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Hertford, Perquimans County, NorSTCarolina, Friday, October 4, 1946. $1.50 Per Year.
Volume XIII. Number 39.
Pulp Company Wants
Seedlings On Idle
Band Members Take
Weekly Renewals
Members of the Perquimans High
! School Band began Monday collecting
' new and renewal subscriptions to The
Half MlfylOn PtanuKr Perquimans Weekly in its drive to
OJ OMonm XXTna raise funds for equipment and music
OUIW ilUgiam ofor the bflnd Tne gtudent8 reprt
Started III 1940 Igood success and are taking a mini
ber of renewals from subscribers
Pursuing its policy it putting its whose subscriptions to The Weekly
idle land, into profitable production, expire during October, November and
Ko Nnrth f.arolinn Puln Comnany . Decemher. I
planted, more than 200,000 pines this
spring on 224 acres m Bertie, craven,
Currituck, Gate, Hertford, Lenoir,
Martin, Washington and Onslow
counties, George Curry, head of the
wood and land department, announced
this week.
These plantings bring the total
number of trees set out since the re
forestation program was inaugurated
in 1940 to more than a half million
loblolly pine seedlings, and the total
average covered to 656 acres. The
company plans to have ail of its idle
lands in timber production within the
next two years, he said. -
The company's extensive land hold
ings in 20 eastern North Carolina
counties naturally contain ft consid-
The band members are collecting
the subscriptions on a liberal per
centage basis and the more renewals
collected the higher the percentage
The public is urged to support the
band in this endeavor as it will pro
vide a way for the band to build up
a fund for its own use.
After hearing evidence for more
ear, an
1 I M .L,..JAMI
eraoie acreage ui bubuuuucu Aiuj
and areas which have been , swept r--
eTnrltis ome 724 death for instigating Wr.d War II,
7 ., . , anH seven others received prison sen
acres, consisting of savannahs and ij Ti,
-1 I 1 1 S .Imi AMiial WSOTTlftV.
cieareu maun in uui, m" vr- , , . . . ,. . . . .
tlons, remain to be J- - ng"
VL7;." Tuesday, and defen
use "fcel ft te -demned noted an appeal to
. , , J! a, fv allK the Contro Council, but there was
.rfSi..0!!' JUSt little likelihood these appeals would
"T" Lu:?jfZrZ be ranted- The Ru8sian member of
land is being set aside for reforesta-, n th it in
Whereas fire is recognized as No. i public enemy, and
causes millions of dollars in damages, and the loss of thousands
of lives each year, and
Whereas, fire is now causing serious set-backs in American
production, loss of natural resources, and threatens national
economy as the increased ' costs of replacements fans the fire
of inflation, and
Whereas the week of October 6 to
aside as National Fire Prevention Week,
12, 1946, has been set
I, Vivian N. Darden, Mayor of the Town of Hertford,
therefore, hereby proclaim the week of October 6 to 12 to be
Fire Prevention Week in Hertford, and urge the citizens of
Hertford to observe the week by eliminating all fire hazards
and taking steps to prevent fires at all future times.
This 4th day of October, 1946.
REA Energizes Sub
Station On Monday
Perquimans Indians
Lose Close Game To
Franklin Gridders
Game This Week With
Edenton Moved up to
Thursday Night
A. T. Lane, manager of the Albe
marle Electric Membership Coopera
tive, announced Monday that the sub
station at Winfall had been energiz
ed, and electric power was being serv
ed to approximately 300 members of
the cooperative in Perquimans and
Chowan County.
Service has already started froin a
sub-station located in Camden County. Perquimans High School tootbaii
Mr. Lane stated that with the en- team lost its second game of the sea-
... . t . - I--. I?-;, n;rVit ti KVnnknn bv
ergizing ol the winian suD-stauon sou msi. --- -- -
the local customer were being served a fi-0 score after the Indians had out
on 60 miles of lines, with still more played the visitors most of the time,
lines to be built giving service to The defense of the Indians was far
additional families in rural areas, superior to Franklin, but it was un
About 90 miles of lines are now un- able to check a Franklin pass in the
der construction and when completed ; third quarter which led to the only
the Albemarle group will be serving score of the game,
families in Perquimans, Chowan, Pas- On the offense the Indians also out
quotank and Camden counties. 'classed Franklin, chalking up eight
The advent of this service in the j first downs to Franklin's four, but it
Irural areas of this section will be a lacked sufficient power to push the
boon to families and will provide ball over the goal line. Perquimans
electric power to homes enabling the threatened to score twice during the
'hnmao n ha m nrfom i pomnlntelv onntoat hut daks olavs were lnter-
,'itli electrical equipment.
