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Volume XVlCNo. 487
Hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina. Friday, December 1, 1950.
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in in. i ,i i msrmt iiii . i at i ai w i ii . m m.
V lli.ll UL1I ' 1 . . I ill J I K ' 1 1 a. I I 1 ..I
- - .whihubw wa a UW W IllfVVIllll
5 Cents Per Copy
Jaycees Plan Scrao
Paper Drive Dec 10
Hertford Junior Chamber of Com
merce, wixa the cooperation of the
Hertford Boy Scouts, will conduct a
scrap paper drive on Sunday after
noon, December 10, it Was onnounced
today (by D. F. Reed, Jr., president
of the Jaycees. '
'Residents of Hertford are requested
to save old papers until Sunday, De
cember 10, and during the afternoon
of that day the Jaycees and Boy
Scouts Will call at each home to col
lect the papers.
rroceeas irom me arive. it was
stated, will be used to help defray
costs of projects conducted by the
two organizations,
Deration Pitiis
for lip School
Gym Deing Male
Spoken Saturday At
Richmond Church
Ceremony Is Scheduled
For Friday Night, De
cember 8th
Friday night, December 8, has been
set as the date for dedication of the
new gymnasium tut Perquimans High
School, it was announced today by
E. C. Woodard. who is cotnnletino-
pians lor tne dedication ceremonies.
Present plans call for the main fea
ture of the dedication to be a double
Three New Members on
Board; C R. Holmes
New Representative
Perquimans County officials, elected
to office in tihe general election held
in November, will be sworn Mo of
fice by W. H. Pitt, clerk of court and
will assume their duties next Monday,
December 4:
Three new officers, all members of
the Board of County Commissioners,
will be among those sworn into of
fice; these will be Irvin Turner, of
New Hope Township; William C.
Chappell, of Belvidere Township, and
Earl B. Hollowell, of Parkville Town
ship. :-':-..,v' .
i Other officials who will assume new
terms of office are M. G. Owens,
Sheriff; W. H. Pitt, clerk of court;
Charles E. Johnson, recorder's judge;
Max Campbell, treasurer; A. T. Lane,
Courtty Commissioner; E. S. Chappell,
County Commissioner, and Dr. C. A.
Davenport, county coroner.
7. Emmett Winslow will succeed
himself to a second term as State
Senaftor, and Carroll R. Holmes will)
be sworn in as County Representative
to he General Assembly.
: . A .Aatm. A .f1ia no,.. f. Marnnai. AantAi Willi,, V HT B
r-fW r-5. n iuM M, , i nr ..Indians will open their 1950-51 court
VVUIIVJ VUlUHIlOUlUMWip TV l UVIHl hwa -nvM . AUlOi JUnillllCi UX
following thev adjournment of the Roper, to- Elwood Lee Long, son of
present B sard, which will meet in 'Mr. and Mrs. Seth Long, Sr., of this
Number of Hearines
Continued Until Next
Court Term
(Perquimans County Recorder's
Court convened here Tuesday, aflter a
week's recess, and a total of 19 cases
were disposed of during the session.
Several hearings were continued until
next Tuesday on request of defendants.
Eleven of the cases disposed of this
h... L..1..t..11 i.t ,' ""
?d, by! andins while court was in recess last
a Mge raBr oi fBO.iwMki Charired the dofendnns th
pic are expected to attend the open
irig basketball game in the new srym.
both to witness the athlet'c contests
and get a look at the new building,
speeding, all of whom entered pleas
ot guilty.
Court costs were taxed asrainst b1iaM ff,v;ot oaifj rj Charles Surreatt, L. C. Burton. Jr..
ton to be the first visiting team to A1?n HolIfnd' Edwin instead, Al
play on the new court because of theiiber ?mna? nd Francis IStone for
old and friendly rivalry which has1" recui" i o ana costs
existed between the two schools. were charged against Rida Taylor,
TJib haaVhall a sii n,, Nicholas Crolli, Gerald Magur, Ed-
oDeninir . of h hom nn friward Daniels,' and Francis Rands on
Christmas Lights
Ready Next Week
Installation of Christmas lights on
the streets of Hertford will be started
Monday, it was reported today by
Mayor V. N. Darden, and will be
lighted nightly until New Year's fol
lowing the installation.
The vari-colored lights are being
prepared for installation and a cicw
of town workmen, under the supervl
sion of F. T. Britt, will start the in
stallation Monday. The lights, as in
the past, will be strung along Church
and Market Streets through the busi
ness section.
