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Volume XVlil. No. 11.
'Hertford, Perquimans County, ftorth .Carolina. Friday, March 16, 19517
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1 ! W
' Congressional investigation f the
Reconstruction Finance OoipoWtSon,
organized in the 80's as a Government
J rap to relieve business conditions,
" !-ha led to ft number olf bills being in
S tioduced in Congress to abolish the
i agency. The investigation has revsal--it
d that pressure and governmental in
; flnence has had a great deal to do
" wTthoans "made by the agency. .
' r Reports from the warfroret in Korea
-' this week state the Communists are
falling back to a new line in the moun
tains of central Korea, The reports
' s state United Nations troops have in
' ' Iflicted heavy losses again the Com
munists during the past week. UN
troops have continued 'to gain terri
tory and are reported within 22 miles
of the 38th Parallel. : UN observers
reported sighting Communists con-
voys moving toward the , new battle
Deputy Foreign Mini stent of the
Big Four are still struggling in a
meeting being held m Fans, auemipt-
"v" " ::" "" ":
in to arrange an agenaa, lor a
Little success ha come from the
meeting thus far, as reports ta
' Russia's representative continues to
ooDose compromise efforts on the
part of the Westers Allies. .
The U. & Supreme Court this week
refused to review the case of Alger
Hiss, former State Department em
ployee, convicted of perjury ih con
nection with a Congressional investi
gation of Communist activities in this
country. Hiss was sentenced to five
'years in prison, y : '.::;;.,
State Banking Commissioner Gurn
y P. Hood, on Monday, called upon
the State Legislature to enact laws
curbing the "legalised racket" con
nected with ; insurance charges - on
small loans. Mr. Hood urged the
passage of a law which will permit
supervision of the rates charged for
such insurance by vie State Com
missioner of Insurance. v
Evart"MoMullan Newby, 74, died at
1:30 Friday morning at the' Albemarle
Hospital, Elizabeth City, after a long
..illness. . i
' A former Hertford business man, he
was the son of the late George Durant
Newby and Mattie McMullan Newby.
He was the husband of the late Mar
ion Wbedbee. .
' Survivors are one. eon, James Evart
"Newby; four daughters, Mrs.' J. E,
Morris, Mrs. Duke Morgan of Raleigh,
' ffifrs. Leland Crouch of Blacksburg,
V-, Miss : Mary . Helene Nawby of
Baltimore, Md,; one slater, Mrs Sim
on Rutemburg, and one brother, Bruce
' Newby of Lm Angles, Calif., and eight
grandchildren. -;
Funeral services were conducted at
; the graveside in Cedarwood Cemetery
, Saturday afternoon at 2:!30 o'clock by
, the Rev. D. L. Fort, pastor of the
' Plymouth Methodist 'Church.
iPallbearers were Herbert and Fran
cis Nixon, D. F. Reed, Alfred' Wil
' Lama, Vivian Mathews and Edgar
, Newby.
Funeral services were under the di
rection of th Lynch Funeral Home.
- Members of the Hertford Lions Club
-will - entertain the, players and mana
'' irers of the Perquimans , High School
basketball teams at a dinner to be ser
ved Friday -evening,. March 15, at
v 8:30 o'clock in the Bethel Community
House, ft was reported today by CUn
ion Eley, president of the local club,
Bob GariSt, former' star athlete at
Duke University, vpl e the guest
i speaker for the occasion: and an lnter
' esting r-w3TWm hat been planned. : ;
ITr. Licy stated that Lions and bas
ketbaH team members who do not have
a ride to te Community House are
asked to ton; at Nixon's between 6
and 6:15 and transportation will be
. furnOed. ' - f '
VF7 To IIcI J Easter
Dnce On iT. larch 24
(Uambers of the Garland H. Onley
Post of t XT7T will hold a dan-e
at te - 7 LuU on T turday, iTarc,
21,1 " ' 7 at 9 P. IL, it was an
no' 1 1 r iy J. v;. Kiion, Poet
A'J ' '. a f.r t-e' dance may
t t' 1 Xj-ti fy inember of the
1 . I
tlr Dtrrl In niititif DfA
Cross fid Drive; Quota Expected Soon
Contributions Total $700
Up to Wednesday Af
ternoon -
'House to house solicitations for
funds for the 1961 Red Cross fund
in Perquimans County was in its sec
ond week, according to W. W. White,
campaign chairman, (who reported
Wednesday contributions totaling
$700.66 had been reported to date.
