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Volume XVIII. No. 15.
hertford, Perquimans County, North Carolina, Friday, April 13, 1951.
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CccGrilcr's Court
Bond. Forfeited When
., ueienaant rails ro
"Answer Charge ,
A total of 15 cases, consisting of a
variety of charges,v made up the doc
ket "of the Perquimans Recorder's
Court in. aassion here on Tuesday.
Lengthy testimony in several cases
forced the court into an afternoon ses-
Fines of $10 and costs were assess
d against Hyman Singer, Selma
Markowitz and Charlies Toland, Jr.,'
each of whom entered pleas of guilty!
to charges of speeding.
: Anthony -, Frattone, charged with
speeding, entered a plea of guilty and
paid the costs of court.
Robert L. Roberts, charged on two
counts of reckless driving and driv
ing drunk, was found guilty. He was
sentenced to 90 days in jail, sentence
to be suspended upon payment of a
fine of $175 and payment of $75 for a
te'ephone pole, cut down by Roberts'
car. Robert was involved in a wreck
on Route 17, on the night of April 5.
His car was demolished. . .
iRosa Gibbs, Negro, entered a plea
of guilty to a charge of passing a
school bus white the bus was unload
ing children. She paid a fine of $25
afhd costs.
Costa of court were taxed against
the prosecuting witness, Elmer White,
Negro, in the case charging Thaddeus
"Elliott, Negro with assault
A nol pros was taken by the State
m ithe case int which Emmett Lan
w as charged with reckless driving. ,
Esau Winslow, Negro, paid a fine
of $15 and costs of court, after plead
ing guilty to charges of driving with
out a license iand driving with insuf-
Jesse Ormond, Negro, was fined $10 1
m - xrZliLZ y , . 0 I
- W1!. ' 1
xi u loogaiif iti?f&ivf ?ui.:vcvi
(Continued on 'rage-five)
To Curb Traffic
Traffic violation within the Town of
Hertford was ithe main topic on the
agenda at a meeting of the Hertford,
Town Board, held last Monday night
iln a letter written to the Mayor
and Town (Board, Ithe "Hertford Junior,
Chamber of Commerce voiced a com.
plaint, charging numerous violations
of the speeding and reckless drivingi
laws, and requested action be taken
1by the authorities to curb these viola
: tions.
The (Board acted upon the request
by ordering Town (Police to patrol the
streets of Hertford an search of vio
latora, and also to make a careful
check of conditions in the downtown
On motions ordered the IMayor was
authorized to install, on trial basis
traffic lights at ithe corners o
Church and IDobb streets and Dobbrl
and Hyde Park Streets. .
; Orders were also issued for the in
stallation of a number of 20 mile pe
hour Aens. to be ' installed at inter
sections throughout ithe rtibwn. Under
-State law, the speed limit of 20 miles:
per hour can be designated in town
at intersections where deemed neces
sary iyt the governing body.
In the suggestion of Ithe Junio
Chamiber of Commerce, the 'Board in
vite a committee of the Jaycees to
attend the next meeting of the Board
imd further discuss p ithe matter of, &9 v g. troops following
traffic . violations wiifcin Hertford. the deaia talker, will
The (Board adopted, ajresolution ex-j succeed MacArthur as Su-
pressinr ittthanksnd mem ca, fog tf
w. tjuwv - ""
liam Copeland for heird and assist-
ance in (the passage 'fH Lowell
Bin ty .me iuegiature. ine om u
IOT xunos vo vo piu n w.
Hertford for the upkeep, of streets
within tm Town. ,-, ,
Legion Auxiliary
Meets Friday Night
The Hertford Unit" of the American
. Trofan Amriliarv wtftl hold its Anril
meeting 'Friday night, 'April 13, at the
home of HIr. Roulac Webtv it was an
nounced today by Mrs. B. C. Berry,
: ttresldent of the Unit.
A program on Pan iAimerican win.water caused osg or damage.
Te giwn unaer vm airecuon 01 mm
T. G. (Skips??. Member are urged
to attend .this; meeting as a presi-
dent for W.ZZ2 will be elected at this)
time ' and other impct.. Jt business)
matters will fce dLscueJ.
pUGOF-WAR GAME IN KOREA The 7th Marine Regiment put on
It, typical Fourth of July sports program in early January when they
Preached a rest camn after the December campaign in Hamming.
