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olume XV. Number 20
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, May 14, 1948.
$1.50 Per Year.
J. T. Ciders Elactcd
Pitt . County! Principal
Signed to One Year
t Contract By Board
k John T. Biggers, principal, of the
Winterville school at Winterville, N.
Cif for the past several years, was
-elected to the position of superinten
dent of the v Perquimans County
Schools at a special meeting of the
Board of Education, held last Thurs
day night Mr. Biggers was selected
to fill the Vacancy caused by "the
resignation 'of r . T. Johnson lor a
period of one year. ,
' The new county -superintendent of
schools is a member of the Presby
terian Church, married and has one
child of school age. He graduated
from Presbyterian College and took
graduate work at the University of
North Carolina for three terms and
at Eastern Carolina Teachers College
for on term. He has had 18 years
experience- . in . teaching in various
srhools in the eastern part of the
State, having been located at Rae
ford. Griffin and Winterville.
He is a member of the North Ca
rolina Education Association and is
immediate past president- of the
Northeastern District of the NCEA.
He is member of. the Masonic
Lodge, Lions and Ruritan' Clubs.
One of a number1 of applicant ap
plying for the position here, Mr. Big-
gens was highly recommended to the
Board of education, ftotn oyi omciais
of the State Board, and by individuals
from Pitt County, who have known
the new superintendent personally.
While it is customary to award
superintendents two-year contracts,
the local Board of Education, in nam
ing Mr. Biggers to the post, voted to
confine the contract only for the un
expired time left in the contract ten
dered Mr. Johnson last year.
Mr. Biggers is expected to assume
his duties here sometime about the
middle of June. 1
Forest Education
Plan Pushed Here
A ten-year plan of forest educa
tion is being set up in the Perquim
ans High School jointly with some
other schools in North Carolina and
other Southern states, it was stated
here today by W. U Snaddix 01 the
Southern States Forest Fire Commis
sion, Inc., who was in Hertford Tues
day and Wednesday in the interest of
the program. Quantities of forest
booklets and posters are being sent
here for distribution among teachers
and students for studying during the
summer.' aiid this fall some films on
forest and soil . conservation will be
offered free on loan here by some or
ganization interested in the project,
Mr., Shaddix stated. . v
The Commission is a non-profit
education corporation formed in
1939. The organization is directed
and financed by about 1,000 wood in
dustries located' throughout the
Mr. Shaddix visited the High School
here today and worked out details of
the plans with Principal a. u. wood
ard. r
Legion Auxiliary
To French Youth
A nation wide rail strike, scheduled
'.to have become: effective Tuesday
- morning, was averted late ' Monday
when the Government seized' the rail
roads and turned them over to the
,- army for operation. A restraining
order asrainst the unions was obtain
ed by Government officials and on
the court order the railroad workmen
; continued at their jobs. A hearing
' on the Court order is scheduled for
next week but reports indicate that
the differences over which the strike
t was called will be settled and the
trains will continue to roll. Untold
sums of money were lost because of.
the temporary embargo placed upon
' shipments of perishables by the rail
roads, when it appeared that the
; strike would take place. Most selec
" tions of the country reporfconditions
back to normal by this date.
, Congress has placed its stamp of
approval upon a U. S. Air Force of
a TO-group sixe and a Senate commit
tee has approved a selective service
measure in efforts to place the na
tion in a position of safety from pos
.' sible attack by anjf nation seeking
war. The action by congress in re
" gards to the air force program will
provide a greater force than one rec
ommended by Administration officials.
President Truman and 'State De
- partment '"officials, ' this week, stated
that the U. S. bad not asked for
peace parley with Russia. s The an
nouncement was made following
" report from Moscow that the U. S.
Ambassador had, presented a : note
, to Russian officials: requesting such a
conference to iron out differences be
v tween the two nations. ; The V. .8.
attitude toward the situation" appear-
ed to be one of suspicion toward the
' T 'na in the endeavor to ' bring
t" s conference. It was re-
" r:. It' .t the U, S. Ambassador bad
j- I a note to Russia static the
I.. 1 State resented the Russian
.'a toward the Marshal Plan aid
, for Lwrope.
