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Volume XVIt No. 47.
Hertford; Perquimans (bounty, North Carolina, Friday, November 24, 1950.'
After several i weeks of stiff resist-
ance from Chinese Communist troops,
, tank-led American forces on Monday
" reached the. VManchurian border in
Korea, Reports from the war front
stace ine Keds are now offering jight
( resistamce te UN forces and it is be
lieved, that positions all along the
Manchurian ; border may be consoli
dated shortly. Captured Chinese sol
- diers, contrary to- previous repoila,
have told UN official that tlicy were
forced to fight in- Korea, and lhat
Fzcclly Presents
Progroi At Meeting
Group Nets Over $500
From Activities In
1 Past Four Weeks
"Education, a Process of Growth."
was the subject for discussion at the
PTA meeting at Perquimans Central
Grammar School on (Monday nieht.
thPv tn7 5 r. k- ' 7a-ndl The faculty had charge of the pro
they knbw of .no Chinese volunteers if T o "
. In that ares.
Plans for rearming Western Eu
rope for defense against possible Red
attack received a setback' this week
when the i Socialist party of West
uermany won a victory at the polls.
Germ ah Socialists, opposing German
: rearmament, won control in two state
parliaments in West Germany, and
the election, it is believed, will affect
present plans of the Western powers
to. include Germans in the West Eu
ropean Army.. y , '
The Federal Reserve Board thii
week called upon banks to cut lend
ing, as means to ' halt inflationary
movements tnroughout the nation. A
report stated that loans through banks
had risen five billion dollars since
July h Another report from Wash
ington on Tuesday revealed that con
aumer spending naa readied a new
high during the July -September
Congressional committees in Wash
ington are now considering a new tax
bill to provide funds to pay. for the
present defense program. President
rroman has requested an excess nro.
fits tax on corporations, and possibly
higher personal -income taxes for
1951, ; Democratic members of the
comminee nave voted down a nrn-
posal offered by RrtraWicans, which
would give QrpQP8"$!dm,n option on
payment of new' taxes. 'It appears
thafcvav tax similar to the one used
World 'War II j will be ap-
P. Snipes acting as
' 4 3urlnjt
J proved.
1551 Auto License
Plates VL'l Go On
Sale December 1
r. - Goldie Layton, branch manager for
the Carolina Motor Club announced
this week that 1951 state license plates
will go on sale December 1, as in
former years. Miss Layton urges
. owners of motor vehicles to purchase
their licenses early In order to avoid
a rush at the last minute. '
' Miss Layton has been advised that
for the .first time since 1940,.. the
black and yellow plates will be chane
ed. The 1961 tag will be red and
white. . , ' "
Thanksgiving Topic
Of Rotary Program
gram, with J.
Mrs. Edwin White gave the devo
tional, followed by two musical selec
tions by the seventh grade, under the
direction of Misg Dorothy Maynard.
To demonstrate, democratic practices
in. the school, the third and fourth
grades re-enacted a meeting of their
club, held .every two weeks.
Visual aids, as used in the class
roomy were demonstrated by Mrs.
Elijah White in the use of the slide
projector with slides of Washington,
D. C, as the subject .
Mrs. J. W. Ward was introduced as
a new member of the school faculty.
Various reports on the school and
PTA activities were given by the
chairman. Mr. Snipes reported an in
crease in the number of school lunches
served and the treasurer reported on
the financial Condition of the PTA,
stating the Association had received a
net of $431.82 from the Hallowe'en
party, $37.86 from subscription sales
and S33.S1 from the district PTA
The secretary read the minutes and
president's message, also a message
from Mrs. Harrell, which praised the
Central PTA for the various functions
recently carried out.
(Mrs. Claude Williams arid Mrs.
Ashley Jordan expressed their thanks
to members of their committees for
the cooperation rendered in projects
recently handled by the committees.
Mrs. Wendell Mathews read a let
ter front State PTA President, Rus-
After an explanation by Mrs. Eddie
Harrell of the Katherine Martin
Memorial Fund, an offering was tak
en for this program. V
it was announced tnat the JNew
Hope community will have charge of
we program ror tne ue.ember meet
ing of the Association. Miss Mar
garet. White's seventh grade won the
attendance contest, and membership
awards were presented by Miss John
nie White, who reported the total
membership at 564.
Open house was held following the
meeting, which was attended by a
large number of parents,
Hunting Regulations -k
Explained By Warden;
Eldon Winslow, Perquimans County
Game Protector, announced todav that
the hunting season for quail, rabbit,
tuey gobblers and rtoms opens on
Thursday, November 23.
