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vviiiVilzri.i MIW V JL-JLillW II II
nertiord, Ferquimans CountNortii jjaroiina, j.'riday. February U ig
iJlOV If
Fcr State Senate
; Served as Perquimans
Uranty Shenff For
14 Years
, J. Emmett Winslow, former sheriff
of Perquimans County and prominent
in democratic r arty circtfes in North
? Carolina, has announced his candidacy
"r 'Jar the office of State Senator for
, 7 , the First Senatorial District. -
, In making1 his announcement, Mr
WinsloW Stated. "Aftor rhrfnir
- thought to the matter, I have decided
. to oner my services to the people of
, this District It has been a number
- of years since Perquimans County
nas naa representation n m the State
Senate is my belief that Per
v 'quimans should be given this rep
,!,'' Tesentation in the Senate at this
time. If selected by the people of
s the District to be 6ne of ..the two
' ' Senators, it will be my purpose to
serve all of the people to the, best of
r ' my ability, acting as a representative
r- for every county in the District" : - I
Mr. Winslovr is th
, to enter his name in the State Sen-
, . , at race lor the First Senatorial Dis
, - trict, Joe Vann.'of s Hertford County
' mm . x. naigieao or uamden toun
? ) ty, having previously, , announced
4 themselves -for the nomination in the
'Democratic primary. ";'
f V Perquimans ..candidate served
s hit bounty ail sheriff or 14 years nd
; tetired two yr" apt wKen ,fce Jdid
I"; : not In ddition io
U terving as aherjl" of f.i awn eounty,
, Mr. Winslow is a men. berW th x
cu'lv committe and the iongress-
" ioiw.1 committee 8;Ffist ADis;
triCti i H , ha tttlcon n M.i HiaatiuaHinte-
, uve uunng tne war year, serving
s cnairraaa oi tne Kar f und rives,
i rubber salvage drives . an was dis-
,trictk ttrpervisor for the Army Air
I -; .rorces warning service. , ' .
In: Hay of 1947 he was a delegate
from the First District to the Nation-
, ai Kivers and Harbors Congress held
,ih Washington, ;. C.
it . A veteran of World War I, during
whkh he aerved with the Air Force,
v jur. wusiow ia a member of the
Amerfcan Legion; Hertford Eotary
1,1 luaaon tmna isnnner and a
. member of WOW. He owns ' the
, Hertford Hardware and Supply
Compaay and manages the Winslow
Oil Company at Hertford.
ered 1 By lbrst Stdrai
In Senate Race
' This week J. Emmett Winslow,
former Sheriff , of Perquimans
County aad prominent in Demo
cratic party circles, announced
that he will be, a candidate . for
one of the two positions as State
Senator from the First Senatorial
District. .
Indians And Squaws '
Lose In Double Bill
To South Mills Hi
Games With Moyock on
luesday Cancelled on
Account of Weather
local Legion Post
; With Ijvestock and grain prices
tumbling on markets throughout the
awon, me cogts or many living items
alo dropped at the retail level this
wee, .meat, lard and bread prices
were reported lower in many -r cities
over the nation and the drop in these
nces, according to leading retail of-
-m wui. remain at the lower fig-
r, uuion, coment tnat the public
i fie warned that the lower
J may no last, thjit ' continued
-?4 may cause increases. t Econo-
i.3 turouffhoot tfiA
it ,that the leveling off of' livestock
u t,im pnces marK itn end of in
ru,1,wu win onng about. a more
unnai economy. . ,
. 'ssia .-this week answered the
-ar- recently 'published by the
-ret -e United Stater regarding
r t oi roiana and Eastern
Jl;n. - -:r ( JKussian officials.
r.t -"erg, accused .th S
,'."h n( paving the. way for
i i . :.nJ Up German
m sorts : vT-.ij
"r stated
Mm v
' ine Jvci i
''-d States t
, rench dip'..
f ar Gernxan i
" a informat-Is.crjtOt
.8 C
1 Erit
' ?re re-
- - The
Award For
vTh'Wflli.m Pont St.ii: r.-l
No. 128,- of . Perquimans' County has4
uiwuucnuiip enrollment. .
j The citation, and a letter from Na
tional Adjutant Donald G . Glaacnff
which accompanied it, were" read to
rerquimans Legionnaires at the Feb
ruary meeting, held FridaV night at
the agriculture building in Hertford.
. YtT . TS i .-
n, z,. Ainsiey, commander of the
Perquimans Countv noat naM that ha
understood this citation was awarded
to only about fifteen noata in Nnrfh
Carolina. -::;; ,:.
