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t Past Experiei Show .,, , '
i Peace By Disarmament 1
Twelve years ago, the United-States
g conferring -with othef nations in
ndon in an effort to.,eecure an
reement to limit Nthe navies of the
rid. 1 " t'- '
i'h London Naval Conference did
t succeed in easing the tension that
.a an.nstrnt in the world.' Mr. Cor-
11, Hull, Secretary of State at the
tie, reveals that, following the tn-
n .Conference the State jjepanmem
,d to consider when, "in the light
f chaotic conditions in (many areas
i the globe, this nation ihould, to all
-actical intents, abandon the under
king to preserye peace through dis
mm,nt and nroceed raDidly to arm
efficiently to .be able to resist the
oiniv visible movements . toward
Military conquest by Germany, Japan
1J Tit-H J I: :;V ' ' v..
M. Hull vominrla his. readers that.
r more than 'a decade, the tendency
f the- world had , been towards dis- '
'rmament but that' in", the several
ars preceding the 1936 conference, j
,'we had seen acts and utterances by
apan, Germany and Italy definitely!
evealing intentions of aggression." j
rhese countries repudiated :"all !dis
irmament Undertakings and every
Jbligajtion to keep the peace." There
Vere "wild, runaway races in arma-Wnts,-iwith
these aggressor nations
1 J-l . Vt-.e H4Tntiflna tkAimTtQHlOr1
y loud, brazen threats or conquest.
AftfiHnDrlv. Mr- Hull admits that
a .1r monifaef flint .r.tAt?0 on
jlV Wt0 i. VCi l J uimiivu .j
ihe basis of disarmament was next to
impossible. -The question that then
presented itself," he declares, "was
whether arid 'i to what . extent there
Would be suitablooperation by the
law-abiding nations to curb the rap
idly developing plans 'of military ag-
iimafloi'nn.'':';'1:,-., " .- "
Knowinir that Dublic opinion in this
country was "militantly and almost
LrSnianHir acrainat." onterinsr anv ioint
!v luivuvij -j . .
undertakings with other nations to
keep the peace, Mr. Hull concluded
that "the only alternative remaining
WAS for the United States, while con
tinuing to preach and practice peace,
and urging like policies on an na
tions, especially the avowed aggres
sors, to take immediate notice of the
aggressors' movements and arm our
nation without delay to the extent
adequate for our security."
U. S. Reverses Position V " ;
On Two Important Issues
The United States Government has
reversed its position on two import
ant matters of international concern.
The alteration ; n our policies came
as a surprise and, apparently, is link'
ed to the critical international situa
tion. ' ""," r
Th.' four ra?irnl shift in the Dosi-
I tion Ukeit by this country involved
te partition or faiestine ana repre
sented a back-tracfc from the position
taken as late as last (November.; y'
As everybody V remembers, ' tne
UniterTstatei acted vigorously to- se
ha annrnvni of the United Na-
;tions to the plan to partition. Pales-
I tine. Since tnen, mere -,
siderable 'fighting of i.the gangster
land terrorist element in mat unnappy
area, with both Jews, and Arabs be
jing guilty of what can only be termed
I atrocities "
The surprise- Shift of the United
HfntM vm hardlv cleared before
Washington announced that the
Trefoil statoa- Great Britain and
W , 7 .
France had proposed to we oovipi.
TTninn that th territory oi inesie
'returned to the Italian government.
The disposition oi mis my w uc
of the problems connected wiui me,
treaty of peace ith Italy. Yugo-;
slavia and Italy both wish to retain
control of the port.
j The" changed position' of the three
i nations comes about through an ef
fort to solve an admittedly vexacious
problem in connection with the special
itone set up and policed by American,
British and Yugoslavian troops. This
has" not worked satisfactorily and
there nave been rumors that the
iYmrnslnvinn Government might move
in on the free territory whenever the
. . . i.Ji
Anglo-American troops leii.