Native of Hungary Is
Guest Speaker at Club
"I see no hope of aVorking agree
ment with Russia," Dr. Udvarnoki,
pastor of the Gatesville Baptist
Church, and former president of the
Baptist Theological Seminary in Buda
pest, Hungary, told members of the
Hertford 'Rotary Club at their weekly
meeting held Tuesday night at the
Hotel Hertford.
Dr. Udvarnoki, a native of Hung
ary, who studied in the U. S. during
his youth, and iteturned to America in
1947, spoke to the Rotarians on life
behind the Jfofr Curtain. He stated
there is really Iwo. iron curtains, one
separating the Russian satellite na
tions from the Western World and
the second separating the satellites
from the Russian' themselves,
- S peaking of the arrests of numer-
Dr. Udvarnoki said, Witt was merely
a planned program 1by Russians
in nhiit. nff trifta And nMifltjuuv. from
America, thus lending a hand to the
Communist propaganda that only!
Russia was interested in the welfare
nf nemlft of h world. With the1
arrests of the churchmen the word got
around that others receiving assist-
ance from America would be arrested
and tried for (treason. Thus America.
was asked to stop sending money a:ii
gifts and ithe Russians plan became
Another step in the Russian propa
ganda scheme,' Dr. Udvarnoki said
was the constant theme the Commun
ists used on the radio and press that
only Russia was a free and cultured
nation, interested in advancing socia
conditions for the people.
"Communists use hatred as the core
of their propaganda," Dr. Udvarnoki
continued, 'attampting ito instill into
the roeoiple a violent dislike of every
thing pertaining to the way of life in
the western world, and consider in
dividuals only as an easily replaced
part of a vast machine which is th
A unified front of all the people of
thA fnA world is needed if Commun
ism is to he stopped and' freedom is
to continue, the speaker' seated. .
Tins WEsrs
Announcement was made from
Washington early (Wednesday morn
ing that General Douglas MacArthurj
had been relieved as Supreme Com'
mander of the United Nations troops
in Korea. The report said that Gen
General MadArthur Is expected to set
off prolan?ed debates in Washington,
ReaCtim to report throughout the
country mixed.
Meanwhile on the war front in Ko
rea,' United iNations troops were
inching . ahead in the battle against
Communists. -The heaviest fighting
was reported around Hwachon Reser
voir, where Communists were putting
up strong resistance to keep the UN
soldiers from capturing the reser
voir. OSarly in the week the Com
munists had opened the flood gates
of the reservoir, flooding the imme
diate area with high water, but UN
troops gained high ground before the
- The associations! (WISU meeting
will be held at IShlloh 'Baptist XSiurcn
at 10 A.' M., oil April 20.
Dtpt. of Dtftu Phett
Hertford merchants are invited
to attend a meeting of the OPS to
be held in Elizabeth City Friday.
Two meetings will be held one at
4 o'clock and another at 8 o'clock,
both of which will be in the Agri-
cultural Building.
At these meetings information
will be given regarding' OPS, when
G. C. Meads and Thompson Green
wood, executive secretary of the
North Carolina Merchants Associ
ation will speak. '
To Stage Vomanless
VEpgAs:ril2fl ' -
' Hilarious entertainment is in store
for residents of Perquimami County
when the Bethel Ruritan XJlub stages
its Womanless Wedding on April 20,
at the Hiirh School auditorium.
'At a recent meeting of the Bethel 1
Ruritans parts were assigned and first1
rehearsal will be held soon.
,,, nar' nf AKmnrt, anA
blushing bride, Rosebud Delicatessen
Hightower, will be !F. A. McGoogan,
height well over six feet,
The big bruiser selected to play the
part of bridegroom, Archibald Hercu
les Haystack, is Perquimans County
Agent I. C. Yagel, who weighs in a
140 pounds.