Start of Construction
Hinges on War Situa
tion, Materials
Coach Ellie Fearing's Indians, who
The wedding of Miss Helen Marie FJ ffLll'1
j5.j.. . Twin.-, b r a game against Elizabeth City. The
regular ress'en at 10 A. M., Monday,
Retiring as county officials will be
E. M. Perry, who has served as
chairman of the Board of Commit,
sioners for the past several tenns.
George Jackson and T. M. Twine,
i board members and E. Leigh Winslow
as county representative.
county took place Saturday evening,
November 25, at 7 o clock in the Chap
el of 1e Hanover Avenue Christian
Church in Richmond, Va.
The Rev. H. Myron Kaufman, pas
tor of the church, officiated ait the
double ring ceremony.
The ceremony was performed before
a background of tall candelabra with
tall cathedral candles and aisle stands
of mixed flowers.
. Prior to the ceremony, Miss Deloris
Sirles of Richmond, presented a pro
gram of nuptial music. Mrs. Carol
Brown, also, of Richmond, was solist
Her selections were "Because" and
"I Love You Truly," . -
THride .!. jfiS k marri
by the sud4eii.turnftl war WW'.'- .nar blue
J . ..r-i iU. biu. tt uiMwith maltchinar accessories and;
A.orea, comerre' aim ttuim; nu? ,j .:
TT.MJ. llJwinfl. MAaSHMS ft ttA
taken to checJ the success of the Red
tide which his swept over UN foices
1n Vrti4n&vn Vnra. " A ranort fr.inn
Washington Stated that several of the
officials present at the meeting urged
the use of the Atomic bomb upon Chi
nese Communists troops.
General Douglas MadArthur, report
ing from Tokyo on the situation in
Korea, stated this week tnat tne w
nese Communists, estimated at .some
200,000 troops, have created an entire
new war. The Chinese, aided by some
70,000 North Koreans, have broke the
United Nation's line at several points
. and forced U. S. and South Korean
' troops to withdraw at main points on
the 75-mile front
Meanwhile. In the United Nations,
Chinese Communists have arrived and
charged, along with Russia that the
United States is guilty of aggression
in Korea. The U. S. delegate, War
ren Austin, blasted back at the Reds,
season tonight when they journey to
Sudbury to ; play the Suribury boys
and girls.
Coach Fearing stated Wednesday
that the Indian schedule for the sea
son had not been complied but will
be arranged by this week-end when
the Albemarle Conference schedule is
fixed. The Indians will play Plymouth,
Williamston, Columbia, Ahoskie and
Scotland Neck in conference games
and will also meet such non-confrence
opponents as Edenton, Elizabeth City,
Chowan, Sudbury and possibly Central
and Poplar Branch.
'Prospects for the local basketball
season appear very bright as Coach
Fearing has a large number of play
ers left over from last year's team.
Players who saw. action last season
and who, will form the nucleus fori
this years team aje Joe Towe, Tom-
mv Snmnor Ron Thatch-Yuv C.Hnnnn.
Buddy Tilley, Garland Walker, Cal- H. Oakey;
an vrviuu cunwc, ....
IMrs. Robert Vernon Clark of Mana-
kin, Va., aunt of the bride, was ma
tron of honor. She wore a wine suit
I with ihlfu1r suwesanries and a corBflffe
of yellow roses.
Seth W. Long, Jr., of Hertford, bro-
.1 j t r J . 1 t
mer oi TO onuegroom wi i mu., , th h graduation:
Mrs. Long is a Jun graduate of.
Thomas Jefferson High School m
Richmond. Va. Mr. Long is a graduate
of ' Perquimans County High School
and Smithdeal-Massey Business Col
lege in Richmond.
Immediately following the ceremony
a reception was held in the Fellowship
Hall of the Church, which was decor ¬
ated with fall flowers,
After the reception the couple left
for a Northern wedding trip. They
will make their home in Richmond,
Va., after they return,
the same charges,
Samuel Goldstein entered a plea of
guilty to a charge of illegally pass
ing a school bus and paid the costs
of court j
A fine of $25 and costs of court
was taxed against Ralph Maxwell who
entered a plea of guilty to a charge
of driving without a license.
John P. Morris was ordered to pay
the costs of court on a charge of
permitting illegal use of his operator's
William Winslow, Negro, failed to',
appear, in court to answer charges of
driving with improper lights. The
warrant was ordered returned and the
defendant held on a bond of $50.
Curtis Shambry, Negro, entered a
plea f guilty to a charge of failing
to din his lights and paid the costs
of cjHirt. ..
