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. Applications Being
Taken For Gov. Jobs
' The Civjl Service Commission is con
ducting examinations to fill vacancies
in expanding defense agencies 5j
Washington, D. C, and vicinity.
jAge limits are from 18 td 62. Sal
aries range from $2450 through $2875
per annum wiith periodic increases to
$8355. '
Typists must be able to tylpe accur
ately at a rate of approximately 42
words per minute. In addition, Ste
nographers must be able to make ac
curate transcription of dictation given
at a rate of approximately 80 words
per minute. No practical experience
is required. '' - ' : . ; '
Promotion opportunities are good
for employees who show ability to
assume the responsibilities of higher
level jabs.
Government employees are given 26
days of vacaltion each year and sick
leave credit which may be earned at
the rate of 15 days a year. :
Applications for employment in
Washington should fee sent to the
U. S. Civil Service Commission, Wash
ington 25, D. C.
'Application forms and additional
information may be secured from
Edgar Fields at the local post office.
(Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Jones and fam
ily of Hertford, Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose
Harris and family of Norfolk, Mr. and
Mrs. W. P. Davis and family visited
Mr. and Mrs. Joe White Sunday.
Mis.' J. A.. (Sough has returned to
her home alt Winston-Salem after a
few days' visit with her mother, Mrs.
Thomas Chappell.
(Mrs. W. 1 B... White, Mrs. Evelyn
Jackson and son of Edenton visited
(Mrs. Julian Long Monday afternoon.
' (Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Standin of Nor
folk, Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Farmer of
Elizabeth Cy, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Curtifl of Hertford visited Mr, and
(Mrs. Jf. L. Curtis Sunday afternoon.
' Mrs!. Beulah Williams and Mrs. C.
K. Williams and children visited Mrs.
Vashtie White of Hertford Monday
evening. - ")
' Mrs. R. A. Mansfield and grand
daughter of Edenton spent Saturday
with Mrs. Charles Ward:
Mifis Blanche Chappell of Elizabeth
City spent the week-end with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Chappell.
(Mrs. Rosselt East and daughter of
Keysville, Va., . and Miss, Gloria Ev
ans of Tyner spent the week-end with
Mr. and Mrs. Joe White. : ' ; :
Miss Gertie Chappell, who has been
ill for some time is slowly improving.-.;
Wade Jordan, Jr., and R. S. Chaip
pell, Jr., went to Norfolk, Va., Mon
day. : -: , .
Mrs. Eunice Kirby returned to her
home -Saturday after a visit of several
days with Mrs. 0. C. Long, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Barrow of
Greenville spent the week-end with
her mother, Mrs. J. M. 'Fleetwood.
The Wdmen's Society of Christian
Service of Cedar Grove Church met at
the home of Mrs. Kenneth Miller on
Tuesday night, February 20. The
meeting opened by singing song No.
23. The subject was "The Health of
the American Indian, given by Mrs.
Earl Hollowell, Mrs. Elsberry Whed
ibec and Mrs. (Kenneth Miller. Mrs.
(Perry gave Spiritual Life. Song 219
was sung. Bible reading, Mrs. J. E.
Perry; reading by Mrs. iW. G. Hollo
well and Mrs. J. F Hollowell; prayer
toy Mrs. J. L. DeLaney. The minutes
of the last meeting were read and
meeting was discussed toy the presi
dent, Mrs. E. B. Hollowell. ,
Ice cream, cookies and peanuts were
served to 11 members and one visitor.
, (Continued from Page Two) ,
forces, but V further retrenchments
would be made in the regular expendi
tures of the government. This policy
would, of course, mean less taxation.
, Mr. Hoover seems to fear that un
less such a policy is adopted, there
is the danger of ,an economic disaster
which could destroy freedom in this
country. ;.' In connection with these
forebodings, one should not. fail to
note that in September, 1940, when
Great Britain alone resisted Nazi ag
gression, Mr. Hoover warned that if
the United States joined in the war,
it would "inevitably become a totali
tarian dictatorship." This prophecy
has not been tfulfilled and we quote
it, not to refute the famous Ameri
can, but to show that his tendency
toward isolationism has been of ,long
standing. .