Uniting the couple, in marital con
fusion will be the Reverend Hogwash
Hackensack Stoopnagle, with Bernard
F. IProctor taking ithe role.
Best man will be Julian (Long; maid
of honor, Earl i Topping; matron o
honor. Emmett ILong; mother of the
bride, Warner Madre; mother of ithe
bride, Elliott Layden; father of the
brideeroom. Edgar long; jilted lover
A. Houston ; Edwards; bridesmaids,
Freeman Lonjr. Roy S. Chappell, En
nb Phillips.; Charles Ward; grand-!
mother of the bride, J. J. Phillips;
flower airl. I. C. Long: ring bearer
Dick Long; ushers, Billy White and
Charles 'Skinner, Jr. J. P. Snipes will
be special soloist and Jiesse Curtis,
Special commentator for the occa
sion will be Perquimans (School Sup
erintendent J. T. SBiggers.
The Womanless Wedding, proceeds
of which will be used for the founding
fund of the Bethel Ruritan Club, will
begin at 8 o'clock on March 20.
Hobbs Rites Held
Monday Afternoon
Funeral services for James Carlton
Hobbs, i89, of Durants 'Neck, who died
Sunday at Albemarle Hospital, were
conducted (Monday afternoon at four.
o'clock at Elizabeth City, by the Rev.
J. C. Chaff in, patetor of the New Hope
(Methodist. Church.
Pallbearers ? were Carson Banks
Robert Sutton, Ervin Turner, Lucian
Butt, Carson IStallings and Guy Webb,!
Jr. Burial was in the rhurch ceme
tery. . , , :
Library Circulation .
Reported At 2,406
: Circulation figures for ithe Per
quintans County library were- report
ed for the months of (February and
(March, at a meeting of the 'Library!
Board on Tuesday morning. ; :-
A total of 2,331 feooks were circu
lated during Pebruary and the total!
reached 2,406 during March, (Mrs.
Silas M. Whedbee, Ubrarian. report -
ed. (She also announced that 84 new
adult books and 47 juvenile books had
been added to toe library volumes. i
1 .
Qualification Test
Rules For College
Students Announced
Information on Tests
Available at Local
Draft Office
Information about the qualification
test for possible draft deferment of:
college students is available at the
wioxeiuiinansvounity Lfraiil;
""""h vctii u. lYvjiissiow, vnuirman 01
the Board stated today. National Se
Icctive Service Headquarters recent- Byeas, $358.44 Mrs. J. n.fMkZT!Z
I ZZ f qUf fied st"de"t8 Tld Hertfrd area' ?377-33! selection and seven had enteS Z
tlu W , ' r defe!Ms' aSfd on H. Towe, business and professional, race for the pasts as Town Commit
nZ n S"UC rS contributions, $399; J. H. Tucker, col- s.oners. Seeking re-election as me
made on the qualification test. ored division $18530. Lers of BJyA incuXnts R
Applications for the tests should Mr. White again thanked his soli- C. IBerry, M. J. 'Gregory, W. H. Hard
he made to local draft boards. The citors for a splendid job well doni castle and Henry IClay Sullivan. The
W , f'ven on three date?, aild tte public for its fine C00perajnw candidates who have filed are
May 26, June 16 and June 30, at ex-i tion in ,the ,Red CroSa drive in helping! Robert IL. IHollowell, W. Ray White
"" 'T ' . tu ."'a
bulletin of information iNearest points
w xiei uuru wnere iuie ess miy a
taken are at BCTC, Greenville; AOC,
Wilson; Wake Fortest College; UNC,
hapel Hill; Fayettevilte iState Teachers
cflege; and State College at Raleigh
among others.
It was announced that high schoo
graduates and others who are candi
dates for admission to their first
year of college will not be eligible to
lake the test until (they have entered
upon their first year of college. The
wplicant need not he in a four-year
college, but his course of study must
be' satisfactory for transfer of credits
to a degree-granting institution.
A summary of regulations govern
ing the tests follows:
Who may apply: Any college stu-
dent who is a registrant under the
selective service act ana nas
1 t ached his 126th (birthday.
( How to apply: Get application post
any selective servio? local board. Mail
thi appliration as soon as possible.
-The test: A three-hour written ex
amination. . -
(Purpose: To determine whether
or not a registrant may be considered
for deferment from military service as
a student.
I Results: Will he sent to local board.
Legionnaires Name
Berry fls Commander
For Coming Year
'B. C. Berry was elected as com
mander of the Wm. Paul Stallings
Post of the American Legion,- for the
coming year, at a meeting of the post
held April '6, at the Agriculture Build
ing in Hertford.