'' : " ... .. . - . ' ' i ; '"'
Tractor Accent
Ed Jie White, 14-year-old son, of Mr.
end Mrs. Albert White, of Route Two,
a u .Tared painful injuries to his foot
Tuesday afternoon, when he was run
over by a tractor. '
According to a report, - the youth
was helfin3 his fatlier o - '.he farm
wkn C.e s " t hr: " He w zs
ruJ.t; J to H Albemarle (Lvcrlial for
fc " - t ke is rer'-i t&-
Members of the American Legion
Auxiliary, meeting in regular session
last week, heard a report from Mrs.
P. Morris on the project of the
auxiliary of shipping food and cloth
ing packages to a French boy, select
ed by the members to receive aid
from the local chapter. Mrs. Morris
reported that two parcels, one con
taining clothing and the other food,
had been mailed to the rrencn
During the business session which
was nresided over by Mrs. k. k.
White, 'president, the Auxiliary
heard a olea from a worker in the
veterans hospital at Swannanoa urg
ing the local auxiliary to adopt two
veterans' in the hospital and to send
them money and gifts. A collection
was taken for this purpose.
Also discussed at the meeting
were clans for holding the annual
popp aales ,jthoBgtruction of
a -veterans" bujldiiigf' Wans fof the
building fund campaign were present
ed bv Mrs. Kelly White and a com
mittee was named to meet witn Mrs.
White and make final arrangements
for this campaign.
A nomihatmg committee was nam
ed bv the president to make a report
on nomination of new officers at the
next meeting.
After a short program on Argen
tina. which was given by Mrs. R. C.
Baker, the hostess for the May meet
ing, Mrs. Tom Cox, served a sweet
Probable Cause Is
Returned In Case
Of False Pretense
Fourteen Cases Dispos
ed, of In Court Here
Armstrong, Negro, was
bound over to Perquimans Superior
Court following a hearing in Record
er's Court here Tuesday morning.
Armstrong is charged with obtaining
goods under false pretenses. He was
ordered held for trial at the October
term of Superior Court.
Fourteen cases were disposed by
the Recorder's Court in a short ses
sion this week. . Many of the cases
were traffic ones, in which the de
fendants entered pleas of guilty and
paid fines and costs of court.
Ralph Rothe, Jeannine Duffey, Bar
bara Turner, Sue Earl, Charles Levy,
Lewis Barr and Leon Pervis, all
charged with speeding, entered pleas
of guilty and each paid a fine of $10
and costs of court.
Henry Smith was fined $10 and
ordered to pay court costs after plead
ing guilty to a charge of speeding.
Bernard Bierman was taxed with
the costs of court on charges of pass
ing a vehicle on a curve.
Samuel Phillips, charged with mak
ing 'an unlawful turn, plead guilty
and paid the costs of court.
Wilue Walker, Negro, entered a
plea of guilty to charges of driving
drunk and speeding. He was ordered
to pajf a fine of $125 and costs of
court. A road sentence of 60 days
was suspended upon the above con
Levy Revells, Negro, was taxed
with the costs of court on charges of
simple assault
Edward Martin, Negro, was fined
$25 and costs of court after he en
tered a plea of guilty to a charge of
reckless driving. ,
Play At Portsmouth
llew Furniture Store
Indians Tied With
Williamston For
Conference Lea'd
Game Saturday Night
Will Decide Eastern
Perquimans High School baseball-
ers went into a first place tie with the
Williamston Green Wave for the
Eastern championship of the Albe
marle Conference when the Indians
banged awajf at three Williamston
hurlers to win a 12-8 victory in a
game played here Tuesday afternoon.
Gathering plenty of hits, the In
dians converted runs in all but two
of the nine innings. They jumped in
to an 8-0 lead at the end of the third
inning, led by tiillie Winslow, who
smacked three hits in three trips to
the plate. Winslow was the winning
pitcher, although Lefty Rogerson
moved in as relief pitcher for the In
dians in the sixth inning.
The Indians tallied three runs in
the first inning, one in the second,
four in the third, one in the fifth and
eighth and two in the sixth. Wil
liamston tallied one in the seventh,
eighth and ninth, got two in the fifth
and three in the sixth. -
One more conference . game is
scheduled for the home field, with
Columbia furnishing the opposition in
a game scheduled for Friday night at
8 o clock, before the Indians and Wil
liamston tangle in a single play-off
game on Saturday night for the cham
pionship of the Eastern Division of
the conference.