Names New Officers
Jimmy Brown, Well Remembered For His Spec
tacular Playing In Old Albemarle League,
Among Stars Who Will Perform
rrL - i... l..lln, ..nnw.iliifiva VerulCLS,
'"7 . T. ,, . n,. fendants. Herman Goenng, next in
land to fast-growing loblolly or other ."""" e
' " . 6 ' , Aom power to Hitler, and Von Ribbontrop,
by the North Carolina Pulp Company, " , :" ;,
.J n to receive the death sentence: Hjal-
- VU7 WJWU jiiuyiij -v-ovv..,
Friday night at 8 o'clock on the Gil Coan, 'Washington Senators, of
Se of Edenton diamond basehal. fans wiU "oSl
ave an opportunity to see major, aph Hodgin chicago white g()X rf
eaguers perform when J. K. (Buddy) jreensboro; Joe Haynes, Chicago
jewis, stellar outfielder of the Wash
ngton Senators, brings his entourage
f big league all-stars to play the
Edenton Colonials, who will be some
what strengthened by several stars
f the Albemarle League.
Iwis has lined un four of his
the tribunal dissented on the last 10
verdicts, voting death for all 22 de-
White Sox, of Columbia, S. C, and
Tommy Bryne, New York Yankees,
f Wake Forest fame.
Buddy Lewis, captain of the team,
s a Gastonian, and a former class
mate of Jimmv Partin at Wake For-
.v' - a. ; nLnted n" Hcwni ana von rapen
Ti rZ m ree
st College. The outfit has plenty of
eammates, three from the New York power at the plate, led by Lewis, -who
lUnkooc nn. from the Pittsburgh u as an eight-year average of more
and Hans iX.ankees' ne fr,m
l n October 16.
i oi lncaet m aiameier jwhsh . . l
. , A.1 ..J -1 IV. I. Will M All
1i f. rm2.J'yih. beim rr
f pJovide more growing space fk the w - year arfo, government action to
remaining trees. The first thin- th . shortage loomed up a
!lJ "..If, vl ...y, i.fa. a possibility this week. Just what
mil Its Will ins iiouc wucn uro . , ... , ,
8 v 4 m u rwi win t us action will be remains to be seen,
tions are about 10 years qld and will , , ,
. ,j . . , . .,, 1 was reported there appears to be
. J A 1 X Ik. f'UmAfWA
-i nniHnj 'irates, enree iroin ine vnnagu
The 12 ciimiriih sentenced to death iL
ght-year average
ban ..'i()0 for the Senators.
All are Carolina boys tester Jorrnn is siatea to start on
with the exceDtion of Bill Johnson, ne mouna against tne mg leaguers,
i eirular New York Yankee third and while J. H. Thorne, Garland Lit-
aoomAn who ia a native of Georeia. le and Snooky Hollow.-!! are ejtpect-
- rwi-- m w '9pni Flnatpm d" to retum- to playi several stars Elliott-. .
"111 "V 17 v . -v., v . - -
orth Carolina boys on the major of the league will be on hand to take
o,i ;-.!, iir,n- Jimmv llrnwn Dart, includinit Yred and Rudy Cas-
yield sufficient pulpwood to well pay ' "s T.p. ' " when he performed on local diamonds
for the thinning job.
i l ; . i l O
WiH, tho HomnnH for nulnwood and J' " w . . . , CMiravn White Sox. VI
UlCIlb I CU UUol LlVllJIIKt VVW"vO iiwui .. . 1'1A
all other types of forest products in
creasing every year,
f the Pittsburgh Pirates, who hails e of Colerain, Fred Dunstan
rom Jamesville. Jimmy will be re- Windsor, Cader Harris and Nate Cad
membered by many baseball fans dy of Klizabeth City and Bud Cvton
no nea lumoren or neruoru.
Wilson Tobs
place behind
The Executive Committee of the
Perquimans Central Grammar School
net recently and appointed the fol
owing officers for the year 1946-47:
President Mrs. B. F. Bray.
Vice President Mrs. Eddie Harrell.
Secretary Mrs. E. S. White.
Assistant Secretary Mrs. Ashby
Treasurer D. L. Barber.
Standing committee chairmen for
946-47 are as follows:
Budget and Finance Aubrey Gur
ganus and D. L. Barber.