This amount represents) largely,
contributions made by business and
professional houses, inasmuch as
many of the neighborhood solicitors
have yet to make reports of col
lections to the chairman.
The Red Cross cnve trot off to a
fast start duriny; ue first week of
the month, with approximately $500
turned in during that period. How
ever, only a few additional report
1 ' 1 J i.
nave oeen maae uunng me past six
days to swell the growing county
totat' ".v;,:- j
-"We are very confident Perquimans
rWhr will n.t a 19B1 Red Cross
- m. ,, n-,, .
White stated
Wednesday, "but we again urge our
volunteer solicitors to complete their
tasks, as soon as possible in order
that we may conclude the present
drive,"' . :
The chairman stated reports made
to date represents only contributions
from the Town of Hertford; "organiz
ation of the work in the rural areas
takes a Httle more time, and reports
from the various solicitors over the
county are expected to start coming
in toward the end of this week.
Perquimans County's quota for
the 1951 drive is slightly leas than
last year's due to the balance in the
local chapter's treasury, and chapter
officials believe the county will con
tinue its enviable record nf the past
in meeting its. Red Cross goal. .
',: The Perquimans County, Annual feH
County Council banquet ' which was
ield -in the high school lunch room
Tuesday night was a big success with
about 126 4-Q officers and guests at
tending. JH Clubber. Harry Lee
Winslow was master of ceremonies.
Mrs. I. C. Yagel led the group in the
Grace Song. . 4-H'er Creg Lane ex
tended he welcome to the parents,
Board of Education, school princi
pals, and County Commissioners. Roy
Chappell responded for the guests
and gave high praise to the 4-M clubs
in this county. Earl Topping, 4-H
Leader, explained the purpose of the
Horace lAyden Achievement cup. He
stated that the cup will be given each
year to thtf i-H member in .Perquim
ans County who more nearly ap
proached the high standard set by
Horace Layden, who was described as
the ideal 4WH Club member. . If a 4-H
member should win the cup three
times during his or her 4-H career,
he will be allowed to keep the cup
forever and a new cup witt be, ob
tained. A plaque with the winners of
the Horace Layden 4-H Achievement
Cud will be kept in the 441 office.
Mr. Topping gave high praise to Mr.
and Mrs. A. E. Layden for - Having
trained and' encouraged Horace to
reach the high level' he obtained in
the eves of all who knew him. Mr.
Layden, iwho aponeors the award,
picsented the cop to Clarence Chap
pell, Jr., 4-ffl Gub member from Bel-
viucie, who was Stat JU meat ani
mal winner, last year and district
sw eet potato ' winner. He is also
president of the Senior Boys 4-H Club
and has been outstanding in other
activities.- Mr. Layden said - Horace
had put his heart in 4-H Club work
and encouraged Clarence, Jr., and all
4-H members to do the same if they
wanted to receive the happiness -and
achievements that Horace had re
ceived. W. C. Chappell, well known
throughout the State for his saga
city as a down to earth philosopher,
talked to the 4-H members and guests
about ithe advantages of formal
education and about the progress
made in North Carolina.
The Virginia Reel, conducted by
Robert Karen of Edenton was Joined
in by guests and 4-H niembers with
a grand time being enjoyed by all.
Central PTA iRIeitihs
Scheduled For Mcnday
The Parent-Teachers .Assad aitfon of
Central Grammar School will meet
"fondly night,- (March 19, at 7:30
o'clock in the auditorium of the school.
The V.'l.ltecton Community will have
charrs of the program, entitled "A
Souni Hind." A quiz contest Is plan
red and there will be special music.
AH j : "s are urjT'i to aLUni
Bethel Ruritans
Change Meeting Date,
The Bethel Ruritan Club held iw
regular meeting last Thursday night
at the Bethel Community House with
I. C. Long, president, presiding. The
Hopewell Demonstration Club served
During the business session the
members voted to change the date of
the club meeting -from the second
Thursday to the fourth Thursday of
each month. It was also voted to hold
Ladies' Night durinsr the month of
(Plans were discussed for the
Club to present womanless wed
ding, the date of which is to be an
nounced later, as a means of raising
funds for club projects,
Part of the program was the show
ing of films, by J. T. Biggers, Super
intendent of Schools, on education in
relation to living conditions within the
To Bensfit
Town of Hertford
Passage of the Powell Street Bill,
by the General Assembly this week,!
is expected to benefit the-street de
partment of the Town oi uertrora
considerably during the coming years.