The ' 1948 memho.rahin
campaign in" Perquimans placed in
gooa standing by one hundred per
cent itne 17 members, as it ho dnn
for several years past '
The February meeting was brief,
as bad road conditions iii the Mnnin
prevented manv membera fmm a.
tending the meeting. There was some
discussion of tha nlano fn a
.... - r - - luvuiviiM
building to- provide quarters for the
American legion, and civic organiza
tions, and members desiring to sign
m jraiiuon to oe sent to Congress, en
qorsing military training, were given
me opportunity to do so.
It was voted that th MAnh tYlaMalf.
ing would be a loHt
the ladies auxiliary, to be held at the
ifncuiiure ouiiaing, the flrBt Friday
lKUl 9.T, o 0 C10CK. V ';
Perquimans High School's basket
ball teams lost a double header tn
South (Mills 'last Friday nio-ht Jn
games playedy at the Central gym.
The Indian Squaws came home on the
anon ena or a score, the game
being won by the South, 'Mills girls in
the final seconds of the contest. With
the score tied at 27-all, Perquimans
was fouled and tljte South Mills for
ward tossed the charity chance to win
the game for her team. Chappell was
high scorer for Perquimans, rackinsr
up 20 of her team's 27 points.
The Indians and South Mills hnvs
battled back and forth for 32 minutes
with the South Mills cagers edging
out the Indians by a final score of
35-33. South Mills "held a 12-point
advantage at half time but the In
dians started clicking in the final half
arid moved within close range of the
aoutn Mills count. South Mills, how
ever, proved equal to the challenge
and held the slim margin of points
through the end of the game: Pitt
and Webb were hiarh scorers for Per
quimans, each countintr for ten nointa
while Pejrram. a recent addition to
Coach Joe Levinson's squad, racked
up seven points.
Coach Levinson's junior varsitv
lost a week-end arame to the Eliza
beth City Javees bv a score of 2S-2n
Berry, with six nointa tn hi credit..
was high scorer for the Indian junior
varsity. , v
Perquimans' frames wits the Mnv.
':'SiiirrfiH jjoqm;-' -'tfidneittiled to be
jiiayea on uuriocai court last Tuesday
nignt, was cancelled due to the weath
er conditions. Coach Levinson stated
these games will be played at a .later
The local teams are acherfuloH tn
play Manteo at Manteo tonight but
wun travel conditions made hazard-
Band Fund Campaign
Additional Pledges Are
JNeeded to Assure Suc
cessful Drive v
fV'aV MarklHflllR STORM WHIM TOilM mi Mmin.v
aT - i faaVfUB mM m W W
According To Rep
- ---"a uumum uniuuiua uesinng to help s
S.1' storm Monday, it is port the local band and who wish
The fund fraisins: camoaiB-n hai
sponsored by five civic nnrn;,oii
of Perquimans County to provide a
means to Day a recular .,,' , tu
band director at Perouimana H;rh
School. foT the next five months has
nearly reached the halfwav mt
cording to a report made todav bv
mes a, iNewby, commander of the
Perquimans VFW Post, which is
sponsoring the Perquimans Band.
Mr. Newby stated that a total of
$443 had been collected by the VFW,
American Lesrion. PTA. Rntn a,J
Lions Clubs and pledges, which in
clude the amount already collected,
amount to Jf084. The goal set by the
organizations is ?1,200 to cover the
directors salary and band needs for
the period between .lammrv i j'
June 1.
A check of the cledares
ceived reveals that most of the
pledges have been made by residents
of Hertford and all five of the civic
organizations are hopeful that the
balance needed to put the fund over
the top can be made tin fmm 1-aoI
dents of the county area. It is con
ceded that nearly 100 more pledges
of one dollar ,oer month fn ;
months will be needed if the plan is to
De Drought, to a successful conclusion.
The American Legion led the rest
of the civic cluha in the f
funds, having reported a total of $132
with 49 outstanding in pledges; the
fio.tarv JTli'h haa mnnrtel tl9'f
no pledges outstanding, -VFW reported
x wiwi 4i ,n pledges. The PTA
reported $67 and the numhor f
pieasres received us imvunnut. u.
- mo
Hertford Lions have pledged and au
thorised payment of $ 150, its total
share of the drive and to date have
reported payment of $30.
individuals desirinar to hl n onn.