The winner of the play-off game
Saturday will meet the championship
team of Athe Western division, which
included Ahoskie, Robersonville,
Windsor and Scotland Neck. The
conference play-off games will be
played next week.
In the game playjed here Tuesday,
Winslow, Rogerson and Elmore form
ed the battery for the Indians and
Griffin, Taylor and Carver completed
the battery for the visitors.
Three Accidents
Reported In Week
James E. Stallings suffered minor
injuries when a log truck he wag
driving overturned on Highway 87.
The truck struck a soft spot in the
shoulder of the road and caused the
accident. Charlie Hurdle, Negro, suf
fered numerous injuries when he was
run over by t rear wheel of a truck
he was driving. This accident hap
pened at Chapanoke. Hurdle was at
tempting to enter the cab of the
truck when it suddenly1 lurched into
motion and Hurdle was thrown from
the car under the wheel.
Three highway accidents were re
ported for Perquimans County dur
ing the past week, according to State
Patrolmen H. L. White and R. C.
Buckner, who investigated the wrecks.
S. L. Phillips and W. A. Brooks,
Jr., of Elizabeth City, were driving
cars involved in a collision on Route
17 last Friday. No injuries in this
accident were reported.
Local Entrants In
Stock Show Make
Creditable Records
Fifteen Days Left
The Perquimans. High School Band
has been invited and will take part in
a show to be staged in the stadium at
Portsmouth. Va., next Monday by the
Portsmouth Post of the "Veterans of
Foreign Wars, it was announced to
day bsf Bert Ainsworth, bandmaster.
Members of the band will travel to
Portsmouth aboard ; the band bus,
leavinar here Monday about noon.
The local band will be one oi sev-
eral that will have a part in the pro
gram to be sponsored by the WW.
School Office To
Be Open Saturdays t.
J. P. Snipes, principal of the Cen
tral Grammar School at Winfall, an
nounced today that he will be at his
office in the school building each Sat
urday during the month of May to
assist parents desiring information
about school problems for the next
school term. . -
The special hours' on Saturdays of
this month will enable the local prin
cipal to complete his regular school
term a few days early in Juneafter
which"The ' plana' to .attend,' summer
school, which opens June 9th, . .- ;
. :-,fC ,. -I nil J V ' ' ' ' ' ' " . W-' lt j-
Monogram Club Held
Annual Banquet Wed.
Member of the Monogram Club' of
Perquimans High School held their
annual banquet on Wednesday even
ing at the Hertford Methodist Church,
followed by a dance at the VFW
The - monogram club is composed
of stents who have been -awcrded
a scLdoI letter for partlciprtn in
: ' . curriculum activities, . L Lort
t i oa the achievement of school
i faatured the prosrsa.for
. u .r event. ,
Formal "opening of the new Hert
ford Furniture Company's store, on
Market Street in Hertford, will be
held Saturday, May 15, it was an
nounced today by Paul White, mana
ger of the company.
The new and modern building which
will house the business was completed
early this week after several months
of planning and construction. A beau
tiful new building, much to the beauty
of the business section of Hertford,
and according to Mr. White the store
is stocked with completely new mer
chandise for the coming event.
Hertford Furniture Company was
formerly the White Furniture Co.,
and the personnel of the store will
be Paul White, manager, Ottis White,
Hilton White, Lanier White and Miss
Mildred Skinner.
Favors will be presented to each
lady visiting the new store on opening-day.'
To Renew Licenses
District Recruiters
Lead In Enlistments
For' the fourth consecutive month,
Army and Air Force recruiters of the
Colombia Recruiting District retained
leadership of the Third Army Area
when they "exceeded their monthly
quota of 1,080 enlistments by enlist
ing 1,311 young men in North and
South Carolina durinar April, accord
ing to the monthly enlistment report
released today by Master Sergeant
C. B.' Cayton. . in command of the
Elisabeth -City Recruiting Station.
The local station enlisted a total of
16 men during the month.
Accent for the month of May, ac
cording to the Sergeant, will be
placed on the enlisting of young men
for direct assignment to the First
Cavalry and 11th Airborne Divisions.
Both units are presently stationed ift
Japan, and several members of these
two, divisions are currently touring
the Carolines for the purpose of
stimulating interest- in thete respec
tive 6TrtfltS.i:,:;; -r'.t:-.