, Other officers elected y the post
were C. IF. ISumner, firat vice-com-
mander; Shelton G. IChappell, second
vice-comntander; Vivian C. IDale, third
vice-commander; Thumian White,
I Adjutant; V. N. Darden, iFinance Of
ficer; C. C. Banks, Service Officer;
Joe Nowell, Athletic Officer; Tommy
Miller, Sergeant-At-Arms; W. T.
Willoughby, Chaplain; Carroll Ward,
Guardianship Officer; W. IF. Ainsley,
Historian; Ralph White, iMiembership
Officer; George Roach, (Boys State;
L. 'L. Winslow, (Child's Welfare; James
Snipes, School Awards; iGeorge Wins
low, Graves and Registration Offi
oer; P. T. Johnson, Oratorical Officer;
F. B. (Nixon, (Americanism; Billy
White; (Boy Scout Officer"; Quincy
Riddick, Sons of Lehion; Charles
Skinner, Jr., Public Relations Officer.
Following the election of officers,
delegates to the State Legion Con'
vention, to 'be held in Asheville, June
1-2, were named as follows: B. C,
Perry, Shelton G. Chappell and C. F,
Sumner. Any other member of the.
post desiring to attend this conven
tion is requested to contact the Post
Commander or Adjutant regarding
The Post has plans being completed
for a eountv-widA acran drive to helm
the war effort. Commander 'Snipes
urges all members of the local post
to cooperate in this drive by donat
ing scrap metal, delivery of same to
points to be designated at a later date.
May 3, has been bet as the date for
the next regular meeting of the Wm.
Paul Stallings Post, and all members
are urged to be present for this meet
ing. An Interesting program has been
planned. -
tr Li 1 TV r 4...-
led to the Savoy, located on Marke
.Street last iFnday. to extinguish a
blaze which started in an overstuffed
chair. Only damage resulting from
the fire was the chair. ' "
Meets Quota
W. W. .White, Perquimans Red
Cross iFund Drive chairman, report
ed Tuesday that the county's 1951
Red Cross quota has been oversub
scribed with still a few reports to be
made by some solicitors.
.Contributions reported
by Mr.
Whits tolaIed ?1320.07
and were
turned in by the co-chairmen as fol-
I -nra I (VI on Minn U AUin Mln
to put this county over the quota of,
i ,017
Indians Trounce
Perquimans feigh School's ba3ebal new and voting day on April 23.
team won its second game of the sea- Six o'clock Friday, April 13, is the
son on Tuesday by trouncing the deadline for candidates to file for of
highly rated Windsor High School toy fice and the election is scheduled to
an 8 to 1 score. Coach Ellie Fear follow 10 days later, on Monday,
ing's diamondeers gained a 3-0 edge, April 23.
in the first inning on one hit and sev-
oval errors committed hv the visXtuur
piayere .then added additional runs
I, fha .cAnind tty4 aivtli arA iv
I eiith innings.
I Lefty Earl Rogerson, Indian pitch
r.g ace, held the Windsor batters in
check, giving up only two hits in
eight innings. Rogerson struck out
ninjjWindsor batters. Vance White!
relieved Rogerson in the ninth inning i
and retired the side by striking ou
tWO. :'
Huntei1, ILane, IStallings, Towe, Mor
ris and Walker all connected for hits
of! the Windsor pitcher, Costelloe, who,
a 1' owed seven hits during the eight
innings he pitched.
The contest played Tuesday was the'
first of a series of games the Indians.
will play in .the State elimination:
play-offs. On Pnday the Indians will
! play the second of this series by meet-,
ing Hobbsville on the Hobbsville Oia-
mond. . . ..
Local fans will have the opportu-
nity of witnessing the Indians play-
ing m nome TOiree omw nwi
The trames are scheduled to be played
on Memorial Pield on Monday, Wed-
day's contest will be against Hobbs
ville; Wednesday the Indians will
play Chowan, and on Friday they will
play Columbia.