Resrular Meetinsr Of
Board Is Postponed
Members of the Town Board post
poned their regular meeting schedul
ed for Monday night until later, in
the week, it was announced by Mayor
V. N. Darden. Only routine matters
were on the agenda for the meeting
was reported and these can be hand
led later.
H was reported that definite action
regarding the leasing of Harvey
roini to the town of Hertford may
be taken within the near future A
telegram from Congressman Herbert
C. Bonner advised Mayor Darden
that Harvey Point was expected to
be returned to the authority of the
Navy Department by the RFC within
a few davs.
Clothing Drive Nets
800 Pounds With
deports incomplete
A total of 800 Dounna of new ar,A
used clothing were collected by the
Rnv S.nnti ; II r i . .
j """"w m nci iiuru ihsi oaiur-1 D""" 1 a. was me
day for the local overseas ' clothing I tnev nad ever witnessed.
Business and Traffic Is
Practically Halted on
Tuesday; Schools Are
Closed For Week
Old Man Winter hlew Kio ; 1 u-
. ...o .jr
against Perquimans County for the
ou,m ume within ten days and
when his br-r-r-r blew out, local resi
dents emerged from their homes to
find a 15 to 20 inch snowfall covered
the ground. Many folks, still aching
from the snow shovelling job of Sun
day a week ago, brought forth the old
shovels again and started making
paths along the streets.
Unofficial weather reDorts for th
community indicated that the tem
perature dropped, into the low 20's,
blri the chillv wind which Br,-;j
, " " wvvvuiaiucu
the snowfall made it spem ovAti rtM
er. Likewise, unofficial reports state
that the snow was from 15 to 20 in
ches deep. Some spots which drifted
were reported more than three feet.
The snow began falling here short
ly before noon Monday and continued
until noon Tuesday, almost 24 hours.
Late Monday night the storm turned
into neavy sleet, then back into snow.
Older residents claim it was the worst
storm to strike Perquimans County
since 1928, and even some of the older
folks stated it was the worst storm
likely that these framea will alan ho
postponed until a later date.
Preliminary plans for the Albe
marle Rural Conference tnurnev .are
in the making,' according- to C. E.
Woodard, wh is president of the
conference. Mr. Woodard stated the
tourney, as usual, will be held during
the first part of March.
contribute to the fund are reonetrf
to contact any member of the above
named organizations.
crch Of Dim 3S Tons
of A
ruing a..v '
-s when it ruled 1,70
wn by a special
1 1 Ll,la CiJc were in
v:,e h'-h court ruled the
t of lirs. IVh Eale as
f the cou.1 wrt il'.c-al
i . rendered , by the cc"rt
With some reports still due Per
quimans County's March nt Dimeo
campaigm fund topped the: 11400
mara wis weeK, according to Silas M.
v" whvVU t .w-Mavwa. V4. . KlltS UriVHt
I The eounty goal was $970.
, solicitors, who have not yet made
reports '-to the drive collectors are
urjred to do so as raoidlv a. nnom'hie
in order that this year's campaign can
oe Drought to a' close. . - -
- The co-directors of the : W mil rt
tnmes. IMr. Whedbee and Dr T P
Brinn again expressed their appre
ciation for the splendid " showing
tnade here and the rexnona nn ti,.
part of the public, which enahlerf h.
county to report its quota oversub-
scnoea. , , ' ,
Legion Auxiliary
In LMly Meeting
iohn C. Hobns Dies
At Home In Bethel
relief drive, according to C. Edgar
White and Mrs. C. O. Fowler
rectors of the local campaign.
deports are still td be received
from the churches of the county
which are cooperating with the cam
paign. Mr. White stated that due to
weather;conditions the drive has been
extended until next Tuedav-and Re
quests reports, from rural churches
ny tnat time. Church leaders are re
quested to bring collections to the
v w uub in Hertford not later than
next Tuesday.
Mr. White stated that the collection
made here Saturday contained many
articles of clothinsr in snlennlrf
tion. Several merchants donated
brand new items to the collection.
When the rolled
0 vuui;icicv
next Tuesday the entire contribution
made from this county will be packed
ana snipped to New Windsor, Md
headquarters for the.; Council of
Churches directing the campaign.
After reaching this point the articles
will be made ready for shipment
overseas for distribution among the
needy of various nations. -
'Members of the Perouimana Chan
ter of the American Lesrion Auxiliary
met for their Pehnmrv maetinv loot
mi.. , ' . . -17 . .
inursoay night the home of Mrs.
