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    :1 Li 'I
...j XV. Number 15.
nereiard, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, April 9, 1948.
$1.50 Per Year.
ccity co:;:;issio;;His adout
ROADS Training Caiip And:
Residents From i; Three
Counties Seeking Im
proved Highway;
' More than one hundred residents of
Perquimans, Chowan and Gates conn
ties appeared before the Perquimans
County , Board of ; Commissioners,
meeting in regular session here Mon
day, and requested that the local
Board go on record favoring the con
struction of an all-weather highway
between Center Hill and a point pi
Gates County, beyond Sandy Cross.
' Thr highway is known as the Sandy
Ridge road, and according to spokes
men f or -the large delegation -which
dropped work and business on Mon
day to make a .personal plea to the
local Commissioners, is badly in need
, of improvement The delegation told
the local Board that during the win
ter months the road became almost
,: impassable due to low spots and in
summer monuis cne conamon 01 tne
' -road became sandy causing consider--
able damage to cars and trucks using
-the road.'
The Sandy Hill road serves a
thickly settled area and is heavily
used by the residents of the com
. munities both for travel in private
cars and with trucks handling farm to
market produce.'
' ' According to the delegation, which
' made a personal plea o . the local
Bpard, residents of the, area, many of
whom have put in much time toward
gaining this road project for their
communities had been advised bv
representatives, of the State Highway
Commission that a decision on ' the
, ; project i would be forthcoming if suf-
ficient interest was revealed by the
people residing on or adjacent to the
.highway. This interest was self
evident here Monday when the huge
delegation made its appearance.' One
of the Commissioners stated It was
f the largest group of .people ever to
present a plea for assistance to the
Board regardless of the project be-
ing sought. ,i
William C. Chappell and Louis
Winslow,' both lof Perquimans, spoke
briefly to the Commissioners on the
project, outlining work already done
by the residents toward gaining the
a!1 nr no 4-1Aa klrt-liit'Oif TIia tnnal Rra fA
' members went on, recprd'"favning the
forwarded tothe State Highway Cora
; mission J resnesting that , the project
be given full ' consideration bf the
State Board. Each of the individuals
attending, the meeting here Monday
also signed tne petitions.
. - " As pointed out, the - project would
be atri-county affair. - The road
" traverses Perquimans, Chowan . and
-i i. . i" . i 1 m U
vraies cuuaucs ana msuiar b can ue
. learned every individual residing on
the highway wants the road improved
to make it passable the year around. -f
Following the meeting with the tri
county delegation the Commissioners
handled the usual routine matters
' and considered a proposed budget eub-
mitted' bv the Welfare Denartment.
C. Edgar White, Superintendent of
Welfare for the county, requested an
- increased appropriation for the 1948-
; 49 j budget to handle additional cases
of old age assistance and aid to de
pendent children. "The welfare bud-
. get a drawn and approved by the
Welfare Board called for an increase
of approximately $3,800.' After' a
. aiscussion uie vomnuaaionera lenm-
tively approved Increases amounting
to f 2,000.
Er.I:rs litsa Fcr ;
Dates Are Set For
Pre-School Clinics
Miss Audrey Umphlett, (Perquimans
County health nurse, announced Wed
nesday that dates have been set for
holding ;pre-scnool clinics at four
school buildings in the county. The
schedule of the - clinics is published
elsewhere in this issue and parents
are requested to note the dates and
take, theiv children to the nearest
school 4n dates set
Local, doctors are, cooperating with
the.Health Department in conducting
the clinics, but colored parents are
also requested to note that these doc
tors will be located only at the two
large - Negro ' schools, and. children
from other areas should appear at the
two schools mentioned" for clinic examinations.
Tee Brert Spring
Little Interest
Shown In Local
Political Picture
With only ' eight days remaining
within which candidates may file for
local political offices, little interest is
being manifested in the primary elec
tion to be held on Saturday, May 29.
Local voters will have a number, of
selections to make in regard to State
and district offices, but the local scene
is expected to remain quiet.
A. W. Hefren, chairman of the
County Election Board, stated today
that Saturday, April 17, is the final
filing date for local offices.
All of the incumbents of local of
fices, with the exception of C. E.
White and L. L.' Winslow, County
Commissioners, who have announced
that they will not seek re-election,
are expected to be candidates to suc
ceed themselves in office.
Four local men have announced
themselves as candidates for office.