The line score of the Windsor game
Perquimans -
000 002 0002
.310 102 lOx 8 7
OPS Reports Must Be
Rled ByApril30th
A round-up of basic OPS require-l
mienta affecting thousands of Eastern
North Carolina manufacturers, retail
ers and wholesalers has been released
by the District Office of Price Stabili
zation '.(OPS).
All grocers, wholesale and retail,
independent and chain, must report to
the Raleigh OPS office by April 80 the
trade group which classifies his busi
ness. The four grocery trade groups
established Iby OPS daw are described
in Ceiling Price Regulations 14, 15
and 16.
Department, jewelry, furniture, mu
sic and sporting goods stores must
submit pricing charts to the Raleigh
OPS office before April 30 under CPR
7. 'A recent Um 7 amenamen
brought jewelry, crockery, sports
goods, musical instouments and pawn
smir ii?hib uiiuci iwie ,
Pood cost per dollar of (sale reports
are due now from all restaurants (in
eluding concessions, stands and soda,
fountains) and every four months
hereafter under CPR 11.
- AU manufacturers, wholesalers and,
retailers still must maintain records
of costs and prices for the GCFIK
"base period," December 119, 1950, to
January 25, 19Si'.
fifr. and IMrs. Felix Zarosa of Pa
tuxent River, Md., announce the birth
of a daughter, 'Ann Perry, born March
13th at the MAS Hospital. Mrs. Za-
rosa before her marriage was Miss,
Lillian Rae Perry.
Seven In Race For Posts
As City Commission
ers; Mayor Seeks Re-Election
'Political activity over ithe coming
election for the Town of Hertford was
on the upswing this week as eight
candidates entered the race for posts
on the Town Board.
W. G. Newby, Town
Clerk, with
whom individuals must file notice of
ri-hsv,'.. j 1 1 1
and Edison iHarris.
Mr. Hollowell was the must candi
date to file for Tit having paid his
filing fee last Thursday. The incum
bent members all filed shortly after
wards and Mr. White and Mr. Harris
filed as candidates on Tuesday of this
Interest in the town election has in
creased somewhat since the candi
dates have appeared in the field and
no doubt there will be considerable
I discussion of th election between
Saturday is the final day for reg-
istration for the election and residents
of Hertford who are not already list
ed on the registration books must
register in order to be eligible to cast
votes in the election. IMrs. . B. G.
Koonce, (Registrar, will be located in
the Court House for the purpose of
registering voters.
School Committees
Members of the Perquimans Coun-
w W , . R. o(.J. ,. D.,
rf discussing and Kg
I ulations with members of the vari-
Dr T IR Brinn wag elected Pair
r,ii, e1,i nnym;hha A
retary S This commit-
tee then re-elected E. C. Woodard as
principal of Perquimans High School
and set the date of April 23 as time
for a meeting of the committee to
select teachers for the next year.
The grammar school committee
named E. Q. Whiite as its chairman
and IMrs. Henry Clay Sullivan as sec
retary. This committee voted to
meet on April 18, at which time it
will elect principals for the Hertford
and Central Grammar Schools.
' The IBoard of Education voted to
meet with the county chapter of the
N1CEA for the chapter's annual meet
ing, at which time all past and pres
ent members of the Board of Educa
tion will (be honored for their ser
vices to the county school system.
Central PTA Meet
Scheduled Monday
The Parent-Teachers Association of
Perquimans Central Grammar School
will meet Monday evening, April '16, at
8 P. M., in the school auditorium.
"Recreation, A Must" is the topic
for discussion under leadership of the
White Halt Community. (Don Helms,
director of the Elizabeth City Boys'
Club, will be the guest speaker. Mrs.
Chaff in will give the devotional. Miss
Dorothy Maynard will sing, as well
as members of the seventh grade.
All parents are "urged to attend.
, AttendinST State
Meeting Of NCEA
Three Perquimans County teachers
are attending the (North (Carolina Edu-
cation Association meeting being held
this week at Asheville. The local rep-
Msentativea are J. T. Biggers, Super-
. iotendent of (Schools, E. C. Woodard,
principal of Perquimans High School
and Miss Johnnie White, member of
the faculty at Central Grammar
Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe fallings of
Elizabeth City and formerly of Win
fall announce the birth of a da ugh -
ter, Laura Margaret, born Tuesday,
..ihu v. m iw.i nwik..v pivui. ,

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