P. -T. Johnson. After a short busi
ness session which was presided over
by the president .and during which
the member voted a dnnotinn nt five
aouaur to ihe. ; March of Dimes, the
PrOfirram ' Wan turned nver fn iMra
Johnson, who gave an interesting talk
on r lag Duquette; and a reading on
eaucanon'-':.K....:'pi' .. -
The members voted t hnid a .
clal program a the March meeting
uu Argentina, using the South Am
erican Country aa a, tonic nt Pan Am.
erican study for the month of February.-
All members are urged to
gather all possible information on
Argentina ' for . nnMentatinn 'dnrinar
the program next month.
following the -business session of
.UIV 1BKE mMUnff tn; nnctteao aartral a
delicious sweet course.
County Still Without 1;
Car License Exaroinelr
rcrauiman Conntv remain
out a license examiner although. c-
t is i liable that an examiner v iii
be as; to this countv wit sn .
next week or two. No flours f -iw a
':e resnation
ver..l W'' 3 1
j it ose x..." 3
r : 'ri tj I v t
ltotarv Meetfoe-
Called Of f Tuesday
The. meeting ef the' Hertford Rotary
Club, scheduled to b held last lues-
"'8n ira Kniieuvu uua va suinn
Condition. Rvt- W.' S Hnnt nt fhe
btate Highway Patrof who was sched
uled to be the sruest sneaker for the
evening's program wfll visit with the
ciuD-as a later date.' . ,
Recorder's Ccjirt
In Reces3 Tuesday ' 1 -
The reffular session , of Perrmlman.
norder'a Court wa in recem ht
we.i. Charles E. ' Johnann
o'-fsred the recess early Tuesday
rtorning during- the fieiglit of the
-". It -rzi that it v t
John Calvin Hohha ns ,i
r .Mo uxme in uetnei Saturday morn-
o siwn niness. He was a
son oi the late John C. and Absila
uuiicn noons nf ( hmm. r,.t.. r
swes his wife. M T ,ano Paia.
hoods, deceased is survived bv two
t m.u . . -
oi, y. yanerand William F. Hobbs,
both Of Bethel: turn linnAf... iU..
!ran n ' Hertford, Route 1,
m irg. Lucius Jiutts of Hertford,
Route 3: four hrnhom T t
of Washinarton. r. n a. r j t
M. Hobbs of Edenton and ' I.invrAAd
Hobbs of Hobbsville- and
Mrs. Georsre Oirleahv nf w-, '
Minnie Hobbs of Winston-Salem, Mrs!
m . pner 01 Merry mi and
ain. a. u. rerrell of Magnolia.
Funeral ienHiM i
Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the
nome w ttethel by the Rev. R. Ni Car-
rolU assisted hv the In V T nr.ii.
both- ft Edenton.
Burial followed in the Rthi r
tery. A:. .' - ' .
Pnearera were T. P. Hobbs, G. C.
Hobbs Llnwood Hobbs, N. IM. Hobbs.
ivuoocr yuiiinnpr. li A fi
siah and Joseph Proctor. ' Honorary
pall bearers were the deacons of the
oemei captist Lhurch.,
James Russell Dies
At New Hope Home
At any rate, it was terrific. Rni.
ness was practically nil in Hertford
Tuesdayf morning, with only a few of
the stores opening. Traffic, as re
ported by State Patrolmen, was non
existent. All roads in Eastern North
Carolina were blocked by the storm
and highway officials uroed mntMnt
to stay at home. F.- T, Johnson,
County School Superintendent "or
dered Perquimans schools closed until
further notice. Mail delivery was
halted for the day due to the im
passable roads and drifts. The mail
train operated by the Norfolk South
ern was running but on a late sched
ule. No buses nnerated fmm laf
Monday night through Tuesday, but
xne scneauie was expected to be re
sumed late Wednesday.
The State Hiehwav Commiaainn h.
gan plowinz Route 17 earlv Mnndotr
evening but the hiirh wind, drifted
the snow back behind the plows and
little headway was made in clearing
the main highway until late Tuesday.
Traveling was reported hazardous
even after the snow plows had cleared
the roads of the heavy snow and
4 A large number of tourists were
again stranded in Hertford
Jtrayel conditions become imnoaaihu
late Mondav niarht The Hertf u
tel and local tourists homes reported
large number of guests. One tour
ist stopping at a tourist
n nrnrm T a. 1 1 1
p.,0.ii oo j- j " DOI"on out ne naa never
r5 '. . ' . 60 1 seen such a snow storm
James Anderson
Saturday night at 11:05 o'clock atCe " H 1
f r v.
and r
MotherOf Mrs. White
Buried At lumberton
Mr. and Mra. 3 : Vaihr
j - - - - J "WK "Cl
Called to Llimbertnn last. Satnndat, -
temoon because ht the l
of Wra. WbJte'B mother, Mrs. Carlyle,
wno aiea at ner neme near Lumberton
Sunday night v - c .