He added that the misrratorv water
fowl season open at 12 o'clock noon.
November 27, and closes that day
one nour before sunset.. Thereafter
the shooting hours are one-half hour
before sunrise until one hour before
sunset. He stated that a Federal mi
gratory waterfowl stamp is required
by Federal law of everyone , who
hunts ducks and geese.
Mr. Winslow pointed out that it is
permissible to hunt ducks or geese
from a paddle boat and that type of
boat only. He urges all hunters who
kill a banded bird to return the band
to the game protector or send it to
Washington, D. C.
Report Is Made On
Rozd Construction
In Perquimans
A report on road construction in
Perquimans County, under the State
Bond Program, was made this week
by officials of the State Highway
Commission. The report covers work
by State Highway forces using State
owned equipment, under the direction
of George Mack, District Engineer;
R. C. Bunch, construction superinten
dent, and R. C. Speight, supervisor
of paving. -
The following roads have been built
or are being built with bond funds
A sand asphalt base has been placed
on 4.5 miles of the Durants Neck Road
from New Hope to Muddy Creek
Road. The asphalt wearing surface is
yet to be placed, but should be com
pleted during the winter.
widened with sand asphalt hate
10.0 miles of the Durants Neck Road
from Route U. S. 17 to New Hope.
The wearing surface to be .compl ted,
at a later date.
5 Cents Per Copy
County Committee
Starts Annuel Seal
Sa!e Here Tills Week
Mrs. F. A. McGoogan to
Head Drive; Quota Is
- Slightly Higher
unty m M i pleasant. dis-7 Band asphalt ase pnly has been
ict meeting. J Paced on the road from Behel , to-
Thanksgiving was the subject of
the program presented at the regular
'meeting of the Hertford Rotary Club,
held Tuesday evening at the Hacienda.
The program was presented by W. H.
Oakey, local attorney and member of
the civic club. - .
r , "Our first, Thanksgiving was cele
brated about 1S8" ..Mr. Oakey sadd,
"and was obeerred by the Pilgrims for
Ahe purpose of Differing thanks to God
for a good harvest"
ILater," Mr. Oakey " continued,
"about 1778, all of the 18 colonies set
date in December for observance of
Thanksgiving; which at that time wa
.celebration of victories in the Revo
lutionary War, ' Still later," President
ILincoln, by proclamation, set Thanks
giving, as the last Thursday in No-
vember, as a time for observance by
the entire nation, in offering tiianks
for the blessing of the past year,"
Five Cars Involved
In Two Collisions
Fisheries Meeting P )v
Planned M Edenton
Commercial Fisheries 1 laws" and
mtetions ' will be discussed at . a
sting to be conducted by the Com
i rclal Fisheries Committee of the
LUte Board of Conservation and De
velopment at Edenton on December 2,
it was announced foday by Roy
Hampton, chairman of the committee;
"lie .Attorney General's office has
t y completed the job ofas
' , ' lying and. bringing tp to date all
laws as. related to commercial
3. In so' doing, it was found
re areabout 8,000 local coun
. dealing wihv6mmerclat ftsh-
of which appear to nave
- usefulness. ; .
Five cars were involved, in two ac
cidents reported oyer the week-end
by State Patrolman B. R. Inscoe. -The
first accident occurred Saturday at
about 11:30 A. M., at the corner of
Church and Dolib streets when a 47
Nash driven by Herman Engjehardt
of Worchester, Mass., collided with
a Chrysler driven by Robert Brinn, of
Hertford. Mrs. Herman Englehardt
suJfered minor cuts and .bruises and1
was treated for her injuries at the
Cffce of Dr. T. P. Brinn. Damages
to rae two cars was estimated by Pa
trolman Inscoe at $1,000.
A 4950 Dodge and a 1940 Ford were
demolished in a three-car smashup
which occurred late Saturday night
near the Hacienda, on Route 17. Pa
trolman. Inscoe stated that the Dodge,
driven by Mrs. Polly Tucker, was
headed south, stopped to turn in at
the, Hacienda and while waiting for
oncoming traffic to pass was hit by the ,
orff, driven by Harry, aarcim, Negro, collected bv the State thwmh rt.
ward Yeop'im to Chowah-Perquinians
lure fi,.o IIlllCB. '
.1 miles of sand asphalt base has
been placed on the road from the
Tyner-Heiitford road to iBelvidere.
The wearing surface to complete the
road will be placed during the winter.