Magazine Mrs. Jack Benton.
Study Group Miss Johnnie
Membership Mis. Bassiel Coip
and. Room Representative Mrs. W. H.
Billy Brooks of the
take Jim Edward
, i i i A n h hat
,i i; i aims ijumuerion h im huhic. naiwn "
other land own- ver e re"18 .-.'T, Robinson of the Yankees got his start S There has been some misunder-
piy oi porn ami , ,Wo'c 4 1 standinir about the nrice of admission
em, both large ana smau, win nna n - ; - aUnf 'is rp. t Rockingham
Al.V.l t. fnllnur tho nimnlc aft r" -
w- u rii P,,in nomnnv ceived mostly on a weekly basis
and put their idle acres to work
growing trees. The State Nursery at
Clayton, which supplies the company
with seedlings, will be glad to coop
erate with them in a planting pro
gram. State foresters, extension for
esters and company foresters will as
sist any land owner in planning a
tree-planting program at his request.
However,. Curry cautioned, any
such program must provide for pro
tection against forest fires, as seed
lings, particularly in their early
years, are easy victims of fire, the
South's No. 1 forest enemy.
and then there's Al standing about the nric
Dsmocrat Wosps
Day To Be Observed
, - -iX'tl .
i. v -. x i,
Plana" have been completed for
Democratic Woman's Day in North
Carolina, whicn will be held Tuesday,
October 8, it is announced here by
Mra. B. B. Everett, vice chairman of
; the Democratic State Executive Com-
mittee. -'it
The meeting not only will be for
,'Women interested in the Democratic
v party but for those of other groups
: who are Interested in legislative mat-
The State Board of Education met
with the State Advisory Budget
Commission Tuesday - of this week
with a request for a salary increase
of 20 per cent for all teachers and
employees of the State Board of Edu
cation. The commission was asked
to grant more than 123 million dol
lars for the biennium beginning July
1 to take care of the present salaries
plus the increase. This request was
the largest general fund appropria
tion ever requested in the State.
A Navy plane, piloted by four of
ficers captured the world's non-stop
flight record this week when it roared
Into the airport at Columbus, Ohio,
land flying 11,237 miles from Perth,
Australia. The flight was made v in
65. hours and 18 minutes. When it
took off from Australia the bomber's
grogs weight was 85,500 pounds, the
heaviest ever lifted by two engines.
Mrs. Kathleen Nash Durant, 43-year-old
former captain in the WAC,
was Convicted of complicity of loot
ing a German castle of a million and
a half dollars worth or jewels. ne
was sentenced to five years in pri
son. The defendant was one of five
being tried for the offense. The jew
Evans from Rocky Mount,
catches for the Senators.
Others include: Jake Early, Wash
ngton Senators, of Kings Mountain;
Peanut Harvesting
Started In County
. . ... rr.i nr
o tne game, so tnat ine weeKiy was
requested to state that the admission
will be $1.00 for adults and 50 cents
for children.
Alvina Thiel Weds
Sergeant Stallings
Harvesting of the peanut crop was
reported under way in most parts of
he county this week, with farmers
reporting that prospects for the crop
Were spotty. In some sections the
digging revealed a fairly good yield
and grade, while in other parts ot the'whit blossoms adorned the chapel
county, where excessive rams caused j Mrg john jitts of Colorado
early damage the prospects do not springSj Colorado, was matron of
appear so bright. honor and Sgt. Pitts was best man.
In some sections yields are expect- j The bri(je wag attired in a spice
ed to be near normal, but several v it with brown and white ac-
Publicity Mrs. Claude Williams.
Program Mrs. Eddie Harrell.
Lunch Room Claude D. White,
Irs. R. S. Jordan, Mrs. J. ('. Bundy
.nd Mrs. A. R. Cook.
Publicity and Procedure Miss
Tancy Pardon.
Art Mrs. Marvin Benton.
Health and Summer Round-up
Mrs. Tom Swayne.
Historian Mrs. Delwin Eure.
Library Miss Lucille White.
Hospitality Mrs. Johnnie Lane.
Safety Mrs. Nathan Riddick.
Recreation Talmadge Lewis.
Congress Publication Mrs. Jerome
Character and Spiritual Educa
tion Mrs. Roy Winslow.
Radio Clifton Morgan.
Goal Mrs. Dempsey Winslow.