Under the provisions of the bill the
Slate Highway Commission assumes
all responsibility for the upkeep of
Church, Dobb, Market and part; of
Edenton Road streets which form a
part of the State ' Highway system,
and the Town will be reimbursed sev
eral thousand dollars each year for
the upkeep of other streets within the
town UnTAtem to be refunded
the Town of Hertford, as yet has not
been determined , but it is reported
that the amount in the neigh
borhood of one ha to two-thirds fl
the present expenditure for upkeep
of all strets. - - t
These benefits will enable the Hert
ford Town Board to reduce its budget
for street improvement, thereby ef
fecting a reduced budget or transfer
ring of. these expenditures to other.
improvements with the town.
The law calls for one, half of one
cent of the present gasoline" tax to
be diverted into a fund to be divided
among the cities and towns of the
state, and the total amount to be re
ceived by each city or town will be de
termined annually by the tax collected
on gasoline.
An estimate released, some time
ago, by the State Highway Depart
ment gaw the amount paid the
Town of Hertford at approximately
$8,000. .
Rotary President
New officers for the Hertford Ro
tary Club, for the year 1951-2, were
elected at a meeting of the club held
Tuesday evening at the Hotel Hert
ford. " .
Jack Kanoy, vice-president during
the current year, was elected president
of the group, and will assume the du
ties of the office July 1. Other of
ficers selected were: Charles Henc,
vice-president; W. F. Ainsley, secretary-treasurer,
and W. H. Oakey,
Robert HoUowell and Max Campbell,
as directors.- Other members of the
board of directors are Herbert Nixon,
retiring' president, and the newly elec
ted president and vice-president of
the crab. .
A large number of local Rotarians
ire planning to attend the District
Idtary meeting, to be held soon at
locky Mount. , ; s
Special Services At
Episcopal Oiurch
Holy Week will be observed at the!
Holy Trinity Episcopal Church- on
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of next
week, it was announced today by the
Rev. Charles F, Wolf, rector of thej
Holy Communion . services will be
eld at 10 A. .M., on Tuesday and
Thursday, and on Friday, commem
orating the day of our Savior's cruxi-
fixion, there will be a service tasting
from 2 to 3 o'clock. This service will
ki Evening Prayer with the reading
t M flnrA PrUa Iaiii mm HM
and. New Teartamentg with a medita -
Passage of Street
Jack Itenoy Elected
tive address on . the subject off - the.board. ' 1
Cross. i- .
-The services will be conducted by the
Rev. Mr. Wuf and the public is invit
ed to attend. . 1 t
Indians Basebcil
Team To Compete In
State Dimination
Albemarle Champions
To Play 16 Games
During Season
Perquimans High School's baseball
team, champions of the Albemarle
Conference for the past four years,
win compete in the state eliminations
this year it was announced today by
&. C. Woodard, principal of the school.
The state eliminations are sponsor
ed by the State High School Ath-
letic Association and determines the:
State Championship.
(Baseball practice is now in swing
at the local school and Coach Ellie
Fearing has a large number of boys
trying out for the positions on this
year's squad. Fearing will have to
find replacements for Bill Winslow,
star pitcher, who graduated last May,
and Benton, second baseman, and Dail
an outfielder.
The Indians will play a 16-game!
scneouie mis season, opening with
Chowan on April 5, at Chowan. Teams
o be played in the elimination con
test are Hobbsville, Windsor, Gates
ville. Albemarle Conference games
will be played against Columbia and
Plymouth. The week of May 14-18
has been designated as the date for
the play-off in the conference.
The Indians schedule as released
by Mr. Woodard is:
April 5 Chowan There.
April 10 Windsor Here.
April 13 Hobbsville There.
April 1 6 Hobbsville Here.
April 18 Chowan Here.
April 20 (Columbia Here.
April 2TINPlymouth Here.
May 1 iGatesville There.
May 4 Plymouth There.
May 7 (Elizabeth City There.
May 9 Columbia There.
May 11 Gatesville Here.
May 18 JEdenton Here.
May 21 Elizabeth City't-Here.
May 22 JEdenton There.