The following roads though not
paved have been widened for two-lane
traffic, drained and the surface stabil
ized with local soil material or crush
ed stone to give a year around rid
ing surface free from mud or slip
pery surface:
From Whiteston 4.1 miles west to
county line; from Whiteston 0.8 mile
to Turn Pike: from the Belvidere-Rv-
land road via Piney Woods Church
to county line; from Belvidere east to
Whiteston road, 1.8 miles; from Beech
road to Perquimans River; 2.4 miles
from Hertford-Center Hill road to
Beech. Springs; from route 17, south
of Hertford to Bethel road 2.3 miles;
from. Harvey Neck road 6.4 miles to
paved road 1,6 miles northeast of
Bethel;, Wfcite Hat road, 2.4 miles, the
Neck road 2.7 miles, the Creek road 2
miles. -
iSix miles of the Turnpike road, from
Whiteston to the Pasquotank county
line has been graded, drained and a
sou base completed and will be paved
at an early date. ; "
' -'-r - ' .
Town And County Get
$8,425.88 Beer Tax
;.. Perquimans County and the Town
of Hertford will shortly receive a to
tal of $8,425.88 as their share "of the
beer taxes collected in North Carolina
during the past fiscal year, it was an
nounced Tuesday fa Raleigh. Per
quimans County will receive a , total of
16,708.81, while the Town will receive
$1,717.07. ; , , . -
(More than two million dollars was
IPerquimans County's Annual Tu-
berculosis Seal Sale, under the sponsor-ship
of the Business and Profes
sional Women's Club, opened here
this week with the announcement that
. Frank A. McGoogan will serve
af chairman of the drive this year.
A. committee composed of members
the BFIW Club already has eomolet-
ed: preliminary work connected with
thi drive arid letters in which TB
bonds are included have been nailed
tof prospective bond buyers. With the
completion of the sale of TB bonds,
the TB Seals will be sold.
The Seals allotted to this county
have arrived and will be mailed out
to residents of the county sometime
early next week. The Seals will be
sent out with a letter and a self-addressed
envelope and recipients are re
quested to use the addressed envelope
in returning contributions te the chair
man, Mrs. McGoogan.
Mrs. MWGoogan stated that the
drive this year will be carried out on
about the same plan as used so suc
cessfully with seal campaigns in the
past. She urges individuals who re
ceive the seals to use them during
the drive which will end December
25. Individuals who receive seals
throiigh the mail and who do not
desire to contribute toward the fund
are requested to mail the seals back
to the chairman.
Contributions for the fund will be
sought through the white and negro
schools of the county, and children
contributing to the fund will be given
a .TIB Seal pin to wear during the
drfce. -
Perquimans County's quota for the
TB campaign this year is approxi
mately $1,000, according: to Mrs. Mc
ijfegan, and every- resident- is urged
io support the drive in order that the
county may reach its quota.
Miss Audrey Umphlett, County
Health Nurse, and chairman of the
BPW Health Committee is assisting,
the county chairman with the cam
paign as is Mrs. Nellie F. Walker, who
is handling the secretarial" work in
connection with the drive.
Special Meeting
Members of the Perquimans Coun
ty Board of Commissioners will meet
next ' Monday, November 27, at 10
A. M. in the Court House, where in a
special meeting, for the purpose of
hearing any complaints which may be
registered by citizens and tax payers
of the county in regards to the issu
ance of $175,000 in bonds for use in
connection with the countv school
building program.
The hearing on Monday is a pre
liminary step which must be conform
ed with prior to the election, which
will be held luring the first week in
January, 1950.
Furnish 49 Pints Of
Blood for Program
Sixty-two Donors Vol
unteer; Unit to Re
turn on March 26
Forty nine pints of WonH u,aa
tributed to the Red Cross Blood pro
gram here last Monday, and some 63
uuuuy resiaents appeared at the
bloodmobile as volunteer blood donors,
it was reported Tuesday by the Coun
ty Red Cross Blood Program Com
mittee. Fourteen of the volunteer
donors, after having an examination
by the Red Cross staff were advised
they were not acceptable for dona
tions but were thanked for filling the
appointment and asked to
the bloodmobile comes back to Hert
ford next March 26.
The committee, headed hv Edrar
White, Mrs. W. L. Jessup and Miss
Helene Nixon, as co-chairmans, ex
pressed their appreciation to all Der-
sons taking part in the bloodmobile
visit. Especially thankd
- r ii - c vvv
63 persons who appeared to donate
While the county quota of 125
pints of blood was not filled the co
chairmen were impressed over the
county-wide interest shown in the
program, and expressed, the hope that
the quota will be reached on the next
visit of the bloodmobile.