Procedure and By-Laws Aubrey
Gurganus, Joseph Winslow, Mrs. W.
ceDted bv the alert Franklin team and
the Indians lost possession of the
Coach Max Campbell used two sets
,of backfield for the Indians in an ef
fort to discover a scoring combina
tion, neither of which seemingly de
veloped the spark needed to rack up
ouchdowns. The play on the part
of the Indians' line showed some im
provement over the opening game,
and additional improvement is ex
pected in both the line and backfield
for the game this week when Edenton
comes to Hertford to renew grid riv
alry with the Indians.
1 The game with Edenton was moved
'up to Thursday night and played on
Memorial Field. Perquimans and
Edenton are about evenly matched,
judging from the contests each school
had with Columbia. The Wildcats
downed Perquimans 6-0 and then on
last Friday defeated Edenton by a
12-6 score. Edenton boasts a big line
and a smooth working backfield. The
Aces held Greenville to a 13-i s'ore.
When the Indians and Aces played
it was the -1st game between the
two schools, with Perquimans win
ding 11 victories to Edenton 's 7 and
,three games ending in a tie. An in
teresting sidelight on the series is
that during the first eight games
played Edenton won only one, then
during the next eight games Per
quimans won only one. In the last
seven games Edenton has won only
one and the Indians will be playing
I to ke.-p the eight game jinx on by
troutu in" the Aces again.
The marriage of Miss Alvina Grace
Thiel, daughter of Mrs. Otto Thiel
and the late Mr. Thiel of Taylor,
Texas, and MSgt. Daughtrey Lee;n. Matthews, Mrs. Eleck
Stallings of Camp Carson, Colorado, and m,s. J. Van Rouche
on of Mr. and Mrs. Maxey Stallings
of Belvidere, N. C, took place Sep
ember 5. 1946. at 6 o'clock at the
Post Chapel at Camp Carson. i
Chaplain C. A. Lehne officiated and
Local 4-H Members
Win Fair Ribbons
producers report their crop will yield
only from one-half to 60 per cent of
Crop reporting services in recent
releases, before the rains of the past
month, pointed to increased yields in
the State, and estimated a production
of about 303,400,000 pounds or about
1,025 pounds per acre as compared
with 950 pounds last season.
Her corsage was a white
Annual Conference
Of PTA At Columbia
I The annual conference of the Ninth
District of the National Congress of
Parents and Teachers will be held at
the high school in Columbia on Tues
day, October 8th. Registration will
begin at 9:30 and the meeting will
'open at 10 o'clock in the morning.
The District Director, Mrs. W. H.
Bryan of Ahoskie, will preside.
Mrs. E. N. Howell of Swannanoa,
State President, will address the con
ference on "The Strength of the
i Foundation," based on the theme of
thp National Congress, which is
"Laying Firm foundations.
W. ('. Reed of Kinston will be the
auest speaker ana his sunject win De
els were stolen from the castle last n-0-f Riai1 Una Turn
I." VJ ;7,7" " h November while the U. S. Army was;
t ummAW in t, a. u Twrtont using it as an omcers ciuo.
fn. In nnlltir and Ipffislation. A I ewels were smuggled intd this coun
.,k, f rarloua wo- ry, where they were recovered
men's groups have been invited also,'rmy and government agents.
. Mrs. Everett stated.
Calls For October 30
Perquimans County, Draft Board JlTfZ
Legion Auxiliary
To Meet Friday P. M.
The LadiesAuxiliary of the Wm.
Paul Stallings Post of the American
region will hold its regular meeting
Friday night, October 4, at 8 o'clock
at the Agriculture Building.
All members are urged to be pres
ent, and if possible to bring a hand
The meeting will be held in
Raleigh at the Sir Walter Hotel, and
- will open at noon with a luncheon in
V ' the ballroom, after the women pres
ent have had an opportunity during
:. the morning to greet one another and
. renew old friendships. ,
, Mr.' Charles W; Tillett of Wash
r' Ington, D. C, - and Charlotte, vie
. chairman of the National Democratic
Executive Committee, . will be the
principal speaker following the lunch
- eon. She will be followed on the pro
gram' by William B. TJmstead,' chair
' man of the State Democratic Execu-'-.
tive Committee, Governor R. Gregg
' Cherry and Joaepnus .Daniels, Raleigh
. publisher and former ambassador to
Mexico iech of whom ; will address
, ; the women briefly. f -y
-;M ' 'n' j,-, -1 1 ir ..fji.:.) "If, ii j.ii t m m' :r-:A-.Tt-.;V'
, i CIRCLE NO. I TO MEET-,' i"'
' ' ' Circle No. 5 of the Baptist Church
' will me-'t .Tuesday .evening,, October
8, with Mrs. J. L. Davis. .