JHarry Barclift, Negro, charged with
nicktess driving was found guilty and
ordered to pay a fine of $50, and costs
of court. An appeal was noted in this
case by the defendant's attorney, W,
Construction of a headauartera
building in Hertford for the Albe
marle fclectnc Membership Corpora
tion appeared nearer reality this
week with an announcement that the
local REA is purchasing a site, known
as the Wood's property, at the corn
er of Grubb and Charles Streets for
the location of its headquarters.
The local REA directors have plan
ned construction of such a building
since the organization of the Coopera
tive back in 1945; securing of official
approval for the buildine and a site
has delayed construction until this
Present plans call for construction
of a building, which will be 50 to 60
feet wide by 70 feet long, costing be
tween $35,000 and $40,000, to besrin
,juSt as soon as the directors can be
assured of sufficient materials and
" no further delay to the war situation.
Perquimans County peanut growers' site. Pf by the
will help to decide if marketing quo-18 a lot 200 eet wde and 600
to a rr noonnfa nn 1 1 Ka avnmHaH
1U1 VUll W bkj Will U- VAWIIUtU lUl
Peanut Referendum
Set For Thursday
December 14th
1951-5253 in a referendum to be held'. .c.6""al,",,s l"L J 81 e r e
Thursday, December 14. . L a as,0,""LOT s
The level of Federal price support' ?enlflTy
hinges on the outcome If qiotesl ,0"al, fA Admm.strat.on was re
are approved, price support will be.ce A nA.
available to "co-operators" at the full
rate provided by law between 80 and
90 per cent of parity for the 1951
crop. If quotas are not approved,
price support is limited by law to
50 per cent of parity.
Any person is eligible to vote in
the referendum who, as owner, opera
tor, had an interest in the peanuts
produced on a farm in 1950 on which
more than 1 acre was harvested for
The county office of the Produc
will house the office of the REA,
which is now located in the Hert
ford Bank Building, most of the REA's
equipment and rolling stock and sup
plies. Since its organization in 1945 the
Albemarle Electric Membership Cor
poration has shown a steady growth
and now has 1,764 members residing
in Chowan, Perquimans, Pasquotank,
Camden and Currituck counties.
Members of the board of directors
i are A. T. Lane, chairman, Charles E.
tion and Marketing Administration to-V T E " t h Z,h'
j - ?L I White, J. T. Wiggs, John Bunch,
vin Butt and ti number of new boys
who will be trying out for the squad
for the first time. . '
The girl's team will be composed
of a group of veterans, Janice Perry
being the only player lost from last
Rogerson Funeral
Conducted Tuesday
Donald Cole and Jack Rubin, pris
oners at the Gatesville Prison Camp,
entered pleas of guilty to charges of
escape. They were sentenced to serve
an additional two months on an 18
month road sentence.
Sheriff Receives
1950 Tax Books
New HopeiResident
Died Wednesday 1A. M.
w Al Jj 1
. . w james troy ueaire, w, a reureu
cnarpng ,-u ad sident of New Hope,
work of th Communists. , , .. . A . . , nr0j0
U1CU CLL UIO nremwj iuwuiuq
i A" lame-oucx seseion oi houkto
i . . 1.1 X 1.1. 1 LmI
convenea in vf asnuigvon um wct ui
according to reports from the Capitol,
little actual work is expected to be
accomplished before the regular ses
sion of the new Congress which will
convene In January.; Action on an ex-J
cess profit tax is scheduled for this
session, but a committee, on Wednes
day, was deadlocked over the matter
and the problem may be reft for tne
new Congress.
RaUance Funeral r
Conducted Tuesday
Funeral services for Mrs. Rath Gil
liam Ballance, 85,1 who died at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. B. W.
Thatch ia Norfolk, la Friday morn-
v inar after a long Illness, were conduct
ed at the Lynch Funeral Home Sat
urday afternoon at two o'clock by the
at 8.-35 o'clock after an illness of two
weeks. He was a lifelong resident of
this county and a member of the New
Hope Methodist Church. His wife,
Mattie Lou Elliott Deans preceded
him in death several years ago.
(Surviving ' are one ion, . Thomas
Deans of Jeffs, Va.; two daughters,
Mrs. Steve Perry of New Hope and
Miss Elizabeth Deans of Norfolk; x
grandchildren also survive.
The body was removed to the Lynch
Funeral Home pending funeral ar
(Members of the Bethel and Hope
mwM Rima Demonstration Clubs will
sponsor a turkey supper at the Bethel Lynch Funeral Home, was in the fam-
Mrs. iMartha Winslow Rogerson,
72, wife of Daniel J. Rogerson, of
Route 2, died at ser home Sunday
morning at 6:30 o'clock following a
long illness.