Not much comment is needed on
Paragraph 10, relating to the recoverj
by Congress of its constitutional pow
iet over betrinninsr warfare. We are
inclined to aeree that' the elected ren-
resentatives .of the people should de
termine the question of war or peace,
must, m all fairness, the conduct of the
nations foreiem nolicv is TlrpH in fho
hands of the President. In the modern
world it is somewhat doubtful wheth
er Congress, with its politics, log-roll
ing ana subserviency to popular pres
sure, could effectively safeguard the I
real interests of the country, especial-1
ly whenthratened by aggression from
an autocratic government. :
...The idla advanced Ty Mr. Hoover;
that the United States does not need
ground troops for its own defense,
and should hot use them outside the
United States, is extremely attractive
to young men being called up for mili
tary service and (their parents, rela
tives ana inenas. Nevertheless, tnere
is nothing in the past history of war
fare to indicate that any nation can
adequately protect itself by air and
naval forces alone. Neither is there
reason to believe that such action, if
applied to Europe, - in the event of
a Communist attack, would be effective.
. The Young People's Class meeting
of the Berea Church of Christ was
held on Wednesday night, February
21. at tiie home of Edward Lane. The
meeting opened with the singing of I
"Sunshine In the Soul," after wluch
the Lord's 'Prayer was repeated by all.
The Scripture reading was read by
the president, Julian Harrell. Then
the song "What a Friend" was sung.
The minutes were read by Norman
Miller. Two poems were then read.
The lesson was the 18th and 19th
chapter of Acts. ;
For the closing hymn the song
"Leave It There" was sung. Benedic
tion was pronounced by Mrs. Horace
J you r
A burglar doesn't work on any set schedule of
calls your house may be nextl The sure way to
protect your belongings Is to carry burglary and
robbery Insurance .with the Farm Bureau Mutual
Automobile Insurance Co. of Columbus, Ohio.
' Insure your valuables with this economical pro
lection. For full information call or write
Herbert N, Nixon
PHONE 8446 OR 3196
5f y ..
... 1
1 1
r, 1 c
O Goes further
p WKte or glowing colors ' ";.. --j-V-
3 Will not flake nor peel cTCt' r
,0 Lash for years , .TiV-.TW,
y Washes down, stays white. J J
ft v
IN the Age of CMvelry.
Knight's word was truly as
good es his bond. No lure or
reward or fear could bo groat
enough to cause Mm to forget
promise, break vow, or for
set a friend.
We are honored by the rep
utation for dependability we
have won m this community.
Each ceremony we conduct is
e memorial tribute of distinc
tion and dignity
Sco-Co Fertilizer
Manufactured Right Here at Home By Your
Neighborly SCO-CO Company, Which Knows
Your Fertilizer Needs Best.
Once again American farmers
are being called upon to grow
bumper crops during the com
ing year. This is a part of the
vast defense program being car
ried out to ward off the threat
to our way of life. -
To bring about this increase
in farm production, farmers will
need to plant more acres in
crops needed by our nation, and
to take proper steps to assure
growth of the crops.
Your . Friendly SCO-CO Com
pany stands ready to frelp you in
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(Continuation of riendard tauipmmt and
IHuilratad 1$ en availability ot matwiaU
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...anofner reason why more people buy Chevrolet than any other carl
You and your family will enjoy special
safety. in Chevrolet for '51 America's
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You'll know this the minute you test
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ard Chevrolet' Valve-in-Head engine,
teamed with Silent Synchro-Mesh Trans
mission, for finest standard driving at
lowest cost. Come in, see and drive itl
'Combination of Powerglidt Automatic Tnuumtislon and
105-h.p. engine optional on De Lux models at extra cost.
EEeM; .Chevrolet 'Company
, t;:j a:w dank tuz difference?
Phone 2151
Hertford, N. G

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