Headquarters for the bloodmobile
were set up at the Hertford Metho
dist Church, from 10 A. M., until 4
P. M. Assisting the co-chairmen
day. were the five township volunteer
The question to be determined by i Chairmen, Paul Tucker, Hertford:
the election is whether or not Per- Clifton Morgan, Parkville; S. T. Per
quimans County will issue bonds in ry, New Hope; Mrs. Nurney Chappell,
the amount of $175,000 for the build- Belvidere, and Mrs. Elmer Proctor,
January 6 Set As
Date For Special
Bond flection
On approval of the Locai Govern
ment Institute, the day of January 6,
1951, has been set as the date for
the holding of a special election in
Perquimans County to determine the
$175,000 bond issue, which will pro
vide funds for the completion ox tha
county school building program.
W. F. Ainsley, chairman of the
County Board of Elections, stated to
day that registration books for the
election will be opens 1 on December
9, and will continue open for four
Saturdays. The first thvee Saturdays
will be for registering eligible voters.
not already on the books and the
fourth Saturday will be challenge
ing program. A majority of t ie vot
ers participav,iiij :n the e'ection on
January 6 will determine the matter.
If approved by the voters, the bonds
Bethel, and Dewey Newby headed the
Colored division.
Mrs. T. P. Brinn served as chair
man of the Service Committee and
Two Draft Calls
For Next Month
Thirty young men of Perquimans
County will receive selective service
orders during the month of December,
according to an announcement made
this week by Mrs. Edna Winslow, clerk
of the local draft board. The first
call, for five men to report for induc
tion on December 10, will be mailed
out soon, and the second call is for
25 men to report for induction exami
nations on December 26.
Mrs. Winslow reported that eight
out of the 19 youths sent to, Raleigh
for pre-induction examinations passed
the exams and are now subject to in
duction in the Armed Forces. Five
youths in this group will be selected
to fill the induction order on Decem
ber 10.
The local board met Monday night
for the purpose of classifying youths
tb fill the pre-induction calls on De
cember 26... :1
will be issued for funds to be used; Staff aids were Mrs. Sidney Jessup,
in the construction of five additional I Mrs. J. T. Biggers and Mrs. E. W.
classrooms and a heating system at Dunsmoore. The canteen committee
Hertford Negro School, addition of was composed of Mrs. W. C. Cherry,
three classrooms at the new NegrOjMrs. J. A. Leete and Mrs. Charles
Union School, a lunchroom at the.Campen. Nurses' aids were Miss
Hertford and Central Grammar! Audrey Umphlett, Mrs. J. A. Bray,
Schools and for the purchase of equip-: Mrs. Frank Skinner, Mrs. W. L. Jes
merit for all units. sup and Miss Leary.
The question of a bond issue was Talmadge Rose served as chairman
raised first late last Spring when the, of the committee on arrangements for
Board of Education forsaw the need, the bloodmobile visit.
for additional funds for the building
program, and after several conferencfes
with the Board of County Commis
sioners, the two boards agreed that
the question should be submitted to
the people for a decision on issuance
of bonds amounting to $175,000.
Local Bottling Plant
Changes Ownership
The Ford knocked the Dodge in front
of a northJbound car being driven by
John. Wood-of Edentom
Four persons riding in the Bar-
two required treatment by doctors.
Damages in. this accident was esti
mated at about $2,000. Barclift was
charged with reckless driving and will
be given a hearing in Reorder
Court, , ;fl . , T . ,
i The Hertford Chapter of the Order
of Eastern Star will meet next Mon
day night, Novembes 27, at 8 o'clock
at the lodge rooms. All members are
urged to bq present .
beverage tax, all of which is distribut
ed among the counties and towns
Where beep is sold. .; The amount col
lected ws year is slightly less than
F inlW "H Wi$ due to a. number of
flouwes anq, towns discontinuing the
saws 01 neenv since jast- year those nar-
ticipwn(rrWeied about 15 per cent
more in taxes than received in 1949.,,
VFW; Dance Proceeds
Go To Vets Hospital
Proceeds from , a , Thanksgiving
dance, held Wednesday night. Novem
ber 22, at the Perquimans VFW. Hall
were contributed to a veteran's hos
pital, it was announced today by - a
member of the local.VFW post: i' i
t unei oanee .was sponsored hi ithe
vif'w rost and all proceeds were for-
The Perquimans Lodge; Na : 103, A.