. In addition, considerable effort will
be expended " ia contact young men
graduating . from ' high school this
year to. inform rthem. of the educa
tional and career opportunities avail
able in the United States Army and
United 'States! Air Force. .. ' .;'
Bethel Ruritan Club
Observes Ladies' Night
' The member of the Bethel Ruritan
Club will observe Ladies' Night at a
banuet to be held at the Hotel Hert
ford on Wednesday night aty7:30
o clock. H . si 1
A special rogn has been plan
ned for the evening.
Only 32 persons whose names begin
with C or D applied for a renewal of
their driving license, as required by
law, in Hertford during the month of
April, W. Nelson, License Examin
er, for the State Motor Vehicle De
partment, announced this week. -
There are a number of persons re
siding in Perquimans County, in the
C and D category who should apply
for their licenses before the June
30th deadline. Nelson stated, "I
don't think that they realize this
gives tjiem only 15 days during which
they may renew their licenses, here."
He explained that he is in Hertford
at th'eJPolice Department office only
on Wednesdays and Thursdays of
each week, which, limits considerably
the days in which persons concerned
may apply for licenses.
"I want to urge persons whose last
name begins with C or D to renew
their licenses now," he said, "and not
wait until the last minute when lines
will be long at all examination offices
throughout the State."
Local Music Clubs
Observe Music Week
Members of Mrs. R. M. Riddick's
music class observed National Music
Week by holding two club meetings,
one with Joan Trueblood, Leilia Lee
Winslow presiding, and one with Da
vid Butler, Juanita Elliott presiding.
Programs of songs, piano solos and
talks on music were given, to an in
terested group 'of boys and girls,
which were followed by ' games and
Those . present ' were 'Leilia Lee
Winslow, Joan Trueblood, Benita
Hutchison. Betty Lou Trueblood,
Mabel Martin Whedbee, Anne Myers,
myuis Trueblood, Mary Louise Ow
ens, MrSi AIlie Trueblood, David But
ler, Juanita Elliott, Charley Johnson,
Mabel Frances Keel, Jean Long, Ed.
ward Lee Mad re, Jane and Jean Keel,
Sarah Sutton,, Rebecca Cox, Patsy
Elliott,, Mary Anne Robertson, Craf-
ton . Matthews, Sondra Hutchison,
Jdan Madre, Anne and Jean Stallings,
Matne . Wray Morse, Mrs. Hudson
Butler and Mrs. Riddick.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Layden of
Hobbsville announce the birth of a
daughter, Morris Eileen, on Satur
day, I'ay 8, weighing nine pounds, at
Lake View Hospital Suffolk, Va.,,
Calves from Perquimans County
made a good showing in the Fat
Stock Show at Elizabeth City last
week. They were a little younger
than some in the show but were plac
ed second, third, fourth and fifth in
their class. Three graded cnoice,
winning blue ribbons, five graded
good, winning red ribbons, and only
one was classed as cutter winning a
white ribbon. All calves winning a
blue ribbon won $10.00. All winning
red ribbons won 57.50 in prize monew
In the sale Perquimans calves brought
an average of a little over 36 cents
per pound. Five of the calves were
bought by the following local con
cerns: Major-Loomis Co., Hertford
Banking Co., Towe-Webb Motor Co.,
Miller & Umphlett, Hertford Live,
stock & Supply Co., and Perry & Rob
bins of New Hope.
Prizes were offered by Hertford
Livestock and Supply Co. for the best
four calves in Perquimans County.
First prize of $20.00 was won by
Horace Layden of Hertford, Route 2,
Second prize of $15.00 was won by
Clarence Chappell, Jr., of Belvidere,
third prize of $10.00 was won by U
Mansfield of Hertford, Koute 1,
and fourth prize of $5.00 was won
by Janie Winslow of Route 1, Belvi
Three Perquimans County children
were selected by the judge to com
pete in the showmanship contest
along with seventeen children from
three other counties. This selection
was made on the basis of ability to
handle the calf. Horace Laymen won
second place in this contest which
won for him $5.00 in prize money. He
also won $10.00 which was offered by
R. C. Holland, Edenton attorney, for
the best calf purchased from his
Hertford PTA Elects
New Officers For
Next School Year
Group Assured Hazing
Of H. S. Freshmen to
Be Stopped
Mrs. D. M. Jackson was elected
president of the Hertford Grammar
School Parent-Teacher Association at
the final meeting of the school year.