All home games will be played on
(Memorial Field during the afternoons
iHuring the month of April, however.
the home gumes in May will be pWMJ ioS ctoae behind v vehicle, entter-l
tu uv. ingiib id (lie wtKuwitsi pci mi us.
Voodville Ruritan
Club Has Fish Fry
With the Volunteer Fire Department
as guests ox honor, the woodviiie
Ruritan Club on last Thursday night
entertained at a fish fry at the town
plant in Hertford. Wives of the club
members were also present.
The speaker for the occasion was
Curtis Olds, of St. Brides, Past Presi
dent of Ruritan. .
A film, "Fires on the Farm,'' was
shown by the firemen.
George W. Jackson, president, pre
sided, and introduced four visitors:
Curtis Olds. Thurman Foreman, of
South Mills, who is lieutenant govern
or of Zone One, and C. H. Ward of
Bethel, lieutenant governor of Zone
Two, and Mrs. Ward.
, It was voted by the club to spon
sor a fire fighting group to operate
m connection with the Hertford Vol
unteer Fire Department, to fight fires
in their community, with Hersey L.
Gregory as chairman.
It . was announced that uunes
Night will be observed on April 5.
The meeting will be held in the Com
munity House at Bethel, with the lad
ies of the Bethel Home Demonstration
Club serving the dinner.
Additional Road Work
Completed In County
The State Highway Commission has
completed an additional 6.2 miles of
road work in Perquimans County un
der the $200,000,000 bond issue pro
gram.'. -.
Finished during February was the
grading and paving from Belvidere
via Goodlings Mill Creek and Beach
Springs to the Tyner-Hertford road.
A total of 19 miles of road work
was completed during the month of
February in the First Highway Di
vision. r k. ' ' 7
New Clerk Named
For Draft Board
Mrs. Blanche Campen has been ap
pointed to the ; position as clerk to
the Perquimans County draft board, it
n-oa annniinrawl Item thn week bv
f Cecil C. Winslow, chairman of the
I Mrs. Campen assumed her duties a
clerk on Monday when the local draft
office reopened, after having
closed four days last .week. v"
Town Commissioners Name Officials
For Municipal Election ffext Month
Legion Auxiliary
Of fers Essay Prize
Announcement was made here this
week that the Auxiliary of the Wm.
Paul StalKngs Post of the American
Legion will offer-a prize of $5 for
the best county assay, in connection
with the annual essay contest spon
sored by the American Legion Auxi
liary. Mrs. Charles Skinner, chairman of
the local essay contest, stated that the
title subject this year will be Free
Enterprise vs. Increased Government
Control. All pupils of Junior and
Senior high schools are eligible to
compete. Entry may be made through
he principal of the school. Best
essay for the State will win a prize
of a 12 volume encyclopedia and the
state second prize will be a $10 cash
Recorder's Court
Has Varied Docket
At Session Tuesday
A varied docket consisting of eight
cases was disposed of in Perquimans
Recorder's Court here Tuesday, and
one defendant, Samuel Pettus, Negro,
who failed to appear to answer to
harges of driving without a license
was ordered held on a $50 bond for
appearance at the next term of court.
Costs of court was assessed against
James Miner, wno eireu
guilty to a cnarge oi passing a scnoo.
bus while the bus was unloading chil -
, , i. .
collided with a school bus last week,
entered a plea of guilty to a charge
of follcwin a vehicle to closely. He
.u . i-.-i v...
was ordered to pay a fine of J15 and
costs of court.
Charles Wilcox submitted to a
charge of speeding and paid a fine
of 25 and costs of court.
, Clifton Ferrell, charged with follow-
ed a pleja of guilty and paid the costs
of couve.
E. L. Soucy and Joseph Luigua,
each charged with-speeding, entered
pleas of guilty and each paid the
costs of court
George Purvis was found guilty on
a charge of simple assault. He was
ordered to pay a fine of $10 and costs
of court.
Garland Harris, Negro, charged on
two counts af assaulting his wife, was
found guilty on both counts. He was
sentenced to jail for 60 days, sentence
to be suspended upon payment of a
fine of $20 and costs of court.
Railroad To Install
New Safety signal devices are to
be installed at the railroad crossings
on : Market and Dobb streets, it was
reported at a meeting of the Town
Board on Monday night Mayor V.
N Darden informed the Town Com
missioner the Norfolk-ISouthern Rail
road will install the signals just as
soon as the devices can be secured
rom the manufacturer.