Announcement was made here -this
week of the change in ownership of
the Phillips Bos. bottling plant,
operated, during the past year by Edi
son and Jesse Lee. Harris. The new
owner , of the plant is Joe Parker,
formerly of Rocky. Mount
. Mr. Parker, who has had 15 years
experience in the bottling business,
assumed managership of the business
last week.. He announced Monday
that he has changed flavors used in
the local product . and plans several
changes in the operation of the busi
ness. . , .
R-T Motorists Urged
To Renew Licenses
The R, S, T group of motorists rep
resents the largest of the groups of
motorists who mu3t stand examination
for driver's license renewals, and only
a month and a half remains in which
they may obtain renewals, the North
Carolina Department of Motor Ve
hicles said today.
Approximately 180,000 North Caro
linians are included in the R-T group.
With over three-fourths of the exam
ining period past, only 130,493 per
sons have taken the examination.
'Examiners seldom can test over
20 persons a day. With 50,000 drivers
in this category left to be tested be
tween now and December 31, some
wiH have to. wait in line. The De
partment urges them to go to their
nearest drivers license examiner as
soon as convenient. Don't wait until
the rush begins and the lines itart
The examining period for motorists
whose surnames begin with U, V, W,
X, Y, Z will begin on January 1.
Indians Win Fifth
Grid Contest From
Tarboro Eleven
F. ft A. I-', will meet next Tr '-yVarded ta the vetirwi's rtmI-; f
night afthe lodge room at 8 o'clock.! relp nrovid fund lor thsT.W'ti -
;AU Masons are urged to be present, abled veteran. 1 " 11
Field Worker To Hold,
PTA Study Meeting
Miss Genevieve Burton,' field secre
tary for PTA in North Carolina, will
hold a study course at Perquimans
Central Grammar School on Decem
ber 1, at 2 P. M. Her subject will be
Growing Toward Maturity," using
the school-jre topics for discussion. ,
HThls is a county-wide meeting, with
merabersjj '& Hertford -Grammar
PTA land a -ne else , interested as!
guests.1! " V" .;'(' . '. :',''. ; f
Special Services
On Thanksgiving
A special Thanksgiving Day Ser
vice will be conducted at the Holy
Trinity Church in Hertford on Thanks
giving Day at 10 A. M., it was an
nounced Monday by the Rev. Charles
F. Wulf, rector of the church. The
services will include Holy Communion
and sermon. , .
On Sunday, November 26, services
at the church will be as follows: Hly
Communion at 9 A. M., Sunday School
at 10 A. M., and Morning Prayer and
sermon at 11 A. M.
Reader's Court
In Recess Tuesday
: (Perquimans Recorder's Court was
in recess this week due to the absence
from -the city of Judge Chas. E. John
son. AH cases; listed on the docket
of the .court , were continued until
'Tuesday, November 28.
The Perquimans High School's foot
ball team chalked up its fourth
straight victory, and the fifth for the
season at Tarboro last Friday night,
when Coach Ellie Fearing's charges
trounced the Tarboro eleven by a score
of 34-6.
This contest was a climax of weeks
of intensive practice, for the Indians
played the best game of the season,
each player glv'ng an excellent ex
hibition, and the team outplaying the
Tarboro boys in every department.
Perquimans racked up numerous
first downs, while Tarboro made only
one against the first string varsity.
Coach Fearing used his entire squad
during the game, giving the reserve
players valuable experience for next
Two highlights of the game werp
an 80-yard touchdown run back of a
kick-off, made by Garland Walker and
the kicking of four extra points by
Joe Towe. Outstanding in the back
field for Perquimans, along with
Walker and Towe, were Williams,
Morris, Shackleford and Lane. On
line- plays Sumner, Thatch, Winslow,
Lane and Matthews showed up best. ,
Tarboro's lone score came on a pass
play when Sasser, Tarboro bade, toss
ed a 35 yard pass to his right end who
raced for the goal.
The victory over Tarboro made the
Perquimans record for the season
stand at five wins as against four
Perquimans will close its season this
week when the Indians play the
Elisabeth City Yellow Jackets, in the
annual Thanksgiving Day game on
Thursday at Elisabeth City.
Open House To
Honor New Pastor
Members of the Methodist Church
of Hertford will hold an open house
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Crafton
Matthews on Wednesday evening, No
vember 29, from 8 to. 9:30 o'clock hon
oring their new pastor and his wife,
Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Chaplin. The
public is cordially invited to attend.

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