howard G. Dawkins, pastor of the !
Hertford Baptist Church, del ivering i
the sermon.
The annual graduation exercises '
will he conducted Friday night, Junei
8. at H :.'!(! o'clock at the school audi- !
torium, with Dr. Kaslev makinir the'
The program lor the baccalaureate
service Sunday evening will open
with a processional, "Onward, Chris
tian Soldiers" The invocation will
be given by the chaplain at Harvev
Point, Lt. H. C. Dowling, followed by
a solo by Miss Margaret Pearson.
The congregation will then sing
"Faith of Our Fathers." Mr. Daw
kins will then deliver the sermon, to
be followed bv the choir singing
The Lord Bless You." The reces
sional will be "Iad On, O King
Members of the senior class will
hold class night on Thursday, June
7, at 8 :.'( o'clock and they will pre
sent the marriage of Miss Class of
1945 to Mr. World. The nrncrrnm
will open with the salutatory by Es
ther Winslow, followed with a solo by
Ruth Tucker. The last will and tes
tament will be read by Horace Baker
and the class history given by Joann
Winslow, the prophecy by" Myrtle
Whidbee, gifts by Marjorie Rebecca
White and -the valedictory will be
given by William Murray.
Class members having parts in the
program, will be EptJhorrf WiusJow,
William Murray, Thurman White,
Curtis Wilson, Leona Lane, George
Wood, Ann Mathews, Pauline Smith,
Dorothy Faye White, Norma Wins
low, Floyd Benton, Calvin Colson,
Colon Jackson 'and Carlton Kountrte.
Flower girl will be Linda Earle Bass
and Mrs. R. M. Riddick will be the
New Health Officer
Began Duties Junei
Dr. William B. Bailey will replace
Dr. D. C. Hackett as Health Officer
of the Pasquotank-Perquimuns-Cam-den
District Health Department on
June first.
Dr. Bailey, a native of Ohio, is a
surgeon in the United States Public
Health Service, and has had eight
years' experience in public health
work. His assignments with tne
Public Health Service have been as
Health Officer in Morgantown, West
Virginia, and in Norfolk and Princess
Anne Counties, Virgina. He has
been in North Carolina for six weeks
and has had field experience at Cha
pel Hill.
Dr. Carl V. Reynolds, State Health
Officer, has stated that he believes
North Carolina and Pasquotank, Per
quimans and Camden Counties are
fortunate to be able to replace Dr.
Hackett with such an experienced and
competent Health Officer.
Dr. Hackett will report to the
U. S. Coast Guard Air Station at
Elizabeth City for further assign
ment to duty with the Coast Guara.
Perquimans Soldier
Given Army Discharge
Hugh Reavis, son of the Rev. and
Mrs. B. C. Reavis, has returned home
irom ron tsragg alter receung his
aiscnarge irom tne 4rmy Air Force.
Mr. Reavis is the first Perauimans
soldier discharged under the point
system announced at the conclusion
of the European war.
The former sergeant served almost
three years with the 15th Air Force
and saw action with that outfit in
Italy. He returned home from the
European Theater of War early this
year under the rotation system.
Grammar School To
Hold Exercises June 8
Graduation exercises will be con
ducted at the Hertford Grammar
School on Friday morning, June 8, at
10 O'clock, according to Miss Mary
Sumner, principal. ,
, An Interesting . program . will be
presented and alt parents and friends
of the, school fre Invited, p attend.
the services,
Miller To Conduct
Methodist Services
The Hev. J. Herbert Miller, Dis
trict Superintendent of the Methodist
Church in the Elizabeth City Dis
trict, will preach at the Hertford
Methodist Church at II A. M. next
Sunday. The Hev. I!. ('. keavis, pas
tor, will he attending commencement
exercises at Greonsl.oto College this
week-end, as his daughter, Miss Paul-
graduating theie.
e no -eivice at the
Hertford Methodist Church at 8 P. M. 1
I next Sunday because of the barcu
! laureate services at the High School
I it that hour, as wa announced hy
Mr. Keavis last Sundav.
1800 Club Members
The following is a list of Perquim
ans County residents who are hack
ing the Seventh War Loan drive for
worth of K honds. They are
the members of the "1800 Club."