J. Emmett Winslow is seeking one of
the two seats in the State Senate for
this district ,E. Leigh Winslow and
Clarence.-. JtuIUds have announced
ha'Ahe.iwQaSek- cwcBd!les'.ior' the
cn . Tl i P i l' T" its
Chappell today announced he will run
for County Commissioner for Bethel
Townhsip. C
The, District SolicUor race is 'a
three-cornered affair between John
Graham and John White of Edenton
and Walter Cohoon of Elizabeth
City.,-"-:: :
Six candidates are in the race for
the office of Governor, but as yet
neither of these candidates have a
local manager, nor is any particular
interest in that race being shown.
Senator. William Umstead and J. M.
Broughton are contesting each other
for the post as U. S. Senator.
Local offices to be filled at the elec
tion this year include those of County
Commissioners, ' Register , of Deeds,
Judge of the Recorder Court. Treas
urer, Representative and two offices
in the Board of Education.
Clarence W. Phillips, a resident of
, Bethel Township and Hertford busi
... negs man, today announced, his candi
dacy for the office of Representative
for Perquimans. County, subject to the
, action of the Democratic, voters in the
primary election nay ;
- Mr Phillips is a native of Perquim
ans County and graduate of the local
schools.. He is now engaged in busi-
ners in Hertford and is active in the
civic affairs of the community. He
Is a member of local veterans organi
TU'lom: Hi is also a member of the
Lions and Bethel Ruritan clubs and
the Eaptist Church. '
- In mting his announcement for a
T1 V'.e ofHce. which he is seeking for
1 s first time, Mr. Phillips sUted that
12 selected by the people of Perquim
i j to te their Representative that
he wo-' 1 endeavor to serve the county
and 3 to the best of his ability.
i lira. Joe L& in Bon an.
V I ' "i of a ? ' .r, born
1 6, at t:.e I '-al Ccn-
- h cv-. r -t f
Move Players Mon.
The Norfolk Baseball Club broke
off spring training in Hertford last
week-end. The club management re
moved half of the squad of 62 play
ers to Norfolk last . Sunday and the
remaining players, were transported to
Blackstone, Va., on Monday.
'The decision to close the Yankee
farm training camp here came after
several days of confusion resulting in
a number of disagreements between
school officials, the Tar management
and a local committee which had rep
resented the Tars in obtaining Mem
orial Field for the Tars' use.
Mayor V. N. Darden and A. W.
Hefren, both of whom were members
of the local committee handling ne
gotiations for the Tars, are reported
as having the understanding that the
Tars were to be invited here and have
the use of Memorial Field from mid
morning until their- practice session
ended in the afternoon. This ar
rangement, it was reported, was com
pleted after the Board of Education
had reversed itself as opposing the
proposition for letting. any club or
team use Memorial Field during this
period of the year.
On arriving here the Tars were ap
proached to permit the local high
school team to use the field part of
the time originally allotted to the
Norfolk club. It, was reported that a
disagreement arose over this attempt
to change the original conditions
which brought the Tars to Hertford
and Superintendent of Schools F. T.
Johnson then contacted the manager
of the Tar team regarding the situa
tion. Mr. Johnson stated that he act
ed as the result of numerous re
quests on the part of individuals in
Hertford and Perquimans County. A
representative of the Tars stated that
court action was discussed unless the
Tar management agreed to the change
in the terms of the agreement orig
inally reached. It is understood that
this latter move was responsible for
the club management in removing the
players from the community. The
same Tar representative stated that
the Yankee baseball organization had
no desire to interfere with or handi
cap a school program, neither did it
wish to interfere with the local high
school, baseball plans.
Contracts and reservations, the clui
had made in Hertford were cancelled
last Thursday morning to become ef
fective over the week-end as the play
ers Were moved to other locations.
C& D Drivers Slow To
Apply For License
r Perquimans County motorists whose
name begins with C or D have an im
portant date to fill before June 80,
according to the State Department of
Motor. Vehicles.;'. Xit-u ;-
It is estimated that there are many
motorists .in the : county who have
failed as yet to renew their drivers
license, and this must be done before
June 30, or the motorists face court
action if caught after that- date driv
ing with an old license.
License Examiner W, E. Nelson,
who is- located in Hertford . every
Wednesday - and ' Thursday of each
week, for; the purpose-of giving ex
aminations, reported that at present
motorists are slow in coming in for
renewal 'of -their old licenses. He
urges all drivers in this group to ap
ply early and avoid the last minute
rush for new license
Winners Announced. ,
In Speaking Contest .