Funeral services " were jconductad
' ' t . '.' '" "'''.
WcriJ Dav Of Praver
To Be Observed Here
A World Dav of Prv.r &ttS hi k
aerved in Hertford Friday afternoon
o c;ock at toe Hertford Methodist
Ch'"ih, it wat announced here Tuea-
' servicea will he eon -
, ' - "-jj Euflding at
i ' rr.bers c
'." : r:rvfce... , .
his home near New Hone after an
illness of four weeks.
He was the son of the late. Bob
and Mary Jane Russell ind Mu im..
band of the late Mrs. Fannie Russell,
Mr. Kussell is survived by fouf
sonsk James A., Watson' and Earl Of Koute 3. Hertford and
Thomas L. Russell of Manteo: four
daughters, Mrs. Cora. Eure, Mrs.
callie Jackson. iMrs. Annie Whito .ml
Mrs. , Lina Caddy, all of , Hertford
Koute 3; three . brothers, Fletcher
RusselLof St Bride's. Va.l Willie Run-
Sell of Hertford. Route S and
Russell of Texas; three sisters, Mrs.
Lina Harrell, of Hertford, Route 3,
Mrs Lena Umnhlatt nf Oiitari, Tb.
land and Mrs. Ella ' Cooper of Cam
den: 26 Grandchildren and Sft 'frreat-
Funeral services were held at the
Berea Christian Church near New
Hope Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
wun uie Kev. Preston E. C.nvtnr, nt.
flciating. ; Burial followed in the
church cemetery.
The Storm disrUDted hnainece and
travel so greatly that it was expected
to be Thursday or Friday before con
ditions returned to normal.
Vinslov Services
Conducted Saturday
Winslow, 81 ' died at
Guv Newbv To WpH
Charleston Girl .
Guy Newby, son of Mr. and Mrs.
W. G. NewbT nf Herrfnivl ni'll mom,
Miss Frances Davie of Charleston,
West Virginia, on February 21," at
Charleston, according to an announce1
ment received here.
Mr. Newbv. a resident nt rh.rle..
ton is employed By the daily news
paper oz mat city. ,7
.' The Kvid-Al (. ii. j.-.ti.'. '.1
Mr. and Mrs. ,.Qyde H. ' Davis of
Charleston. , . .
- The Woman's KifmMnar J3wiettr ef
tlie- Hertford Baptist Church wfll
meet Mondav nfo-ht t A'ei.v t
me.cnurcn. - -
Dempsey E.
his home near Nicanor last Friday
morning after a lingering illness.
He was the son nf the Ut. TW.n
sey and Martha Winslow and the hus
band of Lelia Jolliff Winalnw
died recently.
Mr. Winslow ia survived.
sons: Percy E. Winslow and Earl E.
Winslow, both of Belvidere, and E.
Worth Winslow nf NnrfnIV. V. .
daughters, Mr. Asbel Winslow, Mrs.
"ucius rrinsiow, 'Mrs. Joseph Wins
low and Mrs. Wayhtnd White, all of
Perquimans County, and Mr. u..
well McCain of Waxhall; one etoter,
Mrs. Delphina Winslow of Perquim
ans County, and three brothers, E. L.
WinsloW of Chowan f!niinr mr,A T. T
Winslow and Ira Winslow, of Per
quimans County; 24 grandchildren,
and 13. great-grandchildren.5
Funeral Unioa ware kM c
. V UflMIT" .
day afternoon at 2:30 at ke TTr.-,-
- -vuva -WVASTB
I , w oasaaj aW UUtTB
pertha White officiating. Burial fol-
fowea m the lamiiy plot ;
f Mr. and Mm : AI.IT r i ! t. " . ,. '
rZ , v iwrigni 01 ;
Uertford Snute.. Three ini. 41. . ,
--. . ww.iimium MIV
Wrth of a daughter, Carole Mathews,
'ht 8 pounds, on- Fel lary 3 a " '
t:20 P. M. , Mother and Aaby ars..'
'formerly Misa Dorothy ilathews.'-

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