Installation of the signals is ex
pected- to provide greater safety for
motorists and pedestrians, at these
points, as the signals will provide
warning of approaching trains.
Other action taken by the Town
Board was the approving of a reso
lution passed by the Hertford Volunteer-Fire
Department regarding the
operation and manning of a fire truck
purchased by Perquimans County. This
resolution provides that the weal
Fire Department will guarantee opera
tion of the county truck at all rural
fires." '
Cannon Cleaners
Changes Ownership
Announcement was made here last
veek of the change of ownership of
Cannon's Cleaners, Hertford's oldest
cleaning and pressing business. Red
Safety SipalsHere
and Blanche Kimbrell purchased the
business from Mrs. Elmo Cannon and
assumed managership of the establish
ment last week. v
Methodist Choir
To Give Cantata
Good Friday services at the Hert
ford Methodist Church will be held at
7:80 P. M., at which time the church
choir will give the cantata," "Cal
vary.? The public is invited to attend
the services. 1
Registration Books Will
Open March 31; Pri
mary April 23rd
Arrangements for the election of
officers for the Town of Hertford
were completed at the meeting of the
Town Board Monday night by the
appointment of election officials and
announcement, according to law, of
dates pertaining to the election. A
Mayor and four commissioners are to
be chosen at the election which will be
held on Tuesday, May 8.
A primary election will be held on
April 23 for the purpose of selecting
the nominees for the various offices.
The final date for candidates to file
office was announced as Friday, Api.'l
No new registration was ordered,
and all those who voted in the mu
nicipal election four years ago will be
entitled to vote this year without
registering again, however, eligible vo
ters who have not registered for a
municipal election before must do so
in order to be permitted to vote in
the municipal election.
Officials appointed to conduct the
election were: Mrs. B. G. Koonce,
resigtrar, D. J. Pritchard, judge and
Mrs. J. H. Satchiwell, judge. Ballot
ing in the primary and the election
will take place in the Court House in
Registration books fpr the munici
pal election will be opened on Satur
day, March 31, and will- remain open
for three weeks for the cenvenience
of voters desiring to register. The
fourth Saturday will be challenge day.
The registrar will be located in the
Court HoU8e on urdny, March 31,
A ri, ? on other days
during rtnrtion period the
hooks will be kept at the home of the
Individuals filing as candidates for
offices must appear before the town
clerk on or before the final filing date
and pay the usual filing fee in order
to be candidates.
The election of the municipal offi
cers will be a term of four years.
Peanut Test Farm
State funds for the establishment of
a peanut test farm, and its operations,
was Ithe subject of a bill introduced
in the State Senate Monday night by
Senators J. Emmett Winslow, of Per-
quimans, J. William Copeland of Hert
ford, and W. H. S. Burgwyn of Nort
The measure, as introduced by the
three Northeastern North Carolina
Senators, asks for $45,000 for the
Lestablishment of the farm; $3 ,945 for
its operation during 1951-52 and an
other $22,245 for operation during
The proposal has the backing of the
State Department of Agriculture,
which requested the test farm, in an
appearance before the Joint Appro
priations Committee.
No specific location was named for
the proposed test farm, but it would
be located in the heart of the State's
peanut growing area.
Selected To Attend
Legion Girls State
The Hertford Unit of the American
Legion Auxiliary is sponsoring the at
tendance of two girls at the Twelfth
Annual Tar Heel Girls' State, to be
held in Greensboro at Woman's Col
lege from June 10 to 15. Those at
tending must be members of the Sen- ,
ior Class and have been outstanding
in Scholarship, Citizenship, and Lead-
ership at Perquimans County High
School. , ?i
Marvina White, daughter of Mr. and''
Mrs. Marvin White, outstanding . in
Scholarship, dramatics, public speak
ing, and athletics, and Marguerite
Butler, daughter of Mrs. Hudson But-
er, outstanding in Scholarship, dra-
natics Student Council work and
score keeper for athletics will repre
sent P. C H. S.
These two girls will make up a
state quota of 260 who will take part .
in an educational program in Citizen
ship. They will not only study the
responsibilities of citizenship, but also
the structure and operation of state .
government j .
Mr. and Mm. Richard N. Vick of
Goldsboro announce the birth of a;'
daughter, Barbara Jean, born Tues
day, (March 6. Mrs. Vick is the form
er Jean Hurdle.

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