Miss Betty Ruth Chappell was de
clared the winner of the Perquimans
County elimination speaking' contest
sponsored by the N. C. State Bankers
Association nd Soil' Conservation De
partment ' The contest 'was held at
the high school Tuesday night, March
30. As winner of the local contest,
I'b Chappell was awarded a $25
prize and the right to compete in the
d trict contest which will be held, in
EJenton April 7. ' '-'
C''r winners in the lot al contest
w-a ' vard Lane, second, v ho re
r 1 5 0 prize, and I -" r ' in,
t-3 prize, and 1- 3 ; :1I1-
, f th, $10 prize.
Sponsorship Of
Bandmaster Fund
Representatives of the Perquimans
Post of Veterans of Foreign Wars ap
peared before the Board of Educa
tion, at a meeting held Monday, and
advised the members of the board
that effective June 30 the local VFW
Post no longer could 'or would as
sume the sponsorship of the financial
fund for the payment of a salary to
the bandmaster of the 'Perquimans
High School Band.
The VFW Post, according to a rep
resentative of that oragnization, will
continue, and do what the Post can
toward sponsoring the band itself,
but according to the opinion of the
majority of the VFW Post the salary
situation for the bandmaster is one
that should ,be handled by the Board
of Education. It is for this reason
Lthat the VFW, according to the
spokesman, is turning the respon
sibility to the Board of fc.ducat.ion.
Early this year, after numerous at
tempts had been made to provide a
salary arrangement for the band
master, the local VFW Post assumed
the sponsorship of a drive to raise
funds sufficient to pay the band
master a fixed salary beginning with
January and ending June 30. A large
number of individuals throughout the
county pledged one dollar per month
toward the amount needed to meet
this obligation. While this plan has
worked successfully, a large number
of residents as well as some members
of the VFW are of the opinion that
this matter should be handled through
the school system. Four other or
ganizations, the American Legion,
PTA, Rotary and Lions clubs joined
with ' the VFW toward raising the
sum needed to meet the obligation
for the six months of this year. It
is reported that at least a number of
members of these organizations be
lieve as does the VFW that the band
master salary should be handled by
the school officials.
No action was taken by the Board
of Education at the meeting this
week in regards to the matter.
State Coach To Be
Specter At Banquet
; Everett N.- Case, nationally known
basketball coach of N. C. State Col
lege,' Will be the guest speaker at a
banquet to be given in Hertford on
Tuesday night, May 4, by the Hert
ford Rotary Club for members of the
Perquimans High ' School boys' and
girls' basketball team, it was an
nounced today by Max Campbell,
president of , the club, who secured
Mr. Case as the speaker for the oc
casion. ' '
CoachV Case directed high school
basketball teams in Indiana for a
number of years and came to State
College two years ago after his re
lease from the Navy. During the war
years Case served as Navy Athletic
Director at several Navy schools. Dur
ing his !twq years at State College
Case's teams' have attained national
rating among ' college ranks. The
State team "during the past year won
29 games and lost three, the last in
the opening round of the National In
vitational .Tournament in New York.
-1 . , -
Chappell Candidate
For County Board
Unv ft f?liiinnall nt Rathal Town-
ship, former member of the County
Boara 4i commissioners, today an
nounced his candidacy for the office
subject to the Democratic Primary to
be held the latter part of Hay.
. Mr PhaTtnol! - bbtvbA - u floiintV
Commissioner for a period of eight
years and retired rrom tne Boara in
1940." -
In ' nnnminxlno- hia C&ndidacv Mr.
fHinnnoll atahul ' thnf. hn was becom
ing a candidate for the office t ,the
urging of many friends and requests
of numerous residents throughout the
county. - . , ' ';
The Judsoo Memorial . Bible 'Class
of the Eaptist Church will meet Tuesr,
day, April 18, at 8 -P. M. at the
church with tlrs. Jim BasS .' 'Vs.
E.' A. Goo 1. nan- as joint r
All members are urged to la . 1.
VFW Post To Drop
New Officers Of
Hertford OES Named
New officers of the Hertford Chap
ter,. No. 137, .Eastern Star, were in
stalled at a meeting on Monday
night, March 29, following the official
visit of the District Deputy Grand
Matron, and Patron, Mrs. Rae Emery
and W. J. Pell. Grand officers con
ducting the installation of 'the officers
were Mrs. -Emery, Mrs. Blanche Twi
ford, Mrs. Mary Pell and Mrs. W. J.
Pell. . .