Eighteen hundred members will "put
the county over the top." Is your I
name here? You can be a member
by purchasing a j-lni) K bond today.
R. M. Riddick. C. P. Morris, Mrs.
W. G. Wright. W. G. Hollowell. A.
W. Hefren. M. .1 Greporv. Milton'
Dail, Mrs. Jake White, Mrs. George
Jackson, George Jackson, Mrs. R. M.
Riddick, V. N. Darden, D. S. Darden,
S. P. Mathews, S. M. Longt J. W.
Ward, Mrs. J. W. Ward, Mrs. Mary
Kdwards, Mrs. C. 0. Fowler, L. C.
Winslow, John Broughton, C. B.
Proctor, J. Van Roach, C H. Cannon,
J. I. Perry, W. H. Hardcastle, Jr., W.
H. Hardcastle, Mrs. Kloise Hard
castle, J. R. Chappell, S. G. Chap
pell, Judy Benton, X. II. Stallings,
C. B. White, Joseph Elliott, Simon
Rutenburg, Mrs, Simon Rutenburg,
J. L. White, Mrs. lena Griffin, King
A. Williams, John E. Chappell, Ixmis
I. Winslow, E. E. Payne, Richard
Payne, Mrs. Nancy Payne, Mrs.
Louis Winslow, Mrs. Mary Brinn,
Mrs. Mamie Blanchujd, Robert A.
White, Mrs. Julian A. Chappell, Ju
lian A. Chappell and Mrs. Edna S.
W. F. C. Edwards, M. D. Lane,
leroy Nixon, Daisy P. Nixon. J. ('.
Hobb, Elijah Brooks, Thomas Har
ris, R. C. Murray, W. M. Morgan,
Mrs. W. M. Morgan, Helen V. Mor
gan, B. C. Berry, Mrs. B. C. Berry,
Carroll Berry, Jr., Blanche Moore
Berry, Helen Gaither, J. H. Newbold,
Trim Wilson, N. N. Trueblood, Mrs.
N. N. Trueblood, Margaret S. White,
R. B. Kirby, A. F. Proctor, Mrs. Eu
nice Riddick, Stanley Riddick, Nathan
Riddick, Willie Winslow, Mrs. Gert
rude Winslow, Dr. E. S. White, C. C.
Chappell, Margaret Chappell, Clara
H. Chappell, George Powell, Thomas
Morgan, Mrs. Thomas Morgan, Harn
Winslow, William Houston, Jr., W. f.
Eason, Lucy P. White, J. W. Haskett,
Mrs. Alice Haskett, William Barber,
Ella Chappell, Mrs. D. M. Jackson,
D. M. Jackson, Alice Jeanne Jackson,
Eunice O. Kirby, Mrs. Louise Dale,
E. M. Perry, Mrs. E. M. l'erry, Nor
man Elliott, W. G. Newby and Mrs.
W. G. Newby.
Benton White, Cecil ('. Winslow,
Mrs. Cecil C. Winslow, C. T. Phillips,
Mrs. C. T. Phillips, Mrs. L. W. An
derson, J. T. Harris, R. E. Mathews,
Mrs. R. E. Mathews, Richard Math
ews, William Mathews, Mrs. Ida
Mathews, Eula M. Morgan, M. J.
Gregory, Alphonzo White, Jr., J. A.
Carver, Doris M. Lane, John T. Lane,
F. T. Johnson, Dr. D. C. Hackett,
Frank Mize, Clarence Chappell, Jr.,
Mae Wood Winslow, Edward Hur
dle, R. B. Kirby, R. R. White, Luther
Chappell, Mrs. Lufrher Chappell, Sam
Hourmanis, W. I. Winslow, Mrs. W.
II. Winslow, Jobe Stalling, Edla D.
White, W. N. Tucker, Mrs. W. N.
Tucker, Joshua T. White, Mrs. Josh
ua T. White, J. Alvin White, Mrs.
Winnie Mae Bray, John R. Hendren,
Andrew J. Ownley, Mrs. Andrew J.
Ownley, William Ownley, Wallace
I Ownley, Frances Ownley and Julian
I Ownley.