IA daughter of the late Jack W. and
Mrs. Lena Winslow, Mrs. Rogerson
was a lifelong resident of this coun
ty and a member of the Methodist
fiSurvivors, in addition to her hus
band,, are two sons, Daniel L. Rog
erson of Portsmouth, and Thomas N.
Rogerson of Hertford; four daugh
ters, Mrs. Eddie Boyce of rtincess
Anne, Va.; Mrs. Singleton Lane of
Hertford; (Mrs. Elsie forehand of
Hertford, and IMrs. Willie Reynolds
of Norfolk; two brothers, E. L. Wins
low and Luther Winslow, both of I
Route 8, Elizabeth City; 12 grand
children and five great-grandchildren.
(Funeral services were conducted at
the Anderson Methodist Church Tues
day afternoon at two o'clock by the
Rev. R. flu. Graveless,. pastor, assist
ed by the Rev. E, R. Oleekins.
. (Pallbearers were Jones Perry, Car
son, wayiana ana ixnns fioweii,
Preston Nixon and Joe . Layden,
Burial, under the direction pf the
' - IMrs. Ballance was a native of Wind-
sor but had lived hi Norfolk for a
y -number of years. She was a member
cf the Park Place Methodist Church
of that city.
(Surviving besides Mrs. Thatch, are
one other daughter, Mrs. Ida "Winn
, of ISanta Monica, Calif, six grand
children and nine great grandchildren.
. Curial was in Cedarwood Cemetery.
Tzn Hertford Unit ( of the-Ameri-i
Legion Auxiliary will hold an
-!nt business meeting at the
ire Building, Fridey" night,
r 1, starting ai 7:30 P.. M.
-Ti are urged presenv.,
ComihunifV House on Friday, Decern
ber 8, at 5 SO until eight o'clock, it
was announced today. Tickets for tne
nnner must be purchased by Decern-
her fl. and mav be secured at the Agr-
culture Building in Hertford, at Phil-
ceeds from the supper will be used
to help complete work on the Com
munity House. A musical program
will be presented during the ven-
iwC- ' ' '
The ; Perquimans .. County Board of
Education will meet in regular session
Monday, December 4, at 90 A. M., it
day, December 4, at 9:30 A. M., it
was announced today by John T. Big
ger.s Superintendent of. Schools.
IMr. and Mrs. James Sawyer, Jr.,
announce the birth of a daughter, born
November, 28, at the Albemarle Hos-
fly plot near the home.
There' win be a meeting of the St,
Catherine's Auxiliary of the Holy
Trinity Episcopal Church- Monday
night, December 4, at . 8 P. M., at
the home of Mrs. Thomas Nixon and
Mrs. W. H. Oakey, Jr. A full at
tendance is urged as Christmas , prepa
rations will be discussed.
ffifr. and Mrs. Johnny McPherson
of Green Cove Springs, Fla., announce
the birth of a daughter born Thurs
day, November 16. Mrs. McPherson
before , her marriage was Miss Lucy
Hampton. V ' , ' '
i (Mr. and Mrs. George Winslow an
nounce the birth ol a..- daughter,
Georgie Kay,, born November 7, 1950.
A settlement which was completed
here Wednesday afternoon between
Sheriff M. G. Owens and the Board
of County Commissioners, for 1949
county taxes paved the way for the
turning over of the 1950 tax books for
the Sheriff for collection of the new
tax levy.
Sheriff Owens had previously en
tered suit against the Board for po3
session of the new books; however,
the settlement made Wednesday, void
ed the suit since the settlement re
lieved Shriff Owens of any obliga
tion for the 1949 books and gave him
possession Of the 1950 books.
Mr. Owens stated late Wednesday
evening: that the 1950 books had been
turned over to him for collection of
1950 taxes and that resident desir
ing to pay 1950 taxes are asked to
apply at his office in the Court House.
Taxes for 1950 are now due and
payable at par, and taxpayers are re
quested to make immediate settlement
for same.
day released a list of the polling!
places in the county for the grower-
referendum. These polling places are
Belvidere- Service Station, Belvidere;
Ralph White's Store, Nicanor; C. T.