It is also noted that the Italian
people go to the polls on April 18 to
determine the composition of their
new government. The Communists
are making a strong drive and, de
spite the opposition of the Catholic
Church; seem likely to capture a con
s'derable popular vote. Inasmuch as
Ciimmunist Russia and Communist
1 Yugoslavia, are aeainst Italian acqui
sition of; Trieste the move of the
'three powers puts some pressure on
Italian Communists, who, it seems,
must choose between Italy's interest
'and the present program of the
1 Communists. .
Vote-Getting Power
.Has Weight In 1948
! All the news from Washington in
dicates that Congress will pass a tax
reduction measure and, this being an
election year, it is almost safe to pre-
ic.t that the expected sto of Presif
erit Truman will be overridden.
For the same reason, that we are
in an election year, if is practically
safe to predict that Congress -vill not
pass a universal military training bill
, " Representative For the
'Mm 111ft : ; " : ELIZABETH CITY. N. C. 405 S. ROAD ST.
I " asJ
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farmer wto used natural
soda on bis cotton. May
be his experience will
' help you solve the same
problem in your own
fields."! ' '
(facte Hatchet
11I 1 1 1 11 1 jiiiMiilsaww 1
and much doubt about the' 'willing-
ness of .Congress to put into effect a
temporary ' selective "service ' act. !- '
The test, of tax reduction nd milir
tary preparedness will not be the best
interest of the country;- in the long
run, but' the vote-getting power or
the bills in the election in 1948. The
situation ' illustrates- again the fact
that democracies cannot compete with
HiYtato states when it comes to Ret
ting ready for an international crisis.
The Big Question Today Is
Will U. S. Help Free Nations?
a The trend of international affairs is
gradually pushing the United States
into something like a military alliance
with the free nations of Western Eu
rope.- , -V.
While President Truman, in his re
cent message to Congress, did not
openly suggest a mutual .defense
nart. ha verv nlainlv intimated that
the United States, "by appropriate
means, Should "extend to tne iree
nations the support which the situa
tion requires."
What, was the situation to which
the President referred ? He mention
ed the effort of the. five nations in
I Europe toward economic cooperation
which has been lollowed oy a move
ment toward common self-protection
in the face of the growing menace to
their freedom. He snoke of the de
termination of the free countries of
EnroDe to nrotect themselves and that
it "will he matched bv an eaual de
termination on our part to help tnem
to do so.
The hieh officials of the United
States seem to be convinced that war
cannot be averted by wistful think
inir or bv resolutions. They incline
to the belief that war can be pre
vented if the Soviet Union under
stands verv clearly that it cannot
continue its effort to conquer Eu
rope without encountering, not only
the resistance of the free nations of
Europe, but American power as well.
Those familiar with the history of
Hitler's aggressions will recall that
upon separate occasions ihe German
leader took advance steps in the way
of aggression but that, in these in
stances, he had prepared a 'retreat in
the event that his advance met with
opposition. Many observers have ex
pressed the thought that neither the
Kaiser nor Adolf Hitler would have
plunged into war if they had known,
before the conflict began, that the
United States would eventually throw
its srreat nower into the battle.
The President Explains
Th Price Of Peace
Nothing in the recent message of
President Truman expresses the truth
fnriiWv than this:
"We must be prepared to pay the
mice of peace or assuredly we shall
mav the nrice of War."
'T ..... n
Now. what is the nrice 01 peace :
Is it the repeated and abject sur
render of one's rights in order t'o ap
pease a possible enemy? Certainly;
the history of the world in the present
nenturv demonstrates rather conclu
sively that this is not the price of
One of the nnces of peace is a wil
lingness on the part of brave people
to defend their just rights, idealiza
tion of this determination on the part
of possible enemies will do more to
deter them than any other factor.
Once a nation begins the process 01
surrender, it loses the respect of those
with force and becomes the despised
victim of their schemes.
The firm resolution to defend one s
rights mav not nrevent all warfare,
- -cj w
especially where democratic peoples
allow totalitarian regimes to possess
overwhelming armaments and mili
tary power. The . readiness of a
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people to fight, however,, in defense
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goes Jar toward creating tne respeot
that other nations must have for this
country if we expect to have our
rights properly recognized.
The , President pointed out that in
the past the United States had failed
concluded on rage Sue)
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