The local officers installed were
Mrs. Sipivey Matthews, Worthy Mat
ron: Spencer Vick, 'Worthy Patron;
Mrs. Lillie Vann, Associate Matron;
Cecil Winslow, Associate Patron; Mrs.
Dorothy Bass, Conductress; Mrs.
Mary Robertson, Associate; Mrs. Ce
cil Wiijslow, Secretary; David Prit-
chard, Treasurer; Mrs. Lena Gregory,
Chaplain; Mrs. Lela Winslow, -Mar
shall. Other officers Include Mrs. Lois
Carlton, Mrs. Eva Dozier, Mrs. Hazel
Spires, Mrs. Margaret Bagley, Mrs.'
Erma Vick, Mrs. Mary Chappell and
Mrs. Edna Eley. .
The chapter presented a past mat
ron's pin to Mrs. Sallie Bonner, re
tiring Worthy Matron. Visitors at
the meeting included those from
Elizabeth City, stantonburg and, vic
tory- . Chapter of Virginia. :
Mr. and Mrs.' Cecil Winslow, Mr.
and Mrs.. G. C. Buck, Mr, and Mrs.
Htfyle Umphlett and Dr. and Mrs. A.
B. Bonner attended the Scottish Rite
party "held in Edenton last Friday
The next meeting of the Hertford
Chapter of the Eastern Star will be
held Monday, ; April 12, at 8 o'clock
in the Masonic hall. All members are
urged to be present .--'i
Symons Rites Held v
Sunday Afternoon . .r-
Funeral services for ChrisfoDfler
lttst Thursday morning after ap' ill
ness of three months, were conducted
Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock at
Pleasant Grove Church. The Kev.
Sigsbee Miller, officiated.
!. Siinrivinir are th widow. Mrs.
Christopher Symons, one son, Ernesf
Symons. of Hertford; three daugn
ters. Mrs. W. A. Arnold of Elizabeth
Citv. Mm. Martha Hall of Winfall
hand Mrs. George Hall of Winfall; one
sister; Mrs. Tergin Bertiet ot iiiuza-
xh City; 19 grandchildren ana tour
' t. grandchildren. ''' - ' "
1 . '1 bearers were Charlie Lane,
; v Hurdle Leslie Sumners, Vernon
.11, Dennis, Hurdle .and Quinton
In House Race
Air, -(
Clarence W. Phillips, a Hert
ford business man, today an
nounced his candidacy for the
office of Representative for Per
quimans County. He enters the
race against E. Leigh Winslow,
who announced his candidacy two
weeks ago.
J in the faml'.y plot
tt Eurdletowa, vj
Varied Docket In
Recorder's Court
Session Tuesday
A varied docket consisting of 28
ases, 15 of which involved charges
of speeding, was disposed of by the
Perquimans Recorder's Court at the
session conducted here Tuesday morn
ing. Fines of five dollars and costs of
court were taxed against Edwin
Shane, Isel Stempil, Peter Nehemkis,
Robert Bootay, Harry Katz, Samuel
Doss, Rudy Hager, George Worthsby,
Jerome Laden and Kenneth DePree,
all of whom entered pleas of guilty.
r .Ten dollar nes and costs of court
was assessed. againSt Lee KimLoy,
David Brown, Robert Spry, Charles
Jahn and Irving Rigler on charges
of speeding.
A verdict of not guilty was return
ed in the case charging Eula Thatch,
Negro, with assault.
Norris Jaffie paid the costs of
court on a charge of passing a car
on a curve.
Malachi Parson, Negro, plead guilty
to driving with insufficient brakes and
paid a fine of $10 and costs.
William Carter, Negro, entered a
plea of guilty to a charge of being
drunk and paid the costs of court.
A fine of $10 and costs were taxed
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SmaU-White Vows
Spoken fyfarch 27th
The marriage of Miss Eula Virginia
White, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jo
seph P. White, of Hertford Route 3,
to Clyde Small, Jr., son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. V. Small of Weeksville, was
solemnized on March 27 at the Berea
Church of Christ at 8 o'clock. The
Rev. Preston E. Cayton, pastor of -the
church, officiated, using the double
ring ceremony. 1
. The church was " beautifully deco
rated with white gladioli, snapdrag
ons, palms, fern and lighted candel
abra. Preceding the ceremony Mrs.
R. M. Riddick, pianist rendered a
program of nuptial music, using the
traditional wedding , marches as the
processional and recessional; Mrs.
Tommy Thompson of Elizabeth City
sang "I Love You Truly," "Because"
and "Ihe Lord s Prayer."