Mrs. Jackson succeeds Mrs. Nor
man Elliott to the post of president.
Mrs. Charles E. Johnson was elect
ed vice president; Mrs. Silas Whed
bee, secretary, and Mrs. J. Edgar
Morris, treasurer.
Miss Mary Sumner announced to
those present that in the absence of
E. C. Woodard, principal of the Per
quimans County High School, she was
asked by Woodard to assure the par
ents that there will be no hazing of
the freshmen students who enter.,
high school this year. Miss Sumner ,
said the high school principal stated
that policemen will be stationed near
the school and that he requests that
the children go from home straight
to school and go directly to their class
The principal further stated that
if there was any hazing done by the
students to the freshmen on the
opening day of the new school term
that the students who do the hazing
will be expelled from school.
Manj complaints were registered
following the opening of school last
fall when the freshmen entered high
school on the opening day several had
been initiated by the high school stu
dents and some of the students who
were caught by the other students
were really hurt in the hazing.
The freshmen students who were
hazed so severely last year on the
opening day would not divulge the
names of the students who took part
in the acts.
However, if any hazing is reported
this year, the students will be sus
pended. Mrs. Charles E. Johnson had charge
of a very interesting program. Mrs.
I. A. Ward gave a very inspiring de
votional. Miss Frances Cely, mem
ber of the Perquimans County High
School faculty, gave two very inter
esting readings.
Lions Club To Hold
Ladies' Night Party
Members of the Hertford Lions
Club will entertain their wives and
sweethearts and guests from the
clubs of Edenton and Elizabeth City
at a Ladies' Night party on Friday
evening. May 21. at 7:30 o'clock at
the Belvidere Community House, it
was announced today by R. R. White,
chairman of the committee in charge
of arrangements.
The members of the Belvidere
Home Demonstration Club will serve
the dinner for the affair.
Tentative arrangements for the
program call for Charlie Vann, club
president, L C. Yagel and Norman
Shannonhouse of Elizabeth City to
have a part in the program for the
Saturday Last Day
For Registering .
v Tomorrow will be the last day for
registrars in the various voting pre
cincts of the, 'county to register new
voters and voters, who have changed
their residence since the last election,
it waa. announced ' today by A. W.
Hefren, chairman, ot the Board of
- Precinct registrars will be found at
the polling' places all day on Satur
day for the Durnose of registering
voters. Saturday, May 22, will be
challenge day and then the primary
election will be held on Saturday,
May 29.
Mrs." R. M. ' Riddick's piano pupils
will give their annual recital on
Tuesday, May . 25th, at the Hertford
Grammar School." ' Their friends are
cordially invited. ' '
Town Board Orders
Delinquent Tax Sale
Fiscal matters consumed most of
the session held by Hertford Town
Board in regular session last Mon
day night. Following the custom of
the past several years the Board or
dered that all delinquent 1947 real
property taxes be advertised for sale
beginning on June 18. The sale will
be held on Monday), July 14.
After some discussion, action on
the 1948 tax rate for the Town was
tabled for the time being. During
the discussion opinions were express
ed that a possible increase in the
town tax rate appeared as a must,
especially if the Town continued its
program of improvement which has
been in force for more than a year.
Definite action on a tax increase,
however, was not voiced.
A report made by Town Clerk W.
G. Newby pointed out that the Town
has considerabe financial obligations
to meet within the next two fiscal
months but indications were that in
come during May and June will be
sufficient for the Town to close the
fiscal year, on June 30, with all bills
The Board discussed the possibility
of installing "off-peak" electric
meters on hot water heaters in homes
located in the area served by the
Town as a means of providing lower
costs for hot water through electri
city. This system is now used by
VEP company and some neighboring
cities. No action was taken on the
matter but the members of the Board
expressed interest in the project and
it was decided to continue Investiga
tion on the subject
Mayor V. N. Darden reported to
the Board on the repairs being made
to the two water tanks owned by the
Town and stated that work was about
completed; both tanks are now fully '
repaired and in excellent condition.
Central PTA To
Itold Last Meeting
The PTA of Perquimans Central
Grammar' School will hold its last
meeting for this school jlear Monday
night, May 17, at 8 o'clock. Mrs. W. '
H. Bryan, the district director, will ' ,
'install the 'new officers for the com
ing year. Mrs. Alice . Futrell wilf y
speak on the subject of the evening,
"Safety." ;i

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