Phillip's Store, Bethel; Agriculture
Building, Hertford; Community Build
ing, New Hope, anu area winsiow's
Store, Winfall
A favorable vote of two-thirds of
the growers who cast ballots is neces
sary to approve the use of quotas,
Growers in all the other 15 peanut
Droducine states will vote on the
same day. The votes of all the grow-
I ers, nationwide, will determine the re
sults of the referendum.
lAt the same time the peanut pro
ducers are balloting on quotas local
residents will be electing Community
Committee members of the PMA and
also select delegates to the convention
which will select the County PMA
The importance of the peanut refer
endum can not be stressed too much,
and every peanut grower of the coun
ty is urged to take time to vote m
the referendum.
Local Business
Changes Ownership
A change in the ownership of the
Carolina Service Station was announc
ed here this week when Glenn Mat
thews purchased the business operated
for the past several, year by J. W.
Hampton. . ' -.
Mr. Matthews assumed the mana
gership on Monday, following the
sale, and stated that the place of
business will continue to offer patrons
the same high class service as in the
past ": . ' ;'- ';: "
The Woman's Missionary Society of
the Hertford Baptist Church will ob
serve the week of Prayer for Foreign
Missions starting Tuesday afternoon,
December 5, at 8:30 P. Mn Wednesday
night at 7:30 and Thursday afternoon
at 330 P. M. All members are urged
to attend. " ' . '
Floyd Matthews, Walter Lowery, Tom-
mie Temple and J. A. Whitehurst.
Soil Conservation
Election To Name
County Supervisor
Mr. and 'Mrs. Frank-T. Brown of,
Spokane, , Washington,' announce . the
birth- of a son', Robert Ticard Brown,
born 'Fridajr; November 24. r
Seedling Orders
Should Be Made Now
J. W. Nowell, Perquimans County
Forest Warden, urges everyone who
expects to plant pine seedlings this
winter to get their orders into the Ra
leigh office.
Nowell says it is very probable that
the State Forestry Nursery may again
run out of these seedlings very soon.
All orders placed early will most like
ly be filled.
All pine seedlings will be ready for
delivery sometime after December 1.
Red Cedars will be ready amer Janu
ary 1. One thousand seedlings will
plant approximate one acre. Also
available in lots of 500 or above are
black walnut and black locust.
(For further information contact
your County Forest . Warden, Agri
culture Teacher or County Agent. i
County Board fiolds
Special Meeting Mon.
(Members of the Perquimans Coun-
An election of a member of the
Perquimans County Soil Cnserva-
tion 'Supervisors Committee, under the
Albemarle District, will be held the
week of December 4-9, it was reported
today by F. A. McGoogan of the Soil
Conservation office.
The term of C. C. Chappell expires
this year, in accordance with the rule
of staggered membership on the three
man committee. Mr. Chappell has
been re-nominated for the post and
as his was the only nomination only
his name will appear on the ballot;
however a blank is space is left on
the ballot for write-in of any other
candidate who might be the choice
of a voter. .
Mr. McGoogan stated that ballot
boxes will be placed at central spots
over the county during the election
period, and that any registered voter
of Perquimans County may vote in
the election.
The terms of John Q. Hurdle and
Milton Dail, Jr., other members of the
committee, expire in 1951 and 1952, re
spectively. The Albemarle Soil Conservation
District is composed of Chowan, Per
quimans, Pasquotank. Camden and
Currituck counties. The supervisors
in the five counties compose the Dis
trict Soil Conservation Board which
was established by the General As
sembly to handle organisation work
in this area.
Grid Trophy Awarded
At State Thursday P.M.
The fourth annual presentation of
the State Theatre Gridiron trophy,
awarded each year to the outstanding
football player at rerquimans 1K
ty Board of Commissioners met injjfchool was made Thursday night, No
special session here last Monday for
the purpose of hearing complaints in
regards to the special election to be
conducted January 6, to determine
the school bond issue.
During the meeting Eddie Sutton
appeared before the Board for the
purpose of registering a complaint on
the issuance of the bonds. After be
ing in session one hour and with no
further complaints being rsgisterel
the Board adjourned,
. (Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Elliott ' of
Edenton announce the birth, of
daughter, born Saturday,' November!
25, at Chowan Hospital.
vember 30. at the theatre.
Presentation of the award was by
B. L. Glbbs, State Theatre manager,
E. C. Woodard, principal and Ellie
Fearing, coach at the school. -Winner
of the trophy is selected
by members of the Perquimans team,
and is kept secret until tne mgni oi
the presentation.
'Services at the Holy Trinity Epis
copal Church, Sunday, December 3,
will consist only of Sunday School
at 10 A. M.j it was announced today
by the Rev. Charles F. Wulf, rector. "
No church services, on the first Sun-i,
day. ' are scheduled for the present .
I time, Mr. Wutf said. , r .

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