The bride, who was given In mar
riage by her father, was attired in a
suit of Airforce Blue, with Navy ac
cessories, and a shoulder corsage of
orchids. Her shoes and. bag were
battleship, grey. ,
Mrs. G. H. Webb of Elizabeth City.
sister of the bride, was matron of
honor and. the bride's only attendant
She wore a brown wool dressmaker's
suit with pink accessories and wore
a corsage of pink roses.
Best : man was the bridegroom s
brother-in-law, H. S. . Jackson. Ush
ers were Gaston Smail, Jr., and Hor
ace Stanton, Jr., both cousins of the
The bride's mother wore a suit of
old rose with black accessories and
her flowers were orchids. The' bride
groom's mother - wore a green wool
suit with black, accessories and an
orchid corsage. . s
" Mrs. H. N. i Dunstan of Norfolk,
sister of the bride, and Mrs. H. S.
JackBon, sister of the bridegroom,
were, mistresses o ceremonies. .;., . )
Action Follows Request
Made By Board of
Education Monday
F. T. Johnson, superintendent of
Perquimans County Schools since
1934, tendered his resignation of that
post to the Board of Education on
Wednesday. The action followed a
request, made on Monday by the
Board of Education, that Mr. John
son resign in accordance with the
terms of a conditional contract which
was offered and accepted by him in
April of 1947.
In announcing his resignation, Mr.
Johnson stated that he would have a
public statement to release to the
press at a later date. The state
ment of resignation, which was mailed
to W. E. Dail, chairman of the Board
of Education, makes the resignation
effective as of June 30 this year.
At a meeting of the Board of Edu
cation held Monday. Mr. Johnson
pointed out to the Board members
that the contract signed last year was
conditional and it was time for action
on the matter. After a discussion, it
was reported, that the Board was
unanimously in favor of requesting
the resignation, based upon the con
ditions set out in the agreement
made in 1947. The terms of this
agreement was that Mr. Johnosn
would resign, if requested bv the
Board, at the end of 12 months, al
though the formal contract called for
the appointment of Mr. Johnson as
superintendent of schools for a period
of two years.
Dissention over local school condi
tions, it was reported last vear. led
to the conditional contract which was
then offered by the Board of Educa
tion. Later, however, Mr. Johnson
suffered an illness which ,for a time
handicapped him in carrying out the
duties of the office. However, his
health improved and he has been
carrying on his work during the past
eight months as superintendent. The
Perquimans Weekly learned, however,
that this condition had some bearing
in regard to the action taken by the
Board at the meeting early this week.
Mrs. Norman Elliott, representing
the PTA of the Hertford Grammar
School, appeared before the Board
and made requests pertaining to the
improvement of the lunch room at the
school. ,
The Board .received a number of
complaints in regard to .the condi
tions at Perquimans High School, and
on motion it was ordered that a gen
eral spring cleaning be conducted at
the school. '
Permission was granted by the
Board for the moving of 'one of the
fences surrounding Memorial Field,
to provide space for the building of
additional bleachers for the baseball
Perquimans County
Cancer Fund Drjve
To Open Next Week
Joe H. Towe will lead Perquimans
County in its April drivtf for funds
to fight cancer.
Mr. Towe's appointment was an
nounced today by John parkins, Jr.,
of Trenton, State campaign chairman
for the American Cancer Society.
"It always has been th policy of
the American Cancer Society to se
lect its chairman on the basis of civic
interest leadership and executive abil
ity. I believe Mr. Towe has all those
qualities to a high degree," Larkins
said. The North Carolina Division
of the American Cancer Society . is
fortunate to have him serve as cam
paign chairman." . , , "
Mr. Towe pointed out 'that funds
raised in Perquimans County will be
used to help finance a three-fold at
tack on the disease which last year
killed more than 2,500 men, women
and children in the State. .
Committee for each township in the
county will be named next Monday
and a plan for solicitation to raise the
county goal of $400 will be mapped
out Mr. Towe announced.
It is estimated that there are 36
cases of cancer in Perquimans County
at this time and funds raised through
the local drive will go to helping to
fight the battle against this disease.
A large portion of the funds will be
spent on a widespread educational -program
designed to teach the public
the early symptoms of cancer and to
encourage prompt medical attention
while the disease is in early stages
and chance of cure Is good. t '
Word was received here Monday
evening by Mrs. Cecil Winslow that ,
her brother, Joe J. Brothers, died at
his home in Charlotte Monday after
a short illness.. , ' , I

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