Kaiser-Fraper Car
Expected Here Soon
An announcement was made
this week by officials of the Hertford
Motor Company that they expect to
receive shortly a model of the Kaiser
Frazer automobile, for which they
are the agency.
The local company is now com
pleting work on the construction of
its garage and showroom, and will
shortly" announce the opening of the
Service department.
An announcement ,on a public
showing of the new car will be made
prior to its arrival here.
' Mr. and Mr. 'F. i G. Sloop of
Mooresville announce the birth of a
son, born Friday, September 27, at
the Mooresville Hospital. Mrs. Sloop
was Miss Ruth Alice Ward before her
in the veterans' hospital at Oteen and
World-wide Communion Sunday
has received two calls to be filled
Iduring the month of October, accord
ing to Mrs. Ruth Sumner, clerk of
ithe Board.
Both calls, one for the preinduc-
hereiUOn exanunuuuu ui. ... I .... . w,l h all th churches.
trint and on for thp. induction 0Ii""S " " r
two selectees, are scheduled for the
30th of the month.
Mrs. Sumner stated under the pres
ent condition, without a complete
Board, she did not know what action
would be taken in filling, these calls
Rally Day Program
At Oak Grove Church
both white and colored, in Hertford
next Sunday as was announced by
the Rev. B. C. Ravis today. The
communion will b observed in con
nection with the regular services and
in many of the churches an offering
will be taken for the needy.
Two members of Perquimans Cun-
y 4-tl cluDs, reggy wnne aim .lame
Winslow, won blue ribbons in the 4-H j
lub exhibits of the Six County l ain
taged at Elizabeth City last week. Th CnanenKe 0f the Public Schools
Miss White, a member of the High pCKjay "
School 4-H Club, won first prize in i LunCn will be served at the school
the 4-H Club dress making exhibit, , durin tj,e afternoon session the
i ?i -ir; i tlw , e .....
following State omcers will taKe part
while Miss Winslow, a member of thf
Winfall Sixth Grade Club, entered
the canned foods division. She won
first prize on her exhibition of snap
beons and third place for canned to
Mrs. J.
Band To Play At
Elizabeth City
n an Information 1 eri
S. Blair, Wallace, State Field Work
er; Mrs. J. W. Burke, Gibsonville,
Executive Secretary and Treasurer;
Mrs. Russell Johnson, Conway, State
Program Chairman: Mrs. Mayon
Parker, Ahoskie, State Chairman of
Procedure and By-Laws.
Crime At Low Ebb
JTiL. ,0ne Case In Court
zabeth City-Kinston football game to j
be staged at Elizabeth City on Fri
day night. The local band will par
ticipate in the opening of a lighted
field at the Elizabeth City high
school. In addition to the Perquim-
A series of revival services will be-
t -n j.,, noTom will ha held rin at the Chappell Hill Baptist
at the Oak Grove Methodist Church .Church Sunday afternoon, October 6,
at Chapanoke on Sunday afternoon, at ocioca. cvwung w,rvi ...
Local police officials reported one
of the quietest week-ends in recent
months, with no arrests and no ac
cidents reported during the past
week end and only one case was list
ens group, the bands from Elizabeth ed on the docket of the recorder's
City and Kinston will also play. .court when it convened Tuesday
Following the game members of I i. e e .
the three bands and the football wood Lamb with being drunk and
teams will be guests at a dance and disorderly, assault and non-support.
first and third counts but guilty of
! ssault. He was fined $10 and or
dered to pay the costs of court.
party at the high school building.
American Legion To
Meet At Court House
October e.beginning at 2:30 o'clock, conducted Sunday and each ' evetang
rnrnnirniniT. liim wrtk skii a wv v vawm
it was announced today.
.Special music will be provided by
a guest quartet from the First Chris
tian Church, Elizabeth City. The
public is cordially invited to attend.
The Rev. D. P. Brooks of Elisabeth
City will be. the guest minister The
public is invited to attend an
The Wm. Paul Stallings Post of the
American Legion will meet Friday
night st 8 o'clock at the Court House
in Hertford. Several items of im
nortance will be brought up for dis-
ser- cussion and Commander R. R. White
urges all members to attend.
The Parent-Teachers Association
of the Hertford Grammar School will
meet at the school auditorium Thurs
day night, October 1 at 7:30 olock.
All members are urged to attend and
if .4 , !:

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