Archie T. Lane Named
On Peanut Council
Archie T. Lane, prominent Perqui
mans farmer has been appointed to
serve as a delegate member of the
National Peanut Council, according
to an announcement made here this
week. The appointment was made
by the Grower's Peanut Cooperative.
In connection with the announce-
ment of Mr. Lane's appointment it
was made known that the Govern
ment will continue the price support
and marketing program on the same
basis as last year.
I Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stokes an
nounce the birth of a daughter, born
Friday, May $5, at Englewood Hob -
pital, New Jersey. ' Mother and
daughter are doing nicely.
Eighty Thousand In
Sales Needed For
County In E Bonds
Sales of E war bonds climbed above
the $50,0011 mark in Perquimans
County this week, according to K. M.
Riddick, chairman of the War Fi
nance Committee, but the goal for
Seventh War Loan still remains short
by $80,000. Sales recorded up to
Tuesday noon of this week amounted
to $."0,-17!.r0, and the list of meni-
of the 1KU0 Club, residents who
have purchased at least one nHi i:
bond, is growing each day.
Despite the increased buy. i : of V.
bonds during the past week, the Var
Finance Committee pointed out that
unless K bonds are purchasefl"m
greater number and larger amounts
during the remaining four weeks ot
the Seventh War Loan this county
would fail to achieve its War Ioan
quota for the first time since the
drives started in 1941.
The county's K bond Uota is
$lU0,Htl(t, while the overall quota
amounts to $;)1,000. However, sales
of Treasury bonds are moving along
md the quota on these bonds
has been reached. Nevertheless, Per
quimans will not leceive credit for
meeting the Seventh War Loan quota
unless the F, bond allotment is sold.
Township canvassers are being
! urges
to continue at the task of call
ing on neighbors and selling E bonds.
They are also urged to report their
results to the committee chairman as
rapidly as possible. The committee
plans to call upon the Hertford troop
of Boy Scouts to make'" house to
house canvass, selling E bonds to
residents of Hertford within the next
week. The Scouts will be asked to
give one day to conducting the can
vass and helping to put the drive
over successfully.
Mr. Riddick stated that few re-
, ports have been received to date on the
drive conducted by the school children
of the county early in the present
campaign and he requests all teach-
I ers to hand their reports on sales to
j Superintondent 4hnson within the
next few days.
The Seventh War Loan will end on
'June .'10, which leaves only 28 days
for residents to buy SSO.OOO worth of
E bonds to make the drive successful
here that will mean that sales will
have to average about $;,()()() each
day remaining in this month.
Negro Held On Bail
In Shooting Scrap;
Court Hears Cases
Ches Williamston, Negro, is being
held on a $500 bond to face charges
of assault with a deadly weapon, with
intent to kill. He will be given a
hearing by Recorder's Judge Charles
E. Johnson on June 26. Williams
ton came to Hertford early Monday
morning in search of a warrant for
himself after shooting another Negro
Lester Hurdle, through the leg with
a shotgun. Hurdle is reported in a
hospital, recovering from the wound.
The cause of the shooting was not
made known when the case was con
tinued at this week's session of Roc
order's Court.
Loney Hayle was fined $10 and or
dered to pay court costs on a charge
of speeding.
Franklin Cooper plead euilty to a
charge of reckless driving and paid
a fine of $30 and costs of court.
Clinton Johnson was assessed the
costs of court after pleading guilty
to a charge of gpeding.
Three traffic cases were continued
until the next term of court.
Jack Hoffler Home
With Navy Discharge
Jack Holtler, son of Mrs. Lizzie
Hoffler, arrived home Saturday after
receiving a medical discharge from
the U. S. Navy.
Hertford's youngest member of the
armed forces, Jack served more than
two years in the Navy and was
wounded in action during the invasion
of France. He was stationed aboard
an LKT, which did commendable
work in removing wounded from
Frnce back to England
For tlfc past several months he has
been undergoing treatment for his
injury while stationed at Norfolk.
Circle No. 3 of the Hertford Bap
tist Church will meet Monday night,
: June 4, at 8 o'clock at the home of
Mrs. T. L. Jessup. All members are
' urged to be present.

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